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CTO - UX Lead for @ActivePipe - self confessed geek - user experience costumier - photography aficionado - originator of online solutions

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@Domaincomau I would have thought that you would understand the Spam Act of 2003 and honour my repeated unsubscribe requests #spam #fail
Even the status page is down for #slack. #slackdown
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#Friday #knowledgesharing #randomhashtag'oh! I meant cmd-w not cmd-q #UXFail
Why doesn't anyone make minion eye stickers to allow us to prank coworkers bananas? #RandomThought
@katja_ghost agreed (unfortunately)@katja_ghost (a good thing)@katja_ghost yes… yes it is :P@katja_ghost "suggestions include reducing personal income tax, abolishing state payroll tax and cutting the small business tax to 25%"@katja_ghost understand - but if it's implemented correctly (in saying that, it's government we're talking about) then it could work out ok@katja_ghost not sure I want to debate things, but reducing income tax needs to be considered at the same time…You can wear cats as gloves. Some cultures call them kittens. #bencarsonwikipedia
Retweeted by John McClumphaMarketing shouldn't be about "you," "your app" or "your features." It's about "them," "their needs" and "what they want."
Retweeted by John McClumpha@simoncoulton but it's a CRITICAL #! HIGH PRIORITY - URGENT!!!@evilsnoofy totally not looking forward to it… guess it's #beeroclock at the office ;)@tagell never ever say never? / cc @decryption @hughstephensWhat it feels like everytime I look at new software introduced by any of my kids' schools Bitcoin equals 571.20 Australian Dollar .. wait, when did that happen? Am I rich yet?
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This is the official Australian Cricket Orgs live scores page. Hats off to the designer and whomever said yes!
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@themaninblue not at all, but didn't spot you either ;)
Social media 101 for brands... Don't start a conversation with a customer and then vanish... #wd15 home (no thanks to JetStar who cancelled our flight) (@ Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport (SYD)) wondering why we never heard back from you Ellie? /cc @michaelmessigThanks to @johnallsopp and the @webdirections "behind the sceners" for another awesome conference #wd15@elastikos Good luck… we're about to book with @VirginAustralia after @jetstarairways not having anything available tonight@JetstarAirways nope, @michaelmessig and I are stuck here until tomorrow if we can't find something with another providerDamn you @JetstarAirways cancelling our flight back tonight from #wd15"Another thing we got right was to design with data" #wd15Be bold and do stuff that matters #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumpha"We get to invent the future" - @tomskitomski yes, yes we do! #wd15@tomskitomski about to kick off the closing keynote at #wd15 can't waitThanks @silverstripe - one AeroPress on its way back to Melbourne tonight #wd1550litres of cold brew and 36#5kg of beans... Wow! 😵 #caffeine #wd15Finally found the #edge team! Thanks for the headphones! :) #wd15@katja_ghost that's @mitchelmore_jFor you Star Wars fans: 360 degree trailer on YouTube: #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumpha@fu_moo where are you guys all hiding… @michaelmessig and I keep struggling to find you lolSo 'vh' (viewport height) is actually a unit of measure within css #wd15currentColor getting a serious workout in the dev track… one of the most under-utilised styling tips *ever* #wd15beep… beep… beep… "Please just explode already" #wd15Not even the amazeballs MS Edge supports object-fit 😢 #wd15"It kind of makes sense, because… you know… HTML" - @vitalyf #wd15Kangaroos with beachball machine guns - class inheritance warnings from @_ericelliott at #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumphaFavour object composition over class inheritance. #wd15 #js
Retweeted by John McClumphaThe sounds coming through the walls makes it feel like we're all playing Theme Park Tycoon #wd15 - @_ericelliott #dev #wd15Wishing my twitter client was properly utilising service workers for better queuing whilst the #wd15 wifi bounces up and downThe screams from the rollercoaster outside somehow meld perfectly with @patrickhamann's talk on front-end resilience. #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumphaJake Archibald's Offline Cookbook #wd15"Spinners are acceptable, but always use them in context" #ux perception #wd15"Performance *IS* good UX" - @patrickhamann #wd15Front end SPOFs #wd15Request map generator offers some interesting insights, and potentials points of failure #wd15@slace I'll keep stalking ;)Thanks @Han for an awesome opening keynote to #wd15 day 2… any chance your slide deck is available somewhere?* Machines“Design Mahines” by Travis gertz - #wd15@xavier_ho back on (intermittently) now…. timing was so precise though - strange"Let's talk about connection"… and the #wd15 wifi drops out #irony?Content without context is confusing Content without connection isn’t relevant Content without perspective has no feeling - @Han #wd15"That's okay." is the new "That's not okay." #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumpha#wd15 crowd a little tired (&/or hungover) for @Han's fun question this morning@slace looking for you (and headphones)So apparently there's jellyfish in Sydney harbour #wd15 I had planned to share my awesome smoked salmon eggs florentine with the world - But hungry. Bring on day 2 #wd15 totally! Don't be surprised if I snare you for a chat today ;)High-tech Lexus LF-FC luxury concept runs on hydrogen, contains a hologram
Retweeted by John McClumphaKnow what a CSS Haiku is? Check out this fun blog post on @codepen to find out. Then make one! #artTheWeb #csshaiku
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Rusty nail with an amazing view #wd15 (@ Blu Bar On 36 in Sydney, NSW) If you enjoyed @baconmeteor's talk today, check out the rest of his talks:
Retweeted by John McClumphaThis Sydney place looks pretty damn nice at dusk #wd15 phrase of the day has to be "meat styluses" thank you @baconmeteor #wd15"William Howard Taft - America’s greatest president by volume" @baconmeteor has the crowd in stitches #wd15However, @baconmeteor comparing web site sizes to text sizes of Russian literature deserves a special mention… #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumphaa 40mb webpage… killing the wifi at #wd15 do you remember the days when we tried to keep pages under 20kb for dialup users? #wd15@sentience actually…. 2yrs, 4 months - so yeah… good call :)@sentience one of us is (just)"If you are going to test everything and you only care about the numbers, you'll end up with a porn site" (context: test = A/B test) #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumphaFrom zero to four million (or 6!) #wd15 @themanimblue
Retweeted by John McClumphaSome incredible insights into onboarding at @canva from @themaninblue #wd15 #thankyouRevealing the interface as a user progresses through the application - Awesome concept.. a new meaning to "Progressive Enhancement" #wd15What you're really building… #wd15 mentions interactive CD-Roms and showcases the QuarkXPress manual… now I'm feeling old again #wd15Is anyone collating a list of links to slide decks from @webdirections? #wd15As well as a postmortem/retrospectives…. do a premortem to predict problems that could occur #wd15@xavier_ho And there's a nice little easter egg at the end of the slide deck for setting up your own WebPageTest server - thanks @kitt #wd15 waiting/progress gif #kitteh #wd15 has a Nerf gun wall in the Chicago office. It is as awesome as it sounds :)
Retweeted by John McClumpha@kitt used Etsy's performance budget as a base then tripled the numbers as theirs are near impossible to hit #wd15 😁
Retweeted by John McClumphaIf you’re interested in the CSS modules project, check out these #wd15 slides:
Retweeted by John McClumpha"Define an API into your styles for your markup to use" - @glenmaddern #wd15 #cssmodulesSave the bytes… compile your css classes to emoji #wd15@glenmaddern kicking off (not surprisingly) with a winning gif #wd15What if locally scoped CSS was the default? - Mark Dalgleish #wd15
Retweeted by John McClumphaAnother trip down memory lane to CSS Zen Garden with @markdalgleish #wd15Good to hear @DataByDesign still using "dead tree" methodologies"Bob is 52% male"… what more reason do you need to avoid personas? #wd15 @DataByDesign@rickibarnes there it is again… glad this isn't a drinking game ;)Use real people rather than personas #wd15 this is a great article shared amongst our team recently
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