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Give her her own damn set.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @CAKESDAKILLA Hahha i was just having this convo today @CHCHCHEN_ You did it @Champion_DJ @Bass8oy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Me every dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy“Vinyl”
Retweeted by JUBILEEI wish @Uber , @lyft etc would help give rides tbh @bok_bok 🔥 @SpankandBlank @ROXYCOTTONTAIL I’ll be in Naeem’s 3XL shirt @SpankandBlank @ROXYCOTTONTAIL Hahahhaa this needs to be public. I got you 👀👀👀👀 I’m sure I’ll have to watch Roxy’s too @steaktweet Text it to meeeee @kaylorikay Omg you too? I don’t know why it took me so long i LOVE itOmg i just started watching Ballers and now i just want to move back to miami @jillianturtle ❤️Next week has been exhausting.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @TINYBONES So rude
@delibeat What if rage music IS your serenity music ? @jawnita @mattiesafer I use @meetdosist pens that i love thanks to @maggiehorn but I’m looking for ALL OF THE THINGSTomboy forever
Retweeted by JUBILEE @jawnita What do you eat plz share @CAKESDAKILLA @BYRELLTHEGREAT Omg this gif @Mokanno Oh shit i thought it was still downtown !!!!!! and not as often. Omg @Mokanno Is shelter uptown now? does it still happen???In bed still but posting 10 year old tracklists and mixtape covers on my IG storiesWhy does my bf have perfect eyebrows we all pay for . He’s never even touched them in his whole life .Everytime I travel I realize how much all the American cities I grew up in and have called home are part of the global cultural imagination
Retweeted by JUBILEE @COUSINCOLE Ok salt baeme: damn i just dropped my pick in my guitar guitar pick:
Retweeted by JUBILEE @OliveTonic COME OVER @COUSINCOLE Why would you hope there isn’t house in Harlem ? 🙄 @OliveTonic @Ziggfield @NeonNuckles89 @thedancepit HELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPGo offffff mom walked into our closet thinking he was leaving the apartment 🤣We need a ravers guide plz @desusnice I think about this a lotMy mom keeps drunk FaceTiming me from a lantern parade in Atlanta and screaming “THIS IS CRAZY” @OliveTonic Me
@thewhooligan @Delta PHNOMHHGGGGGGG MY FAF @babysarahrulz Humans that can’t figure out the laws of physics on a plane = one of my main reasons for my beliefs… @babysarahrulz Oh but i like the window @OliveTonic This is not the first time I’ve taken the 1 with a beeThere’s a BEE on the 1 train 🐝Progress is so cool because you spend so much of the journey being confused and frustrated and then all of a sudden…
Retweeted by JUBILEE @sunnygicz Ricky Bobby
Wow. That racoon wild for that.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @EmilyDust Just calculated what time it is there and yeah that sounds about right @kaylorikay Eat carribean food, go rave late night , find a man with health insuranceSext lord @MELANIATRUMP come and get your manzz plz @babysarahrulz LMAOOOO NOOOOO @stephmit Omg i went running there and felt like i was breathing through a straw lol @abra Lol wow even for her that’s just _____ @stareyezzz Omg @DjWheezie I hate it i wanna be a human @chungover OoooomgWe on in a half hour 🤙🏼
Retweeted by JUBILEE @brent_tactic I learned from the @FOURCOLORZACK mixes @brent_tactic Basically every great song like that is him when you look into it @kaylorikay lol wherever you have to spend less time in Uber’sTook one week off so far and I’m going INSANE not working why am i like this?
@chromesparks @hannibalburess I love this @MARTYN3024 @BradMossEsq Lollll i swear the hoops these dudes jump through to do literally anything grossmind if I text this tweet?
Retweeted by JUBILEE @hi_mija Yeah you are so right . Also experiencing some of these times alone is so up and downSam Sneak so underrated @bbbochelles this isn't about being hit on though this is actually more towards industry people and friends that go… @DJMoxie @MARTYN3024 @GoodRoomBK @residentadvisor PLZ @Francesc_RM @SonarFestival @2ManyDJs I wish I had this budget holy shit that is a dream @DJmadamX @FlavaD LOL WOWI need to work on taking in some moments because they are GOOD and then I am so quickly on to the next thing.lately things move so fast that I never get to think about how cool some of the things I've been doing are @MichnaOfficial LolAFTER HAVING FINALLY FINISHED READING ALL OF THE INTERNET, I HAVE DECIDED THAT IT IS NOT GOOD.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @alejsabillon Yeah i know it makes no sense @alejsabillon Net90 @choitotheworld Yo the housing works in Hell’s Kitchen is def one to check out at the moment JUST SAYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @MARTYN3024 @GoodRoomBK @DJMoxie @residentadvisor I have ONE out of town night this entire month. This is that nigh… @GoodRoomBK @MARTYN3024 @DJMoxie @residentadvisor Ohhhhhhh @hrhhootiewho Menning but also meaning @hrhhootiewho Ugh why are men always meaning @hrhhootiewho Oh no i don’t want to look this up i may need your censored version @hi_mija @JerrySeinfeld Omg lollllll @mankeepitdeep You right @JubileeDJ Jubilee “Do Not Disturb” apparel coming soon
Retweeted by JUBILEEThe fact that Mario was able to throw fireballs under water remains one of MY life’s biggest mysteries @THuggz Lmao tom @indigomoon666 Cherish that shit manIf you aren’t tuned into this Papi Juice @boilerroomtv right now i recommend you do so the vibe is so great @khalilasmall Me too but I’m just jet lagged @daSpizz @FlavaD For men that works . Women get “smile” which is already annoying @stereogamous It’s also friends that i love that I’m like i love you but can you call me later or something
@YoursTrulyCaro Wow you are lucky that makes men wanna bother me even moreI wish there was a “do not disturb” sign for you when you are at a club and just want to dance and don’t want to talk to anyoneEvery Jewish holiday @KERINROSEGOLD FaceTimes me with her grandmother who always says 199 hilarious things and then… only thing to drink in this apt is canned Babe Rosé so here we are @HUDAFUNK Would take Justin over brad any day MANS WROTE ZOOLANDER @HUDAFUNK Lol single isn’t sad girl. The saddest thing about her is how the press has been obsessed with her since…