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@miketd I was there 3 weeks ago!Interesting piece by @JustinBengry on Britain's misleadingly named "Turing's Law" pardons for historic gay offenses:
Lovely piece by @LucyBledsoe about researching her aunt's queer life history:
@nathanheller Now I know what to get you for your birthday ...
@WillOremus @oliverburkeman Shhhh! @oliverburkeman Yeah, but I'm still right.This, one of multiple Aberfan chronicles i’ve read today is heart shattering Also this BBC
Retweeted by June Thomas @FayebellineW I don't know her--though surely I will meet her soon on my American TV set. @FayebellineW OMG, just thinking about her episode of Cucumber makes me verklempt. @margeincharge If you didn't like the first seasons, you probably won't like the new--it has maintained rather than evolving, H&CF-style. @ClareMalone It's the softest fabric that ever lived! At least that's what a certain undies company tells me. @margeincharge The new season of Longmire on Netflix. A hugely underrated show. @oliverburkeman (R insists that word is made up. Every time someone says it on TV I replay it for her. Endlessly.) @oliverburkeman I can guarantee there will be no discussion of compersion, however.As @rachelheldevans points out, imagine if Obama were caught peeking during a prayer.
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On the latest Double X Gabfest: HBO's Insecure, Emily Witt's Future Sex, and the gender Trumpocalypse: @RhonaHotchkiss @LindaFSemple @NTSonline Ooh, thanks for the tip!
@daphneedenis That GIF is an insult to walruses, which are lovely, gentle animals.Big moment of second debate: he'd prosecute and jail his opponent. Big moment of third: won't accept election results
Retweeted by June ThomasCan you imagine listening to this easily debunkable madness in silence? For longer than 3 seconds? That itself is a…
Retweeted by June ThomasThis summer in Durham, I spent a few days learning to make an audio essay. This is the end result. I hope you'll li…
Retweeted by June ThomasHow undershirts will make America great again | @junethomas
Retweeted by June ThomasSo good! RT @nathanrabin: I just published “I have discovered many ways to not make money by writing books” @danielletbd So specific!
@Kiki1788 @JackieJokester A little closer to the season premiere. @JackieJokester I hope so! @ZackFord I'll definitely allow that exception!I always wear an undershirt--it's the most normal thing about me:…any guesses on what’s in store? :-) #TheAmericans
Retweeted by June Thomas @joel_fields FINALLY, the Jenningses are going into the home dentistry business full-time!Ooh, my fellow Americans, Scott & Bailey S5 coming to Hulu Nov. 15!
@ladyterrier Now you see why we are renters! Very close."She created a national icon and entertained millions for nearly quarter of a century."
Retweeted by June Thomas @Memles Worse than #EmprtCup? Asbestos mouths. art prize! RT @Slatefr: La taille du pénis importe peu aux femmes (enfin, ça dépend)
Don't miss Southwest of Salem, a great doc about the San Antonio Four, on @disoverid tomorrow:
@Benevolus29 Only in context of The Imitation Game. Stories need pegs. His is very well-known. New book out soon might be an occasion tho.
@margeincharge I like it when I watch both shows. The recent SVU/Chicago Whatevs ones annoy because I DGAF about the Chicago shows.Since I'm sure you're wondering, I much prefer comedy crossovers to drama ones. Don't make me watch another show to see whodunnit!Interesting @davidcanfield97 take on last nights Brooklyn Nine-Nine/New Girl crossover: @Benevolus29 I can't imagine why you think I need to look him up!
Fascinating @publicroad piece about how the pro-life movement is increasingly young, female and feminist: spoke with John Preston about his fascinating new book about the Jeremy Thorpe scandal:
@dankois 1. Penelope and Javier; 2. Allison and John; 3. The rest. @moryan Preach! @mjs_DC Why is he on a roof? Is that where hot guys hang out? With the birds?We're going to meet a potential cat (well, an actual cat--potentially our cat) tonight. I was never this nervous when dating.
@portmantina DAMMIT! Gloria Naylor:
Look at @FTAlphaville trolling the hell out of nasty @AmberRudd_MP
Retweeted by June Thomas @nycmaggie @portmantina That's absolutely right.Is @portmantina right that it's normal to close your eyes when in the dentist's chair? NO, NO, NO! wrote about A Very English Scandal John Preston's great new (in the US) book about the Jeremy Thorpe case: NEWS. #Borgen
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@Coops_tv Perfectly matched with Lucy Speed, too. She's always been such a great TV actress. @americodasneves It's the ink that matters--look for waterproof inks. I use Noodler's Bulletproof Black, most of the companies make some.
@alijhardy @ladyterrier @ladyterrier Ditto!
@katelinnea Manchester was not always a cultural hotspot! (The customer service was pretty terrible, though!)Things I never thought I'd say: The Deansgate, Manchester branch of Waterstones is maybe the best I've been in. @davidplotz Atlas Obscura is even bigger in Manchester!
@katelinnea I just watched a random episode of Victoria. It's a bit more Downton Abbey than serious history, but I think you'll like it.A classic of the genre ... interdire les Stan Smith? via @Slatefr
Retweeted by June ThomasThis illustrated article about the history of Mayan codices is so fascinating: h/t @emmaroller
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@lahoare I thought I saw a former Corrie star in Scarborough yesterday. Same dies, right? @niallblehein If I ever addressed my mam as "Mummy," she'd reply, "Whaty?" @niallblehein Twas not me--twas a woman who seemed genuinely entranced by books, though her relative was not!
@realRobertTrump That was indeed the subject of my first Slate story.Going for #PeakScarborough tonight: Ayckbourn play, directed by Ayckbourn, at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. @user24 @jjn1 Others have said the same thing. I'm in Yorkshire. I wonder how many variations exist! @peterbjordan I need to get a grant to tour Britain studying the card store racks! @readingwithtea I am indeed! @forthelongrun Never! @LindaFSemple @buletproofcardi I used to call my man and dad Mater and Pater--though not in public. @LindaFSemple I wrote and deleted "English"--should've left it. Wasn't there a TV show about an Irish family called Me Mammy?The British class system is never more obvious than in a card store. @Memles Please promise me you won't ever stop watching Bull! @typewritersarah Indeed--my background is working class. Perhaps my US-based bourgeoisification is a factor!