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Flaming Liberal. RW asshats: be gone or be blocked. I don't cast my pearls before swine.

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"The People's Couch" is a very, very watchable TV show.
Retweeted by Holly TookerThe men who created ISIS: Geo. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. With an assist from Paul Wolfowitz.
Retweeted by Holly TookerSeriously, @DWStweets, someone had to have hacked your account, right? Nobody is that self-unaware. @GOP
Retweeted by Holly Tooker.@DWStweets you're embarrassing yourself
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @DWStweets @GOP Good Lord, you have no self-awareness do you.
Retweeted by Holly TookerProving @DWStweets has zero sense of irony and zero self-awareness. to watch Trump trying to be more presidential this week - hoping Ted Cruz pisses him at #GOPDebate and he angrily lashes out
Retweeted by Holly TookerDear @SenatorShaheen -- Fight for a Blue Congress! There's no reaching across the aisle to those lunatics on the right! #inners
Donald Trump Is a Fraud: The Billionaire’s Presidential Bid Is a Long and Calculated Con Job | Alternet
Retweeted by Holly Tooker.@RandPaul asked Obama for federal $ after storms hit KY Guess how much $ he wants to send to Flint. Just guess.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @Real_Politics__ I engage with reasonable people & block asshats who spew talking points & lies.
I want a Democrat in the WH & a Blue Congress more than I care which Dem gets the nomination. #UniteBlue #TheDemNotThem #votebluenomatterwhoAnd @@DWStweets gnashes her teeth. @KarlFrisch @SMShow You don't have to be perfect to say "if him" not "of he". And I ❤️ your primary reform ideas!!Creepy photo of HE and his family???@KarlFrisch of HIM, Karl! Prepositions take obj. case! Yeesh! @SMShowYes he does!
Retweeted by Holly TookerNBA player comparisons were bad enough but sandwiches and nuggets? Oy! @bpshow
#RobertDurst looked as surprised as Robert Kardashian favor a Democrat in the White House. I want a blue Congress and for Bernie and Hillary people to stop sniping! GOP should be the target.Instead of saying she would bring people together, Hillary should say we need A blue Congress! Elect Dems and get things done.One of the funniest things ever. up on Bob & Ray. Will never forget riding the 2nd ave bus with #BobElliott one day. It was such a thrill. RIP for outing his location. Think about the impact of your story BEFORE you file it @APWestRegion #extinction
Retweeted by Holly TookerGame changer. Judge Lays Into Racist Cop For 20 Minutes During Sentencing In Police Brutality Case via @Bossip
Retweeted by Holly TookerGood. only had to hold one glove. utterly despised @SMShow @stutteringjohnm @KarinaLongworth Please-- the "Democrat Party" is a Right Wing GOP term! It's the DEMOCRATIC Party.Ignorance knows no age limit. #LGBT there's HaTED
Wow. Close one. I'm gonna say................ yup. Still me.
Retweeted by Holly TookerI just heard Ted Cruz's first words on his Iowa caucus win: "To God goes the glory." That's Republican for "Allahu Akbar!"
Retweeted by Holly TookerI thought coming in 2nd was losing @realDonaldTrump #iowa
Not only is Cruz ineligible to be president, he can't even be senator!!Everything with Jeb! is relative. @SMShow @johnfugelsangThe Carson cottage made me wonder: does Mrs Hughes have to clean it? And who cleans the servants' quarters? @masterpiecepbs #DowntonAbbey...Reagan had played the tough guy...'we don't negotiate with terrorists.' No. He just sold them weapons to fund illegal US activities...
Retweeted by Holly TookerOMG @bpshow Did Bill really say "like I"????
#ChildGenius Gianna's father sabotaged her chances with his passive aggressive behavior aimed at his exYou're a disgrace Tweety @hardball_chris giving a platform to a hateful fascist & then not challenging him. Shame!Bigoted Parents Sue High School For Teaching Daughter World History
Retweeted by Holly TookerThe most disgusting spectacle I've seen in a long time. Thought I was watching Fox.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @hardball_chris @hardball You are a shit starter. Trump calling in spewing lies, racism & accusing HRC of crime & you allow this crap.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker#ChrisMatthews shilling forms #Trump on @msmbc Shame on you Chris. Kissing Trump ass
Retweeted by Holly TookerMake America Hate Again.
Retweeted by Holly TookerTweety has guess who phoning it in from Iowa? #barf #msnfoxBetween 2008 and 2013, GE, Boeing and Verizon paid no federal income taxes but received $4.1 billion in tax rebates. This has got to end!
Retweeted by Holly TookerEven in New York, even in Central Park, even on the weekend, you can find solitude. You ju…
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
If we're thinking it's time to honor someone new, Jackson should be the one to go.
Retweeted by Holly TookerFiorina has a lot of nerve criticizing Clinton for not divorcing Bill since she was her husband's mistress and broke up his marriage!
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
Plumbers in Flint Volunteer Their Time and Expertise to Install Filters
Retweeted by Holly Tooker"We are Koch" on @msnbc we are selfish oligarchs who want to buy the govt & run it for our profit!Because murdering doctors is "pro-life." douchbag teen back in TX. Lock him up!!![1].jpg
Retweeted by Holly TookerThank you @tavissmiley for bringing up Reagan's campaign start in Phil. Miss. & the welfare queen stuff to Patti Davis.Roger Stone says Trump isn't beholden to special interests @bpshow Yeah, if you don't count his freaking ego
@HiddenCash bambooAnd we speak out against the hateful, inciting speech of #Trump & the Right that echo the Third Reich. @fromthebunkerjr @SMShow & Carol Burnett for liking @TheGrinderFOX & saying it's clever & entertaining. It is.If Chris had been there yesterday @smshow he wouldn't have let you pronounce "SAN-qwin" as "san-GWEEN" Steph ❤️U anywaySorry @StephenAtHome unlike you I believe the Cheney/Bush cabal wanted the Iraq war & totally LIED to get us into it. #warcrimesGalling to see war criminal Donald Rumsfeld on with @StephenAtHomeGigi Hadid on MasterChef Celeb Cookoff played for Lyme research & mentioned her mom, sis & bro @AndyActive shooter detection system-- how gunsick is this country that this is needed?? #gunsick #gunsesnseWhy were the #Oregon terrorists "free to go" after they committed crimes? #WhitePrivilege
That's rich! 92-Year-Old Civil Rights Pioneer Who Is Now Challenging North Carolina’s Voter ID Law
Retweeted by Holly TookerI'll be waiting 4 your apology 2 Planned Parenthood 4 spreading calumny & lies, you sorry excuse for a human being.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
That caller was wrong @SMShow Cheney wasn't Sec of State. He was Sec of Defense.Hey Donald Rumsfeld You belong in the dock of The Hague NOT @TODAYshowTune in to @TODAYshow if you've been dying to see a WAR CRIMINAL Donald Rumsfeld WTF??
Sarah Palin endorsed a draft dodger for Commander-in-Chief #TrumpPlease! I beg you @maddow Please call "privatizing" the VA what it really is-- PROFITIZING. @kellabeck Arrest Ammon Bundy and the armed occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker
Arrest them!!! not under arrest #Oregonstandoff with the "both sides do it" BS. The Right is unhinged @bdomenech @chrislhayesArrest these criminals already! aka: domestic terrorists.
Retweeted by Holly TookerWatch Syrian refugee children go sledding for the first time in Canada (warning: pure joy ahead.)
Retweeted by Holly TookerAnd I still love you! :-) please use obj. with prepositions!
If we started calling “active shooters” terrorists, would we finally do something about it?
Retweeted by Holly TookerBut not if they don't run a Democrat!! red-tailed hawk was found dehydrated. Thanks to aid from @wildbirdfund, we released it in @CentralParkNYC.
Retweeted by Holly TookerI cannot believe @Andy BU graduate last night you said "between he and..." Grammar! Between HIM objective not subjective case!!The Trump base is "diverse" the way Trump is a "family man" per Caribou Barbie
6:49am 12 killing machines set out to hunt wild Dolphins. Think Blue! SAY NO TO CAPTIVITY! #tweet4taiji #OpHenkaku
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @SMShow GREAT SHOW TODAY STEPH!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I knew it was gonna be a good one the minute I saw that goofy Palin come out of the shadows
Retweeted by Holly TookerIf Tina Fey isn't back on SNL on Saturday....#TheArtoftheDillOr else a Republican will be nominating SCOTUS justices. That's true. #votebluenomatterwho is a very difficult time for Sarah Palin's son Track, that's why she really wanted to be there for Trump.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker @kellabeck Read the book! You'll be surprised.
Retweeted by Holly Tooker"Buyers' Remorse" sounds like you regret voting for BHO @bpshow I agree he disappointed in some ways but I'm still glad I voted for him
Palin called Trump a "family man." Which one? His first, second or current? #palinfamilyvaluesThe Academy is notoriously conservative @stutteringjohnm made up mostly of old white men. And Oprah's been nominated, did not win.@SMShowI think Wolf Blitzer may be drunk- he just said that Sarah Palin is one of the most coveted GOP endorsements out there
Retweeted by Holly TookerNotorious adulterer endorsed by another notorious adulterer. #birdsofafeather
#ArrestGovSnyder He's got only 20 people delivering water to 100,000 people in #flint
Retweeted by Holly TookerSo sorry to learn of death of Glenn Frey RIP #GlennFrey
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