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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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Catching up on the news today and this beautiful lady came up! Wicked Broadway is incredibly… mom and my sis❤️ I'd be lost without you! So grateful that you were able to be here:) love… real life Prince Charming :) #imsosorryimbombardingyouwithwicked @JuliaMurney thank you!!!! Coming from a fellow witch, that means a lot! Sending you big hugs!
Took this just before the 2nd act of Wicked last night. 8 of us saying farewell and what a…
@CatieAnn14 AHHHHHH HAHA! Yes please:) Simon and I just get each other 😜
@Jeremymjordamn you can send it to Stewart Talent in NYC :) thank you! @jaysonc11 😘 @wicked101_ yay! @darling_youtube xoxo! 😘 @SydneyLucasNYC xoxo! @hollywoodmandy yes yes yes! @mollyminone oh thank you sweetheart! I generally come out every evening show...sometimes I have guests and it takes longer😟 @gemmab99_ I might have? I'm so behind, I'm sorry! @Jo_DinaDance 😢 @Jo_DinaDance 😘 @hejemmis it was rough for a bit, but it's all melting now:) @NYHSstTeam I'm sure I have, I'm just very behind! I'm sorry! @Lewell900 hahaha! That'd be awesome! @jakeschauder yay! See you soon! @Kennedy3857 glad you enjoyed it! @ekc523 nice to meet you! Thank you for coming! @virginialittle_ 😘 @BroadwayboundG 😘 @DevinPanic thank you so much for coming! @Jessharvey125 😢 @FlyingHighWKD @racheltucker1 I love this pic:) @xxjessierosexx 😢 @jaysonc11 haha! Congrats! BE GLAD BE GRATEFUL AND REJOICIFY! @yvettekojic DONUTS! @Wickedlover6 not sure yet! But a few concerts in March:) @CharlesAOKeefe this is amazing! @elphiesbowman 😘 @yvettekojic @racheltucker1 @playbill yayyyy!!!! That was a fun day:)
2016 @AaronTveit is absolutely the MOST popular! I will gladly follow your lead! 🙋😘👍🏼
@GinnaClaire @anyachenofanzel @carriestlouis yummy!!!!! Now I'm hungry.
@abigail___ann haha! I wish! @ABC what happens with all of the News Anchors etc reporting live during the storm? Do they have a warm place to be? #abc7ny @BRMacJR hell yeah! I'm sure it will be a sparse audience! But I give those who trek this through this mess a lot of credit @BRMacJR @misselizabetka @ElanaDuffy @whitneybdow @nytimes annnnnd the show must go on! 😳
@GinnaClaire @BroadwayboundG @elphiesbowman haha! Yes! Except kevin would be mortified! 😂👍🏼 @guevarawr @Lin_Manuel I would actually poop myself. 💩 @MGrahamWriter aww thanks! @koolcomp @CarolineVBowman 😘😘😘 @glindaperries haha! Wow, that feels like yesterday. Time flies @BroadwayboundG xo! @elphiesbowman ❤️❤️ @galindascheno xoxo! @lawrenceculture the Gershwin stage door should be fine:) thank you so much! @aplandreneau @racheltucker1 thank you for coming! @Caiti441 oh that's so hard! Currently it'd be Glinda b/c I truly never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd ever get to play this role. @franklinndisney I did come out but they had let everyone go:( I had guests so it took longer than normal. @franklinndisney @racheltucker1 haha!!!! This may actually be my favorite compliment ever:) thank you! I adore that Rachel so very much! ❤️
@supbrosanna oh my goodness I'm so sorry to have missed you! 😢
Had a lovely coffee date with this girl yesterday:). She is pure beauty inside and out. We could… @canadatie thank you! @lisatherealg 😘 @shinaberrydan @RobinofJesus xoxo! @SingingMomR yay! Thank you! @NewsiefromOz no worries! I'm sure we will have video :))) @yvettekojic love to you! #allthedonuts @SJBroadway32 haha! Thank you! @Anna_Epps you are so sweet:) @sharp_daily haha! Yay!!! @trombley_grace aww darnit! @newsies_forever thanks!!! @Elphaba_2002 they are new ish! Thank you :) @hejemmis xo! @elphiesbowman xo! @Elovesbroadway thank you!!! @eldabee yay!!! @imflyingfree 😢 @goodpigeons 😘😘 @gemmab99_ :( @JMD19 @54Below yay thank you! @RonRaines daddy o!!!!!! Oh I would die!!!!! Love you so! @KennedyCaughell @kcaughellfans girl, YOU are awesome! Only wishing we could have worked together longer! Love to you!
@TimFederle gahhhhh! Thanks Tim! So excited for you! Cannot wait to come see Tuck!Sooooo this is happening. If you happen to be free, please come on out! I'd be super duper… @mo_brady @jdawgnyc @playbill @odyilliams @Cristalzheat @ArianaDeBose @MurphyMade @ryanscottoliver @Kcmassey1 agreed!! Congrats loves!!! ❤️
@clairesheltonnn I'm so sorry I missed you! I had to run to meet family. Much love to you! ❤️❤️ @mich_lemieux @WICKED_Musical so happy you enjoyed the show! Yay for date night! @Jessharvey125 aww so sweet of you to say. Thank you😘😘 @theatrekidkate thanks sweetheart❤️❤️ @lauralori12 thank you!!!! @westendfaves xoxo!!!! @erallo13 thank you sweetness @BrianWeed2 I loved Boise! Thank you so much @natalie_noack @WICKED_Musical hoping you had a great time! @mlynnekeith thank you for your sweet words @elphiesbowman xoxo! @galindascheno you too! @BroadwayboundG I plan to come out! It may just take a little bit because I will be a mess😳
@hollywoodmandy oh my sweetheart!!! I am so so sorry to have missed you tonight! I have family in town. I totally forgot you were coming😢😘 @NewsiefromOz @OnlyInBOS @csflorist aww cool! Dangit wish I was close! @MereIngBlanch @playbill @WICKED_Musical hahaha! You know A LOT of things :)))
@horanhugslalala tell her to breathe! @michcoll so glad I got to meet you through this process! My contract is up:( onto new adventures! 😘😘😘 @markfantastical xoxo! @GoFrankUrself thank you for your kind words! Means a lot:)
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