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atheist, comedy loving, not very interesting, science loving, sociophobe :)

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Surgeon says Jeremy Hunt is 'continually misrepresenting' his research
Retweeted by Jo Kelly8000 Junior Doctors outside Downing Street 2day, not a mention on @BBCNews @BBCBreaking @BBCWorld @BBCLondonNews 😎😳😮
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#Meditation and #Exercise Reduce #Depression Symptoms 40% #mentalhealth
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@Jeremy_Hunt #juniordoctors cannot be blamed for the #NHS cash crisis #JuniorDoctorsStrike
Retweeted by Jo KellyLet's get this straight. Government is imposing a doctor contract that 98% of doctors say is UNSAFE for every man, woman & child in England.
Retweeted by Jo KellyLess than 5,000 signatures needed to get a SECOND parliamentary debate about Jeremy Hunt! Please sign & RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyJeremy Hunt Was Crowned “Dick Of The Year” On National Television via @laurafleur @BuzzFeedUK
Retweeted by Jo KellyNo one is ever going to say #JeremyHunt saved my life but pretty well everyone knows someone saved by a #juniordoctor #JuniorDoctorsStrike
Retweeted by Jo KellyCause of #JuniorDoctor low morale identified as being @Jeremy_Hunt
Retweeted by Jo KellyHunt's farcical enquiry into #juniordoctor morale will waste even more NHS money that should go to patients… …
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
I'm officially handing over my Cockney Rhyming title to @Jeremy_Hunt
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
More people aren't dying on Saturdays and Sundays Farage. It's not "a fact". #bbcqt
Retweeted by Jo KellyJeremy Hunt facing NHS exodus after imposing brutal contract on junior doctors
Retweeted by Jo KellyLot of love for Jeremy Hunt on my timeline tonight. Just kidding, everyone thinks he's worse than Satan. #newsnight
Retweeted by Jo KellyI thought this was a spoof but it actually is true! The man really is a cretin.
Retweeted by Jo KellyAt the #juniordoctors protest in front of the DoH tonight #SayNoToImposition
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis is dynamite -Dalton & Hunt asked CEOs to sign different letter to one published!Hunt must resign #juniordoctors
Retweeted by Jo KellyNot the most subtle or clever of jokes I know, but good lord that man is SUCH A SHITHOUSE!
Retweeted by Jo KellyVia incredibly sensitive tools, Scientists spotted gravity waves from 1.3bn light years away. The search for @Jeremy_Hunt's spine continues
Retweeted by Jo KellyValentine's Day.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly'We can't be stretched thinner': junior doctors respond to Jeremy Hunt #juniorcontract #notfairnotsafe
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe junior doctors are on strike for all of us: #JuniorDoctorsStrike
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe day Jeremy Hunt tried to kill the NHS
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"What people need is good emergency care. What they don’t need is an ingrowing toe-nail removed on a Saturday afternoon."
Retweeted by Jo Kelly"The NHS is safe in my hands". Look at what he does not what he says
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf you look after your workers they will do anything for you. But if you don't....
Retweeted by Jo KellyI am supporting junior doctors. And so is my wife. #wearyournhs/ #juniordoctorsstrike
Retweeted by Jo KellyHunt has lied relentlessly to doctors and public. But don't forget this man has supported him every step of the way
Retweeted by Jo KellyLet's get this straight. Government wants to impose a junior doctor contract that 98% of doctors say is unsafe for every man, woman & child.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Doctors are to Cameron what miners were to Thatcher. If he can break them he can break NHS. We cannot let it happen. Our lives depend on it.
Retweeted by Jo KellyIf you have any doubts about the merits of the junior doctors case and the need to strike, please watch this.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
.@doctor_oxford @Jeremy_Hunt Called a Liar & Manipulator by #juniordoctors Rachel Clarke during Live BBC Interview
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@David_Cameron Rules preventing tax avoiding firms from securing #NHS contracts scrapped
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#sackthisidiot Well done @Jeremy_Hunt NHS dissatisfaction just had biggest rise on record
Retweeted by Jo KellyGo dreamers! What a terrible world this would be without them. RT if you agree.
Retweeted by Jo KellyMP doesn't do weekends.
Retweeted by Jo KellyJuuuuuuust going to leave this one here. A dog in Japan, groomed into a cube.
Retweeted by Jo KellyGreat to see @CarolineLucas withdraw support from #NHSCommission. @NHSSurvival should take note.
Retweeted by Jo KellyDear @frankbrunoboxer I would like to support you with your campaign for better, less drug focussed, more holistic mental health services
Retweeted by Jo KellyLet's force a debate on the issue - 100,000 signatures please! Bishops in Parliament are #HolyRedundant
Retweeted by Jo KellyLord Crisp on @bbcr4today seemed to think doctors angry because "not loved enough". Nothing about govt imposition of unsafe/unfair contract.
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhen the BBC covers NHS - invariably negatively - why does it never give its audience the context? GOVT IS UNDERFUNDING & PRIVATISING NHS.
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis is a radio show I wrote a while back about depression. I'm very proud of it. My book (out 5 May) is based on it
Retweeted by Jo KellyDiscussion of inadequate mental health provision om @BBCr4today. Yet no mention of govt removal of beds, devastating NHS cuts etc. Bizarre.
Retweeted by Jo KellyGreat article by @chakrabortty. Needs to mention fiscal multiplier effects though
Retweeted by Jo KellyImposition of an unfair & unsafe contract on #juniordoctors will be a big mistake by Hunt. A mass exodus of doctors will cripple the #NHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyLord Crisp, formerly of NHS England, was being disingenuous when saying on @BBCr4today he didn't know what doctors' dispute was about!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Osborne's plans for an economic surplus by 2019 means a fire sale of state assets & cuts to the public sector. He won't tax the wealthy
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe Biggest privatisation in #NHS history: 1.2bn sell-off without consultation #SaveOurNHS
Retweeted by Jo KellyTories have a huge problem managing the #NHS because they don't believe in it's values & principles. They believe in markets & privatisation
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
A Junior doctor on the BBC News today - Recommended, but bleak viewing
Retweeted by Jo Kellyhere is Jeremy Hunt from the Marr show earlier in the day
Retweeted by Jo KellyMaking doctors work even more weekends for less pay is going to be a problem for many. Childcare at weekends is a problem. We struggled.
Retweeted by Jo KellyNew study shows regrowing tropical forests sequester more carbon and recover more quickly than previously thought
Retweeted by Jo Kellyvia@EmplorerDale & @HaggardHawks old Scots word JACHELT described trees that have grown with direction of the wind.
Retweeted by Jo KellyShouting out the TV at Hunts assertion that consultants can opt out of w/e work! Only out of elective work! How dare he lie like that? #marr
Retweeted by Jo KellyI'm a scientist in diagnostic testing for the NHS I already work 24/7, for on call pay of £1.64 per hour Yet, somehow Im the problem #marr
Retweeted by Jo KellyHunt now blaming BMA for misleading me. Well, I have an Oxford double first, Mr Hunt. I recognise spin and it is YOURS, not my union's #Marr
Retweeted by Jo KellyWhen satire becomes reality...
Retweeted by Jo KellyOnly Jeremy Hunt is to blame for the junior doctors strike says Dr Kailash Chand
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#juniordoctors in #bristol march in protest against #notsafenotfair #juniorcontract @Academic_owl
Retweeted by Jo KellyGerman judges slap #TTIP down @UKTradeMinister r u paying attention? @EU_TTIP_team #NoTTIP
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Bed-blocking occurs because social care cuts have left no places in community and because so few beds - Coalition removed 5 beds EVERY DAY.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly.@WeNurses While England stands and watches?? #NHS #SaveOurNHS #nocuts RT
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe government is waiting for the #juniordoctors to tire of protesting. On this showing, it will have a long wait
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt's remarkable how many people are now coming out of the woodwork to say how bad Lansley's #HealthAct was. A bit late now, chaps
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
"I've never felt more of a man" “You look like one of the village people!” 👮 #TheLastLeg
Retweeted by Jo KellyNHS privatisation has never been in Tory manifesto so public denied a vote on it. Can we have a referendum please?
Retweeted by Jo KellySupermarkets in France now required to donate unsold food to charity instead of trashing it. Excellent news.
Retweeted by Jo KellyI've recent bought some shirts. Now every web page has a shirt ad. Dear Google, I now have the shirts. I don't need any more. Dr Grumble
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Donald Trump is tweeting again.
Retweeted by Jo KellyThis is terrible news.Pls contact the norwich office and let's see if I can help in anyway.Such a loss if it happens
Retweeted by Jo KellyLosing a lifeline: @SweetArts_ suspends services for vulnerable women after funding crisis -
Retweeted by Jo Kelly#TimeToTalk rally in parliament at 18:30 TONIGHT with speakers @suebakerTTC, @jeremycorbyn, @Tamanna_A_Miah & more
Retweeted by Jo KellyFirst ever 5k! Sometimes it's just about opening the front door. #running #ThisGirlCan #5k
Retweeted by Jo Kelly @Glinner @realDonaldTrump Here's the original tweet
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt is our 50th Anniversary this year . . we will keep you posted of some exciting events this year!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Cant work staff to bone & get total safety Hunt asking for airline levels of safety in hospitals is flight of fancy
Retweeted by Jo KellyGP training applications down by 5%. Training places already unfilled. Tories' pledge for "5,000 more GPs" is a joke
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
George Osborne thinks Google paying 3% tax is “a major success”. The business secretary doesn't. RT to expose.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly“Lifeline” to vulnerable women in Norfolk forced to close due to lack of funding via @EveningNews
Retweeted by Jo Kelly @Rubywax as one of our supporters can you help us raise awareness?
Retweeted by Jo Kelly @SweetArts_ “Lifeline” to vulnerable women in Norfolk suspends services due to lack of funding
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Sad to announce we will be suspending our core services until further notice due to a lack of funding. Visit our facebook page for more info
Retweeted by Jo Kelly @BBCNorfolk Wonderful non-profit @SweetArts_ that supports vulnerable women is suspending services due to lack of funding. Signal boost pls!
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
"I've been noticing gravity since I was very young" - Cameron Diaz
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt's a beautiful universe (The Horsehead Nebula)
Retweeted by Jo KellyIt's a beautiful universe (the Eskimo Nebula)
Retweeted by Jo Kelly111 owned by Care UK. Care UK donated to Andrew Lansley's office @Harben81 @NHAparty I didn't know this - can you post more details please?
Retweeted by Jo KellyCompanies use NHS logo. Give bad service so people complain about NHS. Govt says must privatise. Companies remove logo. How it works #NHS111
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Retweeted by Jo KellyRetweet this to YOUR MP before tomorrow morning's debate. Say 'NO' to #NHSCommission via @openDemocracy
Retweeted by Jo KellyThey smear our hardworking doctors & nurses, then give themselves 10% pay rise & take 7 week holiday. Our NHS staff are lions led by donkeys
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
We call his President “corrupt” so he calls a corporation “gay”. I know which one I’d rather be.
Retweeted by Jo KellyPrivatising #NHS is bad enough-this shambles is worse! NHS watchdog signed off doomed £750m contract despite doubts
Retweeted by Jo KellyThe most credible & safest way for the #NHS to make efficiencies is to abolish the ridiculous & costly internal market system.
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Amazing work! Massive congratulations to the #coxlesscrew! Pacific Ocean rowers: Coxless Crew complete journey
Retweeted by Jo KellyI urge you read about and support this remarkable achievement #breastcancer #coxlesscrew
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
Osborne's austerity has left UK in very weak state to weather global economic shocks. Remember this when inevitably he blames everyone else.
Retweeted by Jo KellyInteresting clear calm comparison of what @jeremycorbyn said on #marr & what was reported in @TheSun> (via @jpublik)
Retweeted by Jo Kelly
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