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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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"The real story is that..." is a now favored Trump trope.
At synagogue on Friday night, rabbi had us recite each word referenced by LGBTQ and then he would say, "Created in God's image." #pride🏳️‍🌈
@StuartEmmrichNY @NYTStyles @BenWiddicombe Every line is killer. I just loved this piece so much. @Bill_Parent @BJ_Roche Well they do live in a cooperative living space @BklynTuxedo @BrianJMoylan That line is so good, I want to needlepoint it. @peterlattman That's a really good point. @DEHausfrau @DEHausfrau There are so many repugnantly awesome lines, I don't know where to start! @danbree @DanGonyea Lol! I know, I clicked on the @ after I tweeted it and thot, Nazi rhetoric is ok but *this* is… @DanGonyea That would be @dongonyea!I'm sorta worried/certain that my dad is in this pic. (Via @dangonyea) @jimwindolf Who needs Twitter when Snapchat has all the weather emojis you could need for climate change stories? 🌞💨⛈🌊☃️This is so incredibly delicious. I haven't delighted in hating people so much in a very long time. respectable elitist exclusive country club in America would let him on court in that hat., I have a feeling we're not in Manhattan anymore. coloring book. The remake of the Abbey Road album cover where Trump is the Fab One x 4 is 👍🏼. this story, my son wrote in an email, "I'll step up!" made me proud as a Detroiter that @waltmossberg got his start there."Twitter is political porn: revealing but distorting, exciting but dulling, debasing to its users, and ejaculatory"
@grynbaum @tripgabriel A topic @katierosman knows all too well:
Retweeted by katie rosmanAt my son's 5th grade graduation, the student commencement speaker thanked the school for preparing him for the real world. #6thgrade @gettingsome @parachutehome No, just a how-to, my idea and I thought she'd be a good person to demo it.Do you know how to make your bed? Watch @arielkaye of @parachutehome on @NYTStyles Facebook live...starting soon!…💯Background/off-record is an agreement btwn two parties not a mandate. @TesslerNatalie You've never been a fan of muffins @TesslerNatalie Book @TesslerNatalie I think she gave her 80 pairs or something as a thank you for having her on show to promote a boom @mattocko @joshk @ManuKumar @satyap @sampullara @dauber I saw it from a number of ppl ystrdy but I follow a lot of… like it was enjoyed by many, though perhaps not his lawyers.
It's like what Jessica Seinfeld did with Manholo Blahniks for Oprah only with muffins. @hillarykerr 💯 CQ💫@MikeIsaac is the @maggieNYT of the West Coast., not just an Insta app "Our show is about the little guy & I think the administration is doing stuff that is counterproductive to… @ditzkoff And as for all these Secretaries (Treasury, Commerce, State, etc.): Are they actually secretaries at all?…"How?" @johnjannuzzi i LOVE moments!!! I really do!!! I check 'em out all the time!Really messing with my daughter's argument that she shouldn't have to wear skirts because boys don't have to. @TheStalwart Your market value has surely skyrocketed in my opinion.A robust, wonky, quite fascinating discussion of financial accounting. And all happening at 6 o'clock in the mornin… I reported last month, at least one of the Property Brothers (Jonathan) dislikes Trump. And both Bros think the…
Wonder Woman. ❤️
Retweeted by katie rosman @kevinroose It's AOK @jonathanwald Feels like the longest one all year.A very Zabar's fight: A guy is mad at his girlfriend because she told him he has poppy seeds in his teeth. It's her birthday. @emilyjanefox Yes please, my ladies-in-waiting will tie me into it.That Ivanka wants to make corsets tells you a lot about her feminism.'m so glad George Clooney and Rande Gerber sold their tequila business for a billion dollars. @gwalters69 don't be so sure that the 5% who do see one will be glad that they did!☀️🙏🏼It's Summer Solstice and that means thousands are doing yoga in Times Square. Check out my Insta Story on the…“You know what I really wanted? A space online where autism didn’t suck all the time.” By the amazing @judithn111 @embeedub I get tons of sources with important insight this way! They reach out if they want &can check my feed and links to get sense of meThese tweets we send to would-be sources is a journalist's version of being on Bumble. Express interest but let the… @esemmelhack Hi Elizabeth! Would love to speak to you for a story. Email me? katherine dot rosman at nytimes dot com THANK YOU!!"We have major musical-theater FOMO." -- @benjpasek + @heyitsjustin (LaLa Land, Dear Evan Hansen, Greatest Showman)…, Facebook is trying to unfund GoFundMe? says blogs are dead? This all started with a female engineer, a former Uber employee, tapping out a blog post.… did Travis "put Uber first" if he created a culture that was vile toward women + many others? Odd (telling?) st…
@HankDudding thank you!They won the Oscar this year for "La La Land" + a few Tonys for @DearEvanHansen. My @U_of_Michigan Mag cover story… guy's bio is "humbled." I love him. @jdawsey1 Ketchup on the side @brooke @KaitMcCready @Mariobatali They wish.Nov 8 flashbacks @jonswaine I was w/ a bunch of white people recently, there was weed being smoked in front of a child. No one had any concern they'd be shotThis is HORRIFYING. When the child runs out of the car, you will lose your breath. @mikecolton lol. Brett Stephens @katierogers It was denim, a very thin denim and it cinched at the waist.Had my first man-in-a-romper sighting and it was in the NYT elevator.Cue all the "I didn't realize he was still in the game" tweets. didn't realize being a mother made one a qualified expert on child tax credit. Ask me anything! @tristanwalker @walkercobrands @formbeauty I'll try this product for sure.I saw this in previews earlier this month and it is spectacular.
Woody Allen, for Jews, is equivalent. "We practice moral surgery that hopes to cut off the artist to save the art." @MatthewWVogt I'm always delightful! This just happens to have been the current focus of my delight!60 Minutes reruns and Americans Funniest Home Videos got higher ratings. 4:44 when the twins were born? Dropping an album simultaneous to twins being born is quite a coincidence! @Acosta, can you ask the guy on the right what 14-across is? @PamelaPaulNYT I recently got my son an Agatha Christie book. To my shock, there was a money-grubbing Jew character. He refused to read it!