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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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New roles for @jaymee @KNegandhiESPN @JayHarrisESPN @sarina part of big 24-hr stretch for ESPN says exec @WildhackJ
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe ESPN satellites blending in during the snow this morning.'s rare and a red flag when your agent has had enough and fires you..... @SECbooger @michaeleaves exactly.Always go back to Wright Thompson's ESPN the Mag article. Reveals so much on the enabling. having an awful time w/ the new SportsCenter: AM crew @KNegandhiESPN @jaymee @JayHarrisESPN
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAhhhhh #WingBowl 24. It's amazing what it's become. One event I always miss.
Much needed win for Temple over Tulsa. Far from pretty but at this stage, I'll take as many ugly wins as possible.I see you Devin Coleman. @AnishESPN certainly need some fight inside tonight if the 3 keeps missing. @AnishESPN smoooooooth jacket. @Johnstone_TU a thing of beauty. @broncolee70 completely agree. And he's turned out to be a smart executive.Losing out on ownership and the $$$ is one thing but spending that $ in other failed ventures. Ouch. can't get here fast enough.
@ramonashelburne haha! Only you. @sree @drsanjaygupta @hari good stuff!! We're coming.Congrats @ramonashelburne! No one does her job better. Looking forward to having you on @SportsCenter AM in the future.Kid picked Temple over Bama and South Carolina. The program has come a long way under @CoachMattRhule and his staff. @ESPNPrim damn, sorry bout your car. Hope you're ok. That stinks. @Pope1849 @jaymee @SportsCenter @JayHarrisESPN @sarina my goodness dude. Let it go. Watch the show first and then decide.Thinking about tweeting to a HS recruit because they didn't commit to your school? Don't embarrass yourself. Put the phone down. Walk away.Rehearsal for the new @SportsCenter AM show. Can't wait for Monday's debut at 7a w @jaymee @JayHarrisESPN @sarina @sportsiren thinking of you Holly. No one can touch your spirit and fight. Your ESPN family is with you and praying for you.So moved by all the love & prayers today. Thanks❤️ Surgery went well. Recovery helped amazing game WVUvsISU #hilton
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi
@RandyScottESPN some call it daring. @RandyScottESPN also want to see what Demarco looks like in an offense that snaps the ball under center. You know, one that helps him. @RandyScottESPN considering the other options (lack thereof).. @alcaples thanks Amy! @rheahughes the first week will be brutal. Hope you're well.No. But the QB market allows him to do it. That's why you target franchise. Low risk over longterm cap issue. @wingoz @SECbooger a man can dream. One day in my lifetime it will happen.Sam Bradford was a different QB in the final month. Looked comfortable with the knee. Deserves another year in Philly with new system.Need one more year, esp in a new system. Draft, develop QB. Have you seen QB market? What options are out there? @SECbooger haha!! They're not far off in this division.Love what the Eagles are doing so far, now get the deal done w Cox and eventually put franchise tag on Bradford. Add OL and DB depth.Holly Rowe (@sportsiren) is the best. No one is more sincere or works harder. Praying for you Holly in this fight. Come back stronger.I trust the Sixers process.. to an extent.. Next 6 months weigh heavy on turning things around. There's hope. @Realrclark25 @RealJayWilliams My NBA top 10 (no order): Lebron, Dwight, Deandre, Westbrook, Wiggins, Wall, Drummond, Blake, Faried, GGreen @MikeWiseguy @Realrclark25 that's a good list.So @Realrclark25 this morning brought this up: top 10 players in 4 major sports- who would win skills comp? Your NBA top 10 athletes? Go."Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream... of spring" - Phil ConnorsThe 2015 NFL season in 150 seconds.. Good stuff from @wingoz this Groundhog day, Here's Phil Connors' favorite Sonny and Cher song..
@dlboardman @Temple_FB @CoachMattRhule well deserved. @SRQKel thanks. My love to the 941.An excellent chart if you feel the need to tweet at a HS recruit before signing day. annual reminder to adults- don't tweet at HS recruits. They don't owe you a thing. Let them decide on their future. Worry about your own. @wfranz88 I'm down w that. @BradTBuchanan nah... I doubt it. That's for weekends.I know they're keeping the cream jerseys for the weekend but why replace em w these red ones for day games? @keep_rhule @Buccigross @TempleUniv haters gonna hate.. It's Twitter man, Bucci is having fun w you..need Cawlidge hockey for him to like us @ehomish @Buccigross he likes Sheetz. I like Wawa. That's the extent of our beef. It's Twitter. @longhornlady01 yup. Easy now. @WorldofIsaac thanks my man.While I'll need an alarm clock that features a hammer, I'm looking forward to the mornings. @Hoosier2012 appreciate that. We will be there when you wake up.Looking for gift ideas for @jaymee @JayHarrisESPN @KNegandhiESPN or @sarina? Try a new alarm clock! Read:
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @Lizzs_Lockeroom thanks Lizz!The last 5 years w @HannahStormESPN have been the best. Honored to share the SC desk w her. Many great memories. forward to the next adventure in morning TV. @SportsCenter starting at 7a ET next Monday.
Big Happy Birthday to @CoachMattRhule! A big week ahead for the program. #WeTheTLove what @thekidmcmanus is doing here. It's bigger than football. Temple made and Temple proud.
@JayRFrye @jaymee @IMS hope to be there. I have my countdown clock at 121 days!!! Can't wait. @Franchize_HOF thanks Sean. Honored to be put in the same sentence as Stuart. @DishNSwish @SportsCenter well done. @LikeMike131 @SportsCenter ha! Sure thing man if that's how you want to do it. Just keep an open mind. @LikeMike131 point is why state it if it's obvious? What's the goal in doing that when the discussion was thoughtful? Reverse the situation @LikeMike131 @SportsCenter do a better job observing aside from stating the obvious.We can't have opinions and a discussion? Last time I checked, this is America. They were great. @LikeMike131 what's your opinion? You said you were pointing something out. @LikeMike131 @SportsCenter and the point of you pointing out race and gender is? Better off listening to discussion. @LikeMike131 @SportsCenter we can't have opinions and a discussion? This is America.Great to be back my man. They were waiting for you to come out of the bullpen.'s a generation of kids that only know Michael Jordan as the guy with those retro kicks and cries every time someone screws up.An early live @SportsCenter w @jaymee and yours truly coming up next after the guys wrap up from the Australian Open
@MattyShover @SeinfeldTV appreciate it Matty. I'm pumped for Milos. Finally can impress his girlfriend and the world.Shoutout to @adamamin calling the Maryland-Iowa game. My man was flawless and I'm jealous of that voice. Smooth. @DeLo_77 viva la stool!Congrats to @lindacohn on a milestone that speaks volumes. Keep inspiring my friend. @kyleward3 I thought I said surgeon general. @KIngramSports I wish. At least I would of enjoyed the process of getting there. appreciate it.That was me the previous 5 days. people reaching out on my first day back in a week.. No, I didn't go on a bender.. Coming off an eye infection.. I'm good.. @StevieTuesday coming off an eye infection. All good. @Jetflight1017 hey thanks for advice. Next time I'll think of that. I'm dealing with an issue w my eyes for a week.The @MonmouthBench is up early on SportsCenter with @KNegandhiESPN, @CariChampion & @jaymee! #SistineChapel
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiDjoker - during a match and after a match, never disappoints.
Appreciate it. When healthy, I'll be back asap. I miss it.
@SheilKapadia congrats on the newborn! Hope the family is healthy.
Props to @GoodmanESPN who told me on Friday that @TUMBBHoops was going to takedown SMU.Sick as a dog but I've never been happier to post this: 6th straight year @TUMBBHoops upsets a top 10 team #WetheT
@tmoore76ers that blanket statement tweet was directed towards the person in the conversation. Not you Tom. @JakeMarc23 @tmoore76ers when you need talent, you take the player available. @JakeMarc23 @tmoore76ers do you know when Embiid is right? Do you know when Saric will join team? When you can guarantee that, let me know @JakeMarc23 @tmoore76ers so just saying a blanket statement they need to be traded satisfies everything? @JakeMarc23 @tmoore76ers they haven't even played 50 games. Obviously something has to change but everyone is in a rush for some reason. @tmoore76ers but I'm not sure how anyone can feel that Embiid is going to be ok health wise long term. Okafor is the only sure thing. @loew74 hang in there. And stay safe. @Danny_Stewart81 @markschlereth you deal with it by having fun w it. Appreciate the kind words.
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