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Powerful stuff here from an 11 year old named Naomi, who called out both gun violence in the African American commu… in Dupont Circle: this small anti-Erdogan protest.
MITT TROLLING TRUMP? @MittRomney Senate campaign statement just now: "in the spirit of transparency, Governor Romne…
It wasn't just ALEXANDER NIX's off-cuff spiel to prospective clients. CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA boasted (dubiously) in ma… for the memories, JOHN DOWD. @BLTSteakDC will never be the same for me. BOLTON is a poster child for the MERCER-CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA feedback loop. From 2014 to 2016: -The Mercers don…’s that, now? do you keep score in a snowball fight? ZUCKERBERG interview: Q: "How confident are you that Facebook data didn't get into the hands of Russian operat…
Got you covered for the last days of March! @glensgardenmkt - Spring into the season by joining our Rosé Soirée w/…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHappy publication day to @jonathanweisman an amazing accomplishment
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelGoing to make it tougher for the WH to distance TRUMP from GEORGE NADER, considering this photo was taken LAST YEAR. of TRUMP with GEORGE NADER, a cooperating witness in the MUELLER probe who used his connections to push an an… word story: no.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @alexnazaryan one can only hope @alexnazaryan now you're just trolling. @alexnazaryan cc: Charles Barkley, Dan Marino, Ted Williams, Patrick Ewing, Barry Sanders, Allen Iverson, Stockton/… when every Mark Zuckerberg utterance was parsed for hints about his 2020 presidential run? Not so much the… has lost about half of its readership in the last five mos, per @comScore: it had 15M unique visito…“That boy bad.” Harden is INSANELY good.Maybe he misread it as "DO NOT NOT CONGRATULATE.”
three minutes, twenty-nine: spend some time with @fullserviceradio & @GlensGardenMkt owner Danielle Vogel on…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @Anthony @Pinkomomma @AlexMLeo @Hadas_Gold mostly pass thru for digital adsCAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA & ALEXANDER NIX are facing the same problem as ROGER STONE: You keep exaggerating your deeds &…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @ivesjar @soychicka @psychiantartis @Anthony @AlexMLeo @Hadas_Gold ANALYTICA & ALEXANDER NIX are facing the same problem as ROGER STONE: You keep exaggerating your deeds &… campaign also initially rejected a CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA pitch in 2015 b/c it believed that the company charges… of CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA as over-hyped is not just a retroactive effort to disown C.A. by TRUMP or GOP. In…
@kenvogel Where have I seen that reported before?
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelGet your tickets for the College Farm's 15th Annual Local Food Dinner, which will highlight the agricultural resour…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @johnstodder @AG_Conservative agree @Anthony @AlexMLeo @Hadas_Gold maybe @Anthony @AlexMLeo @Hadas_Gold Distancing happened mid-campaign. In Cruz’s case, it was Feb 2016 — well before CA w… @Anthony @AlexMLeo @Hadas_Gold the people who ran the actual campaigns that paid Cambridge Analytica assessed it to… reason (some) operatives praised CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA was to appease the MERCERS. @TedCruz's campaign & PAC tout… @PhillyTurtleGuy or the company was unable to deliver anything useful even with the 50 million profiles. @ivesjar No. Try to pay closer attention: they stopped using Cambridge mid-campaign, because it was not delivering the results they wanted.BTW: It's not MY conclusion that CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA didn't deliver value for the campaigns & PACs that paid it. Th… @MikeIsaac Fact check:"If I am Russian spy, I am the world's dumbest spy."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @AlexMLeo @Hadas_Gold there's already been lots of skeptical coverage, including this: you want to be smart about big $$$ in conservative politics, stop fixating on the MERCERS & the KOCH Bros, & sta… UNBOUND: This weekend's Twitter attacks on MUELLER & McCABE are probably just the beginning, reports… SECRET ABOUT CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA: It was (& is) an overpriced service that delivered little value to the TR…
.@prescriptnchix is one of our 43 woman-owned, Glen's-launched businesses. We want to grow the pipeline by investin…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTRUMP’s firing of MUELLER "would be the beginning of the end of his presidency, because we are a rule-of-laws natio…
Ida B. Wells was WAY ahead of her time: in an era when few black women played prominent roles in American public li… coach of @UMBC is trying to keep his players off social media to prep for their next game after their historic… the Super Bowl, Tom Brady has thought about his 4th quarter fumble, which sealed the game for the @Eagles, 50… story of how the @NRA’s lobbyist in Florida had helped block new firearms restrictions for so many years that F…
@djunderh2o Good gif. Gotta save that one.TALK ABOUT GETTING SHIT-CANNED: Rex Tillerson, suffering from a stomach bug, was on the toilet when he was informed… A day after oil industry executives stayed at @TrumpDC hotel, they visited the WH, & TRUMP told them that he w…
HOW TO LOBBY TRUMP, as demonstrated by oil industry group @api_news: 1) Hold 2-day board meeting at @TrumpDC Hotel.… & FRIENDS ANALYSIS: Conor Lamb won because he’s cute — & “cuteness counts.”' crowd-funding campaign to raise $ to pay legal fees & any penalties for breaching her non-disclosu…
More dangerous position in TRUMP administration: cabinet secretary or TV?, because @Wikipedia is an unimpeachable arbiter of truth. blocked @Heritage president @KayColesJames from a job in the TRUMP administration, James charges. “The wa…’S INFECTIOUS: The news coverage of TILLERSON’S firing, which focused on disarray & disagreement in the Trump adm…
This is when I acknowledge that my need for sleep outweighs my political nerdom. night at BuzzFeed HQ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelELLIOTT BROIDY is co-hosting TRUMP's fundraiser tonight in L.A. *Interesting timing, given that Broidy: -quietly lo… 4 federal government agencies had backlogs of 1,000 or more Freedom of Information Act requests from… @jmartNYT @jonathanvswan never too early to make sure the 2020 convention site is safe @jonathanvswan Though Johnny McEntee was almost immediately hired by the campaign as "Senior Advisor for campaign o…’s personal assistant, Johnny McEntee, was quietly fired on Monday from his WH job for unspecified security is… UKRAINIAN government has frozen its investigations into PAUL MANAFORT’s work for its RUSSIA-aligned ex-presiden…
This interview was 🔥. Of note: DeVos would not answer question of whether she thought disproportionate disciplin…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThis is quite a “hypothetical” that OJ Simpson laid out in this 2006 interview with @JudithRegan. #DidOJConfess's son spreads doctored @CNN story while accusing @CNN of spreading fake news. probably would have spent most of PA-18 campaign rally talking about himself no matter who the rally was supp…'s lawyers threaten a lot of lawsuits against media outlets, but they seldom actually sue. How real is their t… up on @msnbc at 5p ET: We #BREAKDOWN the PA-18 district Race w/ @VaughnHillyard @ByJohnLMicek @BasilSmikleJr
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelToday’s “Trump lawyers are considering suing” entry
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @MidwesternMama2 C’mon. Click the link.STRONG LEDE: President Donald Trump got business out of the way quickly Sat. night—urging voters to elect Rick Sacc…