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atheist, comedy loving, not very interesting, science loving, sociophobe :)

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Can you imagine someone voting on whether you live or die? Innocent men, women & children will be killed. #DontBombSyria
Retweeted by Jo KellyAT LAST! @bbcnews finally points out Tories have a majority so obviously split on bombing Syria or wouldn't need Labour #DontBombSyria
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe Tories always find money for militarism. After all who needs teachers; police officers & the NHS?#DontBombSyria
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"@AndyHearn09: It's already shattered, it's already broken, it is already BOMBED. #DontBombSyria" HORRENDOUS
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"@MrsVB: As Tony Benn said "If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people" #DontBombSyria"
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt's simple, bombs are indiscriminate, innocent people will die, a lot! I haven't heard this said enough! #DontBombSyria
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@djboyden @2013jphill @WellyTopping @CockertonMark Sounds like #skynews might be realising @jeremycorbyn has the ear of the UK Public NOW !
Retweeted by Jo KellyBombing Syria will result in more innocent deaths and as a recruitment win for ISIS. No plan. No clue. Madness. #DontBombSyria
Retweeted by Jo KellyTories only need Labour MPs as some of their MPs against bombing but that split seen no where #syria
Retweeted by Jo KellyTo succeed against Daesh, territory must be taken and held. For that Cameron has no credible plan whatsoever.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt's great news that the Fire Brigades Union have voted to come back to @UKLabour Party
Retweeted by Jo KellyThere should be no action in Syria without a coherent international strategy that has a realistic chance of defeating ISIL (@CommonsForeign)
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"We must do something. This is something. Therefore, we must do this." Yes, Prime Minister.
Retweeted by Jo KellyPEOPLE OF BRITAIN. Do you realise what war means now ? This is not a game. Corbyn, vilified by the Press, is the only one talking sense. Bri
Retweeted by Jo KellyFallon says ISIL can only be defeated by force but admits air strikes alone won't do the job. Yet Corbyn is the one who is mocked.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWe must stand by the French. London might be attacked at any moment. Now the illogical bit: We must bomb Syria.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
I stress again, the amount of time the BBC devoted to internal Labour politics vs scrutinising the govt plan for war is shocking. #Newsnight
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Plans to cut public health by 4% a year ‘short-sighted’
Retweeted by Jo KellyPrezzydential
Retweeted by Jo KellyWe can’t afford a triumph of mediocrity at Paris climate talks
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
If you're making health care policy & you actually don't care what a body of medical professionals think - you're probably doing it wrong
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Anyone who thinks there isn't a link between climate change & terrorism needs to have this stapled to their forehead
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@techdirt is dead right: This @Telegraph article is the dumbest thing I've ever read on encryption.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@David_Cameron "blissfully unaware of the impact of his own policies." @GeorgeMonbiot
Retweeted by Jo KellyJunior Doctor Tears Apart Jeremy Hunt After Remarkable Chance Cancer Diagnosis Story
Retweeted by Jo KellyCameron lies..don't trust him!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#NHS consultation expires in 2 days but critics argue @DHgovuk kept it 'quiet' #SaveOurNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyTelegraph up to it's usual NHS-bashing tricks...
Retweeted by Jo KellyDespite the best efforts of an all-out MSM propaganda crusade against @jeremycorbyn he's still polling well...
Retweeted by Jo KellyBudget won't *balance* because large corporations no longer pay fair % tax. The rest is just window dressing...
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
.@dailyzen You should avoid telling people what they should do
Retweeted by Jo KellyWill #Thurrock MP @JackieDP keep the gvmt's promise not to let #taxcredits fall? Share if you think she should.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#France protected its film industry from #TTIP. @David_Cameron won't use his veto to save the #NHS. RT if he should
Retweeted by Jo KellyThey said austerity was to pay down debt. It's doubled. They said we're all in this together. Rich doubled wealth.
Retweeted by Jo KellyCut benefits? Start with £85bn corporate welfare handout that won't lead to suicide/deaths
Retweeted by Jo KellyAusterity is not the answer. It's the excuse to let the bankers off. Public is paying for the mistakes of the 0.1%
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
@Independent @NHAparty talking a bill to death is disgusting, it is not democracy, it's dictatorship.
Retweeted by Jo KellyDepartment of Health kept NHS consultation 'quiet'
Retweeted by Jo KellyTory MPs block bill to give first aid training to children by talking non-stop until debate ends
Retweeted by Jo KellyWork in a shop/bar/hospital etc? remember Philip Davies's face, whatever his needs, keep talking & pay no attention
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis man is buying himself a £10m jet while closing your hospitals. RT if you think he's got his priorities wrong
Retweeted by Jo KellyYou’ve been asked to have your say on the #NHS but You just don’t know about it #SaveOurNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyAccording to govt, it's always about handing power to people, GPs etc. It's actually about handing blame for cuts to people, GPs etc
Retweeted by Jo KellyStudent nurse bursaries may be axed.
Retweeted by Jo KellyMake no mistake. Our NHS is being set up to fail.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWe’ve been asked to have our say on the NHS. Had NO IDEA until it appeared in the @Guardian. Did you? Serious stuff
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
On my @LBC show,8pm: 6000+ have died in the UK in the past decade waiting for a transplant. SURELY time to introduce opt-out organ donation?
Retweeted by Jo KellyCONGRATULATIONS @David_Cameron @Jeremy_Hunt "NHS on course for worst financial crisis in its history"
Retweeted by Jo KellyDear @jeremy_hunt why are you 'contingency planning' when you could stop strike if you wanted? Your absence from House shows your lies.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@Jeremy_Hunt AKA NHS butcher co-authored a book calling for the #NHS to be dismantled RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyCan 98 per cent of junior doctors be wrong, Jeremy Hunt?
Retweeted by Jo KellyAh so this is where Jeremy Hunt is today... #wheresjeremy
Retweeted by Jo KellyJeremy Hunt an 'absolute disgrace':
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#NHS cannot make £22bn cut sought by government, finance chiefs warn #SaveOurNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyDon't blame Osborne for worst October deficit figures in years. He’s got to clear up the mess left by the idiots who were in power till 2015
Retweeted by Jo KellyJeremy Hunt’s biggest success as health secretary has been to unite the medical profession—against him.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Dave is to get his own private jet just before George's austerity budget. We're all in this together, eh?
Retweeted by Jo KellyRCP joins other medical royal colleges in supporting junior doctors | RCP London #juniordoctors #juniorcontract
Retweeted by Jo KellyOver 98% support for Industrial Action on a 75% turnout. It is impossible for @Jeremy_Hunt to dismiss this as Union agitators playing up.
Retweeted by Jo KellyJunior drs give resounding mandate for industrial action, inc full walkout #juniorcontract
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
.@David_Cameron "blissfully unaware of the impact of his own policies." @GeorgeMonbiot
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
“Does Schizophrenia Exist on an Autism-Like Spectrum?”
Retweeted by Jo KellyHunt's latest letter says no pre-conditions, but he's mandated extra weekend work with no extra money from DH/Treasury! #juniorcontract
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@David_Cameron writes letter to his council horrified about cuts he is responsible for RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhat kind of government forces doctors onto our streets to fight for fair working conditions and patient safety?
Retweeted by Jo KellyYet govt diverting public money to unaccountable private health providers @TheRightArticle No public accountability
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
This quote brought to you by a man who struggles to recognise either of those things.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt's been a productive day. Thanks @Roisin_OConnor
Retweeted by Jo KellyOur friends from @SaveLewishamAE will be there! Protest in Ealing planned for Jeremy Hunt visit
Retweeted by Jo Kelly25 Nov -- Join us to take action against deaths from fuel poverty and against govt cuts
Retweeted by Jo KellyHow we can afford the NHS & free university education: 1 Deal with tax gap - £20bn 2 Tobin tax - £10-20bn 3 1p on income tax - £4.5bn
Retweeted by Jo KellyRoyal Colleges' of Physicians and Surgeons joint letter in Times calling for urgent "front loading" of NHS funding
Retweeted by Jo KellyGovt told to be honest with public about financial state of #NHS by King's Fund, Nuffield Trust & Health Foundation
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
"What Jeremy Corbyn calls the mainstream media" says Amol Rajan on #marr. No thats what its called everywhere.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWatching Theresa May on #marr confirms that Tories can't stop themselves lying, making it up and taking people for fools.
Retweeted by Jo KellyScicomms hits a new low.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#NHS faces worst winter crisis in years as @UKLabour hits out at Gov spending squeeze RT
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
The horrific events in Paris were an attack on all multicultural & multi-faith societies. Solidarity to all affected
Retweeted by Jo KellyShocked & saddened by terrorist attacks on #Paris Standing with #France from @space_station. Our thoughts are w you.
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs chair of a trust I’m speaking out. #NHS is headed for financial ruin @Jeremy_Hunt RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyRupert, if you are part of Western Civilisation then I am afraid I am with humanity.
Retweeted by Jo KellyThoughts are with the citizens of #Paris & #France today.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWant a compassionate NHS? We should pay #NHS staff decent wages @DHgovuk @Jeremy_Hunt RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyIn 2010 the NHS had its highest-ever public approval rating. Now it's on verge of collapse. This man is responsible
Retweeted by Jo KellyArriva subjected to Serious Fraud Office inquiry after it inflated figures on #NHS contract
Retweeted by Jo KellyU.K. has 2 choices. 1. Cut services in healthcare to fit budget. 2. Provide the budget to fit healthcare we want. Honest debate is needed
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
The Onion’s Guide To Gym Etiquette
Retweeted by Jo KellyI don't think the butter up worked... @Jeremy_Hunt
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@duncanbew the right to impose regardless of outcome IS a precondition.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@Jeremy_Hunt @duncanbew @Dannythefink @drhjefferson In 2010 Manifesto ‘no top down #nhs reorganisation’.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly@Jeremy_Hunt @duncanbew @Dannythefink sounds like a whopping precondition to me. ELECTIVE 7day service just not needed or affordable.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf there are no preconditions, we can resume negotiations.
Retweeted by Jo KellyYou can't have strong economy without an educated & healthy workforce. It's a Tory slogan used as a smokescreen for a smaller state #bbcqt
Retweeted by Jo KellyAs chair of a trust I’m speaking out. #NHS is headed for financial ruin @Jeremy_Hunt RT
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Cannot believe BBC's Hugh Pym is banging on about pressure of aging population on NHS. Govt cutting NHS by £22bn (on top of £20bn cuts) FFS!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly'Only a wilfully deaf Tory Government could fail to hear NHS alarm bells'
Retweeted by Jo KellyCash crisis 'could see collapse of residential care within 5 years' #saveournhs #NHS RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyOh no I can't strike because there's a law against it. To think that would be an insult to all those who died for our rights #TradeUnionBill
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@Jeremy_Hunt hospital claims could scare off parents, says top paediatrician #saveournhs
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"NHS must increase spending on mental health," says @bbcnews. Hasn't it noticed govt cutting NHS by £22 billion (on top of £20 billion)?
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
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