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There is a rumor that Lana Del Rey collaborated with Stevie Nicks on her new album PLEASE 🙏 @charliemassie so did u see Hootie in 1997 @JosieGL It's fun until you realize you have to take your crapsterpiece home with you. Ain't no walls in my house that want that art. @theurbanologist I knew you'd enjoy it! 😊Don't we have enough crap to sift through on Facebook? Do we really need to know you saw Hootie and the Blowfish in 1997?I'm at @LittleDonkeyBos in Cambridge, MA'm at @CloverHFI in Cambridge, MA am not immune to "Party in the USA"I'm right on the cusp, but this is a good read. | Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old Millennial @thescienceofusWith studies like this I think it's time for #socialmedia companies to offer #mentalhealth resources for employees:
@jasminejamboree Lol imagine smiling after eating thatTIL people in China put molds on pears while they're on the tree to shape them into little creepy Buddha fruits @megansarahj I made the rosè gummy bears last year on my own, I bet I could figure it out but I'm not sure I want to taste the failures lol @megansarahj I just saw this in my email......... I DO have some gummy bear molds 🤔🤔🤔alternative title for my first @broadly piece: girl bosses won't save us
Retweeted by snake plisskenIf you're wondering why, I wrote about the toll chronic caffeine consumption can take on your body: @goodwitchkitchnJUST ANNOUNCED: @marklanegan Band at @Brighton_Music on Saturday, August 19th! Grab your tickets on Friday at noon:…
Retweeted by snake plisskenAnything for Selenas @saraherib @MBTA @theurbanologist You know me found an old relic in my desk. 👵🏻 #MBTA is a sociopath. No grief, no horror, no empathy, just delight that the deaths of thousands made his buildings…
Retweeted by snake plisskenTFW when you go to bed at a responsible hour but still only manage to get 3 hours of sleep.
@martinclinton Omg I think my heart would explode 😂 @martinclinton Most people said they drink 2. I'm curious how many 3+++ is!The plot thickens. @k2tog_ssk Omg really?? Gross. Also definitely have had terrible service there too!.@girlbossnetflix I just like the store owner who I thought was Andy Dick for the last 7 episodes.I think @girlbossnetflix was made for 15 year olds and not adults and now I'm disappointed. @JosieGL That is such a weird choice lol💕🤢 lmao"Take a compliment gracefully." I'll give you one guess as to the gender of this person.When u call someone out for using fake comments and they deny it but u a social media professional and know exactly… christ this bird kno my browser history
Retweeted by snake plisskenI just got tickets to Black Widow Yoga at ONCE Ballroom via @ticketflyOn average, how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?
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I want to be shocked but I'm not and that's scary. @HiThisIsMarissa The day it started the most I saw was 4, now we're down to 0 and then maybe 1 if someone can't han… about the time I cut the rat tail off my Jordan Knight doll because I couldn't handle it even as a chil… are selling slime that matches Kylie's matte lipsticks on Etsy.On average, how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? @BuzzFeedFashion @JosieGL @HotelFoxtrot @megansarahj @JosieGL @girlbossnetflix @saraherib Ok ok I'm on episode 3 I've warmed up I'm enjoying thisThe CEO of Uber is an actual super villain
Retweeted by snake plisskenApril 23rd Wear black, stay calm listen to the wind light black candle
Retweeted by snake plissken @megansarahj @JosieGL @girlbossnetflix @saraherib I just turned it on.... I hope these people get more likeableBoston's Death Cafe coming up May 3rd. Reserve your free seat for some honest conversation & great cake. At the bea…
Retweeted by snake plisskenHas anyone watched @girlbossnetflix yet? @saraherib?RT if you've had a man make you feel unsafe while he checked to make sure the number was real
Retweeted by snake plissken @ThatDoorman @The_Wilbur WHY NOT
I'm at Wilbur Theatre - @the_wilbur for Bob Saget in Boston, MA @bernieandphyls okay? Can we send someone to check on them? @discolyssa It sounds a lot fancier than it looks lolIs Kenmore ROW a thing now?ITS A GRRRRREAT DAY 👻TODAY 🎊🐥🐣🎉 🌹🌻💐🍀ITS EARTH DAY🌴💐🌲🌸 WE BELIEVE IN SCIENCE⚗️🔭🔬 WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT A NEW FUTURE,WITH HONESTY& INTEGRITY
Retweeted by snake plisskenI said no to donuts at brunch, I think I'm sick.I'm at Coda in Boston, MA @Alpha24x7 At black veil tattoo!There's black metal yoga happening in Salem in May someone please go with me!!!!
This is Trump's America. | ‘Unicorn Food’ Is Colorful, Sparkly and Everywhere @ShaunaGallagher @sweetgreen @ToroRestaurant @auka_life the Toro bowl is sooo goodI've hit "remind me tomorrow" on my computer update notice for 5 years, hoping one day it'll just say to me "Honey, get your life together."
Retweeted by snake plissken you're still using the dog filter on Snapchat you're the most boring person on earth. @JosieGL Instacart
Just going to go to bed when I get to the bottom of my timeline here. needs a spin-off. @laurenduca Um what is that first picture??Countdown to the first unicorn cafe pop-up in New York City.I don't trust people who can't tell instantly if it's Mary Kate or Ashley.
Retweeted by snake plisskenr u a software update bc not now
Retweeted by snake plissken @saraherib @cradlers_ 🤢 @HotelFoxtrot I don't think anyone is actually drinking them, it's all just for the gramI could listen to @Jackie_Michele talk about Kylie and flip out about unicorns all day I'm so glad she has a new podcast!! 🦄🦄🦄🦄 #hoNEY @k2tog_ssk Not to mention a grande has 15 tsp of sugar 😷 @k2tog_ssk This thread explains some of it!
I have so many feelings about the stupid unicorn latte. 1/57 @megansarahj Um let's not forget USA HIGH! @BOBbushay I have trouble with this. If there are snacks I will eat them. My willpower needs help! @FenwayCommunity @fenwaystudio @BostonDotCom this is finally happening. Will have all the typewriters stationery an…
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