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Political Organization Since 2001, Labor for Refugees members have been working to seek just and fair Labor Party Policy on refugees and asylum seekers.

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Australia hypocritical silence
Desperate for anything against Labor, Seven News is now reporting a split between Tanya Plibersek and… a court order to make him Rothfield, National Co Convener, texted Bill Shorten this morning saying “surgery not available on Christmas… Ged getting some persepective on all of this Tingle highlighting that senior public servants disagree with the government Wonderful performers telling their stories's offshore refugee policy has failed Such policies may seem like a quick win with some domestic constitue… Survival sex for children Senate blocks Salvini probe into holding migrants on ship Controversial interior minister won't face trial af… Refugee Action Group 42 mins · Controversy surrounding the awarding of a $423m... Labor... Wayne Swan rejecting the politics of fear Asylum seekers say Paladin doing nothing From Nick Martin, Doctor... Neumann MP 4 hrs · This is close to half a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money that Peter Dutton is trying…
2019 Australia's medical evacuation process for asylum seekers in immigration detention could b… The public servants tell a different story to Morrison and the LNP Can it be made to backfire? Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE ANOTHER SUICIDE ATTEMPT AT MITA A 19 year-old Iraqi asylum seeker has attem…"Greens immigration spokesman Nick McKim accused the Government of "subverting the intent of the Parliament". He s… on what Shorten said Shorten has announced that Labor will support the subversion of Parliaments intention and support the Governme… are no medical facilities that can meet refugees needs on Xmas Island. What if they need special… Phelps blasts plan to send refugees to Christmas Island Murphy 2 hrs · The Nauruan government has passed legislation limiting medical evacuations based on overseas…
Oh really.....! This was not Parliaments intent as Nick McKim says...."The government has just admitted th… Swedish student sentenced Thats a good thing Peter Dutton . Get them here Taking out the provision for the doctors to be paid stopped the legislation being unconsti… "The head... says the Australian and Peter Dutton misrepresented their advice Senate grilling over Paladin contracts Hmmmmm! Border Force incompetence?
2019 Please explain "An American woman captured by Kurdish... Dont panic and run for the exit on one poll result....."Moreover the... The government is now saying this is necessary because security checks werent done on thes… And I heard a commentator say that some of the principals in Paladin are members of the PN… after him with axes. ...!
2019"The Australian government is attempting to deport another Indigenous man to New Zealand, despite him having no tie… “I don’t think it will be like... "I could see the hope in their eyes" "When people ask me, I say I'm a Christmas Islander. I had... Paladin Contract politicians in Australia have committed crimes, says top lawyer billion dollars wasted intervenes
2019 "I think Australians have seen this... Is this Morrisons Tampa ? Hmmmmm! I wonder where this story came from ???"But the significant change was Labor's decision to move on policy, knowing history suggests it could potentially c… Hoping to get to Australia for a new life Climate change refugees ""I knew that as the child of refugees, with a pretty complex background, I was going to h…!
2019 "Advocacy groups have claimed it is "absurd" and... Doctors reject fear mongering "Labor may have just lost the election. The... Seeking asylum Bill Shorten rejects claims that Labor's support for changes to the so-called medevac bill… Hakeem meets Scotty From Shayne Neuman...13.2.19
2019 "Asylum Seeker Resource Centre chief... Congratulations!! Safe zones One refugee family faces incredible odds and countless setbacks as they travel over 3,000k… We have to push hope over fear How it all happened "What is clear at this juncture is that government... Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE AUSTRALIA’S TREATMENT OF REFUGEES CONDEMNED AT INTERNATIONAL AWARD CEREMO… The ultimate decision to admit or deny an asylum seeker entry into the nation rests with t… Island not ready for more asylum seekers Facts about the Medical Evacuations Bill Duttons department dragging out citizenship applications