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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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@stdoyle O M G. She will be a Pistons fan now!!!!!!A Madoff by any other name is a personal shopper.⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️
I'm relieved and happy to report that @cindi_leive's toes look 💯 @RealDHandelman That is the fun of these book shelves (of which I photographed like 2%). So many big literary momen… literary party out of central casting. Bookshelves for days. 📚 wanna know what the ninth person said. "Rather than triumphant, he felt betrayed, according to eight people close… @nickvarchaver @Casper Excellent tweet, grasshopper!There are A LOT of words in this story, and I read every single one of them. You should too. @jonathanchait @NewYorker Totally consensual thoThe height of perversity: I have a digital subscription to the @NewYorker and print out the long stories. Check out… @Phil_Lewis_
Mrs. Johnson: a grateful nation send its profound condolences. 🇺🇸💔 @jonathanchait I assumed it was but I hadn't thought about it!The matching mom and dad jeans are 💯☘️ All of America is rooting for your comeback @gordonhayward.☘️What a game. ⚾️⚾️⚾️ #GoYanksI found Richard Simmons. @jimwindolf When I was a reporter at the WSJ I got in very big trouble for tweeting about Rupert Murdoch during the… out at amazon after Amazon knowing about Kim Masters' story efforts for months and months. why now, amazon?
Retweeted by katie rosmanBreaking News: A federal judge in Hawaii blocked the new Trump travel ban, hours before it was to take effect
Retweeted by katie rosmanWow. 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾
@EHolmes @RalphLauren @blakelively Who wore it best?!?! (Ella's @RalphLauren is from the @Macys boys department) @ron_fournier No one is better than @mattfrieds !!! @katierogers GeniusFirst of all...“Wow, Kenny G still plays music?” First of all, you’re never too old for sax
Retweeted by katie rosman @tristanwalker @deray I got obsessed with it because my son is on it all the time. My gateway to relevance is 11 years old. @ranhoder I know who you are!! ❤️❤️Facebook?! My kid and his friends will never use it again. @ranhoder Someone else mentioned that too!!Today's daily cartoon by Kim Warp:
Retweeted by katie rosmanExciting day here on safari: If you look quickly and quietly, you'll see the rare 7-comma sentence in its natural h…
Retweeted by katie rosmanHow does a city's medical establishment mobilize when there is a mass shooting? Astounding coverage from @sherifink. @Mr_Everyman @sherifink UGH. deleting and retweeting @staychad thank you! real test of the constitutional lawsuit against the president takes place in federal court today. Here's my p… funny piece on old people (like, people my age) getting mansplained by millennials. Green Bay Packers fans. More specifically, a young Colin Kaepernick on the right.
Retweeted by katie rosmanC'mon. Is there really a single woman who can't say "Me, too?"
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@dansaltzstein That is so wonderful, mazel tov!!!We Work. We Live. We Work Out. Eventually We Die.
Retweeted by katie rosman @Sheilabgood He's a good boy. @HannahOmid No ass was whooped but otherwise that's what this mother did too @hilaryalehman @aswinn I will try! I do Saran right on the top of the guac and then seal with Tupperware top. But n… @jonathanmprince @aswinn I have in past mashed the avocado, put it back in the peel, put the pit it and Saran wrapp… @davidshepardson Of course not and god forbid I don't use the perfect amount of fresh-squeezed lemon. @hopedellon @aswinn LOVE that!! @aswinn And now of course I'm trying to figure out a special way to wrap the guacamole so it stays fresher"You're way too involved in my life," my 11 year old child just said to me. Then he asked me to make guacamole at 1… Kaepernick. Birthplace: Milwaukee. Childhood hero: Brett Favre. Green Bay Packers: Need a starting quarterback. Discuss.
Retweeted by katie rosman"You also don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is su…"Accessorries to Assualt." Thanks to @LZSundayPaper for flagging this gem. @atlasobscura I got raped at work at a Payless shoe store. I had on a long tunic & leggings so miss me w/ "dress modestly" shit.
Retweeted by katie rosman @mattyglesias @jbarro Maybe he's referring to 140 v 280 @brokeymcpoverty @PolaRoid_Rage Being in a Chuck Lorre show is living to make things better for womenBob Weinstein on Harvey: "My daughters all felt sick hearing this because we understood he felt nothing. I don't fe…
From Oscar big-shot to "hall-of-fame pariah." @SopanDeb I don't want them on Twitter, it's where I share my private thoughts @SopanDeb I have been keeping myself off Twitter and it's so weird, I have no one to talk to but my family. @BeckySFawcett @AdamsLisa 💋💋💋 @sarahewk @JamieStelter @AdamsLisa Me too, and every thing else about her. ❤️ @4evrmalone PubertyThe mother and brother of the late, great, amazing, lovely and dearly missed @AdamsLisa have compiled her gorgeous…
@MaureenDowdTwit @kimmasters I have a crappy bodega plug that makes jibberish appear all of a sudden, and sends errantly!I really admire @kimmasters. When I worked at Brill's Content she always called back and always spoke on the record… finally speaks on Harvey Weinstein: Anna Wintour, Tom Ford and Trish Goff come forward -
Retweeted by katie rosman @heybonanos @margeincharge @NYMag @Borisk Total agony.Add model Trish Goff to the list that no woman would ever wish to be on. @jdlahart Thank you Justin!!WeWork --> WeLive --> WeSweat --> WeGotDrunk 💻🏘💪🏾🍸