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John Wilker @jwilker Denver, CO

Indie Event Organizer, I write Science Fiction, check it out! insert generic twitter bio stuff here.

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Like Killjoys or firefly? you might enjoy 'Space Rogues', my first book. At least, I hope you will :)…
Who doesn’t love a comically large check? @BrownPalace on 125 years! #denver to see a champagne waterfall (@ The @BrownPalace Hotel and Spa in Denver, CO) What the hell? Cyborg isn’t allowed to be a black dude? Farscape? 'Space Rogues' might help scratch that itch :) Big shoes I don't fill, but hope you'll enjoy :D…
Love this place! Glüwein (sp) (@ Christkindle Market in Denver, CO) on our watch! #bekindtoelephants Veterans Protecting African Wildlife from poachers. #elephants
Retweeted by John WilkerI've been writing for years. 'Space Rogues' is the 1st I've published. If fun sci-fi is your thing, have a look
Rent! (@ Temple Hoyne Buell Theater for Rent in Denver, CO) of my favorite apps for writing is supporting #nanowrimo!! Check out @dabblewriter, and give it a spin!… class discussion starts and you find out half the class is racist and homophobic
Retweeted by John WilkerMe scheming in 2018 to make sure community technology projects and feminist technology projects get funded and supp…
Retweeted by John WilkerI saw App: The Human Story (@appdocu) last night. Lots of great stories, particularly @ishabazz from @OCiOSDev If y…
Retweeted by John WilkerNew socks!! #neverboring
Today, let's celebrate #SocialEnterpriseDay by giving a shout out to @BlackGirlsCode and their amazing work 💪🏾…
Retweeted by John WilkerThis is exciting!'ve 'competed' in #nanowrimo for around 10(ish) years. Last year was my first win. 'Space Rogues' is the result! Weir Does it again. I’m really Enjoying Artemis
I’ve been laughing over this post for two minutes now
Retweeted by John WilkerHave you used Dabble's plotting tool? If so, what did you love about it? If not, why? #writerslife
Retweeted by John WilkerInstall YAMM using this link and get free bonus quota! I use this plugin a lot to send emai… 1Password X – my brand new, full-featured experience that runs entirely in your browser.
Retweeted by John WilkerI'm writing 'Merry Garthflak, Wil' exclusively on @dabblewriter. Love this app! seriously hate the new AppleTV user experience. what happened to showing shows with unwatched episodes? Nah, easi…
My first book, 'Space Rogues' was written 1 year ago, and has been on sale since this august, check it out! year’s Cards Against Humanity holiday stunt: They purchased a plot of land on the border to stop Trump from bu…
Retweeted by John Wilker @octothorpe #rimshot bash @octothorpe Fellow OLD suffererThe Orville is so close
@AnnCoulter Math is hardDoe she just prefer to look like a fool? Does she enjoy being the brunt of so many jokes? She can't ACTUALLY believ…
Retweeted by John WilkerLooking at the #360andev Patron enamel pin. It’s gonna be sweet, can’t wait to see some in person!
Retweeted by John WilkerThis looks fun! I’m gonna try to make it! You should too. photographed our Citizen of the Year, @Kaepernick7, in Harlem—among the men, women, and children he is fighting…
Retweeted by John Wilker'Competed' in #nanowrimo for around 10 years. Last year was my 1st win. 'Space Rogues' is the result, hope you like! @GarthDB That’s some will power! @GarthDB Love the T&C!Bummer, there was a flier for a special sale at the @DavidSedaris event but the URL isn’t write on it. :(
It feels weird to see people enjoying 'Space Rogues' and leaving (mostly) positive feedback. of my favorite apps for writing is supporting #nanowrimo!! Check out @dabblewriter!
Been writing 'stuff' for years. 'Space Rogues' is the first I've published. If fun sci-fi is your thing, check it
Time for some @DavidSedaris at the ParamountTGIF! I’m almost done with ‘Merry Garthflak, Wil’ can’t wait to share it! In the meantime have you read ‘Space Rogu… @jack's leadership, Twitter has gone from being a fun and informative service, to a platform and tool for abu…
Retweeted by John Wilker#nanowrimo is a great time to write, even if you're not "competing" the energy is just everywhere!'ll Always Vote Optimism
because all the seats are already taken or?
Retweeted by John WilkerSo proud of @yonomitt and his first tutorial published on @rwenderlich!! He is most definitely @GusOnTheGo ‘s resid…
Retweeted by John WilkerYou need new wallpaper for your fancy new iPhone, dontcha? We have you covered for a $10 donation, which will becom…
Retweeted by John WilkerWIP Thursday – NaNoWriMo has begun!'m working on 'Merry Garthflak, Wil' for #nanowrimo, you can find out who Wil is in my first book, 'Space Rogues' how to make your Android apps support various versions of the Android SDK in this tutorial - now ported to Ko…
Retweeted by John Wilker
Up for election in 363 Days: 33 US Senate seats All 435 US House seats 198 State Executive seats 6,066 State Legi…
Retweeted by John Wilker @KellyShuster “My baby hates opinionated strangers” @JenFloyd08 @simBateman @quetwo Don’t use twitters in house apps. :) @writergeekrhw
Retweeted by John WilkerFor #nanowrimo I'm working on 'Merry Garthflak, Wil.' You can find out who Wil is in my first book, 'Space Rogues' twitter look what you’ve done
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I wish there was a way to mute tweets that are over 140 characters. (cc: @jack, @twitter)
Retweeted by John WilkerSo you are new, or somewhat new to development? @cwagdev has some advice:
Retweeted by John WilkerPaco the reluctant writing buddy @ Denver, Colorado man! Rukh is in Star Wars Rebels!!!You still have time to vote! Don't know where to go? Check out this interactive map through @DenverElections
Retweeted by John WilkerObamaCare has not been repealed. Uninsured Americans can still use it to obtain health insurance. Sign Up Now
Retweeted by John WilkerThis VC firm is dedicated to funding underrepresented founders who identify as LGBTQ, women and people of color
Retweeted by John WilkerIf you haven’t voted today, please do. Every voice should be heard, don’t let yours be ignored.
@sneezr Lol ‘mericaHow many children are supposed to die so random guys can maintain an irrational fantasy that they could be a “good guy with a gun”?
Retweeted by John WilkerCan you sleep tonight, colleagues, when the price of gun lobby goodwill is this - blood soaked church and school floors, city streets?
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Retweeted by John Wilker @jerryhjones Awesome! @Grammarly Nothing?Hey @Grammarly have you seen this? Would love your side.
Anyone out there that works with AI and would be interested in discussing a project idea? Denver area would be great, but not mandatory.
Retweeted by John WilkerI’ll take it. #newhouse
I just earned the 'Hopped Down (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! year for #nanowrimo I'm going all in on @dabblewriter for my 'Space Rogues' novellas. Read the original first! Friday friends! Grab a book & enjoy the weekend! If you're into Sci-fi adventures or know someone who is...