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Writer by trade, artist by chance. Magical Girl enthusiast. ✨ {she/her}

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For those coming to them via @hildatheseries, I’ve made a quick guide to all the existing Hilda comics!
Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed Alive @The_BearMan7 Yeah I’m heterophobicThis is extremely good and cute @RianSygh @OhHeyDJ WE DA BEST COMICSCandace: Violet is a witch. She’s evil. Look at her. How are you not seeing this?! Violet: *Looks menacing, mutters… show is trashy but I respect how Candace, the only black girl in the group, has 100x more common sense than anyone elseI have to stop watching Light as a Feather when I’m eating 🤮
Her nails on one hand are... shorter........I’ve just got back into Overwatch after a LONG absence and: Moira!?????I solved it I am a GENIUSPractical Magic turns 20 today. I wrote about why it still resonates today, and how the initial take from critics o…
Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed Alive @NSLCpunk NOMy stupid gaming headphones share all of my computer audio with everyone I’m on discord/chat with and I can’t seem to turn that off!!Sweet 16 #InktoberDay16 #inktober #halloween #tattooflash sorta love when people out here think I went to school for writing or animationIf you wanna do what I did: -go to art college for photography -drop out -have a bad trip on shrooms -wake up to fi… people ask me for college/career advice & it’s like... I cannot possibly recommend doing it the way I did it @e_kubli @skullmandible @RianSygh I love when this shit happens lol @markyannna If the shoe fits @RebekahGordon1 Hahah I’m gettin these tooAriana had to learn the hard way what all women find out eventually: that sometimes you think a guy is amazing and…
Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed AliveThis woman is EXTREME goals @The_Davenporter It’s fun and really weird!!Lmao it’s wild to see Henson puppets in the same shot as a silicone ball gagAlso I’m VERY hungryThis Christine McConnell show gives me ASMR @jukeboxcomix Hahaha yeah it’s trashy! But I love it!The new Charmed is intriguing, I think this is the time in my life I truly embrace trashy gay witch cultureThis is the agenda they spoke ofOk, one of the Charmed Ones is gay, one of the Light as a Feather witches is gay, Sabrina’s going to have pan and n…’m still shaking lol my baby... my child...... @maddigzlz 😭❤️❤️❤️ @ElusiveJ YUPIf I ever doubt my maternal instincts, remind me of the time my cat came to me stuck in her collar and how I became… little saucy, harness inspired by Deandri... 👀💦 #inktoberday15 #inktober #kinktober🎶mmhmmmhmm hmm, and Lebron James is—FUCKYesterday while making dinner I was humming a song I couldn’t get out of my head, assuming it was from a musical un…“Sex workers told y’all.” ~ Ancient Proverb
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Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed AliveVideo games should unionize imhoThe only thing that deserves your free work is your own project, your personal passions, your charitable endeavours… is about this and any other studio that uses the “we’re all in this together” mindset to guilt workers into sa… work weeks are unethical Crunch is not an excuse for destroying your employees Do not work for free so execu… know it’s probably universal that the Doctor is empathetic, brilliant, adventurous, brave, kind and gun-hating, b… I would die for the new Doctor, she’s so amazing @CarolynCNowak ❤️I really appreciate a place whose name allows for the utmost expression of its native accent. Consider: YorkshireI can’t believe I get to watch a new Doctor Who AND a new Charmed today @steve_foxe Right? I want to support her! But!!!! @steve_foxe Hahaha I love synthy electro-pop and I’m caught in the crossfire between trans pop artist (awesome) and… @steve_foxe Lol kill me I love itHappy Monday needs to stop being a point of pride, no matter how bittersweet you make it sound. I don't want devs to work 1…
Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed AliveI was shiverin in my sleep when I woke up so I grabbed a blanket for another 5 minutes of snoozing and no, two hours later!! 😴 @AustenMarieTV Oh shit!!! @Joe_Quinones I get worse every day but I can still read, I’ll lead the chargeNobody with glasses will survive the apocalypse @swinsea There’s some good gender stuffI forget to wear my glasses at home all the time and then I’ll go out in public and suddenly everything is blurry and I’m terrified @swinsea It’s fun and delightful! Like a period piece Big Eyes but much gayer and with way more agenda for the wife @324_B21 I really loved that!Well Colette was a very good movie
I guess I’m back into Overwatch, starting at level 1 for... the third time? Fourth?LA vs. NYC Lyft Drivers
Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed Alive @AdlaiM Velvet malachite!I know these inktobers are not especially good but they are extremely fun to draw and the symmetry is so soothing to my brainCandelabra! #inktoberDay14 #Inktober2018 #inktober #flash @darrylayo It’s very cute!! @PlinaGanucheau @Jeremy_Lambert @samhumphries So many people love this movie I’ve never heard of!! @ChrisRD19 AMEN @nicterhorst Lol also bots and stuff get swept at random! It’s not always personal!Bob’s Burgers is the best show on TV if only for their commitment to a Halloween episode every seasonHey, comics people. Are you willing to talk on the record about labor issues in corporate comics, particularly when…
Retweeted by Only Lovers Lethed AliveBecause it... eats documents Listen, I just woke up @megsauce @rnarccus Friends look out for friendsIf you really think about it isn’t a paper shredder a documentarian @chaeronaea ASIDE from being ableist as shit it’s just dumb and wrong???? @chaeronaea Haha this made me so angry @rnarccus @megsauceWoke up to cats on either side of my head. They know. Cats are good @whitneyarner I had not muted you!! I’m sorry for my snark @whitneyarner Haha, hoo boy @meakoopa The best thing ever written on the internetOh man, the bit about “hire women whose reputations have been smeared” is just, YES @thejimgibbons Right? @juliaereck I’m pretty into it but it’s getting too creepy to keep watching lol @DanBenZvi ObviCanon up front gay content, witches, trashy CW writing, creepy dead twins... sign me upI’ve watched the first episode of Light as a Feather and I think... I’m hooked @mollyjane_k ❤️ @pipingloud Thanks ❤️ @brothershageman ! Thank you !Saturday the 13th #Inktober2018 #inktoberday13 #tattoo #flash #inktober has been extremely bad! I feel like my life is falling apart! Send tweet
@Raicodoll I almost bought that skirt last week! @SheaFontana I!! Love these!!So many sonic screwdrivers. They haunt my nightmaresI know people love the show! I know it’s HUGE. My negative reaction entirely comes from working at a comic shop whe… @RachaelAtWork HahahhaI keep wondering if it’ll be able to overcome my negative associations with the tardis as a symbol