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@pfizer Espy seems to have a surge of donations. He just reported 170K in high dollar donations in his latest 48-ho… @mycatsmom @pfizer is asking for its money back from Cindy Hyde-Smith "We condemn racism and bigotry in all its forms… which Trump argues we should overlook the murder and dismemberment of a U.S.-based journalist if it saves us a f… @karenamyatt Yes you didIf you value the independent, accountability journalism that put pressure on Hyde-Smith's corporate donors, please… watching the debate in Mississippi, I have no idea what's going to happen on Tuesday. But 5 major corporatio… Espy mentions Walmart asking for a refund in his closing statement. Notes the company says that Hyde-Smith…'s comments on voter suppression were not even mentioned.Hyde-Smith uses her closing statement to promote her rallies with Trump again. This has been an awful debate overall.Espy's question to Hyde-Smith is whether she knew when she voted for short-term insurance plans, those plans can ex… hits Espy two times for a discrimination complaint filed against the Department of Agriculture related t… notes that the bill Hyde-Smith supports to protect people with preexisting conditions doesn't actually require… says that Espy was in Congress "a century ago" (?) and wants "health care for illegal immigrants."Missed Hyde-Smith's opening statement: "The night before the election, the President of the United States is coming… quickly pivots off criminal justice reform to BUILD THE WALL.Hyde-Smith, asked about criminal justice reform: "I support law enforcement. I don’t support criminals"The debate is being hosted by supporters of Hyde-Smith. The guiding principle seems to be to make no news. Panelist… seems be to be speaking extensively from notes. She insisted that she be provided with a notepad an hour…"There is never been anything, not one thing in my background that has ever indicated I have ill will toward anyone… says her comments on "public hangings" were "twisted" by her opponent. Apologizes to "anyone who was o… (illegally) installs AG who suggests he will block subpoena, then refuses to answer basic questions about cri…, Walmart joined other companies, pulling support for Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith after a series racia…
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UPDATE: @ATT also asking for their money back from Hyde-Smith per CNBCNEW: ⁦@LeidosInc⁩, which yesterday just said it regretted its contribution, is now asking for its money back from H… @NucorCorp Dan DiMicco, the CEO at Nucor when the alleged racial discrimination occurred, is currently a trade advi… of the companies that donated to Cindy Hyde-Smith, according to yesterday's FEC filing, was Nucor Steel (…'s extraordinary requests were granted. Notable: "The top board members for the Mississippi Farm Bureau… "U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith demanded there be no audience or outside press allowed at tonight’s U.S. Sena… @Cirincione Thanks Joe! @taylordobbs Walmart told me that they sent the check on Nov 8, before the comments were public. Hyde-Smith reporte… actually sent him to a Walmart, lol's decision to ask for a refund from Hyde-Smith, covered on MSNBC Some context for this: The other guy in the picture is Greg Stewart. Stewart was part of "Free Mississippi," wh… "Embattled Hyde-Smith posted photo of herself in Confederate hat" @Walmart, @UnionPacific and @bostonsci are all asking for refunds from Hyde-Smith. @Google says it regrets its… isn't happy :( News: Walmart asks Mississippi Senate candidate Hyde-Smith to return campaign donations amid "public hanging" o… Walmart withdraws donations to Cindy Hyde-Smith after criticism Walmart asks GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith for campaign donation back because of furor over 'hanging' comments multi-billion dollar corps reversed their financial support to Hyde-Smith after their contributions were reported…🚨🚨🚨Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, is asking for a full refund of their contributions to Cindy Hyde-Smith.… @noamscheiber Lakers might be interested.Hey everyone: Several companies listed in Hyde-Smith's FEC filing today have issued statements Two are asking for… @noamscheiber counter-point: Do nothing, let the team implode, hope to get Zion, make deals over the summerMississippi Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith returned a $2,700 donation from a businessman who was sued for discrim…
Retweeted by Judd Legum @leidos Both @bostonsci and @UnionPacific asked Hyde-Smith for refunds. Only @Walmart and @NucorCorp have been si… @leidos says Hyde-Smith's remarks were "offensive and an affront to everything we stand for as a company.…"When one participant asked Ms. Hyde-Smith why she would not simply apologize, the senator offered a meandering and…"Her apparent inability to take the self-inflicted controversy in hand has unnerved Republicans and stoked Democrat… @UnionPacific @bostonsci This kind of accountability journalism resonates in local media. My reporting on Steve K… @legendaryhound1 @UnionPacific @Google you don't have to give up your email to read but fine @UnionPacific @bostonsci Cindy Hyde-Smith also returned a $2700 donation from a notorious racist today after I expo… multi-billion dollar corps (@UnionPacific & @BostonSci) asked Cindy Hyde-Smith to send their money back after I…
@alexkotch @cindyhydesmith will be interesting to see how much he gives to Trump this timeBREAKING: @bostonsci asks Hyde-Smith to refund its $2.5K contribution "We reject the Senator’s statements, which a… @alexkotch @cindyhydesmith Thanks Alex!BREAKING: @cindyhydesmith campaign returns $2700 contribution from notorious racist The donation from Peter Zieve… just donated $2500 to Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who said she'd be willing to attend a publi… is a $110 billion company That it would withdraw support from Cindy Hyde-Smith after it already sen… the latest on Cindy Hyde-Smith and her corporate donors, subscribe to my newsletter, Popular Information. Sig… @UnionPacific Contributions from the following companies to Cindy Hyde Smith were also reported today. They have no… After reported that @UnionPacific donated $5000 to Cindy Hyde-Smith, the company…"In 2001, Hyde-Smith’s second year in the state Senate, she introduced legislation to name a portion of Highway 51… has two bronze stars and oversaw the raid that killed Bin Laden. Bookmark this tweet for the next time the GOP… American has $5200 in their savings account’m not a fan of this idea. We need more options in media, not fewer. The fact that Google/Facebook has captured m… all the latest on Cindy Hyde-Smith between now and the November 27 runoff election, subscribe to my newsletter… @Walmart Companies that donated to @cindyhydesmith on November 18, a week after her lynching comments went public:… After lynching comments, @Walmart donates to Cindy Hyde-Smith @ProgressiveFor @StephanieKelton I don't disagree with this! @rudesan Well it could be whatever people want it to be but right now it's a forward-looking rule @joshfrai This is a fair point! I should have said continuing a dangerous asymmetry5. Without those policies there would be a surplus. So the idea that Democrats would self-impose fiscal austerity… The entire deficit this year can be explained by GOP policies passed since 2000. Bush tax cuts ($488 billion),… Pelosi has said she will reinstate it but that position would make it close to impossible to pass any bold legis… Pay-go is a rule that anything that increases the deficit must be offset by spending cuts or tax increases. Th… There is a lot of buzz over the jockeying to be the next speaker. Hard to see where this is going - she has no o…
@lukeoneil47 It is not amazing but I also find it preferable to all alternativesThis isn’t surprising but the President’s refusal to be interviewed by Mueller strongly suggests he has something t… is from the “serious journalism” section of Fox News
This is a pathetic tweet. He said he’d be a better Senator for women than Cindy Hyde-Smith. should tell Trump that he’s in charge of most of the forest management in California🚨 "Espy remains the underdog in the conservative state, but Republicans with access to private polling say Hyde-Smi… here's the timeline. After Cindy Hyde-Smith is caught on tape joking about voter suppression, she tweets a photo…
Retweeted by Judd LegumI'm so frustrated by the state of mainstream political journaIism (NYT, NPR, cable news) but heartened by the emerg…
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Hyde-Smith accepted $2.7k contribution from Zieve, who screened job applicants by race and offered employees a $1k…
Retweeted by Judd LegumCounter-point: Sarah Sanders hasn’t read the decision. Judge didn’t rule on First Amendment because he found a 5th… After lynching comments, Hyde-Smith accepts $2700 contribution from notorious racist
Retweeted by Judd LegumI don’t understand the “joke.” What’s funny about making it more difficult for liberal students to vote?'s PEOPLE that give Facebook power and PEOPLE can take it away. Facebook is profiting from personal information… headline. There is really no indication from the video that she’s joking about making voting harder for liber… @BrettFavre: Does your endorsement of Cindy Hyde-Smith still stand? Sincerely, Judd the latest on Hyde-Smith, her donors and the fallout, make sure you get my newsletter, Popular Information. Si… After lynching comments, Hyde-Smith accepts $2700 contribution from notorious racist details on the protests: campaign responded: "Obviously, Senator Hyde-Smith was making a joke and clearly the video was selectively edited."
@ShirleyKelly16 @Google I don't believe they've given anything to EspyNEW: There will be a protest at Hyde-Smith's campaign office in Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow at noon. is the most explicit endorsement of voter suppression I've ever heard a Republican say out loud. Stunning. S…