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Political Organization Since 2001, Labor for Refugees members have been working to seek just and fair Labor Party Policy on refugees and asylum seekers.

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Joined Twitter 4/20/12 "Labor is promising to cut fees and uncap places for overseas parents after complaints abo… at Azeenas wedding Hoddinott 17 hrs · Yesterday, I was a guest at Azeena Nuhumaan’s wedding. Azeena, was, of course, another… Please consider a donation
2019 We speak with the Bangladeshi human rights activist about his arrest and why his governmen… as everywhere. Most people are nice, but there are always the fringe who make a lot of noise..."I heard they w… Same as everywhere. Most people are nice, but there are always the fringe who make a lot o… FBI arrests member of rightwing militia... sad when Sri Lanka is still getting on its feet after the civil war. It seems this is not the work of the Tamils… So sad when Sri Lanka is still getting on its feet after the civil war.... rock two Sri Lanka churches during Easter mass, scores injured politics corrodes
"Healthcare and the cost of living are the two biggest worries for voters ahead of next month’s federal election.… Wonderful! Another Departmental cruelty ...."Kayban Jamshaad was born in Australia...
Should not happen in the 21st century Farooqui is with Abul Kalam Azad and 2 others. Yesterday at 9:29 AM · Very proud of these special individua…"Uyghur Asylum Seekers The internationally recognized rights of asylum seekers have been consistently flouted by t… nursed many children and adults with cystic fibrosis. It does require lots of admissions to hospital and expensiv…
2019 Now a refugee to we have to be so mean?
2019 On strike Learning to love the water Absolutely unfair Asylum in Canada work continues ( from our latest Newsletter) Although L4R members have achieved much in terms of advancing the… the world needs to get off its backside over the Rohingya and refugees. We need that World Compact that would s… Keep up the emails for Priya and her family
2019 More employers need to do this"Last [federal] election, I didn't vote because I felt like nobody wanted me to be part of this country, so why sho…
2019 Trapped
2019 "This is..."Labor’s response to Dutton was fascinating to watch. It was fast and sharp. Tanya Plibersek was in extraordinary f… Trumpy may do refugees a favour inadvertently doctors who know their code of ethics students lead the Sydney Palm Sunday March todayMore support for refugees at Palm Sunday in Sydney todayPalm Sunday Sydney today
2019 Migrants in regions Rescued refugees allowed to disembark in Malta, go on to..."Trump’s ex-strategist advised Matteo Salvini ‘to target pontiff’s stance on plight of refugees’" tragic reminder of why Hazaras need our protection Trump may use sanctuary cities Stigmatising refugees Worker charged with offences against two women
Running a food truck and happy
2019 Another Qld town fighting to keep a family need to get out of detention first
2019 Cruel. "The British diaspora in the Gulf and Brunei are seen as useful – it’s only poor immigrant… some facts
2019 From the National Justice Project..."We have launched two class actions against the Austra… Sheltering Venezualans THE REFUGEE COUNCIL RE THE ELECTION... Another weekend has passed and Scott Morrison has still not announced… TO CLAIRE MOORE FROM THE TAMIL REFUGEE COUNCIL. CLAIRE IS LEAVING PARLIAMENT AT THIS ELECTION Senator Clair…
The outcome from a failed empire "A US judge has issued an injunction halting the Trump administration's policy of sending… Greeks oppose free education for refugee children Greek law says refugee children must be…
2019 Libya: Detained refugees 'terrified' as... Behrouz No money for welfare in Australia but $185 million for a publicity stunt!
2019 Trump administration outlines plan in response to lawsuit Thousands of children were taken… AND HUNGRY: MANUS CONTRACTOR CUTS ASYLUM SEEKER RATIONS Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE SICK AND HUNG…
2019 Standing up to the fascists goes viral"George Thaung had such a big heart that he once gave a whole week's pay to a stranger who reminded him of his mum.…
Sir Humphrey would be proud Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE AUSTRALIAN PALADIN MANUS SUPERVISOR HELD ON SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS An… from Academics for Refugees April Newsletter In the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre last month, Aca… Budget cuts to crucial services show refugees 'not a priority for Australia', warn advocat… Dont look away!! From Ethiopian refugee camp to footy pitch for Hawthorn's latest up-and-comer "Home Affairs boss Michael Pezzullo has confirmed there are now more asylum seekers in Aus… Nowhere to go: Myanmar farmers under siege from land law The Myanmar government has tighte… Filing human rights complaint
2019 'Go to Hamburg': Italy refuses safe harbour to... "The blunder could be the most politically costly press conference ever" Christmas Island locals upset Red Flag Riots of 1919. Russian refugees vs returned soldiers Speech by Senator Penny Wong. We can be proud of Labor's stance against racism and hate as expressed by Sena… just love wasting money! on Winston
Government dragging their heels a special series of reports, SBS News meets some of the nearly 40,000 unaccompanied or separated children from S…
2019 Refugee crisis brewing in Cyprus Not a good place to send refugees