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I’d rather just have bowls of pasta > Thanksgiving food there a parking lot for Memorial Stafium/Park in Eastie - or is it just street parking? Trying to decide if I sh…'ve never actually seen a Big Lots store
Retweeted by Josie @remnantbrewing are you dog friendly inside? @robinec Will never ever want to be one of those @robinec They all have diff names but it’s not an admin.100K, so close but so far and goes no where in MA @robinec Like a manager of student life/dean/advisor/community outreach personGIVEAWAY! Today I’m giving away five preorders of @sam_aye_ahm’s brilliant, harrowing, and compassionate INTERNMENT…
Retweeted by JosieI wish Engagement Counselors got paid as much as teachers and didn’t have to do all of the random duties - then it’d be an excellent jobIs this you @skells3 show @audaciouskay Read page 1, didn’t go past itVENUE CHANGE: The 100th Eastie vs. Southie high school football game is now at East Boston Memorial Stadium. Join…
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☑️! It's gay conversion therapy.
Retweeted by JosieSo.. the stabbings today all across the city... @AvashiaNeema 🙌Better than what we have now may lead to family arguments this Thanksgiving and I take full responsibility for that. But Mac and cheese is…
Retweeted by JosieWhat it homophobia?
Retweeted by Josie @kciccolini 🚮 @universalhub This is alarming. Ring neighborhood alert “Attack on school in Brighton.” That’s Brighton High School…
Retweeted by JosieVomit️⃣ @ViolenceNBoston ????!!!!Do you ever just look at your pet and conclude with certainty that no cuter creature exists in the entire world because same.
Retweeted by JosieThe violence in this city is ridiculous.
Retweeted by JosieNo fucks given @ South Boston @ladyjmf28 The tickets are pricey!Woman who heard the Chicago hospital shooting: "You can't go to the hospital, you can't go to school, you can't go…
Retweeted by Josie @1angdon @wgbhnews teach them how to type too-*bf raises his voice for 1.2 seconds* My brain: Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t…
Retweeted by Josie @ladyjmf28 Lmao I never liked Nutcracker I feel like we had to go every year for a field trip @ladyjmf28 Are you working those? @ladyjmf28 What’s the next one?No thank you Do you know of any local non profits that do any after school programming for kids?
Retweeted by Josie @seanbeh3 @maureencaught @AmericanExpress I’ll still take $25 that’s freeIt’s weird. I saw that on @instagram with the Boston one norm I need a Houston teacher that wants to partner for a supply giveaway in January..
Retweeted by JosieThey used to give $25 for every $25 you spent, I guess not anymore @AmericanExpress
Pasta Monday! Soup, salad, & pasta! $11.95 #mangia #Southie
Retweeted by Josie @TheTeacherBride @ELAtchr4ever People use it to describe D size. @BostonSchools Isn’t the location now in Eastie at Memorial Stadium?When your work friend decorates your door 🌸 your work friend decorates your door 🌸💓 @ South Boston audit finds more questionable spending at Dorchester's Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy #charterschool, incl…
Retweeted by Josie @style_wire Lol! Maybe the mid 20s folks do, not the teens tho 🤣😭 @style_wire No, hahaI think French manicures are pretty gross but NOTHING grosses me out more than a French pedicure
Retweeted by JosieAnother day, another field trip..#Bospoli More details leak out about #BuildBPS Why not release the entire plan? “Two New School Buildings Committe…
Retweeted by JosieThe young Bostonians in our "Story of Our Streets" program have chosen! Help us find people on these streets for th…
Retweeted by JosieAfter getting robbed, a teen was dragged for several blocks and left for dead. Two suspects have been arrested.
Retweeted by JosieAre you ready for this, #Southie! Our store on West Broadway has officially opened! So come in for your morning cof…
Retweeted by JosieLaundry pick up and delivery! TUCK @sar_maguire I wish it was on @netflix @jellyfish_jules They don’t give you a work computer? @jellyfish_jules I’d also scout out your district vets and any district you may consider going to in the next few years to see what they use @jellyfish_jules Depends Pho in #Cambma or #Allston? This is urgent! @universalhub
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@jenvarney @PlayStation Why would they do thatUm what, is this true? @PlayStation and windows —- not a new phrase @notthisgirrl @netflix I loved the original - now I’m like eh @PresidentPat I might go back to middle one day!Gross @notthisgirrl @netflix I watched them all lolWhere can I watch seasons of #NipTuck aka the best show ever? @notthisgirrl @netflix Been out for a bit, not that good @jellyfish_jules Get a MacBook, last forever, school essential and there’s an ed discountMy fatass was drunk last night and had a photo shoot with my McDonald’s hashbrown at 4AM
Retweeted by JosieAnyone have Verizon DSL in the #Fenway area? Curious about real world speeds. @universalhub
Retweeted by Josie🙄 @SterlingSimmon6 Where’s your Teachers on IG: selling TPTTeachers, have you ever seriously considered leaving our profession?
Retweeted by Josie @stacos Again?👏 more we keep adding on to teachers, the less present they can be with students. @Tom_Newkirk #NCTE18 #CEL18
Retweeted by JosieI just drove by the Mass Ave exit by the Methadone Mile and the @CityOfBoston abs Massachusetts should be ASHAMED o…
Retweeted by JosieOkay, Southie! Let's do what we do best - help out our neighbors! The Fourth Presbyterian Church Food Pantry needs…
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@AceAceBabii33 AlwaysUPDATE: Location appears to be in the area of the footbridge at Moakley Park crossing over Old Colony Av BPD (C-6):…
Retweeted by Josie @LauMalo83 More like thrown in, not neatly placed. I closed it tho and left a note @angiecthomas Your make up! 😊💓How Saturdays should be 🥤 @ South Boston @maureencaught I closed it and left a note 😬I think someone is doing a sting operation because there’s an SUV in front of my house with doors and the back open…😬 selling their old Hanes or Old Navy shit in Facebook albums on my timeline need to rethink their lives.
Retweeted by Josie“They may or may not be able to read, but [your students] can def read you.” @TheJLV #NCTE18
Retweeted by JosieEvery year I donate 2 thanksgiving dinners to a small food pantry in east #Boston. Today, I missed their donation w…
Retweeted by JosieMichelle Obama's 'Becoming' is a book America needs, from a woman it does not yet deserve
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