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Host of Finding Prince Charming on Logo. *NSYNC bassist. AmBASSador for @VanderpumpDogs. @Green4EMA member. Oh, and I love to cook and EAT!

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Today I start production on my newest documentary. Can't wait to tell you all about it. Side… must read #IMPACT17 interview: "@VanJones68: How He Wants To Make An Impact On America" via @forbes
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Remind me again, which one is gay?? @realjoeyfatone
Thanks for talking again @LanceBass ...Bass on Trump: 'You can’t always trust your leaders'…
Retweeted by Lance Bass#NeilGorsuch Is A Charming Man. # via @HuffPostBlogDay 2 of the green4ema #Impact17 summit begins! @wendiemalick edbegleyjr Visit our website…
Cruising along #RaceToTheNines on @logotv with our squirrel friend @LanceBass! We're on Season 6, henny! Are you wa…
Retweeted by Lance BassWaiting backstage w @LanceBass listening to @VanJones68 inspiring everyone! #impact17 @green4EMA
Retweeted by Lance Bass#impact17 @green4EMA #GreenEnergy is actually more profitable than #FossilFuels.
Retweeted by Lance Bass#Repost @green4ema ・・・ So many inspiring keynotes and panels and #IMPACT17 has only just begun. Presented by...
Retweeted by Lance BassGOP lawmaker: We may only have 4 or 5 hours to read healthcare bill before voting | WATCH
Retweeted by Lance BassThanks to @seesthedayphoto, I have the best picture for #NationalPuppyDay!! chipanddalepups…
$50,000 doesn't sound too bad! Who's in?? Bass: From *NSYNC To Global Environmental Activist via @forbes @green4EMA #IMPACT17
#ICYMI Here is @MichaelTurchin showing us how to hit a golf ball. I HATE when people say "Keep… year this lil fella graduates high school! 😱Happy #NSA day
Yes, I'm confused too. 🤔 📷: priscillaheart @ Planet Hollywood Resort &… @RuPaulsDragRace like I do?! Catch me on @LogoTV’s #RaceToTheNines marathon starting 3/19 at 8/7c! S9 premieres 3/24 8/7c on @VH1!
Well well... look who's gotten a makeover! Nice job @PHVegas St. Paddy's Day!! You can't tell, but I'm drinking green tea. According to my DNA test I'm… has seen #BeautyAndTheBeast?? Is it as magical as it looks?? I have to wait until tomorrow to see it. Ugh. I blame the @backstreetboys.
#OwnYourImpact Join Board Members @lancebass & @MichaelTurchin at green4ema's first annual…
Retweeted by Lance BassWell someone is about to keep her #1 spot.
Excited for the premiere of #BabyDaddy!!! @FollowtheblondeRescue a dog today at @LisaVanderpump & @KenToddBH's @VanderpumpDogs rescue center, 8134 W. 3rd St in West Hollywoo…
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @KellyannePolls -Kitchen bots Than a Travel Agent: Jane Halbert Jones
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#TrumpCare costs Americans more money for health care & leads to millions losing coverage. Republicans are having t…
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Hey @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin ... Did a little story about you cuties! @HollywoodHoller
Retweeted by Lance BassThese pups just get cuter every day. chipanddalepups now will only ride in a car like a parrot… out this beauty!!! Amber just arrived yesterday at @vanderpumpdogs and is available for…
Lisa Vanderpump named Editor-in-Chief of luxury magazine - #GoogleAlerts
Retweeted by Lance Bass#GlamourShots two LOVE to cuddle. #BrotherlyLove chipanddalepups #adoptdontshop is what happens when they let you keep your cell phone on you after surgery. Cameo by…
.@RachelMaddowSho is on point!!! #RequiredTelevisionSo the moral is if you want to have a child, take your kids to the Dr., need hospital or ER care, to do it before 2…
Retweeted by Lance BassWhen you order a pocket handkerchief and/or scarf from @michaelturchin's #turchinofficial, this is what you get...…
Retweeted by Lance BassHave you taken a selfie in front of #VanderpumpDogs yet? Thanks @lancebass for this amazing pic! #Retweet
Retweeted by Lance BassJust posted a photo
Welcome Bear, the newest addition to the Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center! Please visit our website to begin the adopti…
Retweeted by Lance BassJUST RELEASED: Official NPS photo of Trump inauguration thanks to @JasonLeopold's #FOIA Co…
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@TheRealSpiceBoy right? I guess they call this babysteps?The anti gay outrage over Disney is so dare they include all walks of life!Even a candle's!Box office will be huge!Here is the recipe for my corn soup at the finale of #MyKitchenRules. It's really fun to make…
.@octaviaspencer and Father John Misty are in 8H this weekend! #SNL
Retweeted by Lance BassI can't wait to see @octaviaspencer host #SNL tonight!!! @1capplegate as soon as I can stand for more than an hour, I'm heading straight to you!! ❤❤❤Four IS my lucky number. I'll take it! Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ranked: From Worst to Best via @RollingStone
SO ready to see what #TeamBass has on the menu tonight. Tune in to the #MyKitchenRules finale! 9pm on FOX!
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@ItsValVasquez @TheRealDiceClay ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #MyKitchenRulesFunny how #MyKitchenRules edited out WHY my steak was well done. #BrokeOven 🙄😤😡 @elmo3907 next year?Prediction: Our children will be studying #Russiagate in history class. @carliloaf I will miss the teams and learning some tips from these master chefs.It's up to the guests now to determine who will win #MyKitchenRules!
Retweeted by Lance Bass @Monica_virgo the oven was broke 😢😢 @JeffreyCesari don't fight it. 😘Ok east coast! #mykitchenrules is on!.@LanceBass is in tune with his confidence tonight! 🎵 💪 #MyKitchenRules
Retweeted by Lance BassFinale Tonight! 9/8c on foxtv mykitchenrulesfox journalists are saving this country. Thank you for your service. #ExposeTheLiesI'm doing this at some point in my life! Thanks for the inspiration split1700 #LanceFlys that he has violated both the public trust and the law, @HRC believes that Jeff Sessions should resign.
Retweeted by Lance BassTONIGHT, #MyKitchenRules is all about the fancy food and @RayJ may or may not be on board. Don't miss the SEASON FI…
Retweeted by Lance BassIt all goes down TONIGHT! Don't miss #TeamBass and #TeamDice cook their hearts out on the SEASON FINALE of…
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🐶 Guests are arriving and the cameras are flashing! @LanceBass, @HeatherMcDonald & @MichaelTurchin, welcome!…
Retweeted by Lance BassEveryone's back this Thursday on the FINALE of #MyKitchenRules. The FINAL TWO TEAMS bring their best for the last c…
Retweeted by Lance Bass#PainMedMorningRevelation: If Mellie Grant from Scandal and Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife… are finally here! @MichaelTurchin #TURCHIN
Well, my mama and I made it to the finale. Watch her fight her way through a major illness to… think I'll heal very nicely with these two as my nurses. I'm home safe and sound. Thank you… am so proud of my husband and his first line of Turchin pocket squares and scarves! He has…
Repeat after me: When We Rise - tonight at 9/8c When We Rise- tonight 9/8c #WhenWeRise -tonight…
@fortunefunny oscars are REALLY enjoyable on a morphine drip! 🙄. @fortunefunny looks like they gave them Best Actress envelope againYES!!! #Moonlight was definitely the best picture of the year!#Oscars