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@katespencer my son said she's a "lyricist."@katespencer My son says I need to add Ariana GrandeI am thankful that I have children to lecture on all that I don't think they're appropriately thankful for. 🦃If Donald Trump could guarantee this weather every Thanksgiving, I'd vote for him.@katespencer Johnny Cash!@katespencer Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes. Tay Tay. Smokey Robinson.@marcatracy Oh no oh Canada!!@johnrobinson We said Joni but then were unsure if naturalized Americans counted! Yes to Bruce as well, on the list but not in my top 5zAlso: Billy Joel!Prompted by David Remnick, we are having a family discussion about great American songwriters: Stephen Sondheim, Paul Anka, Carole KingRemnick's liberal elite anti Taylor Swift bias is showing.
@liamstack That Mother Superior is so inferior.Listening to bus driver and dispatcher talk about how idiotic all the other bus drivers and dispatchers are. Every biz has same dynamics.The best "Times Insider" piece I've read. Kudos to @dionnesearcey, foreign correspondent + mom. cc @camanpour MAKE US FAMOUS.
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@tamcarr21 You were put on this earth to be the mother he needed. I pray you find pride in your grief.Talk less, smile more. Everything I see is #HamiltonMusical #unhealthyobsession Didn't get much press this year. Well I am at least half of #1 already.@MikeIsaac Is this a trick question?@BenMullin @Sulliview Hi Ben! I defined snapping bc these days, ppl associate the term w/ SnapChat. But I do agree that I am a perfect 10!@eholmeswsj Look who is already making news!! It was an organized, monolithic enterprise to deprive you of your sandwich?@nathandotz @FlashGordonDC Hahaha! Yes! The terror of excessive Drakar is the only terror threat!!!Imagine living to 90 and still having your obit be entirely about the husband who stabbed you five decades earlier.
Retweeted by katie rosman@FlashGordonDC PS I need your Spotify playlists.@FlashGordonDC @tnyCloseRead Best middle eastern food in America! In high school, we'd skip class and drive to La Shish for lunch.I grew up, peacefully, in suburban Detroit amid refugees from Iraq/Iran. Why are Arab refugees suddenly a threat?
Devastating news about a little boy who captured the hearts of college football fans.
@Bad_Boyfriend @andrealake101 I will!! Thank you for the suggestion!@Bad_Boyfriend different publications@saxdavid @j_mcelroy @SupermanSz14 You're the second person to flag this for me!! It's an incredible turn of events@Bad_Boyfriend thanks!
@whitehjohn Thank you, John!Guys and Dolls, my kid's in the red hat on left. Incredible professional production. #proud mom a WIN!! Wolverines move to 9-2 on the season. #GoBlue
Retweeted by katie rosmanWe just received a Christmas holiday card.@taraseshan @pourmecoffee Apparently I misplaced it for a moment and already admitted so! I'm not perfect!@sparksjls thank you!! I never realized how difficult it is to use words to explain hand gestures.In the Times, snapsplaining.
Retweeted by katie rosman@Jackson_Moran Isn't that line great?! No surprise the woman is a poet!!@fmanjoo You're welcome! News you can use.@poniewozik Exactly!!@pourmecoffee I can. I didn't mean to be humorless. I like the piece but win some/lose some. However, I'm excited to be the New York Times!@jaredbkeller I'm not disappointed!@hayleykrischer Please do. All the clapping is a bit of an embarrassment.@jaredbkeller As I wrote. Anyway, have a great day!@pourmecoffee Sorry you didn't enjoy the piece, which I assume you read!@Labialeden Yep! I wrote about that in the piece.@tesswonderful @nytimes That's what I wrote about in the story! You might enjoy it.@jaredbkeller Why?@Wzzy I lucked out!! I have never been happier that someone looked dumb at a rock concert.Are you old? I am too. I reported this story for us. Thank you! There really needs to be a snapping emoji."You can’t applaud while taking a selfie or texting." Why Snapping Is the New Clapping So glad it was great! (So the WashPost was right?)
The Granny of @Square: one of my favorite of my WSJ pieces. conferences. #adverbs There is so much stuff in there, I almost had an anxiety attack. But I pushed through and bought tons of stuff!@jsandford I happened upon this antiquey/junky story and they had incredible stuff!!Laptops. 💻 racism! Shocking lack of diversity among the women featured. powerful.
@TimHerrera @ajchavar Parfait. Let's do tomorrow, I'm not going to be in the office. 14th floor?@dannyfigueroa this is too good!!!@pbregman No one couldn't possibly love Dylan as much as you and I do!!Eliza sings, "One week later, I'm writing a letter nightly." My 7yo daughter says, "So she + Hamilton are texting?" @Lin_Manuel @Phillipasoo
And now, #NBAwards for Nonfiction: @tanehisicoates.
Retweeted by katie rosmanSlamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values. That's not who we are. And it's not what we're going to do.
Retweeted by katie rosmanthis interview with the tinder CEO is beautiful.
Retweeted by katie rosmanholy mother of god. Tinder's CEO broke SEC quiet period rules with this interview.
Retweeted by katie rosman@Bookgirl96 xo"They say you can die of a broken heart and I believe it." Doug Flutie's parents, married 56 years, both died today. WSJ reported would be folded into, indicating a multimedia death. Untrue?@jimmyfallon Not to be an annoying editor but your friend's aunt is not your family. #YourFriendsFamilyIsWeirdIgnoring the inanity that would lead a reporter to ask a child this question, this vid captures a remarkable moment the Ivy Leagues are to the NYT, the agencies are to the Hollywood Reporter. the advent of 'Fake Instagram'? Because life has become "a never-ending junior varsity 'Vanity Fair' shoot." Not sure how one becomes a king of the cultural elite without knowing a stone from a kizzle kazzle.@jmseabrook Good point, I once saw him at the curling lane and he was sweeping in all the wrong spots.@jmseabrook Try again. Dolezal could attend! Univ. of Vermont holds privilege retreat for students who 'self-identify as white' Now that you mention it, I'm offended that they're using computer printed stickers to name-label my drink stedda Sharpies.I just ordered a coffee that cost $6.04. I am part of the problem.Tina Fey & Amy Poehler to co-host @NBCSNL! (w/@Springsteen as musical guest!)
Retweeted by katie rosman@mims and that worked out well for Scarface!@delahappy I am a stranger sending you strength and support in whatever insignificant way I can, but it is genuine and heartfelt..@POTUS, thank you for the letter you sent us. I wrote about losing Karl + how we need #parentalleave Can you help?
Retweeted by katie rosman.@MichelleObama thk you for the letter you sent us. I wrote about losing baby Karl and #parentalleave Can you help?
Retweeted by katie rosman@JamieStelter @WSJ @Ralphgardnerjr @patkiernan @92Y Wow!! Great!!!I prefer that my sexiest men not be bottle-blonde. WHAT CAN DAVID REMNICK *NOT* DO???
Final results came in today: Salt Lake City has now officially elected its first openly gay mayor
Retweeted by katie rosman@TheStalwart I went to the nearby public school--being educated on the wrong side of the if Bloomfield Hills had tracks.@TheStalwart It's a school very famous for its design and art programs (including graduate programs) in fairness."By referencing where to purchase products, I realize my outreach monetizes/trivializes feelings.""Ystrdy I sent PR pitch suggesting stories to show solidarity w/tragic events in France through painting nails the colors of French flag."@jswatz Most offensive is their frequent habit of not suffiently heating up my corner Sicilian pieces
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