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Stylist, Liver Killer, World traveler! Sweet southern girl with a creative mind & I get paid to use it;). IG: LAShoeGal / snapchat: LaShoeGal69.

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@ralphlongxxx you know who:) @ralphlongxxx cause you were usually already somewhere else in the world! Lol. Did you happen to visit our friend in Spain? @ralphlongxxx you need to take me this time:)Wanna know what really happens behind the scenes in porn & the dirty little secrets? Well now you can text me & ask! rule, every person who post /promotes crap like "flat tummy tea" or some other crap I know you don't really use, I'm unfollowing you.
@OliviaAustinxxx that made me laugh:)Hopefully people will read the prop 60 info cause it is clearly written that it would cost CA millions in tax reven…
Shop my listings on @poshmarkapp! My username is steviee69. Join with code BQXIE for a $5 credit!'ve come to the conclusion that adulthood is about just not giving a shit anymore about most things.
@thejessicadrake and so good!!!!!Join me & #TeamWicked & @thejessicadrake in raising money for AIDS Walk LA on October 23. To donate ...
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Well, there went that Thursday night. Bam bam bam. @DJPROPHET @ The Falls Lounge
@ralphlongxxx but I'm not there!!! @MiaMalkova i was at that club a year ago with Asa;). Lol.
Need a blonde kinda California girl for a music video shoot tomorrow night at 6pm. Same day pay. Just in a bikini. No nudity message meIt was a good but long ass night of work. Just got home and my body is tired. @ Barney's Beanery
I will never understand hi need for taking over my whole bed and trying to push me out while I'm…
Nothing better then a new pair of chucks , Tiffany box blue color!!
It's a cat ears and glasses on the couch kinda night;). know what really happens behind the scenes in porn & the dirty little secrets? Well now you can text me & ask!
Retweeted by StevieeIf anyone is interested in ministering me, my Skype rate is $300hr. My soul is ripe for the saving!
Retweeted by StevieeNot only is the tshirt funny, but it's super soft. Definitely new favorite tshirt.
My new favorite tshirt some one gave me the other day;) @LilyxLane message me
@calicozcoop that's cause you have a husband now and god knows what he would choose to buy!Best way to end my night. Sprinkles cupcake and pain pill! Lol. @ Downtown LA is a hot tub kinda night. My roof is still relaxing even at night. @ Pacific Electric… for you @theoverflowdtla @ The Down & Out three stooges! josephfrank213 @gypsymalaine @thedownandout @thedownandout bar family. 7…
Tonight is @thedownandout 7th anniversary trade a 2009 penny for a PBR all night long!
@wickedarmstrong so that was like a tiny puddle. Try coming home to 95lb dogs pile of poop!! @wickedarmstrong you guys have 3 dogs now that still don't even equal to 1/4 of what my dog weighs. Haha! She's so tiny!!! @wickedarmstrong a little birdie told me , she is your favorite and seems your her favorite:). Lol. @wickedarmstrong I knew you guys were keeping her;).Well my basil is sprouting a lot and my mint has a tiny one poking through!! Yeah finally.
dnobar's photo is how we compromise sharing the couch. I use him as a foot rest. @ Los Angeles, California
We’re raising money to fight AIDS! Join us! @thejessicadrake @WickedPictures @aidswalkla
Retweeted by StevieeHe thinks he's 5lbs not 95lbs. #giantlapdog #pitbullsofinstagram @ Downtown Los Angeles to look like I don't wanna throw up today. Ugh. These antibiotics are killing me. 1 more… @BrandyAniston I found some good deals today;). Lol
These snap chat filters are just funny. Ok I'm easily amused. @ Pacific Electric Rooftop Pool
Decided I needed a little time in the hot tub for once. Dtla rooftop nights:). Relaxation. @… @chadwhitexxx donate them to the shelters. People there really appreciate it. Trust me.Today’s #TeamTuesday focuses on #TEAMWICKED for making great headway in reaching their $25k goal! @thejessicadrake
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WOOOOHOOOOO!! Look! #TEAMWICKED is team of the week for @aidswalkla #TeamTuesday - #thankyou everyone! ❤️🙏🏼❤️
Retweeted by StevieeNow time to get back to my regularly scheduled pool time. After a week in the hospital I need…
@kimberlykane ok now your just getting weird. Hahahahahahaha.So @thejessicadrake I may have sweet talked @ryankeely into joining us for AIDS Walk this year!!!now that I'm home from the hospital, its that time of the year to donate to AIDS Walk 2016 with #TeamWicked
I like that I come home and put fresh new sheets on my bed and this is what happens .... This… nice to be home & have my giant Windows to open and look out! Hot bath, face mask, couch & movie kinda night. Feels so good:) @nateliquor we have had food for the past two years! Our wings are great and so is the chicken & waffles! @nateliquor we have great food! On sat & Sunday we have brunch too and our reg menu. And all the games and even bigger tv's! @nateliquor why would you go there!!!!I walk to cvs to get prescriptions filled, I tell him to sit and instead of on the floor he sits… for the 4th time this week more of my blood work was lost.
@LadyCastana thanksThanks to @tyler_nixon and his stoner thinking he did figure out my hospital window opens a tiny bit! now I can hear the city at least!I'm so tired of being in this hospital. There's too many sick people everywhere. Ugh and all I want is an In and Out BurgerWell since my puppy isn't here with me now I have this one for the moment that @nicolinaroyale Some of the nurses are lacking a little here. They just leave iV needles and basically… this asshole;)
@wickedarmstrong This is cracking me up cause the idiot posted his number on the Internet a few times. Hmm... NO on CA Proposition 60 - Oppose Worker Harassment, Oppose Less Job... via @YouTube
Retweeted by StevieeBecause #Prop60 is all about Harassment-California's Please 💥Vote #NoProp60 💥 More info▶️◀️
Retweeted by StevieePlease don't force adult performers into an early retirement. We love making porn for you all! Vote #noprop60 #RT
Retweeted by StevieeThe next person who ask me what my job is at this hospital my response is gonna be " I'm a professional whore wrangler " gotta make crack $$California! Please Vote NO on CA Proposition 60 - Oppose Worker Harassment! #NoProp60
Retweeted by Steviee @ChristyCanyon11 @thejessicadrake @pamfoundation that's right, never does. You did it, it's in your past, it's on the Internet just move onEveryone else is heading out for a fun filled Labor Day weekend while I get to spend mine being… least I have had a private room this whole time ands little view of Dtla.…
If you need to know this is what I'm in the hospital for. My whole right forearm and elbow is… me & #TeamWicked & @thejessicadrake in raising money for AIDS Walk LA on October 23. To donate ... @thejessicadrake @pamfoundation hmm....Jenna Jameson part 2. Seems the new trend in Porn. To make money off of it then act like you hate it. @industrybyrick still don't know exactly what it is. Probably be here all weekendHospital & boredom. At least I am freshly showered and have clean clothes thanks to…
Being stuck in the hospital feels like being stuck in a little box all day. Ugh.Thank god for postmates. I was able to finally order some decent food to my hospital bed. lol.…