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Founder/partner @ #Diacrítica, #HAUT & #LapsusLima. Advisor @ #ZetaTrek. Mistress of misdirection. La mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même.

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@rwchambliss I'm glad you've had a good time in Peru. @LyndonMarquis @dedbutdrmng @phil_lunt (Apply "character" liberally). @LyndonMarquis @dedbutdrmng @phil_lunt The bane of all psychopomps in one way or another. @LyndonMarquis @dedbutdrmng @phil_lunt From the afterlife. @ccohanlon Better luck next time. I will try. @pennybrownpeny Then I will. Off to DM. @dedbutdrmng @LyndonMarquis @phil_lunt I am dead, I tell you. Dead. @ccohanlon As a writer of fiction, I must say the tulpas this administration is inviting to appear are bizarrely validating. @pennybrownpeny [And if you want me to spoil (it for) you, I'll explain via DM]. @dedbutdrmng @LyndonMarquis @phil_lunt OMFG! @ccohanlon King Kitsch! @pennybrownpeny Just think. It will grow on you. @dedbutdrmng @LyndonMarquis @phil_lunt Wow, are they playing again? Lineup the same?All jokes aside, I'm very glad our friend @pennybrownpeny is back. @ccohanlon @ekbarbarossa I raise you a foot, sir. I have nothing left to give. @rwchambliss Though neither original nor exclusive, contemporary imaginings of the pishtaco favour white men for th… @ccohanlon @ekbarbarossa Just a manner of speech. To say "raised by barbarians" might have led to graver, more unfair, misunderstandings. @unpaginated @ekbarbarossa @ccohanlon This is curious. What year did your high school start to do this. @unpaginated @ekbarbarossa @ccohanlon Not in any of the thirteen schools I sporadically attended. My baggage is homegrown. @ekbarbarossa @unpaginated @ccohanlon Very Calasso, of course. That said, I just stumbled onto his introduction to… @LineTofts I love the approach of the voyeurist stoa. @ccohanlon @ekbarbarossa Extremely. The only thing worse than being raised by wolves is being raised by books such as these. @ekbarbarossa @ccohanlon All worth your time if you enjoy the filigreed apocalyptic. There are tonal pools of histo… @ccohanlon @ekbarbarossa Perhaps, but it's like name-dropping a famous father in that it can -honestly- hardly be h… @ekbarbarossa @ccohanlon Lots of Austrians here, but I am unAmerican. (My leading men being Musil, Wittgenstein and Kraus). @rwchambliss My dear, you are likelier to pass for a pishtaco than many, if not most, Peruvians. As to your questio… not a minute too late. boots are like opera gloves for the legs. @elmorsa Oh, yes. @MrMaitra No need to. I've got mine right here. :) @schweben_weben Mine is a little less sincere, but it incorporates a totally functional architect's scale. @schweben_weben @f_sd @pennybrownpeny What the hell is going on here? You're exchanging body parts already? @graspedblog Not interesting enough. When you have a gun to your head, consider yourself justified in not waiting f… -- is not untrue. @Forord And such is their entitlement that they get miffed when you say: "I'd prefer not to."Fascinating! Maybe language is actually like a prion--an infectious agent that rewrites existing language-like mate…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @MrMaitra @YeyoZa To my taste in men (hint: not socialists.)Very aesthetic. @EduBoisReymond @gabridli Lust; caution.If you like those Polynesian sea charts we made a collection here:
Retweeted by The Nightjar @pennybrownpeny Who is this? @fadesingh Why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @hydeandgoseek Agreed. @JamesPanero What has been seen cannot be unseen. @hydeandgoseek Ah, you are the offering-proferring type as well. You'll most emphatically be fine, then. @fadesingh What opportunists we are! @hydeandgoseek Yes, and with increasingly strict sub(p)lots of initiation. Sic transit gloria. @guthrie_stewart Not a substitute for sunscreen, I can tell you that. @hydeandgoseek Liminal spaces par excellence.At last. caption. @pennybrownpeny Oh, that's what this is now. @LineTofts: look! @pennybrownpeny For your own good. @pennybrownpeny It would be unsurprising. I would like to expect fresher things from you.They photograph the pole of Jupiter, featuring cyclones as large as the Earth:
Retweeted by The NightjarI don't give a damn what other people think. It's entirely their own business. I'm not writing for other people. Ha…
Retweeted by The NightjarNever forget: those little striated crests on pterosaur skulls are just bases for huge skin crests. Artists: go nut…
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@wrathofgnon "Second-rate people" - I love this guy.Trump is the GIF that keeps on giving. @sehurlburt Ditto. Money buys time - time buys everything. @rwchambliss (That, and the trail of dead bodies that my mother may have cropped from view.) @rwchambliss You're correct. @omarosasdignity @jrmaidment @ridetheory He either doesn't know or doesn't care. Not sure which is worse.Not at all ironic, are we. @jrmaidment @ridetheory This trip has been a master class in body language. @whiffen_rhona @pennybrownpeny A thimble. @pennybrownpeny #MyConceptualPenis @pennybrownpeny You know what Peruvian royals do to the gospel. @whiffen_rhona @pennybrownpeny His thumbsuckiness is showing. @BarrowWheary Yes, it was. Thank you for finding it. @pennybrownpeny You have evidently not seen mine.I have a writer's cock. @BarrowWheary No you were not. Have you *seen* my head?Ice cream. @rwchambliss Oh, you liked chifa! Yes, I can think of some interesting suggestions. And it would be lovely to join you. When?In Hell we take in all the refugees. have to learn to reattach my motivation to my behavior
Retweeted by The Nightjar @aribeo @naval Money is just other people's time.
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