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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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@JamieStelter I appreciate the transparency of the grading system! @JamieStelter @embeedub I overslept but I'm up. πŸŒ„
OH: "Your eyes aren't level and your heads are too far apart."I know there is a Starbucks a block south of the Times building and another a block north, but I wish there was one that was closer. @robleathern @Po_st does this work? greatest local news clip of all time. News Anchors Lose It After Painful Interview With Ryan Lochte via @po_stMy mom loved #SoniaRykiel, she'd tell me that the SR stood for Suzy Rosin. This sweater is circa 1980. @lizaswanson @SeanHayes @ActOfGodBway We should get tickets!! I am a huge Sean Hayes fan! Will look into it!!!
Decimals matter. AGONY of transcribing an interview + listening to your own annoying voice ask questions in the pidgin English of "likes" + "ums." @JamieStelter Johnny Come Latelys who read the WSJ, just go back to bed already.
@jswatz spreading fluidity @lizzieohreally @susandominus I don't think that was ever in question. @susandominus 10:30 @susandominus @EHolmesWSJ Yes, but I never get done btwn 3 & end of day, even w/ more sleep, nearly what I get done in those early hours. @EHolmesWSJ I set my alarm for 4am 2x/week. Those 4-to-6s are my most productive hours of the week! @NoceraNYT @jodikantor @hollanderfiles Heading back tonight. Downloaded next 4 episodes of West Wing Weekly and will practice yoga breathing @Physgraffiti just me (and you don't have to credit me, it's fine, just want the locations to be accurately cited, that is only concern) @Physgraffiti you can use but please be clear about location @Physgraffiti the other ones were on ramps/service drives @Physgraffiti to be clear: this one was actually on the highway
RutRoh "Tan was notified she'd no longer be needed @Seventeen while on maternity leave." By scoopster @AlexSteigrad @flpeir thank you!!!! @flpeir and not Greece? They both have a C in the place I need it. @SconsetCapital god blessSpeaking of being stuck on a runway after being stuck in an airport after being stuck on a highway: Island home of Odysseus? 6 letters. @linthe 30 minutes to the exit off the GCP and then ....πŸš—πŸš•πŸššπŸš›πŸš“πŸš‘πŸššπŸš“πŸššπŸš™πŸš•πŸš“πŸš¨πŸš’πŸš—πŸššπŸš•πŸš“πŸš—πŸšŽπŸšŒπŸšπŸš›πŸššπŸš‘πŸš•πŸš—πŸš›πŸšœπŸšπŸšŒπŸš•πŸš•After 3hours in πŸš— from Upper West Side to LGA, now runway traffic. 25th✈️in line for take-off. I'll make it in time for 7am intervu, I hope. @pourmecoffee @embeedub Very confusing. Do we need to make America great again, or not? @jenist @amberscorah @HillaryClinton That Amber Scorah is an actual American hero. @pkafka Have you not muted me yet?!?!?Stuck at an airport, subject to a day of CNN on Trump's immigration nonspeech & Hillary Clinton's nonillness. Keep thinking of The Bell Jar.Did you ever realize how popular airport tweets are, @ShiraOvide?Good questions. addition to Speedo, a hair-removal company has withdrawn endorsement deal with Ryan Lochte. In my airport boredom, this is amusing to me @boingo I'm trying to sign in on my laptop so I can write a story. Not being given any log in prompt. I DMed @brooke ugh @IanGertler anything! @McCann_WW do I sign up on my phone? I'm going to that wifi thing and not being prompted to sign on or join? tx for helpWatching CNN Corey Lewandowski comes across as a Trumps spox. If I didn't know he was a CNN employee and not a Trump mouthpiece, I wouldn't.Anyone know how to get wifi at LGA? πŸ’»Current mood. Thanks La Guardia Airport! headline. @nycgunner74 They had just climbed a median actually. This was on the highway. @alexandrianeas sure @jpodhoretz cop i asked What was going on was such a jerk to me @ShiraOvide D- is generous grade @scottmelker this is bonkers, I don't see how they can continue like thisParents with babies, men in suits walking on highway due to outrageous traffic at La Guardia Airport I could get the off plane.1hour from gate still awaiting take off! #laguardiaairport is a mess #NewYorkCity
Retweeted by katie rosman @Z100Traffic why tho? Cop said it was everyday construction?!? @kathylangdon I left 3 hours early and will almost certainly miss my planeHave never seen anything like traffic at LGA. Ppl just getting out of taxis and cars on GCP & walking.
You know Brian Williams is loving this.Γ£o Paulo airport, Brazil shooting to beat Germany for Olympic gold:
Retweeted by katie rosmanYou've arrived, @lenadunham @NancyRomm They're so put out by us and our non-Meghan Trainor "music""Lucky Star" by Madonna is playing at the grocery store. "This song is like from the 1900s," my annoyed 7 year old daughter said.
This is nothing but a rip off of another publication's work. Is it even "fair use"? It's the whole article! @racheld @mplotnik @msjanicemorris @Luisa @rodstewart Did he say "Tonight's the night"?!?Can we stop being mad at Ryan Lochte just for a moment? Look at his grandma!!! News: Donald Trump's campaign chairman has resigned
Retweeted by katie rosmanGotta be all the old ppl bingeing on NCIS
This sing-a-long at Bryant Park is really something. Watch live! play hooky while "working!" I am covering a Bryant Park Sing-Along for @NYT Facebook Live! @Bookgirl96 your great grand children will talk about itπŸ…@Bookgirl96 nailed it. the sharpest tool in any shed, this one, but a tool all the same.
Retweeted by katie rosmanTrying stuff and failing leads to trying and succeeding. Well done, NYT and @NYTNow. πŸ‘πŸΌ @cheesetrader1 sorry! Jared Kushner. I have been obsessively tweeting about this article"Ron Perelman invited Jared to pray with him at the synagogue in his home office in New York." He has a synagogue in his home office? @davidkli I will never wash this tweet againCharles Kushner donated $2.5 million to Harvard the year Jared applied, according to Dan Golden's "Price of Admission"Officials at J-Kush's high school were dismayed that Harvard accepted him. "His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it."Kushner family motto: "Think like an immigrant, act like an immigrant." Totally juicy, illuminating story. @davidkli I could tweet back and forth all day about Brady bit players! Long live Buddy Hinton! @davidkli @davidkli a πŸ… for this sentence. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ @randypitler @hunterw Odd indeed. She is completely composed, "unraveled" is the last word I'd useI know why we're focused on the Says Who guy but I think the All of Them? woman held her own in an awkward moment @lizaswanson It awful. Kids are tough, I get it, but I'd feel pretty horrible if my parents so openly hated the job of tending to me.
Tomorrow's cover: There’s something fishy about Ryan Lochte’s robbery tale
Retweeted by katie rosmanThis is from the Twitter feed of Amy Schumer's "friend." women know they look ridiculous in their shower caps. But good hair don't care. By the delightful @Arterbery. @alexrkonrad That would make sense. Maybe I should delete tweet.This is a big story. Wow. Cuban-American families, there is in-fighting regarding those who want to visit a land still ruled by Castro. just sent a blast pitch about dinner w/ female leaders in tech. First name on list of women: Theranos's Elizabeth HolmesSurprised #GlamourxFacebook are touting Theranos's discredited founder Elizabeth Holmes as a female tech luminary.,Conspiracy theory: faced with Ailes sex harassment evidence, Murdoch let him go with intention of freeing him up to save Trump candidacy.
The story of Gawker would make a great telenovela @bengreenman @mikecolton As Siskel and Ebert would say, πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½I understand the proclivity to fib to a doc abt the # of drinks consumed weekly. But why do I lie to a facialist abt how often I exfoliate?For a second it looked like Hillary's snapchat was taking a turn toward an R rating. @apbenven I am a little worried about next week? What should I be obsessed with? Please advise.When the tough guys of the NFL need protection, who do they turn to? A WOMAN. #lovethis via @nbcwashington @apbenven I take my Olympic obsession very seriously! πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ŠπŸΌSaw him in the elevator at the NYT last week. Then read @PageSix story about his latest texting incident. your mat and join us for #bpyoga, live streamed here at! @nytimes @NYTStyles @AndrewCPark lol. Perfect response