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I make amazing software for universities & hospitals. Helplessly hopeful individual. Wannabe writer of screens. TV & Movie Addict.

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@AlexDe_L @jc4p NO THAT WAS THE JOKE YOU TWO CLEARLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND COMEDY @jc4p @AlexDe_L rip @jc4p @AlexDe_L you’re damn right if I wasn’t there wouldn’t be lines of women waiting to date the funniest man around outside my front door @jc4p @AlexDe_L *cries inside for the next 20 years bc Kasra doesn’t think he’s funny* @jc4p @AlexDe_L I WAS QUOTING IT BC I’M SMART AND FUNNY @jc4p @AlexDe_L I am funny and smart @AlexDe_L @jc4p this doesn’t involve you anymore Alex I’m now mad at Kasra now for pointing out I have no friends @AlexDe_L I twete is a self aware tweet get the fuck with it @jc4p @AlexDe_L I won’t apologize for not selling myself out for more followers LIKE SOME PEOPLE @AlexDe_L it was a joke tweteAlso, I wish I could have a whole film just expanding upon the first act. So, so, soooo good.Moonlight was both devastating and hopeful — a must watch — but yo those circle-around-the-actors-as-they-speak scenes made me dizzy 😬To date my greatest fault is not being able to drop pasta into a pot of water without burning myself, take what you will from that, World
Fuck the patriarchy, always has never been a movie I want to see less
I worked on this cool series and they need finishing funds. There were only 5 male crew members. It was amazing.
Retweeted by jpDat Xcode scheme 😂 /cc @BBCAMERICA
@engers 3 seems long
@jc4p i have a problemI have some regrets here /cc @jc4p’s a terrific film but I think it’s relatable in a way that hurts, and it doesn’t resolve it so it still hurts an hour later. Worth it.Manchester By The Sea’s ending wasn’t satisfying to me but I suppose that’s the point. I feel weird after seeing it. I think that’s good?
On Romney: “Can we just agree that white people are passive aggressive as fuck?” ~ @Trevornoah yes
Posit: We’re in remake purgatory bc every story about straight white men has already been told and demos are threatened by women & PoC leads @engers I don’t know what you’re talking about I made this Twitter dies I hope subtweeting stays in our collective lexicon because I love seeing it used without actually r… @jc4p happens all the freaking time, but it’s only half bad because at least I can assert my superiority over you plebsFuck you, Joseph Campbell jk ilu tiny, tiny bit of me regrets studying film and story because I can predict every outcome for more than half the movies I watch 😬I’m still mad that the muggle in Fantastic Beasts kicked in a door with a magic lock that even alohomora couldn’t open, I mean what the fuck#TheTake sure is #topical
ASSOCIATED PRESS ON "ALT-RIGHT": "In the past we have called such beliefs racist, neo-Nazi or white supremacist."
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@joshriker still waiting
I regret nothing @SwagathGourmet a brandwichMe cooking: 1. Gather every ingredient in the house 2. Mix together 3. Apply heat 4. Put on bread 5. Eat it even though it taste terrible
@jc4p zib @jc4p but his name is biz
@joshriker tfti
Mom: What do you want to do with your life? Teen Reince: I just want to be on the Fascism in America wiki page Rei… @nytimes, the @TorontoStar fixed your headline for you.
Retweeted by jpAll The News That’s Fit T— ohh! shiny!
Paul Ryan's Affordable Care Act poll is back up, at a new phone#: 202-225-0600. Press 2, listen to some BS, then Press 1 to SUPPORT #ACA!
Retweeted by jpPlease stop tweeting at me about Abraham Lincoln. I don't know who that is and I don't care
Retweeted by jpMike Pence getting booed at Hamilton is the worst thing to ever happen to a politician at a play
Retweeted by jpi can think of a few other things tbh
Your Bernie vs Hillary rehash is super useful as Jeff Sessions takes over the Justice Department
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@jc4p I believe in you sorta @jc4p I weep for ur future proprietary ex-wife @jc4p it’s called iMessageTake THAT, Trump
Regret to inform that I cannot see the Trump tweets you're referring to, as I am blocked by the fucking President of the United States.
Retweeted by jp @jc4p but also tragic @jc4p gross @jc4p i’m already aware that serverless is just a euphemism for eternal happiness @jc4p but can it micro serviced for cyber layouts on multi plexed instances @jc4p the sex toy? @jc4p all tech is dumb @jc4p no it’s strapped boots it’s differentWorkin’ on a nifty little tool for screenwriters — shh… can clearly see the decline of the editorial quality of the New York Times because they used the clue ‘Crazy’ for the word ‘Daft’ today
I wish I had the strength and composure of Barack Obama when my sink has been full dishes for a full week and also I have a dishwasherThread. account is actually the reason Twitter exists weird is it that, in 2016, cuck is now a word we use in public now, and it started as an insult until we had to actually reclaim itThis detail from the WSJ:
Retweeted by jpAnd that’s with me cheating by turning off the two lines before a scene heading setting 😬First rough draft comes in at 43 pages. Time for the chopping block — 7 pages gotta go. 🔪✂️
care of @BestCoast
Retweeted by jpthis tweet would be wayyyyyyyyyyyy more cathartic if i was religious but alaschrist almighty signs from yesterday’s protest in NYC
5th Avenue Takeover Fascism By The Pussy Body My Choice, Her Body Her Choice Grabs Back @jc4p I already regret that Sorry @jc4p did pumpkindick baldersnatch act good