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my favorite word is no

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We're feeling generous... So how about another giveaway?! RT for a chance to win a @mookiebetts signed ball!…
Retweeted by JosieCan’t wait! just ordered celery juice for delivery. @mochamomma WE have to fund if we want these texts.. Sad. And not always possible.I saw this - no.! Thank you for your kindness @MoniseLSeward So many want to have these new relevant books on their shelves but without support or funding.. it’s… news need a road trip when I can sit and listen to these. ADHD issues’s sad we have to beg scary year I have to create a @DonorsChoose and an @amazon wishlist, and every year I wish I didn’t have to. Fund…
Retweeted by JosieYou are lifesavers. Truly.To: @kristamm and @lufflg - thank you for these wonderful items. I return to the school tomorrow and I’m bringing t…! Do you live in Roxbury? I'd love to ask you a few questions for background info for a story.
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Retweeted by JosieA friend from Kerala said, as the water recedes, this is how bridges look.. the river has thrown back at us what…
Retweeted by JosieBefore You Flush Your Contact Lenses, You Might Want to Know This - Don’t! via @NYTimes
Retweeted by Josie @BeantownAmorous @elanac83 @SarahTreem Ugh I wanted Cole to beat up that guy @BeantownAmorous @elanac83 @SarahTreem She just threw that damn bag right at her stomach @Lyricalswordz Love this @BeantownAmorous @elanac83 @SarahTreem Well, Helen has just been moved right over by his parentsI’m over Helen’s sick boyfriend. @VancityJax my heart swelled watching you as Cole in your grief. So raw. So honest. Loss is something you feel in…
Retweeted by JosieHow long is this episode @TheMrsZilla Yesss let me do these now @VancityJax hasn’t moved that fast since the Flying V in Mighty Ducks @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreem @SHO_TheAffair @ShorelyATeacher I’ve been crying over dogs all day today tooDo not try to ever regenerate me @elanac83No one better ever have a funeral like this for me. @SHO_TheAffairCole is gonna beat up everyone on this damn beach @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreemI’m worried about my mental health sho_theaffair The zinger about @justsanaa - ha Anton. @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreemOkay Anton, loving Noah more than the rest of us @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreemDog eating foot distraction @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreem is this woman and why are you important to my despair? @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreemUgh, charter school. I forgot, don’t put that phrase online Noah. @elanac83 @BeantownAmorous @SarahTreem @Lyricalswordz Thanks I always have to wait until we get rolling. I’m in an alt ed section with specific policies a… @Lyricalswordz Many blocks now, but possibly down the road @Lyricalswordz I wish I could do this! 💓 @Lyricalswordz Book clubs? Whole class?Me entering the @SHO_TheAffair finale @elanac83 @SarahTreem @SarahTreem @SHO_TheAffair Here we go @elanac83 @SkinnySassyTchr Same @BeantownAmorous Even last week, I was hold my drink @BeantownAmorous Way better than last season. I am watching the finale at 9. Did you already watch? I saw it was already on the app
@BeantownAmorous Caught up on this season? @prof_PSL QVC, Amazon, TJ Maxx, Zulilly, LLbeanLooking for hotel recommendations in Hong Kong, relatively close to the airport #thankyou
Retweeted by Josie @d_ciccolini Yes I’m trying to bring it down to a minimal one! @breallen_ I’ll let you know how it goes! Currently on a trial runLove love love Nathalie Wine Bar in Fenway!! Especially their “female cast” of wines by the glass.
Retweeted by JosieBella is doing an overnight trial run in Quincy tonight. @MsSassyTeacher If you know anyone near Southie! (Boston, pls share) 🙏🙏💗💗 @jlmeds BooksHi, my name is Bella and I’m looking for a loving, stable - forever home! Pls msg my foster mom for details.… @notthisgirrl if you know anyone good.. @maureencaught @HotelFoxtrot know anyone? 💗🙏 @jlmeds I love the crap outta you!Hi, my name is Bella and I am about two years old. I am small and a kind soul. I loved my family, but they had a… @jlmeds also, thank you for the 57 Bus and the granola bars. I can’t wait to share the book with the kids, it was o… @Falvitus Hahahaediting two videos together can really change a story.
Retweeted by Josie.@LanaCondor, the star of @Netflix's To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, talks about her love of High School Musical…
Retweeted by Josie @notthisgirrl Ah 👀 @ChristineMince Me too.. big come up now about their portrayal of Native Americans.. so that sucks but I still love… saw @BlacKkKlansman I am emotionally exhausted. It was amazing. Go see it immediately #allpowertoallpeople
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Everyone hates Little House on the Prairie now but I am not a haterThank you @jlmeds for sending me this book. I will pair it with the regular novel, so students will be able to also… x1000 RETWEET My job offers free showers, haircuts, and hot meals to anyone in need. There’s Also a map that shows…
Retweeted by JosieYou’re 8 years old. Your 3rd grade class orders chinese food & your father delivers it. You are so excited to see y…
Retweeted by Josie @YauYii @notthisgirrl Thinking of you GF! Can’t wait to see your blessing. You go strong momma! @YauYii @notthisgirrl 👀Boop with this pair swings and fun drinks, had a great time at the Bulgarian bar! #LES #NYC interrupting me stuffing my fave at the oldest dim sum parlor in NYC Chinatown 😐