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I was born this way, whats your excuse? Podcaster, Seeker, Ask too many questions, Nireshvarwaadi. Try to write once in a while. Don't like debating on twitter.

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When you think you've seen more or less everything and then this comes along...
Retweeted by कुशल मेहरा9 Foods That Fight Inflammation
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराNamo, ABV, PVNR, LBS it you fascist. whole evolution saga has shown the deep disdain some folks here have for the scientific method. It's a damn sh… over constitution hmmmmmm there anyway one can watch @BellatorMMA in India?Anti National tweet private aerospace startup may have much to offer to Indian industry beyond its Moon landing mission. @rahulroushan Now don't change my name Kamine. But if you think I'm a twisted killjoy you're right. And I'm proud o… @jemin_p HahahahahahahahahahahahaMost people here are aggressive online and a bunch of pussies when you meet offline. Me, well what do I say :-)When shit hits the roof twitter warriors will hide in a hole. I'd actually get down and get dirty. That's a fact of life.It's funny that people think I'm timid or submissive. They don't know me in real life. I'm timid on twitter. Try me in real life 😎😎😎😎😎Oh now I know what YAMLA is. I have name for everyone who calls me this too. But I won't use it on twitter. I'll sa… know you've become a UFC freak when you watch post match press conferences on YouTube after the pay per view is over.Free speech supporting right is an insignificant minority, Dada.
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराMiocic is manhandling Ngannou in round 4. @GabbbarSingh They just want to get laid desperatelyMy mind says nothing will happen in the National Herald case other than political posturing and screaming in news s… @ashwinskumar Babaji aapko digital moksha mil gayaBut if Francis gets one clean punch it is pretty much game over. So very important that Miocic stays out of his rangeA minister is not able to comprehend the science of evolution and the greatness of his own culture's UFC 220 time. Hope Miocic wins.
@RaoKrishnaraj Hitchens might use colourful language @RaoKrishnaraj He will block him on every social media portal and move on with his life.The difference between evolutionary biologists isn't about whether evolution is true or not. It is about the pace a… someone says there is a difference of opinion on evolution and then they use the critique of gradualism.… @AartiTikoo @dhume @Iyervval @rupasubramanya You sure that the official view of RSS on evolution is that it isn't t… @jemin_p Kaun hai yeh gyaani @jemin_p Don't lie 😆😆😆 @cluelessforam YesDear @narendramodi I really request you to fire this guy. Please do. is true. Say it loud. Other than Iskcon no main stream Hindu group denies evolution.Mai Naagin Naagin, Naagin Naagin, Naagin Dance Nachna Minister's blather belongs to the same league as peacocks don't mate, their tears impregnate peahens. What nex…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराMy conversation with @rahulroushan Also, we have a guest appearance by @GappistanRadio
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराWe are so screwed. Both the left and right are anti science in different ways. Someone says evolution isn't true, a… @Abhina_Prakash Don't be part of breaking India forces.Cry my friends cry. That's all I can say. There is a limit to being anti reality and science. @HerrBains Watching the latest Netflix special of Tom SeguraDid I just read Ram Madhav ji denying evolution? I'm going into depression slowly. Need to watch a Netflix comedy special to get over this.Separation of powers is vital to effective governance, for unfettered power always becomes corrupt. Dissonance is a leftist speciality. Tax fixes Sonia-Rahul firm Young Indian for Rs.414 crore gains from National Herald frauds. Calls Congress R…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराHi @Ram_Guha a public intellectual is supposed to enlighten people, not mislead them into believing bunk. 17 books…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराThis morning I stepped out of the front door to pick up the morning newspapers, In an unmarked envelope I found a s…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहराThe Aam Aadmi Party is interpreting constitutional principles according to its convenience.’s not a coincidence that learning outcomes started deteriorating at the same time as when the RTE came into forc… @rupasubramanya Brahui I remember for sure, the other one I can't remember, but I think it's there. @rupasubramanya Account of this is there is Shrikant Talageri's books. @bhak_sala Lol so true @GappistanRadio Tomorrow it's UFC early morning 😎😎😎Dear @jigneshmevani80. Meet Shrikishan. He is a Dalit. He along with his family was beaten with iron rods & almost…
Retweeted by कुशल मेहरा
@GabbbarSingh Irregular since 2010Hello humans, if you haven't checked out my podcast with @rahulroushan & @GappistanRadio till now please do. You wi… e-way bill is a welcome move, but the nitty-gritty of its execution needs to be addressed. was ostracised for wearing those experimental pads, but he persevered to set off a social revolution. ban on Rushdie’s book is admitted to have been a mistake by Chidambaram, but the mistake is yet to be corrected… Kamal Haasan is batting for a ‘Dravidian’ identity and a constructive South Indian unity.
Conservatives have been told off by liberals for a while and are now used to it. Liberals have become smug assholes. @Thvora Thanks for the wishes @MrsGandhi I willToday’s test was crucial. It was the missile’s first user trial, a step forward toward its induction into the SFC. @MukulAgarwal66 Thanks for the wishes Mukul Bhai @shaileshkpandey Dhanyavaad BandhuNGT order on one hand, miffed temple priests on the other. What will Yogi Adityanath’s government do? only way to save India’s doomed public sector banking is to privatise large parts of it first. those who drew an equivalence between the abolition of the Haj subsidy and the expenditure on Indic event…