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not a left-liberal journalist, not with terrorists, didn't learn English, dont go for US-UK seminar trips, hence a troll. Not RW, Proud Hindu

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Summer classes in the month of April - May. Yes #Summercamp as we urbanites call it. A summer camp for boys who are…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeVinciguerra of the man from the U.N.C.L.E sounds lot like MainoWhen @narendramodi pushes scholarships you get only if you declare you're not-Hindu, little surprise in this. Let'…
Retweeted by Anjali George#PresidentKovind May he have a glorious tenure, living up to the highest standards of the office as he has promised…
Retweeted by Anjali George @TheJaggi @KBB_TGDN @dhume A routine thing happening for decades, it has social, religious, legal sanction. But one…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeI live in Greater Noida but am not aware of any such 'ban'. Just returned from the store.
Retweeted by Anjali George @neha_aks Not just Rahul , Priyanka, Vadra & their son too.Dear @MEAIndia @SushmaSwaraj ji - This is how MP of Catalan (Spain) talks ill of an Indian State's CM. @SpainMFA
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeGratitude of Queen Maino Gandhi is valuable for a journalist also there hope? Schopenhauer: No. Nietzsche: No. Cioran: No. Camus: No. Spengler: No. Adorno: No. Kafka: Yes, but not for us.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeLol. So Yechury gave himself an award? ha! But the discourse I present in the series does not suit their agenda or their anti-Hind narrative!
Retweeted by Anjali George#SriPejawarSwamiji: A Life Dedicated To #Dalit Upliftment And #HinduUnity by @pranasutra
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeEarly Sangam age Tamil Chola coins with images of Srivatsa symbol atop elephants on procession. Reminds me of moder…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThe other side of cow protection: Attacks by meat mafia on animal activists, common citizens @ShivanChanana
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeAren't they supposed to be protesting the hike in TN MLAs salary outside TN Assembly? But who cares abt logic when…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeNo act of neglect is worse than complacency, for the annals of history have never judged anything more cruelly.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeEach time horse moved on #Chess board,those aksharas resulted in a new poem. This sort of poetry writing was known…
Retweeted by Anjali George800 yrs ago Swami Vedanta Desika composed a poem of 64 aksharas (letters), which was laid one each on each square o…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeConserving water, the ancient way: on temples and drought management via @the_hindu
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeGovernment Says It Is Proactively Considering Having Two Time Zones In The Country
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeK. Ullas Karanth: ‘We are slow to adopt science for conservation’ via @the_hindu
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeWe not only honor our heroes, we also revere them because they have made today possible.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeHindus under attack for centuries, not safe in their own country. Can't be equated with Jihadis for overreactions.
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeMotivated by commie leader's exaggerated speech,student wing moron climbs on the college gate and fall down from th…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThe other side of cow protection: Attacks by meat mafia on animal activists, common citizens via @indiatodayLol. It is Cheese. A milk product. By the way Gauda is GI product. Indians anyway cannot add it into #MakeInIndia Freemarket liberalism cannot save the great Hindu Civilization. The humans in BharathaVarsha alone can't constitute Hindu CultureWhat sort of a Hindu nationalist govt sits in Delhi, who give 2 hoots to the mother nature & the valuable ecosystem 6 biodiversity?Now most land in Kerala is with Churches/Christians. Aftr killing most f #WesternGhats, want airport in #Sabarimala? this thread & connect the dots. Originally, Kerala's lands were of the Devatas. There's no private ownership. 1869, the property came into the possession of ‘Mattakkattu’ family on mortgage right. British gave temple land to Christian convertsCheruvally Sree Bhagavathi Temple, which is the main landmark of Cheruvally to BC, the land originally belonged to Chenappady Devaswom of Kongoor Namboodiris. Land of Hindu Devata - now in Evangelist handAdhyatma Ramayanam - 02 - BALAKANDHAM - Part 2 #RamayanaMonth #PracticeSaveDharmaEven Christian countries (Russia is now Orthodox Christian) are banning US evangelical groups .When will India?…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeMedia made martyr out of #JunaidKhan - stabbed after clash with fellow passengers. But No empathy for this girl?
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThis is exactly what the secular-jamaat is planning for Hindus. Spread the word and be careful.
Retweeted by Anjali George @rohits95 I don't know much about this place. Maybe it became a town only once mughals established sarai @rohits95 I was thinking what is the original name of the place. If we are not reverting back to the original name, no point in name change @astik_shishya 🙄🙄1) This, BTW, is the anthem of Travancore state. Use this if you want to celebrate Kerala heritage.
Retweeted by Anjali George2) The defenders of Kerala, after Malabar kingdoms fell, were Travancore kings. No better way to celebrate it than resurrecting their anthem
Retweeted by Anjali George @astik_shishya Mein mysore border wali heiAnother one bites the dust! :'( #forest #elephant #Karnataka None of those temple bashing activist / NGO will speak…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeI love this song Let us reclaim our heritage of Karnataka - that of Vijayanagara & Mysore kingdoms. We are the children of a people that resisted invaders
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThis Ayyakannu is not a farmer-But Sand mining mafia head--begging better than stealing:)))))))))))))))))) RT
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThe sheer number of houses. Yet, ~64m apartments unsold? Why?
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeMaharashtra is Hi fi state like USA. Like FLOTUS, the "First Lady" has to engage in "Socialisation" 🙄🙄 is time tht RW starts calling out this overreach of @fadnavis_amruta using her husband's clout -but for him,will Maha admn give her seat?
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeHow takes its readers for a ride. There is no NGO called Evidence. Read this thread=>…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeRediscovering #Rama (Part-I)
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeKerala BJP leader took bribe, promised MCI tag: party probe via @IndianExpressXavier ghat... Teresa river front... Mosques & churches lining the Ganga... Aagey dekhte jao....
Retweeted by Anjali George @babajibaala @mediacrooks @sankrant AnubhavikkatteKerala BJP leaders took Rs 5.60 crore in bribes
Retweeted by Anjali George @babajibaala @mediacrooks @sankrant It reminds me of those Kerala sanghis who love his money & sponsorship for their events @Kuvalayamala
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeWhere is Home ministry ? of Mugalsarai has been changed to Deen Dayal Upadyaya Nagar: @myogiadityanath
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeThis is exactly what the secular-jamaat is planning for Hindus. Spread the word and be careful. only way you beat Abrahamism and Leftism is when you have real freedom. Otherwise, keep going on in this whatabouttery land.
Retweeted by Anjali George
Some whining abt a sulla MP laughing at the SP bastard's words When Ms don't fear desecrating temples, you think they fear mocking our Gods?
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeBelievers church Yohanan's estate disputed as encroachment. Buying a portion for airport can legitimise the pastor'…"Abrhamic Hindutva" brainwashed by the desert cults learns to Look into Dharma via western eyes & think everything Hindu is superstitionGoswami know well to play with the insecurities & emotional weaknesses of middle class Indian. 😆😆 off whole India to the Americans. Let them with the Jews rule degeneracy is cheered while cow protection is abused by sec libs
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeFrom Alaipayuthe to Vikram Vedha 😃😃 too spreading blatant lies about UP education budget. This is the level of "internationally reputed" journalism…
Retweeted by Anjali GeorgeTo those who are unaware, this is one of the few major temples in the south in Hindu hands, not secular government'…
Retweeted by Anjali George @mohit_saxena469 @OGSaffron Indiana Jones made me realise how hatefilled bigots the Americans are. That too the WW propagandist SpielbergDurga only if take decision on the Ban on NDTV postponed endlessly @Kuvalayamala @OGSaffron in season 3...savitar is villain.
Retweeted by Anjali George @mohit_saxena469 @OGSaffron Savitar is sun. Right? In Gayatri mantraSo if you were wondering how the media came to know about VP nominee but not presidential is the reas…
Retweeted by Anjali George @noconversion @Chopdasaab He is a pastor? Thought he was a sapera controlling ichaadhasri naags.
Retweeted by Anjali George😔😔