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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Boston, MA

HCI researcher @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @CSSSecretsBook author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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This is amazing — transferring the "style" of one photo to another: (input > style guide…
Retweeted by Lea Verou @Yank @Cloudflare Ouch, that's way too expensive just to have referrer stats. Guess I'll have to look into another solution for analytics… @Yank @Cloudflare Please let me know if there's some way to get this info today (even paid or API-only). @Yank @Cloudflare That only applies to HTML pages. E.g. I can't get referrers for sites hotlinking to a script or image on my website.
The moral of the story is that I'm glad we didn't roll back healthcare further from this current nightmare today. Good work everyone.
Retweeted by Lea VerouToday I got a letter from the urologist's office saying that they were hacked and leaked my social security number and medical history.
Retweeted by Lea VerouWhile in the ER, a urologist came by and talked to me, without me asking. Later I was charged for a consultation, uncovered by insurance.
Retweeted by Lea Verou @baddestmamajama United shall have the right to refuse passengers who are not properly clothed via our Contract of Carriage. ^FS
Retweeted by Lea Verou @LazuliPost Please file an issue:
@chrisburton It's not completely safe; one may still use OAuth via XMLHttpRequest. But most don't & @cloudflare's SSL is safer than no SSL. @chrisburton Which one? @chrisburton No, it's not. But Github Pages just hosts static pages, so does it really matter? @drew_beres Eh, that seems a bit severe for someone acting a bit rude/entitled on a Github issue (what the question was about).
@Yank @Cloudflare I would pay for that. I need that data. @Yank @Cloudflare list of referrer urls please!!!!I ❤️ @cloudflare! Free https for my custom domain Github Pages & Analytics! Not very detailed ones, but much better than what @Github shows!
Great double purchasing of the essential @LeaVerou CSS Secrets, thanks from an Italian Web Designer!
Retweeted by Lea VerouAfter 20 years on the Internet, I have concluded that the ability to tell people to fuck off when deserved is an es… @RickByers Yes, I saw! I've added it to the agenda, we'll discuss in our next call /cc @csswg @hsivonen @fantasai Also @hsivonen @fantasai Strawman fallacy! Where did I suggest that? Anyway, I did file 2 issues:
@RickDeckart No lack of ideas though, I've already solved this in my own codebase. That doesn't mean I don't think it should be simpler. @RickDeckart Some of us care about the user experience of programming, instead of dick measuring about who can overcome the most adversity.Exciting news everyone!! Chrome has announced intent to implement conic-gradient()!!! @fulmicoton from what I've seen, they do it to other dudes too, but more to women. @fantasai almost the same if one *does* file bugs with that crowd, except with more wasted time and effort. @fantasai as a plebeian non-implementor, I'd rather save my sanity and my time than get into any debate with WHATWG people. @chgeese @MitchKarajohn Until recently I thought everyone gets dudes second-guessing their every word or explaining obvious things to them. @_munter_ The change event does bubble, but their common ancestor could be as high as <body> in the general case… @DarkRayStudi0 @SaraSoueidan Interdisciplinary knowledge is always tremendously useful. But a survival skill? No, and it shouldn’t be. @MitchKarajohn @chgeese [3/2] Most women's experiences r similar. I've tested it in the past w/ a guy posting the same tweet, no such thing. @MitchKarajohn @chgeese [2/2] to …teach me. Including this time, if you check out the thread. @MitchKarajohn @chgeese It could be women, though I've never seen it. It's always dudes that think I've missed basic stuff and proceed [1/2] @IllusionMH Except my test was flawed, it doesn't actually work. Deleted the tweet. @_munter_ Turns out my test was flawed, the change event doesn't fire on the form after all (except via delegation). Sigh. @AmeliasBrain Actually nope, my test was flawed. Damn. @IllusionMH Check my latest tweet. Associating with a form does the trick, and if you use the form attr, the form can be anywhere in the doc
@IllusionMH Generically getting the value and observing changes in a form element. @AgedMcNugget it's overwhelmingly men that every time I tweet assume I've missed obvious things and proceed to "teach me" basic JS. @AmeliasBrain Oh I agree, but there should be a way to monitor changes without having to know where the other radios are scattered. @satya164 Link? @satya164 jsfiddle with the div that doesn't work? @satya164 If you insist, find a single mention of <radiogroup> in any HTML documentation or spec. @satya164 I guess you forgot to change the JS or something. @satya164 If you inspect your radiogroup, you'll see it's an instance of HTMLUnknownElement. <foobar> would work exactly the same. @satya164 I already replied to you. The change event bubbles. It would work the same with a div. @satya164 That would work with a <div> as well, it's just because the change event bubbles. @satya164 There is no radio group in HTML. @dpilipenko There is no radio button group in HTML.…and before mansplainers mention onclick, oninput, or onchange, none of these fire if the radio changed due to ANOTHER radio being clicked. @alflennik @caniuse That may have more to do with you than CSS. Maybe you just learned most of it, and only the cutting edge stuff remain :)The radio button is the most poorly designed of all HTML elements. No container, no change event, no straightforward way to get value.
@_r24y Baffling new devs seems much less of a concern than it's known bugs and notice of being unmaintained. @JakeDChampion @jaffathecake Not sure how you even looked at the thread without noticing it's very second message! @JakeDChampion @jaffathecake Why don't people read the thread of the tweet they're replying to?! @modernserf Look at the thread. I mentioned this in my next tweet. @jaffathecake Yes, but then you need to transpile generators, which needs the huge polyfill… @thejameskyle Interesting. What cases can you not implement?No idea why async/await is not transpiled into normal Promise chains. There's a plugin for that , but unmaintained…Transpiling is not always the solution. E.g. transpiling async/await is done via generators and requires loading the HUGE babel-polyfill…
@mikeleworthy Gradients do not transition yet. The only way to have transitions would be to use currentColor :/ @chum4h @dabblet I will investigate. In the meantime, use http.Currently most freemium services provide no support to free plans. Why not provide (micro)paid support? Win-win for everyone. @selfagency I use Emmet A LOT, but typing code is still longer than pressing `, which makes a difference if writing e.g. a lot of docs. @miklb @AtomEditor Yup, that.Hey #lazyweb, is there any @AtomEditor plugin that automatically expands any Markdown you write to HTML? E.g. `foo` becomes <code>foo</code> @nicomen @ravilov Nice!
@jvincent Um no. typeof null is "object".
💘 C#'s null coalescing operator `??` 🤑 `a = b ?? c`: if `b !== null` then `a=b` else `a=c` 📄
Retweeted by Lea Verou @rufus2021 if it's equivalent to foo ? foo : bar then it would also go to bar for 0, "" and null, which you often don't want. @mciparelli Cool use of destructuring, but that is neither readable, nor concise. @glennflanagan That would give you 5 even if foo is 0, "", or null. Especially w/ 0, that's usually not desirable. @ravilov If this expands to foo = foo || 5 it's not the same: if foo is 0 then it will get the default value. This is usually not desirable.#JSwishlist: assignment with default values Like foo ?= 5 being syntactic sugar for foo = typeof foo == "undefined"?5 : foo; Any proposals? @mikeleworthy then I will need to see your code to help.
Retweeted by Lea Verou @mikeleworthy if you're using currentColor the text should change too. Which browser? Does it reproduce in the linked dabblet? @chum4h @dabblet are you using http or https? @theirf @LeaVerou @samuelvgm looks like no matter where you set the MutationObserver,it affects the document: root 🎉
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