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living the dream on @SportsCenter at 6p, CFB on ABC.. @TempleUniv made, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed @Tastykake, wish they built @Wawa in CT

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@Lee_I__Am @bryC42 @EAMaddenNFL 👊🏽👍🏽 @MollySullivanTV @sixers @NBCSPhilly I’m so sorry to hear this, Molly. You are talented and were a great part of th… @bryC42 @EAMaddenNFL I hear ya. Your tweet made SC today.
@austinmancini talk to Madden..not me @bryC42 @KNegandhiESPN Haha, love the debate. Stop by next week for the real ratings tho!
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @UNH_Student @EAMaddenNFL No worries. @UNH_Student Ask @eamaddennfl.. it’s their rating. @UNH_Student The media had nothing to do w my original tweet.ESPN’s coverage of @SpecialOlympics USA Games begins July 1. @KNegandhiESPN will host from Seattle. @TayeDiggs will…
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiTell @eamaddenNFL, not me. @aangellill_14 Tell @EAMaddenNFL, not meWe're almost one month away from The American Summer Kickoff & Media Days in Newport, Rhode Island. Looking forwar…
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @txzamora24 @dak Y'all should be talking to Madden.. not me..The media?? 😂😂😂😂 these are rankings from Madden 2019. 2019 QB rankings🚨 Best social media training value of 2018! $15 online viewing or $25 in-person NYC learning (w/hi-end dinner; code…
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Monday Motivation courtesy of @SarahSpain's podcast w/ @KNegandhiESPN - SS: What would you consider your biggest f…
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @LarraOverton @SarahSpain 100% correct. The push forward is part of the reason why we find success. I even catch my…
Veterans: Everyone we asked to lend their name & time to support you said yes. AUG 11-Sammamish HS/Bellevue, WA (de…
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe best thing in my life is being a dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! @Templerob @CMCSports @JoeBanner13 @PressACWeinberg @PaulFranco16 @BiggsTroi @JBREUSS31 @coop_pucks Yeah, easy to f… @Templerob @CMCSports @BiggsTroi @JoeBanner13 @PressACWeinberg @PaulFranco16 @JBREUSS31 @coop_pucks 😂😂 you can’t even spell my name right. @ROCKYBOIMAN50 Congrats to you guys!!!! Hope the family is doing well! @CMCSports @JoeBanner13 @PressACWeinberg @Templerob @PaulFranco16 @BiggsTroi @JBREUSS31 @coop_pucks Completely unfa…
Tremendous @THC_Junior @JoeBanner13 I was on SC during that game and afterwards. Still can’t believe our defense in the 2nd half. I didn’t hold back. @JoeBanner13 Mcnabb injury w the ribs vs Carolina crushed me. Deshaun Foster ran us over. But the Jurviecius TD acr…
@srgesquire @BleedingGreen He was so beaten up.. held together by band aids. @BleedingGreen Randall tearing his knee up by Bryce Paup in the season opener at Lambeau. That defense was so good.…👊🏽 Hammy delivers! Ronaldo with a strike!With the Kawhi news, Lakers moved up from 12-1 to 6-1 to win the NBA Finals.. The Spurs dropped from 30-1 to 50-1..10, 9, 8.... @JawsCEOQB Congrats broLove that the underdog mask is inside the @Eagles Super Bowl ring. And the 💎 up top are the combined jersey total o… @jazadelphia 😂😂 @jazadelphia I need that ring!The @Eagles Super Bowl ring is real and spectacular.
You can make a case that the 4 most popular golfers in the world are Tiger (+8), Rory (+10), Phil (+7) and Spieth (… Vince Carter many many years ago.. trying to make a comeback in the hoop game. filter needed on louis.riddick kicks today on… positive story in today's world. from the beach..On his 105th pitch of the game, Velasquez gives up his first hit.. and his day is done.. strong effort“Decent”. 😂👍🏽 on March 26, 1979, ESPN’s longest tenured employee is retiring on Friday. Congrats Cheryl!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 sometimes ask me what I do during SC commercial breaks. I play tag. And I’m finally not it! #TagMovie – in t… @thEMANacho @ZERTZ_86 @TreyBurton8 @Eagles 😂😂 that’s cold. Spoken like a linebacker. @hscanfoundation @sixof11 Love this Scan. Wish I could be there. My best to you guys. @ZERTZ_86 @TreyBurton8 My 4 year old plays football w the big kids. He gets hit in the eye while making a tackle. T…
Working late here in Moscow on #worldcup eve. Joining @KNegandhiESPN in just a few moments on @Sportscenter to talk…
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiKeep fighting Rod! We are with you. @atornetta 👊🏽 #610Really going to miss this dude. One of the best in the biz. Looking forward to still crushing @GoodmanESPN in Fanta…
@UshudGetatme 6pm SC Monday through Friday.😂😂😂 @drewgallagher @adriennesack Congratulations!!!! love the name! Fly Eagles Fly! @LorenzoButlerPR 😂😂 @JawsCEOQB @JawsGolf @jawscelebgolf @VermeilWine Philly legends @BrookeXRobinson @drobinson018 Small world. Great meeting you, Brooke. I remember your Mizzou shoutout. Love the 941. @briankoppelman @SHO_Billions 👍🏽
"Hell nah!" 😂😭😂 @KNegandhiESPN got me dying
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiPeak Rinaldi😂😂😂 @TaylorTwellman voice - “WHAT are we doing? What are we DOING?”, it’s nt a typo. The Red Cross is missing A, B & O blood reserves & I’m helping fill the gaps. Schedule your blo… you watch one thing today...make it this...
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @drobinson018 @SarahSpain @mysuncoast Had so much fun that I come back twice a year to the 941. I miss it. I love i… thing about @SHO_Billions is the consistency. Every episode consistently delivers strong writing and brilliant… finale of @SHO_Billions. Can’t wait!
Wow. What a finish by USC’s Kendall Ellis.
@Phillies @rhyshoskins Good to see Rhys backHappy Birthday to a great friend who genuinely cares about helping others, the original PTPer — @DickieV!! You’re the best!
@potter316 Uhhh.. no. @BDFoxJr @ESPNCaddie 👍🏽If @SarahSpain's Cubs and @KNegandhiESPN's Eagles and @notthefakeSVP's Caps can all win championships, there has to…
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @lauriataylor @ESPNCaddie most certainly! thank youIf i had listened to the voice of depression, my 3 beautiful daughters would not be. I would not have been blessed…
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