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In this way, Republicans are treating Ford less fairly than Hill. But they are also following their playbook for H… FBI would actually bring a lot of tools to an investigation of this alleged incident, including skilled agents…
Retweeted by Judd LegumRepublicans need two of those three (Collins, Murkowski and Flake) to confirm Kavanaugh. They hold the cards, not Graham or McConnellLots of noise today. Grassley says they are moving forward no matter what. But here is what matters: 1. Ford has n… @PatrickRuffini One of the great things about being older is the background music in supermarkets and stuff is my jamThe Anita Hill hearings were a travesty but even then there was an FBI investigation and 22 witnesses over 3 days… President of the United States, who 14 women have accused of sexual assault, is blocking an FBI investigation i… 14 women have accused Trump of sexual assault. He says they all are lying., who has been accused of sexual assault by 14 women, is playing a key role in this process potential witness who does not want to testify under oath. They’ve all lawyered up are talking a lot about "due process" for Kavanaugh but oppose an investigation and, although the alleg… FINAL THOUGHT: If you're trying to assess who is lying and who is telling the truth, pay attention to who is see… Other potential witnesses include Ford's friends, who she told about the incident in 2017 and experts on sexual… Republicans are also using small discrepancies between the notes from Ford's therapist and her current account.… There are more witnesses that can be identified and found. Ford told the Washington Post there were two other… The major red flag is that Republicans are also seeking to exclude other key witnesses from the hearing. Ford… Republicans claim its ridiculous for the FBI investigate an allegation of sexual assault but that's exactly what… embraces conspiracy theory that Ford's allegations were concocted as part of a Democratic plot. These peop…, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted me today. Never thought this is something that I would say. News takes the gloves off. you are trying to assess who is lying and who is telling the truth, one thing to pay attention to is who is seek… is a major effort to suppress the facts about her allegation. By excluding relevant witnesses, by blocking an… are eager to give Ford a fair hearing as long as: 1. The hearing happens Monday and not a day later 2… these allegations are false, wouldn't Kavanaugh want the FBI to investigate? They could help clear his name.BREAKING: Christine Ford says FBI should investigate before Senate Judicary hearing.
Ford gave the name of two other students who attended the party with her, Kavanaugh and Judge. Why wouldn't they…
Retweeted by Judd LegumBut remember, he passed Michelle Obama a mint once so it all cancels out @ByronYork Judge is an alleged witness, who has spoken publicly. There were three people in the room and Judge was… is an enormous red flag. To be clear, any hearing that does not include Judge at this point is a sham. Judge…🚨 Mark Judge, through his attorney, says he does not want to "speak publicly regarding the incidents described in D…"What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep. That's been a good thing for all of us" -- Brett Kavana… on this, and what a fair hearing for Ford and Kavanaugh would actually look like, in my newsletter tomorrow mo… Turn on Fox News Ford were inventing her story, as some Republicans suggest, why would she invent a witness, Mark Judge, and put… When it was: The Summer of 1982 2. Where it was: At a private home near Columbia Country Club 3. How it came t… confirms that they have not successfully contacted Dr. Ford after sending a couple of emails, but scheduled it for Monday anyway35 years ago Grassley was 50 years old. to Anita Hill's smear job on Ford last night on Hannity, which has garnered little attention so far, was not lost on Gatew… There is a systematic smear campaign being executed against Christine Ford. I detail it extensively in my news… The hearing should explore not only if Kavanaugh is telling the truth but also if his behavior in high school ma… A real hearing that gets to the facts would not just include Kavanaugh and Ford but Mark Judge, Kavanaugh's frie… Orrin Hatch 1991: "There are a lot of things that just don't make sense to me about Anita Hill's testimony. Some… The tactics being employed against Ford are practically identical to those used against Anita Hill 27 years ago.… They scheduled the hearing without even talking to Ford about it. They are now hoping she won't show up. A close look at what transpired yesterday reveals that Republican leaders were DESPERATE to avoid public hearing… schedule hearing to consider Ford's allegations without even talking to Ford and confirming she can att… more on the smear campaign against Dr. Christine Ford in my newsletter tomorrow morning Sign up at’d think that, in 27 years, Republicans could come up with a new way to smear a woman Anita Hill, 1991: Unrelia… an outrageously offensive WSJ editorial, the paper argues that Kavanaugh probably didn't try to rape Ford and if… is on it."You’ve got to deny, deny, deny and push back on these women. If you admit to anything and any culpability, then yo… should demand that Mark Judge, who Ford claims was a witness to the sexual assault, also appear on Monday and testify under oath
It's going to be pretty easy for Mueller to put together his obstruction case when the evidence is White House pres… is the way to go if we stipulate that Kavanaugh's future rulings on the Supreme Court only apply to the people… Republicans appear desperate to avoid a public hearing with Kavanaugh and Ford which tells you a lot @ryangrim An attorney wrote a letter to Grassley and Feinstein about these employees but so far no one has contacte… story by @ryangrim. There are apparently federal court employees willing to speak about "who have important sto… on Kavanaugh: "One of the finest people I have ever known...never had even a little blemish"' Trump on Rob P…"It's incredibly discouraging to see such a vile attack on such a decent man. Shame on any publication that would p… has been a systematic effort to smear and discredit Ford by the right today. It closely tracks what was don…"There are a lot of things that just don't make sense to me about Anita Hill's testimony. Some of it just doesn't s… Kavanaugh remembers this party -- and that he wasn't there? of blue dots on Twitter were happy to spread this false story gets VERY EXCITED about a report on "grabien dot com" about Christine Ford's student reviews It was the wro… makes a very important point The alleged witness to the sexual assault, Mark Judge, should also testi… on Florence from over the weekend:| -18 dead, 750k without power -It's still goddamn raining -Rivers and c…
Retweeted by Judd Legum @brianefallon Also there needs to be time in order to identify all relevant witnesses.This is a direct rebuke of Grassley's attempt yesterday to contain the issue to phone callsA significant development. If Kavanaugh acknowledges drinking until he passed out or blacked out, how can he credibly deny Ford's story?… Kavanaugh also spoke fondly of binge drinking in a 2014 speech to the Yale Federalist Society, telling an "amusi… This seems consistent with the picture he painted of himself in high school (Treasurer of the Keg City Club -- 1… The most important question for Kavanaugh, to me, is whether he regularly engaged in binge drinking -- to the po… from Trump Jr"I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday." It's ambiguous, but it seem… Trump Jr. mocks the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh on Instagram. He apparently has no r… Much more on the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, AKA Bart O'Kavanaugh, in my newsletter, Popular Informatio… 27 years ago, Hill told her story to an all-male Judiciary Committee. Today, there are women on the committee,… Arlen Specter publicly suggested Hill was fabricating her allegations because Thomas wasn't sexually interested… A core factor in the Senate mistreatment of Anita Hill was the RUSH to get Thomas' nomination to the floor Bide… Almost 27 years ago, Anita Hill testified before the Senate Judiciary committee. The way she was treated by the… year after alleged sexual assault, Kavanaugh’s friend and alleged accomplice (Mark Judge) thought it great to a…
Retweeted by Judd LegumQuestions Kavanaugh has not answered: 1. Did he know Christine Blasey Ford? 2. Did he ever attend a party with he… @TimothyKenison yes, and that is how polygraph evidence is considerd @hugheslrr I think it gives another, non-ideological rationale, yesThere is some background here if people are interested: those 18 states and some federal courts, judges apply the Daubert standard for the admission of expert testimony… is a a lot of "actually" Twitter going on right now saying polygraph test are not admissible in court This i… @rickles955 @seerlophane I think that's a big wildcard but ultimately could be important. Murkowski has played it v… @BmoreColin They are currently trying to handle it via conference call, which is the same idea. The question is whe… April 2014 speech to the Yale Law School Federalist Society banquet, Kavanaugh reminisced about partying (‘what…
Retweeted by Judd Legum @MaBell43650307 I'm not sure. Feinstein says she was attempting to honor her wishes to not go public. But it seems… @BillBazil @realTuckFrumper I think if you hold yourself out as a candidate for the Supreme Court scrutiny is appropriate. @samiamsamh I think that's true and he's also not saying it was a mistake. he's saying it didn't happen. @Snowhawk04 I absolutely think they would try to push another nominee through in the lame duck. Smart money is on Amy Coney Barrett @AngryFedupVtr I'm not sure. Republicans are very committed to him being confirmed. Prior to this my view was that… @AnnaKeesey That's possible although Kavanaugh isn't saying he doesn't remember. He's saying it never happened. @RohitPuskoor Yes, we've already seen Republicans begin to attack her character and its likely to get worse.