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Zelda Fitzgerald was born on this day in 1900. Read her earliest letters to Scott here ❀
What have you been listening to lately?
Retweeted by Katie5 years later, we still remember Amy Winehouse. @MarkRonson details making "Back to Black."
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I just witnessed two sleeveless bros do a really cool and elaborate handshake over cocktails. I must get on their level.Mom & sister are in town for the weekend! πŸ’Ÿ @ Cafe Colette's Whole Foods and Apple Store both open next week. The neighborhood will never be the same.
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Artist documents his mother’s journey with dementia in whimsical photo series
Retweeted by KatieDonald Trump cancels campaign stop in Akron and struggles to find donors in Ohio
Retweeted by KatieIf the cops kill People of Color in the US so easily, even when filmed, can you imagine what our military does in the countries we invade?
Retweeted by Katiemusical equivalent of my mood 🎢 docking and ear cropping affect dogs, and not just physically
Retweeted by KatieWFH update: @naufalsanaullah #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin experiences are inherently social, scientists tell us, even when they happen alone.
Retweeted by KatieInfographic on the Psychology of Music @Jessica_Effect food for thought"All you have to do is dare to be queer in America. The bigotry will come to you." Park turns 163 today (and is still looking better than ever)! #hbdcentralpark Wha…
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@CraigSJ ugggghhhhhh so upset I missed it @AudreyROrtiz I admire pizza rat and his/her ability to provide for their rat family. @AudreyROrtiz rat map! watching this convention right now:
Retweeted by Katie @noahsolo good workPoetry, Power & the Sophisticated Ignorance of #Otis, by @shannonmhouston:
Retweeted by KatieActually, Swizz interjecting in this song may top his enthusiasm in "Famous" @adamcarstens We created a BINGO with all of the repetitive phrases and jargon!!! Many of our clinicians/execs here are quite verbose.tfw you're on a conference call and the first 5 minutes is wasted on everyone saying "hello" @MsBelleBath BoA πŸ‘― @MsBelleBath 😘😘😘These WTT comics created by @azizansari 5 years ago were πŸ”₯ man. Do yourself a favor and bump WTT all day. else's dogs have major eye booger problems right now?
@Jessica_Effect yeah and where are the love tweets, @AWallBuster?!And rogue protesters being shielded by American flags!.@naufalsanaullah says Trump, Jr. looks like GOB. @TheStalwart @ComfortablySmug remember when that was @boes_'s avi for years? @dimsumyoulose lock him up?Old white men dancing to old white men playing instruments is perhaps my favorite part of #RNCinCLECouldn't have said it better, @MrDoodyHead."Melania couldn't have said more. She should have focused on future & nurturing the children" "That's sexist" "It's her role as a woman.""Oh, you care about social issues? Donald Trump is the most socially liberal candidate we have right now." 😳😳😳😳Williamsburg is changing, you guys. Just met some bro who earnestly defended Trump. THEN he said he voted for Cruz in the primaries.U.S. medical prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it. New from me and @SooOh:
Retweeted by Katie @MsBelleBath York Public Hospitals Use Emojis to Reach Young People About SexΒ πŸ†, YOU'RE wearing heels wandering lost in Central Park.
Remember when we all thought Howard Dean was too weird to be President because he made a noise
Retweeted by KatieπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ @MikeIsaac πŸŽ„Meanwhile... backstage at the #RNCinCLE"Excuse me, sir. Is it OK if we bring a chess board out during our dinner?" @adamcarstens @conorsen @Nebrewska Charles in Charge! @AudreyROrtiz *sigh* why aren't we all in Cleve rn? @NaelSanaullah @naufalsanaullah @jabriella @noahsolo prove it!!!!!!!This is fine. #gopconvention
Retweeted by Katie @KimKardashian girl what do you have on trump do him next
Retweeted by Katie @k_ved good vibes. I like the stringsBest summer jam🍦 see meme caption (not @noahsolo's) and LOL w me @_davidturner_ ugh @_davidturner_ hmm @ohmyrockness ?β˜” @nycsouthpaw 😩😩😩 left mine at home. Where's Fonzworth Bentley when ya need him!? @naufalsanaullah πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, imo. 🌽🌽🌽 | We Subsidize Crops We Should Eat Less Of, Does This Fatten Us Up? Dove’s β€œCanary” @CraigSJ Wednesday!my latest: Medical marijuana might make health care cheaper and help fight the opioid crisis. Why not?
Retweeted by Katie @rodneylief I am reading conflicting information on that, and I am not leaving my convenient post at sbux next to an outletL train down and left me in BK, but at least Nina is playing in sbuxNurses Say Stress Interferes With Caring For Their Patients health and medicine issues to watch for at the GOP convention
Retweeted by KatieThis #summer, the Whitney is open every day + late nights on Friday & Saturday.
Retweeted by KatieHotels changing standards in light of their competition, i.e. @Airbnb @naufalsanaullah would rather listen to Ethiopian jazz than eat their food tbh @CL_Princessa that's bc you have good taste! Have a lovely Monday!Pop gem for #emonday 🎹
Retweeted by KatieWho let the dogs out? We checked out Williamsburg’s new dog run
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Goodnight! @ShanersMD πŸ”₯Trump's coronation in Cleveland will be the burial of the old Republican dynasty
Retweeted by Katie @SoBendito excellent. I shall send you link once complete. @_davidturner_ wat @wstafrican @ELLEmagazine Quick n easy answer: "Don't"I'm curating a basketball playlist. Suggestions welcome! πŸ€Stoked for Baz Luhrmann's new TV series on the 1970s NYC hip hop scene debuting on Netflix 8/12. @MsBelleBath πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he shakes his head, "yes. There are children in here." The mom is glaring at me now. @MsBelleBath + tater tots with @Kater_tot and an admirer behind the counterGuy at behind counter noticed me gawking at the freshly baked cookies, so he took one, broke it in half, handed me one & a 4 yo the other. πŸ™ƒCulture Plays a Major Role in the Kind of Music We EnjoyΒ dish @noahsolo keith Hernandez?! Awesome.If this picks up any steam...
Retweeted by KatieA constant barrage of bright light prematurely ages mice, study shows
Retweeted by Katie @Jessica_Effect whoa new camera resolution
My mom is trolling me and my sister @Kater_tot. She baked Laura Bush's cookies.
Retweeted by Katie @thejenlife not #lawtwitter but recommend the bottom left, classic black dress. Add jewelry and strappy heels! πŸ’―#Textsfrommymom who is a registered democrat mind you, also residing just south of Cleveland older gent in my neighborhood. He's taunting me saying, "stop crying, baby" after I complimented his move