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"Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." ~Churchill

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Gen Douglas MacArthur, West Point, May 12, 1962. @jheil and I discussing the grave implications of obstruction charges, Middle Eastern realignment and what night we…"Again and again we are playing into their game, on their terms." @zeynep clips of terrorized preteen girls in a loop is sick and gives terrorists what they want. STOP turning your… after study shows terrorists thrive on media attention & fame they’re guaranteed by committing horrific crimes's not about North Korea. It's about Trump Tower in Manila. to Seth Rich's family for your evil and monstrous conduct and I'll consider it.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughOne more example of how depraved extremists have become in our vile political culture. They are sad and pathetic.'s unusual.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughGive him this. He was right. We are already tired of it. finally--finally!--defeat the Clintons, and they're reaction is to...push spittle-flecked Clinton murder conspiracies. Amazing.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe difference between now and the 80s is stark. But as Mika and I have noted, there has been a significant decline… Trump's attempt to pit intel chiefs against the FBI on Russia is beyond the pale. @gerardtbaker DMThe great and wise Walter Mears weighs in on the Nixon-Trump talk... sees more differences than similarities...
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe Medicaid cuts would gut health care for the poorest among us. It is a heartless and destructive budget approach…
At some point we'll get smart and stop identifying terrorists and giving them and their sick causes the attention t… Stop with the damn loops on cable news. You'd do less harm just writing a check to the terrorist organizati… love to the U.K., @ArianaGrande and all of her supporters who were caught up in this awful attack. Heartbreaking.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughOnly 3 things matter in this race: 1. Turnout 2. Turnout 3. Turnout man, watch Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer (on right couch) react when Trump says—in Israel—"We just got back from…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"There wasn't any smoke, there wasn't any flame. There was just a huge sound." And then panic. me of Nixon trying to use CIA to quash FBI investigation into Watergate. Adds to obstruction charges.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughAn important profile of a great general by the best war correspondent of our time. @NewYorker was just swatting off a mosquito on his hand. As Trump's said "I don't want mosquitoes around me! I don't like… But technically, the Cyprus banker is right. No protests, no beheadings. comments just confirmed it was Israel something no U.S official had admitted!!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWho said you did? Another denial of a charge never made. Donald Trump and his administration do not tell Turkey to go straight to Hell over this outrage, Trump is WEAK!!… a book event in Berkeley. Quick! do you hate white people? @nytimes reports on Rod Rosenstein's tense call with Trump's WH counsel and refusing to obfuscate facts re: Comey."The dysfunctional White House just got more dysfunctional, didn't it?" -- @JoeNBC to @costareports on weekend news re Trump/Comey/Russia
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThey are using the Nixon defense. "Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal." ~Richard Nixo…
Low Energy Don? Sad!!! before January 20, there were historic opportunities to bring most of the region closer together because of th… course we were never an "informal Shia state" Just like we are not "an informal Sunni state." he is. But the world keeps turning. We have to engage regardless of who is president and we have to do more tha… accurate or not, Arab leaders across the Middle East felt abandoned by Obama Iranian policy. They say today… "Gingrich said yesterday he's not sure Vincent Foster really committed suicide ... first mainstream poli…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughDon't be afraid, kids. Don't run away from opinions and policies that don't conform to your own.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough @Linda_Pizzuti Next year! Hopefully the news cycle will slow down for both of us in time to really enjoy #LFC in Europe!! Congrats, again.An Arab leader told me it was "a big deal" and "a call to action from Riyadh in front of 58 countries and 54 Muslim… and thanks for hiring Klopp. A challenging year with a great end!! political chaos at home, this weekend was a diplomatic success for US relations with Sunni Arab leaders. @POTUS is receiving very positive reviews from Sunni Arab leaders for the content of this speech and the setting.!!! #YNWA #LFC to summon Muslim nations to confront ‘the crisis of Islamist extremism.’ The latest from Saudi —>
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughPresident Trump in speech to Muslims: "We are not here to lecture you"
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMcMaster to @GStephanopoulos: "What's been hurting our ability to deal with Russia more than any other factor has b…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughTRUMP BOWS (Pt 2). The Saudis got what they wanted. Trump bowing to their monarch. BOWS the top photo in Saudi and other Arab newspapers. continue to find this all terribly amusing
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhen independence and ten-year term meant something, FBI director was a highly coveted job at the pinnacle of justi…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
Today's the day Liverpool. One win away from Europe! #YNWA #LFC"I'm very sorry for your loss. Your mother was a terribly attractive woman." ~Royal Tenenbaum, you don't have to bow to them but you also probably shouldn't treat them like they've got Ebola. supporters are using the word coup like progressives use the word racist. Both render the words impotent of their real meaning.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughI love this scene from Tenenbaum's. In fact, I love every second the movie. It is perfect. offered up my innocence I got repaid with scorn Come in she said I'll give you shelter from the storm.... play them this and have a David Gates and Bread listening party. million if you count Armed Forces Radio and Shortwave. @WillieGeist Jan 2015. For the record, neither Melania nor Ivanka is wearing a head scarf today.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"The sad reality is that the greatest defense of the president is that he is an idiot who does not know any better." the only thing you believe in is party.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhy is Donald Trump curtsying to foreign leaders? SAD!I'm all in when it comes to building a strategic alliance with the Sunni Arab world. But our president bowing to an…"Watergate turned Charles Colson from hatchet man to pastor but the defense of President Trump is turning a lot of… read this from @EWErickson. Save yourself, not Trump.'s comments in Oval Office meeting with Lavrov & Kislyak make clear that he regards FBI chief as his enemy & Russians as his friends.
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A fun movie. Dudley Moore and John Gielgud were great together. was nowhere in sight when the church bells rang, it was time do as he was told, and go sailing between the moo… are debasing their party, wrecking their political future and paving the way for a Pelosi speakership.… many of the same Republicans who were angered by Democrats mindlessly defending all of Bill Clinton's lies are d… It's a little crude but I'll be damned if Anderson isn't 100% right. have a winner.... House lawyers research impeachment - CNN Times story on Trump is a huge, gigantic problem for the White House. He's not the victim here. He's the problem
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