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@crashcroot and for the WCW perspective check out "What Happen When" with @tonyschiavone24 @crashcroot if memory serves it was "Something to Wrestle" with @bruceprichard 👍🏽 great to hear his behind the scenes perspective.So True. So True. 🇵🇭🤘🏽#filipino #pinoy #hapa #spam #spamislife @JamesGrage_Fit been watching "Gamer 2 Gainz" on your @YouTube channel. Really inspiring to see you work with Kerby 🤘🏽#fitspiration 🙏🏽Implementing diversity in theater companies takes an investment. Ralph Peña, Artistic Director, Ma-YI @MaYiTheater
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬I totally agree. 🐲⚔️ BACHELOR New Zealand Will Feature Its First Chinese Bachelorette
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@loladiana 🙏🏽❤"I could do this all day." - Steve Rogers, Captain America 🔴⚪️🔵 #marvel #comics #avengers #captainamerica #gym #fit"...not even your troubles." - Charlie Chaplin #quotes #inspiration #motivation #determination has done everything possible to repeal Obamacare including 5 visits to Mar-a-lago, 9 trips to the golf course & sitting in a big truck
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬In the past year I've become a huge Master Of Kung-Fu admirer w/Marvel's Ominbus releases.They're such fast paced e…
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬💲Diversity in Hollywood Pays Off in Ratings and Box Office,💲 💲Sometimes what seems a cheesy gimmick or instance of exploitation is really just the front edge of needed change
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬 @JoshuaMaxey thanks for giving it that positive spin ❤🙏🏽 #wakeupcall #realitycheck
Not sure if I've shared this on the twittah- #actorslife #actorreel #casting #castingcallA little Clark Kent, A little Karl-El tonight at the gym. 💥 #superman #clarkkent #kalel is the gif embodiment of how I view my career some days. on how she learned to stop caring and go after what she wants
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬The sexiest choking poster I've ever seen. #Choking #AbdominalThrusts btw. It's no longer called "The #Heimlich Man…
@Polygon 's "Issue at Hand" hosted by @NerdGerhl is such a great show on @YouTube - check it out! #ComicBooks
Got some new glasses from "DV Opticals" 👓 What do you think? @jimmyaquino : Today's podcast meal I made for me and @jonhoche: Crunch Berry crusted chicken and mini waff… day, except the N/Q train is not running and everyone is about to cram on a bus 😅 But it's a beautiful da… #WorldPuppetryDay 2017 🌎❤
I'm writing a PLANET HULK prose novel that comes out in October!!!! And you can pre-order it on Amazon now!…
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬Yooooo. Dis nigga done become Splinter and Yoda at the same. Damn. Time.
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬The idea to reboot HannaBarbera's Snagglepuss as a " Gay Southern Gothic Playwright/Tragic Tennessee Williams Figur…
#SundayFunday 🎉 things you probably didn’t know the National Endowment for the Arts helped create
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬If you're still unsure how Donald Trump feels about powerful women, just watch him refuse to shake Chancellor Angel…
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@MeganBussiere and I are rewatching #LOST from the very beginning.Ever notice hoodies are like the go to uniform for street level heroes? #comics #comicbooks #streetlevel #superhero @LewisHowes are there any plans to have @KevinHart4real on your podcast? Such an inspiring guy & his first book coming out. 🎧😳😰🤢 Signature playwrights made this top 10 list of American playwrights since Edward Albee!
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬#ILovePBS ❤ #Arts #SesameStreet #NewsHour #GreatPerformances #DowntonAbbey #savethenea"The leader of Germany is going to destroy the world!" 1937 US "The leader of the US is going to destroy the world!" 2017 Germany
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬Netflix is Testing a Button That Lets You Skip a Show's Opening Credits —
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬This matters. As our image craters abroad, much harder to get allies to come to our aid when we need them.
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬"All right! All right!! All Riiiiiiiight!!" Hope everyone has a fun weekend. 😎 #latergram
"ART we ALL" I have to resist replying to FB comments with "No shit Sherlock" or "DUUUUUH!"#latergram of this amazing #pizza I had last night while catching up with @robbiethegeek 😋🍕 guys totally pull it off :P #wonderwoman
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬 @MeganBussiere & I have been making our way thru @nbcparenthood on @netflix. What a wonderful and emotional ending 😢
I'd do it. 🖐🏽🖤 #venom2018 #spidermanA billionaire is making us subsidize his golf weekends by telling us we can't afford healthcare, science, art, or nutrition. #Budget
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬Yes! I'm so sad next week will be the last episode 😱 @vikibarclay also the new Amy Schumer Netflix Special apparently.Cost of security for Trump Tower: $183 million/year. Budget for National Endowment Arts/Humanities: $148 million/year
The dude walking round the gym sipping preworkout, never lifting a single weight, just talking to people - don't be THAT guy #dontbethatguy
If you give a damn about Asian American representation in comics, please buy the hell out of TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #…
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬 @jimmyaquino I've commandeered a dog sled, I'm en route.If anyone is deserving of your patreon-age, it's @ee1013 called for homemade Rainbow Coconut Cake with Chocolate Chips. 🎂🎉❄️ #yummy #yum #delicious Oz Knows Why the Muppet's Latest Show Failed
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@lorrainecink just one pizza? 24 hours before getting mad and reacting. If it doesn't bother you in 24 hours, it probably isn't important enough to get mad over
Retweeted by Jon Hoche 💬Hey universe..... like these BLIZZARDS WAY better. 👌🏽🍦#dairyqueen #blizzard #blizzard2017😱.❄️BLIZZARD❄️BLIZZARD❄️. BLIZZARD❄️BLIZZARD❄️BLIZZARD ❄️BLIZZARD❄️BLIZZARD❄️ BLIZZARD❄️BLIZZARD❄️BLIZZARD❄️😱
Man, I could kill for a print of this. #SNL sketch last night was like an level 1 #VampireCowboys show - man when we were running at level 10 - epic… crap. 👍🏽
This week @pastemagazine ran a sweet piece called "Remembering Mako," aka "The Godfather of Asian-American Theater"
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I love being in a part of the workshop process of new plays. This one is beautiful. A lot of heart, laughs, tears &… - The first time I tried this "acting thing". Senior year of high school. Roxbury High School's production of … Shakespeare to Ease the Trauma of War
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@theatreforanewa 's production of "The Skin of Our Teeth" is incredible, especially @morywise ⭐️ Awesome Hulk #17 in stores 3/15 - ask your local shop to hold a copy for you! The Protectors! Fight aliens…
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Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay With The 15 Most Powerful @Marvel Women
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@nbcsnl sketch idea - Trump being added to the Hall of Presidents at Disney 🤔God, what is the Trump speech in the Hall of Presidents at Disney gonna be? 😕What an absolute pleasure working with these amazing people over the last few days. #SOFTPOWER #CTG #theatre has a new product for Muslim women: The 'Pro Hijab' - CNNMoney
🖕🏽when a guy walks into an audition waiting room and says "scoping out the competition" 🙄 #dontbeTHATguy