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@uncrushedvelvet lmfao i love the pretentious gentrifiers @WriteToRebel I found his DPRK material to be pretty good, but that’s my opinionfound out I’m ‘going against’ God because I said Israel is an imperialist apartheid state and that the land belongs to Palestine. big if tru @dreadpiratepsl juheard @dreadpiratepsl wypipo shit on this #side o7 @TheMagnificast cool so i’m in?This is why Lenin is my dad. "Fewer pompous phrases, more plain, everyday work..."
Retweeted by jr @TheMagnificast i should be your next guest bc i am cool and chill and goodBest thing about anti-imperialism is that it's addictive. Once you get a little taste, you want more.
Retweeted by jrthese twitter verified “journalists” are fucking clowns @samswey this is disingenuous as fuck, the DPRK has never waged war on anyone and they have a “no strike first” policy. do better than this.tru
Retweeted by jrOne of my Facebook friends unironically shared this image as if this isn’t the current state of affairs under capit… @commietantric wait, hold on...ppl actually say shit like this? holy fuck @uncrushedvelvet i know how to operate a forklift, the other two, however don’t apply to me so i must disagree with this #content overall @EternalBolshie and the rest of anti-communist propaganda is unironically actually about capitalism lmaoI love when anti-communist propaganda actually makes us look so dope.
Retweeted by jr @decorcione Oi shit this is kind of next level...Speaker supporting ideology advocating genocide & ethnic cleansing isn't merely 'a speaker', they are a spokesperso…
Retweeted by jrDefinitely stop calling the police on people going through mental health crises but also, stop calling them, period.
Retweeted by jr @JuCheGuevara ‘this isn’t self defense!!1one! 😢’
This is #MLK beautifully expressing both his class consciousness and his anti-imperialism.
Retweeted by jr @EternalBolshie It’s weird how incompatible you feel with other humans after’s like, no, you ar… moment has better captured 2017 than this
Retweeted by jr🇰🇵 Pyongyang, DPRK 🇰🇵
Retweeted by jrThe two podcasts I predominately listen to got together and had a podcast baby talking about faith and revolution Thyself @TheMarxistJesus No, but been considering it for many years. I’m finishing my undergrad...but I’m a pipe tobacco smokin’ kinda lad @uncrushedvelvet i will actually drink this if u make it for me @TheMarxistJesus I thought I was the only one 🤤
@null_fruit @uncrushedvelvet psl season 😜👌🏼💦
Retweeted by jr @rmasvg Poor Graham will lose his ability to steal money from his ‘charity’ in the name of ‘God’ if socialism is implemented though!Remember as you say punch nazis, WWII resistance heroes also smuggled and hid refugees, deleted refugee data, lied to cops, broke the law.
Retweeted by jrIf you have an issue with another comrade’s opsec, talk to them. Keep talking shit online and we’re no better than… @JordanPeele hey can I get a job working on your Nazi hunter tv show I hate nazis and I’m a filmmaker bless up ty gawdGood morning everyone except those who support war on DPRK.
Retweeted by jrDan Coats admits having nuclear capability is an imperialist deterrent and giving up nukes is an invitation to be i…
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PSL member John Prysner (@JohnPrysner) gives an eyewitness account from their recent visit to the #DPRK
Retweeted by jr @yiraaann this is #good #twitter #content comradeI've searched field and fountain, moor and mountain, and I've finally found it: the actual worst tweet.
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Próximo estágio do capitalismo
Retweeted by jrThis, but unironically
Retweeted by jrThis system of capitalism is disturbing... who benefits from it? What does it mean? The trees have the answers not humans - Lil B
Retweeted by jr @BlackBlocBoo #freejewels backup @BlackBlocBoi @TheMarxistJesus @TheMagnificast Me too?Imperialist #Trump says he'll "totally destroy" #NorthKorea. This is exactly why #DPRK strengthens its defenses w good reason! #NoWarVsKorea
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Retweeted by jrIn order to achieve class unity, the idea of whiteness gotta go
Retweeted by jrRecruiting Freeman, given good-guy godlike image perpetuated about him, is about as clear of an indicator of impend…
Retweeted by jr @EternalBolshie if we ain’t talking shit on twitter it must not have happened @blxbb I saw this video on Facebook and struggled with him appealing to them, too; not addressing systemic issues.… @CyberBrecht @BlackBlocBoi the “real” cyber brecht would never impose such a capitalist minded idea. fake @BlackBlocBoi lmao how many times have you had to tweet “untag me” 😂 @rmasvg awesome, I just added that to my amazon wish list. thank you 🤤 @rmasvg Is the book, “BLOOD”?The police are a terrorist organization.
Retweeted by jrDavid Harvey explaining what it's like teaching Marx's capital in prison vs. university
Retweeted by jrThread, re: AmeriKKKan immigration policy and Jim Crow laws inspired Nazi ideology. Hitler: U$A leads the way in cr… @yung_mung @romiosini @YouSeemFine @sustinaanford @pluriversal @kazahann I found a thread on Benjamin and a fellow… Flintstones
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And their supporters, as well as those feeling indifferent about them.
Retweeted by jr @w_arment @BlackBlocBoi hey wait whats wrong with anime i stand with gerry pirate guyA spectre is haunting AmeriKKKa - the spectre of communism.It's just like Lenin said--ruling class tries to convert our revolutionaries into harmless icons, canonize watered-…
Retweeted by jrLmfao, not to mention that the largest and most powerful prison gangs are historically Aryan-Nazi. Reform? They com… 3/4 of the us population on the punch list the bourgeoisie steals your labor and wages to enrich themselves and you can’t afford food, water, shelter, ed… fruitful and happy years of political colonialism, assassinations, coups, imperialism, torture...fuck y’all @CIA I bet you want higher wages, too? and probably access to health care and free education. tankie you want to fucking complain about a Nazi being knocked out and then left alone? Holy shit. Get it together. Time to punch Nazis.White people: our ancestors had no problem with slaughtering indigenous people or enslaving blacks so they could implement global fascism.White privilege is debating ethics of violence, re: Nazis and not having to materially struggle with the reality of…’re cherry-picking quotes which liberalizes MLK’s actual work. His home was nicknamed an “arsenal” and he was *a… ruling class does its best to sell the lie that public safety and police are synonymous. They aren't.
Retweeted by jrGet in loser, we’e going to punch Nazis