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I'm at House of Blues - @hobboston for Megadeth in Boston, MA @rapunzel74 Agreed. The main actress was insufferable.Filled up my bag #HBSWarehouseSale šŸ‘ + #CentralFlea + Megadeth. Gonna be a good Sunday. @choll12 I couldn't take another sunset photo captioned "Holy sex..." @choll12 I hate everything he posts
@kickitbyeliza @Hilight @JosieGL @applejakx @rapunzel74 Those pics are amazing šŸ˜‚ @btonefitness Thanks for sharing! @JosieGL @marty_walsh Omg what an imageTRUMP HAS MAMMOTH ASS,AND VISIBLE PANTY LINE šŸ˜‰
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThank you @kciccolini for including us! Great company with @kickitbyeliza @EmilyatSHSH @Jamiebiss @Mother_Juice
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@hollley @FenwayCommunity @k2tog_ssk @FenwayHealth @FenwayCDC @beth_treffeisen Sad I missed it today. Would have loved to meet you IRL! šŸ˜Š
@SierraUnsworth @BuzzFeed @saraherib I am not comfortable with this man yet. I am still on he Taylor Kinney train.Visiting #Boston? Here is your ultimate #healthy city guide. Including where to eat and where to stay!ā€¦
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI'm at @WordenHall in South Boston, MA @applejakx Tell them you're only 17 you can't participate SORRYPatti Smith all day.My Boston travel guide is here! I put together a massive list of recs for a healthy stay in the city for @AcademyCNā€¦ @JacKWhal @Alitalia @britishairways You have trouble no matter how you commute!Ooooooh this will be nice. | The MFA Is Opening an Outdoor CafĆ© in July via @bostonmagazine
I'm going to @latestQOTSA at Agganis Arena in Boston, MA - Oct 21 swordfish tacos @merchantboston one ever tells you how much of life in your late 20s involves realizing you're older than movie/TV characters whā€¦
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @applejakx Haha I can't this week but I'll definitely go with you next time!
I really love Terry Gross.
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @anastasiacaras Me too! That pic is iconic.when I was your age we used to have to go to hot topic and buy our memes
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @AoifeeO @d_ciccoliniI'm at Boston Harbor Distillery in Dorchester, MA's vision board workshop gave me focus and motivation to achieve my goals and make big changes. Goā€¦ @megansarahj @TheCut We all would @megansarahj @TheCut šŸŽµ Would she go down on Hammaconda in a theater? šŸŽµPRAISE BE @megansarahj @TheCut Omg WHAT!!!!!! She is living my dream!!! @hollley @streetcartracks Wow! @SimplyK2Mktg Look at their Insta, all mouthwatering! @SimplyK2Mktg It's Asian, amazing ramen, definitely do a lot of twists on things but it's always soooo good!I'm at Little Big Diner in Newton, MA @MidEastClub @CoachandSons SARAH @saraherib @saraherib Men are fragile
My dream ladies lunch!!!!! @HeyRatty Feast-scheduling? @JosieGL Christian was so hot. I would rewatch in a hot sec. @JosieGL Or the Rosie O'Donnell episode @JosieGL I will never forget when the creepy lady stuffed that man like a teddy bear and pinned the teddy bear eyes on him @HiThisIsMarissa Don't they all play anyway when you click one??.@chrissyteigen is in Boston and I feel like she'd want to hang out and eat donuts with me. @HiThisIsMarissa Just saw your email, I will get back to you tonight with some ideas!My dad is officially on board the @UnionSqDonuts train. He just texted me a day after eating one, "That donut was out of this world!!!"
I'd like to know what a Souvenir Nacho Glove is @FenwayPark.I'm at Fenway Park - @redsox for Dead & Company in Boston, MA @JennaMHill @bostonpolice What losers!! @JosieGL @heath617 Good! It was relaxing but prob not something I need to do again lol
WHAT HAVE U DONE guy next to us on this flight straight up brought a plain dodecahedron as his personal item
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini @HiThisIsMarissa I love when elevators speak to me in French.This is just lovely. @jgee Nooo don't. I was on vacation last week and was catching up on my emails!If you are a nerd for food writing, you gotta sign up. That and @diannej's Will Write For Food..@jgee's Snack Cart newsletter is the best thing in my inbox, I feel like I've missed SO MUCH not subscribing until now!!! @rapunzel74 Thank you!!"You shouldn't have to win the boss lottery to have basic benefits." - @MomStuffPodcast is good this week. Gals in the Gig Economy. @rapunzel74 What other products do you like? @d_ciccolini @ladygaga Live every day like you're Lady Gaga @rapunzel74 Yes please!!! @JosieGL @LPizzle Grandma's Basement revival??! @megansarahj WE CAN 'GRAM AGAIN! šŸ™ @rapunzel74 Is Glossier only sold online? I think I've finally been convinced by all the Facebook ads for Boy Brow.My power is out and I'm about to either leave the house without eyeliner or try and do it by flashlight. Send help. @megansarahj That news is garbage. Don't trust the AHA. Especially if they're telling you to opt for processed/inflammatory veg oil! @heath617 @JosieGL I'm looking forward to a break from reality @JosieGL Balans! I might just fall asleep @JosieGL Have a flotation appt this morning. I had a nightmare about it so I hope it'll be less stressful than that lol @LPizzle My hood! I'll go! @AriAnnADuran @CityOfBoston I got an email from Eversource saying it'll be out until 1:15pm @megansarahj The bathrooms at Bostonia were FULL of individual toilet paper tonight & I thought of you. My purse waā€¦
Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods" Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods" Bezos: Shit
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I hate this | Restaurants Put Brand Directly on Food to Win Instagramā€¦