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Play music on NTS @ntslive and other places. DM me for bookings and XXX-rated record chat.

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@Hank_Crisp @fishplums @BeavertownBeer There’s enough to go round! @b_nmrrs Crying @gillesoffthenet You will. Keep the faith 🔴 @TheRealBenjiB @BoF LAWDAMERCY @Hank_Crisp @fishplums @BeavertownBeer Did you see that cloudwater post on Instagram. Proper tantrum @rob_hyde Loads of blokes in their 40s holding their back going “ooooh Jesus”Anyone want to go to the park and just hit free kicks? I’m ok from 25yds in. See you there in 10 yeah? Cheers @percyshade @PaulEmbery It’s word salad @PaulEmbery File under “tweets that should have stayed in your head” @trussliz @BBCWorldatOne Hhhahahahahahahahahahsh Jesus Christ. Is it a 20sec slot? @realDonaldTrump Gonna suck him off Donny? @LittleNeng Utter pricks. @Martin318Martin @avoiderman @pokeefe1 He’s dumped you on your arse there Martin. @gradiate Yeah don’t blame them selling up - they fought to keep old one open then moved and kept that going for ye… @SourDose Yeah same. Lived just off brick lane. Was a fun time for a while. @TOMBREAKS Annoying. That guy turns everything to bouji trash. @SourDose The original one was ace wasn’t it? Loads of fun there. @TOMBREAKS Sold to the dick who owns Cargo 😣RIP Dragon Bar in Shoreditch. For a long time it was one of the only half decent places to go out in that hellhole. @kerryjeanlister Lol. It’s a drag but don’t feel sorry for me - feel sorry for them. What a life.
@b_nmrrs you know what to do @IvankaTrump @POTUS GET FUCKED you absolute PIECE OF SHITThis is worth your time / a few quid I think #activeAte @FareShareUK @Tom_Mendelsohn @Knox_Harrington Such a cunt that guy. @StigAbell Yes, your fucking brass neck posting an immigrant related story - after letting Katie Hopkins call them… @mrgarethbrooks he's a dull, dull cunt4 weeks to go until one of the parties of the summer! I'm playing records at the brilliant @CitadelFestival on Su… @hackneycouncil @TfL This is total bullshit @TfL @SadiqKhan. This is a well used route that connects areas that are… @totallywould Belittle them. Their fragile pride breaks more easily that way.NEW @Junorecords Chart. The amount of good music coming out right now is INSANE. Excellent releases from @Brassfoot @totallywould I'm tough and intelligent enough to ignore much of it - easy to belittle these idiots. But every repl… @allthatchas WOW this is a VERY spicy hot take. Jesus. Need oven gloves for this one.Not sure enough people appreciate how incredibly tiring it is encountering racism online, day in, day out.This is what Alan Sugar just tweeted and deleted
Retweeted by l d l d n @Lord_Sugar You stupid old bastard.
@joemuggs @AaronBastani @OFOCBrexit all that chat of 'elites'... reminds me of a guy who led the Brexit campaign...… @LongsightBlues love al jarreau's voice but he had a weird way of singing - a kind of pervy gurn @LongsightBlues hahah jesus I think I remember that. gonna search for it nowOne of the greatest TV shows of all time (and a banging title tune) @NEEZU5 Very. I’m tempted. @higginsmark I’m fucked tbhGonna Nile my colours to the mast here and say Egypt have a pharaoh chance of winning this. What do you Sphinx? #contrived #helpLOVE DEM SENEGAL LADS @dmyrcr I’m fuming and motivated @djgilla hahahahaha. there was a mum who'd given birth a month ago who raced in the ladies race. Fucking smashed ev… @HackneyAbbott you do realise you could have opposed Brexit more effectively and minimised the risk of this EAW exit happening, right?This is what inhumanity sounds like - children kept in cages separated from their families. Not a word from the PM…
Retweeted by l d l d n @totallywould a low point @mrpaulmilligan cold steel @JimmyP_LDN @rundemcrew I know what you're like. you'll turn up in box fresh spikes, get a dead heat and demand a r… was fucking awful. Phone dropped out of pocket, laces of my air max not done up. My son watching on. My hamstring… been to my son's sports day. Got ambushed and had to do the Dad's 100m. Not run in 2 years & have been drinkin… @loggyrobb It’s finished. 50 years of progress unwound in 2. @Stuart_Weal Total evilPutting kids in cages? No way back for America now I’m afraid. Terminal decline triggered.
@SethBarronNYC Nonce @facilitymartin LolStrong England feelings at Hotel @MundialMag as the goal went in. Sweaty men and women embrace. God bless Kane are playing like they don't realise there's a Brexit Dividend.
Retweeted by l d l d n @theraygun Hahahahahah @davejoyner hahah very goodPickford has *tiny* arms @AaronBastani Wow. That’s a hot take. @adam_oko @MundialMag @pumafootball @NewBalanceUK @KitbagUK @FrontierLager @depop @OfficialPanini @UmbroUK Might ju… Playing records down at Hotel @MundialMag after the England game. Join us! #mundial2018 #fifaworldcup I know, but at work today if you hear someone talking genuinely about this ‘Brexit dividend’ bullshit, gentl…
@posthuman @nnnggghhh Don’t RME do something?I can’t stop looking at this mans head hahahahahahahahahaha I’m mesmerised by it. It’s like his hair has fell out w…
Retweeted by l d l d n @Gamble1878 HAHAHAHHAHAPhil Neville sleeps in the front garden of his house. @theboydonefood Classy woman!Dying on my arse but found this so all the best #bye @10DowningStreet Get fucked @andrealeadsom Oh fuck off.Yes @Beyoncé @mrpaulmilligan Haha that’s great.
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