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@lifetimetv sure!
Don't worry @JimmyFowlie and @tomlenk I just showed @LanceBass and he thought they were hysterical.
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Birthday @iamcKirkpatrick !!! Both these hairstyles need to come back stat! 🎉🎉🎉 is back w/ @LanceBass as a judge! 2nd Season starts streaming today! Watch on…
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The scary houses continue w #The17thDoor !! I have pig guts all over me! @ The 17th Door Haunted… Birthday Pink Princess!!!!! wendysvehlak
LOVING #SurvivingCompton !!!! #Lifetime#CreepLA is amazing!!! Happy Birthday Dr. Steve!!!!!'m so excited for this movie!!! @c_hamilton15 Tonight's the night!! #survivingcompton. Oct…
California! You only have 10 days left to register to vote. Do it now! Go to #JokesForVotes. @danbucatinsky can't wait!!
My talented husband's latest piece! @MichaelTurchin ・・・ LOVE // 48x48 // Acrylic on Canvas //…'all!!! Stop what your doing and watch this #Netflix series right now!! It's sooooo good!… it on the fridge, @justinroisom! 💗#FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassWhat an exit! #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassLatest #FindingPrinceCharming review is up now! Check it out and let us know what u think! ❤️👇🏾…
Retweeted by Lance BassGreat that #FindingPrinceCharming is trending! Lets get it a higher ranking!
Retweeted by Lance BassDid you watch #FindingPrinceCharming? Join our live aftershow NOW to chat about what (and who) you love & hate!
Retweeted by Lance Bass#FindingPrinceCharming starts now on @logotv !!!YOU get to cast! Logo Renews #FindingPrinceCharming For Second Season—And Fans Help Pick A Suitor! via @NewNowNext. @justinroisom next Halloween!!!! You better be there!Super excited that #FindingPrinceCharming got renewed for a second season! Congrats to the cast… keeps their 👔? Watch #FindingPrinceCharming tonight 9/8c on @LogoTV! It's getting down to the nitty gritty!!…
Retweeted by Lance Bass‘Finding Prince Charming’ Renewed For Second Season By Logo
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I'm excited to be joining the panel this season! ・・・ @lancebass joins @mattsteffanina for the… Trying out slow mo for #LanceScares @MichaelTurchin’s “Game On!” for the remaining five suitors. Watch it all unfold on a new… talks coming out w/@TheAdvocateMag Read it, then c him perform LIVE this Friday!
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Trying out slow mo for #LanceScares @MichaelTurchin watching this one grow up before our eyes since season one of #DanceMoms. Years later we… #NationalComingOutDay doesn't mean you have to make a big announcement to the world.… out #LanceBass on space, politics, & homophobia in music via @KingsThings #LarryKingNow on @OraTV
It always a pleasure @LanceBass! Enjoy our full convo here — come back soon, buddy!
Retweeted by Lance Bass#LanceScares @MichaelTurchin news! There's a new ep of #NotTooDeep on @Fullscreen w/ @JoshSundquist & the full @LanceBass ep is now on…
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@janemarielynch, @LanceBass, @RuPaul & @tyleroakley are here for Kenny in his time of need!
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I don't remember this guy from Frozen , but it's a great photo op! #FrozenEverAfterRide @ Epcot… you imagine getting a letter of encouragement like this as a kid?? I would be so inspired.…
Happiest place on earth w my fellas @ Disney Magic Kingdom Orlando I accept your #DiabetesDanceDare @Followtheblonde !! Now I dare @realjoeyfatone
Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America's face to the world.
Retweeted by Lance Bass @LanceBass #DiabetesDanceDare done !
Retweeted by Lance BassEven more #DiabetesDanceDare moves for your Friday! @Followtheblonde dared @LanceBass @kymwhitley @kelly_clarkson.…
Retweeted by Lance BassI accept your #DiabetesDanceDare @Followtheblonde !! Now I dare @realjoeyfatone skulleeroz and…❤️ We agree, @LanceBass. Loving the brotherhood & support! Sign-in and watch last night's #FindingPrinceCharming:…
Retweeted by Lance BassCatch the most colorful phone call conversation on the premiere of therealoneals Oct 11 on #ABC!… first look: Kenny calls @LanceBass, @JaneMarieLynch, @RuPaul, @tyleroakley on #RainbowBatPhone:…
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Tonight’s episode was full of so many emotions, just wait ‘til next week’s #FindingPrinceCharming East Coast!
Retweeted by Lance Bass#FindingPrinceCharming I'm sobbing! It was so sad and so beautiful! Oh Eric!
Retweeted by Lance BassI love this show. Eric is so strong. And I'm so happy he opened up to Robert. #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass1000% support you @ericjleo #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance Bass#FindingPrinceCharming: Eric Leonardos opens up about living with HIV for 10 years
Retweeted by Lance Bass❤️😢 After his reveal, we want to give @ericjleo a big hug of support. #FindingPrinceCharming
Retweeted by Lance BassProud of @EricJLeo for sharing his HIV+ journey in tonight's #FindingPrinceCharming episode. 🌈
Retweeted by Lance BassComfy clothes✅ Glass of wine✅ Kleenex (just in case)✅ I'm ready for #FindingPrinceCharming! @LogoTV @LanceBass @RSJdesign
Retweeted by Lance Bass#FindingPrinceCharming starts now on @logotv!!!! I can't watch because I'm bracing for the hurricane - so keep me updated via tweet!! Thanks @diananyad 😘😘😘😘😘😘Why This Reality Contestant Opening Up About His HIV Status Is So Important via @refinery29 @LanceBass #LogoTV
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass spoke at Today's #oesummit! Watch here -> Lance starts about the 26 min mark! @OutandEqual
Retweeted by Lance BassTonight's #FindingPrinceCharming episode is one I've been looking forward to for months! So touching. Perfect hurricane party watching TV!Our friend @LanceBass shares his coming out story at the #oesummit Power Lunch
Retweeted by Lance BassPerfect timing, @LanceBass! Don't miss an all-new #FindingPrinceCharming, tonight at 9/8c after @RuPaulsDragRace
Retweeted by Lance BassA suitor shares his truth tonight on "Finding Prince Charming" @LanceBass @LogoTV
Retweeted by Lance BassTONIGHT! Perfect timing, @lancebass! Don't miss tonight's revealing masquerade ball on an… to hit the stage at #OESummit here in Orlando. honored to meet @DianaNyad today at the #OESummit !'s schedule for the #oesummit featuring @lancebass @dianakingdom and @diananyad. Have a…
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Logo TV's #FindingPrinceCharming: Shame, Sex, And Sister-wives # via @HuffPostQueerThis #ThursGay the guys are putting on a ball! Don’t miss the masquerade reveals on…🎼"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... a beautiful day in the neighborhood...." -Mr. Rogers
Pence slams "insult-driven" campaign as Trump tweets insults #VPDebate
Retweeted by Lance BassCatch me this Monday on #LarryKingNow! @kingsthings #FindingPrinceCharming @logotv happy to finally be sharing my relapsing #MS story with all of you! #ReimagineMySelf #spon
Retweeted by Lance BassWatching #TheConjuring2 last night. Lighting is horrible, but the scream is perfect!… #Scare videos are up on #Instagram and #Facebook !! Search #LanceScares! Happy Halloween!.@LanceBass discussed #Election2016 in Ohio and the importance of voting! Are you registered to vote?
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass is joining us LIVE today, and he's taking questions! Check it out on our Facebook:…
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Tis the season!! Let the scares begin!! #LanceScares @MichaelTurchin・・・ On #NationalBoyfriendDay we wonder who Robert's boyfriend is going to be!!! 😍 Catch…