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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester.

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@sepinwall Hello Kitty.@DundasKeele Shut up!Happy Thanksgiving!
Retweeted by June Thomas@DundasKeele CHRISTINE LAGARDE!@DundasKeele Or a support group.@HannaRosin We watched Desk Set, which clearly inspired the computer bits of Mad Men.
@HannaRosin Hanna, Hanna, if I'd known this yesterday, we could never have made such meaningful eye contact in the studio.@So_Huronia @Slate Monster! (But as a Canadian curling fan, surely a wonderful monster with whom I have a lot in common!)People who think Love Actually is a decent movie are deluded monsters. But see how it could've been better: Actually almost had a lesbian storyline (and the video proves it would have been lovely, actually):
@katemckenna8 Thank you!Also, no need to thank me for choosing that photo of Carrie-Anne Moss. Your enjoyment is my thanks: frustrations of Jessica Jones' lesbian divorce plot are the frustrations of comic-book storytelling:
@JimHalterman @JessicaJones @netflix I didn't think it was my sort of thing. How wrong I was!@G_Whitney_Leigh You were right--JJ is really great. I rearranged my weekend plans to watch more episodes!
As wonderfully creepy as "Eidelweiss" theme is in #HighCastle, it's coming from world in which #TheSoundofMusic wouldn't be written. Right?
Retweeted by June Thomas@G_Whitney_Leigh You may have convinced me!@G_Whitney_Leigh I'll try an episode out in the bright light of day ...@G_Whitney_Leigh Hmm, I might be immune to that!@G_Whitney_Leigh I'm a bit wary--per Willa, the villain sounds next-level terrifying, and I'm a delicate soul! I subscribe to another, U.S.-based one. (And a monthly ink selection, of course.)
Bad news, lesbians living everywhere that isn't NY/LA. Hearing the first expansion of @CarolMovie won't be until Dec. 11. Yes, DECEMBER 11.
Retweeted by June ThomasBeautiful, powerful photos of trans elders (some younger than me!):
As we prepare for Carol, here's @landsbaumshell with a look at the evolution of lesbian movies: adores Carol. Here's me: and here's @jbryanlowder: Takeaway: It's divine.
@TheSporkful More to the point, what foods will be accompanying this screening?Remember the child who had a meltdown in front of the president? Here's what really happened, by @lcmoser, aka Mom:
@RonPyke I know! I love Rusty--well, I love the way people treat Rusty--but it defies belief.@katelinnea Ah, Madam Secretary! (Though it's gotten better this season.)@katelinnea Extra RESPECT!@katelinnea Kate, are you telling me you watch CSI: Cyber? (If so: Respect!)The Good Wife and Major Crimes both doing hacked vehicles. Twice in 24 hours, that's #Zeitgeist, baby.With Charlie Sheen, the real story is HIV stigma—not his status, says @jbryanlowder :
@sjcAustenite @InquiringJoy @thehighsign Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. Hope it was fun, though!@mhill226 @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Indeed. I live with one (non-practicing)!@emilynussbaum He's that show's target demo!
The American college student killed in France described herself this way
Retweeted by June Thomas@emilynussbaum Astonishing to think that those brief back-and-forths (15 mins max) could have such an effect on the nights' ratings.
.@jdickerson for president.
Retweeted by June Thomas
@Memles An earlier tweet in this timeline misstated Shia LaBeouf's initials as SB. June Thomas regrets the error.@Memles I see you'll defend SB's busted inner thermostat to the end. (You know the real problem is too much popcorn.)@Memles I'll allow the former--skeptical of the latter since the pals donutting him aren't dressed like Northern Exposure extras.@Memles I'm confused about why he had so many clothes on. It's been hot in New York.
On the new Double X Gabfest: rent-a-moms, bathroom fearmongering, and @EmilyYoffe says farewell to Dear Prudie: WILL cry when you read this: beautiful reflection on cruising and public sex in the age of same-sex marriage from @miz_cracker: And chickens and the dog?
"Oil doesn't come in chunks"--@joshuakeating: 90th Birthday June Whitfield. Here she is as an intellectual in Hancock - The Succession
Retweeted by June Thomas
Hey, Marco Rubio, philosophers may earn more than welders after all: insane are Republicans' tax plans? Check out these charts: week's Odd Mom Out-like Mindy Project came with a full theme tune. (I like to quack along. So sue me.)@dowdyism @moonracket @wellapptdesk THAT is excellent news! Love those episodes.@bloomerj Sometimes things are best in our imagination.@dankois @theauditco And if we're taking umbrage, your "playing a reporter" line was a little harsh!.@bloomerj watched Shia LaBeouf watching Shia LaBeouf so we don't have to, and now I want to: @Panoply Good ears! Did you pick out anyone else?@dowdyism @moonracket Fortunately--I hope--the gift episode, my favorite of the year, should be coming up soon. @wellapptdesk@dowdyism @moonracket I always love @wellapptdesk's appearances on the show, but really feeling the need for some female energy!@dowdyism @moonracket A very dude-ly name for a dude-heavy company, judging from last night's interview.
Carrie Mathison's German boyfriend is more dedicated to the deep-V T than anyone since Dave Rose.@zoeannejarman I am!@Memles Fremulon. NOT a doctor.@veganboyjosh Well spotted!Sad to hear that @EmilyYoffe is stepping down as Dear Prudie, but psyched that @mallelis will be her replacement: monday! read @jbouie on how ted cruz is going to be president forever!
Retweeted by June ThomasWho is this @Memles writing in Slate about Kidz Bop? Oh, it's THE @Memles.
@TVMcGee Your great height! (Sorry, ran out of tweet space.) I imagined you a 5' 10" sort of chap.@TVMcGee As someone who's never met or spoken with you but feels they know you through your tweets and TV writing, I am ASTONISHED by this!I want to go out for Alabama Slammers with Margo Martindale. Not with Ruth Eastman, though. She scares me.@ericuman I can't believe you don't get a separate Times for everyone. #TheOnlyFutureOfJournalismPlanThatReallyWorks@hhoagie They had it at the Green Market in Park Slope yesterday--so maybe Union Square market? Don't know if it's the nutritious sort, tho.So psyched to see that the great @zoeannejarman co-wrote the teleplay for Episode 7 of Master of None. And it was excellent.@Coops_tv I can't believe Simon Cowell hasn't done a show to find a new one.
@FayebellineW You're obsessed!
@katelinnea I'm always tempted to answer as if it were a question of degree. "Yes, Auntie, very, very gay.".@amandafortini's essay on femmes fatales has me in its thrall: week's Ask a Homo video: Can I tell Grandma my sister's a lesbian?
@RonPyke Ha!@oliverburkeman I'm now sitting on my hand on the strength of that tweet.@ParisZigZag I just let my nose lead me there. Le nez sait.@joel_fields @TheAmericansFX "Log, by BLAMMO!" to welcome Dave Zirin @EdgeofSports to Panoply! How's this for a first guest? @MrChuckD of @PublicEnemyFTP👊
Retweeted by June ThomasOn @NY1arts Book Reader, I looked at Stan Lee's graphic memoir; Red Rosa, and a gorgeous Billy Strayhorn bio: ironic: an investigative reporting show refuses to answer questions #60Minutes #Dreamland
Retweeted by June Thomas
Best thing I've seen today: @unfoRETTAble is joining Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce for Season 2.@oliverburkeman But really, Cornelia Street Cafe? Yes, brunchy stuff on the menu, but also lunchy lunch foods. Pancakes is the new chops?
The Unmistakably Gay World of Russell T Davies by @junethomas
Retweeted by June ThomasI wrote about the great Russell T Davies' great queer TV shows for @TheAdvocateMag: was awfully nice of NPR's podcast guide to recommend an episode of the Double X Gabfest: @guardian Ooh, thank you!
Seeing lots of people wearing their marathon medal while tooling around town today. (For the record, I'd wear mine for 26.2 days.).@ForrestW's jeremiad against subtlety is worth checking out for the graphics alone. The writing's amazing, too: wise fall TV ratings wisdom from the ever wise @TVMoJoe: you're in New York evening of Nov. 12, this will be an interesting panel about LGBT publishing. (Yes, I'm on it!) Surely an acknowledgment of your product placement piece. It's meta!
@jtrutherford Thank you!Being at the Met steps makes me miss Blair Waldorf.
@wendygaskill I know! That was R's big complaint about the Netflix season.
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