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Trickster's favourite daughter. Founder at #HAUT, #Diacrítica & #LapsusLima. Writer and wrong-doer. Dæmon to @diacriticon

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"Biological organisms learned to survive in a noisy, analog environment by repeating themselves, once a generation,…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @marklamster Embrace complexity and let’s become adept at dealing with ambiguity again. We (also) owe a lot of good to evil men. @sheisartmoney Will neither mute nor depart here. You may be a pile of meat, but -you said it yourself- you’re breathing. Keep breathing. @llull He’s a marvel. @ekbarbarossa 67 years ago, my great-grandfather Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno, thrice and dearly beloved president of Ecuador, p…
#FaceSpookInteresting theory of Maria Michela Sassi to hold alongside @abzmab's #Synaesthesia theory: ancient Greeks experien…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @evahagberg You have my sympathy. I shirk in fear of spreadsheets, which my husband fortunately loves and handles. @evahagberg Oh, absolutely. We contain multitudes. @evahagberg Hmm. Some of my exes might yet recommend me as a chilly hang, though.
Retweeted by The Nightjar @LATENT_DESIGN Done. I will see you in June! @LATENT_DESIGN My team and I definitely been there, and I am glad you held your ground in the face of such toxic en… eternally mistake me for my works. @gimpasaura @llewelly @PaleoStu I wish that I could say it’s unbelievable; except it’s not. Please don’t let a co… @romepix Can confirm.
@grantmaxwell Thank you. Great stuff. @ShaneScottravis @colebrax @davidcinema @BradleyjKornish @TheCinegogue @Decervelage @IsaacEzban @RickySpurs101 @notwokieleaks There is some serious research, yes; and while the verdict is still out on microdosing -and nor have… @grantmaxwell Grant, what text is this? @Franz_M_W_Marc Sounds auspicious. @Franz_M_W_Marc How delightful. Where. @_wordperfect Oh, ok! I wasn’t so far off, then. Thanks.I’m going to need the “tell me something I don’t know” meme properly explained to me. @charlieredz On the fence as to whether it’s best for an asshole to show or not..@BDSixsmith: B. Lodge's photo of a lapwing incubating its eggs, taken in spring 1895. Thought to be the first photograph of a…
Retweeted by The NightjarCarte du réseau de tube pneumatique de Paris en 1967.
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@ccohanlon It’s what I thought, though I was laughing at Cocteau’s conceit. If you would like to top that with some… @ccohanlon What (else) is an ice-bucket for? @RomulusJohnston By whom?I may just be a poet. story of my life. @RomulusJohnston @alexqarbuckle @Inanity101 You do! @RomulusJohnston @alexqarbuckle @Inanity101 I own four pieces by him and will gladly fill a wall with them. Love, love, love them.Πότνια Θηρῶν @MrMaitra Best lol ever. @BradleyjKornish How timely. @gridwachs @DavidJWhitehill At worst, they are the most extreme platitudinarians the media can throw at us. @ProfKrampusAnon strong response that amounts to escalation. Thoughts, .@MrMaitra ? @f_sd That is so cute. Thanks! @evahagberg @LangeAlexandra @sevensixfive Trashy B-horror, after a wacky game of Stephen Hawking-centered Dixit with the neighbours. @LangeAlexandra @sevensixfive @evahagberg The age-old, same-old rivalry heightens its stakes. @f_sd I’d do it for nothing, F. This man may have helped me discover my most socially-palatable kink.Absolutely. Call it “Specialist Hooker” instead, and move it to the backdoor entrance. a/head! @JonotrainEB Literature’s Gödel. @studio__611 Always ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.Wait for it. from "De humani corporis fabrica libri septem" Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564)
Retweeted by The Nightjar#WhitecrestedLaughingThrush #birding #Photography @Avibase @uttarakhandbird @orientbirdclub @BirdLife_News
Retweeted by The Nightjar @JonotrainEB A typo, or a tickle from the muse? @RomulusJohnston @djp1974 It is. It’s a sacred disease, and I was belatedly blessed.
@RomulusJohnston @djp1974 Me too. Exactly the same situation.Briefly misread as “A Chat with Chelsea Clinton’s Handler.” love this image of resurrection from a circa 1725 occult text called Thesaurus of Alchemy, via @wellcomeimages an…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @sevensixfive @LangeAlexandra @evahagberg I clearly need to haul ass back to the States soon.In Soviet Georgia skiing does you!!
Retweeted by The Nightjar @byzantinepower This isn’t funny but I’m crying with laughter. Funny, that.John Claridge #photography Mannequins, E1, 1968
Retweeted by The NightjarAaah, the Roman Empire
Retweeted by The Nightjarun coup de dés astre #Alienism
Retweeted by The Nightjar @jeremy_millar_1 @wangiverson @ZoneBooks @LAReviewofBooks He is the only person.La Dame ovale, avec sept collages par Max Ernst Carrington, Leonora - Ernst, Max (ill.) Edité par GLM, 1939
Retweeted by The Nightjar#Orchids #Peru @f_sd I like to think I’m hard to scare, but this -this...Weekends are for week-lings. one are you? @BDSixsmith Transmissible, maybe -but transferrable?Bucky was decades early with the "I must go; my people need me" meme.
Retweeted by The NightjarA war to prevent all wars. @djp1974 Not this time, but I’ve had them before."What Proust began so playfully became awesomely serious. He who has begun to open the fan of memory never comes to…
Retweeted by The Nightjar @LukewSavage @TedGrunewald Puts the “arch” in “warchalking”.Ask, and it shall be’ve always been a Baca(na)llian.