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Head of Product Design for @ActivePipe - self confessed geek - user experience costumier - photography aficionado - originator of online solutions

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@InVisionApp I’m sure @johnallsopp could accomodate something at @webdirections #summit2017 if you’re looking for a good launch platform @InVisionApp shame there’s no community gatherings for Studio (which looks amazing!) in #Australia 😢
The History of the Ampersand… so many things I never knew! InVision just announced a @sketchapp & @AdobeXD Killer? #InVisionStudio looks damn amazing! #product #design
@Telstra @Ticketek_AU so it’s 2017 and you still can’t scale your websites? Going to have a very disappointed wife #bookingFail @Pink
So it seems the morons have too much money to spend #plebiscite #glenIris
How the Leica logo has changed over the past 100 years #branding #design #timeless
New addition to the family :)
The banner. On ya Bob & Boydy 👏🏻 #AFLHawksDogs
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So look what we managed to do...
Code 17 in 100 Tweets. Can the entire #code17 conference be summed up in just 100 tweets? No. But we did it anyway.
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Quiet evening all sorted thanks to @Tullidistillery and @denverandliely @Kodak .. what about those of us in Australia? Did you forget about @Kodak_AU ?
I just liked “Under Australian Skies; an Australian Astro Time Lapse 4KUHD” on #Vimeo: just liked “Tracking All the Things by Chris Powers” on #Vimeo:
Saw a TV commercial for - somebody has produced and marketed my facetime doorbell prototype #missedOpportunities
Millions of Australian domain name owners 'ripped off'
Massimo's delivers a perfect 'icon fonts 101' ♕ Create an Icon Font Using Illustrator & IcoMoon…
Retweeted by John McClumphaSuper interesting article all the prior art of CSS.
Retweeted by John McClumphaIf interested in looking at the accessibility API & what a ScreenReader might interpret your code check out #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaHyperloop One's passenger pod takes its first ride at 192 MPH
Retweeted by John McClumphaHere's more info on that Obama neural network-generated video! #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphawait wait wait i have to put my phone in flightmode when i fly but the dude driving the plane is AIRDROPPING HIS…
Retweeted by John McClumphaHuge thanks to @johnallsopp and the @webdirections crew for an inspiring #code17The guide to moving to flexbox and CSS grid mentioned by @lottejackson -> #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaOh guys watch the video from @thatpatrickguy's talk all the way through - the fails at the end r LOL 😂 #code17
Retweeted by John McClumpha @thatpatrickguy @clarifai For the AWS fans in the crowd, their Rekognition service is similar; #code17Image recognition made easy! Gotta love @clarifai :D #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaLoving @thatpatrickguy’s live tweets during his presentation #code17"It doesn't even run flash" - why not to buy an iPhone from 2007 #code17Every 2 years we create 10 times as much data - @thatpatrickguy #code17Great way of naming colours from @Mandy_Kerr #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaDefinitely _the_ slide of #Code17 !! by @Mandy_Kerr 😂
Retweeted by John McClumphaStyleguides: "capture all of the things that are important to your team and your project" - @mandy_kerr #code17The style lint processor for styled components is available here: #code17"Bet on JS if you like, but always serve HTML" - @glenmaddern #code17kebab case... which is delicious! - @glenmaddern #code17OOCSS from @stubbornella getting a shout out from @markdalgleish at #Code17. It changed how we approach CSS.
Retweeted by John McClumphaOh no! Looks like we jumped the gun for coffee orders! #code17 @johnallsopp size of a webpage today is over 2.5mb... that's bigger than Doom! #code17Service workers have landed in webkit! #thefutureisnow #howlonguntilproductionready #code17Sorting out my caffeine levels before day 2 of geeking out at #Code17 suitcase doesn't seem very happy
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Thank you @johnallsopp for an amazing first conference day :) excited for tomorrow #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaTidbit from @svgeesus talk is the Fantasy generic font family (reminds me unpleasantly of papayrus) #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaCSS control over typography is about to get real! #code17 browser is not a policeman 👮‍♀️ @svgeesus talking history about font licences & all the Web Font magic at…
Retweeted by John McClumphaOH: "The future started about a year ago" #code17font-variant-numeric: tabular-nums; Better spacing for numbers without the need for monospace fonts #css #code17 thanks @svgeesus"The cheapest function call is the one you never make" - @_developit #code17"I don't do my own DOM manipulation... I have people for that" #careerGoals #code17 @itszero Thankyou :)"We want to stand on the shoulders of giants, then compile those giants out" - @_devlopit #code17 @itszero What was the unicode reference you mentioned for globalisation/internationalisation? #code17Slow internet dominates - 2G 47%, 3G 32%, 4G 21%. Think about how much data your app is really using - @itszero #code17How Twitter Lite optimised their loading times - #code17
Retweeted by John McClumpha🙌 @itszero talking at #code17 about how they solve issues around designer and developer communication at Twitter. H…
Retweeted by John McClumpha"If you're the sort of person who wants to square a string, I can't really help you." 👏 😂 Ben Tesse at #code17
Retweeted by John McClumpha"lodash gets a lot of references. Cudos to underscore for inventing it" - @DamonOehlman #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaChrome's experimental web features === goodness, on! - @DamonOehlman #code17 “Just say ‘John’ then ask your question” - @johnallsopp this could get awkward #code17"IE11 is the reason we can't have nice things" - @ErinJZimmer #code17.@ErinJZimmer showing some great examples of async functions, and taking 1st place for best use of Gifs #code17"It's called the A+ standard, so it must be pretty good!" - @ErinJZimmer #code17Question time with @bterlson at #code17 - please, nobody mention semicolonsBiggest news of the day… DATE is being fixed in ES! #code17 @jimboot * reJistration #damnyouautocomplete @jimboot Oh I see… reGular Jesting of my registration as a GuestCan I just say what a joy it is to see such a diverse audience with lots of female faces here at #code17!? `women c…
Retweeted by John McClumpha @LeaVerou Oh I have to agree! Especially as a Gif (not Jif) advocate @jimboot It actually makes sense… and if you’re a Gif person (like me) you should be a reGex person too I guess?Not used to hearing "regex" with a hard g... I guess it's the ES version of the "gif/jif" debate #code17Active, inactive and withdrawn proposals for ECMAScript - via @bterlson #code17IRC being explained as "like slack"... #code17
Retweeted by John McClumphaWoo proxies! Performance schmeformance! (me paraphrasing @bterlson at #code17)
Retweeted by John McClumphaGreat little mavo app for building SVGs thanks @LeaVerou #code17When you make something accessible to novices, it becomes easier for everybody - @LeaVerou #code17"HCI - I guess you could call it the fancy academic term for UX” - @LeaVerou #code17 @ajfisher ha! I’m about 4m to your left