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shoutout to all the dogs keeping it together on the firecracker holidays
Retweeted by Katie @talktoskirt I suppose I should be complaining to Mark about this on @facebook (LOLs to facebook acting as support via twitter)I've had a recent influx of private pornbot IG accounts liking my photos. Anyone else? What's the deal, @instagram?
Turf war between dogs and sea lions on Chile beach caught on camera
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Watch @chancetherapper's "No Problem" video f/ 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne + a grip of other cameos.
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@swooon @naufalsanaullah fo real doe @Nonrelatedsense I'll let @naufalsanaullah take this one. It's a friendly debate, but still heated! @grisuy @adamcarstens @montoyan Agreed. Grateful social media wasn't around for me until late high school. I would have gone HAM..@naufalsanaullah is arguing with our uber bro about the 2008 housing crisis (driver started it!) and driver is being crushed rn."Airbnb for the elderly" hopes to curb loneliness in cities
Retweeted by Katie @grisuy @adamcarstens @montoyan I can't decide if this is OK and an example of humans evolving culturally or just depressing, like you said. @adamcarstens @grisuy @montoyan That's what twitter is for, Adam @adamcarstens @grisuy @montoyan good luck and Godspeed @grisuy @montoyan @adamcarstens this is somewhat relevant and eyeopening the classic and soulful tunes of @MsLaurynHill today in celebration of her birthday. 🎢
@Jessica_Effect This was at @Tip's show tonight!! 😨, but Abner and his kater tot can't even stand how adorbs and impressive this boy is! His French pronunciations are next level cute. @_davidturner_ @_davidturner_ Please do not forget the most important of all: @montoyan @jabriella Also, WTF is going on in Georgia that I'm missing out on?! @montoyan @jabriella Oh, brother. Seems like Hawaii and/or being on an island brings out the existentialist in people. @polly @noahsolo While drinking a glass of milk "for refreshment" is somewhat repulsive, I agree after a warm baked good, milk is preferred. @MylesUdland I highly recommend you trying some @LongWindFarm's Little Guys. They're the candy of the fruit world. Ask @naufalsanaullah.CDC-reported opioid prescription rates from 2012 ( vs overdose deaths
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Quite fascinating, tbh are a man's best friend. Oncologists should fall in love with them too Ohio Town Passes Progressive Parental Leave Policy
Retweeted by Katie @rnbswag @naufalsanaullah Oh, you mean this talent, fuckboy? Scary. Don't @ me. @naufalsanaullah A milli times better than @chrisbrown... @NaelSanaullah @TheWilsonCenter They're lucky to have you! Congrats, bro. @MylesUdland @LJKawa @georgepearkes @naufalsanaullah @TheStalwart @juleshyman As a secondary listener to bberg theme mus... *falls asleep*10 Movies on Netflix Every Music Lover Should Watch.
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Stumbled upon the semi-annual Williamsburg Cat Gang Meeting for Spring 2016. Needless to say, humans aren't welcome. @notsalome A+++ side eye
Thoughtful take -- How to raise independent daughters
Modern Art Was Used As a Torture Technique in Prison Cells During the Spanish Civil War
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Me staring at strangers on the train while jamming as if they even KNOW tho [angrily tossing flashcards aside] No -- that frog sips tea. This frog rides a unicycle. For fuck's sake HILLARY: Sorry. Sorry. I know
Retweeted by KatieBro your gf who is always late the words "no rush" is music to her ears and she will NOT forget it. @noahsolo thanks Β Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― @Jessica_Effect give my peeps a hug 4 me @pavy @CotawantsaZimaI hear cat scratch fever is contagious meow. differences mean that drugs don't work the same way in everyone. DNA tests can help physicians adjust.
Retweeted by KatieI also forgot my mouse. How can I function with a trackpad AND no milk?? Can I be excused? 😩😩😭😭I poured a bowl of cereal only to find there's no milk in the office fridge. Guess I'll just spoon dry cereal into my mouth like a freak.
β€œI have a feeling that inside you somewhere, there’s somebody nobody knows about.” Alfred Hitchcock.
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah @LJKawa @BI_Europe Yep-- looks like we need to send that article to our little Parisian friend, Antoine. @Airbnb @_NicoleAshley Fun! Then definitely add some Louis Armstrong. I'm also a fan of this song on roadtrip playlists πŸ™ƒ
@_NicoleAshley Destination? That is the most important factor when creating a roadtrip playlist.. @jabriella All that said-- puppy play date in BK ASAP. @jabriella I always tell myself "at least he is extra friendly and not the opposite." Having an angry, fearful dog in NYC would be miserable @jabriella That is Abner to a T! When stinky homeless men rub up on him, I always cringe-smile as I yank him away.. 😨 @SheaSerrano uggghhh I can't stop. And everytime I hear the chorus I want to shout, "I STILL CARE!!!"This church posted a Kanye West quote to draw in the faithful.
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah So ridiculous. You should def report him AFTER we stay though...Sleepy Time, Ragtime, Hammer Time & other times it can be on the subway other than Showtime
Retweeted by Katie @naufalsanaullah ... same?*eye roll emoji* state laws hold back many nurse practitioners @thalesians @naufalsanaullah @guan @LJKawa Surprised @ShanersMD isn't already on top of these tweets with the cheese puns.
@naufalsanaullah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Annotated A Few Lyrics From 'Coloring Book'
Retweeted by KatieReminder: Megyn Kelly is also a horrible person
Retweeted by Katie @gayannsmith @bendreyfuss lols I'm not going mom, sheesh @nypost thank you"The blues speak to us simultaneously of the tragic and the comic aspects of the human condition.” @naufalsanaullah I would say lyrically, Chance's album is much more gospel than TLOP, but Ultralight Beams can bring me to my knees to pray!
One of my favorite theories ever is how "Brown Eyed Girl" might really be about anal.
That @chancetherapper album is πŸ”₯. Abner agrees and he doesn't even like hip hop! @big619 !!! bait!!! @A_MICHELLI Well? Does it?
Old New York, saxy jazz playing @VideologyNew Music: @chancetherapper Feat. @2chainz & @LilTunechi "No Problem"
Retweeted by Katie @KyleKramer cc @naufalsanaullah πŸ‘† πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @griffinmcgee Half of your new followers are eggs. I demand a recount! @Jessica_Effect remember Minnie and how gangster she was? Fights every night. I was always worried.There's a violent cat fight going on outside!!! And no one is awake to care except me!
"The condom wrappers had the subway map on them, in case you needed to know how to get somewhere while erect."Very cool. I used to work with medical maggots frequently. Such a quick, effective, and natural treatment @naufalsanaullah They won't admit it, but when Bernie drops out, they'll start pumping iron while listening to Trump speeches on headphones. @naufalsanaullah Not compelling data, but a bit eyeopening nonetheless"I don't do drugs. I am drugs." Happy birthday #SalvadorDali, born on May 11, 1904. Share some of his art with us!
Retweeted by KatiePetition to change "In God We Trust" on our currency to "If young Metro don't trust you, I'mma..." cc @wethepeople
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Me on November 8th
Retweeted by Katie @_davidturner_ bruh wtf crowded midtown commute soundtrack Trends Reinventing Healthcare @amk44139 Ha. It's all relative, I guess. I'm always running behind and feel it's a luxury to spend 3 minutes grabbing coffee before train.On a more positive note, I now have a "eh.. just pay me tomorrow" relationship with my shoe guy in midtown!I wish I had my life together enough like the people who have hot coffee on the train in the morning. πŸ˜•
Tech firms are luring AI experts from universities with salaries rivalling sports stars'
Retweeted by KatieInteresting course that may be relevant to your interests, #FinTwit. @nicolatheron @donalderyan nurses are obnoxiously self righteous as evidenced by the whole week and various acronyms after names.
@noahsolo I've watched this a gazillion times just to focus on Abner's floppy wittle earsThis that what we do, don't tell your mom shit