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Trickster's favourite daughter. Founder at #HAUT, #Diacrítica & #LapsusLima (on hiatus.) Writer and wrong-doer. Dæmon to @diacriticon

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Fromet de Rosnay: language is both a machine and a body #tspec5
Retweeted by The Nightjar.@ekbarbarossa: @elisehunchuck Down to the last intern. @RomulusJohnston I do too. @ccohanlon @tobiemarx You are entirely correct. He is brilliant and darling, and I didn’t know till now that he was… vessel, on view in "Seeking Stillness," mirrors the hand of the artist who held it more than 1,000 years ago.…
Retweeted by The Nightjar“If you know whether a man is a decided monist or a decided pluralist, you perhaps know more about the rest of his…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @tobiemarx @ccohanlon Likewise. How are you, Mark -holding up?Planarians have some stunning muscles.
Retweeted by The Nightjar @ProfKrampusAnon You caught my point precisely.Or not laughing. For the same reason. @IonaItalia And not only possible and inevitable but desireable.Guys I was researching 15th-century English estate law and I accidentally found out what that tweet meant
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So long as we do not forget there are more things. @PetrovichBilly Seems like a sensible take, Billy. Many thanks.Though generosity won’t always unlock gratitude. defending itself against African Wild Dogs
Retweeted by The Nightjar @PetrovichBilly @PaulBengals2005 Makes sense.Should I need this, .@subtopes: @PaulBengals2005 @PetrovichBilly In a decade or so of collecting, I first faced having the “flower suck the plant d… compliment, much thanks. Weil might be the exception.,1920
Retweeted by The NightjarChaos reigns.Patience, Chaos. Almost everybody comes around. @mitdasein Knocked on wood -I’m clear still.He had it made. sibyl: burned out; the sibyl: charred. All the birds are dead but the god is alive. (Marina Tsvetaeva)
Retweeted by The NightjarDejeuner sur lurve. Didn’t Start The Fire 2017 would have to be performed over five nights like the goddamn Ring Cycle
Retweeted by The NightjarShankar -who has never in his 12 years of sublunar life had a sick day- may be ill. I’ll probably be antsy till I g… @joshuarothes Thanks! Embarrassed, but grateful.Do go read the latest from @LapsusLima :
Retweeted by The Nightjarpoliticians probably aren't sentient
Retweeted by The NightjarWhat an *astonishing* resource: two million wondrous nature illustrations made freely available by the Biodiversity…
Retweeted by The NightjarThe Temple of #Hadrian on Curetes Street ( 117 - 138 A.D ). #Ephesus #Anatolia
Retweeted by The NightjarMoustache visible through the Shuttle’s window. Interesting how rough-textured the thermal blankets and tiles were…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @ekbarbarossa @kthread An exquisite film, my favourite by a favourite Ms. Denis.Tereszka, a child in a residence for disturbed children drew a picture of “home". Poland, 1948. She grew up in a co…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @ollywainwright @newdesignsmell I sometimes hate being work by @LineTofts (below) @LapsusLima @joshuarothes & @unpaginated at
Retweeted by The Nightjar @IonaItalia @salonium @rohitguptahpf @aliamjadrizvi Believe me, me too.So do it. Or don’t. @IonaItalia @salonium @rohitguptahpf @aliamjadrizvi In real life exclusively. Trolls and worse. @IonaItalia @salonium @rohitguptahpf @aliamjadrizvi An oddity: while I’ve met more than my share of trolls in “real… mesmerizing dynamics of sheep moving in these impressive drone footage
Retweeted by The Nightjar @joshuarothes That you can. Biggest fan club in the world, if I may say so. @ScottEsposito What can I tell you -I have pretty grotesque anecdotes for you.I have mixed feelings about this. Cc. .@rwchambliss @ThePatanoiac It takes no-one to k(no)w-one.
Retweeted by The Nightjar @joshuarothes No, the Devil is no-one’s. @joshuarothes Et tu, Joshua!Unless it finds you first. @rwchambliss We’re in a similar place.Slays together.
@ThePatanoiac It takes no-one to k(no)w-one. @joshuarothes Hon, the Devil’s number one.I’m just doomed. @ekbarbarossa Would wear.Eskimo Medicine Man Exorcising Evil Spirite From Sick Boy. Alaska State Library, Thwaites Collection.
Retweeted by The Nightjar(And my potty.)I am the Nightjar, One & Only, and I amble through Hell in nothing but stilts and a scrotum sack. @HPluckrose THE most beautiful.New Babylon. Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1963.
Retweeted by The NightjarGotta love a design patent that cites “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” as prior a…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @Furmadamadam @RIBAginny I love the pics you share. You never pose or try to come across as serious or designery. @LangeAlexandra But what is need when there is want? @ccohanlon You should see the shitbuilding he did in Lima. (Not surprised at Nouvel, though, who is truly amongst t… .@subtopes: Picasso does long exposure light painting in 1949.
Retweeted by The Nightjar @clairlemon This is attention in the right direction. Not only is the book fantastic, the author .@gabridli is too.… me. the insane to captivate the sane.
@ThePatanoiac Achievement is achieved. @sunspeakgreen The Great God Pan. @subtopes The DMZ is one of the weirdest places I have ever been to. This would have made it even better. @GeorgeShiber It’s a three-headed monster with the faces of Peirce, Russell, Wittgenstein.-Metempsychosis, he said, is what the ancient Greeks called it.
Retweeted by The NightjarNew poetry from @LapsusLima . New art from @LineTofts . New fiction from myself, @dreadfulpoint , and @unpaginated :
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