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Apparently Thursday's are my thing. Host of Finding Prince Charming Thursdays at 9pm on Logo. My Kitchen Rules Thursdays at 9pm on FOX!

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・・・ Today we celebrate the one and only @ReginaMina and her upcoming wedding!!! Love you!… is the outcome I need today! Right @iamckirkpatrick ?? #GoPack! sure many of u remember this : sad to say Devin has passed away. We will miss him RIP
Retweeted by Lance BassAs a member of the @backstreetboys, I had a love child with @BettyMWhite. #AlternativeFacts
2day we march w women of the world 2 support their power & remember that Democracy is built 1 footstep at a time…
Retweeted by Lance BassMy last picture from today is when Lily Tomlin and Nicholle Tom BEGGED me for a picture.… @MichaelTurchin gets scared in crowds, so I had to hold him like this the whole day.… @ Downtown Los Angeles to popular belief.... #WomensMarchLA wins for best shirt!! #WomensMarchLA a view from stage! All the flavors of the rainbow! #WomensMarchLA #StrongerTogether
I can't really see what I'm writing, so I'll try to get through this as best I can. It is w a… @barackobama !! via theellenshow White House removed its climate change web page. And the healthcare, civil rights and LGBT sections. Just thought you should know.
Retweeted by Lance BassOk the battle begins
Retweeted by Lance BassCheers to Friday #amBASSadors! Have a great day and weekend!! @lancebass @MichaelTurchin
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That's the attitude #TeamBass! 👏 #MyKitchenRules
Retweeted by Lance BassWhich team's dinner party should get the higher score? #MyKitchenRules
Retweeted by Lance Bass @LanceBass a couple more hours until #MyKitchenRules starts! 💯
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@Mickey1Fan no thank God!!#MamaBass and I are safe - so we can sit back and enjoy the rest of these dinner parties. Whew!… Dogs All New Center - Take A Look!🐈: @lisavanderpumpNow that the election is over, we can not turn a blind eye to the ACTUAL people that will be… Grateful.
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What had @LanceBass covering his face? Watch or Re-Watch #MyKitchenRules to find out! New Episode Thurs 9/8c…
Retweeted by Lance Bass @SmallTownRage narrated by @LanceBass screens @glasgowfilmfest on 23 Feb. Check out the full programme at #GFF17
Retweeted by Lance BassIt's bring your husband to work day!! Catch me on @OfficialHTL #HollywoodTodayLive in just a few…
Aaron Rodgers. That is all.
The perfect duo of elegant but powerful voices. 🎤 What other combo could dominate this duet? Reply with your faves!
Retweeted by Lance BassDonald Trump on John Lewis: " All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!"
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Birthday to the best sister n law a guy could have!!!! Love you Lauren!!!!!… 30!!! Even at 30 my man still gets as messy as a 2 year old!! Happy Birthday my love! "You…
#TheMoreYouKnow🌈 #BreastCancer so great chatting, thanks Lance! Bass talks the country and his TV takeover in 2017 #MyKitchenRules
Retweeted by Lance Bass @LanceBass @indigo_15 you catch the full premiere episode here!
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.@indigo_15 I think #Hulu.@CatrelCathey lol! NO I do not have a shrine of myself! But yes I have some of my evil looking bobbleheads in my office.. @4everBrandy and @RayJ's short rib tonight was BOMB!!! I wish everyone could actually taste what we get to eat! #MyKitchenRules #LanceEatsWEST COAST, are you ready? The premiere of #MyKitchenRules starts NOW!
Retweeted by Lance BassWest coast! You're up! #MyKitchenRules starts now!! On @foxtv knew food could be sexy?! 🌿 #MyKitchenRules
Retweeted by Lance BassWe hope you enjoyed the premiere of #MyKitchenRules! There's more where that came from. See you next week!
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@neetfour Scandal is what DVRs are made for! 😉 @mrsjuliehardy it's from nyc. But the south perfected it. @TheReader23 We're glad you enjoyed it! See you next week for more #MyKitchenRules!
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@realcjsellersLV 🖐🏼MAN that was so fun!!! Thanks for watching everyone!! West coast, you're up next!! My stomach… @istolethecatspj I still have many episodes to disappoint you. 😉 @LanceBass and his mom are killin it! 👍#mykitchenrules
Retweeted by Lance BassWhat do you think @LanceBass? Have I got the moves to make it in *NSYNC? #MyKitchenRules @KitchenRulesFOX @FOXTV
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@CurtisStone @KitchenRulesFOX @FOXTV - You're in!!!Who doesn't like shrimp and grits????? #MyKitchenRules #TeamBass @mykitchenrulesfox @Mrsamerica05 that's the teacher in her!. @MissBeaE oh yes! Although chicken n waffles is from nyc. But we perfected it 😉. @KTookes @KitchenRulesFOX may the 4th be with you!!Omg! They went into my office??? I should have at least cleaned it up!! Mics EVERYWHERE!! Lol #MyKitchenRules #TeamBass @KitchenRulesFOX"The only vegetables I eat are baked potatoes and bananas..." 🍌🍌🍌?? Love you man @TheRealDiceClay #mykitchenrules
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @lynlee2000 @KitchenRulesFOX oh just wait until everyone gets to know each other!!How are you liking it so far??? I'm laughing my ass off !! This is so fun!! #TeamBass!!!! #MyKitchenRules @KitchenRulesFOXTurn on Fox NOW!!!!! Something amazing is on! You will never believe what Trump is doing!!!! Holy!!! #MyKitchenRulesWe will all be live tweeting #MyKitchenRules in 20 mins!! @KitchenRulesFOX premieres at 9pm EST! #LanceEats Get ready to be HUNGRY!!.@4everBrandy and @RayJ go head to head with @LanceBass and his mom! Settle in to the dinner party TONIGHT at 9 p.m…
Retweeted by Lance BassLook who's at @GwenLA to celebrate the @KitchenRulesFOX premiere TONIGHT! @LanceBass & his mum Diane!…
Retweeted by Lance BassWho's up for some chicken n waffles???Grab the vino and grab some eats to watch the premiere of… have the BEST fans ever! Esp the Ambassadors!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #Repost
.@lancebass and #MissDiane  having fun at the #FOXTCA  tonight! mykitchenrulesfox premieres…
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass: It was the most amazing bonding experience u could ever have w your mother. "She became all of our mot…
Retweeted by Lance BassI LOVED seeing these bassholes tonight! I haven't stopped laughing all day. #MyKitchenRules TCAs with #MissDiane today! We are so excited for the premiere of mykitchenrulesfox !!…
Set your #DVRs!! @KitchenRulesFOX premieres this Thursday, January 12th 9/8c!! Who's gonna be the best in the kitch…
Retweeted by Lance BassIf you have a pet, you MUST watch this documentary. PET FOOLED, available on itunes and most other VOD platforms.
Thanks, Obama: A Gay Dad's Love Letter to POTUS # via @huffpostqueer. @hiddenfigures is sooooo good!!! Check it out! Love me some @octaviaspencer !!!! #HiddenFiguresHave you guys been seeing commercials for @mykitchenrulesfox?! So exciting! THIS Thurs 9/8c on @foxtv! 🍳@lancebass…
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It's really in 5 days... but I'm SUPER excited about mykitchenrulesfox! The fact that I get to… many reasons why New Orleans is my favorite city in the states. This sampler platter captures…