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@jooltman @SkaddenArps ah, gotcha. @jooltman @SkaddenArps she was an associateManafort's daughter worked at @SkaddenArps when firm released report "whitewashing" record of his pro-Russia client. shopping is more fun when a scavenger hunt is involved! #UncensoredDC @GlensGardenMkt @dcpl @dcpl_literati
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSome WH staff complain that Kelly is stifling creativity & spontaneity (b/c those have produced such great results?) aide (suspected of Russian intel ties): "Is there any violation of the law or proof of my work for KGB...?"'s deputy offers lukewarm defense of Manafort's work in former Soviet countries: "No one can be 100% clean."
STILL FLYING — The day after POLITICO’s investigation broke, Price took another charter jet.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelI'm from Alabama................
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel59th Street Bridge into Queens. Lewandowski, who still insists he's not a lobbyist, promised the Azerbaijani president a meeting with Trump., SUCH a corporate move. Rather than taking a potentially unpopular action, hire a consultant & form a committee to tell you to do it.These moves come after criticism of @NewAmerica for firing a critic of top donor @google, which we revealed here:… @NewAmerica hires a consultant & forms a cmte to help it figure out how to engage with donors who its scholars intend to criticize.
All @NABJSTUDENTS and @NAHJstudents: Applications are now open for @nyt_institute!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelConflict? @SkaddenArps reps lobbying firm facing Mueller scrutiny (Mercury), while Skadden faces related scrutiny. returned $567k to Ukraine—half of $ it was paid to vouch for Russia-aligned gov't repped by Manafort. Feds question law firm that Manafort recruited to “whitewash” record of Russia-aligned Ukrainian president. Black employees of @BLTPrime in @TrumpDC hotel say they were discriminated against by other staff & guests. the gang back together ---> working for Kurds w dude who squired Kislyak around RNC: Phil Griffin. Also worked together for Yanukovych.
@rhonda_wolfson thx! tho my wife is not happy I missed dinner 😐Talking Paul Manafort & the Kurds (maybe w/ some Konstantin Kilimnik thrown in) w/ @maddow next on @MSNBC. What better way to ring in 5778? @ShaneGoldmacher @jdawsey1 Ginsberg is at @JonesDay, McGahn's old firm, & has been handling document production to Mueller for campaign.CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP. Paul Manafort edition. of the things that got Manafort in trouble was not disclosing foreign work. But he's STILL not FARA registering. isn't letting a little @FBI investigation stop him from collecting foreign $ from interests opposed by US. Manafort, struggling to pay legal bills, quietly working for Kurdish independence referendum opposed by U.S. Kilimnik, who emailed Manafort about briefing Russian oligarch, had background in Russian military intel. Kilimnik, who emailed with Manafort about briefing Russian oligarch, was known as "the guy from the GRU." is doing what traditional prez candidates do 2 years out Bernie is not bowing to convention My story>
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Trump, who doesn't drink, raises a glass & toasts "the great, great potential of the UN." 🍷 of @BostonGlobe is joining the @nytimes as a general assignment reporter in Metro…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @moocowpup @CoolChange9 @BLTSteakDC possible, but almost certainly not the caseNEW DEETS from @BLTSteakDC: Trump very upset w/ aide, per Cobb:“I’m trying to get @POTUS not to pick a fight w/ her” could be the next big thing! I got the Cobb-Dowd @BLTSteakDC scoop, including shooing away @nytimes colleagues who unwittingly interrupted. listen: @kenvogel describes when he realized Trump's lawyers were dishing about the Mueller probe over lunch:
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNot only was Cobb discussing the Russia investigation in earshot of @kenvogel, but people like @maggieNYT came up and talked to Ken during.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThink the @FEC can police Russian meddling? Its policies refer to fax machines & teletypes; barely mention @facebook
This is a great reaction to @BresPolitico following @kenvogel and Vogel claiming he's finally arrived
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDog training, hormone testing & lottery ads. @jsidman & @RobBrunnerDC eavesdrop on today's lunches at @BLTSteakDC. @Milbank @PeterAlexander @BLTSteakDC I always tell myself I'm not going to eat the popover, but ... it's ... just ... so ... goodTalking @BLTSteakDC lunches (great popovers!), Russia investigation & Ty Cobb vs Don McGahn next on @MSNBC with @PeterAlexander & @Milbank. @GlennThrush what about the irony of the only reporter louder than me pointing out the irony of me getting a story b/c someone is too loud? @mattiojelly good punTRUMP LOSING BUSINESS: 30 groups that had held events at Trump properties said they left because of Trump's politics Flynn's family started a legal defense fund to pay his mounting legal fees. Cobb thinks one of his colleagues on Russia defense team is a Don McGahn spy. Why the distrust? Discussing next on @CNN w @PoppyHarlowCNNGoing on @Morning_Joe @MSNBC in a minute to discuss Ty Cobb, John Dowd, @BLTSteakDC, Russia & (in)discretion.
@AdamParkhomenko the popover is like a meal unto itself @joshgerstein still sporting the same wardrobe from Rosslyn, or, as I like to call it, Venice on the Potomac.I have finally arrived. @joshgerstein clothes @EssexKIRO7 source lunch @iarnsdorf @joshgerstein which is why I'm always looking over my shoulderI had the tuna Niçoise salad, which is solid. 🥗Here's a photo of Ty Cobb & John Dowd casually & loudly discussing details of Russia investigation at @BLTSteakDC w… Cobb griped that McGahn is "being very conservative" re: producing doc'ts to Mueller. Two are "locked in a safe.” war within the Trump legal team. Great @nytimes story with a first @kenvogel @peterbakernyt byline.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDISSENT INSIDE TRUMP LEGAL TEAM: Ty Cobb complained that McGahn is withholding documents & has a spy on Cobb's team. Don McGahn scolded Ty Cobb for discussing Russia investigation at DC steakhouse, where @nytimes overheard it. you're entirely focused on telling off that driver for endangering your safety by encroaching on the crosswalk. = TOUCHDOWN! 🦅 🦅🦅's official: Breitbart's newest target in Trump WH is Marc Short. He has "history of opposing @POTUS & his agenda… Detroit's genre bending hip-hop acts the future of politics, @freep wonders in front page analysis, citing @icp strategist rips Steve Bannon as misguided: "half of what he does is damage his former client & friend." LITERALLY SCOFFS at @HillaryClinton's allegations that he didn't do enough to support her in the ge…
.@BarrySanders-esque. scoop required a grand jury stakeout & on-sight recognition of DOJ prosecutors. That's a @joshgerstein special. @lovemrpibb2 thx! You tooCookies & Cookie Dough at @icecreamjubilee on 14th St. 🍪 🍦 🍪 🍦 🍪 🍦 🍪 🍦's FEC nominee also seems to interpret Citizens United decision as a defense of anonymous speech. *it wasn't. called for "total transparency" in campaign $, but his FEC nominee says disclosing donors is a distraction. @DavidBegnaud so-calledTRANSPARENCY: Congress exempted itself from FOIA. Now it wants to block agencies covered by FOIA from disclosure.
Feinstein and Grassley agreed to subpoena Manafort once before. So it stands to reason she would do so again.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"retiring" am in the tank for Trump, alleges @GoodKnowledge7 in this insightful Twitter direct message.