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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Boston, MA

HCI researcher @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @CSSSecretsBook author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@ZChapple @LukeAsInYes Any bookstore with a good variety of tech books! Amazon and O'Reilly work too! @amurepinho Awww, thank you!
@skddc Good to know. This is the first time I had a similar issue. @AirbnbHelp DMed. @skddc The host solved it, right? If you have a dispute with a host though, @airbnb can't do much, apparently. @MorganFeeney I heard it from a Scot (@svgeesus) but he did say it's rare. @GrantHusbands @MorganFeeney Nothern what? @LeaVerou Received CSS Secrets for Christmas and solved my 3-hour problem in 10 minutes. I'm still a little dazed.
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@satya164 You don't need gh-pages anymore, you can have Github Pages on master now! @arturo_coronel Not everybody celebrates the same holidays or believes in the same things (or any unproven things). Don't assume.
All I want in 2017 on the Web is Container Queries. Seriously.
Retweeted by Lea Verou @arturo_coronel Please don't assume we share an imaginary friend. Feel free to have whatever delusions you want, but keep them to yourself.Wherein I comment on a medium article and medium send me the most trolling meta stats email ever
Retweeted by Lea Verou @adamputinski Please let me know if you guys find a solution! @benjaminsinger they haven't removed it, but it doesn't seem to work as well as it did before, oddly. Most of the time nothing happens.Also, I must be the only person using 3 finger drag on my Mac cause it's super buggy on the new MBP. Doesn't work more than 50% of the time! @webzeugmacher yes, because there are no function keys… @knutwalker @davidwalshblog OMG thank you, you rock! @LeaVerou @davidwalshblog you could add Chrome to System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Function Keys to always show Fn keys
Retweeted by Lea Verou @davidwalshblog I can also press Fn and make F5 appear, but I don't want to reload with a shortcut 😢First MacBook w/ touch bar impressions: Not very useful if you know the shortcuts, and where the fuck is my F5 key to reload Chrome??? :(
TIL the most amazing English phrase: "Thumb in bum, mind in neutral" 😂😂😂
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@keithjgrant @danielsdeboer exactly. I use Github Pages everywhere I can. @LeaVerou I commit them, but set them as binaries in .gitconfig so conflict resolution is just rebuild+git add
Retweeted by Lea Verou @keithjgrant omg you can do that??? Mind = blown!! Teach me the ways of the (git) force master! @Lady_Ada_King same hereHow do you handle generated files (minified, transpiled, result of preprocessors etc) in your repos? Do you commit them?About the nonlinearity of kerning.
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@octopusinvitro No worries, thanks for including me in the list. These fuckers exist on Twitter, what can you do, just block them one by one @NoriCode @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro Enjoy being blocked, assholes. @TheTrueAtheism @NoriCode @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro So you're tone policing me, but I'm the feminazi? LOL cool story bro. Now fuck off too. @NoriCode @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro And what's the pill you've taken to be a clueless asshole? @mariepw They are here, but that has more slides than my dotCSS talk: @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro @jennschiffer Maybe you should watch the video I linked to instead of wasting your time spewing ignorance on twitter. @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro @jennschiffer I'm not a native speaker either. Guess that means I can insult you and get away with it! Fuck off then! @getify FWIW I also find […arr1, …arr2] much more readable. @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro @jennschiffer Well, for one I wouldn't need to correct you, cause I doubt you'd say "boys". @getify Man, you should write a minifier :D @LeaVerou if we're really trying to save chars: ~arr1.concat(arr2).indexOf(v)
Retweeted by Lea Verou @alexanderGugel Yeah, I avoid includes() for now. Soon! @LeaVerou …but doesn't take advantage of short-circuit evaluation if v is in arr1 and also at the end of a large arr2.
Retweeted by Lea Verou @gumnos Ah, great point! @octopusinvitro @IMAC2 t's also curious that he saw a list of people and instantly thought about their gender, as if it's related to the Q.
@getify Nice! Drawbacks: creates 1 extra object, will result in way more code if transpiling.#jsnippet Check if a value is contained in any of two arrays: arr1.indexOf(v) + arr2.indexOf(v) > -2 6 fewer chars than the || version. @IMAC2 @octopusinvitro @jennschiffer If they were all men, would you have the same reaction? Also, women, not girls. @JuanAdrianMx That works if it's distinct things you want to select, not an arbitrary region. @yoanngrange not at the same time, on the same area @mileselam @github Then all issus & commits I created are not attributed to me. @upsuper That'd work too, but less well (more hassle to send to people, need auth for API to programmatically access repo) @upsuper Then everyone I invite to try it out, I have to give push access to… @upsuper But I want to make them properly public eventually. This is for pre-launch projects.My @Github wishlist, part 3: Being able to have "stealth" public repos that are NOT shown in my profile or my activity. I'd pay for this. @yoanngrange Nope.
@nico_amsterdam Nice work! I'd suggest supporting an HTML API for common cases like Awesomplete has, so that non-JS people can use it too. @LeaVerou FYI: I have made a javascript library that uses your Awesomplete widget. Have fun with Spotify examples:
Retweeted by Lea Verou @dansecommander On mobile they do, both are tap & drag. @Runspired Not sure what you mean by that, please elaborate or link to something that does? You mean tap & hold?What is the best current #UX pattern for mobile to be able to both scroll and select a rectangular region? @FremyCompany @csuwildcat Sorry if I was aggressive, it's just that such blog posts take a long time to write, and I'm super busy these days @stoyanstefanov @getify I wouldn't think so, but I've heard from some beginner readers that they enjoyed it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @FremyCompany I don't owe you any blog post. Entitled much? It's my twitter and I'll be voicing my thoughts to whatever degree I want. @jkbockstael Too long to explain in a tweet. But it wasn't the first time either.I so wish Javascript had explicit pointers, like C/C++ :/ @Fyrd I just wish it also showed % of browsers that support all selected features. That'd be amazing for e.g. library pages etc.
Retweeted by Lea VerouComedy gold. YouTube peanut gallery outraged that there is sci fi with a female character in it.
Retweeted by Lea Verou"Article continues after..." is an antipatern. If people have to be told to scroll past the ad, you lost half your readers half way through.
Retweeted by Lea Verou @Farzad_YZ @ossia It's only supposed to be a mystery to spambots, not humans :)
@ossia Thanks, maybe! Send me an email with more details? My first name @ my last name .me @yusijs @sarah_edo I use airbnb a lot and have never stayed in someone's house with them in, I'd hate it too! Just tick "Entire house". :) @yusijs @sarah_edo I'm picky with everything, from airlines to airbnbs to food, and it seems like a $800 trip to me. But I travel a lot. @davidwalshblog @sarah_edo It made me hungry :( @yusijs @sarah_edo $2000?! Are you flying Business Class or something? A roundtrip Oslo-Paris is around $400 + $100/night hotel or airbnb… @left_pad @modernserf Not sure I follow… @left_pad @modernserf License comments make sense, but I'm not talking about license comments. @modernserf @left_pad Huh, it removes comments sometimes, not always. I pasted in a large JS file and there were a TON of comments left… @modernserf @left_pad Just tried it on , wtf, it doesn't remove comments!?!