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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Managing Producer, Slate Podcasts. Host, Americans Insider: Formerly Outward, Advocate

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@millerad111 I think that was 7. @laronovitch Me, too!
@markboynz @ryanoneil @margeincharge I’m not sure that’s true these days—or it feels less true than ever—but we’ll… @markboynz @margeincharge Oh, yes, Catastrophe and GLOW (though in my memory, GLOW was a drama!). @markboynz @margeincharge I loved both. But Kimmy Schmidt and Mrs. Maisel? @markboynz I also adore American Housewife, but not Top 10. @markboynz @margeincharge I agree with you there. My issue is that streaming comedies are also excellent right now. @markboynz B99 is on my list. I watch and like all those others and some others on your list (though I’m very behin… @markboynz Two network shows? U.S. networks? I could only manage one. @TaraAriano Britain would like to. And one more TK. @kvanaren Are Brandy Beans the other? @laronovitch A very long tradition (Also Sally Fields/Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump), but one whose day has come and gone, I think. @kvanaren A very good point!Anna Chancellor is only 13 years older than Matthew Goode (and looks closer to him than that), but, sure, cast her… @KilroysCarnival Be careful what you ask for!
@SamuelAAdams “Lose some weight”? (Per @parabasis) @daveweigel I feel robbed of a chance to explain it to you with the use of sauce bottles and gravy boats.I don’t hate that Season 2 of Jessica Jones will premiere on International Women’s Day.
¡Nuestro boletín N. 16 está recién salido del horno! @_pinavelasco nos habla sobre su experiencia como productora d…
Retweeted by June ThomasHow did Trent Franks get $5 million, you ask? The @phoenixnewtimes found his net worth, which comes from his shares…
Retweeted by June Thomas @laurahelmuth @Slate @xwaldie @stevensonseth Oh, how i miss working with you, Laura!
@elgabfest habla con el Sen. Tim Kaine de Dreamers, Roy Moore, y el futuro del Partido Demócrata: @Lenntorp I would also add that I do judge a politician negatively for not speaking any languages other than their… @Lenntorp I agree--and the interview itself is fascinating. But if people don't speak that language, they may still… guest on this week's El Gabfest en Español was Sen. Tim Kaine (aka the man who should be veep). Check out his f…
Thank you @HenryGrabar for thoughtfully showing all sides of this issue. As a 60+ yr. resident of Fremont working i…
Retweeted by June ThomasThis is the town I grew up in, where my parents still live. @BenSasse was a classmate. I remember mass at St Patric…
Retweeted by June ThomasThis is a really nice looking index card:
@fmanjoo Forget Harry Potter; read my dentistry series to Junior for the next week or so. @junethomas @elgray do you know about this?
Retweeted by June ThomasI guess one is a variation on the other. I'm still in on the Little Drummer Boy Challenge! explain my last tweet, there's a (sort of) game to see if you can avoid hearing Silver Bells during the holiday… @elgray It's one of my favorites--but there's a game where you try to avoid hearing Silver Bells all through the ho…, I just heard Silver Bells in the wild. I’m out for 2017.Slate tech writer Aaron Mak says, "I regret hiding my Asian heritage when applying to college. No one else should h…
@TVMcGee Not to mention a truly terrible CSI two-parter. @MejoMelissa Indeed, indeed! Thank you.
@klinnenbank @asherly Interesting. Thanks.
@PerfectAdequate @thehighsign @Slate Nature red in tooth and claw!
@JohnDosPassos2 @thehighsign @Slate @thehighsign @Slate How do dogs respond to mice? I’m pretty sure Kipper would resolve any mice problems we there a word for the brazen corruption and dishonesty it takes to run on “drain the swamp” and then literally ha…
Retweeted by June ThomasThis might be the worst story of killing a mouse we’ve ever heard (please tell us yours):
Retweeted by June ThomasThis week's El Gabfest en Español is still superfresca--listen to it on your commute home! of like visiting the podcasting mothership ⭐️ 😀 Thank you @junethomas, super sharp managing producer of @Slate
Retweeted by June Thomasthat queasy mix of excitement, apprehension, and curiosity yr feeling right now about michael flynn? americans who…
Retweeted by June ThomasThe NFL is the worst @sodiumlitskies Thank you! You're a person of taste! @sodiumlitskies @JHWeissmann @xxgabfest @jim_newell @Slate I loved TT, too—just not sure we have the resources for…
@TheFienPrint Is it always rhymed with “silly billy”? @ElizbetD @xxgabfest @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone We're working on it! @willcwhite Well-known fact: It doesn't count if I start every sentence with "As a committed republican ..."On the new @xxgabfest, @HannaRosin, @NoreenMalone, and I talked with Angela Naglen about the manosphere, plus sex p… @NockCo OOOOH! Can I hold off ordering until the new Seed cases arrive? Only time will tell!Hay un nuevo @ElGabfest! @LeonKrauze, @janrodrigueztv, y @DoriToribio analizan la influencia de la política America… @ElizbetD @xxgabfest @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Yes! Fantastic piece.
@imontheradio is insane. Not a single Republican voted against judicial nominee who never tried case, spent year as paranorm…
Retweeted by June ThomasLas dos fases de la vida del freelance: 1. No tengo suficiente trabajo, me voy a morir. 2. Tengo demasiado trabajo, me voy a morir.
Retweeted by June Thomashow I imagine Ann Curry today.
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@Memles @MandiBierly Enjoy your Kraft Dinner prize! @Memles @MandiBierly How much do you miss Canada right now, Myles? @MandiBierly This tweet made me realize that I somehow erased my TiVo SP for curling!Thanks, @shannonboerner, but I can take no credit for the great work of @leoncrawl and co.This thing went all the way to the top! Our new podcast SLOW BURN is now #1 on the iTunes charts. Subscribe and dow…
Retweeted by June Thomas @TheFienPrint I should've voted for Longmire and klarged it up even further! (Also, WE ARE RIGHT!)
@LaurenEMorrill I clicked through only to be informed that I’d bought it on a previous occasion. Clearly I need to…
The hug between Nola Darling I and Nola Darling II in Episode 6 of She’s Gotta Have It was strange and lovely. @dwnr11217 I so agree about Ruby—she’s the Della Street of our age. No lending cars to sheriffs! Thanks for listening!
@elgray Same!
The final beat of the final episode of the final season of Longmire was the ultimate fan service. (For which I say, “Thanks!”) @Memles I’ll take Dramamine before I watch. @Memles You found the one thing that will make me watch Mindhunter. #closedcaptionsalwaysonFantastic conversation between @janrodrigueztv and @LeonKrauze in the new @ElGabfest en Español:…
@ParraV Santa likes to keep zir plans secret, Vanessa. @ParraV You know me well!
Esto es para Puerto Rico 🇵🇷❤️ Te amo
Retweeted by June ThomasSlate brought three of Harvey Weinstein's accusers together to discuss their experiences:
Hang Up and Listen w/@stefanfatsis on Nathan Peterman and Carson Wentz (w/@bykevinclark), Lavar vs. Trump and Draym…
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