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The insistence on "more testimony" from people who have already written down what they know seems more geared towar… don't understand the hype about the upcoming Mueller testimony. He has already laid out extensive evidence of T… is a photo of Trump fighting the coastal elites Trump Facebook ad: "We can’t let Coastal Elites get away with this CENSORSHIP crisis. They’re not just trying t…
This is why the headlines from yesterday saying Trump “disavowed” the comments were so irresponsible. He has done n… Trump ad targeting women says he supports giving "parents 6-weeks of paid leave to care for their newborn c… Trump ad targeting women positions him as some kind of champion of gun control (This refers to some mode… Trump ad aimed at women says he supports protecting patients with pre-existing conditions. He has repeate…'s new Facebook ad targeting women features Diamond and Silk. The duo recently called Nancy Pelosi a "non-fu… Steve Bannon used cell-phone location data for people who had been inside Roman Catholic churches in Dubuque…
Retweeted by Judd LegumHOW THE GAME IS PLAYED: "Amazon...recently hired one of Trump’s campaign bundlers, Jeff Miller, to lobby on its beh…
Excuse me, Senator Graham. YOU called Donald Trump "a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot" And John Lewis is… launched a petition today, based on reporting from, calling on @Deloitte to e… IS WHAT HAPPENED: - Trump begins diatribe against Omar - Crowd starts chanting, "Send her back!" - Trump no… can't make this up. are two sides. You either stand up to racism or you don't. You either hold people accountable for racism…, 1/1/19: "I do not intend to comment on every tweet or fault. But I will speak out against significant state…“The sight of Trump ‘leading a white mob in a chant’ about sending a black Congresswoman ‘home’ will be ‘featured i…
Retweeted by Judd LegumThe chant is literally just repeating what Trump has said and tweeted. Democrats play it safe, Trump will probably win againThis is just another way of saying people of color should know their place. As long as they don't get "uppity" thin…
Retweeted by Judd LegumToday would be a good day for House Democrats to get Trump’s tax returns from the state of New York All they have to do is askThe real issue is that a new style of candidate threatens the consultant class and their $$$ Politicians who under… the geniuses who say that Democrats can't beat Trump if they nominate a progressive candidate w/progressive ide… and @adt started advertising on this show this week to top "lock her up" for irresponsible demagoguery but I think they've done it, they spoke under the condition of anonymity so they could trash their colleagues without accountability. Jour…
Hey, since you are here, check out my newsletter, Popular Information It’s like my Twitter only with full sentence… Rand Paul voted for a $1 trillion tax cut for corporations without any spending offsets you're profiting off figuring out how you can fit more people into the overcrowded, unsanitary, and dang…
Retweeted by Judd LegumRepublicans think women are too "emotional" for public office question. of stuff happening every day but it's worth taking a moment to reflect on this: It's the official position of… Other max donors (360K) to Trump victory include a member of Trump's cabinet and two ambassadors. His administra… Darwin Deason has donated $355,000 to Trump Victory. Deason and his son helped "choose the head of the influenti… Ike and Laura Perlmutter have given $721,200 to Trump Victory. Ike is the chairman of Marvel Entertainment. He'… Trump is accepting contributions of $360,600 PER PERSON through the Trump Victory joint fundraising committee.… Surprise! None of this was really true. Trump accepted donations from the jump. But flash forward to today and… When Trump entered the race in 2015, he bragged that he would be insusceptible to outside influence because he w… One thing that people have almost completely forgotten about is that Trump won in 2016 as a POPULIST A major pa… please a patriotic American, I'm taking the new Trump 2020 "strategy poll" and there are some really tough decisions reason is that Trump’s comments were racist and, unlike the network you work for, they care about the truth’s interesting that Trump was friends with Jeffrey Epstein and is now lying about it but there are also more than… @ADT Don't worry everyone, @ADT is totally on top of it just advertised on Tucker Carlson so if you are a white nationalist concerned about home security they've got you covered
1. @Deloitte has signed over $100 million in contracts with ICE since Trump took office What is the company doing…
Retweeted by Judd Legum.@Deloitte, can you please explain your role with the detention of migrants at the border?
Retweeted by Judd Legum[Trump ties his shoes together, trips, and falls on his face] CABLE NEWS PUNDIT: "The Democrats have taken the bait again!"Defending the president from charges of racism by saying four Congresswomen of color represent the "dark underbelly… one is asking you to support Democrats. You are choosing to defend Trump's racism. @LuxAlptraum Fair enough. @LuxAlptraum Just FYI, this is not true at all in my experience.11. Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) embraces Trump's racism House GOP leadership formally recommends embracing Trump's racism FYI, a CBP officer has donated $300 this year to Steve King, a Congressman who is so racist that the GOP strip… @cjgbest @SubstackInc @hamishmckenzie @jairajs89 But I will begin spelling his name right immediately. @cjgbest @SubstackInc @hamishmckenzie @jairajs89 I will start tagging him when he starts tweeting!Wow. is trying to build a tech startup as if writers actually matter. Pretty crazy idea but so far it's wo… IMPORTANT: If you work for @Deloitte or have information about the company's work with ICE, I want to talk to yo… @Deloitte is essentially throwing its own employee under the bus to avoid admitting the truth about the nature o… What is inaccurate about Brown's LinkedIn profile? The company is not saying. This makes no sense. Why would… @Deloitte 5. Here is where things get crazy @Deloitte doesn't dispute Brown's LinkedIn profile contradicts their i… This all started with a simple search of federal contracting databases. Then I started hearing from activists an… @Deloitte 3. An internal email, sent to staffers concerned about the ICE work, appears to misrepresent the nature o… @Deloitte 2. A LinkedIn profile by Jim Brown, a "Special Master" @Deloitte says that, at the company, he works on "… @Deloitte has signed over $100 million in contracts with ICE since Trump took office What is the company doing… If you are not happy with the United States please stay and help make it better @JosABank .@JosABank just advertised on Tucker again. As a reminder, it is a subsidiary of @menswearhouse9. Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) is embracing Trump's racism advertised on Tucker Carlson tonight so if you want to get a racist suit you know where to go8. Congressman James Comer (R-KY) is embracingn Trump's racism Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) is embracing Trump's racism
6. Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) is embracing Trump's racism @AugustJBrady yes5. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is embracing Trump's racism Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA) is embracing Trump's racism Congressman Ralph Abraham (R-LA) is embracing Trump's racism Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is embracing Trump's racism This will be a thread of all the Republican elected officials embracing Trump's racist attacks (Please reply with other examples.)Can we please stop calling Trumps comments “xenophobic.” All four are American citizens. Telling them to go back to… which racism is recast as a brilliant political strategy"There are those who are seeking to equate dissent with disloyalty. It’s a dark day in our nation when high-level a… shouldn't have to say this but just because some dude wrote a moronic, offensive story about Pete Buttigieg and T… very fine people agree with Trump's racist attacksLooks like one is in the works there a reason the House is not voting right now to censure Trump for his racist attacks on four duly elected me… is not subtle at all. TRUMP SAYS HE IS NOT CONCERNED THAT WHITE NATIONALISTS ARE FINDING COMMON CAUSE WITH H… is a headline from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the year 2019 is patriotic. Going on Fox & Friends with this kind of garbage is not. This sounds good but the fight is about how to fight Trump so it's hard to put that aside and fight Trump Fundamentally, it comes down to a disagreement in how to deal with Trump and the Congressional GOP Right now De… @AOC @IlhanMN @RepPressley @RepRashida 4. Trump is so committed to maintaining poor conditions for migrants that he… @AOC @IlhanMN @RepPressley @RepRashida 3. Trump has made it clear that he views poor conditions for migrants as an… @AOC @IlhanMN @RepPressley @RepRashida 2. When Pence went to the border & saw hundreds of men packed into a cage w/… Let's revisit what sparked the feud among Democrats @AOC, @IlhanMN, @RepPressley and @RepRashida didn't want to… is very proud of his racist diatribe against four Democratic Congresswomen SAY RACIST SAY RACIST