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disciple, filmmaker, alleged communist

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Retweeted by j☭I love this song
Step 1: ask if they tryna match @JoeThe5how Couldnt be meI’m about to be homeless, do I try and make it work locally or do I travel cross country to LA?bruh I’m really about to be homeless. this is some shit. @queersocialism how do we determine this @amozu16 if its anything like the Lil B curse i must support
@ztsamudzi that pious tattoo🔥 @JayOhAye @BlackBlocBoi clout tokens @turing_police a bust of young stalin would look great in any home @zackfox you sound like will smith in hitch @JoeThe5how @turing_police they will play taps at his funeral @RudeASSRebel for saying they got a shitty videographer for snoop dogg’s fucking video? lmao i’m dead @RudeASSRebel if i’m annoying you i must be on your thoughts frequently, sorry famo. @RudeASSRebel damn you mad like that? 💆🏻‍♂️💅 @ElliottWilson who filmed this overexposed, out of focus bullshit and got paid? i just wanna talk @yung_mung oh, haha I was hoping he was gonna block me when I called him a fascist, but you’re more than likely rig… @yung_mung congrats @turing_police you can’t be a socialist without doxing people on your page @kyh__ @JoeThe5how i’d like to verify this...pls dm me @JoeThe5how white women beyond cancelled @JoeThe5how His whole existence @JoeThe5how bruh they found his @ and were cooking him😭😭😭😭
@queersocialism damn dude seems problematic as fuck lmao @queersocialism is there a link to the interview? @lilmissagitated this dude has no idea what production is clearly @turing_police what a psyop @alyssaaloyo I’m on episode 6...but we disagreed on all the other Marvel shows😭 @turing_police yea loser why dont you guy buy another gucci sweater hahaha nerd @DecolonialBlack imagine being homophobic in 2017 @JoeThe5how lmao I am but okay @JoeThe5how how u gonna tell me what i do or dont do? like i’m not on the newest season? lmao @JoeThe5how Bruh you just spoiled @amozu16 *as i drink water from my own faucet* @amozu16 this is so fucked @blxbb is this like, (w)poc who “””act””” white? i’m sooo lost, i don’t understand😭 @blxbb i’m confused..... what is this lmao @mandmandmand true it’s actually the worst @mandmandmand love n affection @queenoftherodeo yeah bc thats something people lie about? @BlackBlocBoi only weirdos dont like it @BlackBlocBoi i hope it me @JoeThe5how Hahahahahahahaha
@queenoftherodeo I’m just trying to figure out why you were looking👀 @queenoftherodeo YOURE WILDthey got Hennessy in DPRK 💝 @thingaroo @sailormicah @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism you sound like fucking matt heimbach @thingaroo @sailormicah @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism dude everytime you said “traditional” i become more and m… @thingaroo @sailormicah @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism uh oh, looks like you’ve believed FASCIST RHETORIC @sailormicah @thingaroo @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism fucking weird as hell, feeling White heritage is at threa… @materialist_kun @sailormicah @thingaroo @LaterCapitalism hahaha, I do too. I'm just clowning on this degenerate. @thingaroo @sailormicah @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism the word "traditional" is straight out of the Nazi playbook, so @sailormicah @thingaroo @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism The Beatles @thingaroo @KB_HORS @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism you're most certainly the """communist""" no one likes becaus… Black Panther Party posters, by Emory Douglas.
Retweeted by j☭ @thingaroo @KB_HORS @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism "this black man is rapping about drug use again. this is not… @thingaroo @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism yes, a shitty analysis of something. you're saying rap music is "bourg… @thingaroo @materialist_kun @LaterCapitalism Lots of bad takes today and this one is way up therethe wrongest take of 2017, distinguished guests of my timeline @AquaMarching they have jet packs @KrangTNelson what a major self own @turing_police changed your bio to rabid stalinist sounds so cool @AudaciousBeat news to me?Does Mike Mazowski, from Monsters Inc., wink or blink?King
Retweeted by j☭- A white man
Retweeted by j☭I’m not flirting with any white women in 2018
Retweeted by j☭ @blxbb gonna have to keep it real and say nah. @turing_police beep beep your popcorn is doneight, so I’m putting gas in my car and from empty it cost me about $40 to fill it. I’m on a quarter tank of gas and… Kim’s verse on “Get Money” legendary @turing_police i will never let you kill my caterpie, you bastardit me @modhomme @blxbb okay, but @blxbb didn't say they were right, they said that they have [can have] better takes. so… @modhomme @blxbb you literally said, "first you said anarchists are alright," which gives the implication that you… @blxbb this kind of argument implies that you, @modhomme, have the answers to every question and are infallibly cor…