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disciple, photographer, anti imperialist

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@AlmightyJoeyy whole stan accounts bruh @turing_police rose emoji socialism is nothing but free college, uber but instead it delivers you frappucinos, and…
@turing_police as for me and My House we will support the Brave bacteria boisi support the bacteria in George Bush’s bloodstream
Retweeted by j @cwebbonline @pjmlawyer @johnlegend @kathygriffin Imagine wanting a pat on the back for not killing someone lmfaoFeel like jumping off this balcony
Retweeted by j @adamjohnsonNYC @DavidOAtkins @Alexey__Kovalev almost like the two are completely connected
@tylershred @zackfox Legendary innitfuck all that other shit y’all talkin bout today
Retweeted by j @comradeSammy practical toaster functions? capitalism could never
@thoneycombs sounds chill“How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses…
Retweeted by j @turing_police big time delet
@AlmightyJoeyy Lol @BlackBlocBoi man this tweet sucksme pouring a cup of coffee and logging on to twitter every morning:
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happy 420, free everyone who been locked up for drug offenses.
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@Rjean_pierre @Konradbashir Finesse $400 off the vintage helmut lang on grailed dot com bois @thoneycombs love to be ML supporting bernie sanders who keeps voting to give money to fucking israel @AlmightyJoeyy Damn @abigailmilcarek @BeccaRoland this is a big reason i dropped out. i was surrounded by 20 year old white boi with tr… @TheMagnificast Only you two could make Joel Osteen redeemable
@AlmightyJoeyy .....: @turing_police Good tweet
West Philly
Retweeted by j @tllbrwn This the one where Jason comes back as a villain? @zellieimani I think one, in third grade.
@JuveUnited @lilmissagitated literally multiple people sent you this and you ignored it. hillary clinton is a fucki… heart is with the people of Syria tonight.
Retweeted by j @AlmightyJoeyy U lying on your pipe but bet @AlmightyJoeyy On everything I love I was crushing all five of your joints with ease bruh @AlmightyJoeyy You a 9/10 in Naruto I’m an 8.5/10. But you will not lie on my name in DBZ. Trashing all five of you… @AlmightyJoeyy U swear u good
@BlackBlocBoi chill bro @AlmightyJoeyy it takes longer cuz the system is better @AlmightyJoeyy Lmaoooooooo
I’m just a gaseous cloud of absolute meaningless information on the grand scheme of the universe a vapor if u will
@AlmightyJoeyy King
@uncrushedvelvet The content I am here forGreat thread examining why ethnicity DNA tests are sus as fuck
@queersocialism love to pat myself on the back for being a white man using my privilege in a “””good””” way
this the hardest dance I’ve ever seen. black people are a gift to humanity
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Pineapple on pizza makes sense if you think about how the sweetness of the pineapple counters the saltiness of the…
Retweeted by j @jaybeware top 10 war criminal 😩👌🏼💦 @AudaciousBeat I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that the major difference is labor power is the col…
Retweeted by j @johnthorntonjr That dude is a fucking pedophile too which makes it so much worse. Just because there’s a bunch of… @EdgarJMoss @blxbb @thatgirlsalina honestly like what lmaoAssata saw you coming a damn mile away; I learned from her and other people like her because I knew you were lying…
Retweeted by jWe thought the building could use a renaming #StudentPowerHU #KwameTureStudentCenter
Retweeted by j @twocold_ Sounds fun @abigailmilcarek imagine being so out of touch with reality you think that being “pro choice” means you want to “mu… @abigailmilcarek this is arguably one of the stupidest fucking things i’ve ever read i’m so glad i left that garbage institution
@AlmightyJoeyy I be like that smh @TrillaVanillaa_ O shit happy birthday !
@jdonna18 @tylerthecreator Imagine thinking “slavery” used by African tribes is anything like chattle slavery used… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator You’ve chosen to be on the side of a revised history that cleanses white supremacy from… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator Jeez what a weak conversation @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator If you’re gonna quote me, quote me correctly: with my commas and with the word “the,” an… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator I’m convinced you don’t even know what we are talking about lol @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator Love to defend Spanish conquistadors raping and enslaving women (& men) in the Global So… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator hold up, pull up the quote where I said that. @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator The US destabilized Libya, but go off. @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator Whataboutism. Good one. @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator If you celebrate the resurrection of the Messiah, then that isn’t Easter. You’re saying… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator Provide me with a history of the Roman Empire, Great Britain, and the United States’ his… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator You want to provide to me, a white man, the painfully destructive history that white men… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator If you don’t correlate Easter with the resurrection, what do you correlate it with? A bu… tees now available. union made - printed in house + prisoner support donation /…
Retweeted by j @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator And that’s the Resurrection, not Easter. Knowing the history of (y)our religion is impor… @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator How is it my "version"? You’re describing the celebration of the resurrection of Yeshua… THE FUCK DOES EGGS HAVE TO DO WITH THAT NIGGA JESUS DYING? IM SO CONFUSED
Retweeted by j @jdonna18 @tylerthecreator no, that’s the celebration of the resurrection. Easter (Ishtar) is a pagan holiday of se… voted yes to every arms appropriation bill to Israel since you began sitting on the appropriation committee. Th…
Retweeted by jFocused on the chalice rather than what it Contained, So I gave all of its worth to the needy and the rest to the…
Sex is cool and all but have u ever just like talked to ur partnerStephon Clark's brother is a HERO. THIS IS REAL NIGGA SHIT PERSONIFIED. When will your fav walk into the mayor's me…
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@keyonatopia LMAOOOOO @AlmightyJoeyy king