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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Managing Producer, Slate Podcasts. Host, Americans Insider: Formerly Outward, Advocate

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My rival team leader in tonight's NYPL After Dark trivia contest. #lgbtnypl #nypllgbt, gimme, gimme
@winniedemoya @svershbow @xxgabfest @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone @BellHouseNY It was a really fun show. Jenna Lyons was fabulous.Pride is about visibility, but what does "visibility" mean in 2017? Big package spooling out from Outward: pots!, tonight, won't be just any night ...
Just a few tickets left! was on the @SlateCultFest with @Metlandia and @c_cauterucci talking It Comes At Night, Beth Ditto, and Claws:
The law is one thing, but I don't know how you watch this & not conclude Philando Castile was murdered, full stop.
Retweeted by June Thomas @LaurenEMorrill So much good hair in this family!Two Radio Rookies pieces @xxgabfest's producer @veralynmedia worked on won big awards: and @elgray I know! I was relieved to learn it was just a terrible show--and yoofing it up.What a lovely evisceration:
@vdconsani Her social life is 1,000 times more fabulous than mine. @vdconsani Always. @vdconsani I wish, but I fear not. I'm stuck in Brooklyn for the summer. (I mean, I love Brooklyn, but it's not P-town!)Only two more weeks of emails in which corporations inform me of this thing called "Pride month."
@hootdad I think it might be my favorite celebrity sighting from all my years in New York. @ldpincincinnati We're connected!As we're eating at a macrobiotic restaurant in SoHo, Patti Smith walks by. 16-year-old me is crazy excited and very confused. @gobsmackled The British obsession with/awareness of class will outlive us all. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Better than US denial. @gobsmackled Second confession: I judge some people who take them and not others. (I'll always let working-class sl… @gobsmackled I admit, I do like a honours list. (And I always look at them--just in case I'm on it.)Dame Julie Walters, Dame June Whitfield. Good picks, queenie!
@JudeeLBurr @Slate That's what I hope for in EVERY movie.
@TVMoJoe Simpler, covfefier times. @nathanheller @AlyssaRosenberg 💚💚💚💚💚 @kelseyjodonnell @NoreenMalone @HannaRosin Mine, too!.@SeattleOpera always has the best costumes! @landsbaumshell I'd describe my reaction as "triggered."Opera Twitter is so metal. LGBT member of the Capitol Police helped save the life of an anti-marriage equality Congressman yesterday. Wh…
Retweeted by June Thomas @AlyssaRosenberg In Britain, crank letter writers to newspapers known as "the green ink brigade" because of their favored color. @MeredithBlake Yobaby? @wendygaskill Ta!New @xxgabfest talking Wonder Woman, James Comey, and Theresa May with @HannaRosin and @NoreenMalone: @kelseyjodonnell @NoreenMalone @HannaRosin I think we've had some 10s. And we've rarely decided stuff was JUST NOT SEXIST!
I'm superexcited for this! Listen today, then come back on Friday for more.
@grubreport @MeredithBlake @Jezebel 10,000 heart emojis.Dear internet--more Kamala Harris GIFs, plz
Retweeted by June ThomasCome celebrate Pride at the New York Public Library on Friday, June 23. I'll be helping out with the trivia contest.
Cool just @megynkelly chillin' with a guy who claims the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook are liars and…
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@FayebellineW I have a colleague who wears one every day. If he weren't approx. half my size I'd be plotting to steal his cardie collection.I prefer Armistead Maupin's version of Bohemian Grove to House of Cards'. @FayebellineW I would take a graduate degree in Cardigan Studies.Thirty years ago today Paul Boateng, Keith Vaz, the late great Bernie Grant & myself elected to the British parliam…
Retweeted by June Thomas @anneapplebaum Reminds me of a segment on BBC quiz show A Question of Sport where panelist must ID a barely shown athlete. @margeincharge Preach! @BitterOldPunk Now I know (a bit about) Dave--and Marty. Damn good story.
Hey @xxgabfest fans! Come to our live show in Bklyn 6/22 w/ the fab JENNA LYONS: tix: @junethomas @NoreenMalone
Retweeted by June Thomas @dharris Both, I guess, but especially the latter.Headline on NYT review of "Julius Caesar"
Retweeted by June ThomasRuth Davidson's Scottish Tory MPs will be prepared to defy Theresa May
Retweeted by June ThomasShocking fact: For the very first time, more than half of UK MPs were educated at state (US trans: public) schools.
On 90 Seconds w. @Slate, everything you need to know about the UK election, with @JuneThomas!…
Retweeted by June ThomasFirst to know 45 out LGBTQ MPs in new British House of Commons. 19 Labour, 19 Tories and 7 SNP. Global record Details in Pink News shortly
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Wondering if David Dimbleby's "bloody hell" (re Renfrewshire East) was YouTube Live bonus audio. @magary So if I am silent for a long time and then speak for a while and then go silent again, you will feel at home?More Welsh being heard in the US tonight since, well, ever. (Though even I can hear that some of these accents are awful.) @TaraAriano Three generations of his family in political journalism. David and his dad have done election night coverage for decades. @TaraAriano Richard Quest is no Dimbleby. @TaraAriano Phew!Can I blame Trump for having to watch CNN's off-brand UK election coverage? I guess Congress is too hot for C-SPAN to cut away from.**Call for Pitches!** @SlateOutward will publish a special pkg on "visibility" for Pride. Details/guidelines here:
Retweeted by June Thomas @karibaumann Ta! @oliverburkeman If my vote ever mattered in my "home" constituency, the apocalypse would have arrived. (So probably not tonight.)Back in America. Now what is this "work" thing that everyone keeps talking about?
The Shows With the Best LGBTQ Representation according to @sepinwall @junethomas @aprilmac @lizlet @TheFienPrint
Retweeted by June ThomasI won't pretend that I wrote this myself, but I took part in the #shodoexperience #toyogakuenuniversity
@theRubellion Good time (almost) guaranteed!Come see us in Brooklyn--Thursday, June 22. Still a few tickets left.
@gilbertcruz And yet no one ever walks into anything with their glasses off, as I definitely would.
@gabrielroth I am la-la-la-ing over the recent poll data, because if true, all my beliefs and prejudices will be dust, and then what?Spotted @HRC annual report in a typography exhibit in Tokyo.
@Panger2017 @TheAmericansFX @joel_fields @joeweisberg So kind! Thank you! @damianstack I don't do drugs, but I imagine the experience is similar to binging Sense8, especially Season 1. @svo1905 Glorious Gowanus! (That strikes me as a very kind view of the place!) @damianstack I'll allow it.I'm so sad about Sense8!