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.@CLewandowski_'s openness to @TheJusticeDept investigating Trump-Russia ties probably unrelated to his desire to b… scene around the Gallery Place metro can be super annoying when you're in a rush. But this redeems it.
guys the Kuwait party at @TrumpDC was Wednesday night. I actually have the invite so. Unless there were two, but pr…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDC's press corps: much-ridiculed, but harder for Trump to tame than the NY tabloids, argue @GlennThrush & @grynbaum. @OliverBullough he doesn't dispute he's used address at bottom of this: he disputes diff't address.used to send this
@anders_aslund it's you who should read more carefully before leveling baseless allegations. @anders_aslund yes, it is. @anders_aslund the story is accurate. you can apologize for mischaracterizing it, though. @MaxRTucker so this is about the tweet & not the story? @OliverBullough our story does not say that. read more carefully. @MaxRTucker nope. we were pretty careful & skeptical in our presentation, but enjoy your mischaracterization. @MaxRTucker your tweet is utterly misleading.Christ, @MaxRTucker, try reading our story a little more carefully before mischaracterizing it. @seanspicer in Dec. says Trump WH won't ban specific media outlets. "That's what makes a democracy a dem… is making me self-conscious. and Time magazine are boycotting the gaggle because the organizations below were told they couldn't attend
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelCan’t remember any press secretary from Clinton, Bush or Obama canceling briefing and handpicking small group for gaggle. @PressSec
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe backstory behind those Russian-themed Trump flags at @CPAC: they were a stunt by liberal activist. @ChuckRossDC: lib donor blasts David Brock for leading neoliberal Wall St. campaign to suppress rising progressive populism. when Trump bailed on '16 @CPAC speech b/c he objected to demand he answer questions onstage from a journo?, in puzzling aside, says @NRA execs, who are featured at every @CPAC, weren't "on the list," & that "it's lucky I thought about" them. @AndreaChalupa please read the story more carefully before your next mischaracterization @KennethBaer antisemitism, obviouslyIs Trump saying something about @CPAC crowd? "It's time for all Americans to get off welfare & get back to work. You're going to love it!" @AndreaChalupa take a look at what else was released in this hack & then tell me again if you think he "set up hack of his own child."Trump, today at @CPAC: "Obamacare covers very few people" @USCBO, in March '16: 22M people have coverage b/c of ACA, on his takeover of the GOP: "I'm here today to tell you what this movement means for the future of the Republican Party & … America."Trump, at @CPAC, on the media "it doesn't represent the people. It never will represent the people. & we're going to do something about it."
But they totally get along great & there's no tension in the WH at all! Any stories suggesting otherwise are just… apparent effort to blackmail @PaulManafort demonstrates how Russia ties could be used to compromise Trump's team @CPAC, @mike_pence reprised his role as Trump's translator to conservatives. does a toy chest hold a refugee story?
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelManafort's Russia-linked protege has a plan to bring Yanukovych back to Ukraine; says Manafort "will be back" too. @ChristopherJM @AndrewKramerNYT not buying that. if you read the story, you could have answered the question yourself. @ChristopherJM @AndrewKramerNYT maybe read the story before inaccurately smearing us. @OliverBullough you should re-read our descriptions of the emails before you accuse us of mischaracterizing them. @OliverBullough re-read that part @Leshchenkos @olliecarroll @nharpermn I think we included an appropriate level of skepticism about the details.The Obamas' new hood is great for dog-walking (& locally sourced grocery shopping), I can personally attest. out, there was quite a story behind my childhood toy chest, as my dad @VogelMorris recounts here.… only did 2 Politico reporters contact you for this story, but you are quoted in it. Maybe you'd like to revise… Thomas' wife Ginni Thomas, who hosted @CPAC Sharia law conspiracy panel, started tea party org that got $5… Trump, who bashed major donors constantly during campaign, is headed to Fla retreat next wk to huddle w them.’s man in Kiev - POLITICO @kenvogel ON IT.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelManafort didn't "make this claim" re: blackmail attempt. It was revealed in dump of hacked communications from his… day in @Patrick_C_Reis twitter
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNothing to stop @HillaryClinton from hitting the paid circuit HARD now. @PaulManafort faced blackmail attempt over alleged brokering of 2012 mtg b/t Trump & Ukrainian pol, per hack…
The Trump Foundation also donated $5k in 2010 to a tea party non-profit founded by the wife of SCOTUS Justice Clare… was a contestant's chosen charity on the Celeb Apprentice. @realDonaldTrump promised the gift as part of th…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @feedmedrinkme yesTrump Foundation, 2012: gives $20k to LGBTQ student org @GLSEN Trump administration, 2017: rescinds transgender stu… behind the Russian-intelligence-linked operative who briefed Manafort regularly during Trump's campaign——> @davidbrockdc becomes co-chair of state political org, setting stage for potential clash w new @BarackObama org Trump campaign, a Ukrainian operative believed to have Russian intel ties briefed Manafort "every couple mos"
@MitchMcConell those groups (which weren't PACs) helped organize protests, just as CODEPINK, MoveOn, DFA, etc, are helping organize these. @JayCaruso it appears he will be. mea culpa. deleted and re-posted sans trump mention..@CPAC may not have Milo, but it will have Ken Bone and his viral red debate sweater --> @indivisibledyt @indivisibleden i'd argue yesFLASHBACK: Trump backed out of @CPAC 2016 after ACU insisted he answer Qs from a reporter onstage after his speech. @indivisibledyt @indivisibleden but there is MoveOn, DFA, CODEPINK, etcThis mirrors Dem critique of tea party. Both miss the pt. People turn out for protests b/c they're pissed. Not b/c…
@HnstyNgov yeah, again, we reported all that first.thx for the encouragement to keep digging, but i'm the reason you know about mercers & cambridge in the 1st place.…'s dissertation ripped military for failing to challenge LBJ over Vietnam. So, will he stand up to Trump? Discussing next w/ @greta.Data company linked to Steve Bannon & Trump donor Bob Mercer wins $500k @StateDept contract; pitching other agencies score from Mar-A-Lago speakers in background make this NSA announcement extra classy. Trump just announced that Army strategist Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will be his new National Security Advisor.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTrump, whose foundation donated to @CPAC when he was trying to boost political profile, will speak to CPAC as POTUS. discussed Russia oppo dossier with @PaulManafort (who is featured prominently in the document), per the @WSJ. eyeing infrastructure venture *probably coincidence that Trump plans to spend $1 TRILLION on infrastructure statement rescinding Milo Yiannopoulos's invitation to speak at @CPAC "due to the revelation of an offensive vi… will be disinvited from #CPAC, I've just been told.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe Russian ambassador to the UN died in NYC today at age 64; The Russian gov't provided no details on circumstances stores open at 10AM for brunch, we'll see you shortly!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBut will they do anything about it? RT @kenvogel: ACU board members not happy with Milo invitation to @CPAC --->
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel
ACU board members not happy with Milo invitation to @CPAC ---> #SuttonPlace #Homeland"The biggest intelligence failure since 9/11 was our failure to understand Putin's plans and intentions"--@DevinNunes on @FaceTheNation.