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Taking mom to a lil xmas festival in November susan. great tv show, even greater two-word horror story
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈Talk to your kids about going viral @darcydubose Love itHaha I immediately muted this thread and it was a good choice, replies full of people proving my point @beckycloonan We’re grossAnyway we woke up, exchanged dreams, got really freaked out and then said “twinsies” so I guess we’re in love foreverWe both dreamt we were young boys trapped inside a lucid dream wherein Pennywise the Clown was trying to send us messages @LBardugo Bye hottieCohen and I had the exact same extremely specific dream last night and it’s been messing me up all dayMy Hot Friday Tip: you can fix many broken/shattered eyeshadows, blushes etc by pouring a bit of 99% alcohol & smus… @skullmandible Haha wow that’s embarrassing @skullmandible Haha you’re bad at twitterMy mom’s only comment so far: “I’m sorry, but Archie has unappealing nipples”That’s my mom @skullmandible Babe I have said yes MULTIPLE TIMES @AstroTira I missed 2:40 by two minutes, I would’ve taken the anagramFP’s jail number is 24601. Who’s the bigger nerd: the musical theatre dork who snuck in that reference or me, for getting it? #RiverdaleR e a l l y m a k e s y o u t h i n kYou ever think about how D is the 4th letter of the alphabet So following that logic D20 = 420“The greatest threats are The Black Hood, The Sugar Man and Jingle Jangle”Trying to explain Riverdale to my mom as I catch up on the latest ep has been A Trip @RdotSpoon We are frequently garbage @RdotSpoon FAIR ENOUGHGarbage’s “Androgyny,” I supposeI strongly appreciate Halsey for making a bisexual pop song, to hang in the halls of Don’t Stop Me Now and uh... are there others? @MaraWilson Brian was Nice @mbandd2 @re_Claire Good guys don’t feel the need to tweet things like thisI keep seeing the women one floating around and it’s good advice but also the onus should not always be on us!!good statements for men to practice: 1) I’m sorry 2) I shouldn’t have done that 3) no problem, goodnight 4) dude, d… @skullmandible Perks of dating a sunflowerI love to chuckle when people try and explain writing to meI love how sites divide between “women” and “plus size” like we’re our own gender @Iindonrivendell thanks for the tip!Q for fellow thick girls: I’m usually a XL-1X but at F21 yesterday the 1X were all tiny. Do you usually size up?Anyway s/o to my mom for being here for a week so I can wear all my lip products when we hang outI own approximately 500 lip products but I never wear them when I expect I might end up kissing so I NEVER WEAR THEMEverything in these descriptions is fabulous @ThatAuntZelda That is *actually* Tiffany'sOoooh, I got a preview set of the @TheZoneCast pins I designed! They look GREAT! And also... *GLOW* Pre-order:…
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈 @biancaxunise I likes what I likes @biancaxunise Extremely same @biancaxunise Yyyyyep @biancaxunise I have felt this way since the trailers first started!! YeuchBut also: hire more womenOne awful piece of Marvel news, one great one. What a week @f_francavilla @Gillette @justiceleaguewb @WarnerBrosEnt @DCComics SUPERMAN CAN’T EVEN SHAVEWoah, holy shit! That’s a change-up!! Day-Lewis could never make Legally Blonde work, but Reese Witherspoon could make There Will Be Blood work
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈 @babsdraws @TheZoneCast It’s a treat. @skullmandible YesPRETTY GOOD, IT DOESN’T SEEM @skullmandible “I want to fuck the fish man” = the only reason to see The Shape of Water OR Justice League tbh @skullmandible Fish sex!!!!! @AngrygirLcomics I expect no lessSorry to the patrons of the Burbank AMC 16 who saw me react to the poster by chanting “FISH SEX! FISH SEX! FISH SEX!”Why in any god’s name would I see Justice League when The Shape of Water is coming out @biancaxunise I love a bisexual pop song @zumpiez Right??Nope! The closest it comes is when Grandmaster’s guard talks through him about Valkyrie and vice-versa. to see Thor again and loved it to pieces but frig-a-dig, it *still* doesn’t pass the Bechdel test
@TheZoneCast They look GOOD, I got a preview set of the @TheZoneCast pins I designed! They look GREAT! And also... *GLOW* Pre-order:… @muhruh Goals tbhTiffany’s: For the sub that has everything™️ your dad tries to clean up your daughters Girls World with white spirit, but it completely takes the eyes out…
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈A friend asks me about Riverdale: “It’s horrible. I love it. The writing is awful. I hope it has 8 seasons.” So do… @SamMaggs Khakis and frozen yogurt and snapping at waiters, a part of our heritageI get being proud of being Irish or Swedish or w/e but proud of being white? Proud of what? Cargo pants and asking to speak to the manager?Follow my instagram, ok? It’s fun you think TERF is a slur maybe stop being a TERF ya big TERF
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈Whether goth or glam, butch or femme, casual or complex, there’s nothing I love more than building a LookEvery day is a costume party if you’ve got enough determination and glitter @spookperson @biancaxunise I love it so @Lexxercise @kristaferanka @yuuz_tattooer DaaaaamnNew purse dedicated to @biancaxunise come back to this video after my breakdowns
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🦇✨🌈Vibez