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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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@rich1 @galeabrewer @HelenRosenthal @BenKallos @MarkLevineNYC NzyC public schools are on vacation next week. Will b… @rich1 I fully support him, which he knows. Taking on the consequences are a part of the learning. Important stuff is never easy.I wear yoga pants not because of how I look. I wear yoga pants because I am a yogi and an athlete and they are perf…
My son asked for my permission to do the gun control school walk out March 14 and for me to send a note to school s… @Sulliview My uncle, who has been a public school teacher and administrator for decades, calls it the iGen. I thoug… is the day Emma Gonzalez became president. @Megan @brooke remember that piece I did about good Twitter/email handles? Rob was in it too I think.Rob Goldman is my friend from high school which is probably of interest to no one but me. Knew he was at FB but WOW! @racheld 💯Leadership is coming from teenagers. very well remember David Pecker who was CEO of Hachette Filipacchi Mags which owned Elle when I was the assistant… Hogg for President in 2036. 🇺🇸 Thiede, my son, is missing in Los Angeles since Monday. He was working on a business plan to start a shoe li…
Retweeted by katie rosman“Teachers were warned that if they wanted to continue working for the school, they could not post pictures or atten… is a great column. Young people moved to activism and seizing the technology they use so fluently. Could this… this typical language coming from the public defender? Asking in earnest. thread. Please read.
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I’m with her. was invited to get on Air Force One, then rushed off and hurried back inside as Melania Trump's motorcade pul…
Retweeted by katie rosman @Geruish Hahah, good one!!!In the Company of Men via @thrMormon bishops are told to ‘believe the sisters’ when they learn of marital abuse — but they don’t always do so, vi…
Retweeted by katie rosmanKnowing your husband showed his girlfriend your bedroom has got to be particularly brutal. “Trump pointed out Melan…
@cavsdan @cavs Wonderful news.I was hiding in a closet for 2 hours. It was about guns. You weren't there, you don't know how it felt. Guns give t…
Retweeted by katie rosmanThe face-first luge is no joke. @lizzieohreally I’m mad about this. This is terrible. @debrashigley The only thing to help life the fog off this truly historically awful weekThis is the sort of speculation they just asked us not to indulge in but maybe she and Brad will get back together. like to read a profile on the executive who wakes up this morning and goes to work today to make more AR-15 r…
Retweeted by katie rosman @morganw_44 We can’t comprehend it either, it is incomprehensible. My words are meaningless but I am so so so sorry…
This AP photo from the Parkland, Florida shooting is just...
Retweeted by katie rosmanJust told my kids so they don’t hear at school tomorrow and banned them from the Internet tonight. They asked me if… agonized for the families in Florida. I feel so hopeless. @stdoyle You wanna be gifamous, don’t you? @4evrmalone This is AMAZING!!Former @nfl defensive end and @ninjawarrior co-host @akbar_gbaja's reaction to @shaunwhite's gold medal-winning run…
Retweeted by katie rosman @mamalizzie Hi Sass! Nice to see you here. I agree that our 8 phone calls yesterday didn’t suffice! ☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️📲❤️
He calls me a “Timeswoman.” It’s a pretty incredible group to be among. @MollyJongFast I bet the prenup is as long as the new tax bill. @mbradylynch But do you make ratatouille with left-over groceries?“I wasn’t thinking about who I am,” Louise Linton said. “I wasn’t thinking, I am the wife of this person and thus I… bit of news from #CodeMedia: starting in the spring NYT's The Daily podcast will be airing on public radio, @lisannette says.
Retweeted by katie rosman @derekeb @timhighfield @jarrodwalczer Thank you!My current most-reviled bit of jargon: Off-site. "I'm sorry, I don't have her today, she's at an off-site." @socarolinesays Looks so inviting, which I could dive right in. @GenePark I asked the pr people and the chief content officer at Giphy how to pronounce it. The chief content fello… @GenePark I filed the copy as, “GIF is pronounced, we think, like ‘gift’ without the T.” But, editors!#WakandaQuestionIsThat!
Retweeted by katie rosman @brooke @HRBlock Exactly.NOT surprised Michelle Obama chose a @MillybyMichelle gown for her official portrait. Though routinely scorned by “…
Retweeted by katie rosmanAhh I love Asian parents❤️ never change - Chloe Kim’s Dad after his daughter won the gold medal: “Snowboarding is w…
Retweeted by katie rosman"We want to be the MTV of the 'Messaging Generation,'" said Brad Zeff, Giphy's chief content officer who favors wel… @moorehn Karma is a lioness.
@socarolinesays You are an incredible force of (good) nature.What a lede. @katierosman @GIPHY @nytimes
Retweeted by katie rosman @nicosantoscomic @GIPHY @nytimes You are the best. So funny and talented. Thank you for letting me watch you make t… @moorehn I love it. @oureric I thought of you so much when I was at Giphy Studios. It’s your mother ship!At this L.A. film studio, instead of asking for a forlorn look or elated reactions, directors say, “Give me a SMH!”… Giphy Studios in Los Angeles, they’re trying to make “gifamous” happen. @ColinHanks When you see my baby sister Emily (Ana's mom), tell her "Chatie" misses her!!! @EHolmes memes begin. 🖼🎨 Weinstein worries that he’s being scapegoated.'m not crying (again), you're crying (again).'s ‘Peter Rabbit’ has run afoul of food-allergy parents and the peanuts are hitting the fan. @erinleecarr @carr2n @nytimes Erin, I just re-read this piece. Wow. And it is still timely today. I have often thou… @ColinHanks I need to watch. PS My niece (Ana Sophia) is Lark.The Daily today is SO GOOD!! If you’ve been wondering about the backstory of the OAR designation of Russian Olympia…
@socarolinesays Someone did, in one of the qualifier events. @tsujesh @CindyDarrison I think laughing at a funny comment made by a 9 year old reinforces having a good sense of humor. 😸 @CindyDarrison @tsujesh You are telling me! @brooke Potato wuz robbed
Me to 9 year old: “You have to go to sleep right now.” 9 year old to me: “Are you saying that to me because I’m a woman?” @lizzieohreally It’s amazing!!In addition to the inanity of a MeToo Swimsuit Issue (as pointed out to me by @NewYorker), Sports Illustrated forgo… @StuartEmmrichNY Having grown up in Detroit, I remember this story very well! Very interesting follow-up!