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Gripping @gabrielsherman on ex-@FoxNews booker who alleges 20-yr indentured servitude-like arrangement w/ Ailes. a binary solar system. With Cory Gardner in the middle. #copolitics
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSCOOP: Charles Koch rejects efforts to set up meeting w/ Trump, even though both are in Colorado Springs right now. @NormEisen @ClintonFdn @ryangrim how do you know access was denied? Because it's in the story. Ergo, it was not ignored. @NormEisen @ryangrim there's no spin. this is actually the way @ClintonFdn donors see the dynamic.Maybe read the stories then get back to me. @jake_4892 @BretBaier @ClintonFdn @HillaryClinton @ryangrim check the dateIn case there was any doubt that donors see the @ClintonFdn as an extension of @HillaryClinton's political machine: pair of @BernieSanders supporters chased @davidbrockdc down @WellsFargoCtr hallway Tuesday yelling "you f—g jerk". should tell Spicer this is not a real Tocqueville quote.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelFormer staff urge @BernieSanders to run 3rd party with Jill Stein. @eternalkerri he's not whiteThe modern reporter at work. My friend @JNSmall of @TIME writes convention piece, preps for @hardball.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelLeaving convention hall, WA Bernie delegate tells me he can't vote for Hillary "b/c there are better candidates."
2016 @politico getting ready to watch Clinton photo credit @BuzzFeedBen
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOne usher just whispered to another "they're organizing a walkout." Time's running short for that, it would seem.Trump campaign cites @kenvogel/@joshgerstein work approvingly in oppo dump. Vogel is blacklisted from Trump rallies.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMore, from one dude in NY delegation area to another: "The super rich, that'd be you."OH, in NY delegation: "She's only 1/2 way done. I'm tired.""If necessary, we will pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United." *After my super PAC spends $200M+ to help elect me.Some NYbBernie backers feeling the Hillary spirit. signs from @BernieSanders delegates on floor: • "Walk the Walk" • "Jill not Hill" • "Jill Stein" • "Please Keep Your Promises"California Bernie delegates unfurled and are holding aloft a big banner reading "#WikiLeaks".Hillary major donor, re: Bernie supporters: "they’re young and there’s a lot to learn." 1 Dem bro to another as they pass DNC donor luxury boxes on escalator: "that's douche bag row right there."Hillary donors, having taken plenty of grief from Bernie & his supporters, finally have a response: STFU. asshole detected. It's not grand but it's food. Meanwhile 30+ million on SNAP because hungry/poor.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Dear god that looks like a crime scene
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelPolitico DNC filing center dinner options: • "cheesesteaks" • hot dogs w mushy kraut • brown lettuce w cheese #yum HILL - Tim Kaine's Running Mate To Have Moment In Spotlight
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOne of the marquees at @CorrectRecord/@mmfa/@american_bridge donor event at Academy of Music. you like the way you sue that much baby you should go & sue yourself Ailes, definitely not lying low: spotted lunching & hobnobbing Wednesday at NYC media power-spot Michael's.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMinutes after dramatic Obama-Clinton moment, Sanders delegate says he's still uninspired. "We weren't even allowed to hold up our TPP signs"There it is.
"Thank You" signs signaling the end (of this speech and Obama's stint as leader of the Democratic Party). supporter--> in Louisiana delegation yelling "don't leave us" & "4 more years." Doesn't work that way.Anti-TPP folks among only people standing throughout Kaine speech. to my chagrin, @georgesoros was not eating nachos in the super PAC reception suite. boos for @MikeBloomberg calling out Dems for standing in the way of fiscal reforms.Rocky theme, Scranton signs. Why is Joe Biden so ashamed of Delaware? they actually turned off the lights on CA/OR/WA delegations chanting "no more war" during Panetta speech.'s OK to protest @HillaryClinton's hawkish foreign policy inside the DNC, but you'll have to do it in the dark. it comes to Joe Biden coverage, @TheOnion never disappoints
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIs this an SNL parody of the Democratic convention? @kenvogel Dude. Don't you know anything. That's Matthew McConaughey.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWhy is one of the Trump kids speaking at the Democratic convention? @TalKopan She's not an elected delegate apparentlyThis 93-yr-old Ohioan (the oldest delegate at convention) is loving the @instagram photo booth at @WellsFargoCtr. had most baller @uber driver. Took a crazy back route thru Navy Yard & had great food chat re the amazing @DiBrunoBros, where he works.Hacked emails: DNC blamed Bernie for forcing “a fight in the media w/ the party bosses over big money fundraising.” @SmallAxe2016 @jbarro @KatyTurNBC @HallieJackson @Hadas_Gold *defenging* @DanRiehl Yeah I've been very quiet about that. Oh wait.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelKudos to @KatyTurNBC & @HallieJackson for continuing to aggressively question Donald Trump despite hostile push-back @martincizmar @danielwinlander oh, i've had them for months, but didn't realize they were newsworthy. thanks for the heads up! @NickHanauer True, but Obama promised to "fundamentally change the way Washington works."Donald Trump, essentially sanctioning a foreign power’s cyberspying of a secretary of state’s correspondence. when Obama was going to "fundamentally change the way Washington works," @Schultz44? @Schultz44 "tried""I should say, tho, that the likelihood of (donors) landing a spot on ones as prestigious as NEA/USPS is unlikely." donors will get gigs on "something like the ‘President’s Cmsn on the Celebration of Women in US History'" emails show the DNC tried to reward donors by getting them spots on WH-appointed gov't commissions. @POLITICO broke the story. Here’s our breakdown on what really went down w/ Clinton-DNC JFC.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThis is a lot of money, but it's also like an American with a median net worth stroking a $45 check. (Did the math.)
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @stephentshores he dialed back his political giving after 2004.But Soros's giving sprees seem to be driven as much by fear/loathing. In 2004, directed towards Bush. 2016: Trump. is spending big "b/c of Hillary. He really likes her & he didn't like Obama as much,” per D fundraiser @ipikak1 they're not spending to help trump or attack hillary: @GeorgeSoros now up to $25M in donations/pledges to boost Clinton & other Dems; expected to give even more."It takes a brilliant orator to write a love letter to a woman he’s managed to dishonor in the most humiliating way"
Lotsa love in the arena for Chairwoman Not Debbie Wasserman Schultz. #DNCinPHL @SEPTA_SOCIAL we're good now, yes, thanks @djunderh2o moving againOn a jack-knifed @SEPTA bus under the Walt Whitman Bridge b/c #Philly. #DNCinPHL 3 days after the Koch donor summit wrap up in Colorado Springs. *Not that Trump would have been welcome there. Philly sports fan hat heaven. @shibesports on S 13th St. Making whole convention trip worthwhile. #DNCinPHL emails reveal how DNC fundraisers really view top donors: as unsophisticated, needy, transactional dupes. fundraiser bitches about big donor: "I was lucky enough to get out of lunch & only have to talk w/ him on phone" @IsaacDovere stand his ground while @AlanGrayson threatens him for asking about claims of abuse. #unflappable @sarahmquinlan is this incorrect?So the DNC mocked my story about their bad cybersecurity in an email just leaked on Wikileaks... and scene.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelFIRST ON @POLITICO: @Mike_Pence backs away from planned appearance at Koch bros donor summit. & DNC created a $ scheme to use big donors to offset lack of small $. Then they tried to hide it. @mtaibbi: DNC email re: joint Hillary fundraising: “There's been no coverage that we've found, which is what we wanted” @Hesiod2k11 they were exposed by me.Hillary & DNC say they're raising big $ for state parties, but FEC data show states have kept .56% of $142M raised. emails show DNC tried desperately—but unsuccessfully—to stop me & @iarnsdorf from exposing Hillary $ scheme. DNC shilling from me.
@Ah_occ_o wow, cool, thanks, will readDon't know much about Mexican President @EPN but the man has a bad ass @Twitter handle.Nice. @tamronhall, anchoring @msnbc from Philly, gives a shout out to her alma mater @TempleUniv. Good people choose Temple. Go @TempleOwls!Uh just a few things: gall @PaulManafort that Trump thanks @CLewandowski_ first & lavishes more praise on him. Then: "Where's Paul? Oh good, you made it."Trump, apparently unaware about what @CLewandowski_ is doing to sabotage him: "Corey was great...& he's been very loyal. He's been on @CNN."SHOT: Trump, rn: "Last night, I don't think there was one hater into the room." CHASER: Medea Benjamin, last nite:, right now: "Last night, I don't think there was one hater into the room." Medea Benjamin, last night:'s it?! Pence gets 2 minutes in the middle of rambling off-message Trump stem-winder, then has to retreat to background & force a smile.