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Why do queer people write fan fiction? To see themselves in mainstream culture, says Rae Binstock: great House Slate video about last night's Game of Thrones:
@JimHalterman Ha! I'll listen to the podcast soonest. @JimHalterman Did the Live show go well? @Jesselansner I mean, I could (and I very occasionally do), but I prefer to watch with my American compatriots!I need this to come to American TV, pronto.
"Everyone did their job that day." What a lovely story.
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@thrasherxy Hmm, now I'm convinced you're big in Westeros. @lahoare I imagine him sitting in a small room backstage, transmitting to a large screen that y'all sit in front of. God, the future!
@maggistitches Quite! It's a bit of a stretch! @aSuperTech14 @joel_fields Thank you! @katelinnea It's approximately twice as bonkers as last year, so ... @carolineframke Sgt. Dodds, son of the chief of D's. He'd been the sergeant on the SVU squad this season.The Season 2 introductory segment to Wayward Pine is surely the most bananas thing on TV right now. Maybe ever? @carolineframke There was another on last night's SVU, by the way. (A guy on his last day on the squad, natch!) @jodyleetweet ❤️💛💚💙💜 @jodyleetweet @TheAmericansFX @Slate Sorry, fixed now. Appreciate the heads up. (I listened on the article page.) @margeincharge I have some tissue-like things from Muji in Japan that are effective, but you still have to clean your glasses all the time.Nashville was a mediocre show about music, a GREAT show about addiction, says @WillOremus, persuasively: @DundasKeele It's funny, of late I've been remembering that I spent a good deal of my youth camping with my family (in a motor caravan). @DundasKeele NO! I hadn't even heard of it before. Must. Seek. It. Out..@jeffreyseamster's new bags and makers podcast, Carry On, is temptation torture: @jackshafer One for the "shit but watchable" quadrant of the matrixThe great @xwaldie on hobby anxiety, a condition that seems to afflct women more than men: this week's Americans Insider podcast, an expert on spycraft explains how to search a room ... properly:
@MediaObsessed Dang, we need it in the USA!BTW, if you watch The Americans (and if you don't, why not?), don't miss last week's podcast with @composerbarr: @plettre MAKE IT SO! @Jesselansner That would be dreamy! @ssoar Ive taken quite bold steps in this area:
Retweeted by June ThomasSo glad The Americans, my favorite show--and my favorite showrunners--gets two more seasons to tell its whole story. @AlySemigran No sock suspenders? You did right. @tvoti Your latest (great) newsletter sounds like the setup to a (great) episode of (the great) Being Erica.
Great @lbennett exploration of TV's most effective image rehabilitation machine, Dancing With the Stars:
Slate Plus peeps, here's @parabasis and I on last night's meaty Game of Thrones in this here podcast: @G_Whitney_Leigh I didn't watch yet, but the reviews have all been good.
@lpbradley At least one of her amazing hats.The thing about tonight's crazy GoT episode that's really wigging me out? Lady Crane = Essie Davis = Miss Fisher! Whither the bob? @willapaskin The 100 had a (spiritual) sort of Kilgrave this season, too.
@TyMy88 @NoreenMalone @HannaRosin @DoubleXMag No comparison! @carolineframke The season finale didn't leave any room for doubt. Which is not to say she couldn't come back from the dead. But she's dead. @publicroad Judging from your Twitter TL, NH is obsessed with bumper stickers, window decals, and death. @carolineframke Ziva died on NCIS, though the character left the show two seasons ago. @gilbertcruz The algorithm thinks I have terrible taste. (I have exquisite taste. In terrible shows.) @vozos @browbeat @bloomerj I understand. But there's a spoiler warning at the top of the post--and the tweet doesn't give anything away.Hmm, whose jacket could that be? @NY1arts's Book Reader segment, I talked about @marikotamaki's great YA novel Saving Montgomery Sole: @bloomerj piece on how the gay twist in Neighbors 2 turns the "bromance" on its head: is my favorite story in a LONG TIME. @michelleinbklyn found a remarkable woman while wandering Copenhagen:
@Rick_Baumhauer Exactly! @Rick_Baumhauer PS That's an amazing photo. @Rick_Baumhauer Oh, Rick, I'm so sorry to hear that. Sooks is well, thanks. A little stiff in the back legs, but otherwise good.My new favorite thing. RT @karibaumann: @junethomas my cat's birthday was yesterday. @karibaumann AMAZING! @KCWRTRGRL Here's the hat! @BlazingGlory420 That she'll allow. But only with me. @BlazingGlory420 Neither Sooky nor I believe in driving! @DavidCaithness MEHNDEE. (It's like Monday in Franglish.)Listen to @composerbarr play his sympathetic drone cello and spill his musical secrets from #TheAmericans
Retweeted by June Thomas @DavidCaithness EXACTLY! I sometimes like to pronounce it as if it were a French word. @DundasKeele Please let it be Pennsylvania Avenue. @HESherman Only when I sing "Da, Amerikanski ye-eest" etc. while the theme music plays. @DundasKeele UNBELIEVABLE!New Double X Gabfest: Weiner (with the directors), high heels (with historical confessions), and Ali Wong (great): musical @TheAmericansFX Insider podcast this week: We talk to fabulous composer Nate Barr, he plays for us!
@jamaicandale I like the Tomoe River paper, which is great with fountain pens. Not a ton of space, though. @jamaicandale Some photos. It's not flexible like a Filofax, but I do love it because I like the size, and ...
@jamaicandale I love it, but it's not for everyone. Early start tomorrow, but I'll say more tomorrow P.m. @jamaicandale I've used Hobonichi this year and last if you have any questions.
@hyperbolise @SlateCultFest @juliaturner @Metlandia Mostly I remember the Scottishness of it all.Join me, won't you, in lobbying for @swansburg to write a weekly (daily?) sneaker column. JS on the Curry Two:! I see what you did there, @jegner:
@elliottholt @TheAmericansFX Wow. He played some of his crazy instruments for us and was fascinating about the process of composing.How cute is @HannaRosin (and Lulu and Alix) in the new Invisibilia host photo? V. cute! On the Americans Insider podcast I spoke with FX supremo John Landgraf, Colette Wilson, and all the J's: What evolving portrayals of gay/bi teens on TV tell us about America: few things from me last week. 1. Praise for the Bran/three-eyed raven flashbacks on Game of Thrones: @kvanaren Or lilac.Is it just me or does NBC's new fall show Timeless seem a lot like Tiago a Través del Tiempo? #Upfronts2016Envious of Victoria Wood tribute: RT @jackseale: Tonight's TV, according to the predators and prey at The Guardian: Korean Gothic lesbian revenge thriller that's captivated Cannes:
Retweeted by June ThomasThe Kings' new series, Braindead, is filming in Brooklyn Monday.
@Memles it takes a lot to shock me, but shock me this has. @darthspock72 It's the character I dislike. I have nothing but love for PauleyP! @oliverburkeman I'm curious how this week's column (yours, that is) does. That's quite the grabby title!
Watch this page to see how conservative pundits are handling the Trump situation: @mvsyyz @margeincharge The LARPING ep is so great, though, just because we all knew what was coming next week. Or in 30 seconds these days @maggistitches @Watching @margeincharge I'm glad you mentioned the weird look of the pilot. I was worried for a second (well, 42 minutes).A lovely tribute to Geek Love's Katherine Dunn from @dankois: (Oh, to get an email like that one!) @ghweldon I stand corrected! (How about for shoulder-hung bags?) @ghweldon Pinning this for the next time you claim not to be totes geeky.My love letter to Game of Thrones' Bran and the three-eyed raven flashbacks:
@mollierachel I understand--problem is the talent disperses once filming is complete. They'll all be in the epic final episode! @mollierachel I hear you--one problem is that we had to tape before the later episodes had been filmed. Tricky!On this week's Americans Insider podcast, we spoke with the mayor of TV, John Landgraf, and FX's Colette Wilson: @kpfallon @writerchica My panic room is a normal room painted white. I become invisible. @JoshMBingham Yes! The show's of 2015.
@dbarefoot @stevensonseth Thank you, THAT GUY! @adam807 @Memles QUITE! @TheMadBrand @yoprice @KCRWPressPlay Ta!