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🙄 know we'll likely be cleaning up the Flynn shit show for a while but in the mean time, new guy is kinda awesome. Supreme Court called @libertycounsel out for referring to Gavin Grimm with the wrong pronoun
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperJust a reminder: Woodward and Bernstein never attended a White House briefing. They cracked Watergate from the Washington Post's City Desk.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperAnd this is what you call a Bern 🔥
Dun dun dun., Marco. Get it together. @mrempoo was shot on a Saturday morning. By Monday morning my offices were open to the public.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperOoo. "So-called billionaire" could actually get to him. Let's get that going. Release your tax returns to prove it,… that Republicans say Obama did nothing in 8 years, sure seems like they're rescinding a lot of things he did.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperRemember when Ryan Lochte was a national embarrassment at the Olympics? Yeah...good times.
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REMINDER: Longest-running Republican Speaker molested 4 times as many children as any LGBT bathroom attendee.…
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperDAY 34: Attended all my intel briefings. Told Kellyanne she couldn't fucking sit with us. Sent Bill to Michaels for mason jars.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperAs a member of Congress, I believed that listening to my constituents was the most basic and core tenet of the job I was hired to do.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperFlynn realized he was being thrown under the bus and decided he wasn't going quietly @84wsmith @IronGreg73
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And also, she said some stupid things. am so into this hippo. England they call Sour Patch Kids "Tart Young Lads"
Retweeted by Michelle Schaper❤️'s up with those emails tho? know we have more than enough news of our own to keep us occupied these days, but this whole story this past week…
I'm super mad I didn't already think of some of these.😂 @BobbyLucia I feel like you will enjoy this. about this makes me cry
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperI feel you, cow. took 2 bottles this morning & seems to have more energy. She’s receiving fluids via IV but is able to get up…
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If you haven't seen @HiddenFigures, you must. An absolutely incredible movie and astonishing piece of history. Not to be missed.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperYes. Absolutely this. 29: Not holding any campaign rallies (I'm fucking POTUS already). Mailed Chaffetz a turd in a bag. Sent Bill to Sephora for mascara.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperBrilliant. Kentucky lawmaker's Viagra bill would require wife's permission #JaneRoe #TheResistance
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperGo, Pope. CANNOT RETWEET THIS ENOUGH ❤❤
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Seems promising. @mrempoo you're including MSNBC within NBC but it would help our ratings even more if you specify MSNBC. Thanks
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperBut Obama's golf positive news, Congress members go back to their districts next week. Have fun with that, kids! 😂Scott Pruitt, the new head of the EPA, is a climate science denier.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperOH. MY. GOODNESS.
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Retweeted by Michelle SchaperAnother puppet. @maddow'mon This is cute. He seems to actually believe it. Thank you @RepWalterJones. Hopefully your Rep colleagues will grow a pair and join you now that they don't h… dude won't last longer than Flynn. #emails @SarahKSilverman oh yeah. It's absolutely him pulling the strings behind the scenes. Along with Miller. @NumbersMuncher @sacca Actually it's 39% now as of yesterday.This is perfect. @jenashtep oh I didn't realize that was a show! Read the book in high school.Oh look, another deranged white dude. But yes, let's definitely go after muslims. 😣 A war hero and pride of central Illinois. Figured prominently at @bradleyu as well. RIP. Miller is incredible
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperCool. Then I'm sure you wouldn't mind providing your tax returns to prove this. That's what that was? A rescue? 😂'll b interesting 2 see if Pres. Obama surfaces on this one. Backlash against Dreamers is one of the things he sa… really interesting thread:
Retweeted by Michelle Schaper @scottEweinberg C'mon. Let's be official about it. Washington D.C. = White Dude Caucus.
Hey what ever happened to El Chapo?i actually started crying in class over this omg
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperWait. I agree with Shep Smith and Fox News? What is happening? removes every piece of art created by immigrants to highlight immigrants' impact, even in the world of art.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperThese first two grafs by my WSJ colleagues...
Retweeted by Michelle Schaper @chucktodd Pls stop licking the media's wounds. That's exactly what he wants the focus to be. Get over it and go ba… do I have a weird feeling that this will have some completely unfounded element that includes the media? @amy91485 Yeah? For the show itself? Or for her in it more specifically?Because why not?
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperWhy I will not appear this week on Real Time with Bill Maher.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperHmm so Oprah VHS tapes from 26 years ago can materialize but Mark Burnett can't find a way to show us Apprentice fo…
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperHappy #nationalhippoday Fiona! #teamfiona #PeppermintNarwhal
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperMy new @newsweek story: European allies have been running intel ops gainst Trump Admin & intercepted communications.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperMORNING READ: What’s playing in Peoria? @PJstar calls on GOP to join Dems & investigate troubling reports of…
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperYou know when this would have been helpful? During the campaign season. Same with the sudden interest in the Russia…
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperEven tho @nytimes broke recent story, let us not forget they covered Comey letter above fold & assured us Trump was NOT in contact w Russia.
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperForget about the Oscars, the real drama is going to be who will win The Pulitzer this year.
Retweeted by Michelle Schaper#EXCLUSIVE: Puzder 'vowed revenge' after she alleged abuse, ex-wife told Oprah via…
Retweeted by Michelle SchaperReasons I think 45 might know he's in deep: He finally stopped talking about his damn inaug crowd size. Those Russians really are powerful.