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Hinduism is beset by internal/ external forces of ignorance. This is our humble attempt to state views of its earnest practitioners.

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Aurangzeb examines the decapitated head of his elder brother and heir apparent to the Mughal throne, Dara Shikoh, w…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAurangzeb then sends the decapitated head to his father Shah Jahan whom Aurangzeb had imprisoned.Shah Jahan had lo…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThis is face of real @incindia, they will never support anything done for saftey of our girls & ladies They believ…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodShahanjahan's letter to his son the great Mughal emperor and @AudreyTruschke's hero Aurangzeb begging for water!
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWhen is South Asian Solidarity Group starting the "Save #UKParliament Attacker" campaign. Or is it reserved against India for Afzal Guru?
Retweeted by Kali's Brood25 air-conditioners , furniture removed from UP CM residence . Yogi has just retained one out of 10 rooms for himself .
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSeveral migrants started to fight with police in #Peine, #Germany yesterday evening. Allahu Akbar was shouted.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIt's going to happen here too..If H don't learn to course correct and take control of their country 😥😥😥😥
Retweeted by Kali's BroodFrom the family album of NDTV
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @digvijaya_28 In Delhi the Whole family of Indira Gandhi is involved in various scams. Open secret.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMeet Bro Mohan Lazarus, a bigoted Christian Preacher, who runs a vast evangelical empire of hate in Tamil Nadu.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodTwitter locked the @anandascoomara and @ananda_lemur handles. Ananda is taking a break for a while. He will return fellow Aryans.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodJ&K going through a critical phase. Terrorists ransack house of father of superintendent of police in Kashmir.3rd attack on families of cops
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThank you for relentlessly bringing the crimes of evangelical "charities" to wider public's notice.
Retweeted by Kali's Brood"Does your newspaper say the same thing?" *Yup! Is bouta get Ram Ram up in here real soon.*
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @tufailelif Talking about pig farming is hate & selling beef in a Hindu majority country is Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb ? Why this hypocrisy ?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodVaranasi: Delegates of G-20 Framework Working Group (FWG) watching Ganga aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @Kuvalayamala Whose blessings SM Warriors have? At most, 20th century xyz-Anandas and now free-market lolbertarians like jaggi...
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @Kuvalayamala The beauty of being a traditionalist is that you have the blessings of devas, RSis and AcAryapuruSa-s+
Retweeted by Kali's BroodYou defend traditions more fervently than many born H SM Warriors do. So don't worry! 🙂
Retweeted by Kali's BroodGood news, folks. To understand the left and their policies, you'll simply have to disable a few portions of your b…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAlthough mob justice against Africans is not justified, but here is how they treated Indians in Uganda in 70s:…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAurangzeb ordered mass murders of Kashmiri Hindus. He is the reason why so many escapists converted to Islam and no…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodYeah right @AmitMehra. My misfortune is that i am not a bartender from Italy, just a Punjabi Rajput born in Sindh.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSarasvati civilization grain silos from 7380 BCE shattering the belief that Indian culture began around 2000 BCE.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodBest "mandir wahin banayege" ROFL
Retweeted by Kali's BroodRequest @narendramodi ji to make sure Hindus get all 'minority aid' 4m Center for being Minority in J&K Right now i…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodResolve to persist, so you may endure, even amidst rubble.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodPakistani 'pardoned' the 10 Indians after they struck a deal to pay over 50,000 USD as 'blood money'. Nice spin tho…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodNeed an immediate policy/SOP update. Any moron who supports terrorist must be deemed terrorist and 🔫 No mercy. Safe…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodYes. He just plucked out Sambhaji's eyes out of compassion before killing him after he refused to accept Islam.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMisleading headline. There is no ban on meat. Only crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses. Who made them journos? 🤔😡😠
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWhat about your atrocities on Bengal hindus?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodJ&K cops have found WhatsApp groups with Pakistani numbers as administrators involved in rumour-mongering, crowd mobilisation. @Arunima24
Retweeted by Kali's Brood"ALL meat shops in Noida / Greater Noida are ILLEGAL." Food safety department
Retweeted by Kali's Brood7000 Hindu schools served closure notice due to non-compliance of RTE norms
Retweeted by Kali's BroodCommunity radios run by church in various parts of India. Why do Hindus don't take up such projects?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodTalking about cow meat is intellectualism. Talking about pig meat is communal and hurts minority sentiments. But Hindus are communal?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMore mob attacks on the police in Kerala than in Kashmir, new figures reveal | @kamaljitsandhu @mail_today
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMore racist anti-Hindu drivel from Dhume trying to appease his Anglo masters at an American think-tank.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWhen are the fatwa- and death threat-delivering mullahs getting arrested?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodTill we supported him, we were dharmics. The moment we start asserting our dharmic values, we become communal. When will dhimmis realise?
Retweeted by Kali's BroodA man calls Hindus "communal". And the Hindus being called "communal" jump to defend the man calling them thus. Badhiya hai
Retweeted by Kali's BroodNeed content writer and social media managers for a new venture. Experience must. Salary plus stakes. Pl DM.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWhatever is illegal should be acted against.What is problem in it?Be it illegal slaugtherhouses or illegal mining:@yogrishiramdev in Lucknow
Retweeted by Kali's BroodI saw More M, X, & Commies submitting request for funds in govt than hindus. Gave whatever possible to the one temp…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIt would be disingenuous & utterly stupid of RW to do so. Every Word, Every Page, Every Chapter, Every Book screa…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodRT if you notice the Irony in this masterpiece.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodTotal value of Enemy Property stands at a whopping 1.04 lakh crore & it took 70 yrs & a man named Modi to save it!
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe world that always considered Hindus as the slaves could not digest non apologetical Hindu monk becoming CM of U…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIn the last two weeks Modi government has tabled the National Health Policy, Aids and Mental Health bills. Media is busy with Tunde kababs..
Retweeted by Kali's BroodI like it "the alleged" minorities. Ask him to put down guns &, attend schools. Oh no schools? Too bad they bu…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodPark rangers in Madhya Pradesh use cuddly toy tigress to help 3 traumatised cubs spring back to their feet after th…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodMr. @ShekharGupta dont you dare try and play this dirty game- NOIDA incident is wrong and your tweet amounts to instigating Africans
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWith a sister and her family living in Africa- i can say with complete responsibility that this man i#has crossed l…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodWorship resumes at Pathvari Khatipada Temple after Peacefuls blocked it in collusion with Akhilesh govt.
Retweeted by Kali's Brood Cc: @DallyJoelle
Retweeted by Kali's Brood.@tufailelif quoting me after blocking me & deleting his previous tweet. Liberal & Moderate mask of his is torn dow…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodChanges @ Gloriavale aftr spotlite falls on it following allegations of enforced marriage, sexual abuse via @1NewsNZ
Retweeted by Kali's BroodSomeone should educate this bimbo. Big difference between a Centuries old and Culture-rich Civilization and Destruc…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodLarge populations of Muslims live in India What if Hindus were to get even for how they are treated in Kashmir and…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodFew Nigerian are hurt and army does flag march Lakhs of Hindus are converted through fraud No action ???? @rajnathsingh
Retweeted by Kali's Brood& the credit goes to Nehruvian secularism that made majority community fighting for saving its culture,spirituality…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodI don't think a single muslim exists who would tolerate a hindu rashtra even when muslims live with equality n peace in it!
Retweeted by Kali's BroodDemented Daniyal Your Ancestors were followers of Santana Dharma. Them and you turned many areas into Meat Fests
Retweeted by Kali's BroodA few doles given out to poor pilgrims taking up arduous and dangerous Mansarovar Yatra and even a "moderate" Muslim seems to be foaming
Retweeted by Kali's BroodOne the one hand, Hindus temples are plundered in the name of endowment. On the other, usurped Waqf lands made rent free
Retweeted by Kali's BroodHindu temples had been demolished, land usurped and reassigned to Muslims . Today known as Waqf it amounts to 1.2 Lakh crore rent free land
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @TrueIndology In other words, the Gov takes a handful from temples and gives a pinch to the Hindus and perhaps more than a pinch to Muslims
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @TrueIndology time to get them to take their bloody hands off!
Retweeted by Kali's BroodHindus wouldn't have needed any subsidy if only Indian government had kept its dirty hands off temple properties
Retweeted by Kali's BroodStructural damage to Idol during renovation of temple? 😡
Retweeted by Kali's BroodCentral subsidy for Hajj is 690 crore. No central subsidy for Mansarovar. 6 states give Mansarovar subsidy, no stat…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodFor the past few years, number of Pilgrims from UP taking up Mansarovar Yatra varied between 20 to 35, costs UP gov…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodIrfan Lone is 100% correct. You really think you can get Kashmir Muslims to allow chains of Shankar Mutt schools ed…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodAklhilesh Yadav had himself doubled subsidy for Mansarovar Yatra from 25,000 to 50,000 in 2012. Not a squeak was he…
Retweeted by Kali's BroodPic 1: Aam Admi's Moholla Clinic. Pic 2: Sirji's Jindal Naturopathy.
Retweeted by Kali's BroodThe only country where the vastly numerous majority cannot even rebuild one of its most important places of worship…
Retweeted by Kali's Brood @shahid_siddiqui In UP 42% of Slaughter houses are owned by Dalit Hindus & 20% by Muslims .Still you feel the govt is attacking Muslims?
Retweeted by Kali's Brood