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Not English Elite class. Not RW/RSS-BJP, neither leftist nor liberal. *follow =/= endorsement* A bored, insignificant soul. Hindu, patriot & a retweeter

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2012: Managing Gods' wealth: Kerala's four Devaswoms together earn Rs 1000 crore annually @anuraag_saxena @SushmaSwaraj @MEAIndia @Kuvalayamala @noconversion @by2kaafi I have filed a complaint with FRRO H…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThe OLDEST house in Kerala. Ilam of Brahmadattan Agnihotri, son of Vararuchi. It was carbon dated to be 1400 years…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeA video by Chandramauli Trust of children from Kashi, reciting Panini, on blessed Ganga, while on a boat. Beautiful.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeSordid story of theft of Antiques .. @Kuvalayamala writes about how Hindu temples have been looted in Kerala
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeFew pics of mysterious Mauryan era nude Goddess who's cult was popular all over northern India, from Gandhara to…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeRohingya "refugees" working with JEM terrorists in Jammu Now we know why they @INCIndia settled them 4000 KM away…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeKerala Girl Athira Converted to Islam Under Peer Pressure, Returns to Hindu Dharma -
Retweeted by Anjali Georgewhy else is campus ministry & other religious entities work among students if not to encourage students to speak about religion to friends?Christians do. esply pious members of Jesus Youth & those who follow American churches. I have witnessed conversion… girl who got influenced by friends and changed religion, does ghar waapasi. Note PFI/SDPI's involvement.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeWhat category of Visa hv they used to enter India @SushmaSwaraj ji @MEAIndia? @Kuvalayamala @noconversion @by2kaafi
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeSordid story of theft of Antiques in Kerala Temples. @Kuvalayamala via @myindmakers
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeAntiques getting stolen, sold from temples in kerala, in the name of "repair". Secularism pacifier keeps hindu mout…
Retweeted by Anjali George @Kuvalayamala Theft of the precious wealth of Hindus should not be allowed in the semblance of repair and renewal
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeJust watch the perfect coordination.among dancers just wow👌👌👌 hats off 2 their efforts
Retweeted by Anjali George @NarenMenon1 the mandapams of Devi occupied by vendorsKanyakumari Bhagavathy temple, Kanyakumari #Navaratri #WalkToTemple
Retweeted by Anjali George @nativethoughts @crazydiode There are some Veda exponents who preach around that idol worship is not approved by Ve… trauma that lasts 800 yrs. Jeez, the Srivijayans must have really been affect bad!
Retweeted by Anjali George @mariawirth1 @MIB_India It was the 1st thing she had to speak to me about once she understood that I am from India.… @mariawirth1 @MIB_India Old lady downstairs asked me very sadly, why media bring bad news about India? She told, he… read on how Sriwijaya maintained maritime sovereignty #LookEast
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgePlease be careful about handles: @/Brahman_Shahi @/First_Varna @/Maharana_Kumbha Designed to divide H & stir up hatred against brAhmaNa-s
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeYou would have already seen brAhmaNa traditionalists on H-twitter. None of them/us makes incendiary statements against other varNa-s/jAti-s
Retweeted by Anjali George"You see, all my life I have known only Shambhu; 'Har Har Mahadev!' has been my cry; and 'Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!', my…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeSC bench expressed concern/shock at issuance of NBW in case of mere individual alleging defamation & J&K state govt…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeDid Gauri criticise Agnus like Kalburgi & Pansare? @narendramodi @AmitShah @nitin_gadkari @SwarajyaMag @arunjaitley @News18India @IndiaToday @aajtak @ZeeNews
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeRobin, the padre who was caught by Kerala Police for impregnating minor girl was preparing to escape to Canada. Is it a safe haven? @SinghtheIndian Same with Me. Earlier it wasn't loading notification and DMDecades after exposing Church's sex abuse in Canada, Indian doctor is hunted by various cases against him there Indian who exposed child abuse in church is now being sought to be extradited to Canada. Is this the deep state…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeMandaikadu Bhagavathi Temple, Kanyakumari #Navaratri #WalkToTemple
Retweeted by Anjali George @SinghtheIndian What does that means? Now it looks alright anywayIs anyone facing difficulties in opening notification and DM in twitter app ?Khilji's daughter Furuzan "Hindus know how to enjoy good things . I will never marry a Muslim" Dear Bollywood, make…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeSC stays extradition of Indian Dr who helped expose Canada's child abuse scandal involving Church @axidentaljourno
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeShocking Video of CPM's Student Wing SFI Attacking Kerala Police -
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeAlwarpet chap is a pawn to dilute educated middle-class support for Modi. He'll be discarded after the next election.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeJailed for Evangelisation.In India,u get appointment with CMs for that shit.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeDecolonizing the Indian Civil services-2 by @RajivMessage | #UPSC
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeDon't know why so many celebrating NDTV being sold, basically means Prannoy Roy got Big Money & is home free.
Retweeted by Anjali George @NarenMenon1 @Kuvalayamala Follow prannoy Roy money trail and identify ecosystem villains incl big biz groups,…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeDear @PMOIndia @narendramodi ji, Please read. Lobbying Funds for Gender Specific Laws via FCRA via @IndiaFactsOrg
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeWhy Murti-puja is an antidote to fundamentalism | IndiaFacts via @IndiaFactsOrg
Retweeted by Anjali George"A religion without a Goddess is halfway to atheism." —D. Fortune #Navratri
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeMamata Banerjee to move Supreme Court against Calcutta High Court's Durga idol immersion order…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeTantric Yogini Raatrini from 11th cent. who protects the night. Riding owl, armed with sword/shield, she arrives wh…
Retweeted by Anjali George1303 AD: Alauddin Khilji wanted to create a progressive safe environ for LGBT minorities by marrying Padmavati in a…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeDo Sonia Gandhi want reservation for PM post? Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved Hires Investment Banks To Raise Rs 1,000 Crore via @swarajyamag
Retweeted by Anjali George @gaandu_sala @TradHin YesWon't ndtv founders get more money due to this exit to run many like Troll/Quint/wire etc @AmiSri @bhootnath @rishibagree @KiranKS
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeDon't dream too much. What is the status of Asianet owned by NDA vice chairman? @TradHin She was taught only quran & islam in Islamic brainwashing centre & was told Hinduism is bad. But later sh… 😂
Retweeted by Anjali George
I enjoy reading Times of India so much
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeRahul Gandhi in US, Sonia speaks, media-created drama over fuel prices. Start of a fresh, coordinated assault. Shar…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeFighting someone else's battle is a waste of energy. Be it the Crusade of the occident, or ratings for a TV @PeeliHaldi LW seem to know that RW men & women connect through esoteric conversations, unlike their own exclusive…
Retweeted by Anjali George+During colonial times, this was the case. Which group alone is given this privilege now?
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeLet us start here. Series of old tweets follow. 1/n
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeAs great storms churn mighty oceans, so came the Mother of all the Worlds—unconquerable, forever-victorious, unstop…
Retweeted by Anjali George @anuraag_saxena @SGugle @SwarajyaMag @PrachinVaani Shall this HC judgement be used to get the antique artefacts in…
Retweeted by Anjali George @anuraag_saxena @SGugle @SwarajyaMag @PrachinVaani Shall this HC judgement be used to get the antique artefacts in… conversation with @rupasubramanya & @parthparihar
Retweeted by Anjali George @Ekam_Sat @Kuvalayamala Pls read these. Temple loot, why its important & how to fix it.
Retweeted by Anjali George @Dev_In_Trance pressurise the H ldrs&organisations to act on issues like this also so that people can be mobilised… seals it. If TRF tweeted & wrote about it, you can bet that the Intl. Axis is upping the ante. Read abv tweet…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeTemple Plan to Melt Down Golden Antique Rouses Descendants of Cochin Royals plugging again @anuraag_saxena thanks. I was searching this article. remembered reading it. @Kuvalayamala Read this, if this subject interests you. Can send u more info if u like.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeStealing Hindu Gods: A Madras High Court Judgment Shows The Way Out via @swarajyamag1981 news: Stolen gold idol of famous Siva temple at Ettumanoor in Kerala recovered on Parumala massacre gives an insight on police & st govt act together 2 suppress the voices against fasc…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeAnti-Brahmin propaganda poster Nazie era anti-Semite propaganda
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeNew Evidence Ties Illegal Antiquities Trade to Terrorism, Violent Crime #ReclaimTemples #ProtectHeritageSmuggling India's Antiquities - Appalling why most of the antiques in temples don't evoke interest for ASI