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good witch, feminist, live music enthusiast.

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Hi Jamme (@ Thelonious Monkfish - @tsmonkfish in Cambridge, MA) @saraherib OK OK I retract my tweet. Feel better bb. @saraherib u calling me old? @JosieGL @MENTORliz @EmilyatSHSH @angel_mb @kdschumacher @rapunzel74 I can do the 13th! @SimSarna @unqualified You deserve it!All this construction is getting real boring. @d_ciccolini WHAT NO WAY
@rapunzel74 Where's that? I guess it keeps me accountable because I don't want to lose a class, but I still think it's a crazy amt of time @rapunzel74 12 hrs is ridiculous IMO esp w/ a waitlist or popular time when they won't lose $. Pure Barre is 3 hrs, so generous & delightfulI'm at @The_Handle_Bar Indoor Cycling Studio in Boston, MA
😞"These violent delights have violent ends." - me eating that 4th slice of pizza
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@meshymind @WordenHall Yay!! @JosieGL @WestworldHBO I've been hoping something bad will happen to him since he first opened his big jerk mouth. Fingers crossed! @JosieGL @WestworldHBO Wooo ready for the finale!!
The pretzel tour of Portsmouth begins (@ Great Rhythm Brewing Company in Portsmouth, NH)🎡 It's the most wonderful time of the year! 🎡
@JosieGL I've seen that!!! Platonic cuddling πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Cask n' Flagon is my favorite bar to not go to
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThe new Facebook Page templates have such a clunky design. Why do we need post categories in multiple places? @Grosssman @swish_shabu It is??? 😒Awesome idea! @EmilyatSHSH I'll see you again soon at the #kickit party! @EmilyatSHSH New website looks great!!Enter to win (2) 4-Day GA Tickets to Lollapalooza 2017 sweat with @kickitbyeliza for @fkglobal @EmilyatSHSH for @EpilepsyFdn @CassieBstrong for @BostonChildrens… in with these instructors this month + @teammovewith will donate $1 to their chosen charities! @choll12 @saraherib A game I like to play is "Who Does This Baby Belong To?"
TFW you want to celebrate a special occasion then you remember Trattoria Toscana is gone forever. @saraherib @SierraUnsworth I always see it at the bottom of the info (when you swipe up) during my next rideI'm at Pure Barre Boston in Boston, MA @melissamassello No! It should just be the default on Amazon!Is there a way to make Amazon Smile the default? I almost always forget πŸ˜”HUGE NEWS: the S in David S. Pumpkins stands for Simon cc: @DJ_Bean @katienolan
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniWe're still fundraising to provide books for local public schools this holiday season! Help us make our goal this season! #community
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @haveyoumetter Ooh those look dangerousLooking forward to seeing how @EatalyBoston and @BosPublicMarket will work together.
You can now book Superfood Society through @teammovewith! See ya Friday 12/2 @1pm! @BPMKitchen #movewith
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @angelabray laying it on thick there lol @jfreewright Burning question: Does your neck hurt a lot? You're always looking down in #Westworld. @theurbanologist 😊 You too! @theurbanologist I only favorited things I wanted to save for later or thought were *truly* funny. Now it's more of an acknowledgement.You had me at SALAMI FEST. article. Keys' research was so flawed yet became the cornerstone of nutrition advice. Fat is your friend! @hardwick Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?I MUST GO is the best way I've seen any company respond to their name going viral. @JosieGL @Sephora @mellymelg85 @dellojello oh wow that's so sweet!I'm at @The_Handle_Bar Indoor Cycling Studio in Boston, MA #GivingTuesday! When it comes to LPJL, #WeShowUp! In order for us to do so, we need your donation! Here's why
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @ThatDoorman hopefully nothing nachos can't fix @W2Eboston Love that place!! @JammeChantler He called it "designer Italian." πŸ˜‘πŸ€” @ButiYoga but toooo early for me. If you can do 8:30am on a Saturday try it out, it's fun and free: #movewithI can't wait to check this out! @HotelFoxtrot @EatalyBoston I definitely want to go... but it has to be midweek in the morning when everyone's at work haha.@RosiesPlace helps 12,000 poor and homeless women a year. Please support them. #GivingTuesday.…
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @MrJustinStone "Designer Italian" he says. No question about male owner from Seattle of course. Trying not to rage on someone else's post 😀Ladies, you can work your way to the top, own your own restaurant empire, win multiple James Beard awards, and stil… #GivingTuesday, your donations have 2X impact for @Gr8BosFoodBank. For $25, they can provide 150 meals!…
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This is an excellent picture. @JosieGL I didn't know there were more of them! @JosieGL Your fave Boston Chops is on Gilt today + 20% off w/ code CYBER @d_ciccolini I've knocked over like 10 things today, I'm doing greatJust smashed a ceramic teapot on the floor. HAPPY MONDAY! #mazeltov @megansarahj What is Binders?
@JosieGL @Sephora @mellymelg85 @HairHack EW. Well now I know if I ever run out of primer I can just slather on some buttery spread!Im gonna hang out in the woods behind my mom's house and see if I find Hillary Clinton shuffling around feeding bread to forest creatures
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHillary Clinton has been lost in the woods for weeks but no one will help her they just want selfies
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Mmm love dipping my pansy little tortilla chips into some gender normative salsa!
PSA: Instagram notifies your friend when you screenshot their DMs
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @angelabray Second Time Around? NOT Buffalo Exchange! @rapunzel74 What's good from @glossier? I always see their FB ads but never triedDo some good w/ #BlackFriday shopping. @teekitweet has 35% off + donating 10% to Standing Rock + info on howto help:
@JosieGL @BuzzFeed Brad Pitt Thanksgiving episode is the best Thanksgiving episode @kdschumacher @dschumacher4 Pretty ladies 😊 Happy Thanksgiving!In case the supermarket was all out there's plenty of fresh turkeys in Brookline ☺️