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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Seattle, WA

Now: Brand at @simple. Then: 31st employee/Marketing at @Uber + lady who created #UberKITTENS 😻 Always: Cats. Music. Gym. Knit when time to sit.

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@tundrahdesert @ProvenanceHotel @basharwali @Uber LOLToday I’m #ThankfulFor the 2 reasons why I’m doing what I currently do. @ProvenanceHotel + @basharwali believed I c… Genesis cars find us a new kicker? @yumbutter Oh I did! Thanks for making such a great product. 🤗Live stream gone wrong (or right cause LOLOLOL) @JessEstrada
This week I want to take some time to share what I’m thankful for. Join me? First up. @JessEstrada has been an amaz…
@kenfucious As you should be! @smithbrittanya course I am the one to make a visually pleasing spreadsheet to organize (read: project manage) my sister’s baby shower.
I’d like to nominate this for the best thing on the internet rn @lindseyblue @lindseyblue You got this girl! @LeslieQSeaton He’s the coolest.When your having one of THOSE days but then your sister sends you these photos and now I am dead #TeamNephew to hashtags, @tagboard, and an awesome CSM I got a refill of wine in the middle of the panel. Pasha, you’re… @AndrewBraddock @simplymeasured @KatieGrad @patmrhoads @deepankarkatyal Sadly a lot of this is not a choice of one way or another. It depends on how the companies are cha… @chelseynelson @GwenSchlef I came here to post a Beyoncé gif.
@lin_krystal @brookeandersen I am just saying that there should and CAN be other interesting ways to promote your product! 😘😉Hey Lucy! I ran out of wine. #DataAndDrinksOur most natural look for #DataAndDrinks @redheadwonder6 Exactly! @LLHitz nephew thinks I’m 3 😎
@rapsONrapsOFF @Alyson_Andrews You’re fine. My stuff was still cold when the power came back on. @bonnevivante 😔 @bonnevivante It’s so horrible. 😔 We’re lucky to have had our power restored so quickly! I’m going to donate to PR relief efforts today. 💖
@saralingafelter True! I was most scared for my hardboileds. They actually were still very cold by the time the pow… all heroes wear capes but sometimes are called Glimma @Msbeervendor @kathy I don’t have ice cream so we’re good!So now the real question is: Do I have to throw away the eggs that were in my powerless fridge for the last 5 1/2 h… @smithbrittanya Oh girl it’s so trueThis Capitol Hill power outage is changing my feelings about that one time I bought too many candles at IKEA. @seattlekim Good luck! @jojotastic Mine was too.Good luck.
@bambichronicles YesssssssI like cooking a lot and sometimes I document it in my IG stories: you mean to capture your knitting but your finger tattoo ends up being the star @ghod @ladygaga Omg ty @ghod @ladygaga Your tweet makes me feel v cool.Thank you for lifting the no celebration penalties, @NFL.
@TBTL If you’re ever vealing like you might need more eyes on something... I’m wooling to help. Nope. Too far.Slightly disappointed in the lack of Obbbbbaaaaaaaahhhhhma jokes in Thursday’s @TBTL. 🐑tfw it’s the week that you’re playing the person who ghosted on their fantasy team @lancetrueb @REI @Microsoft Congrats!
If my life was a Reddit post @deftonesfreek @Seahawks @DangeRussWilson #PARTY @NFL @DangeRussWilson @deftonesfreek @Seahawks RIGHT?! @Shape_Magazine I️ can answer this for you without clicking on the link: YESDearest Football boyfriend, Feel better soon. 😩 ❌⭕️, Me @jordanpumpsiron @TillamookCheese I️ might have done this after too much wine?Hi! I’ve found my 🔮 and I’m speaking about social in 2018 at @simplymeasured next week! Oh & free drinks. 🍷✨ RSVP: @SKramerWrites drinking game: Drink every time there is a Seahawks penalty. You’ll be wasted by the time we get 1/2 way through the 2nd quarter! ✨Sometimes I’m funny. @whitpopa Ughhhhhh yea @Naborczyk @DevWithTheHair @emarley @RowanYarns @DevWithTheHair @emarley Ooooh! It’s been a while since I had a magazine delivered to my place but I did have Vogue…
What a way to kickoff the war on Christmas.
Retweeted by Jen Joyce @PattyRaz Two words: NAPKIN BIBI finally feel like I belong in this world would just like you all to know that I successfully ate my salad with vinegar dressing and DID NOT get any of it…
@joymoxley @moby_dickhead I need to know EVERYTHING @codygoins I JUST CANT HELP MYSELFThe only account I have twitter notifications turned on for is @moby_dickhead. 😳Ballot drop box locations: Voters guide: Lost your ballot? #Seattle, You have until 8 pm tomorrow. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE VOTE. PLEASE.
@IsabelArcelia @LastWeekTonight I like you, social media person for LWT.Oh you mean the terrorist, right?“THIS GAME IS THE WEIRDEST THING EVER!” -ME YELLING IN THIS BARTHE FLUTE DANCE IS BACK oh NO interception wait what is going on get him NO get HIM NO WHY?! WHAT!?! @Kirstenleah It was a limited edition. 😿😿😿 @Julia_Wayne I’m literally LOLing at this response. Good luck, especially with that attitude. Hahahahaha @jlew8 If you find out how pls send my way