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Flaming Liberal. RW asshats: be gone or be blocked. I don't cast my pearls before swine.

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Dude! @AriMelber Why would you give the odious Roger Stone so much valuable airtime?So @Caitlyn_Jenner you are a Right Wing Republican before you are a trans woman or a decent human being. How sad.Via @rford, NBC wants to remind us that Roger Stone has been a rat-fucker since Putin was in law school.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @ossoff @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @DNC @RepAdamSchiff @alfranken AND STILL NOT A DAMN WORD OUT OF YOU DEMOCRATS!!…
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @JackPosobiec @RogerJStoneJr @ChelseaClinton @WebbHubbell And you retweeted this, Roger Stone? Could you be more pe… #SandyHook dad is so devastated by the loss of his son."I think Alex Jones is blessed to have his kids. I don't have that." @megynkelly
Retweeted by Holly TookerJust economically anxious people worried about the trade deficit.
Retweeted by Holly TookerVideo: Karen Handel doesn't believe climate change is real-think's it's just "a political football" Wow... #GA06
Retweeted by Holly TookerAfter all the toxins have spilled out, Ben Stein still thinks #Nixon's a saint, proving Stein is a RW moron. #watergateI remember exactly the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon's resignation speech, the next morning, Ford's "long national nightmare" speech @DavidYankovich Sometimes it's the crime and the cover up.MSNBC is running a #Watergate special. Takeaway: There were people of conscience in government who refused to compromise their integrity.
Retweeted by Holly TookerRespect and admiration for Elizabeth Holtzman! 🌹 gawd @RogerJStoneJr soft peddling GOP miscreants. No proof re Nixon and blah blah GOP today. Eff you, Roger!For those interested in understanding Trump's White House win:
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @JohnWDean Do you remember exactly the moment you heard about the #watergate break in?Trump couldn't get an A list D.C. criminal defense lawyer but Mueller has A list team of prosecutors:
Retweeted by Holly TookerRichard (@RWPUSA) is the GOP's worst nightmare: a savvy Republican ethics lawyer with a conscience, who's fearless…
Retweeted by Holly TookerMay the sanity be contagious and spread to our 2018 mid-terms...
Retweeted by Holly TookerTrump tweeted lots today, Father's Day. Hasnt mentioned his kids, or the day, or other dads, or American families or anything. Just bragged.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @MsTaraDowdell so often distills it down into common sense. @realDonaldTrump across the US are finding ways to turn protesting into a crime
Retweeted by Holly TookerI spent time in Russia and I couldn't get why some people seemed to want to live in Putin's autocratic state. Then I met Trump supporters.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @RBReich GOP Congress is brazenly allowing Donald to violate the Emoluments Clause. (They're not even pretending to care.)Trump is brazenly violating the Emoluments Clause, an impeachable offense. (They're not even tracking payments from…
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@RogueSNRadvisor @TwinmomSue A rich and famous man who molests women is hardly an underdog but I can see why Donald identifies withCosby.As an #Olympian, I understand #integrity & #truth, it's what we need @ossoff has those values WE need to and can win this #victory #ElectJon
Retweeted by Holly TookerPhilando Castile did everything right-and was killed anyway. And his killer is getting away with it. A travesty.
Retweeted by Holly TookerLOL. I’ll bet five bucks he was never offered anything.
Retweeted by Holly TookerYeah. When Republicans are shot. of physical violence are NOT permitted on @Twitter. EVER. @Support, please remove this creep from Twitter…
Retweeted by Holly TookerHere's Darrell Issa telling his constituents to shut up. Help me shut Darrell up, once and for all:…
Retweeted by Holly TookerLet us honor him even while our outrage over injustice grows.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @Oliverstwister @dogonvillage No. And George W. Bush lost 63 Americans in many embassy attacks. Zero investigations… is racism & bigotry for all to see-- not even pretending some other reason to hate most admired man in world 9… @sheilasheila58 @dogonvillage "Stoled" No wonder Donald loves the poorly educated. They're stupid enough to support him & believe RW lies.Sad: soon-to-resign Spiro Agnew got support of CA GOPWomen's Fed in 1973- GOP common crooks playing the base for fools as usual #WatergateReminded of fun #Watergate fact: Nixon dangled prospect of FBI Directorship before judge in #DanielEllsberg trial. Judge cldnt b bribed. @activist360 Donald improved George W Bush's standing also. #Watergate @funder For something terrible he did or continues to do.Vid-Karen Handel says she supports: -Obamacare Repeal -The Wall -Muslim Ban -Deportations -Donald Trump…
Retweeted by Holly TookerWill be on #AMJoy 10am-RT if u gonna watch!
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @stemeakabrunson @ericgarland I feel you. Whenever I encounter a beautiful black child in person or in the media th… @ericgarland @GovHowardDean When juries acquit despite VIDEOTAPE EVIDENCE there is #NoJusticePhilando Castile was a good, good man who deserved a greater country than this. He deserved justice. This shame is America's burden.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @bobinglis You are far too reasonable to be a Republican.Dear @bobinglis Time to face it: your party left you & your ideals in favor of power, corruption & treason. #AMJOY @amjoyshow @seemaiyeresq @amjoyshow @MSNBC Too bad you spew bullshit.He got them to cry over the "unfair taxes" on big pharma & med devices that keep them from screwing over the poor &… @riotwomennn Your answer to her cavalier Sarandon bullshit was far too kind. @k9chefmindy @AmyGore3 @taramichelles @riotwomennn It's on you, Susan Sarandon & all the other fools giving us this… Trump could have tweeted instead of telling people to tune in to @seanhannity fake news show
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @richardhine @Charles_1944 @seanhannity For a raging narcissist like Donald it's all "me me me" @JBourkeOn7 Not a tear shed. Fake fake fake!I think he got away with murder. Debbie wanted out & he killed her. And Lars, it's "I saw" not "I seen." Trump tweets, Friday June 16: #PhilandoCastile: 0 #USSFitzgerald: 0 Promo for #Hannity: 1
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @Deplorable_Covf @LauraJSilverman @JackPosobiec Advertising your ignorance is a poor use of Twitter. @JackPosobiec That's a great idea, btw- the heathens are the witch hunters and the 'witches' are innocent victims o…
Retweeted by Holly TookerAnd still radio silence from @realdonaldtrump. Maybe he'll delegate that to Mattis, too. Trump is no commander in c…
Retweeted by Holly TookerHateful #Handel being neck in neck with @ossoff is incomprehensible. #FlipThe6th #equalityforall Love trumps hate. #CripTheVote
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @VegasGaryGreene @WSJPolitics @maggieNYT First you'd have to prove you have "45" Democratic friends, a number conve… @WSJPolitics @maggieNYT Who would have thought people who overlooked racism, bigotry, fraud, misogyny, and overall…
Retweeted by Holly TookerFake followers, fake tan, fake hair, fake presidency.... Real investigation, real obstruction, real Russia connecti…
Retweeted by Holly TookerAnd who played himself in the movie. should watch ALL THE PRESIDENT's MEN this Saturday night. He needs to learn, if he can, the cost of a Saturday Night Massacre.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @dnc @TheDemocrats why don't you fight like Republicans?? cheat. They suppress. They lie. And that's why the left vote for Ossoff has to be overwhelming. #GA06 #Ossoff
Retweeted by Holly TookerPres Obama WAS Julius Caesar in a production a few years ago-- *crickets* @billmaherExactly why at marches I change the chant from "Donald Trump has got to go" to "GOP has got to go!" They're as big… GOP is hiding the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in US history. With a few exceptions, the press is helping them.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
People are amassing at the Capitol in response to Yanez not guilty verdict - #PhilandoCastile - #LIVE
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @ArabellaTrefoil @LouiseMensch @washingtonpost @GenFlynn And theocrat who calls his wife "Mother."Journalists: Open hearing on unsealing files that may show Trump Russian ties, Mon, 13:00, Federal Courthouse Brooklyn, Judge Pamela K. Chen
Retweeted by Holly TookerOMG 50k GA voters, mostly non-whites, purged from voter rolls 4 suspicion of 'voting twice' #GA06 via @democracynow
Retweeted by Holly TookerThere was nothing too insignificant by Clintons & Obama for GOP to criminalize and nothing too egregious by Donald for GOP to overlook. @danapdutcher @BradTatum She goaded Conrad into killing himself! That's not freedom of speech.GUILTY!! Yes! What a vicious bitch #MichelleCarter @PatsKam Maybe Andrea knows the sign-maker is a stalker