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Founder/Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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Mary Neal's Memorial Service is today @ 11am at Antioch -Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GAMary Neal died suddenly last Thursday not long after tweeting regarding saving the life of death row inmate Jeff Wood.
Mary Neal's homegoingservice @AntiochLithonia BaptistChurch Friday@11am. Please direct all contributions to Tri-Cities FuneralHome7704822358
Fastest & most direct route. Pay-by-phone Mary Neal's funeral arrangements Tri-cities Funeral Home 6861 Main St Lithonia, GA 7704822358
Tri cities funeral home 6861 main street lithonia GA 30058 770 482 2358
HOLD THE MUSIC! Cap the champagne! Chill, @ThePrisonShow and #abolitionists! @google, they STILL plan to #execute #JeffWood Aug. 24. Damnit!Yes, I'm celebrating #JeffWood's LIFE today! I fight for my white #brothers like I do my black #brothers. ALL LIVES MATTER, starting w MINE.Oh, @google! I'm so HAPPY! They gave #JeffWood another STAY. RELEASE HIM, EXECUTIONERS! Look what advocacy does! JCLOOK WHAT WE DID! YOU and I and ALL who care about #justice and ending #executions! JeffWood won a STAY Thx @twitterTake America fr elitists! HAVE YO SAY on MaryLovesJustice Radio at 6:30pmEDT ea night (605)562-0020, code 992212650! can argue about the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but everyone knows it's not a killer drug like heroin.
Retweeted by Mary NealChelsea Manning, No Stranger to Solitary Confinement, Faces Indefinite Isolation After…
Retweeted by Mary NealAin't I a woman, @TheJusticeDept?#God said the world will end badly but didn't say WHEN. Let's push NWO takeover thousands of yrs into the future @realiseREALies @NeonNettlePls demonstrate sincerity by mailing current bill 2 my home address like U agreed, @GeorgiaPower, & if possible, exact copies of past 2billsLet's begin by mailing my current bill to my home address, @ATTCares. Is that too hard? I appreciate your response.
Lawyer should ask WHY judges, prosecutors, lawmakers can own #prison stocks if "insider trading" matters, @WSJlaw. J91-year-old terminally ill patient spends final days knitting hats for the homeless
Retweeted by Mary NealI've Aug 3 tape of @ATT rep taking my phone payment and changing billing to hm address.; by Aug 9, Billing again had someone else's P.O. BoxNew #censorship example. Clear broadcast for 17min. until #censored when I said #USSenate voted to #draft girls, @UNThx. @GeorgiaPower stopped sending bills to our hm months ago. I don't like #computer billing. I know better than ANYONE how records Change.I call twice monthly, @ATTCares, requesting billing to OUR HOME. @ATT says OK but never sent a bill. I even recorded the last time. NOChangeTHIS is the most welcome news I've ever received, @realiseREALies. I've #proof of everything, despite their burglary you so much, @HuRiCareers and @realiseREALies. I'm a granny. They sent AmberAlert as warning bc U care.Glad I worked while daytime. #God said, "Night comes when no man can #work" John 9:4. I DIDN'T WATCH #JUSTICE GO QUIETLY INTO HER GOODNIGHT!Nothing's too hard for #God. Maybe He wants me offline and allows #CoIntelPro to push me off. Maybe they're starting to kill journalists now#Hackers won't allow my depository at @Blogger blogs. They wouldn't let me finish new #fundraiser but "they" can JI may be forced to give up #Internet advocacy, @twitter @google @Care2 @facebook - #financial persecution too much JI tire of fighting for #humanrights in USA, but if not me, who; if not now, when? Pls stop making #mentallyill citizens #prison commodities.#DonnellThompson LA: 'A terribly devastating event': black man killed by SWAT team was innocent, officials say
Retweeted by Mary NealAstronomical #utility bills, telephone takeover, computer #hacking to prevent disclosure quickly drain poor ppl's resources, @washingtonpostJudges protect #CoIntelPro firms like @TheCochranFirm; dismiss former clients' cases re fraud, racism, malpractice JI asked @ATT rep, "Who usually gets Internet modems w/ 2 channels?" She answered, "Businesses only." They made a business of #censoring me.I believe Public Utilities Commission can make @ATT @GeorgiaPower & @DeKalbWatershed send my bills 2 my hm, but will it do so, or is it NWO?500 percent increase in @GeorgiaPower bill btwn May & June, same hike for @DeKalbWatershed, @ATT sends my bills to somebody's PO Box.I asked repeatedly, but @ATT @GeorgiaPower and @DeKalbWatershed won't send me paper bills. #CoIntelPro wants to C what I have in #bank 1st.Using financial #persecution against this #Christian #humanrights activist, @washingtonpost, withhold #utility bills, then SHOCKING increase#Police, jailers, prison staff, and families come forward re abuses; #censorship staff prevents world fr knowing, @washingtonpost. U Know itYr later, @TheCochranFirm accepted "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" case against SAME JAIL it admitted having conflict of interest re E.Story.U @AudreyMiles18 send my retweets to @washingtonpost. "They" prevent my communica w #media companies to hide U.S. #crimes against #humanity.LOTS of #police and #prison staff DO become #whistleblowers, @AudreyMiles18, and inmates' survivors, do too. Then we're #censored, punishedFormer jailer EarlieStory was fired and set up on false drug charges bc he refused to help lie re mentally ill inmate's death @AudreyMiles18Former Shelby Co Jailer Earlie Story wrote affidavit against @TheCochranFirm - refused to defend him when fired all #whistleblowers tell abt abuses right away. Robin Kay Miller waited until retirement #Rikers Island #AbusesUSA #whistleblowers endure persecution, even psychoanalysts, wardens, security chiefs, #police, and psychiatrists JCFormer warden Fancher and Britton Mosley (MDOC) tell abt job loss, prosecution for being righteous, @AudreyMiles18 JDo you know what happens sometimes to #police and prison staff who refuse to ignore abuses, @AudreyMiles18? JCSuch as covering up a murder in custody and somehow preventing news reports like, right @AudreyMiles18? I agree.It is time for local police departments to start listening to their communities' concerns and enact policies that reflect those concerns.
Retweeted by Mary NealDiscrimination re #disabilities & ethnicity is wrong. Many #WorkingClass whites agree, so efforts re #RaceWar fail JSo many ppl suffer systemic #discrimination bc they are #mentallyill or #ethnic ppl, and for those who are both, #prison investorsARE RABIDHollyAlston fears her son will B like #KaliefBrowder, @democracynow - held 7 yrs w/o trial Released Mon. TRAUMATIZEDTeen #sex #slave was held SEVEN YRS w/o trial, mostly in #solitary. He was released Mon. His mom's crying bc he's so #traumatized that ...My longstanding @twitter friends know abt TerrellScott the #mentallyill teenage #sex #slave in #PA @TreatmentAdvCtrFriends, we need you to work harder sending retweets. Two men down with two to save. @UN, when are you going to ... what happened to Pastor Moses, I'm worried about #LeonardMoreno, the teen's now leaving #solitary, and #JeffWood, still on #DeathRow.If just half my online friends buy my @TheCochranFirm Fraud book, I'm getting a #handicapped van for our 93-y-o mom #ministers who underwent a split in a #church know how cruel so-called #Christians can be to ea other. That happened to both Moses men!I'm so sad that I type with #tears in my eyes. If only #hackers didn't #censor me so, things would be different for Pastor Moses and his famMy news abt Pastor Moses is too heavy for so early on this lovely summer day. Let's just praise #God together! JCFriends, I have bad news about one of the men #hackers prevented my #FreedomOfPress to stop more people from knowing about - Pastor Moses.Most #Americans care deeply about protecting #humanrights, like I do. That's why I'm #censored. "They" know U are kind people and fear you.Thx, @koffietime followers! Your RT's help my clients experiencing #humanrights abuses and keep me safe this #Kristallnacht Eve (Acts 18:10)
Join the #HumanRights for #Prisoners March online at Begin w/ these four cases; 3 men are still alive and need YOU!The #censorship against my advocacy for #justice turned rabid in July and August as I addressed these 4 cases, @UN
Why rabid #censorship of MaryNeal in July & Aug? 3 cases: SaveJeffWood TX dp, MI v. Pastor Moses, Justice4LeonardMoreno (teen in SHU 3 yrs).Jennifer Moses wanted YOU to know real story behind her dad's wrongful prosecution BEFORE trial, but I was #censoredEarlier tonight, I misspelled Pastor Moses's name, typed "Mosley." I corrected it at @blogtalkradio, but pls note the change didn't appear.I posted Jennifer Moses's interview w/o interference tonight. Her dad's trial may be over Michigan vs. Pastor Moses
Hello, new @twitter friends. Thanks for following the live drama of "Mary Neal vs. #CoIntelPro." I published seven new tweets on Aug 4. Thx!SEE photos #censored at #Blogtalkradio "13 Years of Terrorism After Larry Neal's Death" JC YOUR SAY re #humanrights at HumanRightsDemand nightly at 6:30pmEDT (605)562-0020, code 992212650. Aug 3 Tape 74"13 years of #terrorism after Larry Neal's Wrongful Death" @UN @democracynow @NPR @Gpena1957Gemma @BlackTwitteratiPolice Kill Black Women; Congress Applauds See #KorrynGaines and #MariamCarey stories & mine"Despicable Crimes Against Humanity in USA to Stop #HumanRights Activism" @UN @democracynow"Police Kill Black Women; Congress Applauds" Open season on black women began w #MariamCarey
Hear 8/2/16 Human Rights Demand conference at (605)562.0029, code 992212650, tape #73 at w/ HollyAlston, DebbieSapp.Three @Walmart employees choked a customer to death, claiming the elderly man stole photo