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Trump lawyers trying to preclude him from testifying in case of protestors who got roughed up after he implored ral… referring to this story on efforts by Ukrainian officials to damage Trump campaign ➡️… mega-donor Doug Deason turned down a mtg with Mitch McConnell; says the Senate leader needs to "grow a pair.” HOUSE HOT SEAT WATCH: Don McGahn continues to get blamed for providing bad advice on all manner of subjects,… expected Anthony Kennedy would retire from SCOTUS b/c Don McGahn predicted it in private conversation w/ POTUS
Trump's embrace of immigrant crime victims produced his most heartfelt moments & gave cover for his harshest stances @levinecarrie (TM) @evansiegfried couldn't resistIf @ScottBaio did attend the Koch conference, though, he would not be the Charles in charge. at Colorado resort hosting Koch conference: Trump supporter @ScottBaio. Unclear if he's attending conf.… @sixers suck, but they have a plan. The @phillies, otoh, only have the first part of that equation nailed down. network rips AHCA as insufficiently conservative, but are they willing to oppose GOP senators who support it? are super picky about their produce, which is just one of the reasons online grocery hasn't quite caught on.
#bikenyc #boatnyc
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIn case you thought the Kochs had lost clout in Trump's GOP, @mike_pence met w/ Charles Koch in Colo yesterday + th… you should have the Marshal of the Supreme Court arrest him. Let us know when you get the "scoop" on that hap…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelLatest plan from pro-Trump @AmericaFirstPol: ads vs. GOP Sens. waffling on AHCA. But 501c4 has yet to prove it can raise $ to back big talk.Referring to oneself in the 3rd person by last name is basic. Referring to oneself by a single initial is next-leve… Koch suggests that Nixon's 1972 campaign tried to "strong-arm" him for $1M. "I wouldn’t have any part of it… Kochs supported #KeystoneXL, but Charles Koch says the pipeline would have COST @Koch_Industries $750k/day.… Sanders is teaming up with the Koch Bros.-backed Stand Together to raise $21 million for social entrepreneurs in Dallas.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelCharles Koch expresses support for pathway to citizenship: "If you’re here, gainfully employed, & adding… Koch in new intervu says climate change is real+partly manmade, but "So far…it has not created catastrophes… Obama admin. official, on Obama WH's tepid response to Russia's 2016 meddling: “I feel like we sort of choked.”
Pence/Koch mtg comes as Trump WH increasingly has been reaching out to mega-donors seeking outside $ support for legislative fights.Represents continued warming b/t Kochs & Trump. Admin official tells me: “over last couple mos., there’s been more…
.@GlensGardenMkt: In @JeffBezos's neighborhood. Not owned by @JeffBezos. @roeberg you're thinking of 2012, I think
@roeberg because they'd be putting themselves at a huge fundraising disadvantage @roeberg others couldn't ignore it. that's the point. @DoremusJ except McCain did accept the public financing, so Obama was the only one in the arms race in 2008. @pvolpe i do, but my calendar got deleted when i left politico, which is why i was a couple days late noting this pivotal milestoneLiberals identify Citizens United as the catalyst for billion-dollar presidential campaigns, but Obama's decision h… YEARS AGO: @BarackObama became 1st candidate in post-Watergate era to decline general election public financing
@rachel_shorey 😉 @jeremybowers maybe for you, but I'm on vacayMy @Phillies suck (again), but -- wow -- this photo from Citizens Bank Park tonight.
Last summer, I revealed Paul Manafort's ties to an ex-Russian army translator. The @washingtonpost dived in today.
SPOTTED: @kevinlove, hanging outside @theNinesHotel in his hometown of PDX, wearing an #Equality tee-shirt. #OffSeasonTrump’s Business Ties in Persian Gulf Raise Questions About His Allegiances
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIt's the last wknd to register for Growler Club w/ @GlensBeermonger! Tmrw he'll be joined by @GlensTerroir for the…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelPSA: $4 beers. #AllDayEveryDay. Since 2013. @GlensGardenMkt dupont & shaw
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A #FakeNews story that people shouldn't believe because it relied on anonymous sources! you @nancook for ending @kenvogel 's ball metaphor in the most hilarious way possible. #nerdcast
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThis is stunning. Manafort is telling people he's still talking to Trump and helping to shape his foreign policy…
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@JMKTV great to meet you too!Stunning @politico report on talks to put $30-$45B Puerto Rico debt in hands of Chinese investment fund #muniland
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelToday's my 7-year anniversary at @politico. My first day & story - Obama's Oval Office speech on the BP oil spill.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHappy to say that I am making the move to CNN! I start covering the White House for them Monday.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogellawyers said Manafort's involvement "surprised" PR officials, they "don't want to get tainted by Manafort's problem…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelManafort claimed he helped soften Trump China stance &could win @POTUS backing for Chinese investment in Puerto Rico @michaelschwab13 @POLITICOallison why @dsamuelsohn, of courseAt least it's in the recycling & not the trash. @Hadas_Gold don't forget about me!Trump sponsored Facebook post asks for $ for chance to win dinner w/ him on 6/28. "He'd love to meet you there and…, under scrutiny for failing to register as foreign agent, STILL working foreign deals, still not registered warned voters over & over about scandals, investigations & constitutional crisis if Hillary was elected.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSCOOP: Paul Manafort tried to broker deal for Chinese to invest $30 BILLION in Puerto Rican debt, infrastructure.'s had such a great run on MSNBC's @hardball with POLITICO in his chyron title. Gonna miss you!
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Psyched for the MR. TUNAVERSE; a tahini-based tuna salad on @lyonbakeryindc multigrain with cucumber salad, red oni…'s WH donor mtg on Comey hrg day was unusual for timing, but also b/c he hasn't done lots of donor maintenance. case you were wondering what President Trump was doing on the day that James Comey publicly accused him of lying… On day of Comey hearing, Trump, Pence & team quietly met at WH with mega-donors to rally support for agenda. @SchreckReports @politicoalex @DanielStrauss4 I already bequeathed that to @dsamuelsohn, who is now The Official @Politico Gravekeeper (TM).Hodgkinson had a wife, friends & a pool where he hosted parties, but also deep anger & a history of violent fits. @politicoalex @SchreckReports @DanielStrauss4 it is a @jcrew wool blazer, which I know is your thing, but I thought you wanted the blue ball @DanielStrauss4 @jackshafer @SchreckReports the ball has been deflated for now, but i hope it will rise again at the NYT DC buro.I believe the term is "bequeath." Wear it in good health, @SchreckReports. seriously is the FBI looking at whether Trump obstructed justice? Discussing next on @hardball with @HardballChris @AsteadWH @spettypi.
@WillRabbe @ScientologyMy dog is convinced there's something delicious behind this wall. Florida PB outs you as a Florida woman. I'm so thrilled to announce I'll be joining the @orlandosentinel to cov…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelRemember when the German ambassador attended a 2007 Obama fundraiser?, having some fun with Trump's Russia tribulations. via @peterjhasson: DNC Hackers Also Targeted Conservative Heritage Foundation Before Election @dailycaller
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @MarcACaputo it looked like a disco dude on my phone, but it looks weird on the big screen @MarcACaputo 🕺🏻 @thezedwards meaning there is no need to hack @MarcACaputo i don't know if i'll be able to rock them quite as well as you, tho