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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 73000 women in 240 countries.

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Tel Aviv City Hall illuminated as the Union Jack, in solidarity with the city of London and the British people. Uni…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon10 Top Tips on How to Navigate a Moroccan Bazaar
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOooh! Sweet potato chips! Did they really turn out well @Mommyisweird?
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThe pink vintage piano scarf. #pianoscarf #vintagepianoscarf #fringe #vintagehat #headwea
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @fuccigirl Perhaps this will help in general. @holeinthedonut what I love is that Jerusalem is the home of 3 religions. It's impossible to take the power of all that in in a short visit. @Journeywoman Evelyn, it’s an astonishing experience. Not being Jewish, I can’t fully grasp the history, but I’m doing my level best!
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#TBEXjlm female bloggers heading to Tel Aviv - here's some Journeywoman fun shopping and noshing (eating) advice: Where the hipsters eat and drink in Tel Aviv: Night Spectacular 'Story of Jerusalem' light show, projected on 2000 year old walls at #TowerOfDavid was incred…
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@holeinthedonut As you are mine (hero)! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Israel. #TBEXjlmLicuadoras y Malteadoras Para Bares y Hoteles STOP sending me emails!You are right @holeinthedonut is super cool. #tbexjlm Here's more about her:) to be at @TowerofDavid #tbexjlm
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonJust whoa! Beautiful! #gaytravel #ilovejerusalem #tbexjlm
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIsrael-often 1 of 1st countries on the ground to offer humanitarian aid after world disasters. See photos #tbexjlm
#DYK Alaska is home to the largest population of bald eagles in the world w/ approx. 30,000 living across the state…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonEmbrace the delights of #Southeast #Asia & share them with a friend on a #LuxuryGoldVacation:…
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#israel -the people in this country make the place. If UR attending #tbexjlm this will B of interest.Pix included. in the nicest way possible. Middle Eastern food rocks! #tbexjlm my morning photowalk in Jerusalem #Tbexjlm
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThe art and history of the Nachlaot neighborhood is a must explore. #tbexjlm #tbex #streetart
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonExperience the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall when in Jerusalem #tbexjlm @TBEXevents #travelblogger
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThat's​ how my morning started today. Early.sunrise bicycle ride @Jerusalem with #tbexjlm. graffiti at the market.
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIt was amazing to get to see and experience the Western Wall in #Jerusalem on my #tbexjlm trip here. So historic an…
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Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYou will love ISRAEL more with each passing day. Wish I was there exploring with you:) #tbexjlm it finally begins...#tbexjlm
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonSo true. Every person must visit #YadVashem to understand 'mans inhumanity to man' and to celebrate the righteous w… Dovi Chrysler of @JmScavengerHunt in the #shukmachaneyehuda. Incredible morning with #tbexjlm!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOn our way back from our road trip to Eilat, we stopped at Masada and the Dead Sea in Ein Bokek. #familytravel
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#streetart in #jerusalem ❤ Don't know if I've ever seen one that was so big... #israel #travel #digitalnomad
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#israel - the people in this country make the place. If UR attending #tbexjlm this will B of interest. Pix included. free things to do in Jerusalem: #tbexjlmI will be watching for your hashtag #tbexjlm Going to Tel Aviv later? See: Gr8 advice for wo… is often one of the 1st countries on the ground to offer humanitarian aid after world disasters. See photos #spring has sprung! Time to make that list of Britain's beautiful gardens to visit #OMGB #springequinox
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonShout out to @Uber_Support. Thank you for fixing the problem with my UBER account. Kudos for your customer service!
Street Art - Melbourne, Australia
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon @Uber_Support thx 4 adjusting my bill. U give me hope:) Now trying to understand $5 dropfee+$2.50 booking fee? Wher… @Uber_Support we've had a few updates. Why is there a $5 drop fee + $2.50 booking fee? Cash grab? More expensive than regular limousine . @Uber_Support I give up. Uber is saying I was charged correctly. I don't think so but it is too hard to keep filling in forms. You win (not)In Saigon, see the major landmarks, local side streets & learn about Vietnamese coffee culture.…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonThis is a really good idea, Merry. @Merry120 Make and freeze meals would make a busy week better!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonOur @12_Apostles Hotel has stunning views of #CapeTown!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWonderful Finnish graphics. Could this bathroom sign be more explicit? Subtle difference between male and female. / owl / raptor show! (@ Butterfly Conservatory - @niagaraparks in Niagara Falls, ON)
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Appreciate the flawless marble symmetry of the Taj Mahal, built by an emperor in memory of his wife. #india #travel
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon"Mother Hen" is not all she's cracked up to be is she @julienowell? Shouldn't every mother find her own best way?
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@Uber_Support 2nd trip w/Uber. Disappointed. Driver took much longer route then I suggested. Fare inappropriate.These are great gardening DIY ideas @ladymarielle. If only spring would hurry up and get here.
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonGorgeous!! you wear a wedding ring? @Mommyisweird has thoughts on the subject.
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#DYK the digeridoo, used by Australian Aboriginals in storytelling. is one of the world's oldest instruments?…
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We're celebrating #StPatricksDay festivities with 12% off selected #Ireland trips! Book before March 19th.…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIf you are NOT rich --> 100 ways to stretch your travel dollars: #TravelTuesday #budgettravel #save
Delighted to hear that the Broadway premiere of the Canadian production of #ComeFromAway is getting great reviews. Bravo #NFLD + producers.
Best quote ever! I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happier with buns of cinnamon. went to #Iceland with my 15 year old grandson. It was a blast!! @HoneymoonTester @DeniseDT @expatstyle @TravelBlogPost @VIPjourneys Are u using me to sell things? Plse don't do that!Famous for little coves, fantastic shopping opportunities and decadent emperors, #Capri is a brilliant Spring desti…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonBeing confident in your parenting skills helps your family be strong --> @andreamloewen
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIt's March Break! Great time to set out on a winter adventure. #ONvaccine
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAmal Clooney’s baby bump steals spotlight from her genocide speech at UN! helpful! latest The Budget Your Trip Daily! Thanks to @Journeywoman @travelingmitch @cheekyuniverse #travel #ttot
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonToo late for anybody else to be my 1500th follower on but I know you tried:) lol 😉 @LisaBednarski I followed back:) xoThx Sweetie Pie:) tips for the 1st time traveller to #India from @InsightUSPhil #travel #tips
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonTrip of a lifetime? Try a #Discovery tour from @InsightVacation. The best way to enjoy more of #Europe!…
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWho is going to be my 1500th instagram follower? I welcome you to check out my pix:)
@STCCoffeeNews @WSendzik @Lexalytics thank you:)#FollowFriday @Journeywoman @WSendzik @Lexalytics top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :)
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Haha Not looking thru a window. Looking down at my feet where part of my #Toronto home is reflected in a puddle.…
@adventureista @vivianvassos The feeling is mutual:) xo #InternationalWomensDay bail hearing begins for Concordia University bomb threat suspect
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIn the spirit of women and their allies coming together for love and liberation: #DayWithoutAWoman @womensmarch
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