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Viva la Deitche!! I like to be filthy on here bc my Moms hasn't joined yet. Co-host of @PlusThisShow on

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cool way to tell America we all make mistakes
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis MOONLIGHT screenplay excerpt tho
Retweeted by ladeitcheA film about black men and the cyclical nature of toxic masculinity just won the top Oscar; this is Moonlight
Retweeted by ladeitcheI just love her. So much. the way two films that are clear representations of different cultures were bonded together by a gracious moment tonight. 👌🏻 #Oscars
Retweeted by ladeitcheMood. #Oscars
Retweeted by ladeitcheOur in-book interview with BEST PICTURE WINNER @moonlightmov's Ashton Sanders:
Retweeted by ladeitcheAhahahaaaaaaaa DEAD. is GOING IN on #Oscars right now on ABC. He's going full Law & Order era Anthony to get to the bottom of #Oscargate.
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It's like a list of Drumpf nicknames... Pres talking about is "...the incredible press conference yesterday. History will remember it." Making staff watch clips on his phone.
Retweeted by ladeitcheI will be releasing all memos & docs as I receive them from this point forward.
Retweeted by ladeitcheFor everyone saying the 306 memo is fake - did ya watch that presser? This is who we're dealing w/. Nothing is crazy. Everything is crazy.
Retweeted by ladeitchePres using "immigrants" as rationale for deploying Nat Guard when really its to manage/limit protests, which he thinks "...are out of hand."
Retweeted by ladeitchePres/Kush using TW merger as leverage against CNN. Want Jones/Navarro/others out & "friendly faces" in. Expect CNN to eventually cave.
Retweeted by ladeitcheGlad this is the focus.
Retweeted by ladeitchePres becoming increasingly touchy & difficult - has not slept in 4 days. Hoping Mar-A-Lago getaway will yield rest - otherwise, watch out.
Retweeted by ladeitcheIn mtg, Pres shown clip of @KeithOlbermann, refuses to watch, says he's "...the king of the fake news. And he has hair plugs. Total loser."
Retweeted by ladeitcheAfter a 5th night w/o sleep its apparent. Pres is melting down. Has been eating ham all morning & drafting new EO re: "Media Loyalty".
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Retweeted by ladeitcheTrump says that his campaign had no contact with Russia. Russian officials contradict him.
Retweeted by ladeitcheA grateful mind is a great mind, which eventually attracts to itself great things. ~ Plato
Retweeted by ladeitcheSomeone put stickers on milk jugs of "missing" US Rep. (GOP, Calif 8th) who refuses to hold town meetings.…
Retweeted by ladeitcheThat's how protests work
Retweeted by ladeitcheIf you don’t think @realDonaldTrump’s #hiringfreeze hurts our military, and military families, think again. This ju…
Retweeted by ladeitcheOof. Don't get it twisted. resigned from @CIA last week. I wrote about why in the @washingtonpost:
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Retweeted by ladeitcheAfter troopers' Las Vegas 'side trip,' big changes for Louisiana State Police. Details: (via @JimMustian)
Retweeted by ladeitcheNo, Trump hasn't said threats against Jewish centers "are unacceptable." In fact, when asked about it this week he…
Retweeted by ladeitcheSpaceX Falcon 9's awesome landing via @elonmusk
Retweeted by ladeitcheURGENT. My friends in Standing Rock just sent this to me & asked me to share it. They are surrounded by militarize…
Retweeted by ladeitcheRoses are red/ My views got em shook!/ Children are attractive/
Retweeted by ladeitchethis headline didn't age well
Retweeted by ladeitche#EWeek2017 is a time for engineers to emphasize the importance of learning math, science, and technical skills.…
Retweeted by ladeitche.@realDonaldTrump what about instead you make it a travel van
Retweeted by ladeitcheLet's all start doing THIS. #ImOUT if the right is upset about Milo wait till they hear twenty children were shot and killed in an elementary school and they did nothing
Retweeted by ladeitcheA bunch of rich people meeting at a fancy club in expensive suits deciding how to take health care from the working…
Retweeted by ladeitcheNew week. Forget distractions-- crazy presser, rallies, made up Swedish tragedies. Let's focus. Demand investigation of Trump/Russia ties.
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Of COURSE you want donuts and we only have bagels... #PickyDirector #PettyCash straight! #SmackTalkThurs do you want your world to look like
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe PRESIDENT is asking for money to fight the media. THE. PRESIDENT. IS .ASKING. FOR. MONEY. TO. FIGHT. THE. MEDIA…
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe GOP is united behind Trump. They've tied themselves to him, and we have to make sure they sink together.
Retweeted by ladeitche.@SenFeinstein: China’s decision to grant Trump Organization trademark in that country violates the Emoluments Clau…
Retweeted by ladeitcheDear actual Republicans, Please stop letting fascists use your brand. It makes for misunderstandings.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis is Woodward and Bernstein. Nixon called them the enemy. They proved that no president is above the law.…
Retweeted by ladeitche @JLTsayswhat honestly. @tinaricosmith I feel like it is, though.
this is awkward
Retweeted by ladeitcheFolks so worried about what Muslims are doing, meanwhile FBI keeps thwarting attempted terrorist attacks by white s…
Retweeted by ladeitche"What I want to suggest is an actual comparison with Hitler that deserves thought."
Retweeted by ladeitcheTrump is not only uniquely unpopular. His unpopularity is unique in its intensity.
Retweeted by someone coming with the little white jacket, orrrr... @POTUS's job approval.
Retweeted by ladeitcheTIME’s new cover: Inside Donald Trump's White House chaos
Retweeted by ladeitcheLessons I learned from Greece #9: populist govts won't end just because their record is terrible; they can last if opposition is in disarray
Retweeted by ladeitcheLessons I learned from Greece #7: populist parties are protest movements; they often ask good questions but have neither answers nor clues
Retweeted by ladeitcheLessons I learned from Greece #3: the things that strike you as utterly shocking are applauded by others, perhaps even the majority
Retweeted by ladeitcheLessons I learned from Greece #2: for a long time you think you've seen the worst, but you haven't seen anything yet
Retweeted by ladeitcheLessons I learned from Greece #1: abysmal incompetence of populist government leads many to mistaken belief it will be over quickly
Retweeted by ladeitcheHow often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!
Retweeted by ladeitcheThrowing shade at the media isn't new but it has NEVER been cute. #resist
Retweeted by ladeitchePeople on twitter demanding comedians only tell jokes: What... is... the deal... with the president committing treason?
Retweeted by ladeitcheHi, the President of the United States declared that a free press is the enemy of the American people. If anything, we're underreacting.
Retweeted by ladeitcheVery troubled by Pruitt confirmation. A climate science denier has no place at head of EPA. Stay engaged- protecting the planet is up to us.
Retweeted by ladeitcheToday, we are paying for: -Secret Service for Trump sons in Dubai to open hotel -3rd $3m trip to Mar-a-Lago in a row -NYC security (Melania)
Retweeted by ladeitcheThread for #RESISTANCE #DemForce & others re: Trump's #Florida Rally. This is a warning to either stay away or plan accordingly: 1/
Retweeted by ladeitcheTurn your attention to your congressional reps, NOT Trump. The truth faucet is on and can't be turned off by 1 Rally unless YOU let them.
Retweeted by ladeitcheOne of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. ~ Plato
Retweeted by ladeitcheimpeach his orange ass #trumpRUINSamerica
Retweeted by ladeitche#BlackHistoryMonth Henrietta Lacks’s family wants compensation for her cells
Retweeted by ladeitcheTHERE IS PLENTY OF ACTUAL REPORTING TO DO. NO MORE PEOPLE W OPINIONS.Pleeeeease? saw I am Not Your Negro at the Lagoon about James Baldwin's take on American Racism. Definitely a Must see.
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@YALiberty @TonyKrvaric This is a better representation:
Retweeted by ladeitcheRT if you’re not a journalist & you don’t like Milo Yiannopoulos.
Retweeted by ladeitcheAn enthusiastic heart finds opportunities everywhere. ~ Paulo Coelho
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