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A Kid Reporters view from inside the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia --> #demsinphilly"8-bit [video] games have been coming back over the years" says @nvmusa co-founder Reporter Lilian Jochmann spoke w/ Convention volunteers, political reporters, governors & more at the #RNCinCLE
Amazing! This family of 14 is also a band >> @TheWillisClan #DemConvention ended yesterday. Don't miss this inside look from Kid Reporter Maxwell Surprenant! --> out our Kid Reporter's coverage of the Nickelodeon #KidsChoiceSports Awards: @mom2isabela Hi Iryna! You can view all the kids' stories on Kid’s view of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia --> #DemsinPhilly you excited for Harry Potter & the #cursedchild? Then you'll love this @Scholastic #mugglemob >>"I watched #FullHouse every night before I went to bed while filming Season 1" - @FullerHouse's Michael Campion
That's a wrap for the #DemConvention! 🎈 "America is great because America is good." #DemsInPhillyClinton: "Tonight we've reached a milestone... the first time a major party has nominated a woman for president"
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress"No one gets through life alone. We have to look out for each other." -@HillaryClinton #DemsInPhilly's Niece is the cute girl on the end! Yay for young journalists #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress.@ChelseaClinton: "I loved that my parents expected me to have opinions & back them up w/facts" #DemsInPhillyHello @emmaroller! Check out her story about Kid Reporters covering the campaign trail --> I'm all nostalgia thanks to @SuzanneMcCabe1 @kylegoo & the kids from @KidsPress. What wonderful memories!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressKid Reporters scope out the scene inside the convention hall! #DemsInPhilly're live on Snapchat! Follow our Kid Reporters inside the #DemConventionΒ  >> ScholasticInc πŸ‘» @darrylcobb Thanks Darryl! It was great to meet you as well πŸ‘‹πŸ“Έ Guess who our Kid Reporter met at #DemConvention --> @JoyVBehar! #DemsInPhilly am such a fan of @KidsPress' work! Go Adedayo & Maxwell! Word to @olugbemisola!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThe final day of #DemConvention in Philadelphia is here! Stay tuned for more Kid Reporter updates. @ScholasticNews @KidsPress young journalists @#DNCinPHL:12yo Maxwell Surprenant (Brooklyn)&Adedayo Perkovich(Boston)
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWATCH: Two of our Kid Reporters behind-the-scenes at the #RNCinCLE --> #Election2016 do @TheWillisClan do when they're not on tour or recording songs? Find out here: met the amazing Adedayo of @KidsPress! Very impressive young girl doing big work at #DemConvention! #PhotoByDC
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWhat does it take to be a super athlete? Stars at the @NickelodeonTV #KidsChoiceSports Awards answer:
"Thank you for this incredible journey" -President @BarackObama #DemConvention't miss out >> Our Kid Reporters are getting the inside scoop at the #DemConvention this week! πŸ“ now --> @timkaine: "I humbly accept my nomination for VP of the United States" #DemsInPhilly.@chrislhayes -- so amazing for Maxwell Surprenant @KidsPress to get tips from a pro. Thank you! #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThis right here is how our future gets better- young people willing to ask hard questions! @KidsPress
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressVice President Joe Biden is in the house--and so is @KidsPress #journojobs #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress.@JoeBiden: "The 21st century is going to be the American century" #DemConvention I hope @HillaryClinton will ensure that our young people receive the best education #DemsinPhilly @KidsPress @NEAToday U GO GIRLS #girlpower
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressMeet 15 y.o. Emily Madden - She's at the #DemConvention advocating for women's rights! @NEAToday Reporter Adedayo interviews @fkoroma, asking her advice for young journalists #DemsInPhilly Philadelphia! Our Kid Reporters Adedayo & Maxwell are here covering the #DemsInPhilly Convention πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Ss rock! Check out seventh-grader, Lilian Jochmann, who reported from the RNC for Scholastic News! #usmfac
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress.@Fullerhouse's Michael Campion on acting, hobbies & TV shows: Reporter Kyra O'Connor met NBC News's @KellyO, CNN's @andersoncooper & more at #RNCinCLE gets readers excited for #cursedchild with a NYC flashmob! #hpscriptbook
β€œI see in his eyes a man who truly loves his country" says @realdonaldtrump's son about his father #teacheelection16BREAKING: Hillary Clinton becomes first female nominee of a major U.S. political party
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressICYMI: 300+ people celebrated Harry Potter and the #CursedChild at @Scholastic HQ in NYC picks Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as running mate.
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressRep. John Lewis seconds the nomination of Hillary Clinton as Democratic party candidate for president
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressHow have video games evolved over time? This museum lets you see for yourself: Reporter Ryan interviews @NyleDiMarco on the red carpet! (Pioneer Press: Ginger Pinson) can YOU help reduce ocean pollution? A @WashedAshoreArt artist offers some tips:'t be more proud of our @kidspress Kid Reporters! Check out their #RNCinCLE coverage:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWATCH: Our Kid Reporter interviewed poet @kwamealexander at #ILA16!
FLOTUS: This election is about who will the have power to shape our children for the next 4-8 years of their lives
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWhat's it like to be in a #HarryPotter reading flashmob?! Our Kid Reporter shares: the #RNCinCLE, our Kid Reporter got tips from pro journalists @KellyO & Carl Bernstein Kid Reporters Adedayo Perkovich & Maxwell Surprenant are headed to the #DemConvention this week in Philadelphia! @kwamealexander on his childhood reading habits & more: inside look at the #GOPconvention with our Kid Reporters >> museum for video games? @nvmusa in TX has made this a reality! makes "beautiful & horrifying" sculptures out of trash found on beaches: @kwamealexander"[Poetry] allows us to process the world in a very beautiful & digestible way"
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.@kwamealexander "[Poetry] allows us to process the world in a very beautiful & digestible way" went on at the #RNCinCLE? Our Kid Reporter gets the scoop: IN: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThis week in NYC, #HarryPotter fans stopped traffic with a flash mob! Check it out: there's an estimated 315 billion pounds of plastic trash in our oceans? @WashedAshoreArt aims to help @JakeTurx we'll see you there!Here is Kid Reporter Lilian Jochmann at the #RNCinCLE. Look for @KidsPress again this week at the #DNCinPHL.
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressAccording to a recent study, 91% of children in the US (ages 2-17) play video games
.@WashedAshoreArt raises awareness of ocean pollution in a unique but powerful way: @kwamealexander offers advice to kids who want to make a difference >>"The best part is to just be here at the convention" said a 19-year old volunteer at the #RNCinCLE flash mob at @Scholastic HQ in NYC celebrated a new Harry Potter story #mugglemob's it like to cover #GOPconvention as a Kid Reporter? Scroll down for @nytimes story: Kid Reporter traveled to Frisco, TX, to learn about the history of video games Clinton has finally revealed her VP pick: Sen. Tim Kaine. Learn more about him:
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Does your kid want to be in the Room Where it Happens? Have them apply to be a Kid Reporter our Kid Reporters are covering #GOPconvention in Cleveland: @emmarollerβ€œOur party is united & strong" - NH gov @Maggie_Hassan on the Democratic party: Reporter Ryan Stoltz @kidspress talks w/ the legendary @holyfield at the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala in MN.
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressHow can you help reduce ocean pollution? A @WashedAshoreArt artist offers some tips: @kwamealexander: why we should read about different kinds of people & more >> Kid Reporters are busy covering #election2016! Scroll down for @nytimes story: #RNCinCLE @redwoodgal73 Thanks Marie!That's a wrap for the #RNCinCLE! Next stop: The Democratic Convention in Philadelphia
The #GOPconvention grand finale #RNCinCLE 🎈 O'Connor @KidsPress is hard at work as Donald Trump addresses boisterous Republican delegates. #gopconvention
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress.@realDonaldTrump: "I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for President of the United States" #RNCinCLE #GOPconvention"I never hypnotized my principal. I wish I had," says #CaptainUnderpants author Dav Pilkey does @rolandsmartin want @realDonaldTrump to do tonight? Give specifics on the econ & social justice #RNCinCLE's it like to cover #RNCinCLE as a Kid Reporter? Scroll down for full @nytimes story: Kid Reporter got the inside scoop at the #GOPconvention. Take a look: @Nightline anchor Ted Koppel to Kid Reporter: Read everything you can & stay informed on the issues #RNCinCLE"When I was their age, I didn’t even care about politics," the 15-year-old reporter tells @emmaroller
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressHow are kid reporters covering #RNCinCLE? Scroll down to read @emmaroller's story:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressHot off the press! How Kid Reporters are covering the #GOPConvention--> @emmaroller @nytimes 4 of the #GOPconvention is here! We are prepped and ready with all of the Kid Reporter essentials πŸ‘