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Khaleesi, Mother of Accounts @mettermedia. #SocialMedia marketing for #Boston restaurants & #smallbiz. Freelance writer. Tweeting from Fenway. IG: iamkristen

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We sat down with @VICE to discuss the tragic events of November 13 in Paris:
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniLiveJournal lives on in Somerville #davissquare@BuzzFeed
Steve is my best friend 🐴 (@ Punter's Pub in Boston, MA) got 10 rides at @velocitybackbay #BlackFriday sale! πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ, @BeerAdvocate has it: on the street is @PrettyBeer is closing... Website's down but this URL is telling MUST know who is behind all the restaurants asking you too many ?s when you check in to other restos. This is happening to you too right??Here are 15 dishes from Boston restaurants @devrafirst was thankful for this past year
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@boloco @doordash @doordash_boston Oohh this is dangerous and excellent news.In case you didn't hate going to the dentist enough, they're now playing Adele so you cry through your whole appointment.Cute girls in 30 degree weather vs. me in 30 degree weather. WHY AREN'T YOU COLD?!
@saraherib If there's one thing we have in common, it's the joy of free food (and lipstick)@lukeoneil47 For me it's more of a "maybe delete this" kind of feature.I like that everyone is revealing their #BlackFriday deals early this year. Makes preparing for battle much easier. βš”.@The_Handle_Bar too! Can't wait to take more classes in Fenway. forward to @VeloCityBackBay's #BlackFriday deals! Thanks for always being awesome πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ πŸ’₯πŸ˜‚@molls Just listened to the latest @Plz_Advise & SAME, can't even smell Bacardi O thanks to a week at Hampton Beach w/o adult supervision.@tiffanifaison's @TigerMamaBos debuts a dish and does some hiring ahead of December opening
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniBoston Phoenix publisher donates archives to Northeastern via @BostonGlobeRT for a chance to win a collection of products to get #yourbesthair. Happy Thanksgiving!
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniFor every RT, we're donating a book to a child in need. It's that simple. #GiveBooks
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniSomething feels wrong about @VICE teasing that #EODM interview. I know any news outlet would probably do the same but it doesn't sit well.Why does the world even exist at this hour?Very excited to do my civic duty tomorrow and complain about inadequate wifi for 8 hours straight. #juryduty@whine_country I enjoyed this tweet.*has to wake up at 6am* *stays up til 2am* Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
Words of wisdom from #StonerJesusBibleStudy @nymag I'm enjoying the text posts of people describing images they decided not to take#keytarbear has created quite the divide in the Secret Boston Facebook group. "wait what" - me, the entire episode.#TheLeftovers taking its story lines from #BabyHitler internet dramaz.@ImportantKash Document everything and record any threats if you can. Be safe!@JosieGL Carrie Underwood's legs are my ultimate goalCan someone teach me how to selfie? Ooh that's cold. Can you put a lock on your door?@ImportantKash If you feel unsafe call the cops!The best part of The Leftovers is how writers find ways to keep Kevin Garvey moist. #TheLeftovers #Moist
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniJennifer Aniston, you done good. #TheLeftovers@heath617 Oof. Doesn't matter what the movie is about, that sounds terrible.@kennypowers2 @MasterofNone What are you talking about?I'm not watching the #AMAs but I *am* watching @MasterofNone and it's fantastic!I don't know who this is but I would like to be her friend.πŸΈβ˜•οΈ @holydonutME You made it! Hope you had a good weekend!Driving around looking at expensive houses we'll never live in. #SundayπŸ‘ŒπŸ» @washsqtavern It's luxurious and beautiful. πŸ–•πŸ»#givethanks for Bloody Marys (@ Washington Square Tavern - @washsqtavern in Brookline, MA) my konjac sponge is like the best part of my morning.@bosfoodanddrink Limelight?I'm at @WordenHall in South Boston, MA
@saraherib sarah@angelabray bop bop bop bop bopNothing tastes quite as disgusting as the hot breath of the Park Street #MBTA station.Dance version of Adele's new song comes on and everyone turns into toddlers unsure of their emotions, dancing and crying at the same time πŸ˜‚#duckierose (at @HighballLounge in Boston, MA) Figured, but it's so LOUD. I can't even hear the concerts at that level.Is there a parade happening in Fenway or do my neighbors really loudly enjoy marching band music??@bostonjoc I love Tatte! But I'm lazy and would like something in the immediate neighborhood too lolWe need a good bakery in Fenway.@MrJustinStone Awesome! Nice to try a few new ones.@MrJustinStone Made it! Thanks again for the tip!
Date night! (@ Straight Law in Brookline, MA)
Josh Homme of @EODMofficial & his charity @dothesweetstuff is raising money for the musicians & crew killed in Paris
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniPls do look at these owls
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@neutrogena @Influenster Thanks for the body oil! Use it at the end of my shower to moisturize = time saver. #sosheerskinglows #gotitfree
@d_ciccolini You'll never know πŸ‘€Turning off Twitter notifications has been therapeutic.@rikibeth @hiddenboston Don't forget Church 😒!!?!? @henn_dan is the best scone I've ever had in my entire life good god (@ Tandem Coffee + Bakery)
@james_lohan "Hello from the basement siiiiide, you must have thought I probably diiiied"I'm at Bramhall in Portland, ME @CookingCaveman This is overwhelming!@james_lohan Pootdele? @saraherib@scamp603 @universalhub Mixx in Fenway closed recently tooOH in #Portland: "I'm pretty introverted and I'm not good with guns."Part 2. #liquidriot (@ Novare Res Bier Cafe - @novareresbiercf in Portland, ME) A DRILL: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting #SNL TOGETHER on December 19.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniUh YEAH >> Win a bottle of #pappy! #sweepd #contests #bourbon via ScoutmobLunch. Part 1. (at @EventideOyster Co. in Portland, ME) I come home with a new tattoo it's because the shop was one of three business in Portland open before 4:00. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―@HiltonSuggests Thank you but I am in Maine πŸ˜ŠπŸ©πŸŽ‰πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ©πŸŽ‰πŸ©πŸŽ‰πŸ© (@ The Holy Donut in Portland, ME)
Getting my culture on. (@ Harvard Art Museums - @harvartmuseums in Cambridge, MA) a double suicide bombing rocked Beirut, there was no global outpouring of sympathy
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@harvartmuseums Okay, thank you.@iamchrisscott HEN-hen RY-ry ROW-row EN-en GART-gart NER-nerThanks to #Zagat30Under30 star Sarah Hanson, @WordenHall is off to the races. Congrats on making the list!
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@harvartmuseums Are you affected by the evacuation? I was about to head over!@HiltonSuggests Any good attractions? Will do the art museum, was looking forward to Victoria Mansion but it's closed πŸ˜•Finished it this morning and I highly recommend. Love her writing so much, | Review: β€˜M Train,’ Patti Smith Congrats!Happy to see many friendly faces here! Go Sarah! | Meet 30 young chefs and others reinventing Boston's food scene The sky was on fire this morning
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniPretty much all the contents of my very first apartment were purchased here. police raided 168 locations and detained nearly two dozen people as police ID more people involved in attack
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini
@TheWriteStuffSK Twitter is my safe haven. My mom calls a hashtag a poundtag.
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