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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 73000 women in 240 countries.

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The chilling parallels between the Trump-Kim summit and 1938 Munich:
Really? House Republicans are going to stop worrying about losing their jobs and are actually going to stand up to…! of Lymph (v.) - to walk with a lisp. (Washington Post) @BillNoorlander @AerLingus This needs to be resolved quickly. Bicycles don't just go missing or show up unnoticed. This is not a black bag!
BBC News - Actress Noma Dumezweni reads Wordsworth's Daffodils
A RETURN HOME - 72 YEARS IN THE MAKING via @gavintollmanHas anybody used egg whites as a treatment for dry hair? Does it work?
Fathers Day is coming up. 'All the feeling which my father could not put into words was in his hand — any dog, chi… of trying street food? This can help you change your mind: $travelExploring the 5 stages of starting yoga as an older adult. Have you started your yoga journey yet? If not, what is…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonTRAVELING" GURLS! @Journeywoman and @debilander at home with horses in #Hungary. #MyVikingStory
@Loblaws I've tried 3x to activate my $25 bread card by phone. Instead I am directed to take a survey for some con…, Normandy Invasion Beaches, and Mont St Michel. Our 2019 tour has just been announced. For itinerary, dates…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @MarcieGPell You have good taste. There were so many beautiful things it was hard to pick a favorite:) @VikingCruises You never know what you will find exploring a new city. I love this oh la la window I came across st… @VikingCruises You never know what you will find on a stroll in the city. A shop window in #Budapest with a come hi… gorgeous Christmas Shop is never out of season. #Budapest #MyVikingStory
@CheapOair Thank you. I am in the midst of a call now. for your reference booking number is 4864951.My favorite 'boy' band.
Well done, Lea @sololady You wrote this piece with heart, respect, understanding and admiration. Thank you.… is not perfect. We are all not beautiful. That is not real life. This is. Please laugh with me and at me.… top travel tip women will appreciate! Thx for the reminder @matrimoney4u .
Use it on your tours. Help the participants never to forget their passport:) Solo travelers have no 1 to remind them to take their passports & $ out of the hotel safe. Here's the…! I love reading tweets like this. I'm so pleased that you found tips that were helpful to you. at Gottweig Abbey, 100's of bikers rode in from along the #Wachau Valley to be blessed. I had no choice but t… Ontario, Vote carefully today. Think before you make that mark. Don't split votes. Don't waste your vote. Don'…
Thx for including me amidst all these very juicy people and places. Makes me feel like dancing:)'m astounded!
DID YOU KNOW?Never wipe your lenses with tissues, paper towels or paper napkins. These often contain wood fibers th… Woot:)
The Kenyan Boys Choir are star sparklers:) a lovely compliment. Thank you, JC:)
Harry is completely besotted w/M. Megan is completely besotted w/H. And the whole world is happy. The End.…
Raise a glass to the couple of the hour with the Meghan Sparkle in @bbarlondon #RoyalWedding
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThis was me, my brother, a van full of homemade croutons & an unlimited supply of hopes/dreams 30 yrs ago TODAY & w…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @TPSChrisBoddy Dear @TPSChrisBoddy, Don't fret about no invite to the wedding. I think the world of you. Please com… submit wonderful photos of women to the online photography exhibit 'Defining Women' @rmfaris I'm sorry I started this conversation with you. I have no answers for you. If we all think negatively and… @rmfaris Forget Israeli policies. That is not the issue here. The issue is for Hamas to be creative in their use of…
@OneTravel @WAVEJourney I took my grandson to #Iceland. Perfect destination for travel w/teenager.… @rmfaris I hear you but I believe nothing is impossible.If only Hamas was constructive about use of aid money from international community. Create projects. Employ the you… is THE best! #tbt
Want a taste of our HOT #women's #travel topics today. Scroll down to Best Bets on #TravelTuesday #TravelTips … 1 @nomadicmatt 2 @JohnnyJet 3 @theplanetd 4 @EverywhereTrip 5 @GoNOMAD 7…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonNY Times accused of anti-Israel bias in coverage of Mideast violence.
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonBeautiful and wise. & GREEK ISL, Sept 26 - Oct 8, 2018: REGISTRATION DEADLINE is MON. MAY 21.Grab a friend and get a spot on thi… you for the recommendation @ScanMyPhotos. Appreciated!
@smilenwaven It smashed all over the door shelves and the floor. Not edible. Sigh.... xoAlways believe in your dreams, they'll come true. #BlueCarpet #kenyanboyschoir #tourlife #calilife #GodsPlan
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonNooooo! This is what I yelled as my lemon meringue pie fell out of the fridge and smashed. Sigh...
@theplanetd Nothing I'd like better:)Women travelers don't want to be shepherded on and off buses like little ducklings following their mama. These tour… your heart, Lovely:) you love to can? We are looking for parents across Canada to host home canning parties! If chosen, you'll receiv…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonLet's Make Some Travel Plans! -
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonI am in delicious company:)
Ladies, you can be a solo traveler within a group while the hard stuff is being done for you. Investigate what thes…
An online exhibit of incredible women around the world. No entry fee. Just click and view. #WomanDefined site is where the Female Travel Revolution began in 1997. Today over 55, 500 women belong to our Journeywoman N…! you for including Calling all women who love to travel:)
Croatia!! you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Don't miss this online photo exhibit. It is the perfect antidote to what men like Harvey Weinstein think of women.…'t touch Her Majesty: The protocol around the British royals
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWelcome baby:) back home to a resounding welcome from our brothers. 🙌🏽 Feels good to be back home. #HomeSweetHome
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonBe still my heart:)
Dear @twitterSupport you are definitely not a support. You still have not answered my request for help.Robert De Niro's boutique hotel and restaurant chain, Nobu, will open a Tel Aviv location – its first in Israel
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Dear @twittersupport. Why aren't you helping me with my twitter problem. I have repeatedly asked you respectfully f…
'Strong is the new beautiful.' It's what I taught my daughters, they listened, and now they are teaching their daug… month's HOT trip picks for women:
It is such a treat to browse this female-centered art exhibit.
It is a wonderful photograph that has been getting kudos from our Journeywoman readers. Congrats! #TBIN