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michael lazerow @lazerow NEW YORK CITY

Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce. CEO/Founder: Buddy Media,, U-Wire/Student Advantage, Lazerow Ventures.

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This is heartbreaking. you had to take a side?
An open letter to Peter Thiel — and some questions he should answer.
Retweeted by michael lazerow @rabois Hey Keith. This is George Schulz, ur dads friend. Tell your buddy Peter Thiel that real people work for Gawker; like my daughter.
Retweeted by michael lazerowPeter Thiel and Gawker - the @Lefsetz Letter today is especially good. If you are looking to reading something.
Retweeted by michael lazerow"I hate Gawker so I'm therefore fine with Peter Thiel's actions" = "I hate Idea X so I'm therefore fine with censoring & banning it" #Logic
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Privileged to be a part of this important industry discussion @evanburns @digitalstrategy @lazerow #manytoone
Retweeted by michael lazerowWatching @evanburns talk passionately about @TheOdyssey reminds me of early Zuck. Vision+passion+execution=magic. @evanburns #OurOdyssey.@TheOdyssey is creating stickiness between creators & followers. Creators in small communities as well as global @evanburns #OurOdyssey.@TheOdyssey breaks the echo chamber by offering a marketplace of opposing ideas. @evanburns #OurOdysseyVersion 2.0 of @TheOdyssey launches tonite. It solves DISCOVERY. @evanburns #OurOdysseyAll @TheOdyssey content consumption is driven by peer to peer sharing. 0-30M monthly UVs in less than 2 years. @evanburns #OurOdysseyOdyssey built the tech to manage the creation and editing process. 12K creators create 50K pieces monthly. Each gets edited 3X. #OurOdysseyThe @TheOdyssey grand plan: 1) democratize content creation 2) personalize discovery 3) monetize the best engagement. @evanburns #OurOdysseyAs noise increases due to quest for vitality, value to user decreases. @evanburns #OurOdysseyOnstage now ... @evanburns. Tune in at's showtime! Tune in to the homepage to watch the UX event live! #OurOdyssey
Retweeted by michael lazerowAbout to talk about @TheOdyssey in NYC. Watch the livestream here: to take the stage with @lazerow and @TheOdyssey CEO Evan Burns - watch the livestream
Retweeted by michael lazerow"anyone being attacked in law should have the right to know the identity of their attacker"
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If true, the effort is SICK. It mixes "machinery of the courts w/ anonymity & unlimited funds" to try to kill a pub @RickWebb no 1 has the right to fund illegal activity. he can do what he wants within the law. Revenge & no transparency makes this sick.If true, it's the lack of transparency that is most problematic.But if this news is true, and I really doubt that it is entirely true, then he's funding a personal vendetta. He's retaliating.He has the right to fund anything he wants - companies, lawsuits, candidates, artists, causes, tuition.Peter Thiel is a libertarian financially backing a censorship effort & serving as a delegate for a guy who promises to sue for bad coverage.
Retweeted by michael lazerowAtop his floating compound, an enraged Peter Thiel bellows into a Vertu “You assured me no one would know!” A hairless cat purrs on his lap.
Retweeted by michael lazerowIf Peter Thiel is funding Hulk Hogan's spate of libel lawsuits, he's even more contemptible than we'd suspected.
Retweeted by michael lazerowThis cannot be true. Or let me just say I hope very much that it is not true.
$CRM's highlights -$1B qtly cash flow -Mega deals w/ $AMZN & Uber -$100M deal w/ HHS -Guided $2B qtr -$10B yr imminent -150K customers EPICSalesforce Steals More Market Share from Oracle and SAP via @FortuneMagazine
Retweeted by michael lazerowNot to be a stickler but: AWS.
Retweeted by michael lazerowAnd congrats to these two & the @salesforce team on an epic quarter. No better team on the planet. challenge you to show me a company of its size performing at a higher level than @salesforce.
An alternative theory about Trump’s fake publicist. #LNSM
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Happy golf season! Love, @washcaps #RockTheRed #CapsPens#LetsGoCaps!!!!!!!!!
.@MikePosner on @LateNightSeth is the best performance on late night TV since @ladygaga on @nbcsnl @sethmeyers
"Stop making fun of him! If that worked, somebody else would be the nominee."
@jameswindon Jedi mind trick. I like it. Saturday is huge. It will show a ton. @jameswindon ridiculous. We'll see if we're a new team or same old caps Saturday night.
Not quite. His sloppy play in OT handed the @penguins the game in his first, and hopefully last, game of the series."EDM is more than just 'wub wub' noises and button pushing, it's a real genre of music!"
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@bijans Bijan!!!!!!!!! We should tweet to each other once every 20 years whether we like it or not.3/ We are quick to bash Corp America. But it's @Benioff & biz leaders forcing change. Artists & musicians suck now. Musicians and artists used to have a voice and use it. They now are noticeably fucking silent. Marc @Benioff is not only CORPORATE America’s leading social activist ... He's the leading overall."The psychology of eating."
Retweeted by michael lazerowJust an hour away from the premiere of @DorroughMusic’s new song “Yeah Yeah” on @xxl radio!
Retweeted by michael lazerowSo honored to be working on this! RT Review: Dear Evan Hansen Puts a Twist on Teenage Angst NYTimes @DearEvanHansen
Retweeted by michael lazerowOnly things on Facebook nowadays are tasty videos, odyssey online authors, and "tag someone who look like dis" pictures
Retweeted by michael lazerowWow @mabudalhoum. Great read. I love how you are using our platform to talk about BIG issues
Retweeted by michael lazerowCEO of @TheOdyssey @evanburns on 'democratizing' media #odyssey
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If you have not watched Time Traveling Bong on Comedy Central, you must stop whatever you're doing and watch it. Seriously. Amazing.Thx Scott! I know of one much better. His name is Scott. Psyched to be in biz with you again! @KellieMason7 you rock! Let me know if you need anything in nyc! Thank you!!!!!!!!The most exciting company I've seen since BuzzFeed @TheOdyssey love Indy tech for sure. But it's the people of Indy tech I love even more. @evanburns @TheOdyssey @lazerow. Game changing business model & tech to revolutionize media.
Retweeted by michael lazerowWe raised $25M in funding led by @lazerow & @ColumbusNovaMB! Thanks @businessinsider & @nmcalone for the feature!
Retweeted by michael lazerowCalled Odyssey and backed by @lazerow, who says he hasn’t been “this enthusiastic about a startup since Buzzfeed"
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Thx Laurie! What a pic of the @Summit crew! riddance #FlyersNation. #LetsGoCaps!!!!!
@JeremyShure you'll wear right more. Left is cool but not you.
Was the basket OK for OKC? I say no. @MichelFalcon total thug. He wasn't even looking for a puck to play.Philly fans proving why they're the worst in the nation #HurtingYourOwnTeam #LetsGoCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerowI've been saying for years that Flyers fans deserve a penalty. Finally the refs listened. #LetsGoCaps #CapitalsTalk
Retweeted by michael lazerowMost embarrassing playoff game I've ever seen. Classless players, classless fans. Filthadelphia indeed. #CapsFlyers #LetsGoCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerowA live look at the Flyers playoff chances right now
Retweeted by michael lazerow3 players in the box & 3 sent to locker room down 4 goals. The @NHL ought to issue hefty fines for @NHLFlyers bush league play. #LetsGoCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerowEvery #flyer flan gets 1 yahoo share certificate tomorrow... many paper airplanes will litter ice
Retweeted by michael lazerowEnjoy the best of philly sports. #Washington #Capitals are toying with the #Philadelphia #Flyers. @NHL #StanleyCupPlayoffs #FlyersvCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerow#FlyersvCaps Flyers and Philly fans are getting what they so richly deserve. 😝
Retweeted by michael lazerowStay classy, Philly. Stay ... Jesus. Nevermind. #FlyersvCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerow#FlyersvCaps Freaking Flyers are a bunch of asshat goons. Their fans are stupid and not helping anything. #GoCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerowWay to go Flyers fans, throw stuff at an injured player that received an illegal check from one of your players. #CapsFlyers #FlyersvCaps
Retweeted by michael lazerowFinally, #flyers fans get a delay of game penalty! For any other team, this would be a new low. For the #Flyers, just another game.And all you asshole #flyers fans cheering for the bonehead behavior are disgusting. #FlyersvCaps 5-1No thx. Only reason to go to philly this year is @phish summer tour. #flyers team is a fucking disgrace to Philly sports. That's not easy to accomplish. Total thuggery. Unbelievable. #FlyersvCapsMy Theranos blood test said 2016 was going to be a great year for stocks.
Retweeted by michael lazerowFlyers goalie @steve35mason is the Swiss cheese of the NHL. #FlyersvCapsOh come on. Fucking thugs these #flyers. You may want to turn your cheap shots to your goalie. @steve35mason is playing well for us. @neilvogel @joshk while I don't love the fans, I really love the #flyers goalie.#TimetoGetaNewGoalie #FlyersvCapsI didn't think it was fair to ask #Flyers fans to do math while cheering for concussions. often forget how great @Twitter is for live events. (I never forget how thuggish Philly fans get watching those events). #FlyersvCapsNo hate. Just more dislike for philly fans than any I've ever met. Good people turn psycho. only thing worse than the team is the fans. Players come and go. The fans get worse each year. #flyers are the @realDonaldTrump of hockey. #FlyersvCapsThere is no group of sports fans I like less than Philadelphia fans. #CapsFlyers
I've listened to this @M83 song 4 times today. And the day is far from over.
I love the original version of @MikePosner Pill/Ibiza. The lyrics kill me. I'm a sucker for irony. this post by @guster's Brian Rosenworcel ---> Are We In It for the Likes?
Congrats @GeorgeHuSF! favorite #masters moment.'m pulling for @dannygolf72. He's like @howardlindzon ... but young, handsome and funny #Masters2016
@innonate @MikeDuda he either killed someone, screwed a few subordinates or hookers or molested a choir boy. Just my gut.