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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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Amazing to see a president have to work so hard to control an audience. @Hsquaredx Tweeted abt this months ago. Said didn't delete bc shouldn't hide from my own willingness to believe unquestioningly what I read @AlexandraJacobs But they lean on the horn with a smile at least #midwestmannersOH: "Can you even imagine having a president who blow dries his hair?" @AlexandraJacobs Best Middle Eastern food outside of the Middle EastImportant news you can use. when Fridays used to be slow news days? Puzo infringement? @CarolynLanzetta I wanna try one of your plum books. It's been on my to do list!Working the 📚 fair!#AlwaysBeMothering"Melania Trump speaking out against cyber bullying is like Bernie Madoff's wife speaking out against Ponzi schemes" #irony. @GMA
Retweeted by katie rosman @AlexandraJacobs I hope you are sampling the Mediterranean food while there! La Shish is the best! We used to skip school and go!
Is it on Spotify? (Pretty please?) is a parallel universe
Retweeted by katie rosmanA perfect World Series a week before an agonizingly imperfect election. Baseball as salve for national anxiety.⚾️🇺🇸 deconstruct the meaning of the fittedness of her blouse, @VVFriedman. And the way it looks with the shadows… @JamieStelter @erin_gs @Brosner85 of course!!!Two of the biggest broadcast journalist stars to emerge from this campaign are women Trump mocks. @erin_gs @JamieStelter @Brosner85 I have seen "Rudy" approx 800 times and I still sob uncontrollably when I do. @JamieStelter @Brosner85 I love a good sports cry! Have now had several today. ❤️😭Apparently, the Cubs don't have a single non-white fan. All the Way - Eddie Vedder Cubs Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Ross is not headed for Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song remake. @marcatracy @Phillipasoo So lucky we are to be alive right nowMade me cry. marketing. 🐻🍾Long-suffering Cub's fan Bill Murray tastes victory, drains a champagne bottle and asks a reporter to recycle it.
@benheller @courtyforrest so prob not then!"David Ross ... Jewish?" Question currently being asked, in a whisper, from Bloomfield Hills to Boca.OLD PEOPLE! We get the job done.No way for people to treat people."We have become so wussified." @moorehn I don't envy the decisions any newspaper executive is having to make these days. Mostly bad options @moorehn I believe you. And anyway, didn't mean to split hairs. Doesn't matter which section, sucks no matter what @moorehn I don't think it was PJ, it was ppl in the fashion groupIf memory serves, Greater New York was Murdoch's big innovation after buying the WSJ. The Saturday paper already existed.So sad for all my WSJ friends. Even more sad for readers (like me) who rely on their deeply reported, elegantly written coverage.So sadly ironic that on the day we may get a #Bridgegate verdict, the @WSJ cuts the section/staff that effectively…
Retweeted by katie rosman @thejoelstein Plan your cabinet appointments. You've got this.7th grade classroom
@susanorlean About as remarkable a dialogue exchange as I have experienced off the page in a long timeOH at a shiva tonight: "Well at least it's one less vote for Trump." "Too soon," said the departed's son.An elected Texas official just called Hillary Clinton a "cunt" in a tweet. @MaureenDowdTwit Minnie. #THEYREWITHHER @apbenven I feel sick and I'm no where near done.OMG have you guys had one of these peanut butter Snickers?!?!? (@apbenven, I'm back off the wagon! #CANDYHIGH!)
My daughter is explaining there are actually 4 candidates. "Joel Stein and Barry Johnson."Eavesdropping on 3rd grade classroom mock presidential debate. The childish insults are verbatim of those hurled at the real debates. @apbenven It takes A LOT of candy to get me sick of candy! @lpolgreen "When someone shows you who they are, believe them...."I feel like it's been Halloween for five days already and even the mini Reese's peanut butter cups are boring me.In which @Srussolillo makes every other son-in-law in America look deeply inadequate. (Beautiful story!) Bush Hager dressed up as her Grandma, Barbara Bush. Barbara Bush dressed up like a witch.
1across: "One talking on the phone, nowadays." girl from small town Texas who became a lawyer and then a journalist, @erin_gs was born to write this story!
Doesn't seem like there was "an abundant of caution" to me."Is the term 'Canadian Doubles' offensive to Canadians?""This is how you dab while you're wrestling, get on the ground Daddy and I'll show you."If you want to restore your faith in electoral politics, I recommend watching "Legally Blonde II" as I am right now.
@kellybergin @aswinn DM me with your number, I'll text tmrw @kellybergin Are you up for a phone call tomorrow? I'd love to talk if you felt like it. ❤️ @kellybergin Wish I could channel her in this moment. She would not talk you out of your depression. She would honor it and she'd honor you.good headline @jdlahart also, their demographic label is so hard to spell @jdlahart They're the new Millennials.Who knew an presidential election campaign between a 70-year-old grandpa and a 69-year-old grandma would be so X-rated?This photo montage is __________ (fill in the blank). @AlPaul Fair enough. I don't disagree but when it's about such newsworthy people and topics, it's hard to ignore. @AlPaul You couldn't imagine the horrors in mine.Rivalry and tension btwn Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band is super juicy. @meredeetch Well I mean it!! You're a ✨💫! @HamiltonPug It was nice to meet your parents last night!
For the love of god vote for Gerald. @racheld is gonna get lotta offers but I hope she'll do a story for me at Styles FIRST! Among the funniest writers, best people I know. @racheld You are amazing. Be in touch asap.Twitter cost-cutting: adios Vine. @CB_Forums @meredeetch Love seeing all the important and wonderful things you are doing with your life, Meredith!!!"These are banner times for penises onscreen." Wesley Morris doesn't bury the lede.
Showing incredible restraint and self-control, she has stared down Ailes, Trump, Gingrich. via @WSJ @ElizabethAngell excellent tweet