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I asked uber driver to turn on the heat πŸƒπŸ‚
@jabriella @groditi ugh just saw this. *slaps self* @jabriella @groditi Agreed. Should be replaced with shawarma imo. @perkyanda great point re opioid abuse epidemic, but these stats are surprisingly compelling. 😩 @Jessica_Effect Wow. Neither did I. He had a brain hemorrhage in NYC last year. I could have saved him!!! 😭😭😭 @Jessica_Effect Dreams do come true! into your DMs like I'm Saint West
Retweeted by KatieWhat if gerge was Frank ocean
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Probably the one of the best of @nytimes compilations. I wish the ferries in Williamsburg were still this exciting. exploits, long before YouTube
Retweeted by Katie @jamiepastore @NaelSanaullah Fair. But I'm a huge sap, live in Brooklyn, & I'm of Irish decent, but the film was a major yawn imo.Β Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― @NaelSanaullah @jamiepastore Yes. Is very slow moving and very predictable, tbh.Can't a girl just play chess with her bf and not be a sore loser?! Not with this music, I can't!Ugh. @Videology is playing 90's romcom pop punk and it's giving me the feels in a bad way.Waiting for the point in my life when I can wear floral silk kimonos and robes accessorized with sunglasses all day and no obligations.
Frank Ocean releases second album, 'Blonde'
Retweeted by KatiePhotos of Ohio, the swing state that could decide the election
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@lastbadasstion This is good.The perfect summer Friday tune 🎢 @naufalsanaullah @MRCONYERS You're late to the game. We already followed each other. @MRCONYERS I will have to admit, @naufalsanaullah has changed my mind about mandarin collars. He looks good in them, so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― @naufalsanaullah Aww man. @MRCONYERS is private. Screenshot?Great interview and book recommendation by @jessica_effect of birthdays to @MsBelleBath! May your day be filled with manis, pedis, and so much cake! πŸŽˆπŸ°πŸ’…
@groditi @naufalsanaullah @Spotify He was beebopping all over the place.@naufalsanaullah is in the shower singing Montell Jordan, Kanye, and Kendrick. Who needs @Spotify when you've got Nauf's stellar pipes?!NYC's high level of serious heat illness is caused by air conditioning wealth disparity. via @TheTakeaway
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@pcdunham the moon looks beautiful in NYC tonight, too! La bella luna!Nothing sets the mood like The Throne. β€πŸ‘‘ (h/t to @Jessica_Effect for the dope gift) @thejenlife word, sister. @naufalsanaullah and myself have been shat on by birds, separately in the last few days. Sign from the bird gods about... what?Scientists design a drug that relieves pain like an opioid without some dangerous side effects
Retweeted by KatieBumping this thread bc I'm bumping this jam. That outro is still so sick. @cluo21 Yep. That was me about thrice todayβ€œMay all the wanderers find the homes they seek, and and may those with power welcome them as fellow citizens of humanity.”Ezra Furman shares β€œThe Refugee”, a swaying ode to wanderers -- listen, fine. I caved and added "Smooth".Rompers and jumpers are cool and stylish until you find yourself completely naked in the office bathroom stall just to go pee.The streets are πŸ”₯ and so are you. Here's a summer playlist to get you through the heat. Enjoy!
@naufalsanaullah I couldn't help it! They were the long Japanese kind which are weird πŸ†Tfw you're catcalled but it's specific to your feet.. @ChanoDaRapper @naufalsanaullah πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’‹The L Train Closure: How Will It Affect You? images from the 1960s Want me to cook for you tonight?This is heartbreaking, deeply scary to me -- and could have absolutely been prevented
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β€œI think it is very important to stop when you haven’t anything to say.” β€”Julian Barnes
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah This is so fascinating/exciting and extremely relevant for one of my cases (we were just talking about this, too!)Joe Biden talks about Scranton every chance he gets and ya boyfriend won't even put u on his Instagram
Retweeted by Katie.@vincestaples releasing new EP PRIMA DONNA on August 26.
Retweeted by KatieMonday mood: Mase comeback verses (h/t) @naufalsanaullah
In West Virginia, 3 of every 100 babies born went through withdrawal symptoms in 2013 via @statnews
Retweeted by Katie @MsBelleBath Omfg I love the show so much, but couldn't stop complaining about Jayden's shortcomingsThe world is entering a new era of severe obesity. View the full infographic:
Retweeted by Katie @Jessica_Effect @JoeGramc no shame! I had a great convo with the cabby about the luxury of AC @A_MICHELLI complicated ethics of women's gymnastics:
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah sounds familiar
@noahsolo one can only wish a future president would answer to a bat signalAmerica's hero? @naufalsanaullah πŸŒ‚ to celebrate #NationalVinylRecordDay… πŸŽΆπŸ•― #AlmostFamous @TheWho #TheWho #VinylRecordDay
Retweeted by Katie @SoBendito @groditi I prefer the "alcohol spray to paralyze it then pour dish soap in a glass and capture it inside" method myself @SoBendito tell us how you slayed la cucarachaNew @aliciakeys track with @kanyewest is a'ight but I prefer her soulful piano jams tbh ❀️ Music: @aliciakeys Feat. Kanye West & Travis Scott "In Common (Remix)"
Retweeted by KatieSee an exclusive #TheGetDown dance clip
Retweeted by Katie @Jessica_Effect @iamfiscus look who just followed me. U mad?
Last night, creating songs about Abner to the tune of I've Been Working on the Railroad.. @naufalsanaullah: Wait. What's a "ling long day"? @naufalsanaullah Abner x ∞ @Jessica_Effect wanna start saying, "jeah!" again bc of you know who?The POTUS Nighttime Playlist Proves President Obama Saved All Of His Remaining Fucks For The Bedroom
Retweeted by KatieThe 10 Best Radiohead Songs
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah @ComfortablySmug He kills that robot thoLove these tracks. @POTUS's summer nighttime playlist is like my everyday emo playlist. He jams hard.Been waiting to drop this: summer playlist, the encore. What's everybody listening to?
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"...And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends." @montoyan @georgepearkes @jabriella agreed. Occurs in the sport of life, too @farringdoner This gif is my brand.Politics With A Backbeat: Hip-Hop Lyrics Weave In Trump, Clinton @ForeignAffairs piece by @JoeBiden on the next administration's foreign policy. Never mentions HRC...
Retweeted by KatieThese are so dope. Can't stop looking at them.
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I have a little secret @momofuku cake truffle in my purse.
@AudreyROrtiz you'll love this *vomits in corner*
@NaelSanaullah @Jessica_Effect cc @conorsen @georgepearkes ?
Early aughts gem 🎢
"Be prepared for Man Explaining Things To Youβ„’" At least he warns me?
MUST READ: President Obama On Feminism and the World He Wants to Leave His Daughters @LJKawa I think @naufalsanaullah is up for the challenge (as long as I hold myself to a @FLOTUS standard, too). :)#RelationshipGoals obvs @kat_hickey Agreed! It's truly a fascinating field and will transform the way we treat and diagnosis patients. @Heart_of_Au Yes, ma'am. @kat_hickey I do not have too many OB cases, but we rely on genetic/molecular testing quite frequently for various diagnoses.
@ShanersMD Lols. Great point. @ShanersMD He's a big advocate. He has MS!!!...the mature clinicians that we are, while discussing DNA analysis results, we can only reference this enzyme as "mutherfucker", naturally.FACT: Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase, the enzyme responsible for creating the circulating form of folate, is notated as "MTHFR." Being @MsBelleBath You