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@EiffelArt waaaaaah @gfortin_05 No I mean I agree, but Bryan’s gay as the day is long and my murder boys are into The Weird Stuff so in…! Are you a prop designer? Are you lookin to test? If you are please post a comment below with examples and con…
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈 @gfortin_05 Apparently it’s Kinks which idk about but in their case it’s p obvious lolToday I am a Big Business Boss working on Big Business Things but I’m still wearing bat-buckled suede shoes and a QUEERS pin @megsauce I need more Abigail @amandascurti Makeup... and weight lifting... and calligraphy @megsauce I gotta watch this show againHappy Monday (again) @itskindred LmfaoCarly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION side B @xtop @heyjenbartel @COLORnMATT Yeah I mean I’m with you @xtop @heyjenbartel @COLORnMATT When I got the first volume of Hellcat I was dismayed when our colourist was left o…🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @meyrude They know what we want*dies* @Beavs @heyjenbartel @tragicsunshine Oh that’s a good one!! @rusteenh I’m talking major publishers$100/page for finished art (pencils-inks or even pencils-COLOURS) is not enough, especially combined with unrealist… the job got me better jobs and started my career, but the requests from that publisher were unreasonable (wr… is good to know for animation, I wish I had known what was fair in comics when I started. My first writing job… thread from brittany!
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈Good morning @angelamwebber year old me: no, I’m not gay. Closet:
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈This really resonated huhPlanned a vacation Technically after a second date, but DM: Your attack hits, but the creature has a very thick hide. Me: mm. Same Cohen: 😐😑 @TurboBurpo @e_kubli It was very bad
@GennHutchison I do at least twice a yearBe Still My Heart.
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈here's a pro speedrun strat for getting brutally muted by artists and content creators you like online
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈 @GennHutchison Mmmm moi aussi @Linktm @BarlowAdams I blocked him over this lol @EricaFails N OStraight people: "listen im not homophobic but making Elsa gay will make the kids confused about their sexuality it…
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈Seconded love 2 block gatekeeping pedants in my friends’ mentionsI really hate when men make the same point a woman’s already made and everyone cheers for them @skullmandible I mean at least you got sir/madam’edThis is my new favourite ASMR video, it is so weird and adorable @TXS1089 They do @ghosstcat Thanks! I hate it @lazy_sadist @Tubstout @azadraws All of you go to prison!!!!! @spookperson Welcome
CURSED IMAGE @boumerie What in the actual hellI know I’m an adult because I got giddy buying a floral quilt today, thinking of how it would complement the bedroom @neekaneeks I’ve ordered them but pins take like a month, haha. You know. They’ll be up soon!! @reapermain666 u have 2 do up both.Also I tweeted about it the other day but they’re from’s it in a nutshell @marfedmoo I realized it’s “snow leopard” not “white leopard” lolI will never get over these shoes @neekaneeks Yes!! Just waiting for them to get listed, hopefully soon!! @BrendTheCow Oh they’re so friggin good @marfedmoo White leopard I thinkLook. Juanjo Guarnido draws some hot cat people. It’s 2018 I ain’t ashamedRe: Love, Simon - that’s what I thought, too! Now I think I will go see it!’s my t-shirt that says I’m Only A Furry For Blacksad Oh god no I do not want to watch a single black mom victimized by a bunch of awful white men End: Is thi… saw this trailer last night before Tomb Raider and began it cringing to death and ended it going “wait... what??… feel like people have been very quick to dismiss this as unnecessary or outdated but it’s a big deal??? I’m happy… What do we want ? - A chronological instagram feed ! - When do we want it ? - 2 hours ago ! - 18 hours ago ! - Sp…
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈The real holiday!!!!!!!!!!’ll spend it as I have spent the last 5 or 6 March 17ths - hiding indoors, lol @hankhugs @skullmandible He’s a vegetariananyone feeling threatened by the #MeToo movement probably has good reason to be worried
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈I come from a hard-drinking town that does this holiday with a vengeance, I have witnessed many a green puke. Just… St Pat’s! Remember: - One drink of water for every alcohol - Eat something solid - Program your lyft/uber app… @monarobot WOOF it’s the worst!!! I hate it, can’t I just be the cinematographer for everyone’s photos?! Solidarity ❤️ @monarobot It’s fun! Co-written by a woman, which I’m sure helped @eatyourlipstick We really liked it too!! People said it was bad but it was fun as heck @caroramsey Haha yeah you too!!Oh and SPOILER but because it was one of MY concerns - there’s no sexual assault. One icky face touch, but then nada. Hurray! @ChristinaToms Idk it’s pretty fun! Vikander does a bang-up job
Daniel Wu is... 😍 @deathcab4booty YYYUPLook if anything it opens with Lara Croft learning to MMA fight with a hot queer girl so like idk you make your own choices