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Maker of software. iOS/Android/Rails/React/Node/Django Helplessly hopeful individual. Wannabe writer of screens. TV & Movie Addict.

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@jc4p parents bought me five bags of Stumptown coffee so everything is O.K. now we can all stop panicking
@jc4p yes I liked it @jc4p this is actually the worst conversation I've ever had @jc4p I think this is like reverse mansplaining @jc4p going to the movies is one of very few things I still enjoy doing don't shame me bro @jc4p the last one made me laugh @jc4p well if it's any consolation it's probably gonna suck @jc4p no idea what you're talking aboutNE1904
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You know what to do, America. It's time to come through for our country.
The White House is running like a fine-tuned machine
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I'm so comfortable with my masculinity that sometimes I don't even back into my spot in parking lotsffs, whyyyyy a way with words our new Sec. of Ed has
I hope Tinder goes out of business but Swipe Left makes it into our collective lexicon so in 30 years the youths use it but don't know whyGuess how many times a day I press the wrong fucking button on this dumb Spotify modal
Clip: @ShepNewsTeam sticks up for CNN's Jim @Acosta - & went further...
Retweeted by jpwhat is he even sayinggggggggg
There had better be a LEGO Doctor Who movie in gh works, I need more LEGO Daleks in my lifeAmerica rn:
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"I wonder if we'll be here a year from now?" Fucking same was predictable, it had a bad case or setpieceitis, and it was just kinda... boring. Didn't think that was possible.Wanted so bad for John Wick 2 to be good :(
As if 2017 couldn't get any worse DeVos just gonna tweet through bottomless brunch I see
Retweeted by jp.@Lesdoggg as Trump is all I ever neededI am a millennial in 2017 waiting for SNL to start on live tv AMA👏👏👏
Must read thread on "death panels" and the ACA.
Retweeted by jp @realAliceLahoda true facts, i even spell checked @realAliceLahoda is this a dumb idea or @AlexDe_L why aren't you at a barI have no idea why I find this funny but I'm still laughingBusiness partner just ate the orange on his Blue Moon and I am fucking DYING 😂
@engers @andreasilenzi tbh i can’t even say anything because mine says i’m a writerAt least he's focusing on the twetes that really matter is legitimately amateur hour. and these people have WH Credentials.
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Retweeted by jp @jc4p dude @jc4p you're no longer allowed to be a part of my joke twetes
Breaking: US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit denies Trump administration motion to reinstate the travel ban
Retweeted by jpIf every girl on Tinder is a 🌍 traveler how come they're within my match distance?? I'm starting to think this whole thing is a farce guys @AlexDe_L you will enjoy this
Hey @jack we know you don't care about people but maybe you can sympathize with companies losing money and ban the… wonder if the man is just trying to benefit financially as much possible so he can be impeached and go back to normal life with more $ @jc4p guns are for cowards @jc4p shut upWriting in this bar next to a dude who is showing off his gun permit to a couple of girls, dear lord do I hate peopleEvery single Senate Dem should get up & read this letter in solidarity with @SenWarren and in protest of GOP's decision to silence her.
Retweeted by jppro tip you can't mansplain if you don't talk at all
Retweeted by jpFormer FBI analyst crunches numbers on fed terrorism cases and finds "nothing" to support WH but does find this:…
Retweeted by jpRT now if you believe it is wrong for the GOP to silence @SenWarren for trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King. #LetLizSpeak
Retweeted by jpShocking. @SenWarren ordered to stop reading Coretta Scott King's statement on Sessions nomination. On the objectio…
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Sooooo…. when’s the protest? @jc4p Kasra this all started with a joke twete that you didn't even like!!! @jc4p my loyalty to Spotify is stronger than my family @jc4p i listen to albums, my starred songs, and things i queue everything else can fuck right off @jc4p yes but playlists are trash imo never use ‘em don’t want to wish i didn’t have to @jc4p this was done automatically by spotify for anyone and it was dumb and trash and i hate itI bet there's even a way to blame Trump on the Great Twitter Likening of 2015, what a fucking disaster know there's a lot to be mad at right now but can we please take a moment to chastise Spotify for removing starred songs in like 2014We should all blame ourselves for not shutting this all down the second we found out Trump's text bubbles are green
If Spencer comes out today dressed like Melissa McCarthy I’ll give this whole administration another chance @jc4p no @jc4p "who gives a flying fuck about these raci— oh hey look fresh coffee... what were we talking about? Oh right, la la land -- so good" @AlexDe_L still a piece of human garbage thoThe boos I'm dying 😂Ok I've lost interest can we have the dope new season of 24 with a black lead nowTom Brady Dedicates Patriots’ Victory To America’s Cold-Blooded Goliaths
Retweeted by jpYour move @ATT FUCKNYT reports Trump didn't know what he was signing -- POTUS angry at not being told about Bannon's seat on NSC PC
Retweeted by jpI am so down with an America where commercials on TV use kink as their premiseI swear to god if they didn't invite left shark back we're gonna have a fuckin' problem @AlexDe_L oh boy
@jc4p this is the validation I need in lifeEating at a Panera in PA that's out of avocados, this is how it status people @sturmen yeah! There's two big lcds on either end and the big one in the middle is gone