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Darlene's crafting meetings might appear well-attended, but she has paid crocheters there.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @julian_dunn @OperableInc @markimbriaco Thanks!If you're looking for rock solid engineers and/or top notch UX design skills, pls hit me up. These folks won't be available long.Wow, y'all! I wasn't expecting so many supportive messages. Thank you!It's been a real pleasure to build Cog with the @OperableInc team. Going to recharge for a bit but I'll be back! :)We're sad to report that Operable is closing it doors. Thank you all for your support. Read more on our blog:
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @SeanTAllen Future wikipedia editor ;-)
Learning to code is an essential skill in the modern world. Here's a handy diagram showing you how to get started.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithWe’ve made it! Doom-sized web pages are now merely average.
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Can't wait to see @nbcsnl this week! #TrumpPressConference
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We made a browser extension that converts Trump’s Tweets into their rightful state: a child’s scribble. Download:…
Retweeted by Kevin Smith.dockeringore files are the container equivalent of "did you check DNS?" @moonpolysoft Was waiting for him to get door'd.When life hands you lemons read some Epictetus.
. @seancribbs Some days you diff the Merkle tree other days the Merkle tree diffs you.Is the WH is buying methane offset credits to counter-balance daily press briefings?Can we get Sean Spicer a Twitch stream? Would be AMAZING.Time for the daily WH press briefing also known as "the 1:00 dumpster fire".
The Python Click cli framework is nice. Added an interactive REPL to cogctl with just a few lines of code: Trump advisor Stephen Miller confirms it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithGood devops practices are indistinguishable from good tech and mgmt practices once the basics are addressed, imo.
Future executive order: All government software to be rewritten in Hoon, run on Nock, and deployed on Urbit?
Retweeted by Kevin SmithWelp. The hits just keep coming with our Muppet In Chief.
@SeanTAllen Similar feels here. "Oh that's a neat idea...except for all the front end stuff I need to re-learn." @SeanTAllen Once upon a time I used to build web UIs. Those days have long since passed, sadly. @hornbeck Noir Louise Belcher?Making up a fake massacre of American citizens to justify a ban of refugees and immigrants based on religion is not a little oopsie daisy.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @laserllama @AllThingsOpen That's a whole lot o' llama. Just sayin'
@geekubed At first glance I thought that was a bowl of pot. Not that it would be bad.... @obfuscurity Yo!
@geekubed I hope it doesn't have to be ;-) @geekubed But it would be cathartic :)Gotta quit watching these WH briefings live. Can't be good for my blood pressure. #ragestroke @old_sound @paulkrugman Yep. Poor choice of metaphor, imo. "Strongman despot" is just as accurate.
Why aren’t they asking about the travel ban?!?!This WH press conf is yet another basket of crazy.
Today’s small act of defiance - wore Obey’s “Ignite Activism” shirt thru RDU customsGreat visit to London. Too bad I had to reassure several ppl that I didn’t vote for and don’t agree w/Trump. What an embarrassment.
Make America Great Britain Again.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithWhite House press officer just told me off on the phone for laughing when they told me about not knowing British date formats were different
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @OwenJones84 @AbiWilks That’s a small hand. Just sayin’ @base10 Next week he’ll announce “National Burn Kittens & Puppies Day”. WTF.Feels like we’re edging closer to the “Darvaza gas crater” stage of Trump’s presidency. about a cuddly owl all wrapped up like a burrito?! #RaptorCenter #cuteanimaltweetoff
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @old_sound's "metaphors we compute by" talk is amazing. #monkigrasA million core RISC CPU.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithHRT speaking style still triggers visions of 1980's SoCal in me.Prairie dogs' tiny hands are great for digging themselves into holes. That's a good thing for prairie dogs. Not so…
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @darachennis OMG. I could use expose the REST API on MQTT over PCI-E. @darachennis Indeed! @darachennis No worries. I'm working on a Docker port to PIC32 ;-) @darachennis Is running Docker on IoT devices truly lightweight? ;-)Thinking of @old_sound with all the metaphors in the air this morning #monkigras @mccabeonfire I did :(
rt if you'd rather have non-stop Beyoncé concerts
Retweeted by Kevin SmithDo not read this interview if you value your sanity. @unixronin I've grown attached to my family :)Looking forward to re-entering the USA on Sunday.Monday: NC state senator compares brains of women marchers to "lard." Thursday: Lard arrives at senator's office.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithDear @SenateDems: This is Kirsten Gillibrand. She's the only one among you with the gonads to oppose Hair Führer.…
Retweeted by Kevin SmithReally inspiring talk about the work happening at @AndiamoHQ by @Samiya79 #monkigrasI really should try to drink more. 2 beers and I’m already pleasantly relaxed. #monkigrasThis.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @monkchips But what is time really?Big thanks to #monkigras for the warm reception. Smart people, good talks, and great atmosphere.
Now that the various agencies have been given the hush order, time to file FOIA requests:
Retweeted by Kevin Smithcc @jeffiel
Retweeted by Kevin SmithBritish crew and German YouTuber filming in hotel lobby. Feels like a scene from a @GreatDismal novel.
@dpp @monkchips @JamieDobson @monadic Sounds good. Give me a landmark to aim for, though. Not terribly familiar w/Shoreditch. @monkchips @JamieDobson @monadic @dpp citizen MYup. Jet lag is still not fun.Hello London! /cc @JamieDobson @monadic @monkchips
3 hours until I leave for Monki Gras! Super excited :D
Behold the death throes of democracy.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithProud of ACM SIGMOD for making the hard choice to boycott NC this year. Science doesn’t discriminate.
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💖👌 Today is a big day at Slack. Threads are launching!
Retweeted by Kevin Smith @SeanTAllen Post modern opsRethinkDB's retrospective resonates with me as a veteran of the early NoSQL days:
@old_sound Sounds like a Black Mirror episode.....