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Join us this Sunday at @UnionMarketDC for @goodfoodawards breakfast panel about launching and scaling new food busi…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIt's already time to hit the #reset button again.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAnti-$-laundering audit flagged cos. & accts Manafort maintained in Cyprus, incldg 1 that received $ from Putin ally of Philly broadcast news, this is friggin' awesome by @theroots. @MikeSacksEsq @LvilleSchool oh, never mind. you did better. still, go panthers! @MikeSacksEsq @CourierTimes the american dream is for your kids to do better than you, but in your case, your mom did better, sorry. @briangocial Go Panthers! @briangocial 93Pennsbury sucks! Go Cheltenham!, salad dressing line is a fav of Roger Stone, whom Spicer has distanced WH from - said it to me on this podcast…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelReporters do not like being lied to, even by ex-CIA officers, as @acormier_bzfd makes clear here.'s growth has modernized the city. But some additions instill a sense of old-time charm -like neighborhood market…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel#SoMuchWinning correction is fodder for Clintonite argument that the media was (& STILL is) obsessed with Hillary's emails.…
People shouted "keep up the great work" as Trump left @TrumpDC hotel Sat nite. Who knew @NancyPelosi hung out there? Obamacare predictions: 11/1/16: "We will be able to immediately repeal & replace" it 10/25/16: "it's going to…'m sure @TGowdySC would be investigating all of that and then some if @HillaryClinton won, but she's didn't, as yo… @KatieKellyMack thanks!James Woolsey on @MSNBC, running fast & hard away from Flynn. Tells @greta: "I had essentially nothing to do with (Flynn's) organization."Nice of you to say, Sara. Maybe tune in and get back to me after the show.'s changing explanations on Trump surveillance intel have @JakeSherman (a @phish fan) "bouncing around the room," he says on @MSNBC. @razshafer @AP i'm confused: are you saying that it's not the free market in action, or just that the impact is too minor to matter?Spicer, asked about Kushner mtgs w/ Russian officials: “You’re acting as if there was something nefarious in doing what he was tasked to do”Trump WH plans to change how it deals w Dems, per @seanspicer: "1 of the traits of a successful org. is to always examine how you do things" @razshafer so I guess it doesn't matter thenFree market in action: Bathroom bill will cost N.C. $3.76+ BILLION in lost business over 12 years, per @AP analysis. WH: aides have begun calling reporters inquiring whether WH colleagues are leaking damaging info about them. sure this will help as Trump didn't write it.
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We are currently searching for 1 reported missing in Potomac River under Key Bridge. Land and water units operating.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSince Trump did so well negotiating healthcare w/ House Freedom Caucus, peace b/t Israel & the Palestinians will pr… this White House SWAT team also be tasked with fixing the White House? WH & @StateDept have been silent on Russia's crackdown on protesters. Not @BenSasse: "Americans expect our le… ADVERTISING: Trump has visited a Trump-branded property during 8 of the 10 weekends he's been in office.…, famously loathe to admit error, began to turn on his staff over AHCA troubles well before last week
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Tell your kids to stop kicking my seat.."
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Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWho yelled "keep up the great work" to Trump last night at @TrumpDC? Was it @NancyPelosi & @chuckschumer? @rachaelmbade @jdawsey1 @jenhab on secret Freedom Caucus pact to hold firm vs AHCA in face of Trump pressure
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWow: @SenTomCotton this a.m. praised @BarackObama & Dems for deliberative approach to Obamacare, while criticizing… badly did Trump misread @RepMarkMeadows & the House Freedom Caucus? VERY badly, per this 3/7 interview w/ Trump…
President Trump is "getting a reputation as a sucker" who doesn't know what he doesn't know, writes @maureendowd. Trump parade in DC. CHECK: @BreitbartNews & its WH allies aren't going to be able to get rid of @SpeakerRyan anytime soon.… calls AHCA fail: "a major blow to Trump Presidency, the GOP majority, & the cause of limiting gov't." reform is no lay-up, either. Trump & Ryan will have to deal w/ some of the same House GOP rifts that sank AHCA.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIt's another double hit kind of day. @kenvogel & @gdebenedetti standing by for TV hits. #FridayFeeling
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Clintonites were frustrated that the media didn't report Russia news that Clintonites had learned from…the media?… @DonnaDa28759964 good one"Paul Ryan, a man who doesn't know how to win" - Trump, October 16 2016
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTax reform is no lay-up, either. Trump & Ryan will have to deal w/ some of the same House GOP rifts that sank AHCA. It looks like @RealAlexJones is not going to be taking home the Pulitzer this year for his #Pizzagate re… Jones apologizes for BATSHIT CRAZY #Pizzagate conspiracy, saying he's determined it "was based upon…an incorre… @SenSchumer Trump: "We learned a lot ... It's been a very interesting experience."Trump, doing what he does, shifting blame: "I think the losers are @NancyPelosi and @SenSchumer." #winningTrump: "a lot of people don't realize how good our bill was." You mean like the members of your own party?.@WhipHoyer responded: “Not yet."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMaybe if things continue at their current pace: @NancyPelosi, introducing @WhipHoyer, accidentally refers to him as "Majority Leader.".@SpeakerRyan This would not be a very effective #Trump2020 slogan: "It's enough already." Tax reform is NOT easy. Hasn't been done in 30 years, & there are going to be major divisions in the GOP conference on it..@SpeakerRyan "This is how governing works when you're in the majority.""We're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future" -- @SpeakerRyan.Speaker Ryan, basically: I don't want to cast blame, but it was the #FreedomCaucus's fault.Or maybe this would be a better #Trump2020 slogan, from @SpeakerRyan just now: "The worst is yet to come with Obamacare."Paul Ryan right now, trying out possible #Trump2020 campaign slogan: "Doing big things is hard."Flashback from "The Closer," circa 2011 ----> about that "winning" thing...
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAnd, now that he's spent 30+ mins on phone with @maggieNYT & @costareports, Trump will speak to WH press pool shortly about AHCA setback.Instead of strategizing about how to revive healthcare push or to advance tax reform, Trump is spending the afternoon cold-calling reportersTrump "didn't blame @SpeakerRyan" in phone call with @costareports, Costa tells @tvkatesnow on @MSNBC.Delayed vote a setback for dealmaker President Trump via @ShaneGoldmacher, @jdawsey1, @tarapalmeri:
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelPrepping for dueling TV hits on AHCA from @Politico HQ:@gdebenedetti (right) on @FoxNews w @ShepNewsTeam & me (left… Comey at the WH right now. WH says it's "for a routine inter-agency meeting," not related to Russia.Trump, 11/1/16: "We will be able to immediately repeal & replace Obamacare." Kochs' group, Trump outside group has initials "AFP." Unlike Koch AFP, Trump's has been impotent in AHCA fight… also wanted to gut Medicaid, which the ACHA would do bigly. guy at 1st denied he was hired by RNC to do oppo hit on Clinton. Now admits: “I wasn’t totally forthcoming." baseball, the closer's job is not to try really hard & leave it all on the field. The job is to win the game.Trump tweeted out wiretapping claim without evidence, but now Spicer is urging folks to withhold judgement on Nunes surveillance claim?