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living the dream @SportsCenter AM.. husband, father, @TempleUniv grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed @Tastykake, wish they built @Wawa in CT

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Not buzzkill at all.. Trey's recovery/health is more important.. @JamesPalmerTV some days.... it's not easy. @all_biz well, those are nice. They protect my 5th metatarsal. This stinks.Only thing that's getting me out of this Simmons funk is Temple hoops getting some nice commits.I blame the bye week.Who am I kidding? Awful news to hear on Simmons.<remain calm> @Yash_Padhye nice talking to you guys. Thanks for having me. @NotoriousOHM @Nike perfect. that combines your favorite things. @ESPN_RobKing 👍🏽 I've never been. I hear their chix parm is the best. It's a must stop the next time I go home. @CvilleItalBake @NotoriousOHM @Nike I got em in green too. 👍🏽. Good choice my man. @ZachKeilman @yzsportshour thanks for having me on. Had fun.Breakin in these @Nike black LF1 duck boots. Love em. #sneakerhead @TravHaneyESPN Travis, I was riding all of your emotions there. So many great people here. You'll be missed. Wish you only the best. @GiovannaGenard @ODUCoachWilder @JayHarrisESPN Coach was excellent today. Hope people listen to the message as the season continues. @Apldude @JayHarrisESPN 3900 pennies is $39. Not $3900. @LeBatardShow from our dedicated researcher Matt Willis: 390,000 pennies weighs about 2,150lbs @Barrett5622 thank you and thanks for the follow! 👍🏽 have a great day. Good luck to you.The "Heckling Fan" who knocked down this putt to stump the Euros joins us next on #SportsCenterAM week's @collegegameday sign from @mgolicjr57 is smart, tough, durable. #grit #SportsCenterAM
This time Kenny Stills held on for the big score. @AmyTrask perfect. The ice cream truck needs to roll over.Dolphins look like creamsicles (thank you @AmyTrask) while the Bengals should keep these white threads for good. Smooth. @AmyTrask creamsicles are the best. Next to the chocolate eclairs.We have officially jumped the shark on alternate threads. @sarina thanks Sarina! It's been a fun ride.2016: The year of Howie Roseman @cherrycrusade 👊🏽 🍒⚪️ #Templemade 👍🏽 @sweet50munoz @SportsCenter thank you! @wfucass11 @CvilleItalBake @espn I will certainly have to try some! @loisasaro @ESPNPR thank you! @_malcolmharris "it was all a dream..."... Appreciate it Malcolm. @CS_Burnette thanks Chris! @Kris_Stokes thanks Kris! @LaurenShehadi thank you Lauren! @damienbarling bro- anytime you want to roll, I'm game. @bhofheimer_espn thank you Bill!! @TownieIrish thank you Jim!! You make us look good every morning. @JayHarrisESPN absolutely! @JohnBarrESPN Much appreciated John.. How's my city handling a 3-0 start? @Mark_Schlabach thanks Mark. Appreciate it.Whoa! I need to stop in for some food. @SECbooger is on the show, you better bring your "A" game. @MMcCarthyREV Thank you Mike! Appreciate it! @Yash_Padhye @espn thank you Yash! @Alentz2392 @espn we all win! @MGolicJR57 thanks bro! Have a good show this morning.
@davegisaac appreciate that Dave. And with 3 kids in 4 years, I'm not fooling anyone who thinks I'm younger than you. Keep up the great work @JohnKincade I'm in. @JasonRomano thanks Jason! We have QBs who are healthy and can play. Things are fun again. @rodstreater80 appreciate it. Keep doing your thing out there in the Bay. 👍🏽 @SECbooger I gotta keep up w you. 👍🏽 @Big_Tah47 😂 I see you doin work on Sundays. Keep making us all proud. @mollymita_ESPN @SportsCenter thank you, Molly! @espn_chris @ESPNFrontRow thank you, Chris. @EmMilliron thank you Emily and congrats on the Emmy! @howardherman thank you Howard! @RandyScottESPN @espn @ESPN_RobKing @SportsCenter a blur, my man. Looking forward to the mornings w the crew. @ChuckBausman appreciate the kind words, Chuck. @EliotShorrParks thanks Eliot! @ZachGelb thanks Zach! @alcaples thank you Amy! @DanBloomSports thanks Dan! @DanWetzel thanks Dan! Big fan of your work. @JadeMcCarthy Brandon was pumped! @AndyHallESPN @SportsCenter appreciate all you do Andy! @ESPNprDScott thanks David! @JohnZiomek16 thanks Z! @chrisearl9 appreciate it, Chris @LeahSecondo thanks Leah! @karalawson20 👍🏽 you're the best Kara. How do we feel? FIRED UP! @JoeIrizarry thanks Joe! @SedanoESPN @HisAndHers it was a tough decision. Thanks Jorge! @JohnKincade one day we will do that show we always talk about. Thanks John @WillBrinson @ESPNPR thanks Will! @JonathanKWeaver the deal says you have to be in studio 5 days a week with us. Thanks Jonathan. @GoodmanESPN look forward to seeing your face w the last place trophy. Appreciate it, my man. @DanLevyThinks @billy_penn swell? We're in the same age group. Thanks, my man. @ashedge thank you Ash!