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@MsBelleBath it certainly has left an imprint on my memory. And you brought candy! @MsBelleBath or the cut up fruit that that girl's vagina produced after she masturbated to illustrations of priests and bishops! πŸ₯’ @MsBelleBath Tides will always remind me of french man insisting on having his cousin (sister?) make him orgasm before the water covers him @MsBelleBath OMG I WILL NEVER FORGET.Flatbread is a euphemism for pizza to make people like myself feel better for eating the entire thing. @g_redux Looks like my list. Also, tbf, there's a male character in the L Word that identifies as a lesbian... Netflix thinks that's you!Backstage With Billie Holiday
This acct has 50K+ followers... @NotThatHilary @boreallady (the sauce, not her cleav) @NotThatHilary @boreallady I'll tell ya what tho... I made her pomodoro sauce the other day and I still dream about it. 🐽 @noahsolo
Friday relief!! @kendricklamar alert! 🚨🚨🚨
It's #NationalPuppyDay so here's a photo of Abner at only a few months old, after his first haircut! Such a prince! swear to God, the sight of people with deadly diseases crowdfunding their health care is the most dystopian thing about America right now.
Retweeted by Katie#NationalPuppyDay: These are photos of puppies learning to swim. That is all (from 2014)
Retweeted by KatieDid we die? Is this hell?
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#dateswithnauf sure there are other pro-choice women you can respect who aren't anti-Black. It's a shame your bar is so low.
Retweeted by KatieDo you ever walk down the sidewalk then fall asleep a little bit while you're walking, out of pure exhaustion?
"Police described him as a white male with blonde hair." @jabriella @noahsolo I enjoy watching Abner climb snow mounds just to poo on top of them.Horribly dissatisfying in all senses of the word.β€œYou Haven’t Texted Since Saturday,” a poem by Michael Robbins #WorldPoetryDay
Retweeted by KatieFrom Kendrick's "untitled 05"... if this doesn't make you feel something, I can't help you. #WorldPoetryDay of the most profound poetry is found in hip hop music. #WorldPoetryDaykanye performed an early spoken word version of β€œall falls down” on def poetry jam back in 2004 #worldpoetryday
Retweeted by Katie @oknotsomuch ooh I'll have to check it out. I read brief info and "1950s housewife turns stand up comic" has Palladino written all over it.This song would be a perfect soundtrack to start off a satirical Trump documentary, covering the election. John Misty is not good.
@oknotsomuch pardon me?
Drake: My heart is way too frozen to get broken. Me, an intellect that knows frozen objects have a higher propens…
Retweeted by Katie @pcdunham It's really ridiculous. Abner usually loves every toy, but he dislikes this one. Go figure. @pcdunham omg I got Abner the same toy!The very first song I can remember ever hearing was "Johnny B Goode." We danced as my dad played along on guitar.
@LilaHickey ❀️ them
Absolutely brutal.
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@Nonrelatedsense I don't even care about the environmental aspect of it tbh. It's more so about the having to breathe in second hand garbage @Nonrelatedsense Only time it's acceptable is Paris. @Nonrelatedsense Sidewalks of NYC! Nothing worse than being stuck in a trail of cigarette smoke.#StateYourUnpopularFascistOpinion I wish Bloomberg would have banned cigarettes when he banned 30oz beverages.Celebrating Trump's failed #MuslimBan 2.0 like
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah @LJKawa sweet n' sour sauce FTW!
"There's nothing devious about using your femininity." @jp730 if there's extra that you bring for the "office," can you still bring some for your tweet friends down the street?Cabin fever has set in. @naufalsanaullah has resorted to playing YouTube videos of people covering the pizza bagel bites commercial song.
De Blasio don't even know tho Don't forget to take your laptops home for a WFH *snowday* tomorrow!On this Monday morning, please enjoy a gif of Abner receiving kisses from his bff Hunter πŸ’•
@JHNCNYRS oh no. Dare I ask why?
@naufalsanaullah relative to your interests @mnclde hero. @dougtee Love this song. One of my top faves. I like Etta's rendition best, but Amy's is enchanting as well
@davidchang thank u for the πŸ’£ chicken sandwiches4/5 Train: Suckers! You're never getting on me. I'm the worst train line in the city, maybe the world on a good day! 6 Train: Hold my beer.
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Today is #WomensDay! Every day millions of women provide health services, save lives & keep people healthier all ov…
Retweeted by KatieHAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY; pls enjoy a 1613 work by the 1st woman to classically paint nudes, Lavinia Fontana
Retweeted by KatieWomen of Hip Hop playlist on @Spotify is πŸ”₯
Retweeted by KatieI think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
@dougtee @naufalsanaullah @boes_ phenomenal idea. I've been trying to get Naufal to order PJs with me forever now. πŸΎπŸ• @Jessica_Effect @chigrl @naufalsanaullah @MsBelleBath @SoBendito πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ @Jessica_Effect @chigrl @naufalsanaullah ugh autoposting. Glad I'm taking care of my children (@MsBelleBath and @SoBendito) with Nauf tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚My twitter family: Parents: @Jessica_Effect @chigrl S.O: @naufalsanaullah Children: [...] Find yours at
@naufalsanaullah "all your ducks are in a row, Abner" essential tracks from the golden age of '90s hip-hop
Retweeted by KatieNotes from #FENTYxPUMA FW17: 1) You're never too old for teddy bear backpacks 2) Schoolgirl aesthetics always 3) B…
Retweeted by KatieProud of @rihanna today, so here's more from her @papermagazine photoshoot ICYMI cc @Jessica_Effect's @papermagazine shoot has me feeling some type of way.
Retweeted by Katie*Googles Wolfgang Punk net worth* @griffinmcgee I'm not sure what that means... I just know I want to get the fuck home.Cancun Airport is a drunken shitshow and it makes me sad how they cater to the demographic and play Guns N' Roses overheard. @MsBelleBath πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ @MsBelleBath it was an acknowledgement in admiration, not bc it was "gross"Jean-wearing Obama strolling out of the National Gallery of Art sends one clear message: I'm not worried about Trum…
Retweeted by Katie @darth keep your head held high going into Monday, Darth!
@_davidturner_ OMG SAME. I miss my bodega.I guess that's it for me. It's all over now. I got bit by a mosquito and now I have Zika. Quarantine me or cast me off to sea.There's a Snickers bar whispering my name... in Spanish. 😩😩Uggghh why does the candy in mini bars seem so much more desirable than in any other context??