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What’s crazy is how good The Lord of the Rings isI was only crying because of hormones, I’m okI was crying into the couch and cohen was like oh no, looks like I bought fellowship of the ring on amazon, guess w… @megsauce It works @itskindred Oh man I’m teaching myself to do this too, cutting out the clicks and breath sounds is its own ASMR lolWHERE IS THE LIE
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🎉✨🌈Oooooh I’m pretty sure I slipped some jokes into this one! Sunset foreverrrrr @PavlovFyodor Both @skullmandible WaitI can’t find our detergent pod thingies and @skullmandible keeps looking at me
I love that Citronge stuff Patron makes. Nothin else does it for meUgh, never buy cheap triple secnew @bufferingcast ep out tmw, but if you missed Bad Girls last week, I will remind you of our poet laureate…
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🎉✨🌈I’m gonna GO thereAlso this video Crossing and Atlas Obscura are keeping me alive this week @neilhimself @GailSimone Heh heh I definitely got this while writing Hellcat and first did dialogue for Jubilee :3This, I tell myself after wrangling with a first draft over and over and over againIt’s good to work as hard as you can but sometimes it’s okay that a first draft is just a first draftCan I quit all my jobs and get paid to stay in theme hotels for a travel show @meghanansbach Omg this looks amazing @NicoleDubuc It’s so cool @stacyking Yeah I definitely want to check out the two Hicksvilles!Also the Locust Street Inn in Denton, TX where I got trapped in a snowstorm (?!). The owner had a lovebird named Ho… two best places I’ve ever stayed were like this, first was the Moonrise Hotel in St Louis wish every hotel was a weird themed boutique hotelHaha hell yeah we planned a very cute Valentimes tripMy animal crossing town is coming along very nicely, thank you for asking @shoomlah Oh shit @yellowcardigan @skullmandible @shoomlah YES ahhh the Claire seal of approval is all I needTho pretty an popularrr @shoomlah Ooooh did you love it? @sara_poppop I’m so glad it’s as lovely as everyone says @CarolynCNowak LmaoI spent 2 hours looking at all the rooms last nightI *am* going to go to the Madonna Inn, I swear it nowI think I hit a point where the news is so bad that instead of hyperfocusing on it, I’ve just dissosciated. I’ll co… @skullmandible You woke up salty today @vibills I watched this when the edible I took for my cramps hit and it was lifechangingLorde’s “Liability” always punches me right in the heart @bellechelle Ahhh! Neat! I will go @TVbydV Oh shit okay! Different Hicksville! This looks rad @caroramsey I hate you, ghost!! @TVbydV Aren’t they just trailers though?!Cohen keeps watching ghost shows with me and then falling asleep!!! @vibills No! I’ve definitely seen photos taken in it though @jolilore How WAS itI love weird boutique and theme hotels!!! Gimme em all. Well. Within a hundred miles of LAI’ve just discovered the Madonna Inn and I want to stay in EVERY ROOMAs we reach the latest Buzzfeed Unsolved, I feel grateful they tend to avoid cases with sexual assault and tend not…
Shane taunts these demons!!!Watching the demon show @NSLCpunk This is RelatableGuy Can’t Tell if Goth Date is Disinterested or if That’s Just Part of Her Whole Thing
Retweeted by Kate Leth 🎉✨🌈 @skullmandible To those curious it was “there are so many badass women in it” which, like, I can’t be mad aboutIf you want to know what living with @skullmandible is like, this morning he burst shirtless out of the bathroom an… @yoshisquared GONNA GET EM ALLEEEEEEEE @yoshisquared YOSHIIIIII @The_D_F_G Ooooh Echo is good!!“I’m an adult man who just realized it’s scary to be a woman” wow congrats. It’s hard to hold back tears. You’re so… @TheDoubleclicks IT’S GONNA BE FUN @kristinetuna I miss it a lotIn game and in lifeGuilty pleasures: Barmaids @kristinetuna No our friend is! I’m exciiitedCohen helped me make a D&D character and I’m a cat girl lolOh hey, today is exactly 2 years since I boarded a plane to LA.Climbed back over 1500 patrons with this one!!! Join at, where the comics won’t delete afte… @thelfr @rattusRose Ha, I completely forgot to go!! Y’all look greatMy nightmares have turned into “I’m back working at the mall in the town I grew up in but everyone I knew is a mom now”Possibly gayer when I’m actually kissing girls but it’s a close call @spookperson Ahahah I know this gent @NinjaSudo @Dave_Cochran @Chris_S_Gosse C ya @caroramsey I have the vapours