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Stylist, Liver Killer, World traveler! Sweet southern girl with a creative mind & I get paid to use it;). IG: LAShoeGal / snapchat: LaShoeGal69.

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I hate vegas but I'm glad this weekend to be getting out of LA for a night. Need the break.… feel like the only people who Yelp are the ones who are pissed off or drunk & think it's funny to leave bad reviews. @1MorganBailey I'll be there:) @AsaAkira this just made me laugh! And how do you even come close to remembering them all? Lol @MikeMoz i wanna bet this weekend. I'm flying in Saturday just for the awards and after party and back to la Sunday afternoon;)
@industrybyrick @thejessicadrake @AsaAkira @WickedPictures @XBIZ why do I look like I'm about to throw up in these pics! Hahah.You know what would be the funniest thing ever , is if @realDonaldTrump showed up at the @avnawards ! I can hear the laughter now. @marcuslondon suck it up! It's ok for men to be "George Clooney age" women, well we can't be. @sactownCandyMan nope fling I Saturday out Sunday lol
So gonna just be in vegas next weekend for literally 24 hrs. Just for awards and after party:). The important part. @MsAbigailMac hehehe;) hmmm.... @kylieireland @theandyappleton @tonyribas @KeiranLee @AsaAkira @XBIZ @toniribas oh that would have been an awesome shit show;) haha!From last night Xbiz awards.'ve been lazy all day having a californication marathon. I forgot how much I enjoyed this show.
Be a freak, not a hoe. There's a difference.
Retweeted by Steviee @XCorvus777 even at your drunkest you still were always a good friend to me:). except for when you Peed on my floor & blamed the dog! LolCongrats @msabigailmac for winning xbizawards for True Detective. It was some long days and… of the Year!! thank you xbizawards wickedpictures wickedarmstrong 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Steviee @MsAbigailMac best actress in a parody:). You did great on that one. We had such long days.Just heard #truedetective won at @XBIZ last night! Thank you @jakodema @stevieshaexxx @LaShoeGal @ryandriller
Retweeted by Steviee @MiaMalkova @DannyMountain10 yes we do! It's been to long. @MsAbigailMac @XBIZ @jakodema @stevieshaexxx @ryandriller @BillyVisualXXX @dazzlemaster you won!!! You did a great job on that one. @MsAbigailMac you won for true detective! Which I am happy that I got to make you my dress up barbie for;). You we armed that won. @MiaMalkova adore you and @DannyMountain10 and congrats on your Xbiz!!! @theandyappleton @thejessicadrake exact same thing I said right be fire she goes "'I won't win this!" I was like, you just did!!!Two people I adore the most. asahole @thejessicadrake Both are two amazing women who I am…
My favorite two people @thejessicadrake @wickedarmstrong With some amazing xbizawards they so… CONGRATS to @wickedarmstrong and @WickedPictures for Feature Movie of the Year - Preacher's Daughter !!!
Retweeted by Stevieecongrats @miamalkova for Best Actress and @XCorvus777 for Best Actor in Preacher's Daughter by @wickedarmstrong & @WickedPictures @XBIZ
Retweeted by Stevieeomg. THANK YOU @XBIZ for awarding me Sexpert of the Year. #thankyou @WickedPictures @wickedarmstrong #Xbiz ❤❤❤❤
Retweeted by StevieeThese two, bromance at its finest. @KeiranLee realtoniribas time of the year again. @ The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles
Things I was listening to tonight which made me think of my white wing dive, @gypsymalaine
"Enjoy yourself; that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks." #SATC
Retweeted by Steviee"After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh." - Big #satc
Retweeted by Steviee#Aquarius will voice their opinions and have the courage to be themselves regardless of what other people think.
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Woke up with a horrible migraine so I took the day off from the whole world and have been…
It's definitely a sock kinda wearing couch night;)
For my bday next month someone just get me some of @AsaAkira candles;). That's the perfect bday gift for me. That and Korean spa. Lol @wickedarmstrong @thejessicadrake like shooting pics of jessica is work! I bet your laying in a hammock with a corona while taking them!It's a cat ears , no fucks given, no makeup, no dealing with drunks day off kinda day. Laziness… gets a little annoyed when I try to put the sweater in him, but when he's walking outside… good thing about working all weekend:)"Drunk" is fumbling in the dark with a condom wrapper, only to discover you've been trying to open a ketchup packet for the last 15 minutes.
Tomorrow, the only thing that will matter. Alabama Football:). #rolltide #builtbybama is how trouble starts:). Happy anniversary to my favorite two idiots! @Dollmin0 @ Pattern Bar
I have reached extreme laziness today I just postmate'd Taco Bell even though there is a taco truck right outside my building. #lazydayoff @aaronpaul_8 and when your done with that watch @Breakingbadxxx
This outfit has gotten a lot of use the past few years! Wore it again this year Xmas eve and…
We are here all night @thedownandout #jamesonmakesholidaysbetter @jameson_us @jamesonwhiskey @MissJessaRhodes @MsVeracruzXXX really? You were across the street from me and didn't come see me!
If your going to the @LAClippers game tonight at the staple center stop by @TomsUrbanLA and have a drink before or after and see me!Skid row Santa! Someone got creative this holiday season. @ Downtown Los Angeles little something to remember over the holiday weekend for those of you out drinking away your…
No matter what I try I just can't seem to get into the holiday mood this year. I wish it was already over. @nikkibenz oh wow! So sorry! I've been on sets enough with you and know your work ethic to know that this must have gone way over the line!Current mood ....
Always black. Work mode. Pigtails and knee socks. #barlife
My comfy winter pj's, hot chocolate, warm fuzzy blanket, my couch and binge watching tv shows…
Look at the yumminess. @LittleEasyDTLA @ The Little Easy @thedownandout misfits. Lol. Only part of us. josie_frosie @ozziephoto @nate_joyner say 8 glasses of water a day keeps you looking younger. I say 8 glasses of whiskey a day & you won't give a damn how old you look.
If your going to adultcon today stop by @TomsUrbanLA and grab a bite and a cocktail and say hi! I'm bartending until about 5pm today.Let's face it, if sperm tasted nice then none of us would have been born.Oh who the hell knows. , bar life.
I love that when I go to see @ryankeely I get to take a relaxing nap and wake up with beautiful lashes!!!
If your going to the @Lakers game tonight I'll be bartending @TomsUrbanLA so stop by before and after the game!!Yes it's Friday at lunchtime and I just got out of bed and decided to make myself Micky mouse… all my 2016 that anyone cared about was boobs pics! Really? Come on guys! I out up… sucks , true love swallows.
If your going to the @LAKings game tonight. I'll be bartending at @TomsUrbanLA so stop in before & after the game for a drink or some food!
@ryankeely @undeux @Uber @lyft sadly it's the same drivers. Most people have both on there cars.
@undeux @Uber yeah that creepy and I hate when they do it to me. I rather my uber driver ask me nothing.And this was at @thedownandout where we love our Jameson. it is.....This goes out to all of you!THANK YOU from the bottom of our Beasto hearts!! A…
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Zeus got a new sweater today for the winter. It has a fox tail and a hood with ears;)…
He won't move and I want my bed! Damn dog , it's mine not his!
Seems Kat night @jameson_us and @garyclarkjr took over the @thedownandout We are the Southern…
@ryankeely hahaha!!