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Several @annefrankhouse visitors were moved to tears during their visit >> quarterback @DangeRussWilson learns about his heritage: happened to #Cecil the lion's cubs after his death? Find out here --> you seen #TheJungle Book yet? Read our Kid Reporter's interview with the star: Our Kid Reporter interviews @TheTimMcGraw #Stayhumbleandkind
@christinekohle1 Thanks Christine! We couldn't agree more!#Throwback to when our Kid Reporter got an inside look at @SoRmusical on #Broadway!'s original diary & more at the @annefrankhouse in Amsterdam "I want to encourage others to find out more about their heritage" you read our Kid Reporter's interview with #CaptainAmericaCivilWar's @AnthonyMackie yet? Check it out: News Kid Reporters report on "news for kids, by kids." Here's how to join: a kid with a nose for news? @KidsPress is looking for 2016-2017 Kid Reporters! ->
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressDYK Jericho the lion protected #CeciltheLion's cubs after his death? >>
Our Kid Reporter visits the @annefrankhouse in Amsterdam: @HenryLouisGates helped quarterback @DangeRussWilson trace his lineage back to 582 AD! "#Cecil’s story shows us how vulnerable even the King of the Beasts is at the hands of man"
The @annefrankhouse in Amsterdam allows visitors to experience life during the Holocaust MN residents pay tribute to #Prince you know a kid with a nose for news? Here's how they can apply to become a Kid Reporter: bittersweet story of #CeciltheLion:'t miss out! Keep up withthe latest Kids Press news coverage here: @Seahawks quarterback @DangeRussWilson traces his roots >> you want to give your kid the opportunity of a lifetime, encourage them to apply!
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“This is a dream job" says @amhistorymuseum curator Harry Rubenstein in learning how to code? Check out @GirlsWhoCode #GirlsDoCode a kid w/ a nose for news? @KidsPress is now accepting applications for #KidReporters!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressYoda Soda! Wookie Cookies! A library in PA had a real blast on #StarWarsDay >> @brentstapelkamp Thanks for sharing Brent!Cecil’s Pride: A nice piece written by Charlotte Fay, a young Reporter for Scholastic Kids. Thanks Charlotte
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress @JeffRenaud99 Awesome! We'll keep an eye out!We're now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps! up with Kids Press #election2016 coverage here: #journalism @JeffRenaud99 Hey Jeff! Yes, the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is open to all kids, anywhere, between the ages of 10-14.Have you seen #CaptainAmericaCivilWar yet? Our Kid Reporter Jeremy interviewed some of the cast & crew!
What?! President #Lincoln's watch had graffiti on it:“I view coding as similar to learning a language" says @GirlsWhoCode co-founder #GirlsDoCode the @annefrankhouse in Amsterdam helps keeps Anne's story alive: Kid Reporter Lilian interviewed country music star @TheTimMcGraw the word: We're looking for kids to join the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps! does actor @AnthonyMackie think are real heroes? Find out here -->
Ever wanted to see #Lincoln's top hat? Visit the @amhistorymuseum in DC! Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is now accepting applications! Learn more here: to code is like learning to "talk" to computers >> #GirlsDoCode Reporter Jeremy Hsiao sits down with the cast & crew of #CaptainAmericaCivil War! Take a look: @BNTribeca thanks for sharing the news!Live music, running & poetry - the @JJRamble race in MA has it all! Kid Reporter visited @annefrankhouse and saw #AnneFrank's original diary >> you know a kid with a nose for news? We are looking for 2016-17 Kid Reporters!
Woah! Graffiti on President Lincoln's pocket watch? Learn more: Soda, Wookie Cookies & pool noodle lightsaber duels on #StarWarsDay at the Bloomsburg Public Library! all kid reporters! The application process for the 2016-2017 @Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is now OPEN!
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress @LauraResau Thanks for sharing Laura!Big news! We are now accepting applications for the 2016-17 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps"What makes @GirlsWhoCode so special is the sisterhood" - Theresa Le, GWC instructor Our Kid Reporter talked to superhero Falcon @AnthonyMackie & others! things to watch in today's Kentucky and Oregon primaries @perrybaconjr reports
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressCatch up on all our Kids Press stories here -->
DYK women hold only 26% of all technology jobs? @GirlsWhoCode aims to fix that! Kid Reporter interviewed the cast & crew of #CaptainAmericaCivilWar. Are you #teamcap or #teamironman? is a race that honors writer #JamesJoyce. Our Kid Reporter spoke with runners: the @smithsonian collects rare treasures like Lincoln's top hat & Roosevelt's riding pants? @TheTimMcGraw discusses books, songwriting & more! >>’ve still got a few more primaries left this month; use our map to stay updated
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#DidYouKnow that Abraham Lincoln's pocket watch had secret messages inscribed inside it? Learn more >>"Progress doesn’t travel a straight line, but instead zigs and zags in fits and starts.” —@POTUS #RU250Grad
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressCoding is a language, just like French or Chinese! Our Kid Reporter interviewed the @GirlsWhoCode co-founder >> Kid Reporter sits down with the cast & crew of #CaptainAmericaCivilWar >> & children dress as their favorite #StarWars characters at a PA library on #StarWarsDay to learn how to code? @GirlsWhoCode has chapters in 29 states!
Our Kid Reporter talks to @AnthonyMackie and @ChrisEvans about #CaptainAmericaCivilWar to know a secret about #Lincoln's pocket watch? A @smithsonian curator spills all >>'s it like to be a 12 yo country singer/songwriter? @TeganMarieMusic explains: how a library in Pennsylvania went all-out for #StarWarsDay! >> aims to close the gender gap in STEM jobs. Learn how >>
Why are people so fascinated by superheroes? @CaptainAmerica director explains: month, 1300 runners participated in the 33rd @JJRamble - a race that involves poetry!"I think most people are born kind" says @TheTimMcGraw #stayhumbleandkind Teachers/people who do charity work "are the people we should admire & appreciate" for kid-friendly #election2016 news and info? Visit the @scholastic Election site!
.@KidsPress #KidReporter interviews cast & crew of @Marvel's #CaptainAmericaCivilWar:
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressWATCH: Our Kid Reporter interviewed @TheTimMcGraw! #stayhumbleandkind MN residents mourn the death of musician #Prince you seen #CaptainAmericaCivilWar yet? Our Kid Reporter Jeremy interviewed some of the cast & crew! Kid Reporter asks @TheTimMcGraw about the message behind his song #HumbleandKind
Do you love #running & #poetry? Then the @JJRamble is for you! about #Hawaii's endangered coral reefs & marine life --> "Kindness, like songwriting, is a craft that you work on every day to get better at" for kid-friendly #election2016 news & info? Visit the @scholastic Election site: you #teamcap or #teamironman? Jeremy talks to @CaptainAmerica's @AnthonyMackie & more!
What's it like to be a 12 yo country singer/songwriter? @TeganMarieMusic explains: it comes to science @POTUS says: "Age is no barrier" #WHScienceFairKids Press Exclusive: @TheTimMcGraw talks music, poetry & books #stayhumbleandkind Kid Reporter Jeremy interviews #TheJungleBook's Neel Sethi
.@POTUS: “Science is about passing the baton. You’re not always around to see the results.” #WHScienceFair up to date on our Kids Press #Election2016 coverage --> a week left to catch the #VigeeLeBrun exhibit at @metmuseum in NYC! reveals his favorite activities to do with his kids: our election website to keep your classroom up to date with the latest election news
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Last month 30,000 runners from 99 countries participated in the 120th #BostonMarathon "There's a kindness to most people that's innate" #stayhumbleandkind