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John August @johnaugust Los Angeles, CA

Writer of Go, Big Fish, and Arlo Finch. Maker of Highland. Co-host of Scriptnotes podcast.

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We Have Failed Our Children. Now Let's March Behind Them. via @Esquire
Retweeted by John August @Phantomyouth That’s awesome! Is it one tour, or are there multiple productions? Where are you now?
@pamstucky flashbay. They’ve been fine. @mindfuljogger We don’t have a Spanish version lined up, for reasons I don’t understand. (11 other languages, thoug… have absolutely no words... Thank you not only for your service but for standing with us as we #MarchForOurLives
Retweeted by John August @mindfuljogger What’s his monthly goal? @mindfuljogger I had to Google to even find out what those are. But one site says 9.0, so maybe that? It should be…
@jsutt Thanks! Glad you dug it.“Change yourself to please strangers and embrace your fear dying alone.” HAVE bomb control, you idiot. You can't buy them in stores, manufacturers have strict liability, and building th…
Retweeted by John August @BenjaminJS Congrats!
@Uncannygirl @clmazin @SusannaFogel @davidiserson Let’s run off to a cabin where we can all just praise each other and eat delicious snacks. @SusannaFogel that’s a great trailer! Really looking forward to it. @mattselman @clmazin Both say love.I salute everything about this including that it’s a school library copy of Arlo Finch. ❄️ ⛰ 🔥 🌲 ⛰ @clmazin @Jetaslion Ditto. But what you’re describing doesn’t sound like a loan-out, which is what screenwriters us… @TylerDoehring You can just stick the new scene header into the intercut conversation. MARY You hated Mixel. TOM… @pamstucky @clmazin Good question. I suspect the line is how much you’re reporting on your own experience with that… @michael_asmus @clmazin Never been in one. I’d say be positive and supportive, and don’t do the NDA or such. Use it… screenplay notes, summarized: "Can it be more. But also shorter."
Retweeted by John August @davidtoms @clmazin Not very much. You’ll still hear it for stretched-premise comedies, like Big Babies or I Can’t Stop Farting Gold.
I had a great chat with Liz about making stuff, taking chances and why you don’t wait for someday. Take a listen! @hankgreen Leo, this is a great month to see if you have any money, but watch out for people who are going to the movies.Today's Scriptnotes is all business, from money to managers to medical plans. Plus that British pork ad @clmazin is… @missmac100 Glad you liked it! Finishing edits on book two right now. I think you’ll really enjoy the second installment.
This is a wonderful thread @DaveHolmes
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@cristian_712 @austinfilmfest @clmazin We’ll very likely be there @EstesJake @GBerlanti Not dangerous, but it's always worth asking what's gained and what's lost by telling a story… @theresaruth1972 @BriarPatchBooks @pbjkim Hope you love it! @iaptaker @GBerlanti That’s so cool! And makes me feel so old. Congrats on the movie and show and career! @Josh_Merritt1 Nope, but I feel like we talk about it a fair amount on Scriptnotes.Holy shit. A Breakfast Club made up of only badasses. #Pennridge225
Retweeted by John August @Josh_Merritt1 It’s fine. Look at how other films pace out their information and turns. If one seems to suit your…, Simon could have been a Netflix series, but I’m really happy it’s a big-screen movie. The form forces it to b… @degsy @nowlaunching Thanks! Hope you like it!
Retweeted by John August @AlexJive That's great to hear!Reminder. If Mueller is fired, we take to the streets. Find the nearest of 800+ protests and pre-RSVP at…
Retweeted by John August @clmazin @minhalbaig @HIGHzurrer It’s hard to get the full picture in a tweet stream. I think you have my email. Dr… @danthomascomedy @clmazin Maybe just a paragraph. That’s why I’m not a fan of “synopsis” — it can mean so many different things.
@apolaine The names were a fairly early decision. I didn't really think of the gendered-ness of them. So, happy accident I guess. @Tomasthanes Thanks! And it’s the last episode for now. We might do more if it feels right. @MissysDayOff I wrote it in Highland. It’s the app my company makes for Mac. @apolaine Good to hear! If you feel like leaving a review on one of the review-y places, that would be swell. @droopymcc @id10t Glad you dug it!Not only @melissamccarthy but also @marielleheller directing. So excited for this. piece on #SB827. if you’re a Californian and you take progressivism seriously these are issues worth wading i…
Retweeted by John August @apolaine Thanks! Glad you dug it! @TheBradNagle Hooray! Hope you both enjoy it.
@Peter_Lockyer Percentage-wise, the e-book. But the price is also lower. So overall, the thing that helps most is b… @RDaneScott Try listening to the @JamesPCronin audiobook. That might do it.
@KimTereck @arlo_finch @mcnallyrobinson Thanks! Hope you dig it.I commend you for quickly introducing legislation to avoid same horrible tragedy, after a dog died on an airline. I…
Retweeted by John AugustHey Chicago! I've got a message from @debrashore: On Marth 20th we need 10,000 people to 👉 write in 👈 Cam Davis, Ob…
Retweeted by John AugustStudents at a Los Angeles school held a die-in spelling #ENOUGH with their bodies as a gong sounded 17 times, one f…
Retweeted by John August @edfaunceperform @Taylor_M_Allen @Andrew__Logan @onthepage Great! Glad it helped. @NolanRowles For now, the UK/AUS/NZ edition is simply the American import.Done! Got through revisions on a troublesome chapter. How'd you do?And, go! See you in 60. #writesprintStarting the day with a #writesprint at the top of the hour. 60 minutes, one task, no Twitter, no maybe-one-more-ga… @AgeC @clmazin Too little. Fights have moments, changes, surprises. You gotta tell us what they are.
@rikilindhome @ComedyCentral Basement Bubbles is the karaoke duet we never knew we needed.I will be registering voters with @HeadCountOrg at all of my shows from now on. #TheNewOne
Retweeted by John August @Pinboard Done! @BoywonderVA At this rate, I’m close!"Very poor job running" the state: - 6th largest economy in the world. - Continually outpaces the U.S. in job gr…
Retweeted by John AugustToday’s Scriptnotes is about what you need to know before writing a scene and when to stand your ground on notes. I…
Teaching my 12-year old to fill out forms that assume the world is the way it ain’t. are a few things that work for me, in no particular order. I hope it helps. (Curious to hear how others deal w…
Retweeted by John August @mmizidoro They do. Lots. I’ve worked on many, with translators helping us out. @braddworkin @clmazin Delightful! @nickwiger +1 on Dungeon Runs. And if you’re not trying to hit the top of the ladders, you don’t need crazy cards.… Sundance Labs project. So excited to see this.
Done! 435 words, many of which are not awful. How'd you do? #writesprintAnd, go! See you in an hour. #writesprintGot a new chapter to write. Starting a #writesprint at the top of the hour. 60 minutes, one task, no stopping. Who’s in? @VictoriaBell It’s a real book! @biancaxestrela Glad you dug it! @dylanduarte 👍