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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Boston, MA

HCI researcher @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @CSSSecretsBook author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @mavoweb @prismjs @dabblet. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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Thank you awesome people of #smashingconf BCN for the lovely feedback and organizers for having me, I had a blast! ❤️ how we found out the President of the United States and his Vice-President joke about hanging gay ppl today and nobody cared at all
Retweeted by Lea Verouafter much consideration, it’s clear that the new MacBook Pros are bad and should be stopped at all costs
Retweeted by Lea VerouI get frequent questions abt transform-origin! So I made this little pen to hopefully help clear up some confusion…
Retweeted by Lea Verou @FremyCompany @glazou Thanks for the translation! Wow, that looks scary AF! 😱 Good luck @glazou!! @FremyCompany @glazou Thanks! And the button? And now what? @glazou What does it mean?? @smashingconf Thank you too, I had such a fantastic time!! LOVE this conference! ❤️ @aninoy Sort of. I made a path generator as a @mavoweb demo
@tabatkins @keithjgrant @azzlack Does that apply to vars set via JS too? @bhenbe OMG I love this!!! @MartijnSaly @smashingmag You can’t. So always use variables for pure data, not CSS values (unless they are interna… @Melpomene91 But also check out its market share!OMG, @mishunov’s #Smashingconf talk is so gorgeous. Every slide includes custom drawn illustrations! Great message… @azzlack None that I know of. @tabatkins might know of any in Chrome at least. @nadalsol They are dynamic, and inherit. Most of the demos I showed cannot be done with preprocessors. I still use… custom CSS value with units? -- width: 20; width: var(--width)vw; // Nope! width: calc(var(--width) * 1vw); // Yep! @LeaVerou
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@bbarakaci @smashingconf Not much asking involved in harassment. Quite the opposite. @d_avantgarde @jadepraerie @felipecsl You obviously missed that the PR is locked. @iammirali @felipecsl Yeah, you’re just as clueless. I’d recommend less talking, more reading. @jadepraerie @felipecsl No, it wasn't. What about non-binary genders?Why open source is f*cked in 1 PR
Retweeted by Lea VerouTHIS. I’ve been saying this for ages! #smashingconf—“Step out of your comfort zone” —“Ok, but how much?” #smashingconf @AmeliasBrain That’s exactly what I thought!!
Oh, and #MeToo of course. @AirCanada I called @swissport in Barcelona and made it very clear that I’m a hotel and not a …cruise ship like they thought (!).Yesterday, @aircanada delayed my luggage. Today @swissport tried to send it to ...a cruise ship instead of my hotel… @girlie_mac Have you thought of taking these and turning them into a high quality coffee table book on git? I’d buy it!
@gkatsanos @mavoweb Thanks, will look into it!Have you heard about this new tv show?
Retweeted by Lea VerouRough neighbourhood.
Retweeted by Lea VerouWhat a time to be alive.
Retweeted by Lea VerouIf your wedding isn't as lit as this don't bother inviting me.
Retweeted by Lea VerouEye eye.
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Retweeted by Lea VerouUnlike those gears.
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Retweeted by Lea VerouIt's now illegal for an employer to ask about previous salary in California. They must also provide a salary range…
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@justanswer I put time in writing you detailed feedback and all you understood was "client is unhappy with our serv… @0x6D6172696F Ah, the one I'm going is @ebragaparah @ShaneHudson I hadn't but @getify mentioned it so I'll check it out! @jamischarles Yes, it starts from the absolute basics and assumes the reader doesn't know programming. Excellent bo…
@slicknet Thanks! Would Professional JavaScript be easy to follow for someone coming from Python? @justanswer Also, framing it as an "appointment" makes me worry that it's not asynchronous. @justanswer [2/2] 1. "…"? Does that mean my question was truncated? 2. What's Ellen an expert on? What does she do?… @justanswer Nice service, but UI could use some improvement. I didn't proceed when presented with this screen becau… @StachuDotNet All of Jon's books are excellent, but they are aimed at non-programmers, so not what I'm asking about here. @jshjohnson It doesn't flood my mentions and prevent me from finding the actual relevant answers, so no. Your tweet… @jshjohnson Also, the advice to skip chapters is misdirected, I’m looking for recommendations, not asking for myself (duh). @jshjohnson I understand that people are trying to help, but by ignoring my question they are just producing noise. @ActuallyEdG That might explain why there aren't many books like that, but even in that case, I should be getting f… @raffesmind Thank you. This seems to be one of the very few suggestions that actually answers what I asked! @ShaneHudson Which one is that? @RosaCtrl Thanks! Why is that bad? Because it doesn't cover ES6 you mean? @gumnos I guess people are nice and want to contribute but they don't realize they're just contributing noise when they do that. @gumnos Same here, but nearly all suggestions fall in the two categories I said I'm not interested in. @ActuallyEdG Overgeneralization. Not everyone who already knows to program is an established programmer and not all… @jnavon All three fall in one of the two categories I said I'm not interested in. @jollofcode @ShaneHudson Oh that's easy. Eloquent JavaScript or Javascript & jQuery by Jon Duckett.Yup, no matter how I phrase the question people will just suggest their favorite JS book whether it fits what I'm asking or not. Sigh. @jamischarles I wrote "Not books for non-programmers". @ShaneHudson Excellent book but falls in the second category (assumes you already know JS).Which book would you recommend for PROGRAMMERS who want to learn JS? Not books for non-programmers or people who already know JS please! @0x6D6172696F Which one? I’m going to one in February. @Toxy_xD @smashingmag That's for people who don't know programming. @iainemsley @smashingmag @scottgal @smashingmag That's not a primer, that's for people who already know JS. And dated, yes. @philwinkle @raphaelokon_ Excellent books, but not what I'm looking for. Those's for people who already know JS and want to go further. @livercake Agreed, it's an excellent book, but it's for people who don't know programming at all. @ugo_ifezue @Miles_and_More Or her heart ;)
@tarjei_tech We are aware and are trying to find a more general solution instead of defining a ton of pseudo-elemen… saw this at the @Miles_and_More website! I wonder what happened to this early CSS vars adopter and his code mu… View Source in London, Oct 27, @leaverou will be talking about HTML Re-imagined for the era of web apps. More:
Retweeted by Lea Verou @viewsourceconf I got asked today, is View Source part of MozFest?
@glauberamos Which version of Chrome? @lufthansa Hey, I paid €17 for inflght wifi today in LH424 and wifi was down almost for the entire flight. How to get a refund? Thanks. @glauberamos Looks fine to me. Which browser?