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यावज्जीवेत्सुखं जीवेत् ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिबेत् । भस्मीभूतस्य देहस्य पुनरागमनं कुतः ।।

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My rule of interaction on social media is kind of influenced by the Hanlon's razor "never attribute to malice that… @MukulAgarwal66 @ajayrdave Our sessions are always awesome. We discuss a range of issues. From Twitter to poetry and ghazalsThe Union government has put employment data in public domain, and that by itself is a good thing @agrawalgautam15 I focus on real work. All this will go on forever. @agrawalgautam15 I made sure 2 villages I worked in have proper bathrooms. Atleast I've done something positive in my life.Everytime I whine about something I look at this picture in my phone & it reminds me of the horror people go throug… 1st time when I saw this during the village visit I was stunned. I couldn't sleep the whole night. Ask friends… I've given it a lot of thought and I'm sharing this picture. I'm not entirely happy about it but I have to I fee… in the villages I worked at. @pratyasharath @Indianlyf @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ Tough hai. I've worked hands on in 2 villagesHave laughed so much after a long time 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣How missionaries saw the study of Sanskrit as the tool to convert the Brahmins and thereby destroy Hinduism. @AbhinavAgarwal Yeh periscope kya hota hai @rahulroushan You chose option 3 didn't you?Should I do a podcast monologue explaining my experience in two villages in Maharashtra? (Audio only) @puspakpatnaik @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ It horrible I don't want to.In rural India building a toilet is not = just providing a pot to shit. It means building the whole thing from scra… @bhak_sala It is a tatti scam. @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ And I challenge anyone to build a bathroom from scratch which includes brickwork piping… @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ Villagers in India don't have houses with designated spaces for bathrooms inside the hou… @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ How does it cost more than it would in a house? Even in a house the bathroom has to be c… @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ No it isn't high. You're assuming that it is just the pot where they shit. That's not h… @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ This includes a septic tank in the back too. This is what the current government is buil… @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ They built bathrooms out side their house from scratch like this @rupasubramanya @muglikar_ Bathroom means being built from scratch. It includes brick and masonry cost. I've physic… anyone even use their brains when they make statements like bathrooms built in 1600 rupees? @muglikar_ @pokershash 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 @muglikar_ @yoginisd @MihirkJha @Abhina_Prakash Heck even in 12000 villagers had to put some money at times because… have pictures but I won't share them. I am uncomfortable sharing them. I couldn't sleep for days after looking at… will go after the government where they deserve criticism. The bathroom critique by INC is full of shit @yoginisd @MihirkJha @Abhina_Prakash @muglikar_ 1600 rs mein kaunsa bathroom banta hai? Yeh think tank nahi stink tank haiThe 2 bathrooms are incomparable. Anyone who has worked in rural India will tell you that.This a such a lie. I've worked in the villages. Shame on Congress. @muglikar_ Under current scheme 12000 is given. @muglikar_ In the 2 villages I worked in the so called bathrooms made under the old scheme were literally 4 bamboos… much for Pervez Hoodbhoy’s love for Nehru. rest of the points are far more important. But they know this headline will get them clicks.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @cluelessforam I'm not a fan of any msm anchor. All they do is add to the noiseOur problem is not jobs per se, but the kind of jobs we are creating. @cluelessforam Not meThe Defence Planning Committee is part of a larger exercise to review vital national security issues. unholy admiration of celibate gurus is a fixation Hindu society should abandon. colour isn't the criteria. The criteria is do the scholars have "Skin in the Game". I did the same thing when… if you're studying Hinduism use translations approved/certified by Hindu scholars/pandits/akhaadas/mathas. Not s… read them but they're not the gold standard. It is old rule of Shastrarth or good debates that if you challenge t… as a Carvaka would never debate astikas using any translation by @AudreyTruschke My critique of any Darshana outs… most of these texts are living and thriving part of the culture even today. That is not the problem of an Amer… open architecture of Hinduism is something that Hindus take pride at. But this open architecture is often explo… is actually funny that Hinduism is the only religion where traditional viewpoints/translations/scholarships are… issue isn't whether @AudreyTruschke had the right to translate Hindu texts or not. She can do it all the time a… article by @AudreyTruschke makes several assumptions about the general Hindutva discourse. But there where man… @ashishanand High level chutiyapa in my view. Had to abuse in desi lingo Mohammad, beheaded. Question Jesus, blasphemy. Question Teresa, bigot. Question Vivekananda, researcher. Question Rama, reformer.
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराThe left has to accept a harsh reality, either accept the criticism of Islam universally or get called out for your… @MukulAgarwal66 Popcorn leloThe internet will explode now. elections are apolitical abused a 'sacred text' = I am scholarly & objective. Well, vice versa. If colloquialisms are good scholarly inter…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराThe debate over who is a ‘real’ Hindu is purposeless. It presumes existence of a doctrine, one mode of worship & on…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराEminem vs. Kanye rap battle for the presidency. It's the only way to truly bring America together.
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Intellectual Refusniks and Renegades @VaKanOO7 @rahulroushan @jemin_p how dare you insult Jemin's management skills 😬😬After Dhoni, now I am worried about another North Indian leader Modi. #RCBvCSK
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराI think it is time to officially declare my political affiliation with GMAM party on my twitter bio. Kya bolta hai @jemin_p @VaKanOO7 @rahulroushan I am already part of a political party called GMAM party with @jemin_p You can join that. F… @rahulroushan I don't hate him. but they are winning too much. I am like that old uncle who wants some others to wi… @SpicyKhalifat Indians are focused on their career & making money. All this stupidity is a waste of time in our cul… wins again................... What the hell man. Koi aur bhi kabhi jeeta kare.This handle is the most entertaining handle. @SpicyKhalifat also there are enough white people who like to take offense on behalf of everyone else. @SpicyKhalifat some Indians in america think the victim game is a good one. But they are a lil too late. Also they… @Michael42401187 @Gavin_McInnes @scrowder They're busy making money. That's what the stats suggest @Madness2112 @MrSpocksApostle @RubinReport @kalpenn He is a late bloomer @MrSpocksApostle @RubinReport I guess. I'd never change my name. Never did when I lived there. @MrSpocksApostle @RubinReport Wonder why he doesn't have his real name in movies