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katie rosman @katierosman New York via Detroit #goblue

NYT SundayStyles reporter; WSJ alum; mom, techie, yogi, DIYer, author of the memoir If You Knew Suzy.

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@matthewkassel I was thinking about that this AM (well after I wrote piece): "Before there were 'deplorables' there were Cindy Adams' pals." @katierosman And Ivanka in a middle seat!
Retweeted by katie rosmanTo me, the big news is that Ivanka and Jared fly commercial. still matter! @Fahrenthold @jswatz (Thank you @BJ_Roche!) @jennybett @nytimes 😘Pres-elect Trump said of Cindy Adams: "She’s understood the inner workings of the city better & longer than anybody” @BernsteinJacob Thank you, Jacob! @MichaelCastner On behalf of the NYT and the country, thank you!Is Kushner selling the Observer? Big scoop for the amazing @AlexSteigrad. @KirFlem Thank you! Cindy's good material to work with.
"Chunky Christie and Ben Carson" were among those at Trump Tower on Election Night, Cindy Adams told me in New York, kids—and D.C. @katierosman on how 86-year-old gossip columnist will be 1st in line for Trump dish:
Retweeted by katie rosmanA president-elect and a gossip columnist are BFF. Only in America, kids, only in America. nothing. Screenshot everything."Eric and Donald Jr. said they plan to stay with the family biz." Problem is, Donald J. Trump *is* the family biz. @jsandford this is so funny @freep McDonald's + Organic AvenueTHREAD
Retweeted by katie rosmanDETROIT BALLS HARDER, 1620, beleaguered immigrants fleeing terror in their homeland come ashore at Plymouth Rock. Remember roots.
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10yo son:Woman, I need help w/ my homework Me:Don't call me "woman" Son:Don't deny your identity as a strong, independent queen, woman! Me:🤔 @garyhe yes, yesterday. I found it very moving ❤️ @garyhe @USATODAY wow!!The mom's reaction did me in.If this doesn't leave you with tears streaming down your face, YOU ARE DEAD INSIDE. (I am at my desk, SOBBING!!!) @editorialiste Balky annoyed the hell out of meAcawesome story by @susandominus? 🎤 h/t @nickvarchaver Singing Together Again at a Broadway Reunion 10yo son: Did you know Zsa Zsa Gabor was married nine times and was the spiritual mother of Paris Hilton and that now she's dead?Trump is a deal maker who negotiates hard, and doesn’t mind getting banged around or banging others around.
@jswatz @Fahrenthold @RadioFreeTom Couldn't agree more. Ppl for sure won't read to end if they know there's no capstone to the arc you built.@TeenVogue is covering politics aggressively. And teens are paying attention.
Retweeted by katie rosmanI glimpse on shelf multiple copies of "ClintonCash" by Peter Schweizer who worked w/ Steve Bannon on Reagan flix. C… @katiebakes hi Katie, it's Katie ... trying to reach you for a story. I'd be grateful if you'd be in touch! katherine dot rosman at nytimes @racheld @candacejackson I know! She's got her own cadence and she certainly can turn a phrase. @candacejackson She should become a rapper.They have two sons but they laid one off. have no idea what this means but that's why I love it so. @peterdaze I know it!!Alan Thicke's service. "It was more like a fun Vanity Fair Oscars party than a memorial." Kris Jenner sat w/ widow. a subzero day like this, you really have to admire some people's commitment to smoking. 🚬 @Carter_Quinn yep, way too much. @erin_gs @peterlattman @shamblanderson Good point. Song is very dated. Dunes are all eroded by now. @erin_gs @peterlattman @shamblanderson Can't abide by the lyric, "if you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain." @jimwindolf Dig your new avatar pic. You look kinda like a high school girl's soccer coach in a LifetimeTV movie. Or a Daily News columnistProduced by dad of Broadway's newest big star. New Movie Musical Planned for Will Ferrell + Kristen Wiig
Attn: @Oprah
Retweeted by katie rosmanSecretive about their ages, difficult to say which Gabor sister was the oldest. Among them, they had 18 divorces moment for SNL cue-card guy @cuecardwally (whose twitpic, I now notice, is the WSJ hecut from my Page1 profile!) this dot-drawing version of the stack-of-books emoji! 📚 @rachaelcombe @Bookgirl96 @jesslahey didn't realize! Never have seen anything like that!!
@atlgaboy30305 I like it a lot for a snowy Sat! But first one was so good.Pitch Perfect 2 isn't as good as PP1 but it does include a really funny Sonia Sotomayor joke and that can't be easy to do.This round-up recalls for me @LZSundayPaper's long-ago project of track gender (in)equality among obituaries. @jakesilverstein If snow further delays (or GASP, prevents!) delivery of my newspaper, I will be so "Three letter word Trump often tweets"When you tweet your new story but no one RTs it because the president-elect just tweeted the best Freudian-slip ever is the new bigly. Terrific!Key words in this URL: @kellyoxford twitter Instagram snapchat anxiety reiki. I'd add Oprah McDonald's #NotOkay
Well why don't you just donate the money yourself then, Eric?
Retweeted by katie rosmanASK ME ANYTHING Is Hot Yoga Good for You?
Chance to influence Trump administration policy literally goes to highest bidder. By @EricLiptonNYT & @maggieNYT Thiel, a figure who has not exactly been beloved by the NY media establishment, lunched today at Michael's. #symbolismMel Gibson not available? @nycjim So don't take her literally or seriously, I guess @AndrewC_Nelson @Gladwell @RvstHistory I also loved the ones about creativity ("Hallelujah" I think) and philanthropy to universitiesSuddenly, I'm anticipating a Guy Fieri appearance in the Trump Tower lobby.Donald Trump has just given @tina_nguyen the biggest career boost ever + has pushed her Trump Grill review onto the global radar.Vanity Fair, yesterday: “Trump Grill could be the worst restaurant in America”
Retweeted by katie rosmanThere were only 140seats. A spokesman for Trump said Twitter was left out of the meeting due to space considerations
Retweeted by katie rosman @elysetoribio @jbarro @pretareporter See also "Becky with the good hair"Jeff Bezos at the beginning of 2016 and at the end of 2016. is so awesome that I could waste the rest of my life revisiting all the memes I wasted my year rabbit-holing. will never forget the terror I felt that this could happen to kids my own kids' age. Then the relief. Then the guilt. #sandyhookI remember #sandyhook. After a lunch with @tomdstillery, saw email from my daughter's preK teacher w/ photo of class to reassure parents @MeenalMistry in this case, to far less severe consequences @MeenalMistry for realz @megansarahj that literally made me lol @RachelJSimmons @brookehauser @erin_gs The books have been redone as graphic novels by @RainaTelgemeier and my daughter devours them.🤔 Obituary comments. #AlanThicke