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There’s hos in the parking lotJust singing Tina turner with Jude law at the @Do_Over
@SpankandBlank My dad calls her “his girlfriend” lololOMFG @D33J is playing “self help riddim” 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 @Judnikki @Do_Over FENTY BBHi LA come to the ⁦@Do_Over⁩ @iamKITTENS This is something i deal with very often and the answer is i pass out anyways @_kywo ❤️ @jillianturtle They come hand in handWhen your florida friends get married and the only conga line is a train when the quad city DJ’s get playedWhen your florida friends get married and the dj plays jam pony express 😍 @jawnita @despotroast HAHAHAHHA i think i told him that i thought they were basura so he did that and it was like that FOREVER. @despotroast My name was in his phone as “disclosure” for like two years let me liveWatching my close friend of prob 15 years get married 😭😭😭😭😭😭
🤣🤣🤣 hi men @hrhhootiewho DEFINITELY @RaeWitte @JenaLuckman This is my dream situation lol @JenaLuckman I would like to be the person that comes in and comments on the fashionWish i could go to chicken and beer to see @jillionaire today @_itsamrit @high_keyz @thewhooligan I have it too and i love my girl and she’s taking appointments........ @alejsabillon Hahahahaha i know one too but England and when she gets drunk the accent disappears lol @cartelneeld “And i politely left” 🤣 @kevinkusatsu Best twitter returnMy new fav riddim is @TODDLAT whistling “mi gente “I learned last night that i have caused my bfs Uber rating to drop 🤣 @nickdierl GoalsYesterday was horrible but today was great @michaelwashh I love vertical videoOne thing i don’t like about LA is you can’t drive and play Switch at the same time
@iamKITTENS News needs to be a once a day thing at this pointNew music next week 🎬
Retweeted by JUBILEEI’m SO CAFFEINATED 👀👀👀 @darlingchuck @yopotnawhiz AHHAHAHAHA man I’ve been laughing at this for like an entire day i can’t @djacslater Hahaha i swear every time i see that place i have such weird thoughts @yu_whoooo Hahahah i am sooooo good at it @NIGELNASTY If you RSVP it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in @yu_whoooo HAHAHAHHA your friends lying to you about when they will be somewhere because they know if they say 5 yo… you are wondering how the rest of my day has gone i melted Nigels bag with my hair iron and then i left the hote… @LateefMauricio You are very nice :) @yu_whoooo 5 minutes @djacslater Omg i love that that place actually existsDo i go out in LA tonight or do i curl in a ball and cry? @CAKESDAKILLA A ho never gets cold @choitotheworld It’s such a self own that i can’t stop giggling about @stephmit I literally waited until my stop to tell a girl “you should date someone else” in front of her dude after… @stephmit Need a comment from @Cat_Marnell immediately @raihan_ @samgavinLA It’s the whole point of even eating there @raihan_ @samgavinLA WHY DOESNT KAZU DO HAND ROLLS TO GO WHYIf you guys don’t come through on this I’m quitting this stupid website @BillyCorben It is??!!! lolWhat ridiculous LA food(s) do i postmates to my hotel (downtown) after being in the airport 10 hours, a flight 6 ho…
@qrtrmusic @CosmoBaker Also that’s something i would say when drunk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol . @qrtrmusic Lol just come see @CosmoBaker next time he’s at house of yes and we will all partyFYI something that won’t make you feel like you wanna die - all of Nathan for you is on Hulu nowOh shit look at my location @jawnita @sighmachinegirl Don’t forget “legacy” @sighmachinegirl A “genius” judging by the way people have been throwing that word around lately @sighmachinegirl I’m more offended about the fact that she went to Zara @atrak totally feels like the time to have a national selfie day @qrtrmusic @Brodinski I believe it! @DJ_TUNEZ @Afrocarnival @TheBT_Group I’m so fomo forever @TINYBONES My baby @MrEddieHuang Oh i got you and on the front it will say ROLLANDO @qrtrmusic Hahah you are wrong and i can show you this is not true but the best rap dj i know IS French @Brodinski @TINYBONES It’s been SUCH a thing latelyExcuse me??? feel bad for whoever designed the original jacket that Zara most likely ripped off tbh @keysnkrates Did Matisse eat Wendy’s i need to know @LuxePosh @raihan_ Honestly they know it will be a media shit storm and it’s so 🙄 @MichnaOfficial I have @mbootyspoon a t shirt and he sold it same day @raihan_ lol ppl saying she didn’t do it on purpose like bruh there’s no other reason she would buy a $39 jacket fr… staying on brand! @CosmoBaker @choitotheworld When someone hovers over you and aggressively tells you to follow them on Instagram lol… @choitotheworld omg people are doing the forced Instagram follow on this flight!!!!!! Clout demons everywhere @delibeat A lot of DJ’s wouldn’t have jobs anymore 🤣 @request_healing Omg same!!!!!!I’ve been at JFK for 8 hours now so thanks for all the dog pics guys @shawnax Also my flight was at 8 but guess who’s still at jfk on 2 hours sleep