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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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Captured by a brilliant journalist herself, @rachaelcombe deep-dive that includes the word "orange" three times in the first five paragraphs. 🙌 @rachaelcombe @maggieNYT profile by the fantastic @rachaelcombe"She regards the man with the orange hair like a predator deciding whether or not to go in for the kill." and Pontiff Tease the Scariest Horror Movie of the Summer via @ElleMagazine @socarolinesays Papa don't preach @embeedub skimming thru it, its less flippant that cover looks and reads. But then I see a sidebar, "mix hair drama in a snap!" and oh boy"Pretty Sick: the Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer." Curious what response this'll get. Author had cancer, accdin… and Melania cover their heads to meet with the pope, but declined to do so in deference to Islamic tradition… us how you really feel, Pope Francis. Very humbled. #Justice4SethRich
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Touch-down in Italy and Melania still won't hold her husband's hand. @NYTmag Bull Durham. The Natural. Stealing Home. Pride of the Yankees. Moneyball. @TaylorLorenz "And, as with most Story-related features, it’s an idea Snapchat had first." @JuliaRyan22 @justinjm1 I had that same concern. We see a lot of plays and my daughter especially loves going to ga… Club. I remember it still. Went with my friend Tara and her parents. has me completely undone. @chris_keppler Yep. The Ariana Grande things makes news certain to spread quickly among American kids. Hard not to be afraid, I'm strugglingTrump will make a big show of this and will thus transform this trio into sanctified heroes of the left. has always been so close to my heart! These are innocent vulnerable kids, this could've been any of us! I'm devastated!
Retweeted by katie rosman @amyhollyfield I really struggle w/whether to say something or not & then with what to say. Didn't want them learning about it on playgroundTold my kids abt Manchester bc there'll be talk @ school. 8yo asked, "Why would someone try to kill kids?" She was scared bc I had no answer
@danielleiat @MaryHeatherB @carriemelago @flintknits Penny had a pre-existing conditionIf you can't get hold of your children, Holiday Inn hotel have 50+children. Phone Holiday Inn Manchester UK 0161 836 9600 #Manchester RT. ❤
Retweeted by katie rosmanReminds me of the lessons of @ComeFromAwayCan. @jonathanwald I know few things as well as I know that. My kids are slower on the uptake but they'll get there.A very beautiful gesture. as @jonathanwald joined the network. His mom knew he'd do a good job. @danielleiat @carriemelago It's not often that a Hollywood exec saves a script!! @CindyAcuff 👍🏽They are doing the people's work, you are 💯% right. @CindyAcuff no worries at all!!! It's a serious time and my attempt at levity may have fallen flat!! @flpeir Can you imagine?! @CindyAcuff It's a real detail from the story I reported. As political reporters do God's work, we're still covering culture + society!Terrifying report out of Manchester, England, where an explosion went off during an Ariana Grande concert. Follow… @CindyAcuff @nytimes I realize that, Cindy. I was making a joke. @nytimes This is NOT fake news.NYT BREAKING NEWS: ABC's version of "Dirty Dancing" nearly did not include "No one puts Baby in the corner" line. 😳 payers funding this Trump family trip. @courtneybrubin I think. I watched the original one recently too and I might be conflating them. @courtneybrubin It did! @karenjnovak it's a small playing field these days!And I owe it all to you.I had the time of my life writing this story. @jswatz the candy was made in a facility that processes nutsThe @PropertyBrothers sent me this fabulous box of sweet treats. I like to imagine that they built the wooden crate…'s hard not to marvel at how openly she hates him. that yarmulke could talk. @BrendanMcGeever Hi Brendan. I'm thinking about how best to answer. Not ignoring you. I'll respond after I've had something to eat!Our First Lady thinks this photo reflects the empowerment of women. pictured: women and children. Lipton explains the news. Lipton breaks the news.
Scary: During eulogy, Ailes's teenage son threatened Fox women who alleged harassment. "I’m coming after them...and hell is coming with me.”
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What's Steve Bannon giving that other dude at the all-dudes concert? we’re with him!
Retweeted by katie rosmanI admire her commitment to RBF. @EHolmes @racheld Lizzie is a princess all right @EHolmes @racheld My sister was at my wedding...was that bad?!Donald Trump says no president in history has been treated worse but Peggy Noonan thinks otherwise.… @EHolmes @racheld But while Pippa brought the perfect bum as maid of honor, Kate's is a bit wrinkled. @MatthewWVogt I do. But we'll never be royal. It don't run in our blood.Thanks to the WSJ, part 2. It was managing editor Paul Steiger who, in 2002, backed the plan by @karaswisher and me…
Retweeted by katie rosman @EHolmes @BoF Thank you for waking up early. A weary nation needs you.No one is better at showing off an absolutely killer body in the most ladylike way possible than Pippa. @katierosman I do love the way he hashtags this, like it's #coachella or #sxswThe Indignities Suffered by Melania Trump; today's edition comes via a photo her husband tweeted. @lizzieohreally @MarkMazzettiNYT @WestportNews All politics is bagels. @mims The people need to know about the nouveau Kellerman's @katierosman I'm upstairs writing a story about "Dirty Dancing."I hear my husband talking to our kids. "If you ever wonder why a free press is important, this week would explain it.""Whacchu gonna wear?" "IDK. Probs a morning coat w/ a kerchief & maybe a powder blue waist coat? "KK. I've got pins… look really happy. Kate is all of us. #TheStuggleIsReal #PippasWedding you, Pippa. A beleaguered America is happy for the distraction of wondering who made your dress and if Meghan…
@ejeancarroll I'd write that bookComey coming in to testify
Retweeted by katie rosmanIvanka Trump, Jared Kushner reportedly get rabbinical permission to fly to Saudi Arabia on Shabbat
Retweeted by katie rosmanHer post-presidency/post-marriage memoir will sell for more than Obama's. week feels like the last scene of All the President's Men when the news wire is typing out one breaking news headline after the next.