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Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

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Here's a radical idea. Write a bipartisan health care bill in committee and pass a bill that reforms health care. America, we generally hold judges who misinterpret the law accountable by reversing them, not recalling them.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSpeaking words of wisdom.... best description of the GOP's blundering health care strategy yet. What a way to waste a majority., Paul and Collins say they’ll vote no on the motion to proceed to Trumpcare. That means it’s toast unless changed. McConnell’s move.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughCBO SAYS THE GOP BILL -Takes health insurance from 22 million people -Cuts benefits -Increases out of pocket expens… Announces Opposition to Senate Health Legislation, says Bill Violates Medicine's "First, Do No Harm" Principle
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRobert Mueller digging through decades of shortcuts and shady deals should terrify the president. And yet he brough… reviews for my EP are pretty damn funny and take the term "grudging respect" to new heights. Fun stuff. 🤣"Scarborough’s vocal tone sounds so cool and world-weary that you half expect him to bust out a British accent.""Scarborough’s take on things sounds like the Beatles, Kinks, Springsteen, and Sonic Youth combined." ~@Variety @USCBO: 22 million lose their insurance. Voters: Republicans lose their majority. our editor, Lorin Stein, talk with @JoeNBC of @Morning_Joe about politics and ‘The Paris Review’:
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@JoeNBC on GOP health care legislation: "You've got a mean, non-conservative bill."
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughPOTUS is given such wide latitude on immigration & borders that even DJT may not be able to get in his own way. 50 songs recorded over the past year already, he is dead serious about releasing 200 over the next few years.
When Amazon enters your market
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIf the House flips, White House aides have warned Trump he'll almost certainly face immediate impeachment by Dem-held House.
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"All five songs are pretty okay. Which means it’s basically the Sgt. Pepper’s of politico vanity-rock albums." 🤔… Scarborough’s Album Is All About Decadence and Bad what if it is? all must fight that tribalism to take back our country. Democrats and Republicans alike. We will. give in! Goldwater was destroyed in 1964. Two years later a B-list actor adopted his platform, smiled and sta… @JoeNBC Thanks Joe! Our message of economic opportunity is for Georgians of all walks of life. Take a look here:
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIn this march, "inclusiveness" does not extend to Jews. What pathetic antisemitic bigots. music video on the decaying Culture of TrumpWorld and the Rise of the Vulgarians.'s an audible gasp among Republicans who watched Evans' video, of "Oh my gosh, how are we going to beat that?"
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWhoa. As good as it gets. who lies about little things.... Birthday, Josh!!!! is insane. Does Sen. Collins know about this? RT the hell out of it so folks up in Maine are aware. She could…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughYesterday, Trump's jealousy of Obama got him to admit Russians meddled in the election. Today, it made him admit hi… so much. Won't quit my day job, yet. Maybe after the 20th EP. 😀 Here's a link to our debut:…'ve been all in on Radiohead since The Bends. OK Computer remains remarkable 20 years later. And loved R.E.M. sinc…
Not randomized sonic garble? The spellbinding "Let Down" from OK Computer. kind of rapturous response from adoring critics and fans to random Radiohead sonic garble began in earnest wit… @Scaramucci @nickconfessore @CNN Class move on your part too, @Scaramucci. More should follow your example on both sides!.@CNN did the right thing. Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMy music video for Mystified. It's TrumpWorld on the skids and The Rise of the Vulgarian. so much!!!!!! vs. Trump in Nevada? Yeah. That ain't close., I was told by Trump that achieving peace would take 2 weeks with his negotiating skills* *yes he said that
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRidding ourselves of Trump as a force for evil is actually quite easy. It just takes three Republican senators to say "No more!"
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe GOP you are looking for is dead. It's been dying for years. A lifelong Democrat switched parties and killed it…'s the @Spotify link to #MystifiedEP. Great fun making it and loved seeing all of you who made the launch party!
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"Liberty depends on facts." ~Roger Cohen you're saying Russia meddled in the election. Good to know you finally agree with all US Intel agencies. Let's a… it's too much to ask for a Churchillian response but right now Truman's containment would be a big trade up. increasingly unmoored from reality.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThe front page #OTD in 2016. Britain votes to leave the European Union. #nytimes
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough
Thanks so much for a great #MystifiedEP launch party at @CuttingRoomNYC! You can listen here:… is an excellent piece of reporting and shifts the lens very squarely on the Obama WH response, or lack thereof
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughIn period costume, President Ford with bipartisan House leadership (O’Neill and Rhodes), September 1974:…
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughSome choice tweets (now deleted) by Trump's latest Dept. of Energy appointment. No other President would hire him.
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughJoe Scarborough releases music video that is scathing indictment on TrumpWorld Culture @DailyMail sat down with @JoeNBC to talk music but put him on the spot about Mika!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMy point is that Democrats need to be culturally sensitive to the areas they represent. An NRA endorsement is not r… fact, not everyone shared my very strong views after Newtown. But Democrats must be diverse ideologically to win… understand that this issue is important to you and millions of others. But not everyone shares your view in rural… greatest review I could get. Thanks Jack! 😀 Latest--> How Democrats start winning again and stop Donald Trump. @JoeNBC the next big thing in rock and roll? Inside his EP release last night:
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughOur Mystified EP is out today. We had a fun debut party last night. Thanks so much to all who came out!! Amazon: …… Culture on the Skids in the music video to the title track of our new EP “Mystified." Full video:…
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough.@JoeNBC took us through his musical history & his new ep 'Mystified' @bendmayer #morningjoe
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughJoe's debut #MystifiedEP is now available on @amazonmusic. Thanks!
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughJoe and the Band's debut #MystifiedEP is now on Spotify. @scarborough_
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughTom Brokaw asking Senator Bill Cassidy about health care reform. Obama's secret struggle against Putin
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughJoe's debut EP is now on Apple. Hope you take a listen! #MystifiedEP
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughThanks so much!!! #MystifiedEP @scarborough_ @morningmika @JoeNBC @morningjoemusic @Sony What an awesome night launching Joe's original music!! @RonanFarrow
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughMy Latest--> Democrats will keep losing, unless they do this
We will give the people what they want! The #MystifiedEP launches tomorrow and then an EP every month for 2 years😬… @JoeNBC @morningmika
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughRollin' at the #CuttingRoom @JoeNBC
Retweeted by Joe ScarboroughWe are LIVE at @CuttingRoomNYC for the #MystifiedEP release party! Watch here:
Retweeted by Joe Scarborough"This is not just bad twitting. This could be the intimidation of a witness." ~@greta"This is stunning. Just stunning. Americans deserve better from their president." ~@greta on Donald Trump admitting there are no tapes