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John August @johnaugust Los Angeles, CA

Writer of Go, Big Fish, and upcoming Arlo Finch. Maker of Highland. Co-host of Scriptnotes podcast.

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If we did a “This Kind of Scene” segment on breakups, which movies should we look at? #scriptnotes
@BiekerJosh @clmazin That’s a lot of scripts. This might be a good time to take stock of what’s the stuff you’re ha… @clmazin It’s more literally the Ulysses & Harpies dynamic. I want to hear them even though I know they’ll drive me… Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sing-a-long was a damn delight. So happy for @alinebmckenna @Racheldoesstuff and team.… @Boopa1219 Generally, I don't -- the good ones are seductive; the bad ones, poisonous. For Big Fish London, I decid… @wereabby No one way. A lot of times you’ll see them handled like dialogue. Or centered, possibly bold or italics. Just do what works.Me reading reviews: @danrodriguezuk @londonbigfish There’s no best way. General advice is to make the thing you wish existed in the wor… of the joys of @londonbigfish has been exploring the contrast between Edward and Sandra’s older and idealized s… episode is terrific and adorable. I’m an Eagle Scout. Elsa would be a great one.
@mattrsanderson Ultimately comes down to arbitration, but if you’re not really changing what happens, but how it re… the same key, but the same intervals: do mi re ti do. As long as we can hear that pattern, anything goes. (Mino…
The Scriptnotes Holiday Live Show is back! On Dec. 7, ring in the season with @johnaugust @clmazin and their specia…
Retweeted by John August @le_canuck @clmazin I don't think we'll do another episode on it, but I just watched #7 last night and I think I'm with your friends. @colerua @qapps Hey Cole. Email us at We can sort it out.imagine if women were like “we can’t stop kicking men in the dick” and when men got upset women were like “that’s w…
Retweeted by John AugustDaughter: "I wish my life was more like a Disney movie." Me: [Dies tragically]
Retweeted by John August @Bonn2Tweet @clmazin Hooray!
@BiekerJosh @clmazin Not very. Reader unlikely to be able to make use of those details. @RyLevitt @clmazin For a new movie, watch the movie. For an older movie, try reading the script first and see the movie in your head.
@TylerDoehring Not one that you can necessarily trust. Different sales sites have tried to do it, but really hard t… @ScottSthlm @clmazin Facts are fair game. Concern is generally libel, so you need provable truth. Privacy, and the… @ladygriswold @clmazin Walkie-talkie? Just KUMAIL (ON WALKIE) This joke is over, over. @mehopeleigh Totally fine. Dialogue is spoken. It can be “wrong.” @clmazin @danducas Agree with Craig. It’s a nice warm feeling, but probably won’t be a door opener. @Mike_OJ @clmazin No stopping! No sleeping! @dalmatianjaws Hooray! @hels I often say: graduating college/grad school without debt, knowing I could take risks and fail, without deadly…
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@thomanthony @clmazin If you're going to for festivals, you'll likely need to clear that stuff. But there may be pu… Broad City. Fleabag. Insecure. Girls. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Jessica Jones. D…
Retweeted by John August @eliyudin I think what happens is that lists get copied, so groups A, B, C and D all email you at once.Today’s Scriptnotes is about naming (not numbering) minor characters, passive heroes and the upper limits of montag…'m completely humbled by the unwavering support of the women of One Tree Hill. It turns out my story was a catalys…
Retweeted by John AugustIn which I try (and possibly fail) to explain what sex is...
Retweeted by John August @eliyudin I have an email address I use just for these. Stuff still gets through.
@marcuscorrigan Soon. Also, that scene drove me crazy. No headphones have that big of a Y. @DaveHolmes We’ve all done it, Dave @TheStephanClark @clmazin Producer can hire you (or anyone). If you’re not WGA, and you do 24 “units” of work in th…
In light of the Andrew Kreisberg reporting, a couple thoughts about my first writing job that I've wanted to say fo…
Retweeted by John August @andmichaelgreen We shot Big Fish in Montgomery. People were friendly. We met folks who had been at the forefront o… @fischshead In the musical -- where Spectre and Ashton are combined into one town -- Jenny Hill is the same age as… @JeanBarker If it's a WGA-covered feature, that won't earn you any credit. If it's non-WGA you could theoretically…
Read this. It made me cry in a coffee shop, if you’re looking to make strangers worry about you.
Retweeted by John August @katiethompsonKT That’s scary. Glad you’re okay.Hey! Some guy just tried to say he was my lyft driver, I was almost in the car when I remembered to check the licen…
Retweeted by John AugustPOTUS embraces Putin yet again telling world he believes former KGB agent’s denial of attack on our election over o…
Retweeted by John August @alinebmckenna @DanboShaw @Racheldoesstuff We will search for it! @OlufemiSowemimo Yes! In two weeks. @JalapenoFilms @npsepulveda @clmazin It’s crazy we didn’t know about this, Ligiah. Probably speaks to our studio fe… @RebelWilson Good lord.A reminder to showrunners: you are neither as good a writer as your staff makes u feel, nor as bad a writer as the network makes u feel.
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@npsepulveda @clmazin @JalapenoFilms Thanks! We just recorded this week’s show, but we will put it on for future follow-up.I wrote a thing about the power structure of stand-up.
Retweeted by John AugustI want a Team Page t-shirt.
@pauldecesare41 Just do INT or EXT of wherever they are. Or... OVER THE EDGE Mary and Robin dangle from their res… amazing Scriptnotes editor (and frequent composer) moved to Japan. He hasn’t been killed by a ghost yet. I’m that guy retweeting a review. This one talks about one of the big gambles in @londonbigfish which made it so…
An 8-point Dem statewide win in Virginia was enough to merely tie the House. Gerrymandering still matters.
Retweeted by John August @AronHolden93 @clmazin And what a product shot! @JennyC2323 Hooray! Let me know which patrol you’d be in. @matthewkane Definitely. @kbrankin @clmazin I get the concern over tone. Grisly + absurd falls in an uncomfortable place (so would a movie).…
@shutter_simon @qapps Submitting new build today! Thanks for pointing this out.This does not seem to be the populism that was promised
Retweeted by John AugustToday's Scriptnotes is a How Would This Be a Movie, with one story that absolutely should be one. @stephbencin That's a great thought. I might!Time! I got 500 words, which ain't bad. How'd you do?And, go! See you on the other side. #writesprintThey say exercise is good for jetlag. So let's do a #writesprint at the top of the hour. 1 task, 60 mins, no stopping. Who's in?I’m in town for @londonbigfish so if you see someone who looks like me there’s a better-than-usual chance it’s me.You’re a neurosurgeon? Well, I’ve swapped out the nano-SIM in my phone on the airplane tray table so I can relate.That's cool. Polls don't mean shit. Pretty sure we all know that now. VOTE, VIRGINIANS. The rest is noise.
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I will attend this. Practicing harmony now. #westcovina @RLeeAtwood We will! It might be a week from Tuesday. Still setting schedule. @shutter_simon @qapps Oh! Helpful. Shall investigate. @shutter_simon @qapps Can you scroll up? Hard to see where it’s really chopping off. @shutter_simon @qapps It’s an odd bug. Delete the app and reinstall from the App Store. You should get your normal full screen back.Disney buying Fox would unify the Marvel universe and consolidate power to a crazy degree. Together, they’re 39% of 2016 box office. @shutter_simon @qapps Screenshot? We stopped one line short of the notch for readability. If you're seeing something different, let us know.