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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Seattle, WA

Now: Sr Social Content Strategist at @WONGDOODY Then: 31st employee/Mktg at @Uber + created #UberKITTENS, Social at @simple Always: Cats. Music. Gym. Knit.

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Listening back to the webinar I did with @LLHitz this week Here’s a live look at me rn when I hear myself laugh financial advisor asked me how Disneyland was so I sent him photos of us on Space Mountain and in front of the c…
@tundrahdesert LOLOLOL @tundrahdesert LOL it’s the best I could do thoI feel like if America had one iPhone our most used emoji at this moment in time would be 🤦🏼‍♀️ @tundrahdesert I did this for you
@tundrahdesert It’s the little things...I am coming to twitter to talk about the fact that you can now click on mentions in instagram bios and how I am actually excited about that. @stacygoebel
That mani tho... @codygoins @wongdoody @LLHitz Here we are during the dry run of the webinar*does robot while RTing* @SeattleMaven @AlaskaAir Based on this tweet, I would like to request kittens for my first class flight to Austin o… @MichelleBee LOL @SpecialDark*googles* can you sneeze your face off?
@lukeburbank @andrew_walsh LOL I can give you reasons to not use the L word too 😉😉😉 @TommyPierucki @traviswals RIP #travistryingonlostitems
Hey, you! @LLHitz and I are going to webinar it up next Wednesday to talk about all of the testing on the social me… @paulbalcerak @ronschott What college? LOL
I bet that the little girl that walked through the line for the Haunted Mansion with her mouth on the hand rail did…
@sarahesterman Yesssss into that whenever!I would like to stay please don’t make me leave really hope the person that was driving in front of us at Autotopia does not have a driver’s license in real lifeToday is really the worst because we have to leave Disneyland AND Bey announced a tour and is not coming to Seattle @sarahesterman Hahahahhahaha
@SarahLovrien YESTwitter asked me what’s happening. This is what’s happening. @JessEstrada @PressedJuicery I’m not in town for this AND Sherm?!?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@lay_lower @GHardstark THX GIRL. I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON YOU.You guys I tweeted a photo of me meeting @GHardstark and it only got 4 likes so I am really disappointed in ALL OF YOU @redheadwonder6 I mean obvi @christopher575 LOL oh hey @BlitzTheSeahawk I’m looking for a new football boyfriend. You free? @redheadwonder6 Don’t be a dick now @ghod @aileen206 Truuuuuu 😍😍😍Now taking recommendations for a new football boyfriend. 😭Last night I met @GHardstark at the @JawbreakerBand show in LA. 😍 If this photo wasn’t so blurry you could read th…
Hi I’m about to see @JawbreakerBand ok bye @Uber_Support Thanks! DM comin atcha. @Uber Hi awesome people! Having a little trouble splitting a fare. When I tap on the notification, it brings me to… @LindseyOtta @AlaskaAir Two words: pancake robot @christengreene You’re very passionate about this pancake situation. @christengreene Psssst... You realize I am joking, right? @christengreene @AlaskaAir LOL but christen, it’s a pancake robot @geekgiant @AlaskaAir This tweet was sent with a free mimosa in hand.’s talk about the pancake machine in the @AlaskaAir Lounge. #boujee
Got a peek behind the curtain today. 5 stars and two thumbs up. A must see.’ll get all of this stuff done before I leave for LA tomorrow. I will. I’m not at all stressed about it. Also he… @sarahesterman Eat a banana! It usually helps me. It might be a lack of potassium ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@mshannabrooks @andrew_walsh Also I have a good story about accidentally buying a round for a bar in Anchorage Alaska... let’s talk. @mshannabrooks as I walked home from my lady date tonight I threw on TBTL and yelled YAAASSSsSS when @andrew_walsh·bag ˈdo͞oSHbaɡ noun 1. an obnoxious or contemptible person (typically used of a man) 2. Arie—a “man” who bla…
@whitpopa But like the robot thing could be realMy predictions for possible endings of the #thebachelor He can’t decide and makes them race cars and the winner g…
@arb I feel thisThis is Hitchcock. I felt like you needed to meet him, Twitter.
@sarahesterman AW THANKS BB 😘Friday lunch walk @paulbalcerak LOLOLOL @veganlobster Oooooh yea! It was super rad. @veganlobster I still have not seen it! Send picture plz
@paulbalcerak New slogan if this happens... Arby’s—She has the meats. Oh and she has the meats... Everyone has the meats?Next tattoo appointment is all set. Time to add more to my thigh. Heidi at Dark Age Tattoo is amazing. All of the a… @seeegs Hahaha I have always called this tattoo stage fruity pebbles but now I wish I had another one of those beer… @nathanallebach I know it’s technically not possible but even that feels low ¯\_(ツ)_/¯75 feels low, Nathan. @LusciousPear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Raise your hand if you’re going to LA to see @JawbreakerBand next week and you are v excited about it 🙋🏼‍♀️ @drewbarth @HIPRC @pikebrewing @madelinemoy @audreytanberg @SeattleMaven TRUTH. 🙌🏼 @rshunter88’ve reached the tattoo healing stage: fruity pebblesHi. We do the social medias. I like these people a lot. 🤗 Thanks for having us, @pikebrewing! 😘
@sophyish Rain rain app or the sleep with me podcast 😴 @paulbalcerak Welllll… 2 since my first email came on Monday. Maybe I should consider myself lucky! @julia_paleski @smithbrittanya Nooooooo! Not your phone!