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I run @jaymobilenj making apps for awesome businesses and startups. Helplessly hopeful individual.

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love this state so much
@lucallain I am and I saw your email, it’s on my todo list to reply today!
Next person of the year better be this emoji 🤔 it changed my life.
@AlexDe_L snookeredI foresee this person becoming very rich
@jc4p it’s a self-described/celebrated term now not just an age rage @_Jordan yepWhich explains why people have so much passion for weed over, say, our ridiculous military and police, gun control, or climate change.What gets me is that in ‘16 middle class white people have it the best ever but suddenly everything is terrible for them??We fucked up when we started using the word millennial and let them embrace their sense of entitlement and self-centered prioritiesReddit on politics
@jc4p @kerrick yeah frankly i’m impressed
Snow has filled back up the foot that they cleared this AM 😶
Developer job ads
Retweeted by jpand all of twitter just tweted to make some iteration of this jokeO’Malley just paused to say “phrasing” in his headwe just sit here and watch people bicker, it’s not constructive and no one has to actually back anything up bc of ridiculous time limitscan’t fucking stand these debate formats, how did we even get here
@jc4p @kerrick 👌
@jc4p what is worse armchair neckbeards or real neckbeards, no one knows @jc4p I’m glad we were on the same page there @jc4p what about in dog yearsHow *does* the car get into the garage?
TFW You get a Happy Birthday email from a Brand™ 5 hours too early and you can’t just let it go because *you know*
@joshriker 🤔
@jc4p @engers if you’re all caught up, I lol’d @mxcl sure thing, I’ll gather my thoughts and ping you in the next couple of days @mxcl made an issue for this here: though it may be more of a prob with the default compiler search paths than SPM
@brianmwang Haven’t seen FA yet so can’t judge it but it’s hard to colossally fuck up a plot as bad as JW so I have faith in it @joshriker not even Pratt was able to save this for me, it was awful @joshriker how about when they turned on him and then not 5 minutes later became martyrs for the humans @joshriker /ccI had heard Jurrasic World was… not good… but holy hell who in their right mind greenlit this script
@jc4p @engers how come nobody sends me happy birthday videos on my birthday
@AlexDe_L what a nightI made a God Father and now I taste like I’ve been to Atlantic City #NewYearsUpdateself.widthConstraint.constant = 320; // HACK: Fix this before we ship
I could watch Efren Reyes shoot pool all day long. Dude is my hero.I need a version called A Coloring Book For Programmers at San Francisco StartupsA Coloring Book For Lawyers
lol @ people @BarackObama good !!! Good ridings that is
Retweeted by jp @BarackObama The nation's immoralities and bad behaviour is the cause of the bad weather which is from God.
Retweeted by jp @joshriker why u so sus @joshriker TIL @joshriker I thought you had just finished it. thanks for the QT @joshriker meh
Had to get… creative for JSON writing support without Foundation: Totally get why this isn’t in OS Foundation yet.So in Swift, [String:Int] is not castable to [String:ProtocolThatIntConformsTo] and that seriously sucks. Not really sure why not, either. @jsh2134 that’s what I’m doing for my actual app code, last night I was compiling the language itself and my laptop was about to blow up lolI think I need to buy a second computer just so I can compile Swift while doing actual work at the same time 😂
@joshriker a program I’m using keeps picking the wrong file and there’s no way to fix it so I can’t do what I want to doUsing the Swift Package Manager on OS X seems to import the system’s Foundation instead of the Open Source version :\ @SmileyKeith @modocache awesome, looking forward to seeing it in actionWrote a ruby script to build & run XCTest tests for SPM based projects. So far so good; should do the trick for now. @modocache for sure, getting CI up is what I’m going for after all. Did you get that up and running, @SmileyKeith?There’s a lot of work to be done on these tools but Apple is working v fast as far as I can tell watching the repos. Super excited for WWDC.Took an hour of fucking around with compiler options but I was able to get XCTest cases running without Xcode
@AlexDe_L ty @jc4p same it’s getting hangedGot a new piece of abstract art for Christmas, courtesy of my 2 year old sister for the annual extended family shit show 🎉🎄
@alicehlcomedy LOL amazing @alicehlcomedy or maybe you should broaden your horizonsWell, that and no autocompletion :(Downside is a few hardcoded paths due to the way the EBS targets work within Xcode :\So Xcode 7 with an External Build System target for SPM seems to mostly do the trick. Picks up compile errors & debugging with LLDB works. @kerrick yeah, but if I had to guess they’re planning on integrating llbuild support into Xcode for v8 so SPM will work then @kerrick not that I can tell, which is pretty frustrating, but I’d rather have SPM than Xcode on OS X and a manual build script on Linux @jc4p dependency issues that I’m currently trying to work around @jc4p what is so funny kasraSwerver builds using Swift Package Manager now which is neat but it was also pretty painful and it broke using Xcode
Dun dun dun… I implemented email & password authentication in Swerver @joshriker josh lil wayne is lil wayne with talent
Next step is to build it a homepage at hosted by itselfSwerver now supports Views, Layouts, Controllers, Models with a Postgres ORM, and Encrypted Client-Side Session State. 😁
Though to be honest the path to figuring that out really made me wish I had the ObjC runtime 😶TIL Swift instance methods can be referenced as first class functions and that’s pretty dope
@joshriker wat
@jc4p @AlexDe_L this guys gets it @AlexDe_L I actually dislike people atm anyway so it works out @AlexDe_L actually rip u bc ur in lawrenceville @AlexDe_L i’m not sure I will @AlexDe_L …I don’t get this @AlexDe_L Bitch Ass Bumble Fuck Shit Town of Un Desire Ables @AlexDe_L Lawrencevile @AlexDe_L “Tweeted from Lawrenceville, NJ”More interesting things coming along 👀
@jc4p i can’t take you seriously @jc4p he’s taken bud @jc4p noUnquestionable American nationalism and elitism is fascinating. We’re scientifically average as fuck, GOP!Yo what if we’re not that unique and that’s just true of all people everywhere, Rubio, what then?It’s not her main strength, but I think a nontrivial part of H. Clinton’s power comes from the extreme fear these candidates have of her.Are we gonna talk about domestic terrorism or nah? #GOPDebate
Retweeted by jpDeport s/Illegal aliens/human beings Let’s see what the constituents think when you don’t word it like an asshole @jparishy I admit to having help with this one amirite so dank & litWMDs & Russia, what year is it again? @joshriker put on the debate
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