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My cover has hit the newsstands today! The super talented @lancebass looking amazing. Beautifully…
Retweeted by Lance Bass@pamwatsonstyle ❤️@PeriKeely hi cuz!Only 4 days left till #GivingTuesday! Have u created a fundraising page for #TrevorTuesday?
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @talktoleo shot by @tedsun77 ・・・ This must be POP! Get our new issue before it's too late!… hoo!! RT @WhoSay: Congratulations, @LanceBass! You won the #FoodPornFriday title for your fall-inspired dish green4ema with repostapp. ・・・ #BlackFriday involves a lot of driving, purchasing stuff you… the Eco-friendly alternative to #BlackFriday by joining EMA. Your membership will help inspire green solutions.
Retweeted by Lance BassJoin @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd @LanceBass next April! #blackfriday Prices go up 2moro!
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@LanceBass please RT: Fri thru Mon #zappos is covering the cost of pet adoption! #pawlidayz
Retweeted by Lance BassI'm thankful my neighbors are fostering these sweet #puppies so I can squeeze them all! @RescueRevolutionMS is the … is going Cruising in the Caribbean with me? I’m going to be on the Dirty Pop At S... Birthday to this turkey right here! @AndyRuther - @DirtyPopLive couldn't exist without you buddy! Thanksgiving!!! Behold!!! #PieCaken!! I have to try to make one of these! What pies should I throw in?! "We officially say Bye Bye Bye as @Adele says Hello to the World Record of Most Albums Sold In a Single Week…
・・・ Don't miss your chance to be on the #DirtyPopAtSea cruise with @dirtypoplive @lancebass and all…
We officially say Bye Bye Bye as @Adele says Hello to the World Record of Most Albums Sold In a Single Week. Congra…
Are you excited for J. Lo to host the AMAs tonight?
Retweeted by Lance BassMissing my @TheAMAs family today! Break a leg everyone!! #CocaColaRedCarpetLive @frankiejgrande @yamaneika #AMAs ❤️❤️❤️ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday...
Stop teasing me @United!! #GiveItARest of my favorite moments from the week!! Snowed in! If we would have left on time we would have just made it before the storm. #TypicalTravelDay mood: #Defiant #HolidayTravel #ChicagoOHare @LanceBass invites you to work with him, you say yes:
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass is counting down the Top 30 hits from this week in 2009! #NowPlaying on @SXMPop2K #Pop2Kountdown
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#FoodieFriday on @DirtyPopLive (Take a screen shot of this and blow it up if you can't read it) @RadioAndySXM ❤️❤️❤️This weeks @DirtyPopLive Hero of the Week is 13 year old Aiden. Read what what he's doing here -> @LanceBass
Retweeted by Lance BassToday's @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown: @RadioAndySXM @SIRIUSXM 106 Congrats! You were nominated in our #FoodPornFriday competition! Will you take the title this week?
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@JamieLSigler opens up about officiating @LanceBass' wedding. Will Lance return the favor?
Retweeted by Lance BassToday's @MeredithShow look: Sweater @joefresh Denim @jlindebergjournal Shoes @merefootwear #LanceWears on the @MeredithShow: @meredithvieira really likes to rub it in when she wins! #Caraoke #NBC isn't afraid to celebrate a little victory! Isn't that right, @CeeLoGreen & @LanceBass? #CarAOke
Retweeted by Lance BassThanksgiving socks? Check ✔️ Ready for my week in Mississippi!! Bring on the fried food!! @SiriusXM and @whyhunger to fight hunger. Bid now to guest host @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass #Hungerthon
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. @AndyRuther thinks #MarkZuckerberg and #Facebook need to change the "try me" button into a "donate" button in ord…・・・ Great interview today with @alancumming! Go back and listen on demand #RadioAndy channel 102 @meredithvieira my belly still hurts! As @lancebass says @yamaneika & I had a case of the church…
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @Alancumming and I are recreating this outfit today for #TBT on @DirtyPopLive. @RadioAndySXM @SIRIUSXM 102 4East am going to be shooting the breeze on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass on @RadioAndySXM today at 4pm EST! Omfg!
Retweeted by Lance BassToday's @MeredithShow look: Sweater, shirt & denim @adamlevinecollection Footwear @bedstu #LanceWears!! Watch People's Sexiest Man Alive 2015: 30 Years of Sexy on
ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... long ladies! See ya at #ArtBasel #Miami #Art @michaelturchin #EditionHotel So proud of my husband! 🤓 best chateaubriand I've ever had! #BoweryMeatCompany @ChefCapon #LanceEats ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Got a question call me live on @DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass on @RadioAndySXM. 844-305-6887 at 5pm.
Retweeted by Lance BassThis turned out sooooo good!! I will be adding this to my #Thanksgiving feast from now on. It's great for your vege… Here's what I posted yesterday... happy birthday! ❤️Tonight!! @people
@RadioAndySXM DirtyPop with Lance Bass flash mob!!! Please Consider Retweeting
Retweeted by Lance BassWelp, @JasonBiggs started his new @RadioAndySXM show with a sharting story 😂
Retweeted by Lance Bass#Repost @bevysmith with repostapp. ・・・ It was EPIC to present my mensch @andy with an Emory award at… out @donnyjdeutsch's new USA comedy series #Donny! guest starring the gorg @seabrinkley tonight at 10:30/9:30…’re tearin’ up our hearts, @LanceBass! Watch as he teaches some sweet dance moves >> #SSU
Retweeted by Lance BassWe are sharing our favorite Thanksgiving stories. The good bad and ugly! Share w us at 844-305-2639 We are live on @dirtypoplive SXM102I received my first food delivery with theses BEAUTIFUL ingredients! Any guesses #WhatsForDinner?! #LanceEats (R… if the #NewMusicParty will get 👍 or 👎 today? Find out on @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass @RadioAndySXM 102 4pEst
Retweeted by Lance Bass@BeckyFromKaty omg! Love this!
@Chimerasi ❤️❤️❤️@samuelnumsen feels lonely at times - but have to speak my mind. Thanks for watching!@OfficialyAlex ❤️❤️❤️❤️There are 3 @LanceBass painted birdhouses left! All proceeds go to @LuckyPuppyRnR!!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@GeorgeAscu Amen!.@GeorgeAscu this recognition has nothing to do w the Kardashians - it has everything to w the (cont) a blast w my new friends Chica and @EmilyBorromeo on #SSU this morning! @SproutChannel's @MeredithShow Blazer @shermanpreston Shirt @benshermanid Pant @controlsector Shoe @kennethcole Wednesday #Scandal's @BellamyYoung hosts @people's #SexiestManAlive at 9/8c with @michcoll & @LanceBass
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I've decided to host all my future #LanceScares videos on #Vine! Follow if you have an account! Search LanceScares @LanceBass behind the scenes @BellaNYCMag cover shoot! @OKTVUSA @CourtenayCHall
Retweeted by Lance BassCheck it out! @MeredithShow @bellamagny via youtubeFriday's @MeredithShow look: Shirt and tie @gap Pant @jlindebergjournal Footwear @bedstu #LanceWears Here's what I posted yesterday...
All @DirtyPopLive shows from this week now available On Demand on the @SIRIUSXM app! @LanceBass @thisisdrew
Retweeted by Lance Bass@ScorpionSting07 happy birthday!! ❤️❤️❤️Please join @Stana_Katic, @LanceBass & EMA and support school gardens! Join today at the link below.
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It's time for our #SeasonOfKindness @NBCtv! Tag the kindest person you know in the comments! Mine is my amazing mom @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown! Happy Weekend!!! #DirtyPop @LanceBass @thisisdrew Fun Fall Chicken and Veggies with a dijon - maple glaze. #FunFoodsWithWendy
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @LanceBass serenading the audience at the @meredithshow. Don't miss a minute of fun! Set your DVR's…
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Oh hi ・・・ twins with dsurfer7 And @michaelturchin meridianavenue #brusselsgriffon #instagriffs about THIS for a #TBT?! #FamilyDinner @michaelturchin @KendallJenner @Caitlyn_Jenner audience is on FIRE! Isn't that right @lancebass & @yamaneika! #mommameg #WhatsHotNow #50cent @meredithshow
Retweeted by Lance Bass@omalley_vickie ❤️@JanetLWagner see you soon!Yesterday's @MeredithShow look: Sweater @boohoo Shirt and denim @adamlevinecollection Footwear @lacoste #LanceWears's @MeredithShow look: Sweater and pant @joefresh Shirt @hm Shoes @Gap #LanceWears Here's what I posted yesterday...
@AmySawyerHair well now I feel left out! ❤️.@DirtyPopLive with @LanceBass kicks off in an hour! @Kim_Gravel is back sharing her wisdom during #GravelMail! @RadioAndySXM 102 4pE
Retweeted by Lance Bass@MKDMALIBU aw shucks- ❤️ you!Afternoon production meeting at @meredithshow #NBC @ The Meredith Vieira Show At Nbc Studios @flynne72 hope you had fun!"The baby is going to look back and say 'That's when selfies were big'" @LanceBass #WhatsHotNow
Retweeted by Lance BassWishing @MauiDrDeeps and all my loved ones the best in health,happiness and prosperity!May ur life b rich n color,joy & light! #HappyDiwaliToday's @DirtyPopLive poll question.. Do you consider ‘daily fantasy sports’ to be gambling and therefore illegal?
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