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Seeing kids so amped on dance music every night for the past 4 weeks has been therapy for me @JubileeDJ boobs
Retweeted by JUBILEEOmg Dallas so many girls showing their boobs to @keysnkrates lol @3ThaHardWay1 Yo that’s my school and my FB timeline is so full of this right now I’m just unfriending one at a time here @Judnikki Anyone who doesn’t cry to that should go to therapy immediatelyEw now this president is in my hometown terrorizing it while everyone’s traumatized gtfo @kkingdomm Money @kaylorikay Did the cops take him to Burger King too?also he’s wearing a UM hoodie and throwing up the U sign in addition to everything that’s already great 😍Another thing I’ve learned from this tour of the USA is NO ONE FUCKING RECYCLESFTNT022 is out ... deep progressive bass music, best played at dusk or dawn on a proper soundsystem. shouts to my…
Retweeted by JUBILEE @RaeWitte I always miss Miami 😩 @myselaalvarez I wishI want uncle Luke and drake to hug it out after that video plz @mariayagoda Same dudes that do that and then ask to “pick your brain “ @KatSaysKill @Drake Yo me neither lol wtfWow it’s been a while since Drake’s made me cry 😭😭😭Your president just blamed the victims
Retweeted by JUBILEE @indigotshai TEXAS @sinistarr_313 Hahhaa omg i knowGoodbye Austin i love you so much @Plastician STOPPPPP @sosupersam @BLUETHECREEP 🐣 @abra HOME
@MannyMontiel Lol MANNYGERBrand new Vybz Kartel “Real Bad Gal” out now on Mixpak!🔥
Retweeted by JUBILEE @babysarahrulz This day feels unsafe without you @Promnitetracks @keysnkrates and @JubileeDJ tonight 🤘
Retweeted by JUBILEEAustin where can i find a Ms. Pac-Man game in the middle of the downtown area ? @pop_district Does south by still exist? @veryADVANCED Also this is in Texas someone should have stopped this @veryADVANCED I hate culturally confused hot sauce/food combos so muchThis is offensive @sosupersam Omg I’m typing this from a gym in Austin that has a eucalyptus steam room thanks @classpass @sosupersam We could also literally start a travel agency on the sideevery day i wonder how much longer i can continue to self-manage my career before my head physically splits open
Retweeted by JUBILEE @sosupersam This is my life lol the problem is we are so used to it now that it would be just as hard for us to let… @DJMel Yah come to @keysnkrates show tonight ! @Judnikki You can’t? Have you looked at Instagram? LolAustin weather is like Florida right now I’m expecting my grandma to just show up any second @lenorajayne ❤️❤️❤️ @oriongarcia_ @vulcanatx @keysnkrates LololAustin: @JubileeDJ Tonight @vulcanatx with @keysnkrates. If you didn't have a valentine's know that :)))
Retweeted by JUBILEEWho can i put down as a reference for this job? I’m glad my plants can’t talk i went to MSD high school my biggest fear was getting caught smoking or skipping school .Soon every teenager in America will have probably watched their classmates die and the ones that make it to 18 will…$2,861,047.00 from the NRA to make sure Americans keep buying guns.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @LaurelHalo Ilysm
@queenofbinomo HAHAHAHHAHAHA you are on fire tonight @allhailnastyal @keysnkrates Ohhh that’s a song by @mobilegirlll who everyone should check out she’s next level. Bu… time you hear a man call a woman a "female," punch him right in the dick
Retweeted by JUBILEE @penthouseLA @Promnitetracks Oh I’m on watch 👀 I’ll keep you postedYo @Promnitetracks just cut off a Nikki verse in front of me we have beef alreadyreminder: you need a THOROUGH background check to be on the bachelorette, so maybe also for death weapon?
Retweeted by JUBILEEHere's an article on how a massacre in 1996 forced Australia to change its legislation towards guns:
Retweeted by JUBILEE$3,124,273 from the NRA.
Retweeted by JUBILEEOh y’all wanted a twist????
Retweeted by JUBILEE @hunterpalooza_ @keysnkrates 💥☄️Hi don’t miss me plz @annalunoe I just hope many people in my hometown are ok . Letting my mom look into it because i can’t deal @NIGELNASTY PS @annalunoe one of the ppl that died was a classmate of mine that then became a teacher there and coach. its so fuck… @OliveTonic It’s true like why even bother saying it at this point @_itsamrit Hahaha i know!!!! Lol @OliveTonic Like why is this a thing that has to take longer than 23 seconds? @_itsamrit happy I’m glad we aren’t someone’s side piece daySo happy we get more thoughts and prayers todayGood news here 🌹 @rembert Totally normal @NIGELNASTY U r the man insiiiiiiiiiiiiide my dreamzzz @SpankandBlank Hahahhaa i miss youI’m from Florida so i have honestly been wondering how long it would be before it would be my hometown. this one looks really bad too. @AnnieMac Surprise there’s a news alert at this point since it seems to be an every day thing 🙁My high school has an active shooter inside it right now happy Valentine’s DayHappy @mbootyspoon day
Wow that Quinn / NYT thing was so fast is anyone even gonna know that happened ? Also do they not have google? @jillionaire HAHAHAHAHAHA @CAKESDAKILLA I’m fucking dying right now @CAKESDAKILLA OMG