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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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@perlberg @peretti Get that Beanie up on eBay, might fetch more than $250.This is horrifying. @salmahayek was essentially sexually assaulted on screen by Weinstein. @mathewlittman Matt! Loved seeing you on Sunday. Can you follow me so I can DM you? (Can't text, on a plane.)The Apprentice-loving TV-watcher in me is imagining Trump calling Omarosa to the White House board room, telling he… Page One investigation of The Spotted Pig by @juliamoskin and @kimseverson has generated a slew of comme… @clairehoworth It's kinda funny with the sound off too.
It turns out Hanukkah has way better presents than Christmas.
Retweeted by katie rosmanGetting Salty with Pam Willis of Pammy’s sister cracks me up. @katespencer We are kindred spirits. Must meet, after I finish your book.There is only one reason to note that your lawyer is Jewish. Well, two actually. This made me laugh, h/t @Jonwebs“It’s a nice thought to think, wow, Prince Harry used this toilet." you're a white supremacist, it's hard to do business in Silicon Valley. Very informative and very funny piece. aide says she was attending bipartisan bible study group when Trump tweeted, she had to be pulled out by…
Retweeted by katie rosman @JimmyG303 The black face!!! I tried to show it to my kids and was aghast!! @yashar @jdawsey1 What gets me is that it seems like this is a part of her prepared remarks.
@gdogg42 Even Big Little Lies makes it seem like Nicole Kidman considers a rape as just angry sex @BestFoodBlogEVR Wow. So true. Horrible @lizzieohreally The Desk Set @BestFoodBlogEVR YES @lizzieohreally Also, every single movie about journalism (except Spotlight, All Prez Men) has women reporters shtupping sources or bossesAnybody else noticing in watching old movies that basically every one contains a plot line of sexual harassment/abuse? @jswatz If my attorney can't be a Jew please god let my doctor be @jswatz Think I'm going to needlepoint "One of our attorneys is a Jew" on a pillow. @ryanbeckwith Hey @joxfeld didn't you watch 24 hours of CNN in a hotel for a Brill's story? Or something? @apbenven Congratulations! Super star🌟On Instagram, ya knowKevin Systrom says slime videos were the biggest trend in Instagram this year. I believe it! @amychozick @michaelluo @nytimes GREAT!! Welcome back!!Way to be relevant, Golden Globes! @realDonaldTrump @nytimes We at The New York Times stand by our reporting, sourced from interviews with 60 advisers…
Retweeted by katie rosmanBe safe, my friends and colleagues. @nickvarchaver My two citizens create the work equivalency of at least 10 million normal Americans.
The Roar of '84
Retweeted by katie rosman @rorycooper He said earlier this fall he didn't want to go in without Lou.The 12 Diet Coke presidency v the seven almond presidency.
Retweeted by katie rosman12 diet Cokes a day and exuberant tours of Oval Office bathrooms. Garcia's first Elle cover, originally photographed by Terry Richardson. Re-shot by @paolakudacki after Weinste… @tomgara YES times 1000 @ally_radecki Oh I am so glad you saw it!! Isn't it wonderful?! ❤️😁😭I don't have time for one hour of TV a day and the country I'm running only has two citizens. @ally_radecki Did you guys have fun in NYC?
👑 @EHolmes is so jealous of the Hanukkah gift I just got for my son.
@racheld @kemcke @nytimes @marybillard @StuartEmmrichNY We were lucky to have you write a wonderful piece for us!!!“The only thing people like to talk about anymore is Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein and, with that as the domina… @elainarich @StevenBrill Luckiest thing that ever happened to me!!📝 @elainarich let me sit in on her meetings when I was her assistant so I could learn how glossy magazines were run… with pride that my husband @jonbines and his colleagues have gotten TWO much-deserved #WGA nominations—the th…
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There is beauty, there is grace and then there is this piece, written by @JamesGRobinson about a family road trip t… if this will finally prompt some federal-level whataboutrumpism @yashar @annett_tim Whoa @capeannsky @maggieNYT @katespencer @BuzzFeed Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for your loss. That is heart wrenching.… @katespencer @BuzzFeed Let's do it!! For real!! @VincentGrasso1 @maggieNYT @katespencer @BuzzFeed The skirt is very Suzy. Pairing it with combat boots is pure Katie. 👊🏼 @StanYeahMan @maggieNYT @katespencer @BuzzFeed She really did! She was very cool. @katespencer @BuzzFeed I'm gonna read your book over the holiday. I know it will be powerful. ❤️ @courtyforrest Wow!!! Thank you! Totally buying this. @katespencer @BuzzFeed Skirt/shirt/jacket...all from what I call "the dead mother collection." My closet is a mess… been pussy-hat pink. is how a Senator would resign on The West Wing.
Retweeted by katie rosmanBreaking news: @nytimes now has more than 3.5 million paid subscriptions and more than 130 million monthly readers,…
Retweeted by katie rosman @kylegriffin1 @thegarance And her husband got the "date which will live in infamy" quote wrong @lpolgreen @rklein90 cc @BoggsSchool @RosmanAmanda"Who cares what my names is, I'm the Not Roy Moore guy." Trump (mis)quotes the father of America's social safety net."National reckoning" needs to be retired, has quickly become overused and cliche. @mikiebarb Wow. Congratulations, Michael. It's such a great podcast. @guan Lol. When juggling all that urbane haughtiness, your inner office perv can sometimes sneak thruSmartypants top editor of a smartypants magazine dated and hit on interns and says he "now recognizes" that he shou…
Thank YOU for sharing your story and wisdom with me!
Retweeted by katie rosman @jswatz I love this. What a great book. In this case, for her sake, I hope it pays the mortgage and then some.Sallie Hofmeister, a former NYT and LATimes journalist, is defending not just Weinstein but the reporting of the Na… spot should have gone to @GretchenCarlson.
Retweeted by katie rosman @SuzanneKelleher my benefit of the doubt is gonna go with the seventh woman to come forwardDaily Affirmations with Al Franken
@mitrakalita @lpolgreen @princeeditor Not like being second is NBD. @mitrakalita What about @lpolgreen ? @jimrutenberg @jswatz I worked as the assistant to the editor in chief of Elle when it was owned by Hachette with P… @mikiebarb And will.