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Meryl Streep: Ich bin ein African.
This is a perfect tweet. Keep America Great. 🇺🇸🌭 ever there was evidence that Twitter is a wonky inside-baseball stadium for journalists and tech-people. @MikeIsaac The apology was a bit breezy.Mike Isaac listens to the TWTR earnings call so you don't have to pretend to. like Beyoncé does talk to the press. #SayItWith💐 SEC ate my homework.
Retweeted by katie rosmanI am a total sucker for yoga gimmicks! Love this @bachscore piece on the era of 30-day fitness challenges @harrisj @lizzieohreally @MikeIsaac @koblin I'd just graduated from college and was on a camping trip with my boyfriend + I DIDN'T SEE IT! @lizzieohreally @koblin @MikeIsaac I was needing botox while they were still in diapers @MikeIsaac If you were 9 during the Bronco chase, you are a child and need to still be living with your parents. #WHAT?!
@jonathanwald Is Cruz standing on a N.O. police car?Another highbrow day at the New York Times. @MatthewSchneier just taught me how to puke rainbows on Snapchat. @sapna I'm not a late-hater so don't worry! @rsafian Safian Standard Time. (Thank you for the compliment!!!)Marcia Kramer for president. @brooke @realDonaldTrump You can almost hear the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt saying the same of Trump.Has he ever said what era we need to revert to in order to be great "again?" Sincerely interested to know. @KellyCrowWSJ Kelly my love, I mailed you something to the WSJ in Dec. Not sure when you're in NYC but check your 📬!"Listen, Mom, we've known each other nearly a decade now ...." said my son, age 9.
We live in a 3rd world nation: "I'm a Detroit teacher protesting our awful school conditions." via voxdotcomNothing better than a Monday afternoon Instagram ❤️ from kids of parents who say, "Oh we don't allow any 📲time during the school week."“It’s a new low for the Chicago Police Department,” a lawyer said. “First you shoot them, then you sue them. @racheld Yes, the makes us fat, old and poor. But at least they're disrespectful too.Happy birthday to Reed and A.J.!!! You're aging much better than your mothers. @erin_gs @racheldNewton, 26, an ebullient, intelligent, gifted quarterback decided to act in his moment of truth like a 13-year-old. everything that happens to a person who happens to be a woman is happening because she is a woman.Shaq knocks new CBS chairman down to size. Snyder to state of Michigan and city of #Flint: Let Them Eat Cake! Gives wife secret bday party with Chanel 🎂. watched this three times in a row. Cried each time. 🇺🇸😭
She could not Bey more amazing. Harvey, the guys in the foot fungus commercial, Ryan Reynolds, Xtopher Walken. Hope the money is good!é's thighs are fantastic.Love this song! I want to consciously couple with it."I bet North West is jealous." -- my prescient kid @ditzkoff "The good news, Mom, is that I got a Super Bowl ad. The bad news is it's for constipation awareness."Genius/ghoulish licensing by Audi. #DavidBowieShe is a business, woman.
I'm so old that I remember when Republicans talked about economic policy.
Retweeted by katie rosmanRepost from @eholmeswsj: @erin_gs's son is obsessed with Charlie Rose as 2 year olds often are.… @jessicaelenstar thank you, I really appreciate that! @dannysullivan @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel We want to be IN THE ROOM where Twitter happens.Saint Laurent/Yves Saint Laurent/YSL ... Whatever you want to call it: It needs to practice smarter PR.
@BrandROI I will read, thank you!I ❤️ Barbara Bush. Jebby should take her out on the trail more. @JessicaJones I have such a girl crush on your show!! Invite me on the set or something.Trump alienates the Smith vote. @EJDionne Feel better! Rough time for you to be sick!Listening to @EJDionne on @NPR. The take-away: it depends on what the definition of progressive is. @katherine_dunn I am so flattered! And as you know, I adore the WSJ!!👨🏻📚 @hotdudesreading @emilyjanefox ugh!! So glad you're ok! My close friend lives right there, was home sick in bed, thought there was a massive earthquakeA popular juice bar in Hollywood is owned by a woman with the last name of Bacon. #LAbaby @lizaswanson UGH!! Keep me posted. I'll by in city tmrw for a few hours to report a story. Bringing deputy reporter Ella.Now that's a great sentence. happy ending—as happy as can be expected when a man tries to have his wife killed—was made possible by 3 unusually principled hit men. @lizaswanson no way! Are you here already?!Who wants to shovel my driveway? ❄️
The Republican rhetoric v. the Democratic rhetoric is Fox v. NPR incarnate.Obama is like a second-semester senior. @MikeIsaac that is so jeb! of youMy 9 year old son loves spicy food and to netti-pot. Are these gateway drugs?The #flint coverage on the Detroit @Freep's Instagram feed is incredible and unsettling."Hard to accept that these imbeciles represent our government," Shkreli tweeted after taking the 5th. Smart strategy🍪 is 👸🏽 is a quip to be made about this but I will abstain. No Alcohol for Sexually Active Women, C.D.C. Recommends twttr!
Retweeted by katie rosman @katierogers asap, I wanna hear about the wedding, let's make a date. @embeedub Obviously that is wine we are slurping and the food is just decorative.How is it that I have only recently started watching Jessica Jones on Netflix?! It's so great! @embeedub My girl-crush on you has just been supersized.TRENDING: NYT superstar @katierogers gets married! The bride is keeping her byline. @embeedub But then what?! What will be the new food?!?! @embeedub Sshhhh! That's our story for next week!!Lululemon is running late. H/T @joshdlondon
@lgotl1230 @Kveller I do love to be kvelled over!!!! 😘🍪 @TherealTaraji wins the award for Fashion Magazine Queen! @JamieStelter Not easy to be the wife of the hardest-working man in TV journalism!!! 💋Media reporters: cancel your after-work plans! @Gunntwitt Was very upset about being late. Unprofessional/uncool. I have little kids & told them 8am was tough. Tried/failed to be on time.#GoBlue! @katierosman @FXNetworks I'm stating inaccuracies regarding me. If u researched u would know I never forgot that 2 lives were lost. #tragedy
Retweeted by katie rosmanKinda grossed out by this. People were murdered and Kato Kaelin again sees it as an opportunity for self-promotion. @PageSix @biggangVH1 @gofundme Worthy cause. @jrichlive Thank you, Jeff! @realchrisobrien His publicist is an absolutely pro -- so smart and professional. She has a tough gig. @andevers Thank you! @huntm There is much to admire and like about him. He's a complex person, like many of us.LOL @MarkLeibovich asking Goodell if he'd seen "Concussion"
Retweeted by katie rosman @DavidEpstein @danengber I had to google it but it was there. JST is a thing. JST lives. @philipberne Horrible to be late, particularly for an interview. I gave myself an hour to get there and still. Was totally beside myself.
@bengreenman that's very funny actually @bengreenman yours is. @thisiskathi I worship you for noticing the Give the Mouse a Cookie link! @jdlahart There is NEVER any risk of that happening. @jathoenen She is professional and smart, and has a very tough job. @JamieStelter I take full responsibility for being late. Please tell Mom and Dad I promise to be on time if they invite me for breakfast. @YatesHenley You are the first person to note it! Getting that in the piece was my greatest journalistic triumph ever! @ppd2003 @ScottMAustin No pride in tardiness. I was beside myself for being late. @byemmayardley @ashmck Was awkward in real life too.
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