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"Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required." ~Churchill

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Carlos said he expected to see fear in Norman's eyes. He didn't. "I saw love." An incredible story in this thread. Inhuman. Predictable. of Trump insight of the day (month/year?): Trump's entire campaign and election has been "an exercise in social… a genuine American hero @SenJohnMcCain on receiving the #LibertyMedal from @ConstitutionCtr for his singular life of service.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough7. Now THAT is a clean sheet. #lfc
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughGreat work, everyone
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughHey Republican senators, great news! What Steve Bannon's political strategy did for Donald Trump's ratings will des…$20,422,972,363,114.29 (+) #NationalDebt
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough @DavidAFrench is right. This horrific shooting gets more bizarre by the day. Nothing adds up. McCain is to Donald Trump what a mountain is to a landfill. May these words live forever.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIt's a safe bet he would start turning tables over in these places of worship. sides are such raging hypocrites. Democrats shocked by Thomas blindly defended Clinton. GOP hypocrites attacki… question was about Hollywood culture. I've repeatedly condemned Republican hypocrisy on Trump. But Mika asked h… was not giving anyone a pass. But I was not going to allow Harvey Weinstein's actions be whitewashed by the menti… blind embrace of Trump will follow them for years.'s corruption of evangelical leaders is something I could have never imagined as a Southern Baptist. This too… and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts and the long string of evangelical scandals in the 80s altered v…"When Christians ally their faith with bias and exclusion, they are influencing how the public views Christianity i…
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Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughICYMI PuertoRico "...will b a recovery years in the making" @JoeNBC @MorningJoe TY #Airlift30 hosts Joe+@morningmika
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughYou're such a mean, mean man. I'll go back now to watching my Beta Max copy of the 2004 ALCS.
Photo for 1st EP at 20. N Palafox. Pensacola. Obama in Colorado after the most devastating fire in state history Right: Trump after the most devastating f…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhich is why I said "At least he was credited with saying it." I'm no Einstein but I knew to cover myself. better talk to her first, then.🤔 thank you🙃 of their presidency with approval ratings at 40% or below (Gallup): Barack Obama: 3.8% Donald Trump: 73.3%
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I'll be on @Morning_Joe talking Man City, Crystal Palace, David De Gea and impact of US Soccer's Failure tomorrow 7.50 AM ET with @JoeNBC 🇺🇸
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"As I was saying, there must be a better way to make a living than this. Well, I have looked...." ~Jack Paar you for all you do bringing healthcare and hope to the hopeless. We're heartened by your commitment to Puerto… we're thrilled to have the support of our wonderful hosts, @MorningMika and @JoeNBC for #Airlift30: 30th Am…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughExcited to support @Americares tonight at their #Airlift30, they are the world's leading nonprofit of donated medic…"You will know them by their fruits." #FalseProphets they don't. This is the language of would-be tyrants and those who lust for an autocracy. a few hrs until #Airlift30 Hosts @MorningMika @JoeNBC will join our guests, some going to Guatemala 📷Americare…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThis is objectively not true. bullet does little to deter Teddy Roosevelt from finishing his speech, this day in 1912.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhat disrespectful goons. Those who would limit 1st Amendment rights of a speaker and audience must be removed at o… Constitution must remain. Millions of Republicans are wrong to unlearn liberty and defend Trump. ~@DavidAFrench good.
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Atlanta. 1 World Series championship 0 Super Bowl wins 0 NBA championships 0 Stanley Cups U.S. has more immigrants than any other country in the world
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughAt Mount Vernon #OTD in 1785, Houdon makes a life mask of GW’s face, in the presence of James Madison
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRead the story I tweeted and please tell me why Sputnik enjoys White House press creds to push Russian propaganda from the briefing room
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not executive orders " --Every conservative once upon a time
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThis....🤔
Trump's latest attack on the media crosses a line; it deserves the push-back it's getting | Dallas News @JayCaruso"The Republican base is unlearning liberty." ~@DavidAFrench"The Republican base is defending behavior from Trump that would shock them if it came from a Democratic president." have to carry around an air sickness bag these days I'm so sick and tired of winning. Just pathetic., that's New Canaan Registrar of Voters John Amarilios after I became an unaffiliated voter. 👍🏻 became an independent today. Here I am holding a copy of Donald Trump's birth certificate, proving he was born in… you call yourself a conservative and deny that you’d freak out if a Democratic POTUS said anything like this, pi…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThanks for bringing us together @JoeNBC & @morningmika. We heard a lot of anxiety, but also lot of hope/optimism; t…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughOur #Airlift30 is this Saturday! Looking forward to joining hosts @MorningMika @JoeNBC 📷 #Americares airlift in 19…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough6th Avenue. New York. stayed in New Orleans for seven years. After three weeks, Trump warns they can’t stay in Puerto Rico “forever.”
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSean Hannity is an object lesson in how it can happen here
Retweeted by Joe Scarboroughtrump has reportedly tasked jared kushner with repairing relations with eminem
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughBy late 2019 Trump will be tweeting about suspending the constitution and making himself dictator & nobody will pay the slightest attention.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughStraight talk on the state of the nation with visiting fellows @JoeNBC @morningmika
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@JoeNBC and @morningmika discuss their town hall from last night at the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy S…
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Mr. President: Are you recanting of the Oath you took on Jan. 20 to preserve, protect, and defend the 1st Amendment?
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThanks for a great #harvardtownhall meeting at @harvardiop! Fascinating insights from students about where we are …… one’s headed back to D.C. The @Nationals shut out the Cubs at Wrigley to force a decisive Game 5:…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough🤣🤣🤣 Rush Limbaugh is worried that Trump is starting to lose it: ‘I am very uncomfortable’
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughStephen Strasburg with the must-win-game performance you dream about. #NLDS
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIt's like I told all of you yesterday, Stephen Strasburg will be the hero of Game 4, and Wade Davis will be the goat.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughNEW: Alabama Sen candidate Roy Moore took over $1 million salary ovr 5 yrs from a small charity, then covered it up.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe attack by Trump on the first amendment today is likely the most Un American sentiment ever uttered by a POTUS. Can't think of another
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughNeed insurance runs? @Taylor_Michael3 HAS insurance runs. That's a SLAM! It's 5-0 @Nationals. #NLDS
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThis is deeply not ok.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough @JoeNBC telling @harvard it is the @UofAlabama of the north. #HarvardTownHall
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRoll Tide! #HarvardTownHall