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my favorite word is no

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Can’t fall asleep and buying too many items in the #athleta and #Lululemon Facebook groups @notthisgirrl 💓🤣 @redblackteacher I haven’t either, I’m okay with it lol @AnnissaForBos Plus there’s no laundry mat near me so I don’t have a choice haha @ladyjmf28 It’s grossSOLD Lobster, vomit @LangstonLeague @ericabuddington sad that your POC poetry blog died after only 30 days"Liar liar hoe on fire", I'm dead, @DorindaMedley killed me #RHONY
Retweeted by Josie @notthisgirrl Much better for you than cold.Getting laundry picked up, folded and delivered is the best thing ever.I AM SO EXCITED TO PUT MY OREO-Os in here! @stasherbag oreo @ Downtown Boston use @Lifewolaundry for all of my laundry and dry cleaning needs. They pickup and deliver right to my door. Check… @kciccolini @rapunzel74 Yes! Two episodesA @fenwaypark #Handmaid @HandmaidsOnHulu, shitEwwwww fell over 🤣’s pouring and there goes my umbrella. oranginnaaa @ Boston, Massachusetts
I love @NBCRise!!! @ladyjmf28 @elanac83 hometown. Should we get matching 9-1-1 signs or tractors in the road signs? @nancylinchen I typed so fast it didn’t hit my brain until too late @nancylinchen A legit 6 word memoir 😂I hit reply all. I apologize.I have no money to donate to @SimmonsCollege the old team had stayed together... Happy bday Sippen, miss you lots. (found this via… was great to be screamed at for an hour today & then need to continue to teach for multiple hours after. #selfcareneeded #whatsanity @ChristineMince Let me know what you think!She’s a hot pot @obriencaitlin 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜 (Hi EA) @ Downtown Boston @magibrahimtaney @nadia_ibrahim Definitely let me know! @ChristineMince I keep going... Woman in Window was decent. The Wife Between Us was pretty good.
@emily__crocker @JosieGL So terrible. I miss Southie but mostly you. 😘
Retweeted by Josie @magibrahimtaney I MISS U @3rd_GradeTeach I’ll add to my goodreads! @3rd_GradeTeach I read that! I can only take so much JP. Her books with the court stuff are repetitive to me. I lik… @3rd_GradeTeach This one had a school shooting and other graphic parts that were too much. Even tho I read thriller… @3rd_GradeTeach I am re reading Last Mrs Parrish now @3rd_GradeTeach I liked that one even tho it was slow.Missing a ring? Just found this #Harvard class ring from 1954 in a parking lot in Needham. Please RT to help find o…
Retweeted by JosieWas not a fan of the Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. 2/53 of 5 stars to Still Me by Jojo Moyes wish I could sit at home, pet my dog and water my plant. That’s all THE KNEE now on, sure @ Boston, Massachusetts @jellyfishjulie The TFA websiteI just love when kids fill in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA on interimsCALLING ALL WRITERS! @IssaRae has partnered with @BET to develop and product the work of 3 underrepresented writers…
Retweeted by Josie @kciccolini Yup, repostttttnof a repost of a repostGet a life up yo shit the cruel person who murdered this love bug! Share pls', thinkin', thinkin'. Kendall Square client would like us to lead our Chocolates & Pairings Workshop OFF-SI…
Retweeted by JosieGuys, I'm a "TRAILBLAZER"! I talk about how I started @goodwitchkitchn and how #igotitfrommynonna
Retweeted by Josie @BOSFoodTours @redsbest They’re the best. I love them in @BosPublicMarketJOB OPPORTUNITY We are hiring an Executive Director to help our community center flourish! APPLY: #boston
Retweeted by JosieWhen you micromanage, you’re effectively saying, “I don’t trust you.”
Retweeted by JosieConstance Wu and Michelle Yeoh bling it on in first Crazy Rich Asians trailer
Retweeted by Josie @JamieHStewart Yes, just search it up or I’ll add you tonight when I get home on my laptop @kciccolini 🐼🐼🐼 @maureencaught 🤣 @JamieHStewart Like a local yard sales group @cheeky_teacher I have for a couple weeks now, lol
Gimme dat the planet vs Poopfest for #WestWorld @JennaMHill Don't be sorry! I laughed that someone was so stupid @martinclinton Made me laugh how stupid his comment was. @dorismariahphd @chrissyteigen @Kimzolciak Terrible joke @3rd_GradeTeach I’m also not anonymous so he could just click on it and see the rest, idiotI just got called a transgender panda head 🧐 Love ya #Southie’s Sunday night & I’m hunting for food jmodge residents of South Boston, its 60 degrees today, not 80
Retweeted by Josie @HotelFoxtrot Tree & Blanco 🐶 🇵🇷 Love is the answer. #operationpuertoricopuppies #bstrong
Retweeted by Josie @MissingDogsMass little white dog Loki ran away in the past few minutes near Roslindale Square. No collar/tags, has…
Retweeted by JosieLittle white dog Loki just ran away near Roslindale Square. No tags. Any leads? @universalhub
Retweeted by JosieNo