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In paid speech, Hillary "sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director," an attendee tells @morningmoneyben. is the Christie special the only one that's not healthy? O'Reilly, taking a very thinly veiled swipe at his old antagonizer, Stephen Colbert.
Uh, ever hear of the Federal Election Commission? @maggieNYT hand sanitizer at least?Is he wearing a latex glove? your caption: 1.) Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. 2.) Moving the polls, moving the furniture. has recieved $900k-&-counting from the FEC matching $ system, which now serves "to bail out losers." Talking Point 3000 Robot (a/k/a @evale72) photobombs @marcorubio, whose advance team must be cringing. @JebBush came out for repeal of Citizens United, he'd allow unlimited $ directly to candidates. Same as Romney asked about $-in-politics: "ideal situation would be to overturn Citizens United. I would turn that on its head if I could."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWow! Quite a bold statement, especially coming: 1) in @GOP primary 2) from most successful super PAC fundraiser ever story (w/ charts!) from @kenvogel/@iarnsdorf on how billionaires are dominating 2016
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHillary's leadership "lurches from hands-off delegation to hands-around-the-throat micromang't when things go south" conf. last wk, Koch operatives warned donors about big super PAC $, pointing to @r2rusa's dismal results w/ $118M may be only 4 tickets out of NH, but there are plenty more tickets to be written in it. donors feeling burned & sitting on wallets after spending $61M boosting Paul, Walker, Huckabee, Graham & Jindal. @chrimbina infographic showing which 2016ers got the most $ from the 100 top donors. @TedCruz's attacks on donor class, 4 of the 6 top donors of 2016 are backing him. former colleague @mkraju & his snowy NH live shot for @CNN currently taking over my Twitter feed. mega-donor could switch to @BernieSanders:"Our best hope to stay out of war. OTOH, he'd shut my biz down”'t expect all Paul donors to back Cruz: “I used to think Cruz was a closet libertarian—tough to think that now." revealing: 100 biggest donors have spent $195M on presidential election―more than 2M smallest donors combined. me again why I should care what Sam Waterston thinks about campaign finance reform. angry, retaliatory @billclinton speech evokes the 2008 riffs that backfired on @HillaryClinton's campaign. quotes @MikeTyson to explain Rubio debate fail: "Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @EpicBear @BernieArtists Federal Election CommissionBernie acknowledges he attended @dscc Wall St fundraisers, "but did I go & ask financial ppl for $? Absolutely not." rejects claim he demeans women journos, citing @mitchellreports: "I have great respect for that the beautiful red dress.".@BernieSanders' "faith in gov't blinded him to a dangerous breakdown in the one corner he was supposed to police." @Jkm920213 yes, when it comes to paid TV/radio advertising, but not when it comes to research, online communications & press outreach.Trump, swagger gone, "now has the flop-sweat whiff of a tired horse harrumphing into the homestretch" @GlennThrush: @Jkm920213 it's a little more than that. her campaign is openly coordinating with his super PAC.Learning the lessons of Iowa, Trump tries to manage expectations, telling @jaketapper: "I want to win NH but I don't think I have to win it"Bernie, not a Brock fan: "I happen to like Hillary Clinton but I am astounded by some of the people she has hired, including David Brock."I would not eat here if it were the last restaurant on earth. has been called "Judas" on conference calls for @JebBush $ team, where some are bracing for the end. @BrentB5050 @Brandon2075 yes, unitemized, as in donations that are not itemized.
What's @BernieSanders' average donation again? @NBCSNL having some fun with Bernie's favorite number., just now on his exchange w Jeb to @HallieJackson: "He wanted to show he's a tough guy, & that was alright, but he's not a tough guy."I know Bernie is outpolling me among young women, but jeez... on tonight's debate: "the questions on the debate stage will probably be really stupid to be honest with you."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHILLARY MAKES LITTLE GIRL CRY. *the accompanying press pack may have contributed. via @AlbaMonica.
Does that come with a $20M super PAC check from Sheldon Adelson? steered big contract to friend's co., my '15 profile revealed. Not exactly puff piece, @jackshafer. down with your bad self, @HillaryClinton 💃‼️ the first Jew to ever win delegates in a presidential primary, per @samsteinhp. #MazelTov @byelin disagreeCan you imagine the backlash if @megynkelly hugged @marcorubio (or any/all @GOP candidates) onstage after a debate?"Wealthy Donors Pump Millions Into Sanders’ Campaign In Last-Ditch Effort To Destroy Credibility" (Bob Mercer cameo) on Bernie's struggle to win minority votes: "It's a Barack Obama party. It's not a Ben & Jerry's party.""Earth to Rubio: You are a US senator. The Senate meets in DC. You are hardly an outsider"-@UnionLeader A1 editorial @Sherry_Reson $200
Bernie, setting a high bar for himself, suggests that if he's the nominee, Dems will retake the Senate and gain governors' seats.North Korea "is run by a handful of dictators, or maybe just one," according to @BernieSanders. @veroderugy there is no one in american politics today who has received tougher coverage for a longer period than the clintons. @TrevorJMerrell @docmks Federal Election CommissionTrump campaign looking to boost ground game.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Cruz delivers every sentence, no matter how generic, as if he imagines himself reciting the Gettysburg Address." you think the Clintons haven't faced tough coverage, you haven't paid attn. to American politics for last 25 yrs. if she'll release transcripts of Goldman Sachs speeches, @HillaryClinton laughs in @lhfang's face, turns away. @Sandee9378 it's our analysis of FEC data. Easy to do. @Sandee9378 Federal Election Commission @RealSeek Federal Election CommissionIf it's Hillary vs. Trump, the Koch bros could sit out the presidential election entirely, scoops @DanielSchulman.
@docmks that's # of donations. I'm talking about the % of her total cash haul from small donors. @AZTanya Federal Election CommissionOK, fine, here's the total raised from small donors in Q4. @BernieSanders still waaay ahead. cc: @hankgreen @kenvogel actually, in this scenario, it's Bill that goes walking
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelVote for Hillary: She's the president who would put on sweat pants & a baseball hat, & wander the mall taking photos of tourists. @saulnewton that was just an example. what about criminal justice reform orgs? mercatus center, etc?Hillary boasting about all the small donors supporting her. Here's where she ranked in % of Q4 $ from small donors. took $ from Goldman Sachs for speeches because she didn't know if she was going to run for president again? @saulnewton you think the United Negro College Fund is working to defeat the Democratic nominee?Hillary again ripping on @ClintonFdn donor Johnson Controls.Clinton told Cooper she'd have to "think about" requiring women to register for draft.But in '07 she told Cooper yes
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @saulnewton because that figure includes $ for university programs, think tanks & issue advocacy, as well as political campaign spending.Hillary's Town Hall About The Koch Bros, Karl Rove & The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.Hillary, misstating Koch bros network spending: "The Koch bros say that they're going to spend $750M to defeat the Democratic nominee."Hillary, with the unspoken h/t to Sid Blumenthal: "My understanding of the tactics that the other side uses is pretty well versed."Hard hitting question from the audience: Once you become president, how will you defend yourself against right-wing attacks?Hillary Clinton made a mistake in voting for the Iraq War because George W. Bush..@BernieSanders, when @AC360 points out he'd be 83 at the end of a 2nd term: "Let's not be ageist here!"Bernie, defending use of "revolution": "Remember the Reagan revolution & the Gingrich revolt'n? Well, my revolt'n is a little bit different"Bernie: "Some of my best friends are moderates." #SureTheyAreBernie: "That's what she said."Only 105 behind "other"."If I could get paid for eating burgers, trust me, I would do it." @cspiesdc not hanging out with her. she just kinda announced it to everyone..@JebBush rejects @jaketapper Q about whether he'll drop out if he does poorly in NH. Woman watching w/ me in airport, sadly: "Oh, Jeb..." @ComfortablySmug an odd choice to be sure @phillipstutts thx!There have been many post-mortem's on #IowaCaucusresults. Standout was @politico by @kenvogel @dSamuelsohn Read it.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@carriesheffield asks @IvankaTrump how her dad's "vitriol & anger" co-exists with her "gilded life of pleasure".'s team boasting that their voter ID/targeting operation represents "a quantum leap forward” for the right.'s reputation for big-money giving has loomed larger than his actual checkbook in most recent elections @asmith83 Kochie_Online, no less. Lest we should confuse him for the guy on Twitter who's not online.
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