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k @kciccolini Boston, MA

Holistic nutrition coach @goodwitchkitchn + freelance writer. Tweeting from Fenway. Work with me in Boston and beyond ⬇️

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Me: I had such a fun time stepping out of my comfort zone, I was so social I spoke to people I’ve never met before…
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Retweeted by kMy yoga pants give me the mobility to kick you in the face.
Retweeted by kThis is so full of hate for such a benign thing. I don’t wear sweatpants to yoga because it actually is more comfor…
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Retweeted by kThe Best Moon Milk Recipe? To Drink Something Else.
@d_ciccolini WHERE"It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Influencers don’t really influence anything or anyone!"
Nothing says love like TACOS 🌮 #Recipe ➡️
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@megansarahj omg no has this started already?? why does IG take away the things we like THE MOSTAlso, in what universe is putting money on a charge card (the way SNAP works now) less cheap or less efficient than…
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I'm at House of Blues - @hobboston for Marilyn Manson in Boston, MA can't breathe
Retweeted by kPolice charge man slammed Fenway pharmacy worker's head into counter in vain search for narcotics
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Here's $100 in FREE Postmates delivery fee credit (good for 7 days). Sign up with my code PXAUP or this link
@Edge_Man Maybe my iPhone 7 is just ancient now 😭 @JosieGL I made the mistake of going to Trader Joe’s in Back Bay today. The amount of people out and about is INSANEI can’t take the Apple Podcasts app anymore, it’s awful. Does yours randomly pause and restart constantly? Restart… @d_ciccolini @BlackPplVines Lmao. I barely use it anyway. Instagram stories ftw
I have been so sick the last few days and am grateful I live in a place where Instacart, Postmates, and Amazon Prim…'m happy to report I still don't know what "dilly dilly" means.Free menstrual cup >>> Make reproductive health accessible to all:
@ThatDoorman Staff all wears PJs and onesies (obv you can too) and there’s homemade POP TARTSBut the PAJAMA BRUNCH @TraderJoesList Hi is it true that TJ's is discontinuing the Everything But The Bagel Spice????!! @patriciamj I didn't know this existed, thank you!Protip for the ambitious: Put everyone you follow (or care to hear from) on a Twitter list. Use that list instead o… @megansarahj I recently had one resurface called "Chris Got Run Over By a Car (Katie's Birthday)". Made that one private lolLast call for ESTER in Lower Mills this weekend! Find out when the beloved restaurant will close its doors and...
Retweeted by k @Instacart The shopper said it was an "Instacart gift". Do you have a promo going on? @JosieGL I don't know if you accept things that need to be refrigerated but if your students want it it's yours. 12… yogurt a donate-able thing? Instacart yogurted me without my consent and now I have a case of yogurt I feel bad throwing out. @Instacart Why did my order come with a "gift" of a case of yogurt? This wasn't mentioned anywhere, I'm not going t… is my friend Josie. She is an amazing teacher in Southie & if you have a couple extra bucks in your pocket ch…
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If Your Gut Could Talk: 10 Things You Should Know @TheKyleHardy Just do it because no one sees anything chronologically anyway
Nailed it @tiffanifaison 👏👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by k @TraveleatloveMM Sad!! @HotelFoxtrot Glazed! @larabar Thank you!
@larabar yo what was this dental floss lookin string doing inside of my Larabar?'m at Killington Ski Resort - @killingtonmtn in Killington, VT @jenrara The whole god damn point of chips is the crunch
🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 I'm giving away 2 free tickets to next weekend's @BGTravelShow at the Seaport World Trade Cente…
Retweeted by k @JosieGL I don’t want to be like “change everythig for me thanks” but I noticed they’re doing it more now and I ima… @JosieGL Mad minute!!! Loved thoseIt me 🇮🇹
This one never gets old. @owltastic I recently had a male client say “I can actually pay you more than that so let’s raise your rates for th… it make me a special snowflake if I complain to my yoga studio that I’m allergic to the lavender oil they like… @ParkerMolloy I just google immediately because I’m always on my computer. It’s never anyone I wanna talk to. @mentnelson @d_ciccoliniGood god it’s almost a third of my life eternally scrolling. #MyTwitterAnniversary
Am I the only one that’s impressed w how smooth these old ass transitions were
Retweeted by k @JosieGL @sar_maguire @The_Handle_Bar I don't think so. I haven't gone to spin in a while and I don't think she's ever in Fenway! @JosieGL @sar_maguire @The_Handle_Bar That’s what I like. I can’t take the double timing.Your gut... it's speaking to you 💩 first weekend with @MoviePass and there’s nothing I want to see.
@jenrara Is there an @mfaboston Late Night coming up?Bill Penzey wouldn't talk to me, so here's my Frank Sinatra Has a cold
Retweeted by kBlessed be my clients who pay their invoices immediately 🙏 Matt!! @SimplyK2Mktg I've done this since high school haha #rabbitrabbit!Come to my class on 2/12: that Puerto Rico IS A PART OF THE UNITED STATES. Can you imagine aid to Texas being “shut off” after a dis…
Retweeted by kTREOS and Head Automatica CDs + “Cracking the AP Psychology Exam.” 2005.
Hit my 20-class goal tonight @CorePowerYoga 🤗 wish we had @Imperfectfruit in Boston. Are there any local companies that are similar? @choll12 I muted covfefe. I want to mute Trump but am afraid of missing a nuclear threatHappy Anniversary
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When Trump says "chain migration," what he really means is "family reunification" because the desire to be with you…
Retweeted by kThis is disgusting. #StateOfTheUnion
Retweeted by kPuerto Rico is one of America’s forgotten communities #SOTU @HaloTopCreamery 🥥🥥🥥🥥 @EversourceMA When do you expect power to return to the Fenway area? First 12:30 then 2:30 then 3:30, still no power.Thank you for featuring me on your blog @wellnessawjobs! I'm excited to be teaching more classes at the @BCAE this…
Retweeted by k @angelabray Ohh didn't think about Gilt Travel. I did a Groupon for that once and it wasn't great, have you used Gilt for hotels before? @mrasconnews Ah ok, so I imagine they'll do what all the other buildings do and make it "affordable" to the very to… @megansarahj Stayed in a rental once where there was word art on every. single. wall. All four walls. Every room. A…