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Nickelodeon's teenage superhero since 2012 ⚡️ NOMINATED FOR TWO KID'S CHOICE AWARDS, vote using the link below!

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Here it is, @NickelodeonTV game night part 2! KCA game w/ @kirakosarin @JackGriffo @Jacenorman @CoyStewart @Brecbassinger @isabelamoner @KucThomas, Benjamin
Retweeted by Kira KosarinFlying... (Shot by @dannykosarin) Umm... February 14th 😂💕 means you'll get lots of CHICKS, duhhh
Can not explain how happy I am to be in my bed right now 🙌🏼WALK UP TO THE CLUB LIKE WHADDUP I GOT social anxiety and there's a lot of strangers here so I think I'm just gonna go home and take a napQuote this tweet with ur 14th most used emoji and that's how your Valentine's Day will go 😁My exciting Valentine's Day plans include wearing a pink leotard to ballet in the morning 💕What are your Valentine's plans?Yo if you ever feel like I never see your tweets at me fear not cuz chances are I've already creeped on your page without you even knowing 🙈Everything is better with loveY'all make me laugh 😂 laughs. a speech at the season 3 wrap party last night⚡️ these pics from the wrap party and I'm lmao LOOK AT US WE DIDN'T PLAN OUR FACES BUT WE ALL MATCH IN BOTH PICS😂 ur emotions are so complicated you can't even figure out the vague tweet to express them 😂😁😁😁😁😁New #Thundermans tonight at 8/7c on @NickelodeonTV! man who created it all. #Thundermans @jedspingarn Saturday adventures>>>Thanks babe! 💕💕💕 star @kirakosarin is a real life superhero: #sponsorcontent
Retweeted by Kira KosarinSo much fun at last night's Season 3 wrap party! #Thundermans ⚡️
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin
Aww, @kirakosarin shared the most heartfelt message about being on #TheThundermans! See it:
Retweeted by Kira KosarinInterview with @TeenVogue... Read to find out what I'm doing with them this Monday 😱🙈 day of work. All bets are off. #WrapDay = #CheatDay 🍰 you be my Valentine? #nomakeup selfie before hair and makeup 🙈 someone sent me this and this is how I responded. Why am I allowed to talk to people? 😂 wondered what happens when all your fave @NickelodeonTV stars have game night?! nearly three months, a new episode of #TheThundermans is on @NickelodeonTV tomorrow at 8/7c!
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin @kirakosarin pray to the thunder gods that there will be a season 4
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWARNING: sentimental post on my most recent Instagram 😁🙈About to go into work for our last day on Season 3 of #Thundermans, and I'm feeling a little… double dare you to watch 😏⚡️ #Thundermans returns Saturday at 8pm/7c! 💁 #CrushNight
Retweeted by Kira KosarinIt's crazy how important a good interviewer is to how well an interview goes. Great ones always leave me smiling 😊I'M JUST SAYING real talk does anyone else think the 👨 emoji looks like Tom SelleckSMILE! Because today is Phoebe & Max Thunderman's birthday! #Thundermans @KiraKosarin @JackGriffo
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin
And I didn't wanna write a song, cuz I didn't want anyone thinking I still care, I don't, but you still hit my phone up... 🎶People who say goose pimples instead of goosebumps make me uncomfortableToday was almost as awesome as @IAmJericho's mullet stitches later... We've all learned the dangers of skinny jeans 😂 👞💥😁 our final episode of Season 3! Here we go..."Wise men say Only fools rush in But I can't help Falling in love with you" -@ElvisPresley friends are my everything. You mess with them, you mess with me. @kirakosarin You're out of control.
Retweeted by Kira KosarinI tweet about food more than I tweet about my television show and I think that says a lot about me as a personWhen u don't have a knife so you use food to put food on your food
When you attack one member of the community, you attack all of us. Retweet to stand in solidarity with Jennifer #iamher #trans #LGBT
Retweeted by Kira KosarinMe as soon as I get home from a long day cuz I miss the beach 😅 tuned 😏😘 Single. Time. #TheLightItBurns if you want #Thundermans to get a fourth season! #4️⃣ #VoteTheThundermans #VoteKiraKosarin #VoteJackGriffo #KCAAbout to do our last run through of Season 3! #Thundermans struggle is having to go to the bathroom right after doing your nails 💅🏼This girl is literally..she can actually do EVERYTHING AND is the Sweetest @kirakosarin #Thundermans
Retweeted by Kira KosarinThis girl is the most badass chick you'll ever meet 👊🏼 #StuntWoman @VanessaCater I'm gonna text this cute guy Guy: *takes longer than 2.4 seconds to respond* Me: well I'm gonna die alone may as well go buy 34 cats
2016 love you oodles and oodles🦄 "Omg it's 62° it's literally so cold wtf" *two days later* "Omg it's 97° it's literally so hot wtf"Texting 7 people at the same time is so stressful cuz you send the wrong thing to the wrong person and u know u deadNew Thundermans this Saturday at 8/7c! Special guest stars @ryrynewman and @danasnyder. Tune in!Soft, bronzy glam on @kirakosarin ❤️ Brow: #anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz in medium…
Retweeted by Kira KosarinSugar how you get so fly?
👽"There is no boy at this age that is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education" -@FLOTUSWhen you look like a mannequin in the pap shot 📸😂't know what I would do without my mom and dad. So grateful for them every single day.Throwback to the 2013 Valentine's Day dance with @Kamrynquack 🙈😂❤️ #Kamra @KCANominees #KCA #VoteThundermans #VoteKiraKosarin @kirakosarin the votes for you and the program will continue to rise
Retweeted by Kira KosarinSo so sorry! We absolutely HATE when that happens. Wish we had more control over it 💕 some GREAT news today... Can't wait to share with you all!You won't believe @kirakosarin's first on-screen kiss! 💋
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin.@kirakosarin shared a radiant makeup-free selfie! >>
Retweeted by Kira KosarinNew diet. I only eat chocolate on days that end in YArticle by @justjaredjr 😘💕 should I wear to #KCA this year? 😏😏😏 #VoteKiraKosarin #VoteTheThundermansUsed to dream of outer space but now they're laughing in our face saying "wake up you need to make money..." 💭
One time I woke up + my leg had fallen asleep so bad I couldn't move it for like 2 mins + that's the story of the scariest 2 mins of my lifeI literally don't sleep anymoreIt don't make no sense, 'less I'm doing it with you... the lever Kronk WRONG LEVERRRRTime to curl up in a fuzzy robe with some hot cocoa and read my script for work tomorrow 🙈Wait, there was a football game at the Beyoncé concert today?Vote for The Thundermans, @kirakosarin, and I #KCA2016
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin @kirakosarin Haha best line of the show 😂😂
Retweeted by Kira KosarinUnrefined Shea butter has become my number one ride or die beauty product 😍Finally seeing my girl @TheKellyHooper for the first time in forever today 😍YO @Corboy9 I JUST SAW YOUR COMMERCIAL DURING LAST NIGHT'S SNL AND I'M VERY EXCITED ABOUT ITThank you! guys, that's all for #AskKira! Thanks for all your questions babes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️THANK YOUUUUU KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA. IS THE PIZZA. FOR YOU AND ME. (In other words, yes) Was it "alright who's hungry?" Or something about dinner? Or a turkey?
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