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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Seattle, WA

Now: Sr Social Content Strategist at @WONGDOODY Then: 31st employee/Mktg at @Uber + created #UberKITTENS, Social at @simple Always: 🐈 🎶 🏋🏼‍♀️ + knit #SSDGM

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@JessEstrada Haha she sure is 💕Margaret Yang, I will love you forever and ever and ever. I know you are now queen of the Joyce pets in pet heaven.…
Losing one of my best friends tomorrow. Squeeze your kittens often and always. #MargaretYangForever @rebowers So cute. I love them.
@meowyaaa @kylieberwin Yea! My mom rescues her goldens and they all go through certification. 🙂 It’s pretty cute an…
fan cult status @smithbrittanya Please do. PLEASE. (And send me photos) @JoJoStiletto This tweet’s purpose was to explain me as a person. I’m glad you got that. @sophyish I Postmated an order from Sephora back in the day. The courier brought me the tester. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Every Saturday, my mom brings her dogs to visit the Alzheimer’s patients at a home in Phoenix. This weekend’s theme…
@arb I don’t want to have kids but I think about my nephews going to school and it scares the shit out of me.💔💔💔
Target needs my help to rob a train
Retweeted by Jen Joyce @lindseyblue @KarenKilgariff I believe you already know the answer to this question, my dear. @svershbow SAME.
@JessEstrada I think we need to invest in owls so we can send messages back and forth to each other @LindseyOtta @KarenKilgariff Yessss! Going to the early show and I am oh so very excited! @halleyrebecca @KarenKilgariff Well this is a fun gif LOL girl heeeeeeeey @ekleahy Yesss. Super stoked! WINDOWS OPEN ALL DAY AND NO MURDER! @Msbeervendor LOLI think we def should talk about our new roof though @yoda got the apartment! Please clap
RT if you only shave your legs when you feel the hairs blowing in the breeze and it kinda tickles
Retweeted by Jen Joyce @JoLutow So true! And on top of that, the color scheme in the kitchen is white vs dark cabinets which I am v pleased about.
We’re gonna pay $25 more a month to be in an apartment with private deck on the 3rd floor instead of one on the 2nd… @MybikeisMatt @NWSBoulder LOL 😘
@SeattleMaven Thank youuuuu 😘😘😘Just another option so i don’t have to wash my hair when i really have to wash my hair
I will sing this to the apartment managers this weekend while apartment hunting
@ndimichino And please stop asking people to RT you @LLHitz thiccProof of cat gifs 😽 @DanGoldgeier @wongdoody The website makes it better 😸So many 😽 gifs👋🏼 #MarketMix2018! @LLHitz and I are stoked to chat with y’all about video and social media. See you in room 409 at 11:15 am!
I’d say that at least 1/3 of my workout awards on my Apple Watch are due to the fact that I am really good at forgetting to end workouts
Tonight I made avocado toast with sweet potato instead of bread and then topped it with baked chickpeas so if I cou… @MybikeisMatt 😩😩😩😩😩😹 @lukeburbank LOLThis scholarship is not going to apply for itself! Women in advertising, be bold, be brave, be you.…
Retweeted by Jen Joyce @LusciousPear Who you calling a ho
@seattlekim 🙁😩😩😩I started a lifting plan today and I would like to inform you that bulgarian split squats are officially my nemesis @nathanallebach
brb adding “can find the perfect cat gif for any situation” to my resumeRight out of the gate, @wongdoody @imtheclassynola @KarenKilgariff @MyFavMurder OmgggggggThe best part of waking up is Paul Holes on The Daily podcast #hotforholes
I feel like this might be the funniest thing on the internet but I am also really high on cold medicine so
I do not know how this could physically happen but I am pretty sure that Robert Mueller was my uber driver today @sarahesterman Google slides for easy collab with @LLHitz @sarahesterman This is not shocking. Haha If you have any suggestions on how to make this deck not look ugly, please let me know. LOLWhile working on this conference presentation deck, I'm very tempted to just add one cat video per page and call it a day. @PortiaFendeman Yesssss! @MyFavMurder is the besssst. If you don’t listen yet, you should! @kthcswll @sarahannelloyd @mshannabrooks Here for thisIt probably has soy in it. @nathanallebach @jlew8 The happiest death... @BenKoenigsberg OMG YOU TWEETED @PortiaFendeman #SSDGM @paulbalcerak BRRRROOOOOOOOOOOO @ronschott @notjustinkaiser @PhillipRenz I like that you called him a knob. Hahaha*Googles Golden State Killer 1st thing in the morning, every morning* : A Jen Joyce Story @nathanallebach Omg go with it but photoshop a tiny porg into it
@KeegoMyNeego There is a social media podcast that I like but the dude seems to be in love with Gary V and it makes… you are still putting Gary V on a pedestal, you are doing it wrong.
Oh sorry I forgot to tell you that football tweets are coming back sooooooooMOOD. #GoHawks
Retweeted by Jen Joyce @dandean Wearing Nike’s to an interview at Nike is like wearing the band’s shirt to the show.
Good luck to future historians understanding our culture
Retweeted by Jen Joyce @paulbalcerak No one knows. This is just how life is, Paul.Oh sorry just now catching up on Kanye’s shitty shit twitter shit and... whaaaaaaaat? why? how? basically all the…! @JoJoStiletto Now I am the jealous one hahaha @veganlobster Pants, duh. Also buy 5 sandwiches and eat them all. @JoJoStiletto Me too! FaceTime? HahaWhen your agency has so many #murderinos that we had to book the largest conference room for the press conference. #GoldenStateKillerI HAVE NO WORDS except those of #michellemcnamara #GoldenStateKiller
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