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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Managing Producer, Slate Podcasts. Host, Americans Insider: Formerly Outward, Advocate

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@JacDanVulc @pescami @SlateGist Victoria Wood is my deity! @bbamok @pescami @SlateGist I do not! @JacDanVulc @pescami @SlateGist Manchester—and grew up speaking Lancashire dialect—but I’ve been here for 35 years!
(It was for science.)I hope my (expired) British passport doesn't get recalled after my assessment of Prince William's attractiveness wi… EPISODE: I've heard both Christians and Muslims frown on interfaith marriages. So I met with a couple who run a…
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@afaiella @CostaRonin @TheAmericansFX Costa is a fantastic talker--he really thinks about the show and the characters.I reviewed Disobedience, Sebastián Lelio's new film about lesbian longings in an Orthodox community in London:…
@brettmartin Also everything bad.
@reblavoie @Moe_McMurray That’s what all the spies say. @reblavoie @kdk545 I have an interview with the team that designs and decorates the sets coming up soon. (They we’r… @reblavoie @Moe_McMurray Well, Henry does go to school in New Hampshire! @MatterOfConsent @joel_fields @joeweisberg Thank you!Cuando @leonkrauze @FPizarro_DC y @arielmou caen en la madriguera que es la administración Trump, solo los "podcasc…
Retweeted by June Thomas"It does come as a surprise when the culture of pot looks so much like a strip club." Is weed culture hostile to w…
Retweeted by June Thomas @MatterOfConsent @joel_fields @joeweisberg I think you’re right!
@tlacotwitt @LeonKrauze @ElGabfest An issue currently causing controversy in international cricket! @Hurricane_Eddie @sepinwall Alan replied to an earlier version of that tweet. (I had to say the same thing twice be… @mattyglesias Read the last word in that tweet as "dentistry" and was legit excited.Olivia Pope is the only person in the world who can drink from a giant wine glass while smiling, nay, grinning. Her… more from the J's, Costa Ronin, and spy tech superhero H. Keith Melton, check out this week's Americans podcast: you think the warehouse scene on last night's episode of @TheAmericansFX was too dark? @joeweisberg and… @FayebellineW She went to my school!Did you think the warehouse scene on last night's episode of @TheAmericansFX was too dark? @joeweisberg and…'m not on this week's excellent @xxgabfest, but here's more info about the sort of "bus tour" @NoreenMalone,… @alison__wright Me too!Here's this week's episode, BTW learn the best new Spanish words from @ElGabfest. This week, "bola de baba," @LeonKrauze's translation of "slimeb… @ladyterrier I did not know that! That show has an amazing cast. @ladyterrier What was the third show after Homeland and The Americans? @ladyterrier Thank you. Horrendously brief--I missed having lunch with you.I couldn't resist this tea towel--from Honey Pots in Llangollen, Wales! Americans podcast! @joeweisberg, @joel_fields on why that scene was so damned dark, the amazing @CostaRonin on… @featheredstuff And now it is my mantra, too. @featheredstuff I am so glad I saw this episode, because it made your tweeting of it even more fun!
@thebestjasmine You must promise only to use your powers for good.
@mjs_DC Lucy is my spirit animal.Benefit of a radical ‘80s: I got a discount in a bar called Sandinista by singing the Sandinista national anthem. (The bar is empty.)
@bereftylefty On the BBC if you’re in England. (I am for one more day.) @HelenDGray I enjoyed telling my mam about his pre-clerical career. @sixfootmonkey I’d never heard of it before this evening. Now I want to watch all of them. @davidplotz Like GBBO in that it’s kind and collegial and includes contestants from many walks of life. Sweet, smar… @sixfootmonkey Yes, I liked it for that—and it illuminated how much the ability to BS is key to making a career in… favorite British TV show: The Big Painting Challenge. (I know the US had a similar show, but this is so much be… yes hi hello. 30K RTs and we do SMASH season 3. @meganhilty 😏
Retweeted by June Thomas @getwired Uber for dryness. @FayebellineW Oh, believe me, I’m a DFL. (#Duffer4Life.) @FayebellineW Like hockey it’s a cruel sport if you’re a duffer—just standing around waiting for a ball that will n… @FayebellineW Nothing pleases me more than seeing netball on telly (either a real game, as here, or a fictional one on Janet King).
@jennifer1sulli1 Thank you! @WillKnott @jfliks Oh, man, I was in Primark the other day with my mam and didn’t seek out the stationery. I did bu… in Wales ... @elgray @alheavens I feel like you’ve already locked in a prime suspect. As West Cork and many TV shows remind us, this can be a problem. @elgray @alheavens Bilanies from heaven? @aimtx Not sure why S5 E13 showed up in the example, but we are doing Season 6. @aimtx Did you find it? Not sure what app you use, but here's one source:
Loving West Cork, but the best part thus far is hearing @jfliks warning us not to trust a character in Episode 8. I… @GarethOval Not so baffling when you see what 45D is. @willcwhite And in America Crossword Parchesi.Hey you! (Yes you.) Apply for Slate's summer culture internship! NYC-based, 40 hours/week, paid, runs June thru Aug.
Retweeted by June ThomasNot sure what’s more terrifying, this (UK) crossword clue or the fact that the last clause is needed. @laurenzcollins Think of the dinner party anecdotes your hospitality would provide. (Disclosure: This tweet sponsored by your alumni group.) @nasu1917b Well, it wasn’t that exact question! @jefflang Yep—just post-production now.
@jefflang No, but I've read all the scripts! (We have to finish taping right as the final episodes are being filmed.) @jefflang Phew! I’m in Britain this week (Wales, actually), but I’d prepared it before I took off. @jefflang @Slate Hey Jeff, I hope you found the podcast. @TheAmericansFX podcast for Ep 603, talking with @joeweisberg, @joel_fields, the great @NoahEmmerich, and edito… @nasu1917b I asked Joe about that on last week’s podcast (or maybe the week before’s). @Rhyssell Agreed. Glad you enjoyed. @jefflang @Slate @TheAmericansFX No such plans currently. The Gowanus is especially lovely in spring!
@terejhager Greetings from Dublin Airport. (Just passing through!) @MitchFriedfeld I love The Neighbours theme tune (and recently sang it with an Aussie colleague). It fit the show’s…
@kayla_marra @NoreenMalone @HannaRosin They're on our show pages, and Slate Plus members have access to a repositor…
@terejhager @xxgabfest Brokenwood Mysteries (NZ); Miss Fisher, Dr. Blake, Crownies and Janet King from Australia. P… @CostaRonin Your Homeland character is my worst nightmare! @CONELRAD6401240 @alyssamonks @TheAmericansFX Thank you! Glad you enjoy.
@presserb Indeed! And the actress playing the cop, who I’ve never seen before as far as I can recall, is really quite good!If, like me, you were put off CBS’s Instinct by the “serial killer” part of the concept, know it’s as un-gory as su…