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Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOK, about to watch @TheAmericansFX. Please don't fire anyone in the next 45 mins, @realDonaldTrump.Big, big guest on PULSE CHECK today. Episode goes live tonight — but if you subscribe now, you'll get it first!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @MarcACaputo good thing the @MiamiHEAT are out of the #NBAPlayoffs, so you have time on your hands.Latest explosion in combustible Trump campaign battle sparked in Fla, & you know what that means? @MarcACaputo time. Philly All-Star Team. Manafort: "This is not a hard race" CHASER: Trump fires Manafort's 1st hire from yesterday. I hope the subtweet is clear now
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTrump fires political dir. @rick_wiley. Backstory: a @PaulManafort hire who clashed w/ @CLewandowski_ & his allies. @americantejano ugh, you're right.Why-don't-you-cover-X emails that link to stories in your own publication are the best kind of why-don't-you-cover-X emails. @EnviroDi @sejorg it's ok as a starting point, tho it's ease-of-use features actually make it less easy to use, I find.@cfinst_org shines light on one of my ongoing frustrations: the complete inadequacy of state campaign $ websites. director's response to @FreeBeacon's expose about her film seems like an admission of journalistic malpractice. is a great reporter -- follow him if you don't already
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOne day email auto-fill will start a world war.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSpeaking of @MichaelRCaputo, here's a great profile in @TheBuffaloNews of his wild life & times. @VinceintheBay not as easy as it was for me to block you#DISQUALIFYING him/her to ping the RNC. I hear they're pulling together a nice set of bullet pts on the subject as we speak. is doing a @reddit AMA & he's circulating a promo for it listing himself as a "Trump advisor." SCOTUS, via @wuerker: @Duck_Commander @MikeTyson @HowardStern @dennisrodman who else? question by email: has the RNC done work on behalf of Trump campaign &, if so, has it been counting toward the coordination limit? @nycsouthpaw "A+ trolling"--same as tweet. I'm not that clever, so when I think of something witty, I need to gets some mileage out of it. @ManerdM good, so you admit you're wrong; now we're done & I can block you @ManerdM look up "scandal" in the dictionary and get back to me @vgmac he was too busy fielding all the other errant Caputo emails to write the story.DOJ + congressional investigations, draft indictments, delinquent tax returns, missing documents, etc. @EliStokols @MarcACaputo @politico @politicofl @publiccaputo further illustrating why this is such fraught terrainThat's so fresh and new, it'll take the RNC a few weeks to dig up the dirt. Next, look into this "Troopergate" thing
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAlso, pro-tip to Trump campaign staff: check the address auto-fill on emails to @MichaelRCaputo before hitting send. Trump campaign emailed RNC oppo researcher this AM asking him to "work up information on HRC/Whitewater ASAP"'s response: "I am going to kill you!" cc: @RogerJStoneJr trolling from @American_Bridge. Just emailed @CLewandowski_ (cc'ing reporters) to offer oppo on @PaulManafort. EMAIL: OIG report has new email where Abedin asks HRC if she wants to get State email. HRC says no bc privacy
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Well you've clearly peaked now. Are there any mountains left for you to climb? :)
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelRestaurant reviews from people who give 1 star b/c of lack of parking. 8 examples of @Yelp #FAIL in DC, via @BTMenu: on Washington primary/caucus divergence from dean of state's political press corps---> @joelconnelly why you gotta hate joel?LBJ/CIA murdered JFK Nixon, Goldwater, KGB, LBJ insiders all agree!!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Find out how & why LBJ had JFK assassinated." Don't walk it back now, Roger. You're on verge of convincing everyone you get called out for writing fiction by a guy who wrote a book about how LBJ spearheaded the plot to kill JFK funder for Trump Victory: tonite in LA (hosted by @Reince!). @SFpartytime has the invite @BuzzFeedAndrew very kind of you to say, Andrew.If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest on the Clinton email beat, then @rachaelmbade is an obvious #FF ---> Ex-Trump aide @NunbergSam planted suggestive @PageSix item about his nemesis, campaign mngr @CLewandowski_. @BuzzFeedBen @mckaycoppins in fact, we didn't address his sourcing at all. @BuzzFeedBen @mckaycoppins we wrote that they circulated his story. seems pretty neutral.
USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🍷🎖
How my daughter became my son: A love story.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel#BrotherTrump, really excited to be joining the excellent @NolanDMcCaskill and Cardinals fan @NickGass on POLITICO's breaking news team.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelLincoln Chafee, I will Venmo you $30 if you want.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNot a single colleague @politico has come to your defense. Thank God for the @mantecabulletin. #lowerstockton
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelWhere's the $1.3 billion in tax money, Ken?
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @mattspencedc in my offshore bank account, d'uh!Political hacks are distorting the truth to smear me with filthy lies again. @maggieNYT @bterris apologies! deleted, & tweeted with correct credit to @amychozick. i stand by you being great, though, maggie!Great @amychozick on colorful allies-turned-rivals @RogerJStoneJr & @davidbrockdc, & their roles in Trump-v-Clinton. kinda ironic that Draper's story contains this: "When Politico broke the news of the secret mtg 2 days later…" entered May w/ a huge cash-on-hand lead over @BernieSanders & Trump, both of whom trailed @tedcruz.'s campaign is carrying $43.5M in debt—entirely in self loans—but other campaigns also have serious debt. List: bet they have reservations.
Kevin Durant, like a hot knife through Golden State's butter.Trump has given waaaay more $ to his campaign than his rivals, but he's not the only putting in his own $. campaigns, sorted by most cash on hand, per most recent @FEC reports.$ doesn't guarantee electoral success. Total spending by presidential candidates, per most recent @FEC reports. in April paid $27k to XMark LLC, the paramilitary security firm we profiled here. @AriMelber threshold question; if someone uses 5 dimes + bills, would that trigger it, or does s/he save it for the dime hoarders like you? @AriMelber don't hang around sipping coffee, or you'll hear him/her use it on other customers & it will seem less special. #RoomForCynicism?.@BernieSanders swipes DNC chair @DWStweets in $ email for her Dem challenger @Tim_Canova: "We need real change". this richly reported @JakeHalpern story. Combined 2 sbjcts that fascinate me: Nazis+underground construction
Jason Bourne. Can. Not. Wait.Hillary & Bernie on @nbcsnl, toasting @dwstweets & the "rigged" primary. read (cc @kenvogel, the biggest Randall Cunningham fan I ever knew).
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel @JebBush If you checked the FEC site you would see that the campaign filed for a change to quarterly filing so no report was due.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@JebBush so badly wants to put his presidential campaign experience behind him that he didn't even file his mandatory @FEC report yesterday @KateMcElheney 🤔FEC takeaways: Clinton has spent 3x more than Trump ($182M to $57M) & has 10xs as many employees (732 to 70). Victory Fund transferred $176k to Dem parties in SC, AR & TN on 4/25. Every $ was moved immediately to DNC.'s campaign has spent 3x less than Clinton's ($57M to $182M) & has 1/10 as many employees (70 to 732). @realDonaldTrump has loaned/given $43.8M to his campaign. @MittRomney loaned his campaign $45M. In 2008!
Trump loaned himself another $7.5M last month; up to $43M TTL, accounting for 75% of $ brought in by his campaign. @ktumulty "Have we ever faced a time in the last 3 years when our country was so polarized?" doesn't have the same ring.All those @HillaryClinton fundraising concerts aren't free: her campaign paid $20k to @katyperry's co. (Kitty Purry) & $13k to @BonJovi's..@HillaryClinton campaign spent $217.38 at El Sombrero Mexican Bistro in Las Vegas on April 7. Your move, Donald Trump.Hillary Victory Fund transferred $176k to D parties in SC, AR & TN. But on same day (4/25), every ¢ was moved to DNC, @JebBush super PAC still had $17.1M in bank at the end of April -- more than 2 mos. after he dropped out. H. W. Bush donated $4,071 worth of catering to @JebBush's super PAC @r2rusa at the end of April. #PleaseEat much Bernie and Hillary actually raised in April. different from what they each claimed on 5/1.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@BernieSanders actually outraised @HillaryClinton in April, contra the headlines. @iarnsdorf & I break down the #s: candidate who bashes the Washington consulting class also feeds it. finished April with $9.4M (more than Bernie's $5.8M), & dropped out 3 days later. Might have $$$ left to transfer to Senate cmte.Hello @FEC: why is your site soooo slow? Still can't download @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders reports, even tho they came in 1+ hour ago.Good $ after bad: billionaire hedgie Paul Singer donated another $1M to anti-Trump PAC 6 days before Indiana primary @kenvogel and bernie seems to have under-reported by more than 1M in his spin
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelClinton took in $25.1M, but counted $1.5M (her share of JFC expenses) which never came to her cmte, to get to $26.4M vs Sanders' $25.8M. 2/2Also, despite her spin, turns out @HillaryClinton likely DID NOT outraise @BernieSanders in April $ actually received by their campaigns 1/2