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michael lazerow @lazerow NEW YORK CITY

Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce. CEO/Founder: Buddy Media,, U-Wire/Student Advantage, Lazerow Ventures.

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Congrats to our first lying, orange president.
Get your Trump inaugural balls today. While supplies last.Three words I never want to hear again: Trump ... Inaugural ... Balls.Today is a celebration of American democracy. Enjoy it as it may be the last one. #TrumpResistance
Anyone in the market for a $250M home should check this one out.
That last stupid play by the @redskins cost a lot of people a lot of money.
Brave. Standup for what you believe in. ---> Resigning from Oracle
Congrats Turks and Caicos for doing what we could not.
3/Until Trump realizes he has been used by Thiel in an effort to consolidate power, create chaos, promote his cos & silence the press.2/and how Trump and Thiel deserve each other and how they will use each other in their circle jerk of a race to the bottom.1/Seeing @Benioff today reminded me how our flawed president elect represents the exact opposite of what the best in tech believes in.Mtg CLD have been good if tech leaders had engaged and spoken their truths. This didn't happen. Trump was played by… like old times. Minus the press interviews. the one & only @Benioff @salesforce at the #salesforceworldtour NYC. We need his voice more than ever today.…
No words for how furious I am @satyanadella had to sit in a room with Steve Bannon, who directed his racist insults at Asian American CEOs.
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Go Skins! #WASvsPHI
The only dude hotter than @scottharrison @charitywater last night ---> @KlayThompson's epic 60-point outburst
Awesome to see this company taking off.
@JasonHirschhorn I remember that piece well and agreed with you.I know one person who will be very happy. He has wanted this for years. His name rhymes with racin' firstborn. Cc… cutting ties to his company, which shall be renamed 'rump to avoid any appearance of ties.
Trump's megalomania will a prob. “We Know Exactly Who Strong Arms the Free Press” @davepell
Retweeted by michael lazerowNorthwestern made a huge statement with a 19-point win over Texas. This school has NEVER made the NCAA tourney. Could this be the year?
Retweeted by michael lazerowGreat to have you in the house tonight, @sethmeyers! How 'bout that @NUMensBball win!?! 🙌🔥🏀
Retweeted by michael lazerowThanks for joining us, Seth! #B1GCats
Retweeted by michael lazerowA big win for @NUMensBball. The team is legit. This will be a fun season. A fun night with old friends in Brooklyn.…
Odyssey creator @AngelaYanggg sat with the one and only @kenbone18 for his post-#election thoughts. #BoneZone
Retweeted by michael lazerow @AndrewGothelf what????? Really???? Let's say hi at halftime.The amount of hostility and force against peaceful protestors in ND is ABSURD and should not happen in the US.…
Retweeted by michael lazerowThe Absolute Best, Most Terrific Reporting on Trump University - ProPublica
Retweeted by michael lazerowLet's be clear: the acts of brutality by ND police against Peaceful Protectors are acts of utter COWARDICE.…
Retweeted by michael lazerowNorthwestern vs Texas in Brooklyn tonite. Go Cats! #northwestern #nusports #nwu #collegehoops
Trump's pick for head of Office of Native American Affairs??? there were a World Series of white, male racists, Trump's cabinet would be hard to beat.
Ladies and gentlemen, your new national security adviser. This year.
Retweeted by michael lazerowThere is no better leader nor better run company in tech than @Benioff & @salesforce ... I miss working there. What…
Please, please, please post your pictures of the big blurry moon. Thank you.
Hopefully they traded him his phone for the nuclear codes. Can't hurt too many with his twitter. Trump Protesters, I'm all for freedom of speech. And I love your passion. But you're a few days too late, no? Love, Hillary @bjwilson34 @Adobe @TubeMogul congrats. Brett, you are a legend.For someone who has been in business for so long, Trump has very few long-time loyal people.My hope is that @sethmeyers will host the next #WhiteHouseCorrespondentsDinner.Why Americans don't vote (wrote this 20 years ago and it is still relevant)
If Trump were a company, we would boycott and protest for mistreatment of women and immigrants.This election just reiterates the misery that is main stream media. Totally worthless. Let's focus on emails & not the racist rape charges.Our role is not to give Trump a chance. Our role is to keep him in check and to ensure his platform of hate doesn't turn into policy.I've had my fill of reality. It's time for some virtual reality.
Please vote.
Retweeted by michael lazerow @richardtitus ... that was all for nothing?!?!? Comey should be fired. Incompetence or political hack??? Don't know which is worse.
And possibly a new trend in multi-family housing? @FastTash 2026Well said @gidplot! I agree 100%. You nailed it. Monday was special. An experience like no other in live music.
Economists predicting low productivity in Chicago today.Now that's funny, Spartan...
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Woah woah woah. Now let's not get carried way over there Mr. Braun. Chicago. And enjoy the next 5 months of snow.The Cubs haven't won a World Series since I flossed and got in bed.
Retweeted by michael lazerowRIP 1908-2016 The Chicago CurseSuper official excuse notes for EVERYONE! #FlyTheW
Retweeted by michael lazerowThis is the latest I've stayed up to watch baseball since the last time the Cubs won the Series.Peter Thiel still secretly pulling for the Dodgers.Shit...I hate being this guy but my show is about to start so DVR end of game, everyone?
Retweeted by michael lazerowClosest I had to Cubs gear tonite. Kukoc is psyched.Good base running for president.Chicago just fell into Lake Michigan.Take a minute between innings of #Game7 to read about "insane" voter fraud being perpetrated in North Carolina.
Retweeted by michael lazerowWell said. And welcome to the island. His behavior, belief system and willingness to turn a cheek to what's clearly…
Peter says he "didn’t think that much" about connection btw Trump donation & sex harassment. That says a lot. fireside chat between @peterthiel and @karaswisher would be fun and enlightening (doubt Peter would do it) I ❤️ @phish. #phish #phishvegas #phishhalloween
@lazerow @nytimes just saying your delivery sounds extreme. Pretty hard to call him immoral.
Retweeted by michael lazerowWhat does this even mean? Peter's behavior is not my cup of tea. Just my opinion. (Wish everyone DMing me in agreem… @markpinc @nytimes I respect opinions. I don't respect immorality. There's right and there's wrong. His behavior is wrong on gawker & trumpEveryone in Silicon Valley is scared of Peter Thiel. So scared they won't even retweet critical tweets. They just l… on supporting Trump: "you have to overlook personal characteristics" The same is now true of you, Peter.
Given the stakes -- 11 days before election day -- doesn't the public deserve more than a 3-paragraph letter from FBI Director Comey?
Retweeted by michael lazerowAmen.