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I eat, I tweet, I give local businesses a voice at @mettermedia. Tweeting from #Fenway.

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@JosieGL @lil_jemms Wait you're not coming to BPM wahh @JosieGL You and @lil_jemms are in the same boat 🤐#MBTA #GreenLine: C & D: Buses replace trains, Kenmore-St. Mary's-Fenway, today & tomorrow:
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Damn, NYC cosmetics has disappeared from social media. | What Happened to NYC New York Color? 2⃣ days left! Enter the @PixiCycling #giveaway to win #cycling and #spin gear! 🙌 @iSmashFizzle @mreils They might be too stressed for it to start, maybe they'll get swollen PMS breasts instead.The morning after the first woman is elected POTUS, men everywhere will awaken to find they've begun their very first menstrual cycle.
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FB Live is pretty great for cord cutters when it's for things like #DemsInPhilly not your neighbor in his backyard.Would be cool if there were a button on Facebook to see which news outlets are live. @simkosays one of the best songs of all time✨ yoga under the stars ✨ @saraherib There's confetti in my shoe & I just stopped at Star Market & walking back to the car I noticed confetti on the ground lol 😂✨S/O to the ppl in Central Sq who sang w/ me instead of making fun of me when I belted Like a Prayer forgetting the back windows were open 👍⚡️ RAVE YOGA at @ClubOBERON ⚡️ @saraherib @teammovewith comes Eataly. And more intel from one of Boston’s biggest landlords via @BostonGlobeHe also gave 3 stars to Au Bon Pain, 5 to a convenience store, and 2 to a hot dog cart in New York.This review is also 15 paragraphs with lots of metaphors bashing the food and his date.Reading a Yelp Elite reviewer describe his date as having the emotional depth of phlegm because she likes reality TV and wants children.
@ImportantKash Cher's use of emojis is so impressiveIf Obama hosted late night informercials I'd be broke.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniLove this! is coming up… but who needs one day when we’ve got over a month of celebration? Plan accordingly:
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniWhat’s It Like to Be a Food Writer Right Now? via @grubstreetInstagram is convincing us to eat food that doesn't taste good via @BI_RetailNews @JosieGL @heath617 @nickylibs Gift from the retail gods 👍 @meshymind best keep the Olympics as quiet as possible 😂what have i done wow wow car fire at Longwood holy crap @MASCOLMA @BostonFire a car! @DTownBostonBID @Primark omg how can it get any bigger??We don't want ANYONE knowing about this event! Books fill the balconies in this 100-year-old theater-turned-bookstore #books
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @d_ciccolini GOOD LUCK @JosieGL UGH YES that is infuriating. When they're like um we rang your doorbell. 1st off I was home all day, 2nd I don't have a DOORBELL! @JosieGL I've only noticed it around Christmas time but now I know their secretz @JosieGL Yeah usually it comes within a day or two. I get they can be overwhelmed but it sucks when you pay for fast shipping. @JosieGL What carrier? USPS does this sometimes. Lady actually told me they'll mark it so they don't get in trouble then deliver later 😐
@JosieGL I definitely want to. I'll look at the schedule and let you know! @JosieGL The one I have at home is only 10 lbs so I'd probably dieThis girl wanted to be an astronaut; NASA told her they didn't accept girls. Tonight we nominate her for President.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @JosieGL @teammovewith @ICWeightlifting How heavy?Chef Francis at @esterdot makes the best food ever. Currently eating sirloin w/ bacon aioli and kale cream cheese AND fried oysters 😮Are you passionate about #socialmedia? You could be our next Corporate Account Manager. We're #hiring:
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @HOBBoston omg I don't even know what day it is. Thank you 😂 @LiveNation 11/12 at @HOBBostonIt is 91,000 damn degrees.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniAlso hung out with a cool dog. upcoming Putnam malt whiskey at @BosHarborDistil tonight. Really delicious, using chocolate malt tying it to Baker in #LowerMills. 👍 @saraherib wait my attention is now on this @saraherib is there such a thing as baklava pizzaI'm at Boston Harbor Distillery in Dorchester, MA'm at Smoke Shop BBQ - @thesmokeshopbbq in Cambridge, MA @jasminejamboree @marahoffman I love that dress so muchWhy go out in this #heatwave when you can have delicious #IceCream delivered to your door? #Boston
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHaven't eaten at @legalseafoods in 10yrs. Ad in today's @BostonGlobe means for damn sure I won't be back soon:
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniFREE from @postmates day! If you're new to the app, use promo code 6ux3 for free delivery. Then you pay nothing!
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @megansarahj It doesn't even make sense and I'm disgusted. @kennycooks @BostonMagazine The solution is so bizarre. That poor woman.YOU THINK? | Phillips Exeter Admits Sexual Assault Case Handled Badly via @bostonmagazineFiona Apple's debut, Tidal, turns 20 years old this weekend—we revisit the album's opener
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@JosieGL @NYMag that cake looks p sexy to meBoston hands over Long Island farm that used to benefit the homeless to fast-food chain
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI love the taste of twigs in the morning. only difference between a Fitbit and a house arrest bracelet is that somebody actually cares when you travel far with one of them.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @iamchrisscott omg I did not consider this a possibility I'm going to have to avoid the Internet for the next 3 months NOOO @emily__crocker We haven't gone because it was $$$ but it looks like they took it down a little bit so hopefully that helps! @emily__crocker We got it to go. There was no one in there!Tapestry pizza is REAL GOOD @emily__crocker"How big are the pizzas?" "6 slices." 😐 (@ Tapestry in Boston, MA) @saraherib r u in a glass case alsoThe Sims' version of Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift going to court is hilarious 😂😭
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @jasminejamboree Look 8 episodes stretched over 3 days isn't that crazy okay I have friends alright jasmine okayI was so incredulous that @kciccolini finished #StrangerThings in one weekend but here I am on episode six.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniFree @XtendBarreNewbs class tomorrow. Usually $30 a class so take advantage! @teammovewith @JosieGL Same this is actual footage of us @MarissaBreton I caved and bought a lip kit last week because it had my name so obviously I had to RIGHT @JosieGL how about heffa#summer #grosshog #blessed @JosieGL Yeah I think I'm gonna cancel Kendall Sq bootcamp on Tuesday (93 degrees). As much as I want to go I canNOT in that heat! @ZipcarBoston @AtAssemblyRow I am SO HAPPY with this tweet. Pat yourself on the back, social media manager. @MarissaBreton Same. Meanwhile I'll watch 5 minutes of Kylie Jenner fingermouthingAquafaba is magical. One day I'll try it: "Aquafaba's Next Success: Vegan Cheese That Slices & Melts" on @Food52 @bostonjoc Stayed in OSJ mostly + a day in Fajardo. I had so much fun! Boston seemed so drab when we came back lolThis is dumb. | Phones without headphone jacks are here... and they're annoying AF via @mashable @bostonjoc Awesome! Where did you stay?GREAT DAY FOR SOME 90 DEGREE YOGA *dies*
@JosieGL @rapunzel74 I don't think I can swing it this Tuesday but let me know how it is! @JosieGL @rapunzel74 Going to yoga at the Verb tomorrow AM @hels You mean there's a stawmEven though there's sand stuck to my face after getting stuck in a good old Copley Square… the Puerto Rican dream alive (at @VejigantesRest in Boston, MA)'m at Five Horses Tavern - @5horsestavern in Boston, MA @angelabray I never want the word mysterious to be anywhere near meat
There's a rainbow in my prosecco 🌈✨🍾 #MyRooftopView @RevereBoston pool party with @lil_jemms 🍾 #MyRooftopView @RevereBoston’s going to be an ice cream-themed art show opening @IceCreamGracies on Wednesday.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHow local businesses are using #PokemonGo to increase foot traffic: via @socialmedia2day
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniGood Morning #Boston! #TGIF! Enjoyed this beautiful sunrise from Castle Island in Southie. @universalhub
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