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I believe my very work-appropriate reaction was to approach the people involved and exclaim “Doreen got a DONK! SICK!”When I still worked at Hasbro I peeped a presentation early on and was genuinely surprised they hadn’t thinned her out! It’s cool!I’m really happy they made Squirrel Girl thick in Marvel Rising. It’s rad to see a not-thin superhero in a cartoon not played for jokes 👌 @LilDogMeat I have no idea @The_Davenporter It SURE DOESI understand now why nobody could explain to me what it was aboutOkay so we saw Sorry to Bother You and I only have one question: w h a t t h e f u c k @HannahTempler You can’t control meOk I backed that up tooYour time machine breaks, trapping you in the past. How can you reinvent civilization from scratch? You're in way o…
Retweeted by Kate 💖 Leth @caroramsey I have neverrrrr forgottennnnn
@RdotSpoon I hope this happens to the woman who called the cops on a black lady for “shoplifting” when she was buying gd tampons @bethpecora Lmao it’s youLast new merch design for today: A couple of these as buttons @juliaereck @topatoco PRETTY CUTE IMHOToday I learned that Photoshop CC has an AMAZING symmetry tool now!!! GAME-CHANGEROkay alright so who's going to be at Flame Con? 'Cause these puppies will be (and then later, online - you can get… @yellowcardigan HissssssEverything I’ve ever written is also just on one macbook lolLiterally everything I’ve ever done was on one external hard driveHey if you wanna feel a half-second of panic attack, yesterday I backed up all the art I’ve made since 2011 for the first time“Wow look at all this great merch!” You’ll say @daeligeek You can... you can order it @OhHeyDJ Look at us standing next to each otherThere is no faster way to get me to unsubscribe from your emails if you like these pins I got merch galore over yonder @Bellthegaomon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oh ho yes yes sent off some new Flame Con merch to the printers this day
Retweeted by Kate 💖 Leth @AngrygirLcomics But of courseI cannot wait to cosplay this thick pink wife, whoever they may be @devronius I read tweets for 3 minutes and then blocked him! @_glavinder!AAAAAAAAH 😍😍😍😍😍 LOOK AT IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pin proofs is so exciting!!! @RamsHornStudios @bluedelliquanti I feel like nobody uses it!I think everyone I know would jump ship in a heartbeat if it were halfway decent. The bigots and assholes could fes…’s gotta be some tech startup out there with half a soul that can make a social media platform that actually bans harassers @HannahTempler @ItsTheRocketeer @mattmanbegins 100% agree. This doesn’t help anyone.Can’t wait to not have to wait for ANY restaurants, bay-bee @kevinwada There must be Ororos in the atmosphere 👏It’s comic con week and you know what THAT means: all us stay-behinds get to enjoy a nearly empty Los Angeles @NSLCpunk God I have been stuck at two ghost pokemon and no ditto for two weeks @henrytcasey YUPAlright the second half is pretty great @ElusiveJ @texasannie 😌I know like 80,000 people working on She-Ra and I haven’t seen one second of footage but I can assure you it’s gonna be incredible @texasannie @ElusiveJ Ahem are you familiar with the Hermione Crookshanks Experience @dinoraye @3smallwords Hahah no!! That Griffin is good! @MarisaBalkus That boob shot is very lolIt’s like. You can post a weak apology. But your social media is crawling with people either boycotting you for hos… blood sugar is super low and food’s on its way but I got way too deep into comments on The Griffin’s instagram and I am BUMMED OUT @skullmandible @electrolemon Yyyyyep @MarisaBalkus It’s Relatable™️Okay episode 8 is a work of artOh my god this songif you’re in the lgbt community open this tweet ㅤㅤㅤㅤtrans ppl are valid ㅤㅤㅤㅤand the foundation of ㅤㅤㅤㅤour community ㅤㅤㅤㅤrespect them
Retweeted by Kate 💖 Leth @coleman_engle I really hated the first half! It was mean to all the women!! But this second half is a lot betterI decided to try and finish out the 2nd season of GLOW cause I heard it gets gayer and so far it’s good
@pseudonymjones It’s so dumb they’re EVERYWHERE for this event but it’s like... I have six??? I don’t need more??????Also upcoming: I might do a pan sticker sheet to match the bi one and possibly cards as well?? I don’t have the tim… bought a 24” cintiq from @Kate_Farina this week and had to rearrange my entire desk (it’s HUGE) but oh my god hav… @MarisaBalkus Welcome @TanekaStotts Thankya!Oh ho yes yes sent off some new Flame Con merch to the printers this day @caroramsey @EmmyCic Yep🎶 youuu don’t need to engage in polite conversation with people who question the validity of anyone’s identity 🎶 @upandoutcomic They keep deleting their instagram posts that people are commenting on and it ain’t workin @wanderlustlost OH hahaha @wanderlustlost I don’t know what this meansI like that bar. Or liked. If they came out and said “WOAH WOAH we fired the people working last night we are NOT C… I have 67k followers on here and if I can use this platform to fuck up a nazi-friendly bar I WILL @MollyOstertag Seriously!!! @BruceOdyssey Right?Went to look for their instagram to leave a comment and woop realize I used the same statement as OP! I don’t care! Reading into the threads is a nightmare, the entire staff stood by these turdsI’ve been to this place a couple dozen times. I love the atmosphere and the fried pickles. I will fucking n e v e r… @korybing Never @kierongillen I will never understand you