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In Englewood, NJ 150 volunteers packaged 33,912 meals in the span of 4 hours on #MLKDay:
11yo Jodi Chow who makes rings & magnets, says @UltraKidsClub taught her "how to work well financially"…"I wanted to set an example for our younger youth" -Minnesota man on why he volunteered with @fmsc_org every day… students from Hoboken, NJ are painting murals around storm drains >>
#Throwback --> Country music star @TheTimMcGraw on how people can stay 'Humble & Kind' 10yo Vanessa & 11yo Kenya, Kid Entrepreneurs from @UltraKidsClub! volunteer from MN packed 36000 boxes of nutrients for malnourished people around the globe:…
How residents of Englewood, NJ gave back to their community on #MLKday >>, NJ's unique approach to keeping their waterways clean --> kid entrepreneurs presented handmade goods, software, books & more in London last month:…
This new high-definition weather satellite will be a game changer in predicting storms according to @NOAA & @NASA:…"I find it interesting and full of adventure" -10yo BJ, on his experience living aboard @MercyShips Trump: "Together we will determine the course of America and the world for many years to come."
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressPresident Obama and President-elect Trump leave the White House for inaugural swearing-in ceremony #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress#InaugurationDay is here! Our Kid Reporter is in DC interviewing 13 y.o. Demetrius who made 300 calls on behalf of… out the Poush Mela, a 3 day artisanal fair held in West Bengal, India
The #volunteers at the Falmouth Food Pantry in ME have each other's backs from IL react to @BarackObama's #FarewellAddress. Check it out >>'s it like living life on a ship? The kids from @MercyShips share their experiences:
The Falmouth Food Pantry in ME currently feeds about 425 families! Kid Reporter spent #MLKDay volunteering at a food packing event in Englewood, New Jersey… Obama faces White House press corps one last time
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressThe new high-definition weather satellite GOES-16 takes a picture of half the Earth every 39 seconds… to @KidsPress student writer from #MercyShips whose story appears in @ShipNews
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressOn January 10, 20000+ people packed Chicago's McCormick Place to hear @POTUS's #FarewellAddress -->… look back at @kidspress's 2011 interview with @BarackObama on the greatest challenges facing America's youth -->…
If you didn't get a chance to attend @POTUS's #FarewellAddress, our Kid Reporter has you covered -->…"I enjoy the environment & being surrounded by many people with different cultures" -Chef on @MercyShips #MLKDay honoring the great civil rights leader, our Kid Reporter volunteered at a food-packing event in NJ @CFBNJ for the shout-out @JimWarren55! 👋 Kid Reporter Joey Gorman shares his experience covering @POTUS's…"It was nothing like I had seen before” says a visitor who has been going to Poush Mela in India for 50+ years… Falmouth Food Pantry in Maine has #volunteers of all ages >>
In his #FarewellAddress, @POTUS addressed America's youth: "You believe in a fair, just, inclusive America"… a look at the vibrant Poush Mela! An annual fair and festival in West Bengal, India: dream... #MLKDay
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Woah! Kid Reporter Caleb Biney has lived on a ship since he was 6 months old >> @MercyShips across the country will honor Martin Luther King Jr. tomorrow with a national day of service… new high-definition weather satellite will be a game changer in predicting storms: @NOAA Obama on how she & President Obama feel about beets: @FLOTUS"I thought it was history" -@andersoncooper on @POTUS's #FarewellAddress >>
During @POTUS's last days in the White House, a look back at his 2011 interview with our Kid Reporters -->… is it like to live on a ship? Ask our Kid Reporter! @MercyShips"Children can be the best role models because of their enthusiasm" -Manager of the Falmouth Food Pantry in ME… Kid Reporter covered @POTUS's emotional #FarewellAddress in Chicago -->
“We are doing things unimaginable five years ago" -@AmbShapiro, US Ambassador to Israel to when our Kid Reporters interviewed @POTUS & met with a very special surprise guest:… @andersoncooper! Our Kid Reporter interviewed the CNN anchor at President Obama's #FarewellAddress on Tues… you know @thebeatles? Think again! Journalist @larrykane tells us a hidden fact about each of the fab 4 --> new movie @HiddenFigures honors the contributions of 3 @NASA mathematicians >> @BlueMoonBoxInc Thank you for sharing!We love this article straight from a Kid Reporter's interview with kids who've done SUPER cool stuff. 🙌 @Scholastic
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressKid Reporter Maxwell spoke to @celtics coach Brad Stevens. Take a look at what he had to say:…
In his final address, President @BarackObama spoke about how much hope he has for the future… Shapiro's amazing journey to become the US Ambassador to Israel: @AmbShapiro Kid Reporter covers an emotional speech by President @BarackObama in Chicago on her @HiddenFigures character: She fought for "her right to have a piece of the American dream"…
What's it like being a Ball Kid for the @celtics? Check it out! 260th Birthday #AlexanderHamilton! A look at the musical & interview w/@Lin_Manuel @DaveedDiggs >>… Trump: "We're going to create jobs. I said that I will be the greatest jobs producer that god ever crea…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress#HiddenFigures author @margotshetterly on the new movie: "This is American history, this is all of our history."…
Pres. Obama to Michelle Obama: "You took on a role you didn't ask made the White House a place that belon…
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPress.@theodoremelfi, director of @HiddenFigures: "Every girl in this world can do anything they put their mind to", President Obama reflects on eight years of progress. Watch the #FarewellAddress at 9 pm ET: #ObamaFarewell
Retweeted by ScholasticKidsPressSpotted in Chicago, IL --> Kid Reporter Joseph Gorman is ready to get the inside scoop at @BarackObama's…, the outgoing US Ambassador to Israel, discusses US-Israeli relations & more: a Ball Kid for the @celtics, our Kid Reporter got the chance to interview coach Brad Stevens…
Paying tribute to @NewsHour's trail-blazing journalist Gwen Ifill -->"Clowns on Call provided welcome smiles during a challenging time" - Parent of a child in MO hospital… Reporter Alex Wong sat down with @Fox5Vegas to talk about his experience covering #CES2017 --> @CES"Filmmakers have to take individual actions to ensure inclusion" - @theodoremelfi, director of @HiddenFigures
Kid Reporter Ethan Zucker interviews @AmbShapiro, United States Ambassador to Israel -->"We’re always focused on getting better. That’s all we can do" - @celtics coach, Brad Stevens… is the last day to see NYC's @metmuseum's amazing Christmas tree!
"This has really been the job I've been preparing for my whole life" - @AmbShapiro, US Ambassador to Israel >>… a look at our interview with @theodoremelfi, director of the new movie @HiddenFigures >>… out the behind-the-scenes of being a Honorary Ball Kid for the Boston @celtics!
"He’ll follow up on more things he said campaigning than most other presidents [have]" - 13yo Trump supporter in IA… Kid Reporter talks w/the director of @HiddenFigures, which honors the contributions of 3 NASA mathematicians… Dias set out to collect a 1000 books featuring black girls, and ended up with more than 4000!…