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Play music on NTS @ntslive and other places. DM me for bookings and XXX-rated record chat.

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@migwire761 @L__Macfarlane Well said. Had a similar moan the other day about personal awareness of economics and th… I found this out it reminded me that Bob Pires loves hanging out in Highgate in a massive old brown leather fl… @SourDose loads @conroy_bumpus he must be on 10 showers a day at least.Wow. Sen. Carper says on CNN that Gary Cohn faked a bad connection to get President Trump off a tax reform call.
Retweeted by l d l d n @jonbir90 I absolutely love it. Tenner says he'll be wearing a Nabzys branded t-shirt by xmas @djgilla madness. Proves that society beyond their own shire constituencies doesn't really countAnd when you see shit like this, you understand why there are so many issues and trust is rock bottom. @Remaincentrist @faisalislam Agreed.The country is utterly paralysed by Brexit - economy going in reverse, government unstable and totally consumed by… of £350m a week for the NHS the Chancellor's spending more the next few years on Brexit planning(£3bn) than…
Retweeted by l d l d n @L__Macfarlane Worries the shit out of me, and the lack of awareness across the country - largely because Brexit ha… @nubient Urggghhhhh
Wow @flollid happy birthday Flodeezy @afneil Have you read what the tweet says Andrew? You're not having a great few days are you? @bsgorrie Fucking hell @BanthonyO Correct again @mrpaulmilligan He’s a water carrier who can’t carry water. Can’t shield a defence, distribution is so-so and doesn… @mrpaulmilligan He’s bang average. A clogger @mikejgirling Just can’t Jurgen dropping him - too big a call. We’re stuck with him for years because of his age and captain status. @_GS87 Heard a story from a fairly reliable contact that the club don't really fancy Robertson that much, which is… @discuit @NEEZU5 Think you're right. Fucking no idea. I'm knackered @DamianConnor stunned we even managed to get this far tbh. @NEEZU5 7 nil? @dannyniblock You’re not wrongLol @Stj_Ldn MATEHere's where Jurgen needs to prove he can change a gameJesus Moreno @mikejgirling one swallow doesn't make a summer etc @NJB44 NO SPOILERSSSS!!!!!This FUCKING stream I'm watching is so bad, I'm still watching the second half of the Sevilla vs Liverpool game in 2016. Bastards. @StarBeak @bnjmnprry @rob_hyde @Fuckingledge Seems to have another account 🤔 @ChrisMcGoogle Very good 😂Francis Ford @msantangelo @soundtoys Thanks @calumTRC @GKFY_ #healthgoths @aesthete_thom Bye Thom @aesthete_thom Yes thanks. @Darval2711 Ooooof @soundtoys Needs iLok to run, right?Dog in a bag on the train aaaaaaight @LukeHoward1969 ExcellentThis shit is like crack. Really expensive crack 👌🏾📈 thinking about Starmer’s history before becoming an MP. Did he ever express a consistent opinion on the EU? Was… ever, FUCK Facebook & Lampard are hit singles. Scholes is the b-side that connoisseurs pretend they prefer.
Retweeted by l d l d n @BENIBLANCO It’s your brain mate @jonworth @LNeckermann He doesn’t wield that much influence. Never has.
@fuck__the__news you're not wrong (as usual) @iucounu I'm off.Labour is run by arseholes. This isn't some kind of complicated tactical long game. They're ideologically up for Br… @RobSkilbeck @carolecadwalla Likewise. Your tenacity is incredible. Keep up the good fightOf no concern to 99.99 % of UK population, but UN voting to remove a UK judge at International Court of Justice pun…
Retweeted by l d l d nYomping is the worst word I’ve ever heard. Even worse than ‘gusset’. @kevmarmol @kerryjeanlister Same problem Kerry. Your nostrils are not symmetrical and you probably have one that’s… @susanstanwix @lace_d07 @kevinpbreslin @Sanakism @GiselaStuart Fair enough Susan. Think history will not look favou… @susanstanwix @lace_d07 @kevinpbreslin @Sanakism @GiselaStuart Fair enough Susan. But to say “don’t worry” about bo… @kevinpbreslin @Sanakism @susanstanwix @GiselaStuart Imagine thinking Susan has a clue about anything. @chrisgildert83 don't be daft!!!! @Stokebrewington @HackneyYIMBY @stokeylocal haha. I've literally just bought a load of Lego and a new phone from Ar… @Stokebrewington @HackneyYIMBY @stokeylocal Tesco are horrible but the point stands - if you've got income, you've… @Stokebrewington @HackneyYIMBY @stokeylocal I'd support an independent over a corporate 9/10, but the reality is th… @GussyGarnier I’m more of the ‘fuck off and let me go home for a shower and a shit’ gangPulled veg? Lol ok over Nick Knowles.... there's a new dad in town...My Xmas album out Mon 20th Nov
Retweeted by l d l d n @HackneyYIMBY @stokeylocal There is a lack of hotels. Unsure whether a boutique hotel - by their very nature, exclu…
@realDonaldTrump M O R O N @HackneyYIMBY @stokeylocal Sorry, i think i've missed something. If you don't think housing is on the table, why ar… @HackneyYIMBY @stokeylocal You'd like a boutique hotel over housing on that site, am I reading that right? @JackSear They met with him in Dubai back in May while he was recovering from injury. Not a new story. They're deffo interestedFully expect Theresa May to pull the same stunt at some point in 2018 how Paddington 2 is better than Citizen Kane. @conroy_bumpus All the best m7 @kerryjeanlister Think a bike + board combo is where he'll ultimately end up. Scooter useful if youre trying to rus… @kerryjeanlister Classic skater community vibes. I'd like Ted to be a skater because those lads are generally more… found it outside someone else’s house. Not the one I moved it to. Enjoying this game