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Seth Rich didn’t have access to DNC, @DCCC, @johnpodesta or @HillaryClinton emails. That simply wasn’t his job. from the Freedom of the Press Awards Dinner in NYC: Jeff Bezos is giving $1 million to @RCFP to support legal…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTrump attys filed brief today arguing he had a 1st Amendment right to kick out protesters. Here's hypothetical they… News retracts story on Seth Rich murder investigation.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBreaking scoop from @katiedjennings: MacArthur resigns as co-chairman of 'clearly divided' Tuesday Group
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe important work of golf must go on. @abeaujon don't let anyone question your commitment to this important line of reporting. #FollowTheSnacksFEC may expand investigation on Trump-Russia coordination to probe if Russia bought ads to influence 2016 election…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelI don't see the line item for @FEC's Trump/Russia investigation. Flynn's son, who pushed #PizzaGate conspiracy theories, now promoting #SethRich conspiracy theories--> @IsaacDovere @politico @washingtonian the struggle is realATTENTION SUBSTANTIVE-CALORIE CRAVING POLITICO EMPLOYEES: @IsaacDovere @politico @washingtonian to be fair, you are easily rocked @politico *Tho the URL suggests someone at @washingtonian saw the post as cheeky: "snack-controversy-rocks-politico… is a 485-word post examining (apparently unironically) whether @Politico's free snacks are just empty calories. @jgobble no. read the story.If Russian $ paid to boost anti-Hillary posts or place ads on @facebook, that could violate federal election laws. guess it was only a matter of time: Trump's Russian Ties. Spring collection available now for $40 each.… "is possibly the single most important campaign finance investigation in the @FEC’s entire history."'s Dems & GOPers don't agree often, but in Oct. they unanimously agreed to prioritize inquiries into foreign $. FRONT: The @FEC is investigating alleged Russian spending, & coordination with Trump team, in 2016 election. '17 @Harvard grads who said '16 election changed their plans, 37% eyed US gov't jobs but opted not to pursue.
POTUS looking to 1st campaign mgr Corey Lewandowski and deputy campaign mgr Dave Bossie to help contain scandals -
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIsraeli perspective: "I don't think anyone can fix what's wrong here, but Trump is so weird he might have something"
Trump has unwittingly become a player in the jockeying between the two Saudi princes vying to become the next King. be a mistake. I did control+F for "Radical Islamic Terrorism" & couldn't find it in the transcript., they couldn't find a good trail in New Hampshire (or, even better, Iowa)? Rex Tillerson is holding a press briefing in Riyadh right now. No American reporters are there because none of us were notified.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"None of it makes sense. That means we're never going to stop hearing about it" — @daveweigel on #SethRich theories.
@teddyboylocsin if you think the long tie is weird, what do you think of the scotch tape on the back of it? @NatalieGBorden @teddyboylocsin i don't know. i've gotten quite a bit of push-back on it, and subsequently posted this:, asked by House Intel about his Trump & Russia work, says he & POTUS last discussed Russia in 2013., looking preoccupied (or maybe just watching his step). quite the truck cab look, but close... look on Trump's face while handling this sword---> @GlensGardenMkt "If your ego is getting in the way of making the pivot necessary for your business to thrive, check… you served in the Obama admin & are now criticizing Trump for sucking up to Saudi & ignoring human rights, you need to slow your roll.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@GlensGardenMkt operates under a no-food-waste mandate: "If we don't sell it, we re-purpose it…or we donate it." & I looked at what's happening on the frontlines of Trump's deregulation push. It took us to Wyoming
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @Kashifian Trump had to travel to someone else’s kingdom to get the respect he has always craved.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @iyad_elbaghdadi @Kashifian @KFILE thanks, Obama, for making Trump courtsy here!, Obama, for making Trump bow here! filming in Dupont Circle for upcoming @AudienceNetwork TV series "Condor." Scene seems to involve a lot of rea… was criticized in March for cozying up to Saudi prince MBS, who's vying for throne. Today, he met w/ MBS's ri…' convictions—& Fox's—stem from resentments; core principle (& biz model) was hating the left @BretStephensNYT: of 👍 as a rude gesture is based on protocol guide distributed to US reporters on trip, but several… & gentlemen, I present the 1st diplomatic faux pas of Trump's foreign trip (👍=rude gesture in Saudi Arabia). than 2 years after this tweet, Mrs. Trump and his daughter deplaned without headscarves in Saudi Arabia
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDon't play favorites among the princes vying to become the next King of Saudi Arabia (oops, Trump already did that)…
I can confirm the drinking & emotional management issues, but I gotta quibble with the low-functioning finding here. @Spliffanys nah, i think i'll leave it up there. but thanks for the advice, breakfast."They're very unpopular with most people. Look at all the people on the Dem side, not only the GOP side, saying ter… @Fran_Neena20409 yeah, notsomuchIt's like Trump & his team WANT to be secretive, they're just REALLY bad at it. Everything (big & small)just spills out, almost in real timeTrump has inadvertently delivered something Obama promised, but failed at: The Most Transparent Administration Ever. blame all you people who were tweeting about 30 mins ago that this was a rare slow news day.OMG! Trump told Russians that Comey "was crazy, a real nut job,” & firing him had relieved “great pressure” on POTUS“While I'm gone, I hope America can see its way clear to letting this Russia thing go.” you're considering bringing Lewandowski into WH to "bring order," you're doing it wrong. That & more on Nerdcast. COUNSELS & SPECIAL ELECTIONS w/ @PoliticoScott @PoliticoCharlie @elianayjohnson @kenvogel @elianayjohnson
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThis could violate laws barring foreign $ in elections, except @FEC has largely exempted online spending from regs. words: Avocado toast.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelComey was disgusted by Trump's hug, which he saw as an attempt to compromise him by showing closeness to POTUS. loves division, except when he's the one under attack. Then he goes all kumba-do-what-I-say, per @IsaacDovere. leaders set to meet with Trump are being advised to treat him like a parent handling a volatile ADHD child.… does Trump keep talking w/Gen Flynn who's under FBI investigation? @kenvogel & I joined @Lawrence @TheLastWord
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel
Maybe you could produce the tape, Dan... did Trump stick with @GenFlynn despite being warned & why are they still in touch? Discussing next on @MSNBC with @Indira_L & @Lawrence..@kenvogel - "The FBI is going to face some pressure to ultimately charge someone for something."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTrump has told people he'd like to bring Flynn back into the WH if the @FBI investigation is resolved in his favor. Kochs are launching multi-million-$ campaign to boost Trump's tax reform. Rare outside help for embattled POTUS. @evan7257 @JoeLieberman @FBI c'mon!.@JoeLieberman would be "an unorthodox" choice for @FBI director. Or would he be the MOST orthodox choice? suggests to @NBCNews that DoJ appointed special prosecutor to give Hillary cover for having lost. "That's all… @TheOnion --->