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Host of Finding Prince Charming Thursdays at 9pm on Logo. My Kitchen Rules coming to FOX 2017

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@lynlee2000 😘😘😘 give my love to the street team!!!Now nsync can officially have a drink! Hey that rhymed!! Happy 21st bday fellas!! 🎉🎉🎉 Side…
👍🏽 LIKE if this is the most handsome boy you've seen on #Instagram today!! Tag someone equally… the last nights #FindingPrinceCharming on or the LogoTV App! Trust us it's must see!…
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass on hosting the first ever gay dating show #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass @stopyulinforevr @johnfsessa @LanceBass We are getting closer to Stopping YULIN
Retweeted by Lance Bass
👬👬👬 Another #BlackTieAffair under our belt w/ 6 guys left, see you next week East Coast! #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassI was shocked also! I can now say Paul was my pick to win day 1! I'm usually so good at picking them! 😢@phollowell #FindingPrinceCharming#FindingPrinceCharming I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!
Retweeted by Lance BassI totally didn't expect that 😱😱😱 I totally that Paul was going to keep his "black tie"! I DO LOVE ME SOME ROBBY LoL #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassThis elimination @RSJdesign #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass @RobRamos I'll be sure to tell wardrobe! 😘 @LilPoundCake1 who do you predict??#FindingPrinceCharming Who do you think is about to go home?? Hope they aren't in your fantasy league!Let's see who stays and who goes home tonight... #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassAre you watching #FindingPrinceCharming? Love it? Hate it? Come chat with us live after the show:
Retweeted by Lance BassSuch an uncomfortable workout on #FindingPrinceCharming. Opening up emotionally is work for me & I'm clumsy, so it was work on both sides.
Retweeted by Lance BassThe #BlackTieAffair is coming on #FindingPrinceCharming! Fill up your wine glasses! Who do you is going home? @LanceBass @RSJdesign
Retweeted by Lance BassA reminder that @AbsolutelyChad's hashtag was #flexible 😜😜 #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@JBabealicious it's also the #BigBrother jury house this summer!so @LogoTV is using @OfficialMelB old house for #FindingPrinceCharming i wonder if she knows LOL! #scaryspice #spicegirls #logo #LGBTQ
Retweeted by Lance Bass#FindingPrinceCharming I think he's into #Chad the most but I think #Brandon is the hottest!!! Robert's so gorgeous, 2 bad I have a vagina!
Retweeted by Lance BassBut like, if Brandon doesn't win, it's going to be mad awkward when Robert has to give that necklace back. Lololol. #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassSo much respect for Brandon. I've been through the same road. #sober #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass @wildbastille 😘😘😘.@justinroisom wants to remind y’all who was first…💋👆 #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassY'all know Paul is winning. Bookmark this tea. #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass☕️😵 When someone asks you a question before you have coffee… #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassWatching my favorite tv reality show #Findingprincecharming!! 😉👏
Retweeted by Lance BassJust fell in love with @BrandonKneefel #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassBrandon asked the right guys for fashion advice. My faves, Dillon and Justin. ☺️ #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassWhich 3 suitors would you take out for an app🍇, main🍔, & dessert🍦? #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassWhen @LanceBass comes over you know something is going on....why @RobLaRiv you are correct! #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass @ChrisRThornton 😘😘#FindingPrinceCharming starts now east coast!! Live tweeting w you all on this hashtag! Enjoy the show!! 😘😘😘😘😘Grab your glass a wine..hopefully without a fly in it and get ready! 5 Minutes till #FindingPrinceCharming on @LogoTV @LanceBass @RSJdesign
Retweeted by Lance BassWoo hoo! Congrats @logotv! Catch new episodes of both shows tonight at 9/8c!!… & I just got back from a college trip through Ohio campaigning for Hillary @HillaryforOH #we'rewithher
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass serves a 3-course date to @RSJDesign & the suitors, find out who Robert picks on a new…
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @fortunefunny for President!! GOP Candidate for Utah Senate Trolls Woman Mourning Gay Teen Who Committed Suicide  - Towleroad via @tlrdI'm recapping last weeks episode and taking your questions live right now on the #FindingPrinceCharming Facebook page! See you there!‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ & ‘Finding Prince Charming’ Push Logo To Ratings Record
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy #NationalCoffee day!! Let's celebrate by getting caffeinated and watching… on a brand new episode of #FindingPrinceCharming..... @logotv #Thursgays #EMAs are right around the corner! Get your tiks at #GreenLance
Tomorrow @LanceBass will be on the #FindingPrinceCharming Facebook page doing a Live Chat!! Join in the fun!! Get y…
Retweeted by Lance BassPHOTO: @LanceBass visited @KenyonCollege yesterday -
Retweeted by Lance Bass @LanceBass TOO FUNNY!
Retweeted by Lance BassToday the "Protecting Youth From Institutional Abuse Act" sits on Governor Brown's desk. (cont)
Campaigning at Oberlin today with @LanceBass for Hillary. @HillaryforOH @butchfrey @raymondbraun
Retweeted by Lance Bass @Cindermom this tweet is tone def and insulting. Read the Republican platform and listen to Donald speak to see why I could never support.A great evening & a full house for the first presidential debate. Thanks for joining us, @LanceBass!
Retweeted by Lance BassThe #Ohio landscape feels like home to me. It reminds me a lot of MS w less hills. #OhHillYes on our #Ohio tour- look what house we ran into!! Glad @jtimberlake could be w us here… hearing from @LanceBass + Robbie Kaplan on how to engage and motivate millennial + LGBT voters. #OHHillYes
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass will be in #OberlinOhio 5:15pEst Today talking about issues within the #LGBT community & #Election2016
Retweeted by Lance Bass
@dylan_so_awsome 1)not true, she has fought for gay rights for years. And what's important is that her views have evolved for the better. @mandytruth24 lol. No thanks! I could run this country a lot better than Donald but couldn't hold a candle to Clinton.@Creative_Shan How? Maybe some twitter peeps can help answer your questions..@Bethie8 you like me but not my marriage then. Because if you vote trump you are trying to take away my marriage and other rights. #FactWho won tonight's debate?Donald Trump again said he opposed the Iraq War. It’s still not true
Retweeted by Lance BassWhen Donald Trump says he has a "winning temperament." #debatenight
Retweeted by Lance Bass#debatenight @realDonaldTrump is CRASHING in this debate! He knows nothing! Didn't he prepare?? Where are the facts??.@realDonaldTrump rooted for the housing crisis. He says "that's called business." #debatenight #1uVote
Retweeted by Lance BassApparently Trump's campaign cronies just deleted this tweet. Don't worry. I screengrabbed it 😘❤️🇺🇸 #debatenight
Retweeted by Lance BassHahaha! I officially have my #debate watching shirt for tonight! Grab the popcorn! Who's watching?? told you,we started the fight against #Yulin ... We have a voice collectively,now we have to persuade Paul Ryan. Gathering momentum!
Retweeted by Lance BassI'll be on campus at #KenyonCollege tomorrow at 3pm! Come find me and let's dish about the debate!!! #Gambier #Ohio #OhHillYesWatch tonight's Presidential Debate with @LanceBass and @zmklein! #Debates2016 #OHDEMS
Retweeted by Lance BassY'all!! Kissing babies really IS part of grassroots campaigning!! His first words? "#ImWithHer"… w some #LGBTQ students at #WrightStateUniversity about the upcoming debate tonight! So… stopped at #WheatPenny on our #LGBT campaign tour of #Ohio. Wonderful people! It's an honor… hello #wrightstateuniversity !!! #Ohio
#Ohio here we come!! RT Ohio #amBASSadors! Join @lancebass & the @ohdems for the first presidential debate!… night's #VanguardAwards were a blast! Congrats @jessetyler and @justinmikita on your…
@Jills_Awesome cheetah is my spirit animal!