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I make amazing software for universities & hospitals. Helplessly hopeful individual. Proud HRC supporter. Vote blue.

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@AlexDe_L marsha
@AlexDe_L I don’t like jokes @AlexDe_L blunts are dumb vaping is way better @AlexDe_L dr pepper is gross
The most illuminating part to me: actually writing is really easy and natural. But first you have to develop compelling story and it’s HARDMe trying to write a movie is about a billion times harder than learning any programming language or building any software I’ve ever done
@joshriker even that felt off, like they were trying to show off the sets instead of get the audience immersed in the world
The Get Down is... something... Not sure if the acting is bad or just trying to mimic the terribadness of The Warriors?
The decade you were actually born is weird. I get 80s movies, I get the 2000s. Watching Clueless and totally wat'd by Marky Mark references
Inspiring! Katrina Pierson is proof that you can know almost nothing about anything/still find success in America!
Retweeted by jp @AlexDe_L ur thinkin i'm livin @jc4p @AlexDe_L how come there's no fat white guy emoji?? @AlexDe_L live a little @AlexDe_L @jc4p 🔬🚽🌡🔑📦🎁🎉🎉🎉 @jc4p @AlexDe_L 💸💡🗡⚔️🔨💣💣💣💣⚰️🚬 @AlexDe_L @jc4p 💯🔫😭😂😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙀🎱🚨🚨🌀❤️ @jc4p pls sir let me comment on the nostalgia of a decade ago in peace plsIn the first Hangover movie, Ed Helms says, "Sorry, MapQuest took us on a crazy route." Simpler times.
@AlexDe_L she's a 'murican we don't like losing @AlexDe_L hey now back off bro
@jc4p I don’t actually care just a little bit of good morning cheer & trolling @jc4p isn’t that the same thing happening here or do I know this guy but don’t remember lol @jc4p &thinking face emoji; @jc4p do u appreciate this? pls don’t cause a scene hahaha
@AlexDe_L til how swords are made @AlexDe_L poison ivy is a sign you did good, a reward @AlexDe_L n e thing for u loyal and nice friend @AlexDe_L np i can do it again 2morrow @AlexDe_L ur so cool @sturmen no but i wonder if that's a real thingI invented a word last night @engers @_SITEUP_ @iOS_Up @ChrisGannon oh the memories
An explanation of the difference in color of water in different parts of various oceans — @AlexDe_L why is this funny are u sure it's funny
Super stoked to be in that other city to support @birbigs and his new movie /cc @dontthinkmovie @jc4p bro
@AlexDe_L @jc4p you can have that one @jc4p as long as it's on the rocks @jc4p 👉❄️💊
@alicehlcomedy or more seriously the conflicts they bring to the table are boring and repetitive, there are better stories to tellAmerican TV should take a hint from the UK where they more appropriately represent the people who actually watch it. Less white people = 💯
@joshriker 🔫🔫🔫 @AlexDe_L ima let you have it bc you boston fans historically need it more than we doGod help us, Yankees fans @alicehlcomedy i doubt he did this for the money i think he knows people believe there’s a secret to it and wants to show that there isn’t @alicehlcomedy not sure yet but consensus is that it’s nothing you wouldn’t read in a good SW book but it’s cool to hear it from him
@alicehlcomedy yeah, had toI feel much better knowing that Aaron Sorkin’s unscripted conversation is just as discombobulated and crisscrossed as my own.Today I read the word “apply” as “app-ly” and now I’m ready to quit the industry once and for all
This exchange. 👀
Retweeted by jp @AlexDe_L i translate this to “yes” @AlexDe_L u mad?College Freshman me was hilarious #playdoh #plato
@alicehlcomedy love that he picked “little“ for a man worth somewhere between 5 and 20x on his own estimates, and more on everyone else’s @joshriker Dude. Bought it on iTunes. Weirdest movie ever.Only 30 minutes in and by far one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever see—oh my god I’m so lonely dear god the toaster Lobster — What in the fuck am I watching /cc @joshriker
Go Hillary! I hear ya out there
Retweeted by jpOf all the sexist HRC tweets, this—from MN state rep—may be worst. And sir, if you're married, I feel sorry for her.
Retweeted by jpIf this isn’t unfaltering love I don’t know what is now I’m listening to the Hamilton soundtrack again"No memorable lines?" We need some new network analysts. #ImWithHer #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by jpThis speech speaks to me as a proud Democrat but I can feel it ignoring party lines and that’s so important for this election. Great stuff."A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons." —Hillary
Retweeted by jpGOD DAMN YOAND I DO MEAN ODD #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by jpA+, Hillary’s SpeechwriterTotally speechless right now. 🇺🇸 @alicehlcomedy i concedeBill’s face lmao @alicehlcomedy same I love Katie PerryICYMI: Ann Coulter just mocked the father of a man who gave his life fighting for our country.
Retweeted by jpFox News not playing the speech by the muslim soldiers parents who died for America. #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by jp
'What do you think is going to happen if Bernie Sanders isn't president? You still get to be white.' - Michael Che
Retweeted by jpThat's our President.
Retweeted by jpObama is pulling out all the stops. So many quotable lines. This speech is gonna be historic.“The American Dream is something no wall will ever contain.” —@POTUS
Retweeted by jp32 at least“Don’t boo; vote!” — OUR GLORIOUS PRESIDENT
Retweeted by jpMic DropDamnSomeone kick out that fucking Bernie bro rn @jc4p nah he’ll def talk about Bloomberg, he won’t able to help himself @alicehlcomedy straight outta left fieldBack to back like I’m on the cover of Lethal Weapon Back to back like I’m Jordan ‘96, ’97 whoa ~ @timkaine @jc4p this is such a weird speechI can’t wait to hear them talk about this speech on Keepin’ It 1600tim kaine's not mad at trump voters he's disappointed
Retweeted by jpAre these impressions actually happening or is NPR fucking with meThis man is so corny and it’s amazing
1: A 33 year old man and some thoughts on growing up detesting Hillary Clinton and finally taking a hard look at my own bias.
Retweeted by jpThis church stayin’ relevant af @AlexDe_L you’re right the real issue is that it clearly is not an iPhone @AlexDe_L hmmSelf-employment peaks at being able to spend all of today and tomorrow drinking TJ’s cold brew and follow the DNC Twitter drama @AlexDe_L whose face is that 🤔Late and catching up but Bill’s speech was fantastic. Helluva storyteller, that man.
@_Jordan womp womp womp🤔😂
@jparishy oh wait hang on a minute