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living the dream @SportsCenter AM.. husband, father, @TempleUniv grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed @Tastykake, wish they built @Wawa in CT

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@RomansRoad1 I'm aware. Been following it all season. But this week, the league made it open for all to have it for causes.The #MyCleatsMyCause campaign in the NFL is a great idea. Wish it was longer than a week. @YaBoyKStak @NFLosophy @jjrinindy haven't said a word about it since. You're the one who keeps bringing it up. Sounds like you're obsessed. @YaBoyKStak @NFLosophy @jjrinindy you seem obsessed with a tweet over a year old. Not the 1st or 2nd time you've tried this joke.
Great to see @TUMBBHoops Josh Brown back tonight after tearing his Achilles. Long journey but happy he was on the floor to beat the Hawks.Obi was outstanding. A Big 5 win is a great win. @TUMBBHoops with an impressive performance tonight. Raise up! Quenton Rose's approach reminds me of Khalif Wyatt. Not afraid to take the big shot and miss. Big fan of this Temple backcourt. @SteveBunin @KING5Seattle @JoyceTaylorKING this made my night!!! Congrats!! Excuse me while I kiss the sky! @ShaunJay @IceSinghHNIC @NHL @Nawazistan @CrossoverBBall @CBCNews very cool! πŸ‘πŸ½Obi! Gearing up for another Big 5 Classic tonight.I #DontEverGiveUp for Rick, Gary and Stuart.. During #JimmyVWeek, Help @TheVFoundation fight cancer by donating.. State will also be big TU fans this weekend. look at Sam Hinkie by @si_chrisballard is fantastic. for Reno's family for strength. Just awful news. I had one player to pick for the Oklahoma Drill - I take Bo Jackson. You can have the field. Bo will win. Happy Birthday @BoJackson! GOATNot sure what Jeff Fisher is thinking. Eric Dickerson is the 1st thing you think about w the LA Rams. At 4-7, focus on winning not criticism
Tremendous @Haason7Reddick damn proud of you. I was bragging about you today on your journey. Enjoy it. Congrats! @Haason7Reddick @seniorbowl @SeniorBowlPhil you earned it!!MORE: The charter plane, carrying 72 passengers & 9 crew members, declared emergency 10 p.m. local time.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiFalcons head coach @FalconsDQ joins us next live on #SportsCenterAM
That was a mess. @JTrotter_54 congrats to you, bro! Well deserved as the heart and soul of the defense year and year out w @BrianDawkins. Happy for you!3rd downs just crushed the Eagles defense tonight. No sacks. No stops. Nothing.Let's hope in real life they do it. They are in desperate need of playmakers. were right but we will penalize you for being right. #challenges @DanLevyThinks get off my lawn, you meddling kids!! @D_Stro @mreeseeagles @Eagles πŸ‘πŸ½Probably but it's not the first time this has happened with Wentz. Accuracy needs to get better. throw by Wentz. Accuracy will be one thing he has to work on this offseason.Smallwood has a giddy up on that first step.My thank you to new Eagles Hall of Famer Merrill Reese. @TOWN1212 I'm sure I will reach that point in the 4th qtr.Aaron Rodgers is carving up Jim Schwartz's defense. Lions fans, any words of advice while enduring this? @Phillyfan4lfe @Tim_McManus burnt? Nothing like that.Eagles and Packers Defense: 0. Matthews officially has a shoulder injury. His return is questionable. Packers could be in big trouble at...
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi @djunderh2o minor. @Ed_Byrnes for a team desperate for offensive playmakers, anything helps.Amazing how an offense can look when a WR helps a QB. DGB with his best drive of the season.Wentz!That was one nasty block.That was a offensive clinic by Rodgers. Hitting the TUMS early.Well done, @generaldwilson!If I had it my way, Generald Wilson would sing the national anthem for every Eagles game. Salute. And thank you for your service.The Patriots clinch their 16th straight winning season, tying longest streak in NFL history (1970-85 Cowboys and 1983-98 49ers)Congrats to former @Temple_FB QB Henry Burris!! Grey Cup champ & MVP celebrating w his best friend Dean last night.…
That hit by Eric Berry was an old school Steve Atwater type hit.Went to school w Henry. Incredible career up north. Blown away he's still playing at such a high level. #Templemade draft: @Raiders take Mack 5th overall and Derek Carr w 36th pick. Foundation to success. @Raiders Derek Carr has a legit case for league MVP. Today's game was a perfect example. @DuranSports πŸ˜‚ always. @warfieldscott should be a great finish.This Raiders-Panthers game has been great.What a throw by Russell Wilson on 4th downMike Evans is a beast.Can't wait for Saturday. Mack with a dream pick 6. #raidersOuch. Maxwell and Kiko Alonzo stopping Chip Kelly's offense on the final 2 plays, handing him his 10th straight loss is so 2016.That's a great catch by Kerley.Osweiler has done an impressive job of shutting down Hopkins this season. And yet, I still keep playing Deandre. SMH. @harikondabolu check your DM. Sent you a note.Last year they started strong.. this year, @Temple_FB finishing strong.. @DanielleMaslany @Tastykake @Sixers πŸ‘πŸ½ FTW!Welcome to the club @kalpenn! (CC: @KNegandhiESPN @adnanESPN @ESPNDari @adamamin)
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@SFCJensen you guys are darn good. @SFCJensen sorry man. This year we held you off. Unlike last year.Winners of 6 straight. Back to back division champs. Congrats to a special group of players, @CoachMattRhule and st… @TheCarlTU I'm aware. Looking forward to it. @SedanoESPN @ScottStras smooth. @TheCarlTU I'm fully aware of our defense. Didn't say a word about them. Doesn't change how well Navy is playing..Now that's an offense that's rolling @DetroitOwl It is disappointing. Especially what's at stake in seniors final home game. @DetroitOwl call out?Every single time Jahad has the ball. @jovansn0w last time I checked none of them on the list were refs, players or coaches. @jovansn0w πŸ˜‚ what does ESPN have to do with this?Unreal game.