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Related: The NRA (the restaurant one) continues to aggressively lobby against smaller portion size w/reduced cost.…
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkins @theurbanologist Wow I didn't know that!"Our food waste generates more than four times as many greenhouse gases as aviation." I'm reading is that the search continues for ways to manipulate the customer: via @WSJAfter Maria, José Andrés and his team have served more hot meals in Puerto Rico than the Red Cross are foodies but don’t have pans to prove it, company says via @BostonGlobe @hels If you call yourself the EIC of Caftan Magazine enough, someone's going to hire you to be the EIC of Caftan M…
@HeyRatty Interesting! I know several bartenders who quit for a week... then kept going because they felt great. St… @kciccolini of interest! | What Does “Wellness” Look Like in the Drinks World?
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkins @sandypsj China Fair in Porter is like my DisneyTo the Isagenix sellers concerned I didn't do my research, the company itself could not confirm their whey is grass… the hell? That's also a terrible wig. @anastasiacaras Ughh that sucks. I've been there. Better things will come!Not sure I needed to know this.... but sounds like a great conversation starter at Death Cafe @fenwaycommunity 😬 names. Who is trying to profit off this?? @anastasiacaras Do you have a contract with the scope of work?THEY'RE PLAYING @QOTSA IN HERE 🙌Have I become a giant or are the tables at Juice Press always this tiny?New in #Boston? @projectbread can help you connecting with available resources in the city!
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkins @ThatDoorman That's what I'm trying to help sort out :) It is hard to navigate! @ThatDoorman And TY! I'm getting ideas for new articles to write.. appreciate your input! @ThatDoorman Keto is just another version of low-carb. Restrictive to stay in ketosis & not for everyone. Good expl… @ThatDoorman Easy to forget that when you're focused on getting enough protein/legumes in. It is restrictive though… @ThatDoorman I tried slow-carb and it did work for me (I eat mostly low-carb anyway though), but you have to make s… @heath617 Definitely good for gut! Helps promote stomach acid production and better digestion. Good gut health -->… ARE AT PEAK PERSONAL PUBLISHED ESSAY AND I CANNOT KEEP UP
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkinsRegister to vote or you're going to get squeezed out of your neighborhood by a luxury condo w/ an artisanal bodega… while we're at it, men #MeToo-ing is also getting a little under my skin.Frankly, I do not care how men say they will change. Insert yourself in someone else's cause and congratulate yourself over there, thanks.This is important --> "Fearing burnout, millennial doctors push back" via @megansarahjI BELIEVE YOU BILLY @neon_lit | Billy Corgan says he saw a person transform into something other than human @WelcomeToDot I'm in the Wild Fermentation group 😂
@TheDrewStarr I have one called "humans" that is just people I follow, not news outlets... but now everyone's tweet… @MikeElChingon @notthisgirrl @realDonaldTrump Is this real 😰QUESO (at @LoneStarTacoBar in Allston, MA) @HeyRatty I wish that emoji were permanentlol mindful meal advice from @GoodWitchKitchen #autumnfood #workingwomen
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkinsTIL Justin's (nut butters) is owned by the same company that owns SPAM. are some wellness trends you're noticing these days? Things you're curious about if they actually work.No, no, no! | Does the world need a low-fat avocado? via @nationalpostWhen I'm the first to call in, I immediately hang up and wait a minute for others to join before calling back. @d_ciccolini That's their real address though lol @BOBbushay That's FB's real address actually hahahPhishers gon' phish but you might want to change your email footer first. @TraveleatloveMM @applejakx People in the comments want to make WE HAVE NO CATS KATHLEEN t shirts. I would buy this. @TraveleatloveMM @applejakx I wonder if she thinks all publicity is good publicityDid @Twitter screw with the algorithm again? I have "show best tweets first" turned off but I'm still seeing posts out of order 🤔🙌 @martinclinton It's real, she is insane
Someone take away this woman's internet privileges. @TraveleatloveMM @applejakx @bobby RELATABLE @haveyoumetterthe worst writing online is those quirky 17-paragraph preambles recipe bloggers post before telling you what to put in your fuckin lasagna.
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkins*opens front camera* front camera:
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkinsIn 2017, we have to remind our President that it's never ok to "joke" about killing LGBTQ Americans...or anyone.…
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkinsThe original bathroom demo for "Almost Like Praying." What a difference 21 of your favorites & @itsTROOKO makes!
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkins @imLauraMiller I enjoyed the Q&A episode! Love listening to you and your husband, definitely do more 💜
How Astrology Took Over The Internet via @zanopticon#MeToo @CaitPlusAte I don't think this is it but it's definitely close enough wrote about what's lurking in your protein shakes. via @greatist🤔🤔🤔
I, of course, danced the hell out of it.Most questionable wedding reception song of the night: mix of Toto's "Africa" with J-Kwon's "Tipsy."Are any of my Twitter pals hiring a product manager or other marketing role w/ graphic design background? I have a friend looking for you!Marilyn Manson does an A+ David Lynch impression in the new @WTFpod @marcmaron 😂
@GAConyers @Insanitek Real pickles (not vinegar brine), miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, lots of options.… @SimplyK2Mktg @5HorsesTavern Thank you!I'm at @HoneyPotHill Orchards in Stow, MA @GAConyers @Insanitek It's ok! Try to get some fermented foods in your diet to help 😊Hey friends, want to try my food? My #vegan mushroom ceviche tacos are on special at @5HorsesTavern this weekend! 🌮…
@mmmofti @amplemeal I've never heard of it. Ingredients list?This movie scarred me. Anjelica Huston haunts my dreams. the daughter of a father and mother to 2 dogs, I can honestly say I had no idea women are people too
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkinsA Celebration Of Magical Woman Writers With Literary Witches
“The data shows that [women] don’t help each other enough. We talk about it, but we don’t do it” #calltoaction #womenhelpingwomen #HUBweek
Retweeted by kristen s. pumpkins @itslaurenyap She's desperate to have a career
@hollley Really early in process so not a ton of details yet. They're seeing what we want. (I want a big kitchen, thanks!)