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Don't miss any Scholastic News Kids Press Corps stories! Stay up to date here: @AIMenken discusses songs from #BeautyAndTheBeast! Mon, Trump & Clinton clashed over the issues. Our Kid Reporter talked to Hofstra students to get the inside scoo… about the wild horses that live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina:
Have you already seen our exclusive interview with @JayLeno? -->’ve got incredible momentum” - independent presidential candidate @Evan_McMullin, on his campaign Kid Reporter traveled to Hofstra to cover the first presidential debate! Check out her full story:… Kid Reporter attended a special event celebrating the 25th anniversary of #BeautyAndTheBeast!…
The cast of @StorksTheMovie discusses their own blindspots >> #STORKS inside look at last night's presidential debate with 12-year-old Kid Reporter Adedayo Perkovich -->…! An exclusive interview with @JayLeno --> night was the most-watched debate in American history: 🇺🇸
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressMake sure to brush up on your #Election2016 coverage before election day: @SilSterinPensel Thank you for sharing Silvina! Hope you had a great time at the debate!Me topé ayer c esta pequeña gran reportera Adedayo Perkovich,12,d raíces nigerianas,jamaiquinas y croatas.Sus notas…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressModel & activist @georgiebadiel offers advice to girls: “Work hard. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dream" @MissCurtis5th Thanks Carrie!!
I think this was def the best thing to come out of the #debate2016 tonight. @KidsPress
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressHello @JoshEiniger7! Our Kid Reporter Adedayo asked the @ABC7News reporter about the impact of social media on the… first presidential debate has come to a close! Next stop: Longwood, VA! #debates (snapchat: scholasticinc 👻) presidential candidate @Evan_McMullin explains why he decided to run:"I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. I have a winning temperament." -Trump
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress"Get out there and vote like your future depends on it... because I think it does," says @HillaryClinton #Debates2016.@realDonaldTrump: "I am going to make America great again. If [Hillary Clinton] wins, I will absolutely support her.".@HillaryClinton: "I intend to be a leader...who will stand up to bullies both here and abroad." #Debates2016"You know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And that's a good thing."
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressTHE KID IN ACTION!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressLots of excitement at Hofstra University ahead of the debate. @KidsPress is talking to voters. #debate2016
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressIt's almost time! 🤗 #HofDebate16 #Hofstra
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress"Voting is your duty as an American! Even one vote can make a difference," explains a Hofstra student #hofdebate16 y.o. Hofstra student: "I am excited to see Trumps responses to tonight's questions and hear Hillary's stance" #Debates2016 #HofDebate16.@HofstraU students share their 2016 election picks ahead of the #HofDebate16. See more student profiles:…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressMedia exec @lancegould from @HuffingtonPost: "In this election, people come for the fireworks, stay for the policy"… student: "This debate is a great way to showcase the candidates!" #Debates2016 #HofDebate16're live on Snapchat at the Hofstra presidential debate! Follow all the action here: ScholasticInc 👻 #Debates2016's 90-minute debate will be broken into 6 15-minute "pods;" Clinton will be stage left, Trump stage right.
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressCheck it out! Our Kid Reporter interviewed @KelseyGrammer, @AndySamberg & others from #STORKS! is the first presidential debate at @HofstraU in New York! Stay tuned for live updates from our Kid Reporter. #HofDebate16
How did wild horses come to live on North Carolina’s Outer Banks? Find out here: kids across the country have a chance to pick who THEY want to be president: #TeachElection16#TheWaterPrincess aims to raise awareness about the lack of water in Burkina Faso, Africa: @georgiebadielDon't miss the first 2016 presidential debate! Here's how to watch: #Debates2016
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@KidsPress interviewing @AllisterChang about Libraries without Borders great work! #NatBookFest @LWBontheweb
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress#Throwback to when our Kid Reporter interviewed child actress @IAMQUVENZHANE >> independent presidential candidate @Evan_McMullin --> Kid Reporter learns about the Colonial Spanish Mustangs that live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina:
What is International #DotDay? Find out here & #makeyourmark! Our Kid Reporter met the World's Biggest Afro record-holder at the @GWR offices:'s @KidsPress reviewed THE WATER PRINCESS and loved it! Have you read this meaningful book yet?
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress @PinkLockerMom Can't wait to read his application!!Boy asks Pres. Obama to bring Omran to his home: "We will be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers and balloons.…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressReady for the presidential debates?! We're talking #election2016 w/ our @KidsPress Kid Reporters: #election2016
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWhat are some of the myths the cast of #STORKS used to believe in @storksthemovie
Interviews with @sethmeyers, @tonyblairoffice, @kwamealexander & more right here: discusses marriage, comedy & denim: call for @KidsPress Kid Reporters! Applications are due TOMORROW, 9/23! -->
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThe @Scholastic Student Vote allows kids to have their voices heard. Polls are open! Writers(Age 10-14)Start your application and Apply to write for @Scholastic's @KidsPress Corps by 9/23:
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JUST IN: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump ahead of first debate, according to new NBC News/WSJ poll…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressMeet the world's most tattooed senior citizens --> #GWR2017 favorite interview so far:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressOur Kid Reporter interviewed the cast of #STORKS including @AndySamberg & @KelseyGrammer!
.@jayleno offers advice to amateur comedians: “You never put your personal opinion ahead of the joke" Reporter applications are pouring in! Spread the word: Friday is the last day for kids ages 10-14 to apply -->… @KidsPress Great work Joshua, thanks very much for coming to meet our record holders! #GWR2017
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWow! Check out interviews w/@GWR record holders including the most tattooed senior citizens @KidsPress Kid Reporter talks with the stars and creators of #Storks, a new 3-D animated film…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressClemyjontri Park in VA is a place where EVERY child, even those with disabilities, can play @fairfaxparks
Last call for @KidsPress Kid Reporters! Applications are due THIS FRIDAY, 9/23! -->
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressICYMI: Kid Reporter Maxwell covered the #USOPEN! speaks to Kid Reporter Ryan about being a comedian, marriage & more >> Toughness and resiliency of New York and New Jersey "makes me so proud to be an American"
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressMeet the most prolific record holder of #GWR2017 >> @GWR
"If you're constantly writing & you love it, then keep writing, keep drawing" - author & illustrator @smagoon “If you’re not working at it, you’re not getting better at what you do" reporter Tom Rinaldi offers reporting tips: "Be curious, be a listener & be prepared” Rahman is STRONG 💪💪💪 He benched 683 lbs to become the strongest Paralympian EVER.
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Our Kid Reporter snagged an interview with some of the zaniest #GWR2017 record holders: Park in in McLean, VA includes ramps, rubber surfaces for wheelchairs & more to accommodate ALL kids: