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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO 80205

Indie Event Organizer, Book reader, optimistic pessimist, something about laughter. Denver rocks!

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5 of 5 stars to We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor
@dskaggs LOL Truth @dskaggs Yeah I see them range from amazing, with video tours, etc. to shit snapped on a digital camera from ‘94 @jcleblanc Yeah I just did “extra oven or weird extra appliance that shouldn’t be in a kitchen”I’ve found a new (of many) pet peeve. Realtors who can’t take a picture to save their lives. Grainy 290x200 do your clients a disserviceWhat communities in tech have helped you in your coding journey or career? Can be off or online, and any type of community. Please RT. :)
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Apparently when I sell things on Ebay I include pictures of my grandparents. #bonus @EmperiorEric Wow! Yeah that’s been my life for a while. Wonder if I developed the habit needlessly, but now it’s useful! LOL @EmperiorEric Weird! I can’t remember it ever doing it?!?! Now I’m bummed I was missing out possiblyI wonder why in CarPlay, maps can’t show me addresses in upcoming calendar entries. It can show me grocers nearby... @chiuki @goetsu @SaraSoueidan @360andev As does my other event, @360iDev hackers can get in and get whatever they like, yet trying to get an account, I have to recall a credit card from years pastEven though it looks like I’ll lose access to my old Flickr account, not sad to have ditched Yahoo, and this reinforces it
Morning and mid-day charges are important! #ac4gsea
Retweeted by John WilkerMobile engineers in Denver/Boulder! Please apply to join my team at @Mozilla @Firefox
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Lady in front of me at costco buying a pineapple. Suddenly I’m wondering where Shawn and Gus are. #imisspsych
Last day! Been a great one! #360andev (@ 360|Andev 2017 in Denver, CO)
Day one! #360andev (@ 360|Andev 2017 in Denver, CO)
What an awesome opportunity! #WNDB
Retweeted by John WilkerEFF has appealed the W3C's decision on DRM
Retweeted by John Wilker4 of 5 stars to Fall of the Core by Ryk Brown
@corvino W00t!I hope I don’t have to suffer Madison as long as I suffered Andrea #fearthewalkingdead @rachelnabors @mbuckbee @abookapart Yay! Congrats!🍈
Retweeted by John Wilker @aaronbailey I suppose there’s worse days to be trapped in ..? LolToday is Amazon Prime Day. Level up your YouTube channel for as low as 89$/€. Only for a few hours! ➡️…
Retweeted by John Wilkeri just noticed on my iPad, the app store “Today” is stuck at June 26, anyone else seeing that? #beta
@LordBron What. The…?4 of 5 stars to The Black Elfstone by Terry Brooks
Camping! (@ Green Mountain Reservoir in Silverthorne, CO) love going camping a week before an event, clear my head, get some nature, but man the day we head out is always lots of running around!
Prep work for #360andev! (@ Grand Hyatt Denver - @grdhyattdenver in Denver, CO)’t know how quickly parking enforcement moves on reports, but I might be their biggest source of income today. #stopparkinglikeadick
.@danieldaekim breaks silence after "Hawaii Five-0" pay dispute: "The path to equality is rarely easy" #H50
Retweeted by John WilkerI wonder if people know when they sign up for LinkedIn Groups that the admin will sell access to them?
I just earned the 'Independence Day (2017)' badge on @untappd! #hoppy4thYeah nobody must have traveled ever before 2009.
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Thanks to @realm, the video of @atpfm live at @AltConference last month is now available!
Retweeted by John Wilker @NeoNacho @parrots @realm I host on Vimeo and YT. Vimeo is for easily putting on the site. YT is for long term and search. @parrots I make sure the agreement includes my getting a copy that I host on my YT channel. @EmperiorEric Just making it hard to login. Combining Y! Login with Tumblr, but no way to merge.Please Yahoo stop buying good companies. You keep fucking them up. I guess I didn’t need my Flickr account.... @apulianas Do it! :) You won’t be sorry
This weekend only! Use discount code "Liberty” to save $150 on your #360idev ticket! Expires 11pm mtn on the 4th!
I just earned the 'Pale as the Moon (Level 6)' badge on @untappd! weekend only! Use discount code "Liberty” to save $150 on your #360idev ticket! Expires 11pm mtn on the 4th! weekend only! Use discount code "Liberty” to save $100 on your #360andev ticket! Expires 11pm mtn on the 4th! @quetwo Truth! And look at Apple, they give MacOS away free!!Quality costs money. Don’t be fooled to think otherwise. Good software, products, services cost money, and it’s more than a cup of coffee. @arepty My work is done hereHappy 150th birthday Canada. Thank you for Robin Sparkles
@octothorpe @JefitInc TRUTH! Had 1 I loved but it changed hands like 3 times in 3 years. Still available, my review… @octothorpe @JefitInc Yeah far as I can tell (and installed the free version) no HealthKit. Last blog post last year didn’t commit @octothorpe @JefitInc I’ll take a look. Use Gym Hero, it’s nice, but limited. I need something between feature barr… at @JefitInc but doesn’t look like it does Apple Health, what’re folks using to track workouts (mostly gym weights)
Never stop.
Retweeted by John Wilker @namedotcom Thumbsup emojiHey @namedotcom I’m getting lots of internal server errors on one of my sites, something going on? @livercat No one wins and seems like such a fixable thing. Instead it’s a grinder or of managers and those who flee @caffeineflo So much!!! It’s frustrating and sad to watch @collindonnell Don’t know the answer but interested in hearing what you go withReally bums me out watching orgs promote people that aren’t ready for a role, then not mentor them in how to do their new job.Super proud of my friend Elaine on the launch of @_equili Congrats!!
@jcieplinski I fondly remember, “Jared: the Butcher of Song” funnest app on my old Powerbook @jcieplinski Ha awesome! @jcieplinski Do they just throw side eye at you from time to time?
@RuTeeee @MagpieSupply 2017 Go Code Colorado winning team members with staff and mentors from @ATT Foundry in Silic…
Retweeted by John Wilker @iconmaster Then it’d be a -32EFF to Supreme Court: require a warrant for real-time cell phone tracking
Retweeted by John WilkerMost terrifying part of this, not paralyzing gas. …. CRICKET PAVILION?!?!?! BURN. IT. DOWN.
5 of 5 stars to Give No Quarter by Jamie McFarlane
@Jaredewy @noel_worden AWESOME @jaimeejaimee @CanaryMailApp Oh god, the struggle is real when comes to mail apps!! I’ve tried 3 today! Canary is the winner.OK I might have found my Airmail replace, @CanaryMailApp is pretty sweet, though I hope an iPad app is coming, that’s a biggy for me.No tweaks by amendment can fix this monstrosity. If you vote for this evil, intellectually bankrupt bill, it will ruin millions of lives.
Retweeted by John WilkerPlease go to and support #NetNeutrality. The site is getting hammered right now by a…
Retweeted by John WilkerThe latest #podcast is live in time to announce the big #RINO meeting tomorrow @jwilker @AaronTempler #Denver
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@kennetheyoung I’m close to that, I just really hate book keeping, especially bank rec stuff. I do my AP/AR entirel…