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@MeredithBlake It's late. It was a poor joke! @MeredithBlake MadsAlb. She guested! @MeredithBlake Are you going to TCA? (I'm not.) Oh, the question was supposed to be about the woman who guested on Madam Secretary? @bioannie They performed together in Brooklyn tonight.Tonight in Brooklyn, kd lang proved butch swagger is alive and well and on tour.
I wrote about Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, which is more than a supersized episode of the TV show:
@peterjblack @mjs_DC Yes! It got pushed out a bit. Wish I could tell you exactly when it will launch. @ise_khan Northern English! @margeincharge Does he still have mommy issues?Such a good point about Survivor's Remorse from @margeincharge (in today's @NYTWatching: @TalkingTV Hangs head, slouches off ... @timrobinson1957 @Slate I got that one wrong. No tattie scones for me! @timrobinson1957 @Slate To be fair, that gave you a big advantage on the haggis and sporran questions. @guan Thank you! @jpjernigan It was a tricky one this week. @ise_khan Thank you!I went ahead and made it easy for you ... @Firehorsegirly @Slate You rock! I didn't make one correct guess this week--and I had to guess at far too many.Peter Thiel says trans bathroom access is a distraction:
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Donald Trump says he'll protect LGBTQ people, but who will protect us from him?
Retweeted by June Thomas @batpoet @thehighsign @Slate Thank you! @colm59 I think they saved a column to note the Thomas family's day trip to Blackpool the next morning. @karibaumann Thank you! @thebestjasmine Thank you! @SebastianNebel Don't click! I regularly get emails that contain study photos that leave quite an impression. (Dental humor right there.) @ise_khan Ta! @Rick_Baumhauer Ta! @thehighsign Watching Trump, of course. @thehighsign Aw! Thank you, D!The front page #OTD in 1969. Men walk on the Moon. #nytimes
Retweeted by June ThomasMadly trying to figuring out the combing secrets of the @amyewalter 'do. #PBSSlashCookReportHairGoals
I think Scott Walker's background at the RNC is the recycled set of Broadway's Ring of Fire.Make Angels Great Again! @jbryanlowder digs in to the Lucifer quotient of the RNC. @lahoare @POLITICOEurope Excellent piece, albeit depressing. (And MPs giving more support to Smith than Eagle is even more of a bummer.)Love Anne Perkins on Angela Eagle and the Labour Party's "whiff of old patriarchy": @richardpbacon Now I feel like a librarian. SHHHH!
@karihow Be careful what you tweet. I'd be up there in a Brooklyn minute.I turned off NatGeo's TCA presentation as soon as @richardpbacon suggested I'd never heard of him. (Also because it was too loud.) @karihow Stop making getting out of the city look so darned attractive, Kari! @sarahlyall You were right. Boris got a haircut:
@dloges UGH! @chrisremo Not yet! (I very much hope never.) @dloges This afternoon I was told that rate no longer exists for international mail. (Still works within the U.S., though.)A clarification to my earlier rant: The PO worker meant that there is no longer an INTERNATIONAL media mail option. Darn it. @JackieJokester @USPS Yes, sorry, to be clear, she meant INTERNATIONAL media mail. (It still works within the US, thank goodness.) @Duck_person Oh, I know, but I have the book that I want to send to my friend. Crazy that it would be cheaper to buy it again. @marduntur It's bananas. (And it has gotten worse in the last few months.)"No more media mail," the post office worker said. @USPS, you're making me crazy. And I've always been a fan., it's too bad my mom/friends won't get their gifts (until I'm in the UK), but truly terrible for international exchange. +They wanted 3x the cost of the item just to mail it (and not because the item was cheap). $23 to send a book?I've left the PO with my parcel in hand, even after wrapping, filling out forms, schlepping down there, standing in line. +The international mail is too damned high! After 30+ years of sending things to England via USPS, for the third time in a month, +
@awelfle This reminds me of an old perfume ad: "I don't know where I end and you begin."
@oliverburkeman When Labour's great timepiece has stopped, entryism still comes around twice a decade like clockwork. @oliverburkeman May I also recommend the audiobook of Barchester Towers? It's great, but it sends me to sleep even when I don't want it to.
Sutton Trust analysis shows Theresa May''s new Cabinet has lowest % of private school alumni since Attlee in 1945
Retweeted by June Thomas @prospect_clark I'll miss you on the Guardian podcast. @DundasKeele I am out of touch in re Canada since we moved to a city that doesn't get CBC.New Double X Gabfest: how women pols get to rule, Bachelor/ette/UnReal, and Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit:, how crazy cute are @portmantina and @debgreenspan in those photos? CRAZY CUTE! piece single-handedly changed my view of Washington, D.C. (Admittedly, it was the '80s when I lived there.) now because I know you are dying to know how "I Am Still a Finn" finishes: Portman's wistful "Hi, I'm Finnish" of course made me think of James Tate's great poems:
@hausfrau22 @KCRWPressPlay Oh, and Line of Duty is worth checking out.Fun fact: Misogyny is totally cool if she's an English Tory.
Retweeted by June Thomas @hausfrau22 @KCRWPressPlay I wish! Blue Murder (Hulu) isn't as good as those, but it's watchable. Ditto, Silk.hello chaps.
Retweeted by June Thomas.@wilshylton's portrait of the artist (Chuck Close) as an old man is extraordinary: @TalkingTV Even better! @TalkingTV I do live very close to the library! Picking up my diary, a pencil ...
@dloges Agreed. UnReal could use more songs.I just had to remind myself Rebecca Bunch is not a real person even if West Covina is a real place. (I was wondering how she's doing.) @DundasKeele MulrOOney or MulROWney? @DundasKeele In other words, I rather oversold the mystery! @DundasKeele I was searching for a guide to how to pronounce Mulroney's name--I remember CBCers saying MulROOOney, despite the spelling. @lizzieohreally Wait, I'm your brother? (He and I both have the plant-killer gene. I just cannot see plants. They're totally invisible.)This is, without doubt, the cutest radio piece I've ever heard: (Don't ask why I'm in CBC's archives.)
New Hang Up and Listen w/@pescami+@junethomas on Serena Williams, Euros (w/@kenearlys), US gymnastics (w/@meghanor)
Retweeted by June Thomas @tcote Yes! (I framed it as Christianity, but you're right, it's about stuff like this, not her religious views.)Fascinating piece from @Nico_Lang about the hidden history of gender nonconformity in art: @compost_maven Ooh! I'm a fan of Paperchase, but I hear good things about Present & Correct, which I've never visited.
@compost_maven Compost question: Is it OK to put cherry puts in there? I know they're organic, but so HARD! (Yes, we finally have a bin.)Teach 'em how to say goodbye...
Retweeted by June ThomasBut what did @PabloTorre write in that big flourish at the end of OTL?
@shellkryan @esouthard Ooh, thanks, I came across citations when researching but couldn't access the actual study.
@joshaitken @Slate @jbryanlowder Addressed in the piece!George Takei is right, Sulu shouldn't be gay in Star Trek Beyond! @jbryanlowder has me persuaded! fabulous review of Dvora Meyers' The End of the Perfect 10 from @pankisseskafka:
@esouthard Yes, the glass cliff seems like a known phenomenon in business, less studied in politics. (Smaller sample size, I guess.)When women take power, it's usually because men have made a big mess. (OF COURSE this applies to May/Leadsom!) is very paradise on earth! lovely essay about flying from pilot and author of Skyfairing @markv747:
@evejnovich Thank you!A note from Winston Churchill's doctor for alcohol during his trip to America during prohibition, 1932.
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@rutttony Sir Keith Joseph if he hadn't made a tin-eared speech a few weeks before. And Whitelaw's buddies all ran--no strategy!I remain impressed by @waywardpinesfox's ability to have the Abbies nekkid without ever showing their nads. @DundasKeele THAT PAUSE! Chills.It's shocking how often I watch this clip--it's my own personal video nasty:, this seems familiar. (From Hugo Young's The Iron Lady.) @mjs_DC Today, like every other day. Natch!