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living the dream @SportsCenter AM.. husband, father, @TempleUniv grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed @Tastykake, wish they built @Wawa in CT

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Congrats to @mikepiazza31 and his family!! He showed us a kid from Phoenixville could have a crazy big dream and later live em. Thank you.Excellent work @TJQuinnESPN and the entire @OTLonESPN crew this morning. @greatsauce_92 like that they used the pic I posted last week. Pville!The perfect thank you saluting the perfect swing and much more.
My first thought of the White Sox clubhouse scene @JamieOGrady heard so many bad reviews of B vs S. Had to still see it and it was even worse than I thought. Ruined the whole Bale Batman.It can't be worse or more disappointing than Batman vs Superman. WW was the best part of the movie.
@JimTrotter_NFL just awesome.Only 5 NFL coaches won more games than Dennis Green from 1990-99: Schottenheimer 93 Seifert 92 Holmgren 84 Reeves 82 Levy 82 Green 81 @dub_session0524 @JRol87 @whitesox read the original post. @RadioSyheem @JRol87 always.That 1998 Vikings team was so dangerous on offense. Should've gone to the Super Bowl. @JRol87 @whitesox count me in! @KNegandhiESPN @whitesox Awesome. They should also make wall-mounted bobble-head versions of this:
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiMan, this is my favorite bobblehead ever. I have to get this. close to the situation tell me Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell is facing a four-game suspension for violation...
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiSteelers first 4 games: Washington Bengals Eagles ChiefsBell's suspension is the result of a missed drug test, not a failed one. It hasn't been announced as the appeal process is still going on.Steelers Le'Veon Bell facing 4-game suspension for violation of NFL's drug policy, sources tell @DanGrazianoESPN..due to a MISSED drug test @mbells05 @JayHarrisESPN @jaymee @sarina 😂👍🏽☀️ @richarddeitsch @tim_kachur @MartySmithESPN @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir now we're talking. Looking forward to Tim's convo!Of course my man @KNegandhiESPN points out the Jordan 11's CC Sabathia is wearing. #Sneakerhead
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @tim_kachur @richarddeitsch @MartySmithESPN @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir appreciate that Tim. Serious talent there. I'm 4th on the list for RDGreat to be back! See you soon on #SportsCenterAM @jaymee @JayHarrisESPN
#baldisbeautiful Keep fighting with that amazing spirit @sportsiren @JimTrotter_NFL haha! Hopefully I'm back and you're back soon.
@ZachAttack527 thanks Zach @YoSoyCFCaceres trust me, no one is stealing your jokes. You have to be be funny first. Stay classy and ignorant. @YoSoyCFCaceres @SportsCenter didn't say I was funny. Good luck to you. Thanks for watching.Check out the #sportscenterAM crew on the @SportsCenter Facebook account NOW @KNegandhiESPN @sarina @JayHarrisESPN
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @YoSoyCFCaceres you again. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for watching. And clearly you didn't get the joke from all of us. Good luck.Doing this! Happy Birthday Stuart. Miss ya. now on @SportsCenter is @CoachHughFreeze with @jaymee & @KNegandhiESPN. #ESPNSEC
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @warfieldscott 👍🏽 @PaulPabst 👊🏽 @Pittisit412H2P what kind of law is he practicing?.@BretBielema gets to campus nice & early today to join @KNegandhiESPN, @jaymee & @JayHarrisESPN on SportsCenter:AM.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi2016: the year I stopped being shocked or surprised about anything. @D_A_Casarez @jaymee @sarina @JayHarrisESPN stands the test of time. @Tom_McKean 👍🏽😂New jacket debut.. See you on #SportsCenterAM
WADA wants Russia banned from the Rio Olympics. @ESPNChristine @WarrickDunn @SportsCenter thank you Christine. Warrick has a unique perspective in all of this. His voice needs to be heard.This morning on @SportsCenter, @WarrickDunn shared his thoughts on Baton Rouge. #SportsCenterAM @michaeleaves @c_eaves nice and smooth.. And Better than the hip hop duo. Congrats!Next on #SportsCenterAM, @WarrickDunn joins us on the unrest in Baton Rouge & his personal exp of losing his mom, a local BR police officerI've covered many star athletes, the majority of them are good people.. some are great.. but no one impressed me more than @WarrickDunn @KingBias80 @JayHarrisESPN @jaymee I usually just laugh at jay and throw stuff at him. @GETSTITCHED 👍🏽👊🏽Baton Rouge native @WarrickDunn lost his mom when he was 18. She was a police officer gunned down while off-duty. over. Great to be back w the #SportsCenterAM crew! @CoryinHD @SportsCenter @espn don't know what you're talking about. Considering I didn't work yesterday- You got the wrong anchor.
@DishNSwish happy birthday!! Hope it was a great one.Gut wrenching. almost over. Gonna miss moments like this. a final putt capping off a 63 from Henrik Stenson! He becomes the 1st man from Sweden to win a major.With the 17-under score going to 18, Phil would've won approximately every other major in history except for 9 of them.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi.@DPDChief David Brown: "Our thoughts and prayers are with Baton Rouge Police."
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiHenrik. Wow. @JKLUTE1 so glad the A-10 rivalry is back.
CHOOOOOOCH. @KristenLevithan haha! Thank you. So I guess you're not happy after that Franco base knock.That was impressive work from Ramos and Asche in that inning. #philliesMother Nature's split personality.
Phillies did an excellent job generating offense this inning vs Bartolo.Found a bunch of my old card collections.. And look at my man @johnreporters smooth as ever with Boomer and TJ up as a @BoJackson fan. Saved a USA Today ad from 27 yrs ago, right before his famous "Bo Knows" Commercial. @tspano6882 @mikepiazza31 Abdul is the best. @robertruch1 @mikepiazza31 it most certainly is Ab. He impacted so many kids. @jimsting10 Ab is a legend. @TheCommish_32 funny reading your timeline, counting the many spelling & grammar mistakes in your tweets. Yikes. Thanks. #GlassHouseStones
@ericmcclenahan I wish I could give you an answer but I don't have input on the ESPYs. @ExecutiveCol no worries at all. Go owls! @ExecutiveCol I graduated Phoenixville in 1993. @twd1165 @RevKev_ @mikepiazza31 love Ab. @tshine300 @mikepiazza31 a legend. @RoFlo during that dinner w Doc.. I felt badAbsolutely. PECO Little League fields in Phoenixville. @RoFlo that's what I kept saying afterwards @pkraynak @mikepiazza31 Ab is the best.My brother played little league w a kid named Mike (both middle row). He had some power. @mikepiazza31 #tbt @espnSteveLevy great question on Doc and Darryl not being best friends like many just assumed over the years.Interviewed Darryl a few yrs ago on OTL. He was real & honest. He changed his life. Watching Doc here, doesn't feel the same. #DocAndDarryl @MGC384 @Mets being in awe of a player and aware of a talented team is far from being a fan of a team.That Strawberry swing 💥I was in awe of Dr K growing up. Gooden was insanely good. The mid 80 Mets had so much swagger lead by Strawberry. @H_H_H_54 appreciate your help. Always great to meet a fellow Sixer fan. @thereal_regruff internships. Get involved at the college newspaper, radio and TV stations. @panicstreak Rollin to steady mobbin by cube earlier today.Throwback Thursday. Just found this sorting through old boxes. @GoodmanESPN kinda scared of the idea of you at the beach taking pics of 85 yr old women. Sincerely, Kevin Golden Hands Negandhi. @jemelehill you don't me to say it because you're so talented but good luck tonight. I know you will be outstanding.On vacation. popular shirt in the New England area. @sarina @JayHarrisESPN @jaymee miss you guys! Need more of this 🌅! See you next week!!
@CoachChoateMHS @wingoz the 941 for the win. Lido beach last year @wingoz excuse me, Mr. one upper @CS_Burnette I'm with you there. @wingoz ha! this coming from Mr Hawaii. @robg0927 the lobster are feisty.. #allhandsondeck