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living the dream @SportsCenter AM.. husband, father, @TempleUniv grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed @Tastykake, wish they built @Wawa in CT

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@TylerHyndshaw @reillyt7 hence my stats comment. Doesn't change the talent you have to be a part of LSU's roster as a WR.⚡️🐐 @KNegandhiESPN ledecky and biles
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiName another athlete that makes this kind of dominance look this easy?? #bolt @RB_Mrs Mother Nature did her best.So darn easy. So darn good. Insane Bolt.200M World record coming?I see you @44_Matakevich doin work.Yes you did 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #Templemade @reillyt7 👍🏽 @reillyt7 went to LSU first. Then transferred to la TechI don't care about college numbers, if you saw time as a WR at LSU, you deserve a shot at making a NFL roster. Paul Turner deserves it.The opening sentence certainly gets to the point. @StanislavKorz @wingoz @sarina @JayHarrisESPN @JadeMcCarthy 👍🏽 I'm actually jealous. Serious REM going on.We got a mouth breather! is a dish best served cold. Gotcha @sarina. @JayHarrisESPN @JadeMcCarthy tough moments the last couple years losing colleagues/friends.. Today is a reminder why I love the ESPN family.. So many good people..Recharging. 👍🏽. bro code is gone when the bro is actually gone.... and you're stuck answering to Brazilian authorities lesson to my 2 young boys today- lie to your parents and bad things happen. Even when you're 32.So many great Olympic stories representing the U.S. and then there's this... Ashok is the youngest player in the women's golf field and has shot consecutive s...
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi"Ryan, just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it." - George CostanzaPerfect. of the Olympics is the person that told Lochte to fly out of Rio on Tuesday night. @SECbooger @adnanESPN bruh, I'm always ready to answer baseball tonight and SEC questions @ESPNDari#BREAKING Brazil sources: #RyanLochte + 3 swimmers fabricated robbery story. Video shows swimmer "fighting" w/security at gas station @GMA
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiYes. Excellent work. 😂. Lochte & teammates were so drunk, they couldn't give accurate description of robbers or say how many. @mattgutmanABC @gma
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAnd here we go. @rlf417 @SportsCenter Sounds like you're playing judge and jury. Funny how that works. @rlf417 @SportsCenter who said we were? we can discuss it and we did, presenting what we know.. so chill @MichaelDavSmith I have a theory. It involves a robbery but not the one described.Do you believe Ryan Lochte's alleged robbery story in Rio?Latest on Lochte story, NFL preseason, UFC drama, ND QBs. #SportsCenterAM @JayHarrisESPN @sarina @JadeMcCarthy
Now a full day's rest, Bolt is going to do something special tomorrow.These are great 😂😂
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @hbryant42 man I loved that team. Harold Katz ruined them. @hbryant42 if only he had healthy feet. @hbryant42 don't you forget about the Boston Strangler. @hbryant42 I wish it was a rivalry again. @hbryant42 we can no longer be friends. I've never despised a team more than those early 80s Celtics. A true rivalry. @hbryant42 @PhilomelBooks yessir. Well done.Ace was always smooth. joined @sportscenter AM to start his #ESPNcarwash w/ @KNegandhiESPN @jademccarthy @JayHarrisESPN
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiWith my man @keselowski is lucky he's my boy. @RadioSyheem contact. Can I get a hit? Hit!So many great memories at the Vet. It was a dump. But it was OUR dump. an awful summer for the good people of Baton Rouge. Stay safe. @II_JD23_II and I'm saying as part of the media, there is respect and appreciation which I show everyday on SC.. Like this morning. @II_JD23_II @SportsCenter not here. Not on my show. @ChelseyScalese @DanBakerPhils @SportsCenter @Phillies always great to hear Dan's voice. @KingJoseThe1st @SportsCenter never said that. Didn't do the highlight.Well.. I didn't want to get fired. bout a Chase mention at the top of the show. #SportsCenterAM Utley: 2 HRs, 5 RBI in his first game back in Philly. He never reached BOTH those thresholds in 779 games with the Phillies at home. @MGolicJR57 hang in my man. @MGolicJR57 I don't know how you're functioning right now. Courageous and idiotic.
@DerekBodnerNBA probably lean Yankee there but I like your thinking. @RandomDude1023 @goldenmonkey @RadioSyheem all were great but Ryan Howard from 2006-2009 was insane. @brian_jenks @RadioSyheem 2007 MVP. Team to beat. And he backed it up.JRoll is my guy on that team. Took pressure off everyone. Gave that team confidence publicly. And delivered. @steakNstiffarms never satisfied.Schmidt gets love now as he should but let's not forget he wore a wig to 3rd once because of relationship w fans.'t pick one over the other. The fans did. JRoll was the heart and soul but didn't get this kind of love. these days is 140 characters @kbeatt exactlyDidn't forget about Schmidt, Dr J, Bernie or Reggie.. Just went the last 25 years, there are a select few athletes who Philly fans will always love unconditionally: Chase, BDawk, Iverson, Hextall off the top of my headOf course Chase Utley homers in his return to the Bank. If you expected otherwise, you don't understand. #TheManGood to see The Man back. issues w the OL but kid has a ton of talent. Already 2nd best WR on team these threads back for good. ya go @LeBatardShow.. @Stugotz790 @MGolicJR57 next @Giants QB Eli Manning live"We have certainly taken a turn...." ~@KNegandhiESPN on @SportsCenter 😂😂😂 needed that this morning. #thanksguys
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @Hoggie4 @TownieIrish @ESPNDari @RoFlo of course. @Hoggie4 @TownieIrish @ESPNDari @RoFlo yeah man. That was me in the video. Good work. @WheelhouseMikeA good to know.You do what you gotta do. old Bartolo Colon drew his first walk in his 282nd career plate appearance.. no other player in MLB history had that many ABs wo a BB @BanditJustice @jaymee .... I hate writing this... @GoodmanESPNRunning in heels is not easy... Especially these ones... #sportscenterAM on ESPN2 today @sarina @KNegandhiESPN
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Wishing only positive thoughts to @RodGilmore as he kicks cancer butt. Continued strength my man. SAUNDERS RESEARCH GRANT 4 Pediatric Cancer Pls DONATE @ @jksports @TheVFoundation
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @JimTrotter_NFL that's good for the soul. One lucky pup you got there. @RK_Merica nice. he read from all holy books. Was well versed in the bible. @DishNSwish !! Biggest test of self restraint. @liveNmostlydie @SportsCenter 👍🏽That's my alarm ring tone. @GoIdenStateShow 😂😂 and give you my money? I'm good.The man asks if we have anything to say and then cuts us off. standing O goes to @waydedreamer. Only athlete to ever break 10 seconds in 100M, 20 secs in 200M, 44 secs in 400M @GoIdenStateShow certainly a professional opinion I'm sure Wachovia is proud about. Have a great week. @Chris_Woods27 can only speak on what we do in the mornings. Enjoy the day. @Chris_Woods27 @SportsCenter @sarina @jaymee @JayHarrisESPN while we sign off, I suggest turning the TV on. @Chris_Woods27 @SportsCenter @sarina @jaymee @JayHarrisESPN hmmm.. started show w Bolt, live from Rio, NFL, 49ers QBs Cards, Stanton injuryAlmost showtime! @KNegandhiESPN @jaymee @sarina @SportsCenter #SportscenterAM #Boltcenter
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiHappy #IndiaIndependenceDay! 🇮🇳 Forever grateful that Gandhiji sought out the truth against colonialism.