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Trickster's favourite daughter. Founder at #HAUT, #Diacrítica & #LapsusLima. Writer and wrong-doer. Dæmon to @diacriticon

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Is this #hellcommunism ?
Retweeted by The NightjarBlack beach of Dyrhólaey Iceland
Retweeted by The Nightjar @Oniropolis @k_punk_unlife Exactly. May also account for how little those self-involved travelers tend to resolve through their travels. @joshuarothes Oh, Josh, no. I am so sorry for your loss.#InvasionOfTheBabySnatchers @Moctezuma_III Not ashamed to say it: I’m *not* a cultural Marxist, but -I want the same. @subtopes So IBM developed the childhood friend I never had. @sehurlburt @richgel999 Your Rich? Congratulations to the both of you.Paleo-ubu. is gigantic news
Retweeted by The NightjarI was a very smart chick, but a fairly delinquent boundary-tester. Spared me from being handicapped with anybody el… @lhommielette Told you!Finally got to take some pics of a Lepas barnacle. Ran into the conundrum of orienting penduncle up (how it lives)…
Retweeted by The NightjarWhose Line Is It Anyway? I wrote about the intellectual history of network visualization for @aeonmag
Retweeted by The Nightjar @Moctezuma_III The theatre as its double.Birdplane is the new duckrabbit. @DailyGrail Yes, it
A collection of celibates to make a Canterel envious. is finally on Instagram. We would be glad if you could follow us @ hautarch @limmoraliste No library is complete without (at least) one. @InkOnLinen He’s doing great, thanks. You can tell he’s a young 75. @RomulusJohnston He’s doing great, thankfully. And thank you for the sweet comment. As far as I can tell, we’re the… @vgr A multiverse Mitty. @pagepark @GSofA Our most sincere condolences. We can’t imagine the depth of your loss.Can’t think of anything to add about the Mack that hasn’t been said already other than to retweet photographs showi…
Retweeted by The NightjarNous sommes tous Jarry. home with the mister and the theremin. It’ll take me couple of days to settle back into the office and check i… Landa: “Although independent software objects have many functions and names, we will call them all ‘demons’...”
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@Meg632Meg @41Strange Me too. Dearly.They always do this. Corrected: BREAKING: Early election results: Sane Colombian outraged by amnesty for gang of…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @charlesjholland @InkOnLinen Exuberance is beauty.Nero: a boy that grew up and became mad. Transformation captured by coins. r/t Roman @III_VIR
Retweeted by The Nightjar @vgr Ant pathways:
Retweeted by The NightjarIn 1888, Bertha Benz set off with her teenage sons on the world’s first road trip. On the way, Bertha unclogged a f…
Retweeted by The Nightjar'peacocks& pagoda& polar geometries', by Marco Maisto @MarcoMaisto
Retweeted by The Nightjarwhen your foots blue as all hell and you want the world to know it
Retweeted by The Nightjar#Bloomsday in the air, but duly noted. #Chicago - #PanamaCity - #LimaI can't stress enough at this level, to be inclusive means to reach out to people you don't know as well as the one…
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“If you have a garden in your library, everything will be complete (si hortum in bibliotheca habes, nihil deerit).” Letters of Cicero
Retweeted by The NightjarMaybe The Most Amazing Thing About Orchids Is Their Weird And Wonderful Seeds. You Just Need An Electron Microscope…
Retweeted by The NightjarAnd on that note, I’m coming home. Melville was a whale.
Retweeted by The NightjarHuman feet as a geological force
Retweeted by The NightjarRIP Mackintosh Building, bisThey now share a quit corner in Fluntern Cemetery.
Retweeted by The NightjarThat time when James Joyce went to a reading of Elias Canetti’s The Comedy of Vanity, approached him at intermissio…
Retweeted by The Nightjar2018 be like:
Retweeted by The NightjarFound this anecdote/poem in an artist’s book called ‘Dada: Kampfen Leben Und Tod: a Prose Poem by Jas H Duke. In th…
Retweeted by The NightjarWinter is here, but summer in Europe! This gorgeous Long-tailed Tit (white-headed morph) was one of my favourite bi…
Retweeted by The NightjarOne of the coolest species I worked with. The Eurasian Wryneck, aka, the “snake bird”... the neck twisting (snake m…
Retweeted by The Nightjar‘Jam-shot muff slit seedler’? This Maggie O'Sullivan poem reads like a list of Alan Partridge’s racehorses on The D…
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#Diacritica #LapsusLimaThanking the kind welcome into the .@PeruGBC @ekbarbarossa Have you been? (Pamir was actually the name of the largest and heaviest cat I’ve had.)Now (more) mammals are following my lead. @subtopes Me: too. @subtopes Very interesting. I happen to have a bassy voice, which has generally helped made come across as (even) l…
Grande della Mirandola. Last of England, Derek Jarman (1987).
Retweeted by The Nightjar @byzantinepower Honoured. @byzantinepower Hope that I meet Byz babe standards.For words are wise men’s counters,—they do but reckon by them; but they are the money of fools. —Thomas Hobbes Poe…
Retweeted by The Nightjar"Geopolitics didn’t return; it never went away. The arc of history bends toward delusion."
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Retweeted by The Nightjar @MoxyHeart @mitdasein Where is this from?
Corinthian capital plus flowering acanthus on the Palatine this afternoon. Nature meets artifice.
Retweeted by The Nightjar"My thesis, paradoxically, and a little provocatively, but nonetheless genuinely, is simply this: PROBABILITY DOE…
Retweeted by The Nightjar.@MaurizioMedo up to an old monks’ prison carved into the rocks above Meteora, Greece, while a thunderstorm rolled through.
Retweeted by The Nightjar @mpesce People and roaches thrive anywhere. @Elytron_Frass @lhommielette @InkOnLinen Queen Bitch. @ccohanlon Oh I wrote about it in public, too!
Retweeted by The Nightjar @subtopes It really is. I may go visit him in Rio.
Gracias, .@PeruGBC @davidwgrunner Congrats! I am so happy for you!