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Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester.

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The Vatican pharmacy has an annual turnover of 40 million euros! this week's Double X Gabfest, Bernie Bros, CDC guidelines, and Samantha Bee's new show: I love @pankisseskafka's pieces because she makes me relieved I didn't go into academia or because she's great?
Watching the Bronco chase on The People v OJ, remembering seeing the real thing in an Iowa Dairy Queen with @ingridaemerickIt means we need more Difficult People. Or that we should record on the street. Or that we should up the volume.
@TheFienPrint You didn't watch Master of the Mix? She was magnificent. @willcwhite I do, though time is a running out for it. (I'm still confident it will come. Really.) Come over for a game of tiddlywinks!I got a "hat tip" in the Hot Pod newsletter this week. Achievement unlocked!
@Memles Just like at the end of 2 Broke Girls? @jasonlynch Whoa, no kidding!Bienvenidos, New York Times en Español, y enhorabuena @lpolgreen! Plus Peeps, @stevensonseth and I talked about Thomas' terrible time on Downton last night: @oliverburkeman Though the way the photo's cropped (or perhaps the way my brain works), it looks like they're on the ceiling.
@moryan Make it so!Update @vulture story with video of #TheGoodWife surprise end ad and quotes from Ms. Margulies, etc.
Retweeted by June ThomasWe made one of our writers watch every single Super Bowl. He learned one big thing:
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.@iamsambee does diversity right in her writer's room and has same stats as #audiohack did! @lamthuyvo
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@nathanheller That explains her virtuosic piano playing! (Her dad being a teacher, not your failure as a balladeer.) @TVMoJoe So flattering! @TVMoJoe I wish I'd met Joe Adalian at seventeen. (Though he wouldn't have been born yet, I'm pretty sure.)About to see Janis Ian at Lincoln Center. 16-year-old me is very excited, especially about the "in New York" bit..@lahoare explains why Berlin is opening a shelter just for LGBTQ refugees: @FayebellineW And let's not even mention how that becomes thrice as difficult when the weather is hot and sweaty. @juliaturner needs this one! Color in Rosie!'m fascinated by WGN America's Outsiders--if only they'd turn up the nerdy stuff and dial back the violence: @dinaherbert @DoubleXMag Amazing!
@jimmaiella i used to stay there when visiting NPR West. As good as it gets for a nondriver in LA. @ACVTweets I did NOT see the big story's denouement coming, though I was pretty prescient with the love stuff (other than Sara/envoy).
@DinoStraciatela @JillFilipovic @crampell @chrislhayes Not crazy and much respected, but Shirley Williams was dinged for her appearance.
@TheFienPrint They're just trying to maintain their TCA eligibility because they like to celebrate their anniversary at the Langham.Jacob Tremblay dancing his way onto Ellen is the thing that finally killed me
Retweeted by June Thomas @suellentrop @AdventureMtn For accuracy's sake, it's one iOS device, one Android! Also, I demand paracord chat with @jjsutherland! @nwquah @ACVTweets @danengber It was creepy. @nwquah @ACVTweets At the dawn of Slate podcasting when I did the Explainer podcast, someone sent @danengber a clip of me saying his name.@heathertwit knows how to write a kicker! #bachelorinterruptgate @nwquah @ACVTweets You only have to wait 2 days for the big finale. (It's already on the website, but I'm a pod purist.)
@jamaicandale NOR ME!They'll have to move on to something else afterwards. Maybe Call the Midwife. Or War and Peace. Anything really. June and Seth rule! (3/3)
Retweeted by June ThomasBecause that's how I feel about @Slate's Downton Abbey podcast by @junethomas and @stevensonseth only having 4 more episodes to go. (2/3)
Retweeted by June ThomasIs there a word, perhaps in German, for the way sadness begins to coat bliss when you are 50 pages from the end of a really good book? (1/3)
Retweeted by June ThomasI'm about to retweet three shamelessly ego-massaging things.If you're confused by Italy's gay rights protests, @sociallore has the scoop on #wakeupItaly and more: profile of Ellen Ullman: @LaurenEMorrill I can't believe it took me so long to find it. I've inhaled 20+ episodes in the last week; might rewatch when I'm done!Speaking of Iowa, @JoshVoorhees on what to watch on the GOP and Democratic sides.It's here! Follow #ColorOurCollections for some great choices. #libraries #archives @NYAMHistory @BioDivLibrary
Retweeted by June ThomasGreat @michelleinbklyn report from Iowa. Will tonight's caucuses show waning of evangelical influence in the GOP? @grifter1910 I need to go back and look at that again, because several people have said that.Slate Plus peeps: Guess who came to dinner on last night's Downton Abbey? @stevensonseth and I yack it out: from Chicago's gay history, and the importance of not just focusing on New York and San Francisco: @guan SHAME! SHAME! I mean, GOOD! GOOD!
@yoprice Nice. Here are my Lamys.
@yoprice Safari? @yoprice I hope artists wearing dentures as part of their projects is the first step to affordable dentistry!
@yoprice I think this is it, though I confess I really haven't used it myself. It's a crowd-sourced jobbie: @TVandDinners Been there so many times.Hanging head in shame! RT @skipperjane: @junethomas is talking about tv musicals on #doublexx and forgot about Galavant? Oh noes! @TaraAriano @NoreenMalone YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND, NOREEN!The latest edition of our podcast prompted a reader email asking if we were drunk! (We record at 9 a.m.)
Retweeted by June ThomasI talked with @johnscottdryden, showrunner of TUMANBAY, about the epic radio drama and its same-sex relationship: Double X Gabfest: power pose, procrastination, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! @yoprice No, but there is an attempt to make a stationery map of the world. I'll dig it up later in the day.
@thejongardner @thehighsign True, though we both work from home when not podcasting!
@ReginaLee_LA @DoubleXMag A good episode of Today in Parliament that day. @writerchica BUSTED! @writerchica That's a different writer, sweetie! @writerchica That's a different emoji, sweetie.Reading an old @writerchica piece, finding the greatest parenthetical ever: "(That's a different beach, sweetie.)"Slate dot com is looking for a funny, opinionated, enthusiastic culture blogger for nights & weekends. Email me if you're perfect for it!
Retweeted by June ThomasHere's what Marlo Mack would like you to know about what it's like to raise a transgender child:'s book is about Afghanistan, education, war, occupation, reconciliation, and more:, was just out of college when he first wrote for me. His book, The Last Thousand is out today:
@Lucasguy Ooh, meta! @Lucasguy No, but I've heard a few whispers. Very curious. @stahlidarity Hi Aviva. june.thomas[at] a good piece! @SilvestriWoman @stevensonseth I don't think that's in his power--and I bet he's OK with George as heir. She can be regent. @SilvestriWoman @thehighsign True. (Though I thought Dana did mention him--it may have been edited out when trimming for time.)
@stemvik I'm already sad we won't have an excuse to be goofballs about the show after March 6. @stemvik Interesting! @leathebooth Ooh!The flirting between Julia McKenzie's Miss Marple and the policeman in The Secret of Chimneys is really quite scandalous. @GailPennington I do love a tater tot, and I manage to restrict myself to once or twice a year. @jeffbakalar Yes, they have them at Top Hat on Broome. (Just saw them last week; lots of colors and sizes in stock.) @thinksitspeople Oh, my! (Usually, I'm strictly a malt vinegar woman.) @verticalis @_penaddictfm Thank you! @tsbugg Oh, my, that sounds good!I had tater tots for tea, and now I'm wondering why I don't eat them every day. @Wsterrell IN-teresting! @Wsterrell Whitney, got a galley of your new book on Friday. SOOOOO looking forward to digging in.I love seeing writers' book shelves (and towering piles of books to read). keen on the new Sports Reporters set, but at least it prevents Mike Lupica from slapping @johnreporters' leg right before the show.
Just got an email saying the Brooklyn Museum is closing at 2 p.m. I can't believe it's open now! @johnscottdryden I'd love to chat with you about Tumanbay for Outward, Slate's LGBTQ section. If you follow me, we can take it to DM!You know what you should binge this snowy weekend? The BBC audio drama Tumanbay. I'm obsessed. @hyperbolise It's a very odd piece of fiction. I liked it, but although teeth are on every page, it's not really about teeth.
This Is What The Cast Of “The L Word” Looks Like Now via @Hilary_W
Retweeted by June Thomas @allofmilov Blech!SO EXCITED. The mighty @junethomas reviews @mercystreetpbs with me on @pubpodcast! #pubmedia
Retweeted by June Thomas @FayebellineW Downton is entertaining in its badness--TIMES ARE CHANGING! Mercy Street is sincerely bad.
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