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John Gerzema @johngerzema Tribeca, or up in the air

CEO of Harris Insights & Analytics/The Harris Poll, a public opinion, corporate, brand and reputation strategy firm. NYT bestselling author, social scientist

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Channing Tatum cuts ties with The Weinstein Company - CBS News Startup Teaches Domestic Violence Survivors To Be Entrepreneurs via @FastCompany @UrbanMuseWriter #socialchangeThe 7 must have skills for the future of work
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Retweeted by John GerzemaAndrew Ng Has a Chatbot That Can Help with Depression #AI @techreviewBeyond foosball tables & napping pods, workers want convenience & community @HarrisPoll @coldwellbanker our relationships with brands predictably irrational? @TheAtlantic @R_Thaler @danariely @HarrisPoll
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France Might Soon Fine Men For Street Harassment & It's All Thanks To This Woman
Retweeted by John GerzemaExcited to speak at @holmesreport #PRovoke17 on how #brands can lead in these uncertain times w new @HarrisPoll dat… for the @hispanic411 & @HarrisPoll on 10/19 and learn to empower the #banking aspiration of US #Hispanics
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy twitter
Retweeted by John GerzemaUp bright and early. Excited to join @marieclaire and a crew of female powerhouses for #PowerTrip
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Retweeted by John GerzemaWhy Surge Prices Make Us So Mad: What Springsteen, Home Depot and a Nobel Winner Know via @NYTimes
A letter to #GenZ from a #Millennial - it's your turn now: you ‘phubbing’ right now? What it is and why science says it’s bad for your relationships. - The Washington Post
#Healthcare consumers grow weary in times of uncertainty, 42% fear loss of coverage @TCHS @HarrisPoll looks to a future of planes without pilots Branson Reveals ‘Revolutionary’ Virgin Hyperloop One Plan
Proud of our @HarrisPoll partners @boyscouts courageous decision on International #DayoftheGirl @girlup @weareTFQ new reality of old age in America - The Washington Post fellows for 2017: a tragicomic novelist, an 'Afropolitan' painter and more're talking gender equality and girl heroes with @GirlUp live on Facebook. Tune in! #DayoftheGirl #GIRLHERO
Retweeted by John GerzemaGirls, you can do anything! Happy International #dayofthegirl!
Retweeted by John GerzemaRegister for the @hispanic411 & @HarrisPoll on 10/19 and learn to empower the #banking aspiration of US #Hispanics
The flaws a Nobel Prize-winning economist wants you to know about yourself #BehavioralEconomics @HarrisPoll #DACA poses a big risk to #healthcare & Harvard @HarrisPoll finds majority supports citizenship for dreamers @HarrisPoll finds many Americans choose pizza over things that help keep humans alive & functioning, like sleep… the race to save for #retirement #Millennial parents lead the pack. New @HarrisPoll @NerdWallet @Forbes @ariosheaToday, we devote our entire show to exploring the opioid epidemic. Listen to this special episode here.
Retweeted by John GerzemaListen Now: @WNYC @TheTakeaway Addiction Nation Understanding America's #Opioid Crisis w/ @HarrisPoll findings on public radio: special @TheTakeaway hour on opioids, including exclusive @HarrisPoll findings. @WNYC
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Disabled and scraping by in the underground economy - The Washington Post‘S.N.L.’: Jason Aldean Is Surprise Guest, Singing Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’ via @NYTimes
Nordstrom's newest store aims for a personal touch — and no clothing racks - Los Angeles Times Musk says he can rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid with solar
Hollywood special effects are helping surgeons practice brain surgery via @qz #Healthcare #InnovationGanja Goddess Getaway is carving a niche in the $563 billion #wellness tourism industry. #CannabisWhy This Company Is Paying Its Employees To Sleep More @huffpo #FutureOfWork #WellnessDining out is the most common sacrifice #Millennials make to save for #retirement: @HarrisPoll & @NerdWallet
Activist investor demands that Google provide more data on its #genderpaygap via @FastCompanyGreat recap of #AWNewYork Panel on the American #SideHustle @HarrisPoll @BerlinCameron @weareTFQ @MediaVillageComHow a Saudi Workplace Messaging App Went Viral With U.S. Teens via @WSJ#Millennial parents may retire with more than older generations according to new @nerdwallet & @HarrisPoll study: is making specialized shoes for runners in different cities, thanks to #robots via @marcbain_ @qz #Innovation
Marc Benioff got tired of the #genderpaygap at @salesforce, so he spent $3 million to close it—twice via @qz91% of U.S workers have been personally affected by the #skillsgap #ASAWorkforceMonitor
Retweeted by John GerzemaThe Girl Project has arrived @glamour <3
Retweeted by John GerzemaFeatured in @WomenYSK Thanks for inspiring me @HollyDDowling @jenbdasilva @johngerzema @feministabulous @gimmemotalk
Retweeted by John Gerzema.@Aetna CEO @mtbert Explains Why #Capitalism Will Suffer If #IncomeInequality Persists @RWartzman @FastCompanyMachines with Brains: Robot cars need eyes like ours—soon they might have them via @mcwm @qz #tech #selfdrivingcarsRent? Buy? How Each Generation Today Prefers to Live. @HarrisPoll @Realty_Mogul #homeownership via @Entrepreneur
Despite heightened debate on #skillsgap, 50% of Americans say they've never heard of it @HarrisPoll @StaffingTweetsAn on-demand sex #health startup is anonymously helping Nigerians have more safe sex @qz #innovation#Millennials prioritize mortgages over avocado toast & other pricey trends: Down Payment RPT @NerdWallet @HarrisPoll
As Countries Develop, Fast Food Takes Hold How #fastfood is changing habits & expanding wai… Nearly Half Of #Millennials Can't Afford To Cover A $500 Emergency @HarrisPoll Insight via @Forbes @ReneeMoradNOW: @DavidBegnaud brings us the latest on the relief effort in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
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Why This Company Implemented A Learning Sabbatical For Its Employees via @FastCompany #FutureofWork
Doctors, teachers & firefighters are still considered the most prestigious #careers in America @HarrisPoll @KVOA20% of #millennials said they will "never" be invested in the markets @HarrisPoll & @WFAssetMgmt via @CNBC
New @HarrisPoll & @Glassdoor Survey Reveals 75% of #Millennials Expect #Employers to Take a Stand on Social Issues for the Univision webinar 10/19 w @HarrisPoll to learn about Hispanic perspectives in #banking 2013, minorities and Americans w/out college degrees showed greatest gains in wealth @federalreserve report⚡️ “How Do You Side Hustle? #AWNewYork
Retweeted by John GerzemaGreat panel on side hustles w @BerlinCameron pres @jenbdasilva who finds the future in what's next. Moderated by…
Retweeted by John GerzemaBigger Portion Sizes: So American! Twitter to Test 280-Character Tweets, Busting Old Limit via @NYTimes in small drips: Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive via @NYTimes Hustle @adweek #TGLxAWNewYork #TheFemaleQuotient
Retweeted by John Gerzema#AWNewYork @johngerzema How do you put yourself & #Sidehustle out there? @deepoku "Keep going, leverage any rejecti…
Retweeted by John Gerzema#AWNewYork: What happens when your Side Hustle fails? @deepoku says to fall back on your skills, network and embrac…
Retweeted by John GerzemaAmazing rockstar panel on side hustles / slash careers @johngerzema @jenbdasilva @ShelleyZalis #AWNewYork
Retweeted by John Gerzema"When does a side hustle become a main job?" - @johngerzema @weareTFQ #TGLxAWNewYork
Retweeted by John Gerzema.@mara_lecocq telling us how her Side Hustle the Secret Code is empowering young girls @weareTFQ #AWNewYork
Retweeted by John Gerzema#AWNewYork: What is driving the side hustle movement besides the money? It's about the connection & seizing opportu…
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