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@spywrite Agreed! @spywrite Up, up, up!This ancient Morse also has Catelyn Stark and a bit of racist banter!This old Morse has the first appearance of Laura Hobson, also the most recent Midsomer Murders detective as a country chap.What an amazing, maddening, terrifying story:
@JimHalterman I think I saw this p0rn! @dbarefoot "Time" in the sense that I can only watch at night--because I'm working in the day--and I prefer to just turn on the TV then. @dbarefoot Yeah--though if I had time for a VPN, I'd probably watch the BBC. @dbarefoot I wasn't able to get up to Canada this Olympiad--had to make do with NBC. (The agony!)When the living talk to the dead--amazing BBC show in which Derek Jarman (d. 1994) spoke with his brother-in-law:
That explicit statue of Trump is insulting to a lot of people who aren't Trump, points out @portmantina: @oliverburkeman Best is "Crooked H," which would also be her professional wrestling name. @jessie_mai Yes!
I love this! #RisakoKuwai of Japan celebrates winning gold in wrestling by slamming her coach via fire woman's carry
Retweeted by June ThomasTV's strange idea of gay culture, a video essay: tribute to Rio's floppiest (and fastest) jowls: @toothygrind @TheJacobTrueman When you only know two words ...
@katelinnea The actor playing Rusty was 20 playing 15 or 16 when he was first cast. @G_Whitney_Leigh Coronation Street, Crown Court, Rumpole, Wood & Walters, The Wire, Being Erica, Franklin & Bash #7favTVshows @RonPyke I'm a couple of episodes behind (Olympics), but he's been heading that way for a while!
I'm starting to suspect that Ato Boldon gets a bonus every time he says "Sydney McLaughlin."Sanya Richards-Ross just spoke Jamaican patois (her term) on NBC. I predict kiss teeth by midnight. @readingwithtea I haven't. (You can create/send photocards with Postable, too.)Thanks to @gabrielarana for a) sending the card via @Postable; b) being cool with my telling the world about it! website mails out physical greeting cards for you. It's not as impersonal as it sounds: @alijhardy Quite!
Catching up on afternoon's Olympics coverage. Pretty sure commentator suggested cyclists basing themselves in Manchester is a "sacrifice."We'll likely have mixed-gender relays in swimming, cycling, and triathlon in future Olympic games:
@hyperbolise Not sure, sorry. I tape it on Syfy. @G_Whitney_Leigh Patties and coco bread at the reception! @whatallison @hyperbolise Killjoys is made by the same woman who created Lost Girl. Different vibe but still really interesting. @hyperbolise That sounds like a line from the BE opening theme song! @hyperbolise @whatallison There's nothing as good as BE! Totally different but ... Killjoys? (Syfy, also Canadian. Or Lost Girl?) @FayebellineW I'm chanting it as I read your tweet.First TV ad I've ever seen for Jamaican-style patties aired during Olympics 100-meter prelims. #KnowYourCustomers @FayebellineW I would expect rowing bros to be worse. All U.S. fencers I know offspring of a) Russian/EE immigrants or b) lesbians! @TVGMMattRoush Preach! @DundasKeele NO! I would've fainted over! (Started it for material to use against a Cook-loving friend and fell in love with it/her!)On @NY1arts' Book Reader segment, I gushed about Barbara Cook's new memoir Then & Now: @Faffree Love her! (We had brunch together once!) @oliverburkeman Can I set an alert so I get your columns extra quickly when the conclusion is don't bother. (Not asking for a friend.) @Faffree Not during the Olympics! I often listen at other times. No US equivalent of 5Live. Sports are local here. No Olympics on radio. @Faffree @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone went out without those parts outside the UK Could use a VPN, but best to watch when your friends are. @Faffree @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone During the London Games, even non-sporty shows (e.g. on Radio 4) that went out with Olympics commentary @Faffree @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Message, "Due to rights issues we're not able to bring you the sports commentary on this platform." @Faffree @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Unfortunately, Radio 5 Live gets blocked in the US during Olympics (and occasionally at other times).
@adambarken Haven't seen tonight's episode yet, but I'm loving this season. Pree's beefed-up presence has been great. @HotTakes1 @Slate Hungary isn't Russia. @SailorSteveHolt I think it got quite a bit of coverage--and the Daily Beast did take down the piece late last night. @s_m_i Feedly. (Not madly in love, but it works.)You've all heard of this hot new sex thing, the manatee mating ball, right? Let @portmantina fill you in: @rosierobot If I didn't hate the phone (which I do, with a passion), I'd just tell you to call me up for a debrief.A charming taxonomy of gold-medal-winning hand guestures from @ShonAriehLerer: @oliverburkeman This is a very English tweet for a Brooklyn resident. @G_Whitney_Leigh @NoreenMalone @willapaskin I was pretty much persuaded by this: you, @simone_manuel
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Preach! @jbryanlowder on exactly what was wrong with the Daily Beast's Grindr at the Olympic Games article: Double X Gabfest: @NoreenMalone, @willapaskin, and me on OLYMPICS, OLYMPICS, OLYMPICS! wall of celebrities at the koala sanctuary is somethin else alright
Retweeted by June ThomasI have just learned of the existence of "military surplus bowling balls." @TaurusBone @meakoopa @Maggyw519 I mentioned that in the post!
We stand by the organizations and activists in Uganda fighting for #HumanRights
Retweeted by June Thomas @rbmichae They lingered over Boudia's wife/child and Steele Johnson's clan. As I said in the piece, though, they're American. @TheBitchBot Perhaps. @Thomas_Courtney Yes, I mentioned that. Perhaps they'll mention in the individual competition.Now we know how to get NBC to ignore human interest stories at the Olympics: Have the humans be gay. @DJFLevesley Bacon butties! Also, rising damp.
@DJFLevesley Bleach is redolent of England. @DJFLevesley Beer, ciggies, and the sea?Olympics Sexism Watch, inaugural edition, from @portmantina:
If there were a medal for smokey eye, Mustafina would mos def take home the gold. @SailorSteveHolt I understand, I do. But raised eyebrows are one thing. Shady tweets and irresponsible articles are another. @jamaicandale I mean "For we are YOUNG and free!" @jamaicandale I LOVE that anthem. "For we are strong and free!" @jamaicandale Ditto the swimming. (I rewatched the 400m IM on the feed to compare commentary.) @mdriegler Ye Shiwen: @jamaicandale No! I'll go catch up.A foreign swimmer sets a world record. Let the irresponsible doping accusations begin: @Coops_tv Be well!
Almost 30 years later and this is still the best summary of the British press.
Retweeted by June Thomas @FayebellineW Saving grace for sure.
@thebenbergman Not live, but it's when everyone else in America is watching. (During week I'll probably watch before the telecast, though.) @FayebellineW I used to (or go to Canada). Stuck with NBC this year.Just realizing that the next two weeks will be full of ads. #OlympicSalesEventThe Olympics opening ceremony currently attempting the card stunt the DNC messed up last week. @GratuitousV Basically I'm on the podium right now.NBC showing @notmaryc playing soccer in Brazil. I took to the soccer field with her in slightly less exotic Chichester in 1979.Do I love the Olympics, or do I love @juliaturner's biennial dissections of Olympic ceremony gear? (Both)
@awelfle This was the only time I was ever taken for straight!Super excited to have our special guests from @Slate this weekend: •@abenedikt •@leoncrawl •@dankois •@junethomas
Retweeted by June Thomas @thehighsign @HannaRosin @badgirlpearls @NoreenMalone Wish we could claim it, but it's a business world thing:
@pollyannaeffect Ooh, thanks! @anassakata_aine Well, it's about me (or starts with me), so we're mentioned! @anassakata_aine The rules are ALWAYS different for queer gals.The thing that happened to Julie on this week's @DifficultonHulu? It has happened to me, too: @CLBaldacchino @Jesselansner [Hangs head in shame]When Jared met Kelly (green coat), a love story: @CLBaldacchino @Jesselansner How could I ever think otherwise! So awesome! @Jesselansner I saw that! @Jesselansner I FORGOT he was Maurice Micklewhite. I wonder if the author of the book knew that when she first wrote it! (She must now.)