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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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She wrote a blurb for my book and what she hadn’t said in this thread is how GENEROUS she is, and how enthusiastic…
@armoryman14 it was very full size for an infant!For heaven sake let the woman lay in bed for a few hours, she just had a human being pass through her! street tourist swag“Can’t talk, I’m in a Via,” is the new favorite excuse for those who prefer texting to talking. @EHolmes I will always be your royal baby doula!"She understands that I’m from the South so I need a “pouf” and also copious amounts of hair spray to polish off he… @brooke //dashing off to the Tower of London to grab my honey a new old tiara!//"Back in a minute!" is @EHolmes at her WSJ mission control, awaiting news of Kate being delivered of George in 2013. @racheld @EHolmes Haha. She was my first thot too!!There goes @eholmes’s day. tov to the whole family! 👶🏼💙
That’s what real heroes always say.
“What’s a fetish, Mom? Is it a Jewish food?” @EHolmes Better Meghan Markle than Hillary Clinton. @rjacoby13 @WSJ Congratulations!! I ♥️ OffDuty so much, even more so now! @HankDudding I know. And that’s what he was willing to admit to, who knows what the truth was.Meme bait Mellon, who died at 54 this week, had a fancy last name. His death has been reduced to a Park Ave story but… @PamelaPaulNYT @maggieNYT @jswatz Is this about Mannie Haverman, our third-rate Politzer winner?
@ejeancarroll @lizziechase @ELLEmagazine I agree, @lizziechase is very elusive. @jswatz They don’t call it ‘dope’ for nothing. @jswatz @nytimes Monday A.M. Meet me at my desk!The @nytimes memoir every one is talking about. @jswatz, when are you gonna sign my book?!?! 📚💵 his way to rehab in Mexico, Matthew Mellon stopped in Florida to have dinner with his parents. “He hugged and ki…
Second person perfect from @NickPaumgarten. @EHolmes I remember it vividly! ❤️❤️Oh boy, @EHolmes has me feeling all the feels (as she would say). Her brave, poignant, funny essay in @InStyle on h… @downi94 Don’t do this.
This Pulitzer Prize isn’t just a win for women’s rights and for the amazing ✨@emilysteel✨. It’s also a win for Pila… the WSJ’s Alix Freedman won a Pulitzer for revealing that Big Tobacco infused cigarettes with addictive ingred… @maggieNYT won a Pulitzer!!!
Retweeted by katie rosmanI ❤️ moms you'd told me in 2004 that my boss at the @dailytarheel would win a Pulitzer one day, I would have said: "Sounds…
Retweeted by katie rosman @ReyganH Hi Reygan! I'm a reporter for the NYT and I wanted to talk to you for a story I'm working on. Would you em…
I’m deleting this tweet because what I should have said was Just as I raised my hand constantly as a student, I hav… @DaKansasTroll I was speaking of myself, using a general sentence structure. @ITFred I was speaking generally when I was really taking about myself. I have to restrain myself from tweeting, ju… goes the newscycle, the New York Time is tweeting about a green-haired, genital-breathing turtle! 🐢
“Comey is what Saul Bellow called a ‘first-class noticer.’ “ @racheld @brianhecht I’m ready!! @brianhecht @racheld Nope! By which I mean I love it. @mikiebarb The Wing just retained them too...putting themselves in some off-brand company. @AnthonyFSimon Cool!! You even used my headline (“Pure Flix and Pray”) I’ll watch later for sure.
The Katie Rosmans too.All the Katie Rodman’s love this article by @EHolmes about Elizabeth Holmes to be attending the inaugural lecture of Prof. Lee Hartmann, the Leo Goldberg Collegiate Professor of Astrono… @Sulliview @voguemagazine Beautiful!! Amal should be flattered by the comparison!
@MikeIsaac Lead comment is from Marne Levine, COO of Instagram and Sheryl Sandberg’s close friend. @MikeIsaac @ceciliakang @kevinroose @npfandos Who’s performing at half-time? @maggieNYT He was great in “Reversal of Fortune.”BREAKING! Max Hollein hired as next director of @metmuseum, will leave @deyoungmuseum & @legionofhonor in SF to sta…
Retweeted by katie rosmanFacebook Twitter is my favorite Twitter @oureric You are writing what you know, aren’t you? @DrJenGunter All of the above! 😍Twitter on my iPhone autocorrects Zucks to sucks. @germanotes Zuck’s new FB profile pic. @jonathanchait @dhchait This is the best celebration of National Siblings Day. @dseetharaman Beautiful! Congratulations!! @jonp70 I was getting the contact info for this cub’s momma lion to make sure she was cool with my quoting him! 1-540-555-ROAR @JohnStatonSN Hahahaha. Best response. 🦁 @BuckyKatt Nope! The Louisa County (Virginia) High School lion 🦁 @BuckyKatt “Roar.” @ArthurSchwartz I asked him to remove his head. He declined.#journalism @johnjannuzzi I want this sweatshirt, badly.Louisa County, Virginia, high school student with well-punctuated pride. (This tweet was copy edited.)
@ATCodinha You and @lpolgreen #greatmindsAlso, the ads targeted at children are completely inappropriate. As my daughter watched Pokemon videos over spring…
The Masters announcer just said, “We are at the intersection of fate and destiny.” He’s no Yogi Berra.
Tonight marks the annual sacred observance of Jewish People Bingeing on Carbs. 🍞🥖🥨🥐 @AlexandraJacobs
@lpolgreen @Choire Pronounced “After [pause] berf” if memory servesThe graphic of this @denverpost editorial, about the decimation of the staff through lay-off, is jaw-dropping.…
@ecbrill @nytimes You are welcome! @4evrmalone I want this job, the gray-hair-searching job. @tminsberg @migold @sarambsimon @nytimes Not being able to get tickets in the orchestra section, people whose phone…