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Kali's Brood @kalisbrood Bangalore, India

Kali’s Brood is an earnest attempt at reviving the sense of Yoga as understood & practised by the Vedic Seers, and in the modern times by Sri Aurobindo.

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@anshikashukla_ The music bookstore was the one that was closed. 😬 The above is a occult/eastern from next door 😀
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @anshikashukla_ But somehow I decided to give this store a chance and was surprised 😀
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @anshikashukla_ Its one of those typical occult/eastern religion bookstores 😀 I usually wouldn't step in
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe owner (a white dude) was very passionate about his collection & knew every book by heart including the above Agama.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSpent few hours in total reading Ishvara saMhitA there. 😀
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThankfully, the devas did not let my trip be in vain and directed my mind to the shop next door. 🙂
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe bookshop next door is unfortunately closed for today. It's a music bookshop which had a book on sAmagAna that I wanted to check out
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSomehow, even here, I manage to find the beautiful face of shAstra to be engrossed in.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSomewhere in ANGlIkadesha, a bookshop with IshvarasaMhitA (pA~ncarAtrAgama) in the collection. 🙂
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMan beaten to death for preventing 2 men from urinating in public. No headlines blaming the Delhi government for this. Meanwhile in UP...
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThey, who slaughtered the cow, had not a slightest of regard for Hindus My faith in "Idea of India" has been shattered #BeefFestShowdown
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAn old German couple told once, they now go to SriLanka for regular Ayurveda session. Been visiting Kerala earlier,…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodKerala HC voids nikah of Hindu girl who was converted by her moslem lover. 100s moslems protest in court premises.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodTo oppose beef fests, we should start 'Draw the Mohammad' competitions.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodJames Wilson is not a southern name. Are you british ? Why speak for us southern indians
Retweeted by Kali's Brood#BeefFestShowdown BSF chief says on camera = 20 lakh cows smuggled frm india to bangladesh @AgentSaffron
Retweeted by Kali's BroodVery Ancient pond in Pakistan. It is believed that pond is made from #LordShiva's tears when sati died. #Mahadev 🙏🙏
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAnother Americsn Muslim, fed up with lies and lack of answers, abandons #Islam. Now they'll try to kill him. Sad.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThis image of goons who just cruelly slaughtered an animal pretty much sums up #Congress poltics bcmng same as #CPM
Retweeted by Kali's BroodI once met a Congress youth hog A fifty year dimwitted cog He showed me a calf And cut it in half The media told me it was frog 🐸
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @penelopetrunk 👏to your son and 🙏to you for capturing it so vividly and beautifully.. rights activist Ambika Nijjar says "if you must, then slaughter with dignity" #BeefFestShowdown
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @dvprakash @LVNancy Of course real..this is what happens when one forgets basics of life in exchange for secularism..What it’s like to audition at Juilliard. When you’re 11 - On attitudes needed for pursuit of perfection @PetaIndia applauds Pappu .. rather than using their usual lung power against the butchering ... LOL!
Retweeted by Kali's BroodNiyas Koorapilli, Youth Congress leader & Tony Thomas,NSUI Leader rallying with blood flowing cut head of Cow throu…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodJihad is an "inner struggle" in Islam just like Mein Kampf was "My struggle" for Hitler
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIn Aligarh muslim university No Launch And No Breakfast to Hindu students in Ramzan? Any Media Outrage ?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAligarh Muslim University students have pasted Jinnah all over theirs walls in the hostel, fuiling another partitio…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodA minority Hindu Student from AMU sent me this message. Dining is banned, work timing is changed. This is Secular I…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWe want the CONgi thug to be arrested immediately
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSpoke with the #Delhi Police Commissioner in the morning and asked him to take strongest possible action against the culprits /4
Retweeted by Kali's BroodVisited the spot of incident & shocked to see that Sulabh Shauchalaya was barely few metres away. /3
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAsked Municipal Commissioner, North West Delhi to provide job to Ravindra's wife as per the rules. He promised to g…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMet Ravindra's family&gave 50k from my salary as temporary relief.Spoke to @LtGovDelhi, he agreed to give ₹5L on be…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIn the district where Congress slaughtered the Cow, 13 Hindu leaders have been hacked to death by Islamists/ communists in the last one year
Retweeted by Kali's BroodPervert minds in work.Have spoken to DGP Karnataka regarding this.@CPBlr must take actions.#StopBeefFest
Retweeted by Kali's BroodI am still looking for the guys who banned Jallikattu in which no bulls died, but have no opinion on cow slaughter on streets of Kerala
Retweeted by Kali's BroodDelhi court issues non-bailable warrant against Narmada Bachao Andolan activist Medha Patkar for not appearing in a defamation case (PTI)
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe powerful businessmen who got the Kodanadu estate deal inked for Sasikala. Exclusive.
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @ShankhNaad @_gaurav @SwarajyaMag @postcard_news @OpIndia_com @IndiaFactsOrg @fgautier26 @davidfrawleyved
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @hindu_g Why I am not surprised
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe Caliph was nominally the supreme religious and political leader of all Muslims across the world.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIndian muslim rulers acknowledged the authority of the Caliph as the supreme islamic leader.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe draft rules were placed for public comments on 16th Jan. Whiny liberandus were sleeping back then? Who sent their comments to ministry?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAbe chutyie, have you ever read Quran?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodYou goddamn fucking idiot, how do you think you get beef.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodFcuk moral high ground. Do what you got to do is right for your own & do it unapologetically.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodOct 2015: SFI commie students lynching a student of ABVP for opposing #BeefFest in Devaswam Board's Keralavarma Col…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSFI violence in Keralavarma college. I Don't see any comments frmLeftist Professors who endorsed BeefFest in the co…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThis is his profile and Pic with @OfficeOfRG
Retweeted by Kali's BroodJallikattu: PETA Stepped out of office, Knocked SC doors & got ban order Cow slaughter: Sitting in AC room & thank…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodTwo Muslims students of DU came back with mob of 25 and lynched this poor guy to death. Hope all 25 are charged wit…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodCaught on camera! DU students beat e-rickshaw to death for opposing public urination. Watch here. #ITVideo
Retweeted by Kali's BroodHartal in Kerala for flights to Syria..😳👇 In Kerala protesting against the lack of direct flights to Syria & Not giving special tickets to Syria for the non-muslim girls.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodStraight from the horse's ass.. a #Dravidanadu will be a Chinese colony with local communist n abrahamist collabora…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodEvery bit of Qur'an, every verse promising jannat in lieu of violent jihad, is immutable. Even Hadis is inviolable.…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodNearly 20,000 Rohingyas & over 50,000 Bangladeshis living illegally in Jammu. Eye-opening article by @Prof_HariOm.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMucho thanks to @SitaramYechury @svaradarajan @ndtv @nandinisundar & all their Urban Naxals...
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @MukulAgarwal66 bhai this is the incident I mentioned to you at Barista
Retweeted by Kali's BroodUarmed Buddhist monks were holding moral high ground when the peace loving hordes arrived. Neither Buddhists nor moral high ground remained.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodA 'Speculative' but compelling analysis of a possible India-China conflict
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAnother Venue in Kerala: Sharing more pics of Kerala Congress Beef Party
Retweeted by Kali's BroodShame on kerala hindus for letting this happen right under their noses. Give it a few more years & it will be ur fl…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe Yogi has arrested pious momins involved in the incident. Momina its your turn to cry false charges & persecutio…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWow! Condemnation without a mention of incident becomes action & these pseudos are clapping...
Retweeted by Kali's BroodHow has it become ok to justify terrorism by generalising the whole west, yet we can't even name the ideology which is attacking us?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIslam demands as a minority, what it's not prepared to give as a majority. This is strategic in its goal of domination & subjugation.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodBJP is pretending to be protecting Hindus while Congress is openly anti Hindu. Hindu fools couldn't understand both…
Retweeted by Kali's Brood(2012)Marriage after conversion invalid:Kerala HC. Case was very interesting coz it was reverse love jihad! +
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSadly u can't even shame her.For her lucrative business. How Arundhati Roy creates fake news and gets away with it -
Retweeted by Kali's BroodShe lied that 10 women were raped in Jafri case(NONE was). She lied Police did nothing when they fired 124 rounds &…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWhoever knows the whereabouts of the #Thar used for this shoot please let us know. I'd like to acquire it for our c…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIn the last 3 days, videos have been made with the attempt to incite Hindus 1. Rampur molestation 2. Calf slaughter 3. Spitting on Hanuman
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe greatest disservice to the cow has been that Hindus consider her sacred. She has been abused and murdered just…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodFor M women, its always Ummah over gender loyalty. Never question your brother perpetrators. Question the Hindu ic…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodI just published “Keep it boiling till the cows come home..” On the recent 'show of secularism' by Cong in Kerala.
Retweeted by Kali's Brood5 Muslims booked for feeding #MSM bogus narrative on #UP by spreading fake stories to generate anti-Hindu hate.
Retweeted by Kali's Brood