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Stylist, Liver Killer, World traveler! Sweet southern girl with a creative mind & I get paid to use it;). IG: LAShoeGal / snapchat: LaShoeGal69.

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Join me & #TeamWicked & @thejessicadrake in raising money for AIDS Walk LA on October 23. To donate ... perfect LA sunshine day! I like working at night during the summer cause I can enjoy my…
It's that time of the year again #teamwicked for AIDS Walk Los Angeles! @calicozcoop I've created a monster:). Hahaha
A little poolside relaxation today before work tonight. Love my sunshine. @ Pacific Electric… I played in the flower district again. Love making fresh flower arrangements for my loft! @davidlordxxx I didn't get off work until 6pm:(. Otherwise I would have went with you!reminder! please vote #noonprop60 #prop60 & help protect the adult industry.
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@davidlordxxx what time you going?He's got such a rough ife.NOT!
This is amazing! Watch all the way through. We need more people like this. at brunch I was teaching @calicozcoop how to use the filters on snapchat. She's gonna be…
@ryanmclane but if you came while I was working you would enjoy it more. HahaIt's true:) I will never use @UberEATS again. Seems the driver just decided to cancel my order as it said he was arriving and they still charged meWaking up like this ... He doesn't understand he's a dog. He somehow sneaks up when I'm…'s still to chilly out today to go up to my pool. So I'm being lazy in bed and ordering breakfast in. @ryanmclane sports bar would have been just as easy! @tyler_nixon speaking of plants. We need to go to flower district! I wanna do an herb garden now too. And not that kind of herb
I wake up and make my bed and minute skater this asshole does this! #spoileddog this is what happens when you let sheenasafari take a pic for you! Hahahaha!…
I decided to make myself a nice lunch today. It's been while since I cooked. Catfish. Always… @THEPHILVARONE well you suck:). Ugh... Sunset strip. Lol. I worked there back in 1991-1993
Some days the way my sun comes through my loft it makes my eyes so blue!! #nofilterneeded know what really happens behind the scenes in porn & the dirty little secrets? Well now you can text me & ask! @THEPHILVARONE hey Butthead! Your gonna be in LA and not even call me? Lol.
Umm.. @thejessicadrake be jealous. It's a bottega Louie's kinda night:) @ Bottega Louie…
@davesmith02 I've used Lyft too. Same drivers. Most do both.Wtf is going on with all the shitty @uber drivers lately? This guy has almost wrecked twice!
Takin those late night calls before bed 😈
Retweeted by StevieeHeaded home from set today finally. I'm ready for a good nights sleep
More Dtla Pride Fest at @barmattachine with these lovely ladies. josie_frosie carbonkiss… fun hanging with this one! sheenasafari #dtlaproud #friendsandcoworker @ DTLA Proud Fest to take a group selfie in a tiny bounce house is not that easy!!! But yesterday was so…
Fun on a bouncy house with @thedownandout bossladylilvee sheenasafari dr3w5ki9 @jamar_dee's going off today downtown in Pershing square for Dtla pride!!! So fun. Follow my snap chat for all the crazinessDown and out has arrived at DTLA pride! #bar mattachine #Dno #overflow #little easy. Dtla pride today getting my SummerTramp on! @industrybyrick umm. That's just marriage. LolThe irony of getting a blowjob. Even though you've got her on her knees, she's still got you by the balls:)End of the night @thedownandout Journey gets them every time! No matter who you are! @ The Down… come home from working at the bar, turn on the tv , tune into showtime and @thejessicadrake is on my tv! Haha. Means I need jessica time!
Gotta love the American Apparel warehouse flea market. I got a dress, 2 body suits, a headband… last night... I've noticed now that my hair is back to its natural dark color , whenever… night at @thefallslounge for @DJPROPHET #goodtimesdtla Warning... Lots of @jameson_us
I could spend every day relaxing by the pool or better yet on a beach in Greece! @ Pacific…'s that kind of Friday. Lunch poolside. I need some sunshine! #rooftopliving @ Pacific… last night...... @ The Falls Lounge
@BrandyAniston nope. Just plain crazy. Lol
@danadearmond step away from the Vicodin. Omg. Gonna have to take them away from you. HahaJust finished reading asahole new book! I highly recommend it! I giggled through the whole… happy colors:) @ChanelPreston @danadearmond it would be worth it Chanel! I even took Dana a peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar , among others.
Only for @tyler_nixon would I get worked up at 8:30am and go take the dogs for a walk. Anyone else I would have yelled at! HahaDowntown LA dogs. Lacy and Zeus hanging out in the fountains. @tyler_nixon at grand park in Dtla with @tyler_nixon giving his dog a bath in the fountains! @ Grand Park iBooks. @AsaAkira lol know how much time & effort you put into writing this book (though I tried a few times to distract you) I bought it on iBooks @AsaAkiraWanna know what really happens behind the scenes in porn & the dirty little secrets? Well now you can text me & ask!
@danadearmond well when @ryankeely gets back in town she can!!Had a nice visit with @danadearmond and the twins today! And her balloon artist friends are awesome! And it was nice seeing Speigler;)Welcome to #danaisland @danadearmond follow her snapchat for her after surgery shenanigans! to visit @danadearmond after her surgery, and while I'm here there seems to be ballon art… to visit @danadearmond and check out the new twins and bring her chocolate and treats!Don't forget to check out our daily specials @thedownandout ! @ The Down & Out
Just finished painting this giant cherry blossom tree mural today for ariversla new house.…
@iamspanishdoll people are just silly these days.On that note, I'm working until close @thedownandout tonight. We got plenty of drinks & people to keep you more entertained then pokeman!Instead of running around playing pokeman, try going to a bar, order a drink & put your phone down & talk to the people next to you!dnobar's photo
Always a gun Thursday night with @DJPROPHET and @thefallslounge for #goodtimesdtla. @ The Falls… , it's true. @ The Falls Lounge's that kinda Thursday night. @ The Falls Lounge Dtla. How I love you.
Meeting an old friend at the bar. Yeah, you know him. #Jameson
Retweeted by StevieeSpent my day in the flower district. Rows and rows of orchids! @ Los Angeles Flower District days my eyes are bluer then others! No filter needed:)
Spent my day yesterday working poolside like this. #Californiaheat #summer #setlife on set was full of booty!!
From today! @TiffanyWatsonX to much fun naked stuff today so it's all on snapchat!Today is French braid pigtails kinda day cause it's gonna be 104! Ugh. @NicholasAdamNJ all I needed was bikinis and cover ups! Hahah!So if you wanna see some behind the scenes of today's shoot follow me on smapchat!Such a rough day at work today! NOT! today for tomorrow's shoot felt a lot like pa king for a 2-3 month beach vacation! All…
Spending my day prepping for tomorrow's shoot so today is a perfect Day to text and ask me whatever you wanna know! wonderlust... 🌎🌍🌏✈️🚂⛵️🚗 I do stuff with real flowers but this is an arrangement I made for someone today with…
And these are the funniest dog toys ever!!!!!! I kinda wanted to get my dog the Donald Trump… are awesome! The dog cookies (people can eat them too! ). Summertime cookie shapes! A… Kinda looks like Dtla is on fire! @ Los Angeles, California beautiful summer day in LA. My relax place. Poolside, rooftop. It does look a little…
One of my favorite things about my loft is my giant Windows that I have a view of the city!… today I saw an LA Ram walking down Hollywood Blvd. and now it's starts..... @ Hollywood Walk… @sophiedee have fun! That's the city I stayed an extra day cause my friends were In town playing and ended up finding some cool food spotsWanna know what really happens behind the scenes in porn & the dirty little secrets? Well now you can text me & ask!
Retweeted by StevieeActually had a really productive day today. Just finished organizing everything for next weeks shoot! And now time to relax on the couch @sophiedee I went to Lexington last year with @AsaAkira at that same club! Haha! I found Kentucky mint Julip taffy there;) @kimberlykane what is there to decide? Always go with the booze.