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Managing Producer, Slate Podcasts. Host, Americans Insider: Formerly Outward, Advocate

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And the museum has free wifi!Also, Brueghel monster figures, bandanas, and egg cups. Swagtastic. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is the Fox of swag!Also, some of the all-time great museum shop offerings. The Towel of Babel, Babel Chiffon Cake, and a Babel snow globe among the standouts.Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum's Brueghel exhibit makes great use of blowup reproductions. Pieter B was painting for the pinch to zoom era.
@ParkaBlogs Ditto! I'll pay extra attention to my fellow sketchers now. (Your videos got me into sketching!) @laronovitch Oh, you mean similarities--like DJ Trump I'm jet-lagged! @laronovitch I know I've seen at least one other. Not sure where, though.Here's one way Tokyo is just like Ottawa (ignore the skyscrapers).
@julietlapidos Yes, perhaps acknowledgement of gender as a spectrum is good. The Caecilius Scale, from I to VI.Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here's some intel From an Israeli.
Retweeted by June Thomas @julietlapidos Also great homophobes and gender policers! @getwired Good job we voted against that stadium, tho.
@AnnaLizaKozma Aw! They drive on the other side in Japan, too, so we'll have that in common as well. (I don't drive!)
Introducing the Impeachment-O-Meter:
Retweeted by June Thomas @johnculhane Besides which--and I speak as "an old"--75 is too old to start such a job. @yayponies They're such a delight to chat with. @jamaicandale When the president's an academic, everything is up for grabs! @yayponies @Panoply This year we got a late start so there wasn't a ton of time to get interviews--show wrapped 3/15. But ... I hope so! @Expelliarmoire @TheAmericansFX Ta!Almodóvar: “Me parece una enorme paradoja premiar un filme que no pueda verse en una sala” vía @el_pais
Retweeted by June Thomas"Some stories weren’t meant to be viewed through a lens of bottomless sangria.” A skillful takedown of The Skimm.
Retweeted by June ThomasListen to @junethomas's great conversation with #TheAmericans' showrunners after last night's stunning episode:
Retweeted by June Thomas
The Best One-Season Wonder TV Shows That Never Got Renewed, according to @KeeneTV @lizlet @junethomas @sepinwall
Retweeted by June ThomasInternational NYT has a wedding between a "budding nutritionist" and a hedge-founder on Page 1. (Japan Times, too--but their own royals.) @darraghodj I fear I didn't get a chance to talk with her this season. I'm also v. curious about that, though!
@parabasis Brah, that's your brah! (Could also be Dallas Roberts. Is he yr. brah, brah?) @SirJerkface @rbschneider True! And mine begins with a long, temporal-dislocating flight! @MichaelWRader @Slate New (fixed) version uploaded Friday--if you delete the bad one, the new one is clean. And apologies. @Jesselansner @dankois I have no idea why "out of office" is OOF rather than OOO, but Microsoft always insisted it was so! @dankois Says the King of the OOFs. (Since you deposed Queen OOF-ta of Belgium in 2015.)This is solid. @junethomas conceals important cultural criticism in reviews of 2 shows I won’t watch
Retweeted by June ThomasDoes any point in a vacation ever match the thrill of turning on one's out-of-office message? @parabasis Is that you in this photo--or just some other youngish dude with big hair? @AnnaLizaKozma Ah, yes, Serena Joy would give anything to be a SAHM! @Lynn_in_Atlanta True! Also, the characters have all evolved over the course of the first season, which is rare. @Lynn_in_Atlanta I love it! The pilot was very broad and weight-obsessed and really not typical of the show. And Ka… my great surprise, American Housewife was my favorite new sitcom of the 2016 TV season: @Lynn_in_Atlanta Very good point! Speechless is a good counterpoint. (BTW, I don't think Am Housewife and OMO hate… do TV sitcoms hate stay-at-home moms? Let me tell you:
@studio10451 Thank you! That was SO interesting. He's an amazing talent--some people are just so creative they seem…
@EllenMattli @achariw @SeanMcElwee @SJBSchu Independence. (The key difference between dentistry and much of the res… @achariw @SeanMcElwee @SJBSchu Because when those programs were being developed dentists fought to be left outside the system.
A Dorothy Allison interview in Lenny Letter? Yes, please!
@lpbradley Some of us have good taste--just not enough of us.Waaah, I'll miss The Real O'Neals,
In the wink of a private eye, @TracieHunte delivers pure listening pleasure re: "Shaft" the movie via @studio360show
Retweeted by June Thomas @chris_keppler @TheAmericansFX @CostaRonin I don't know about officially, but I've heard that it is widely distribu… @JennyAFoy @MatthewRhys @TheAmericansFX Glad you like it.How did Keri Russell and @MatthewRhys feel about that shocking event on last night's @TheAmericansFX? Shocked!
@lilennox I speak with the creators/crew/actors after every episode:
Season 2 of Sense8 is less sexy but more narratively coherent, and its deep empathy is what we all need now:
@jsellison23 I *guess* Sense8 (on Netflix) isn't for everyone, but I LOVE it.(Even if it were, I'd still keep hitting Play Next.)What if my willingness to keep clicking Play Next for episodes of Sense8 were the blocker that kept me from connecting up with my cluster?Spot the moment where Miguel Ángel Silvestre forgot that Lito is Mexican. #Sense8 @katelinnea @teamtelevixen "Allergy comedic drama" is my new favorite genre! @Stus_Views Same here. The most constant part of my TV diet for decades.What will I watch Sunday mornings now that The Sports Reporters is done? (And would it have lasted longer or less with more Mitch A poems?)
GOP Rep. Labrador speaks with constituents upset over health care bill: "Nobody dies because they don't have access…
Retweeted by June Thomas @gabrielroth DJ Trump, the farting record-spinner. @giftofwealth Yes, yes, yes!Sense8 is one of the few Netflix shows where I miss the credits sequence. @cvgels I suspect you're right!Especially good @realTrumpcast in which @jacobwe discusses the House health care bill with @Atul_Gawande: @junethomas Great Podcast with @alison__wright Scene with Frank Langella exquisite. Thanks for sharing Martha's emotions @Fam4Fun @Fab4tune
Retweeted by June Thomas @Jazz14go @alison__wright @Fam4Fun @Fab4tune Thank you!
@Matthew_Jussim @TheAmericansFX @alison__wright Thank you, Matthew! I appreciate that. @badgirlpearls @xxgabfest @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone @Metlandia Ah! We tape early Wednesday morning, so the plagiari… @badgirlpearls @xxgabfest @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone @Metlandia I-lite?Help, I want to send @IvankaTrump a copy of my book Break in Case of Emergency which parodied her book before hers existed
Retweeted by June Thomas @lindsayism For sure. (My branch does, but it's the central branch so probably atypical.) @cvgels Thinking about it, though, worse were the "June is bursting out all over" serenades, which hopefully don't happen these days.C'mon, New York. You can do better than this:
Mystery solved! I wondered why @realDonaldTrump's Fdn gave so often to this seemingly random charity.
Retweeted by June Thomas @AlySemigran Can't argue with that. @thatgav I don't find any of the promos on the Political Gabfest unethical. @cvgels When I was very young perhaps. (But I wasn't, so I enjoyed the dissonance.)Rich, white, old men sure do get excited when people lose their healthcare.
Retweeted by June ThomasNew @xxgabfest w/@HannaRosin, @NoreenMalone on Handmaid's Tale, Ivanka, and the Dems' women-dissing unity tour: