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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 73000 women in 240 countries.

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Beware! Don't take every article about women's solo travel at face value. Some writers are exaggerating: yummy breakfast for sure @TheMommyMix!
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NEW VIDEO! What if your kid doesn't want a hug or kiss?
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThe 20 buzziest #healthy restaurants in Los Angeles right now via @WellandGoodNYC #LA
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonExperience remarkable culture, cuisine & stunning views of Italy with an intimate group led by our CEO John Bouldin…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#DYK the Queen celebrated her 91st birthday at #HighclereCastle? Featured on #DowntonAbbey, you can visit with us!…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonRain storm through my Journeywoman office window looks like an abstract painting. to make Vietnamese dishes with a renowned chef, then enjoy the fruits of your labour.
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Dining solo 🍷in Vancouver
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I'm ready!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWell deserved! @DPAwards @globeandmail @HuffPostCanada Couldn't be prouder to be nominated alongside @globeandmail and @HuffPostCanada! #DPA17
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonSoooo excited to see #itdoesnthavetohurt nominated for a #DPA17! I ❤️ working with @YummyMummyClub to bring science to parents via stories!
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@TheKeg? My favorite!!! @AirCanada I'm flying to Vancouver today to keynote at #WHRIsym17 . Please don't bump me from my flight. 😇
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @iSITcanadian @YummyMummyClub So true! Good eye, Sir Ken:)You are hard not to be spotted, Ms. Ehm:)! Woot! Woot!
I like this!'t complain about escalating violence in the world. TV Is Teaching Us To Kill (we are tuning in and loving it)., positively, YES!“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton #Travel
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThis #earthday your booking helps @WildlifeSOS help elephants. Learn more: #treadrightcares
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonNeed a chocolate/ caramel/ salty fix? We've got you covered --> @paulajroy
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Where shall we go in our day dreams ladies?
Drats! I can't believe I missed yesterday's YMC twitter party. They're just plain fun as you learn. The best kind!…
Our day in #Dublin scouting out locations for our small group tour to #Ireland later this month.
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#Kilauea is a sacred place for Hawaiians, who believe the volcano goddess, Pele, lives on this natural wonder:…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOMG. Salted caramel skillet brownies. That is all. @paulajroy
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @capitalyoga I hope I made you smile:) @ryanwright :) :) :)Shhhh...Don't tell the Missus but I love you @RyanWright. lol do AND they are wonderful. Google them on YouTube:) @ryanwright Thank you for recognizing my superhero-ness. #IAmPumpedI am a superhero! I just took my dyson humidifier apart for its monthly cleaning and I put it back together again A…'The Chinese students fighting racism' via @meneersoemo
@CanBlogHouse xo :)The Top 17 Places to Go in 2017 according to @cntraveler #jerusalem is up there! #travel
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWhat is your landmark? Enter to WIN the trip of a lifetime on the #Canadian, first class with VIA Rail…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @Bretttollman @travelTTC My best holiday wishes to @BrettTollman and all the team members of @travelTTC
This is an excellent post @houseofkerrs. Who's to say how anyone else should best enjoy a moment?
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonSome people love action holidays, other prefer sun, sea, shade & a good book. Yet Costa Rica is great for both!…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThis is a lovely post @DebbieDavidov. Yoga can be so powerful. Do you still practice daily?
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Old fashioned? YES. Ineffective? FAR FROM IT. Check out with 50 fabulous womens travel links on our homepage alone.Whether today is a day of sleeping in or of contemplation or a day of meeting with loved ones, I wish you an except…
The Bars of Jerusalem: One Bar for Every Day of the Week in the City #beer #Jerusalem #nightlife
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOh my goodness! These No Bake Dark Chocolate nests look delicious. How can they be Paleo? Yum! @Westcoast_Mommy
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@SookeTravel thank you for the likes, retweets and twitter love. Very much appreciated!Super cute! I love @amulderslater's craft ideas - so easy even *I* could do them! DIY Floral Egg Holders -->…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon8 stunning #churches to see on a trip to #Israel- here I come! #WHRISym2017
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOld fashioned? YES. Ineffective? FAR FROM IT. Check out with 50 fabulous womens travel links on our homepage alone.This is cool --> Want to Be Greener? Try These Homemade Dryer Sheets
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#NationalGrilledCheeseDay How to make real grilled cheese sandwiches in your hotel room cheaply. #budget #travelSmoothie Question: Any recipes for nutritious smoothies using water or non-acidic juice as a base?8 stunning #churches to see on an #Easter trip to #Israel- is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw. (Artist Emily Carr) #canada150A bit of #WednesdayWisdom from Charlie Brown and me:)
For meaning of the word REaccommodate please see the Urban dictionary: #unitedAIRLINES @Mom_interrupted I can't 'pass over' (get it?) this opportunity to tell you how 'fun' you are:)Perfection! @Mom_interrupted Thank you, Cloe! Happy holiday to you as well. @LivingBetter50 I question this ...Love to party? These festivals are worth a trip: #travel #lp
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonHilarious post about family-friendly Club Med Ixtapa. And here I thought it was "Club Bed" --> @Mom_interrupted
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonRubber Ducky you're the one... "World's Largest Rubber Duck To Mark #Canada150 Party In Amherstburg"…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCongrats to @colsonwhitehead on winning the @PulitzerPrize! Here's Colson @ Kobo HQ: proof we were friends before h…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCheck out the amazing winning photographs of Smithsonian’s 14th Annual Photo Contest via @mymodernmet
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWorth the read and share. The New Berliners | VQR Online via @AddThis
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonQUOTE: "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia." (Charles Schultz)QUOTE: Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. (Charlie M. Schultz)
Guess who got a huge bouquet of flowers 'just because?'
@garbagemanran @WinnipegWatch to make real grilled cheese sandwiches cheaply in your hotel room: #budgetI'm a very bad grandmother. I helped my grandkids plan a heist at the Canadian Mint in #Ottawa: #canada150If you enjoy murals, #Winnipeg is the city to visit: #Canada150 @goodlifevan See: I forgot the link explaining why:)Do you know why Winnie the Pooh is considered one of Canada's national treasures? #winnipeg #canada150