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Play music on NTS @ntslive and other places. DM me for bookings. I like my drinks cold, my techno warm and my takes hot.

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@richardt940 alright mate. keep on not asking questions or demanding more @JMPolish yeppp @mrpaulmilligan the gilet and the check hoody are niiiice @richardt940 You're joking right? The whole point of Brexit was about Tory infighting!!!! Cameron vs the right of t… @JamesEdLloyd @Jamin2g its grim and does nothing to help the party @richardt940 It's not 'moaning' its valid criticism of a party that *could* be better - and have more appeal - if t… @richardt940 hahahahah what? I'm a fucking Labour member. What are you on about? @JamesEdLloyd @Jamin2g "he lets her talk" Wow, how noble. Did you not notice the smirk on his face throughout?fucking hell this is savage. Zarb, Bastani etc - frauds to a man. Keyboard communists won't get Labour into power (… and vague from Labour. Appear open to idea of People’s Vote, then smother it in caveats and conflicting mes… @Carrie_Smith @shubert75 Really impressive @JimMBuzz @DavidLammy Too busy fighting turf wars with their own members and rigging selection processes to actuall… open today! Head down to The Edwards Lane Gallery in Stoke Newington to browse the records, books and artwork on…
Retweeted by l d l d n @DavidLammy David have you not just seen McDonnell’s comments about the vote? No remain option he’s saying. What a shambles.
Fuck this I’m off to bedI’m 30min into a recording of the bodyguard and the most remarkable aspect so far is that he’s managed to get from… Rice cuts his hair with a sandwich toaster @ZakiGrant Oi oiReading everyone lose their shit about how bad the bodyguard is tees are like baseball cards for dudes who have even less sex
Retweeted by l d l d n @DavideMartine Haha! @DavideMartine Jesus Christ mate.DJ EXTRA YORKSHIRE PUDDING (boogie set)’s on at @thegunwellst 👌🏾 @_GS87 Johnny English 2 film @THEOLLIEVINEGAR @thegunwellst Ah nice!PLAYING RECORDS AT @thegunwellst FROM 5pm ish COME DOWN. RAIN HAS STOPPED AND DRINKING HAS STARTED 🎉 @hipsterscumbag A people’s vote as opposed to the succession of rushed, sham parliamentary votes that got us into t… @hipsterscumbag Could be reasonably interpreted as ‘the people’ having a say after the govt has spent the last 2 ye… @mrkobayashi Grim @SeanGlynn4 Beyond belief. And most of the fan base don’t understand the implications of such a strategy. It’s illiberal at best. @shennners Total dogshit. @gradiate Batshit online media like Squawkbox etc. No practical ideas, so it’s just playing to the crowdState of this. There is a problem with the media right now but better legislation + ownership rules preferable to d… @gillespeterson @Waajeed_ He’s on incredible form right now. @mikejgirling Has for a couple of months. I was dismayed by this too. @b_nmrrs @Chrisduck Good idea Chris. Hold off for a bit and take a view then. Thing is the forecast is talking abo… just went on lads.Please enjoy this picture of my Grandad shooting pigeons off his roof with a giant water pistol.
Retweeted by l d l d n @kerryjeanlister This is art.
@KirkDegiorgio I have total respect for the people of Berlin. @KirkDegiorgio @KirkDegiorgio Constipated? 😂 @kevmarmol Enjoyed that win today @DrPaulGosar @SanTanValleyRC @kelliwardaz @RepGosar @AzFRW @Tea_Party_Chris @PhxGOP @AZSenateGOP @AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @joeeuropemusic Radio Glory hole @mndsgn Thank you!You know what, I’ll take that lol son just said I look like Cat from Red Dwarf (who’s dancing on Strictly). need an ID on that coat m8 @kerryjeanlister lol @kerryjeanlister i'll text you the ending. dont worry @Kiefer_on_Keys @mndsgn hello - what time are you guys on stage tonight in london? Thanks! @LondonScorcher @Graffioart thats lovely @AndyP_MCR grrrrr @AndyP_MCR STOP HAVING A NICE TIME ON THE CONTINENT YOU BASTARD @shornKOOMINS lol WHAT???? @kerryjeanlister literally just finished reading that. I don't doubt the husband was a Millband fan, but he's deffo…❤️❤️❤️ @Cheapshirt Hahaha❤️❤️ @AntOH1988 Just seen this. Congratulations chief 👍🏽 @richardt940 Sorry mate, but looking at the way the party has - and continues to be - remodelled in the leaders ima… @onlyz ❤️ @richardt940 Oh please. Smears exist but constantly shooting yourself in the foot hardly helps either. Brexit silen… @DanNiblock “Move to a big city like....Reeds!” @bain3z It’s a crowded field. The idea the sun would be based across the road from the guardian in clerkenwell also makes me chuckleI could watch this 100 times a day and still laugh my head off every time
Retweeted by l d l d n @DanNiblock Oh god yes.
@b_nmrrs @AppleSupport You need to upgrade your OS mate. It’s time.Friday vibes
Retweeted by l d l d n @gradiate thank you @rickt ah thanks - that sounds useful. I'm aiming to embed the actual files but it might make more sense to upload… @mark_webster @BearNotesApp thanks man - google docs only allows embed of youtube URLs, so i could upload videos to there firstDrrrrrryyyyy question. Anyone know if a note taking tool - not Evernote - that allows you to create folders per sub… @IamBenShamrock @fishplums oh fucking hell.. hahahahaha @JuliaHB1 Ah, so it's just a question of BRANDING. Right... how silly of us all. Give impending economic disaster a… EU should have cut her off mid speech and shouted "Shut up, cunt" @ChrisMcGoogle fucks sake @scouserachel Zombie govt.Got a Sunday ticket for @IndyManBeerCon to sell if anyone interested. Obviously face value. HMU ETC M8
Retweeted by l d l d nHey. I’m playing a selection of sexually charged yet fairly relaxing records at @thegunwellst on Sunday from 5pm-is… @kerryjeanlister genuinely LOLd thereLoads of good music knocking about right now. Shout to @highjazzz records - this reissue LP is very good @gemmachufoon @posthuman @gwyntdc he's claiming that Labour's reactive, chaotic and opaque approach to brexit was part of some gr… @AaronBastani Yeah m8 @posthuman He’s a fucking fraud @darrengrimes_ The war was an allied effort you complete moron. You still scrounging to pay off the legal costs btw? @b_nmrrs @WellStRecords Noted @thedropdate When’s the mustard colour dropping?!!!
@CamillaTominey @shattenstone Camilla. It’s not about the timing, more about the deep self love you’re expressing o… @shattenstone @CamillaTominey Really embarrassing levels of narcissism there. @SissonsAndrew @BattyRymer @russellsbandb @VincentStops @jeremycorbyn You'll sometimes find that those Hackney coun… @SissonsAndrew @BattyRymer @russellsbandb @VincentStops @jeremycorbyn I've tried to explain it in those terms to pe… @BattyRymer @SissonsAndrew @russellsbandb @VincentStops @jeremycorbyn As for the licensing debacle.. it's all gone… @BattyRymer @SissonsAndrew @russellsbandb @VincentStops @jeremycorbyn they *think* they have a diverse mindset and… @feryaldemirci @cyclisethecity @VincentStops re-route CS1 either on different roads in the back street - hence avoi… @BattyRymer @SissonsAndrew @russellsbandb @VincentStops @jeremycorbyn It's a poorly run council with a cabal of cou…