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@politico. @GlensGardenMkt. philly sports. Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp:

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@mcbyrne penn fans should cherish association w big 5, which is the best thing penn bball has going, but go ahead & be a bball isolationist. @mcbyrne The Palestra was the home of Big 5 doubleheaders for years: Temple, Nova, La Salle, St. Joes &, yes, Penn.The #Palestra is such a great place to watch basketball -- especially #Big5 matchups. (Go @TempleOwls!)
Gee, where does Congress get its money? @MarcACaputo @samjcharles i think i saw that episode of @SHO_Homeland @kenvogel He's still speaking, but said that election interference is not something the US should do anymore and didn't respond directly
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelGood question. How did Brennan answer? @Kredo0 scoop on @rhodes44 security clearance questions, though it's a bit late for the GOP long knives. about to announce @Greta's new show -- 6pm starting next Monday -- called "For The Record." Her Fox show was called "On The Record."
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelHoping you have @hootsuite posting these. Otherwise, that's some serious commitment to screaming., slacklining is not only a thing, but a life-saving skill. Quite a story of heroism from the Colo. slopes flurries in northern va!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMcCain, asked if there's any chance he'll back Tillerson. "Sure. There's also a realistic scenario that pigs fly." to @AriMelber: Ryan has proposed plans to replace #Obamacare but doesn't have buy-in from full conf.
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@CharlesPPierce @AusDebater Schiller took the protesters' sign. The protester tried to take it back. Schiller popped him. Protester is suingAnd the protester was trying to get the sign back when Schiller popped him. @LNSmithee schiller & trump attys agree that guy was a protester, that schiller took his sign & that guy was trying to get it back. #factsTrump, GOP Congress want to repeal & replace Obamacare. But w what? Discussing next on @TheLastWord w @AriMelber @anamariecox @GovHowardDeanGood @AliWatkins scoop on how FBI never examined DNC servers before saying hacks were Russia
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @ad_captandum schiller took his sign and the guy was trying to get it back, according to the protesters' lawsuit: Hiram Rhodes Revels, first African-American to sit in the US Senate, circa 1870. Photograph by Mathew Brady.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @zummo_paul @redsteeze yes, you're right, mute is better. fixed. @TPCarney that was @KeithSchiller45's argument. @redsteeze i linked a story about the scuffle/lawsuit, which includes the source documents, but don't let that get in the way. thx for chat. @nunesmaxwell read my stuff, then get back to me. in the meantime: blocked. @redsteeze he was protesting. schiller took his sign. he tried to take it back. schiller hit him. all in the filings. or just ignore context @redsteeze so that means i'm deflecting? @redsteeze i sent you the full affidavits reflecting the arguments of both parties in the case, so, no, not deflecting. @poppycockles could be self-defense. the courts will decide. @redsteeze you should tweet at schiller, then, because he admits in his affidavit to "striking the person with my open hand.” @NoahPollak here's the protester's characterization of the events: here's schiller's: @nunesmaxwell right, b/c the clinton operation doesn't deserve scrutiny. @redsteeze here's the protester's characterization of the events: here's schiller's:'s Trump's newly named Dir. of Oval Office Operations @KeithSchiller45 punching a protestor in the head in 2015… Schiller, now officially heading to the Trump WH, was one of the main subjects of this great @kenvogel story:
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTrump named his private security chief @KeithSchiller45, accused of roughing up protesters, as Oval Office Ops Dir.… voters split on Israeli settlements in West Bank & East Jerusalem 28% support 28% say it's illegal 44% don't know
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelOmg. Rep. Duncan Hunter spent $600 in campaign funds to fly his family rabbit
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelUndefeated in 2017 #TheProcess
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Fastest route from TLV->HNL? For Sheldon Adelson, it's a direct 18-hr flight aboard tricked-out private Airbus A340… is maintaining his own private security force, along with Secret Service protection. @kenvogel tells us more:
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDoes Trump have the political capital to push thru his agenda? Discussing soon on @hardball w @HardballChris @HeidiPrzybyla @carlsonmargaret @billkuchman i assume gold is involvedANOTHER big Trump announcement tonight: Official Trump-Pence Inauguration Pint Glass Set now available for just $25… is maintaining his own private security force, along with Secret Service protection. @kenvogel tells us more:…
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNot only does OCE fiasco show limits of GOP hegemony, but party's congressional majorities are narrower than Dems' at beginning of Obama eraIvanka & Jared moving into DC house that sold for $5.5M on 12/29. Unclear if they bought it, or will rent from buyer, from David Broder's 1966 exit memo after quitting the @nytimes, reads like it could have come from @spaydl's… is Trump still employing private security even tho he has @SecretService protection? Discussing next w/ @MeghnaWBUR on @hereandnow @NPR..@JoeNBC blames outrage over NYE Trump mtg on "increasingly disoriented press corps made vertiginous" by Trump win., in draft of today's floor speech*: "This will be an Accountability Congress." *presumably written before ethics-gutting voteIf you wouldn't mind finishing this sentence, so we can more effectively parse what it means for the republic (& th…, standing up for Office of Congressional Ethics? Trump selling access to himself? @kenvogel joined @allinwithchris + @AriMelber to discuss.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelhe's trying to do a cart wheel too!
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There are 124 homeless people for every 10k residents in DC -- more than twice the national avg. Stark @noahweiland: Mar-a-Lago become a way for special interests to pay for access to Trump? Discussing next with @AriMelber on @allinwithchris. Tune in! @MHinkelman yeah, i broke that story: on the meatball drop! Worth the click. —who told me Sat. that he wasn't seeking publicity over run-in w/ Trump—goes on @CNN to talk about it Kushner is "aggressively courting @netanyahu" to attend Trump's inauguration, & Bibi's considering it, per NYP Adelson celebrated Hanuka in Tel Aviv w kids participating in @birthright program to which he's given $250M… David Koch had dinner at Mar-a-Lago 12/21, Trump complained to him about Koch operation sitting out 2016 race. thought it was "time for our country to move on to bigger and better things."
I see we've already gotten to the pt. where people are using the term "fake news" to dismiss stories they don't lik… @djunderh2o good way to end a disappointing seasonPresident-elect is posing with motorcycle officers before boarding plane
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNow that's the Mark Sanchez I remember.'d watch a montage of all the inexcusable drops by @Eagles receivers this season. Both to torture myself & so I feel better about Wentz. @ChrisMegerian @CharlesPPierce another great place to cover state politics, though not one where i've worked.True. Though I covered two mayoral tornadoes - Rudy & Marion Barry--and I will preach importance of city coverage
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @evanasmith full story from last night: Sacramento establishment has pumped hundreds of thousand$ into spreading lies about Ken Vogel. Don't be fooled. though it's a new year some things never change: F Dallas.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel @CharlesPPierce impressive;but for endemic state capitol corruption, read my ex-HBG newsrm colleague @BEBumsted's bk hoping to get a productive start to 2017, but my @eagles are the 1pm @NFLonFOX game. Thanks @fox5dc for the pro… @CharlesPPierce I'd take state houses in Pa. (where the legislative leaders go to jail) & Conn. (where mayors+governors go to jail) any day.not boring (or not in my experience), but unglamorous/low-paying, which is why so many journos try to skip those st…