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Pornographer, Stylist, Liver Killer, World traveler! Sweet southern girl with a filthy mind & I get paid to use it;). IG: LAShoeGal

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@davidlordxxx fat kid:)Tomorrow night!!! Asa Akira 2 nights only!!!!!
Retweeted by StevieeLexington, KY! I'm coming to @lexingtonrhino this weekend, October 9 & 10 two shows each!
Retweeted by StevieeI'm packing for Kentucky for the weekend & everything I need fits into one tote bag! I travel… out how @RealAliceCooper's daughter @calicozcoop celebrated her #wedding in #hawaii
Retweeted by Steviee
Lao back in LA ... It's always a Sea Hawks kinda day at the bar. ... @ The Down & Out
With 3 of my favorite women. The copper clan. msnora_rose @calicozcoop @ Keawakapu Beach in bed. Hair almost back to normal. Ugh I rather be on an island. last Maui pic. My crazy mermaid hair definitely had a mind of its own on this trip! @ Kihei, Hawaii just looks so excited to see me, NOT! Haha. Lazy ass dog. life. I could spend every day by the water. @ Kihei, Hawaii girl should have a @brookcasey in their life:). Maui. Friends. #jedandcalico2015 @ Kihei, Hawaii
And we danced, and had a really really really good time... #jedandcalico2015 next time Maui. It's been amazing with the best people ever! @sarajzl @calicozcoop cortcarol… sign says it all;) @calicozcoop #jedandcalico2015 @ Kahului Maui International Airport Boardingg… father-daughter dance ever:) it's amazing how @calicozcoop can dance in that wedding dress! @… much fun!! @calicozcoop @jedidiahwill @brookcasey #jedandcalico2015 @ Maui, Hawaii like this:) @brookcasey cortcarol @calicozcoop #jedandcalico2015 @ Maui, Hawaii wait a minute..... @calicozcoop #jedandcalico2015 @ Maui, Hawaii @brookcasey @sarajzl @ Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa wedding pics! @beastoblanco #jedandcalico2015 @ Kihei, Hawaii @sarajzl This video is everything #jedandcalico2015 #noahmagic @brookcasey @ Maui, Hawaii't wanna leave this place. It's defiantly been my happy place. Just wanna live the mermaid life:)… Nights ONLY!!!! Asa Akira October 9th & 10th!!! Be here!
Retweeted by StevieeThis weekend!!! Come join us for XXX Adult Film Star Asa Akira Live on Stage for 2 nights only!
Retweeted by StevieeNot ready to go back to LA. It's been nice keeping my phone out away and not caring about it. LolLast sunset in Maui. Tomorrow have to go back to the real world , aka LA. @ Maui, Hawaii
#jedandcalico2015 @jedidiahwill @ Maui, Hawaii @sarajzl @ Maui, Hawaii cortcarol @ Maui, Hawaii @calicozcoop @jedidiahwill @ Maui, Hawaii an amazing happy night! Congrats @calicozcoop & @jedidiahwill #jedandcalico2015 @ Maui, Hawaii @calicozcoop can do the MC Hanmer dance in her wedding dress and look good doing it!… night with amazing people ! @beastoblanco #jedandcalico2015 @ Maui, Hawaii an amazing night! @sarajzl #jedandcalico2015 @ Maui, Hawaii
@waileamarriott of course. I love the view when I'm eating at Mala!Working in my tan for an hour or so then time to get ready for the wedding! So happy for @calicozcoop big day!LA, RT this! If we hit 10K tweets by 10/4, we get 50% off weekday @Lyft rides for two weeks. #50OffLyftLA @ralphlongxxx @shylarcobi @KeiranLee @peterwarren stop being Whiney! I'm in Maui:) with the cooler kids! Hahaha 😉Friday nights sunset. @ Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
Seems I may have small sea creatures living in my hair while in Maui. Mermaid life. @ Maui, Hawaii @davidlordxxx @shylarcobi @KeiranLee @peterwarren yall don't matter when I'm here. LolCouldn't ask for more amazing friends to be with in Maui for what's gonna be a beautiful wedding!… filter needed. Amazing time in Maui with awesome friends. Life doesn't suck when your on a boat…'ve definitely gone into mermaid stays here in Maui. Now if I could permanently stay this way life would be goodI'm loving the PBR comes in bottles in Maui. And the caps have decks of cards on them. Guessing the…
Mermaid life. I could get use to this. @ On the Beach in Maui life. Beach hair, don't care. @ Maui, Hawaii happy place! Is always by the water. I could spend everyday on the beach. @ Maui, Hawaii Maui and I catch @kaylani_lei FaceTime on the beach with @londonkeyes Lol @ Maui, Hawaii feet. Water feels amazing @ Maui, Hawaii on the beach I catch @kaylani_lei taking pictures of her food;). Hehe. She's gonna kill me! @… day in paradise. Hello Maui one in Lahaina and wailiea@JessyJonesxxx have you ever tried Malo?@KissaSins what island are you in? I'm in Maui until monday!
When in Maui, it's shots of Jameson followed by Bahama Mama. Oh Lordy. So happy to be here with friends! @brookcasey #CalioandJed2015 Maui! This isn't gonna suck waking up to this view the next few days;). No work, all fun &… @davidlordxxx haha in my nightmare@ralphlongxxx im here for a friends wedding silly.Landed in Maui. Feels so good to be outta LA. My happy place is being surround by water, and friends. This trip I get both@JessyJonesxxx my friend owns two of the top restaurants here!Next stop Maui with @kaylani_lei Relaxing weekend in hawaii for a friends wedding is exactly what I need;)This is how I start my morning at the airport., sprinkles cupcakes and Beluga vodka middle with…'m trying to pack for Maui but someone doesn't seem to wanna let me!
Dear Valium, I think it's time we become friends again.
Photos from a porn industry superhero fashion show (NSFW) @FSCArmy
Retweeted by Steviee#asaakira #spearmintrhino #LEXINGTON Oct 9th & 10th
Retweeted by StevieeOct9-10: Sp.Rhino, Lxngtn KY Nov6-8: Hustler, B-more 19-21: Risque, Philly Dec17-19: Alex's, Boston Jan20-23: AEE, Vegas Feb6: Sapphire, NYC
Retweeted by StevieeWeirdest night ever at the bar. So glad it's almost over
From the FSC superhero auction Thursday night. Left to right: Keirra Nicole, @TheMercedesXXX a nice way to wake up in a Saturday with these delivered to your house! Thank you vividmom…
Thanks to everyone who came out to the @fscAfterDark fundraiser tonight!! 💋
Retweeted by Steviee@thejessicadrake have so much fun!!!!!!!!Of course made it back to Dtla and at the falls listening to my favorite @DJPROPHET Making things funky:)Thank you everyone for helping out with the @FSCAfterDark show tonight and letting me play grown up barbie and dress you guys:)
Wonder women. @kimberlykane is happening tonight! you just need a moment to shut out the whole world.
Packing up superhero costumes and lingerie for tomorrow nights Porn star costume & lingerie fashion…
Somehow fitting girls for super hero costumes turned into wine night! I'm ok with this:) @kimberlykane @AidenStarr @AnnieFuckinCruzThis is what happens after wine. The new pitbull workout! @kimberlykane
I think I've officially been awake for 36 hrs now. This mornings flight threw me off. Finally taking an ambien and getting some sleep
Everyone else at philly airport looks like they just woke up , except for us since we haven't been to bed yet.
Edgar Allan Poe museum. me and asahole learned today that Edgar Allan Poe was basically a whore. He was found dead in a… @AsaAkira & I explored Richmond, Va & visited the Edgar Allan Poe museum & the Civil War museum. History by day, stripping at night!Why is it someone always wants asahole to sign their butt!! this is totally happening.
support me in @aidswalkla $100 & up, get an autographed #StarMaker & @WickedSensual lube!
Retweeted by StevieeBy asahole Richmond, VA! Thank you for a great time last night at PaperMoon : ) now let's do it… @nikkibenz @KeiranLee @KissaSins @JohnnySins @AryanaXxX @JohnnyBlazeXXX @Kirsten_Price @BillyVisualXXX @LaShoeGal @LilyxLane
Retweeted by StevieeEver wonder what’s under Batman’s cape? You’ll get 2 peak @FSCAfterDark FASHION SHOW & AUCTION! #costumes #lingerie
Retweeted by Steviee
@AsaAkira show was awesome!!!💥💥💥 Can't wait to see what's in store for Friday & Saturday!! ✨✨✨✨
Retweeted by StevieeOf course I had to try this. I'm blaming this on asahole I'm in Richmond , Virginia for the weekend:)Dodger game last night with this peanut gallery;). #DTLA
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