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Y'all are following Slate's live blog from the Women's March on Washington (and other satellite protests), right?
Ah, Park Slope! @cathrynjbrown @jbryanlowder Yes, it's a safe space--also hilarious.If you only read one summary of today's events in Washington, D.C., let it be @jbryanlowder's: great idea by ProPublica the latest Slate Academy, on Fascism. The first podcast is available to all: @sarapekow I could use that right about now!James Baldwin: American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, & more terrible than anything anyone has ever said abt it.
Retweeted by June ThomasJeh Johnson is today's designated survivor, per @JordynPhelps #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by June ThomasOne last look at Obama's LGBTQ legacy:
@TheOtherFilms @Memles The Middle at least acknowledged that escape rooms have been passé for some time.
@yoprice I haven't yet. @willcwhite He writes for Outward!Hey, ABC, having escape rooms on The Middle, American Housewife, AND The Real O'Neals is making watching TV feel like Memento.Those @radandhungry peeps sure do know how to wrap up a package! @ali97lurch @yoprice @AcornTV And, coming soon, Crownies (the show where the Janet King character first appeared).
Are you a writer interested in gender and LGBTQI issues? Check out this @IRP_media fellowship to report overseas: CBO report says that Obamacare repeal —Leaves 32M uninsured in 2026 —Increases individ. premiums 20-25%
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Hello, @tabletmagazine shoutout on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! @TheOrlandoJones #wardrobebuddies #closetfriends #lockerlovers @alison__wright C'MON!
@alison__wright You"re a goddess. I hope you're in every episode of Feud! @alison__wright YOU look amazing! @alison__wright YOU look amazing! @adam807 Wait, wait, what is this?.@aishahinds spectacles game is crazy strong. #tca17Whereas in Britain, the only officially funny people are a few tossers who went to Cambridge.Comedy Central's Detroiters is all about superiority of Second City. TV Land's Nobodies hypes the Groundlings. #TCA17I thought I wanted Orlando Jones' pants, but what I really want is Ben Falcone's suit. #TCA17Melissa McCarthy looks divine in a pant suit made from old picnic tablecloths. #TCA17Judging from the key art TV Land's Nobodies should be Oldies. (Sudddenly thinking other nets were sabotaging by giving us booze tickets.)Are the @ThrowingShade peeps Sam and Diane, OR, as I believe, the Jack and Diane? (Black-ish version, not ancient song.) #TCA17But which one is George C. Scott and which Sidney Poitier? Jason Sudeikis compares Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson to SP and GCS. #tca17 @BonMotVivant Were you tempted to craft a question that combined Snatch and a Quidditch golden snitch?"There's a C!" Daytime Divas panel sans context. #TCA17The sizzle reel for Daytime Divas evokes elements of Feud: Bette and Joan. #tca17What's with all the Hollywood straight guys kissing this week? @danielletbd It is my all-time favorite show. (Well, close.) @KSiteTV Franklin, of course!Wait, Breckin Meyer is in Crackle's Super Mansion? He is half of the greatest bro team in TV history: Franklin & Bash. #TCA17Though he's the Snatch cast member who's had the most dealings with the press, Rupert Grint is the mumbliest person on this panel. #TCA17Why is Chuck Bass speaking with a London accent? Still dripping with steez, though. #TCA17Time for Crackle’s “Snatch,” in which Ed Westwick plays a fiery Cuban club owner. I’ll just leave that there. #TCA17
Retweeted by June ThomasProps to Katie Couric for talking about her 2014 Carmen Carrera interview, albeit a little cagily: #TCA17National Geographic just announced it will turn David France's How to Survive a Plague book into a scripted TV series. #MovieBookTVSeries @sepinwall @TheFienPrint John Ridley for show/place. @ChristinaR720 @nastril20 It's a press conference--no applause."It's going to be you, some weed, and Siri" Mero on viewers putting in the work to get the references on Viceland's Desus & Mero. #TCA17 @adam807 C'mon, man. It's a to-do list! I bet your current system is far more complicated.Today's foreigner revelation: SIX's Barry Sloane (Longmire, Revenge) talks with a broad Scouse accent. #TCA17"Every 13-year-old boy danced with his mother" to "Wind Beneath My Wings" when she was a bar mitzvah singer, Idina Menzel says. #TCA17
Retweeted by June Thomas"Tarzan meets Shakespeare" is how @RamboDonkeyKong describes WGN's The Outsiders. "Romeo and Jane" adds @realpetertolan #TCA17Judging from this panel (which is always a little dangerous) S2 of Hap and Leonard could be even better than the excellent first. #TCA17Washington State's fascist heritage. Hellacious history by @KnuteBerger
Retweeted by June Thomas"I thought they were barmy"--Sir David Attenborough about the most logistically challenging Planet Earth II trip.The BBC America presenter just got the first round of applause I've ever heard at TCA--for a brilliant live presentation. #TCA17Why is bullet journaling popular? Because it allows you to feel productive while doing just about anything: biggest problem in these ACA debates? I don't know how to explain to you why you should care about other people.
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@JarettSays Your last question is my spirit animal. @tvoti @midwestspitfire I feel like Carrie Coon was basically providing VdW-Hill fan service with that answer. @GailPennington To be fair, it was only one propagando. @GailPennington More anti-cat propaganda!Tom Hardy's laugh is not the laugh you would expect Tom Hardy to have. #TCA17Given that Man Seeking Woman uses cartoon reality, I'm wondering if EP Andrew Singer is really Alfred Molina's FEUD character. #TCA17"Do you want to talk about the hole?" @joel_fields to @matthewrhys #TCA17Welsh accent No. 2 in the FX house. Well, by satellite. #TCA17Counting the Welsh accents on the FX stage today. So far: 1. (Initials CZJ.) @LindaFSemple The great thing about LL Bean is you can always return items for full refund. Even if you've been wearing them for years ...
Best part of TCA is discovering secret (to me) Brits or Aussies--I had no idea Prison Break's Dominic Purcell is from Wallasey."Before the Internet existed, feminist bookstores were my Google, my Craigslist, my OKCupid—and ... my Amazon" found queer books and community in #feminist #bookstores, a haven for bookish lesbians:…
Retweeted by June ThomasThis summer's Love Connection reboot will have same-sex couples, says Fox entertainment president David Madden. #tca17 @RobOwenTV I still have the Mama Money in my wallet! @RobOwenTV Every time I hear Queen Latifah's name, I think of her tribute to you--in song!
@GailPennington Oh, man, I should've called her mackerel! @JarettSays Ditto!Lance Black on politics and #WhenWeRise: "This show is under attack by the alt-right online. But this show is not a war." #TCA17
Retweeted by June ThomasConfession: The When We Rise panel is getting me more verklempt than the show did. (The show is good--but the panelists are fantastic.)"I would give anything in the world for it to be less topical right now." Dustin Lance Black on When We RIse. #TCA17