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Freelance food writer + nutrition coach @goodwitchkitchn. Tweeting from Fenway.

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Wait.... Core Power doesn't let you sign up for classes in advance? But I LIKE TO PLAN AHEAD!'m going to @marklanegan at @ in Allston, MA - Aug 19 @kdschumacher Are you going to be teaching at CPY in Fenway??I need more friends who understand that I still want to be invited but I'm not going
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniTwitter is magical @dog_rates @Felicia_Znajda @d_ciccoliniEditor: how's that story coming Me:
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@DustinMartian but respect for MY random satanist lady with a weirdly comforting voice who wants to protect me
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThis has been my hot take. Thank you for joining me.Sarahah seems.... bad. @jenrara I put 1 MAYBE 2 pictures on my recipes and text is all about the food. Do people care about husbands and T… thinks they can do meatballs. But then they meet a true Italian little momma and realize they need to sit back down.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @neon_lit @zmveiga Noooo don't tell me that! 🙉Would you EVER? @zmveiga @neon_lit Have you read Real Food/Fake Food? There's a whole chapter on fish and how half the time you're…
Feminism for Charlottesville >> modern_girl_blitz's photo't worry, weird girls—it gets better
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniYou really can't trust anything in the supermarket, it's insane. LOVE MISO 🤤 I can't wait to try these. you, sir, for letting me know that Julia Child was also a spy, not just a chef, on my post about reading her autobiography.How Julia Child Empowered Women in the Kitchen and Beyond via @PBSAmerMasters @neon_lit LET'S GO @anastasiacaras I didn't know I could do it if I was just eating by myself... this is life changing! @anastasiacaras I can write off working meals?!?Giving away a $50 gift card to @tapestryboston on Instagram! Enter at & RT this tweet for a…
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini"Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves" -- blessed be a crowdsourced Google doc
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI HATE AIR CONDITIONING why must i spend my day living as an ice cube i am a human leave me be
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniIn honor of Julia Child's 105th birthday, let's revisit this delightful episode of @drunkhistory:…
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @jenrara Yes!Guys stop yelling at Tim. He's a reporter, he has to report, not speculate. I'm sure he is personally capable of de… I just paid with my debit card and was emailed a receipt, but I didn't provide my email. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?Honestly watching BPR live is thrilling (@ NEWSFEED CAFÉ in Boston, MA) how is the post office not run by robots in 2017Lame, it was a nice healthy option for the area. @saraherib Gert Eats Ribs doesn't have the same ring to it. Gert Eats Bran Muffins. @GAConyers @neon_lit Krystle is right. But you can make/find vegan white chocolate if you need to!
@universalhub @JosieGL JesusGert.'t work for free. Know your worth and CHARGE IT!
@JosieGL @dopequeenpheebs @GameOfThrones I love watching her reactions 😂
5 of 5 stars to Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss speech from leaders gives hatred permission to be public. Public hatred then leads inevitably to violence. And…
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHey @IvankaTrump! Do you think you and your Jewish family could maybe get your dad to say Nazis, specifically, are bad?
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHell of a day for the President to forget how to tweet.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @Alpha24x7 @BBDoughnuts 3Update: I have it in my mouth and I recommend it. 👍 @BBDoughnuts Fenway is gonna continue its heavy gentrification can we get a juice/smoothie bar? Looking at u @pierce_boston @theharlo @saraherib @BrightonMainSts My mission is to find Busy Phillips and make her my friend
I had Santarpio's for dinner. #blessedThere's a special place in my heart for people who still care this much about Friends and also ITMFA.
I had the best night with old friends 💖 Such a nice break from the normal routine. Spend time with people who knew another part of you! @d_ciccolini I can do that with youFor someone with a famous lifelong weight struggle, processed foods are an odd move. | Oprah Launches Food Label Italian Pride next Friday in #Southie with food, music, activities and more!
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI feel personally responsible for this. I am sorry, but Mary Jo is the best red ever. don't really need CNN alerts about Taylor Swift, thanks.I'm at Boston Public Library - @bplboston in Boston, MA @HiThisIsMarissa I can never get it right but I still try. Floppy little toasts dripping with melted almond butter. Sad!Pausing your music when you walk by dudes in case they say something creepy. #justgirlythingsThis is p good. | The Funniest Defense of Guy Fieri You’ll Ever Hear via @vultureMy kind of investigative journalism > The Greatest Mystery Finally Solved: Who Makes Trader Joe's Snacks? via @Eater @rapunzel74 I think this calls for a donut date 🍩🍩🍩🍩Important donut question: Has anyone tried the Brown Butter Miso Old Fashioned from Blackbird? @IsaChandra Awesome!! @TraveleatloveMM Even better idea! Lol. But for real I WFH too and sometimes a 15 min walk without my phone is just… @TraveleatloveMM I'd say it's a good day to work from homeNo. reality is, a vanilla soy latte is a type of three-bean soup.
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Milk Street Cafe creamed in trademark case; TV chef gets to keep using 'Milk Street' in his new venture's name
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini.@BBDoughnuts to celebrate 🎉💸🍩🤗 @AlanaMassey Will you be doing this class again soon?Anyone out there selling Isagenix/Soylent/Shakeology want to comment about product education for a story? Can be anonymous if requested.Let's go @neon_lit | Metallica's Kirk Hammett Has a Horror Movie Poster Exhibit at PEM via @bostonmagazineMy 1st piece for @Insanitek! Read beyond headlines. I explore research on #glutenfree diet & explain why it is and…"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them." —Unknown via @momentumdash @CaitPlusAte Thank you!! Making a reservation now! @CaitPlusAte I might do this.... tell me more
Why so many late-night helicopters over Fenway the last few nights?? @universalhub