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disciple, photographer, anti imperialist

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@saeedaferguson nerds who live in silicon valley and like copsI am my own museme when i check my grades and i’m already failing every class and the semester started 4 days ago @turing_police if u help get me a job captioning we can be roommates @abigailmilcarek the rapture isnt even real smh @abigailmilcarek i defend my no @abigailmilcarek noplease do not use words like “policeman” or “policewoman.” Use gender neutral terms like “tools of the capitalist b…
Retweeted by jthere’s a sweet irony in how donald trump’s heart could kill him, thus saving the planet are secretly alive and I don’t fuck with them shits of the funniest things Kanye ever said 😂😂😂
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This thread gave me life @The_Intermezzo ima need u to delet dis @tylershred cuz im that young bitchme when i check my bank account and see i only have $1.34
Retweeted by j @SiggonKristov Now I feel like shit @SiggonKristov when i check my bank account and see i only have $1.34
Retweeted by jMartin Luther King Jr indictment on America - excerpt from #MLK speech to strikers in Memphis, weeks before he was…
Retweeted by j @instaxtwo Philly heads never cease to amaze @HELLNOBRANDON number 9 still good? @turing_police real LA shitNo, he would be a socialist, just like he was before he got murdered.
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@TrillaVanillaa_ i like them though :/ @TrillaVanillaa_ I always wanna buy a pack but I’m gonna keep bumming them and not get addicted lmaooo @TrillaVanillaa_ Me @turing_police isn’t that kinda goodA true Holy Man Will tell you that all People Are just as Holy.
Retweeted by j @tllbrwn Lmaoooo no Karen’s mom is @BockmanSounds i feel the same wayHaha remember when you made a full-face mask of Indonesian President Sukarno to give to an LA porn actor so you cou…
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@jparishy That makes one of us @jparishy Paranoia boys 2018 @jparishy Terrifying lil ting innit? @jparishy Whythe government agents that are assigned to me after i cover my webcam because they’ve already bugged my house with… @turing_police emoji socialismit’s catholic canon that in the garden of gethsemane jesus christ saw every sin committed by human beings which mea…
Retweeted by jThe panic that was felt for only a few minutes by people in Hawaii is a panic that is felt constantly by people in…
Retweeted by j @JoeThe5how who’s josh ? @hyblogg3r (I was agreeing with you king!) @hyblogg3r no I meant that Thomas Sankara can’t be compared to Obama, a neoliberal war criminal, and Oprah, a billi… @ReefDanko Lmaoooo before the vid he probably pulled this out of the ATM too @hyblogg3r can’t even compare them @turing_police tbh in this reactionary country the only “socialists” who will even manage to get “elected” are gonn… @TrillaVanillaa_ take care of ur lungs queen @turing_police i thought it was gonna be Karl Marx @IntergalacticQ @BariAWilliams this shit is so trash i couldnt even get thru the list @BlackBlocBoi :'(((((((((((((( it's low key cold as shit there
everyday I wake up and ask myself why I'm not in Los Angeles and then I remember it's because I'm a piece of shit @turing_police lmao
Retweeted by j @turing_police i wanna play this and class struggle 80s anti-capitalism game based on monopoly @turing_police the heroes we dont deserve,,, @turing_police I wish I was there :( @turing_police LA is so like fake cultured but like cultured also @turing_police Guillotines @abigailmilcarek gonna be a No from me @abigailmilcarek he’s always been sus @abigailmilcarek Abi noooooooooooo deleteThe U.S. and U.N. absolutely destroyed Haiti’s local economy after the earthquake. I don’t need @HillaryClinton’s f…’re racist, too. Shut the fuck up. @mandmandmand b careful @tllbrwn lmao, Ed is the goofy one, Double D (Edd) is the smart one, and Eddy is the one who is greedy @queenoftherodeo ive seen that movie one time and it was at like half a decade ago hahahaha so no. i’m a cultured man. @tllbrwn no Double D is Edd lol @queenoftherodeo and plus im white boi @BlackBlocBoi i’m the co host @queenoftherodeo you’d probably still not be into though smh @turing_police are you doing bored elon musk tweets now @queenoftherodeo @BlackBlocBoi it’s actually really short now
@BlackBlocBoi I got people asking me to move to Chicago and others asking me to move to LA😭 @BlackBlocBoi our dogs would be pals like us @turing_police do us @uncrushedvelvet it is a very simple sandwich to make and satisfies. but true, who am i to say as well. @uncrushedvelvet crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam. i prefer a multigrain bread, but i will eat it on whatever honestly. @BlackBlocBoi they want us sick, stupid, and dead and want the cops “””trained””” @violaslayvis These are early 2000s babies cartoons tf