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Not so much. Just stayed by a federal judge.
Retweeted by jpA Clemson professor got deported. I'm just at a loss for words.
Retweeted by jpThis is incredibly weak. This is like if you took milquetoast collaborationism and engineered it like soylent to be…
Retweeted by jpI for one believe that one day @jack will take responsib— lmao can’t even finish it @jcolebrand @jc4p hm can I have more options, can you cite sources @jc4p i don’t have any words my friend only puns today is just a sad day @jc4p kasra pls
mentally ill or completely unaware that there are real consequences to the things he says we won’t find out bc we’… list of things that can go fuck themselves afterwards: visual studio, cmake, the absurd lgpl license, google inc., and powershellI might break down in tears for the amount of time and effort that took there is a Muslim ban, refugees can pretend they're Christians. You know, just like Republicans do.
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This has been a heartbreaking Twitter feed to follow today, as Trump marks Holocaust Remembrance Day with a new ba…
Retweeted by jpDuh
What the hell did Trump just say about ACA? So incoherent. Did he say he wanted to "just do nothing" healthcare-wise for two years?
Retweeted by jp.@realDonaldTrump, apparently unaware Commerce doesn’t negotiate trade: “Don’t have my Commerce Secretary... I’ll have to handle it myself"
Retweeted by jpOur country is so fuckedJust threw up in my mouth watching McConnell talk about Jackson being the first President of the Peoplepraying before a speech is so fucking creepy wtf @jc4p i sry @jc4p lol i’m just trolling @jc4p as long as they don’t have to be passionate about ur company @jc4p passion? man c’monThere is a bitter spirit which prompts too many Southerners to wish to build a wall of exclusion against the entire outside world. NY1867
Retweeted by jpHow long until Twitter changes the search thing for Trump instead of something positive LIKE DELETING HIS ACCOUNT
The man is mentally ill"Jack continues to let Trump use Twitter as his preferred platform for spreading lies to millions of people"'t let anyone tell you it's useless to make noise. Sometimes it's enough.
Retweeted by jp @jc4p my left ring toe was @jc4p ugh gamify i’m out @jc4p I mean I would call a bunch of representatives first to see how their phone systems work but maybe that'd work to @jc4p could work @jc4p yea i don’t get it @cocoabro DMs probs not a great place shoot me an email i’ll response sometime tomorrow @jc4p i mean it probably could work yeah who’s going to sit and do the first dial though @jc4p maybe i dunno how the offices that answer them work or if they consider those robo calls nonsense and just hang up/ignore @jc4p what is a website @jc4p i’m gonna tomorrow kasra let me utilize social media platforms geez @jc4p every tweet is worth at least 1/12 of a call it adds up kasra @realAliceLahoda @cocoabro sure what’s up.@FrankPallone @CoryBooker @SenatorMenendez Hope you’re on this:
@realAliceLahoda it’s an alternate fact @realAliceLahoda hey remember that time i texted you and you texted me back and all was fun and dandy remember
This is all the entertainment I need in lifequestion one goes to NY Post, not AP question two goes to Christian Broadcasting Network...
Retweeted by jpReminder that taking a country's natural resources after invading is a war crime.
Retweeted by jpNo one in the room laughed at his little joke but I certainly laughed at him 😂Retweet if you want networks to stop booking Kellyanne Conway, the first U.S. presidential counselor to openly advo…
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My biggest takeaway from this morning is that I don’t think I know what litigate meansThis horrid human being makes my blood boil
Retweeted by jpChange in Abstract
Retweeted by jp.@RealDonaldTrump just set the world record for the guy rejected by more women in a single day in the history of humanity.
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Spicer, before walking out without questions, says they will begin to hold the press "accountable." No idea what that means.
Retweeted by jpOkay I have to go babysit my lil sis now, I leave you with these twitterers Truth America @SenSchumer appearance of us waiting to loop around, it's bananas out here is just the crowd *walking to the starting point* kid next to me asking his mother: "Are we gonna get arrested?"Most of the people getting off my NJT train carrying signs to march with 😎something something whatever makes investors money and doesn’t look bad on tv newsso @jack will look into this issue but just ignore having given the man the platform he needed to abrupt democracy ok i gotcha
@jc4p this was not rhetorical @jc4p I just walked from lat pull down to the window and back and someone took it why are people garbage @jc4p it was a stare and frownOld dudes starin' at my HRC shirt at the gym and I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUUCK @jc4p relevant to the movieYou know, I thought we were doomed but then M. Night Shyamalan made a good movie again so now idkTime to cry: Today is President Obama's last full day in office, what will you remember about him the most? @chillmage @realAliceLahoda that was some serious commitment dang
@engers don't forget Munich!! @engers why are you *always* trying to get me arrested JaredSomething amazing about seeing such famous pieces only inches away I imagine women in tech must feel fucking love the awl
Sen. Al Franken discovers Trump Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos doesn't know the difference between profici…
Retweeted by jpI wasn't sure I was a white millennial until I googled Fences after seeing it and thinking "this would work better as a play" the whole time