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Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughGood explanation of why yesterday was far worse than a "return to Saturday's speech." It was active, aggressive spi…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIf you don't have the courage to mention Trump by name, don't waste our time with this pablum
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThen it means nothing. You get no credit condemning Nazis in 2017. To make a difference, you must attack Trump's c… House cabinet and staff must speak out, step down or act decisively or it will be on their hands too.…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWith his own words TRUMP has created a permissive climate for violence. The blood and carnage will be on his hands. #shame
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughAnyone working for Trump will be forever tainted by him. But for those who don't resign after yesterday, the stain will be dark & permanent.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThis Vice News Documentary from Charlottesville Is Horrifying via @Esquire
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSeriously. Please spare us this shit, esp. the “Jared and Ivanka sadz” stuff
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughDuring the 1950s, segregationist politicians often condemned the "extremists on both sides." By that, they meant the Klan & the NAACP.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe Army doesn't tolerate racism, extremism, or hatred in our ranks. It's against our Values and everything we've stood for since 1775.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughVia @brianbeutler, WH officials can no longer hide behind excuse that they're trying to protect USA from Trump:
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughImportant point. Very few elected Republicans are out there saying, "I'm a proud ally of President Trump."
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughBig story in @australian tomorrow: Trump's bid for Sydney casino killed off by his 'mob connections' in 1980s…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughAt AP, we have taken the position the term “alt-right” should be avoided, meant as euphemism 2 disguise racist aims
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSenator Rubio Leaves No Room for Confusion, Blasts Moral Equivalency - @EddieWilling
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughLook he takes selfies with black people
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough @jpodhoretz calls the president's defense of racists "one of the most disheartening facts of my lifetime." & Friends Segment Turns Emotional as Guests Bond Over 'Morally Bankrupt’ Trump
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMany members of this admin want you to know how anguished and conflicted they are. Poor dears.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughDo you believe Donald Trump failed in his ambiguity? Will you speak truth to power? Will you call him out by name? Douglass on How Congress Can Fight a 'Treacherous President' - The Atlantic Cohn, NEC chair -- who is Jewish -- was 'disgusted' and "upset" by Trump's comments on white nationalists, per 3 ppl with knowledge
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughTeen drug overdose death rate climbed 19% in one year - CNN shares his thoughts on the president's Charlottesville remarks #morningjoe
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@NicolleDWallace on WH staff: "If they don't resign en masse this morning, they are forever tainted by what he did yesterday." @Morning_Joe
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
That will teach 'em to beat us in 1946 and 1967. @RedSox beat the Cards 10-4, complete with a triple play and another great night by Devers! can state the obvious. Where you at @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSenator John McCain responds to President Trump's latest Charlottesville remarks: "There's no moral equivalency bet…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIf this "president" headed a publicly traded company he would be escorted out of the building by security, keys taken away, & driven off.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughYou are a disgrace.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThank you, Governor. supremacy, bigotry & racism have absolutely no place in our society & no one - especially POTUS - should ever…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"...the party is President Trump's party now..."
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe living former presidents - Bushes, Carter, Clinton & Obama- should make a joint statement calling on the racist Trump to resign.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThey were chanting slurs against Jews, as was recorded and reported widely at the time
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSenior White House official tells NBC News President Trump wasn't supposed to answer any questions today but "went rogue" in front of press
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughI can't imagine who he was talking about.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe #WhiteSupremacy groups will see being assigned only 50% of blame as a win.We can not allow this old evil to be resurrected 6/6
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMr. President,you can't allow #WhiteSupremacists to share only part of blame.They support idea which cost nation & world so much pain 5/6
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough @kasie Mitt Romney: "No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Mor…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRichard Spencer and other alt-right leaders have fulsome praise for Trump’s performance, @rosiegray reports:
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughTrump goes off script, and white supremacists cheer via @politico
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMr. President, there is only one side: AGAINST white supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-Semites & the KKK. They have no place in America or GOP.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughI don't understand what's so hard about this. White supremacists and Neo-Nazis are evil and shouldn't be defended.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThis coming from a politician who grandstands for Nazis and White Supremacists. SAD! you for doing the right thing! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Paul of Alliance for American Manufacturing becomes 4th member to resign from President Trump's manufacturing…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSo the president of the United States went out of his way to let white supremacists and Nazis off the hook. It just…
Thank you, Intel. send Lassie to the moon., @vulture. A great interview for anyone who loves rock. need more running gear. Thanks @UnderArmour !
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughTrump approval falls to 34% in Gallup. It's his lowest level yet
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough-Trump's advisers warned that mtg w/Russian officials may violate US sanctions or Logan Act -3 mos later: Trump Jr…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughYes. Steve Bannon's orchestrated attacks are disgraceful. FLAG: Trump campaign emails show aide's repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughVery clarifying. Attacking a free press comes naturally to you but criticizing Nazis and white supremacists is so d… on Trump’s Charlottesville Response: ‘Not a Media Story, This Is a Presidential Story’…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughI'm going out to buy Under Armour. days until our show at @CuttingRoomNYC! 🎸🎶🎤 RSVP here:
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIt’s a battle of 1st-place teams as the #RedSox take on the Indians in Boston.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughAnother #SaleDay, another 12 Ks.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughAbout same percentage of GOP Members of Congress, I'd wager.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhy are these companies still associated with a man who refused to condemn white supremacists and attacked a black… @JoeNBC @CousinSlowpoke They are NOT SCARED to denounce neo-Nazis. They AGREE with neo-Nazis.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughHe is a bigot
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIt was great seeing you! seems so secure. But the monsters have to be kept at bay, all the time. They are merely waiting for civilization…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughA decade later, read @jaynordlinger's similar warning."Madness can strike anyone anywhere. One day's permanence is the evanescence of the next." ~Richard Cohen June 2007
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughHe should not do it. That's what a bigot would do. to hit 61% disapproval (Gallup) Carter: Never Reagan: Never H.W. Bush: Never Clinton: Never W. Bush: 1,932 Obama: Never Trump: 207
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThese numbers are disastrous. He deserves much worse. #Shame"In the last couple of years, the fascist Right has come out of the woodwork. Or into the social media."'s Charlottesville response was a failure of presidential leadership. Read more in Monday's @NBCFirstRead:…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough