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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester.

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@daveweigel @jbryanlowder We just left!@daveweigel @jbryanlowder Currently at Broken Spanish.
@daveweigel @SlateOutward @mjs_DC @jbryanlowder Wait, you're here, too? #gettingthebandbacktogetherSat, 10/10: Join us for a live podcast of @SlateOutward with @junethomas @mjs_DC and @jbryanlowder! #Politicon
Retweeted by June ThomasSlate Plus peeps, did you listen to @craftingmystyle and my chit-chat about this week's Empire? If not, do it now!
@JoshMBingham It's a BIG book!@JoshMBingham The Gay Revolution, by Lillian Faderman@thehighsign I had no hand whatsoever in confirming its brilliance. Would still love to get an in-person download. Next week/end perhaps?I'm in love with @thehighsign's report back from her slice-of-movie-life-infused family trip to Japan: Angeles, lock up your humans interested in an LGBTQ-issues podcast taping; @slateoutward is heading your way:
@noelrk It's TOY-toise.Bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs: @TheFienPrint I am often given name tags (though rarely packages) that say "June Thomas, Salon."Lovely photos of kids who were raised by LGBTQ parents: mighty Ursula le Guin refuses to blurb an SF anthology with no female voices (@ShaunUsher)
Retweeted by June Thomas@jackiespinner Jamsnap sounds like a delicious British cookie. A cross between a Jammie Dodger and a ginger snap.Which of the presidential candidates has hair confidence? Hair seer @simondoonan has opinions:
@Memles @TVandDinners Next step: "traybakes" ... You know, if they're traybakes.The fabulous iZombie returns tonight. I spoke to Liv Moore, aka Rose McIver, for Marie Claire.'s The Middle of the Night Show means all the "fun" celebrities are going to have terrible insomnia from now on, right?How can @UN be more effective fighting for LGBTI rights? @Slate asked @JoyceAnelay #equality
Retweeted by June Thomas@GailPennington Plaid clashes with the union flag! (I hadn't seen that picture before!)I love @JesseDorris' vision of Chantal Ackerman as "a link between, say, Victorian Woolf and Vine": @jbryanlowder I don't cook and I do eat prepared hummus, but I steer clear of condensed soup--SO MUCH SODIUM!ABC Family is changing its name to ... #Freeform? @TVMoJoe reports:
Retweeted by June ThomasGay dads eat canned, condensed soup SHOCK HORROR PROBE! boom in Labour Party membership (like the SDP last year): did British embassies stop flying the rainbow flag? Minister @JoyceAnelay explains: story about Sally Ride and the need for LGBTQ science heroes: @TVandDinners I mean, I can see it, but I watch at least 10 shows that are more vulgar! Call me for tips, aunt's nun friend!
@TVandDinners @katelinnea Hmm, that does fit the description!@katelinnea Suits?@aimster215 I was just going to tweet that. "Two Tony Winners in a Talent Show" should've been the episode title!@yoprice I don't have any special insight.QUITE the lineup of stars in the Season 2 premiere of Madam Secretary. #StepUp
@funhomemusical Wish I could've been there. You were SPECTACULAR every time I saw the show, @SydneyLucasNYC@laurahelmuth I'd have that backyard pond roped off with crime-scene tape.@bspeed8 They just randomly yelled, "Shoutout to my homie Barbara Speed"?To be clear, Al Gore repeated three times that he's a "recovering politician," but he wouldn't say he wouldn't run if asked.On this morning's @AlPunto, Univision suggesting Al Gore might enter Dem race; harshing on Marco Rubio for something true of all GOP cands.@RobynRossTV I've had loads of DVD fails this year, though. Discs that don't work in my DVD player.@GailPennington No, this is the week after that. Bakewells are in the traybake/biscuit round. I lurve Bakewell tarts.@LiamMurray @SlateCultFest @Metlandia I don't believe so. @HannaRosin and I raved on Double X, but not the Culties!@GailPennington The one that's airing right now on PBS, not the one airing right now on the BBC. They've done all my faves.Bakewells? Once again, #GBBO, you're killing me. #cravings@aoscott Some say it's a "gob of snobs." I still think the French is more a propos. A gobbe of snobsTories will "destroy" Channel 4 and BBC just like ITV says Wolf Hall's Peter Kosminsky
Retweeted by June Thomas
Question I've asked myself most often in last week: Why did I not notice that all these dudes with man buns had so much hair pre-bunnage?@TVandDinners @katelinnea I always wondered what chess pie was. I shall be ordering it next time I see it. I love a custard tart.@katelinnea @TVandDinners That episode made me SO hungry!Takeaway from Jeffrey Tambor panel at #nyerfest: Everybody in the room now wants to be his best friend. So menschy!Thnx @junethomas from @Slate 4 guesting How's It Hold Up Pod 2 discuss 80s sports film #LBGT classic-Personal Best
Retweeted by June ThomasThe origins of every gun used in the high-profile massacres of Obama’s presidency:
Retweeted by June Thomas@ladyterrier But only a few blocks away, I guess! (Don't recognize that street name, but there aren't many streets in MC!)
@jlwoj Episode 2 is much better!@katelinnea I'm a little out of it!@katelinnea I know, that was a bit weird, but I was EXCITED!OMG, I just saw that the creator of Blindspot is Martin Gero, the man behind the late, much lamented LA Complex. OK, I'm in. (For a bit.)@katelinnea Ah, I just realized something awesome, which I'm about to tweet.@katelinnea I haven't.@katelinnea Agreed! I feel bad for the great actors spouting nonsense dialogue.Blindspot has the worst actors I like vs. concept I can take seriously coefficient.@jammyyoon @Slate Freeheld > Tribulation Force > Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers > FireproofEllen Page and Julianne Moore are great in Freeheld, even while they're eschewing the usual actorly flourishes. Freeheld worth your time and money? If you care about gay rights and happiness, the answer is yes! Sister, I feel your pain (and your craving for Battenburg, custard tarts, and trifle).@celiehart @DoubleXMag @HannaRosin We did mention that. It's possible it didn't make the final edit. (We trim for time.)@celiehart @DoubleXMag @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone This was taped at a live event on Sept. 21.Coming soon to a podcast-listening device near you--"The Message," a supercreepy new series from @Panoply: supercut of a bellowing Ted Cruz is absolutely mesmerizing, via @JHWeissmann via @slate
Retweeted by June ThomasA lovely review of @lillianfaderman's great new book The Gay Revolution, from @vabvox:
@soso08 @saletan Possibly. Dentists complain about Medicaid rates, support politicians who'll cut rates further. Double X Gabfest is our live show from DC, talking Carly Fiorina, Generation Z, and with guest @SlaughterAM: joined @Top5lists on his "Does It Hold Up?" podcast to discuss "Personal Best." Superb host and convo-shaper! I might have a different attitude if I hadn't DESTROYED my heels while wearing Docs the other day.15-year-old me would have killed for these Doc Martens with Hogarth's Rake's Progress on them: Key to understanding NYT's rules for modern men is to see them as companion to Gibbs' rules on NCIS: @lizzieohreally But if I drank a whole bottle of champagne, I'd need at least three baguettes to soak up the booze.Annoying to see Medicaid nonsense from a former dentist in @saletan's great piece about C. Richard's PP testimony: If people are dressing as Abbi and/or Ilana for Halloween, what should they wear?@JoshMBingham No. I was giving it the benefit of a second episode, but it's pretty terrible. (Some) good actors, but dumb story.
@SebastianNebel Not yet.@SebastianNebel Involving some kind of team?The last two shows I watched tonight--NCIS and Rosewood--both contained the phrase, "Teamwork ... makes the dream work." #spooky@DavidCaithness Excellent. So glad you liked.@rosegeorge3 New York is one of the places that makes me hopeful about book culture. It feels like a city of readers.The pope's meeting with Kim Davis undermined all the good done in the rest of his visit, says @v_urq: They might've been reading books. On a crowded train, I often use my phone's Kindle app. (Lots of book books on the Q train.)@GailPennington "I'm 100 you know," as she tells me at least twice a day.Behind the scenes at A24, the distributors behind the best movies of the last three years: @thehighsign You're exactly right, Michael. Unlike me, Sooky was born in America. She's 20.@thehighsign Aw!@thehighsign Those beagles are adorable. I'm so glad they finally got an apple!@GailPennington Sooky makes a cameo at the end of this video! cat, Sooky, makes a cameo in this great video!
@_DanMangan @Slate Ah, yes, it's Coffee Appreciation Day or some such!@_DanMangan I suspect your tweet is in response to a very old, long-forgotten tweet of mine, but here's my kettle! @jpjernigan For sure--some general and some specific.@jpjernigan @hugo_greenhalgh (As far as I know, they were straight pubs!)@jpjernigan @hugo_greenhalgh Both, plus general pub shrinkage problem--in Britain, at least. 3 pubs on the street I grew up (!) now closed.
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