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Viva la Deitche!! I like to be filthy on here bc my Moms hasn't joined yet. Co-host of @PlusThisShow on

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3-5 million illegal votes??? Why, if it were true, why would @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr not be talking about this every single day???
Retweeted by ladeitcheFrequently the figure thus produced sinks no less important of considerable powers of the use.
Retweeted by ladeitcheOur march forward does not end here. Join us in launching a new campaign: 10 Actions for the first 100 Days…
Retweeted by ladeitcheIf you're feeling just a little bit meh this morning, 'fobly-mobly' is a useful term from the 18th century for 'neither well nor unwell'.
Retweeted by ladeitcheRetweet if you want networks to stop booking Kellyanne Conway, the first U.S. presidential counselor to openly advo…
Retweeted by ladeitcheWatched When Harry Met Sally and cried today #mondaymotivation
Retweeted by ladeitcheIf you're wondering why Donald Trump seems like a villain from an 80s movie, it's because a lot of 80s movie villains were based on him.
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I have completely died. @SenSchumer plans to introduce bill "with bipartisan support" requiring congressional approval to reduce sanct…
Retweeted by ladeitcheYou filibustered the nomination of someone who had leukemia until she died and admitted you did it to cause Barack…
Retweeted by ladeitcheIf Trump is seriously opposed to outsourcing, he can lead by shutting down his own sweatshops and paying workers in the US a living wage.
Retweeted by ladeitcheOh my God."It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." Benjamin Franklin
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis thread is heartbreaking. Pls read. Open your heart and try to see through her eyes. Make space to hear her pai… White people wanted to know where to start de-colonizing themselves. I’m threading my resources here.
Retweeted by ladeitchePass along. Call MN legislators. This bill in MN House will hold protesters liable for costs. Restricting assembly!
Retweeted by ladeitche❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by ladeitcheWTAF Legal, Ethics Scholars File First Major Lawsuit Against Trump via @chrisgeidner
Retweeted by ladeitchePlease call your reps, #SouthDakota !!!! our executive director told @maddow: We're ready. We have to be. #TRMS #Maddow
Retweeted by ladeitchePlease, make the call
Retweeted by ladeitcheDear media, Stop using the word “falsehoods.” We have a much simpler word for alternative facts. Lies. Sincerely, America
Retweeted by ladeitcheSo the Trump team, led by a prolific tweeter, is shutting down agency social media AND the White House hotline? Hm.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThat day when 750,000 Black women marched in Philadelphia (10/25/97)... and had their efforts all but erased from h…
Retweeted by ladeitcheDimness into landing reaches absolutely correct to that of a solid globe of many lines as the beach.
Retweeted by ladeitche"This is fake! The media lies! My wife never frowns!" #alternatefacts great thread on how complacency by WW got us here. Our reparations are for the next 4 years. Listen 👏 to 👏 yr 👏 a…
Retweeted by ladeitcheWarren Ellis clears up the vexed question of whether it’s okay to punch nazis in the face
Retweeted by ladeitcheIf the ACA is repealed, researchers tell us that 43,000 Americans could die. That’s beyond comprehension.
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10 Actions / 100 Days — Women's March on Washington. First the celebration. Now comes the organizing.Make an impact!
Retweeted by ladeitcheJohn Kerry spent his first day as a private citizen after 34 years at the #WomensMarch.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThey ALWAYS break #NoDAPL: After oil spilled in Yellowstone River, residents told not to drink water
Retweeted by ladeitcheBut now even race isn't the defining poison. Now the party's turned a corner and it's about raw power, propaganda, and theft. Vote them out.
Retweeted by ladeitcheJust do what @MMFlint said and put Congress on speed dial: 202.225.3121 #BAEKey part of federal lawsuit being filed Monday: Will attempt to force President Trump to release income tax returns
Retweeted by ladeitcheV-Day, #1BillionRising & @AAPF marched together yesterday. #WhyWeMarch #WhyWeRise #RiseinSolidarity
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis is a big, big deal. She wouldn't say this unless it's been discussed with Trump. ALL Americans should be VERY…
Retweeted by ladeitche♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Even your friends at Wikileaks demand that you release your tax returns. Release them or we will…
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis is not a bad idea.
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Retweeted by ladeitcheImagine being so despised that people are marching outdoors in *Antartica* to protest you.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe massive women's march in Los Angeles is said to be the largest in over a decade
Retweeted by ladeitcheLargest crowd I've ever seen in 33 years in Anchorage and it's 15 degrees and white out conditions.
Retweeted by ladeitcheI'm being told that this REAL pic is VERY upsetting to @PressSec & @POTUS so whatever you do, DO NOT RT this photo.
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Watch the documentary 13th directed by @ava .. It's the most important movie I think I've ever seen. #humandignity #blacklivesmatter SHARE❤️
Retweeted by ladeitcheTributes to Miguel Ferrer are pouring out in the wake of the celebrated character actor’s death today
Retweeted by ladeitcheRemember, tomorrow we are not crowning a king, or bowing down to a dictator. Tomorrow our new employee starts his temp job. We're the boss.
Retweeted by ladeitcheShow your solidarity with those at the National #WomensMarch by attending a march in a city near you!
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Congrats to @Fleafasano & @AbbieBradyD for their Artios! #iKNOWthem #MusicalsRock once got a very bad review. I threw the paper away, saying "I'm here now, and I'll be here when he's gone." I feel that way about tomorrow
Retweeted by ladeitche.@lsarsour #AddHerName. The idea of the #WomensMarch came from #HillaryClinton supporters. Millions of us are marching. This is not about U.
Retweeted by ladeitche#AddHerName @lsarsour . You are using Hillary Clinton's quote in #WomensMarch literature yet won't add her name? Di…
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe only Devos I want: #JustSayNoToDevos #noDevos't privatized broadcasting just...broadcasting? We gots those. We barely have a hint.
Retweeted by ladeitcheTrump's Cabinet picks are an insane Mad Libs game. His [SECRETARY OF THE ARMY] once [PUNCHED] a [CONCESSION WORKER] at a [HORSE AUCTION]
Retweeted by ladeitcheLife is a dream that wakes you up.
Retweeted by ladeitcheAbsolutely agreed. Amazed @ all the senators who come to every single confirmation hearing with gusto, asking every… 690 Senate-confirmable jobs. New administration has noiminated...28. As of 12:15 Fri. there won't be an Executive branch. Seems odd.
Retweeted by ladeitcheHidden hotel camera? Russian prostitutes? Preposterous!! Absurd!
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis mother speaking at the Sen Dem Forum about how Obamacare saved her son's life while holding him in her arms is frankly just too much. ♡Rep Tom Price - @realDonaldTrump’s pick to run @HHSgov - is the lead architect of legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Retweeted by ladeitcheAnd yesterday at his @HHSgov hearing, Tom Price wouldn’t commit to protecting Medicare & Medicaid from massive cuts.
Retweeted by ladeitcheToday at 1 ET, @SenateDems are hosting a forum with ppl who’d be hurt by Price’s health care policies. Watch live:
Retweeted by ladeitcheAlso, everyone clearly wants to hang out w him. Like, he's got more invites during this #SenateHearing than Mae West gave out. #RickPerryWhat's terrifying to me is that #RickPerry seems to be the MOST prepared to ans #SenateHearings 's questions compared to anyone else sofar.During #Obama's 8 years, not one administration official was indicted. How do the other President's stack up? Notic…
Retweeted by ladeitcheI put on my coat yesterday, and the Hope Diamond was in the pocket! Who doesn't forget to disclose $100mm, amirite?
Retweeted by ladeitcheAnd none are Democrats. First time in 30 years a president hasn't nominated a member of the opposite party to ser…
Retweeted by ladeitcheWe wont have access to safe water until 2020!! #WhyIMarch #FlintWaterCrisis #WMWYouth #Flint #MISOTS17
Retweeted by ladeitcheOh my muthah-fucking god... Obama wrote a Thank You letter to the American people
Retweeted by ladeitcheBeautiful piece...we must carry the torch!! you wouldn't need Viagra if you would just PRAY HARDER
Secret Serviced #SexyPolitics @midnight @nerdist