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#HolisticNutrition coach / private wellness chef @goodwitchkitchn. Sometimes freelance writer. Tweeting from Fenway. Work with me in Boston and beyond ⬇️

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No one will care about this besides other freelancer writers, but here's why I'm a fucking pain in the ass with a b…
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Retweeted by 🌻Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that Paul Rudd is the only pure man in Hollywood.How many times can Jason Bateman say “not to belittle..” “not to speak for you”?? Jessica Walters is a more patient… @JosieGL The only bike lanes I’d feel comfortable in are like the ones on Westland Ave near Symphony. They’re in be… @JosieGL It would be so much more efficient... but Boston is just not a bike friendly city. Some areas have changed… @rapunzel74 @JosieGL HAHA. Sooo tacky! @JosieGL LiVe LaUgH LoVE @megansarahj Oh no is it gone or just moved?I may be selling 2 Boston Calling passes for Saturday. $110 each. @jacquelinedole I have too, Comm Ave for sure, that's why I'm scared! Cars also forget bike lanes exist sometimes.I want to start riding the Blue Bikes and save on Ubers but... I also don't want to get hit by a car.Any social media friends have some time to take on a quick project? Budget is $350.
@style_wire The whole process just needs to be a lot easier, no one ever knows what they're doing!I watch this video often and it brings me great joy. replies to this are bad. Have you people even seen her 2007 MASTERPIECE Coming to America special??! She smiles… cousin is an artist in Colombia and he told me to spread the word about his last painting... Asking $350 the det…
Retweeted by 🌻 @kciccolini me every time my mom inserts a whole person into her story with no supporting info
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Retweeted by 🌻You know my friend Connie? Connie Angelini? Her daughter is Nancy. You know Nancy Angelini? Nancy Angelini!Me anytime my grandmother mentions a person I don't know with their first and last name and asks for the 300th time… @megansarahj I called and they said I can submit a profit/loss statement, but basically she said it doesn't matter… those who have to report changes in income to health insurance... How does that work if you're freelancing and… two genders: Men and kitchen utensils. @netflix"I have a very small budget. Do you have time to review?" No.Vegan Warrior Academy is seeking a #socialmedia coordinator./ brand ambassador. via… still want to know who’s responsible. @hollley Wow
@JosieGL LOL @HeyRatty @HiThisIsMarissa Aw that's sweet, I'm glad it's so special to you! @JosieGL @jessiefrac @CovetBoston Oooh thank you! @JosieGL I haven't been to MV since I was a kid. Nantucket seems like a lot of white people in Lilly Pulitzer drinking rosé. @HeyRatty I've never been!Why do people love Nantucket so much? Asking for a poor person (me).#NeverForget
Retweeted by 🌻Saying you never got an email or text, in the year of our lord 2018, is a bold-faced lie. @PacoSZN @d_ciccoliniby age 35 you should have a kitchen cabinet dedicated entirely to plastic bags that contain other, smaller plastic bags
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Retweeted by 🌻 @megansarahj I am working on a recipe for this... in case there's ever another widespread outage and we get desperate
@m_yosry2012 @d_ciccolini @jasminejamboree “Why do you have your LAPTOP out at a BAR? Heh heh heh”me & my only 2 friends who always like my tweets
Retweeted by 🌻I told my dad about a nasty comment someone left on my Instagram. A/C @notthisgirrl @JosieGL I will pray for you too! 🙏 @JosieGL I heard of this long ago and decided right then pregnancy was not for me. I'll keep my holes separate thanks.
@vikkistone Lady Grapefruit ButtMen are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.
Retweeted by 🌻Newbury Street will be pedestrian only for three days this summer!! July 8th, August 12th & September 9th. Thank yo…
Retweeted by 🌻Guys , my dad literally loves cooking so much, & owning this business means the world to him. His food is seriously…
Retweeted by 🌻 @holleighz Wow that’s so awesome. Happy anniversary! @WubsonOfficial @nineinchnails @LiveNation Plot twist - no tickets were available at 3 online 🙃Financial Advisors Suggest Setting Aside 10% of Monthly Income For Fenty Products:
Retweeted by 🌻 @taylortunetracy I left at 2:30, 7 hours broke me with no box office in sight 😭 @JosieGL Maybe, also there were only 3 windows open for 1000+ people. @JosieGL I KNOW such a waste. I was in line for 6+ hours and the box office was still probably 2 hours away. We moved once every 10 minutes. @JosieGL No I quit and got home a half hour ago. 1000% not worth it. Tickets are sold on the internet for a reason!I have a bone to pick with Trent Reznor. @ecc1977 @BochCenter You too, good luck! @WubsonOfficial @nineinchnails @LiveNation I just left. 6 hours in line is too much. Going home to try my chances on the website at 3 @ecc1977 @BochCenter I think I’m going to leave... not getting to the box office by 3pm at this point. Might as wel… @taylortunetracy I’m ready to quit!I am going to die in this line. @rapunzel74 NOPE. I’m about to lose it. @senatorjohn The things we do for music!! Online sale is supposed to start at 3. I may be here long enough to just purchase on my phone 🙃 @senatorjohn Yes. Been here since 8 and not even close to the box office. I want to leave but I’m in too deep now! @BochCenter Can we at least get some heat in here if we’re going to be waiting 4 hours?When you force a physical presale to get fans to come together and talk to each other IRL but all anyone is talking… @taylortunetracy Yikes, you will definitely be here at 1:30!! And the way it’s going so will I 🙃 Happy early birthday! @taylortunetracy Yeah they’re numbered I think to avoid cutting, I’m #531. Line goes through the back, up the stair… @taylortunetracy It is... painfully slow. There are 3 working but it’s still taking like 5 mins per person 🙄 @ecc1977 @BochCenter Yes I’m 531. Still have so far to go! What about you? @ecc1977 @BochCenter This is miserableeeeee I’m ready to just leaveUpdate: I am never doing this again. Scalp away. @taylortunetracy I’m hoping they’re not going to cap presale tickets. There’s enough people here to sell out both shows! @anastasiacaras I’m here! There’s like 500 people in front of me but still trying to get 4 tix 🤞What I’m getting from the Royal Wedding is that more weddings should give you the opportunity to watch from your couch eating cereal
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