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This, from Piers Morgan, may be the most heartbreakingly pathetic thing ever uttered by a human being.
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@xenii Wait… He proclaimed January 20, 2017 as National Day of Patriotic Devotion in a document filed on January 23, 2017?There's a joke in here somewhere.'m wise enough to know: 1) not to tell my wife what she meant. 2) that if a million women marched to my house, I'd…
Retweeted by Never#spicerfacts Trump definitely loves her husband and is very happy to be here
Retweeted by NeverPresident Trump picks Ajit Pai, an outspoken critic of net neutrality, to lead the FCC.
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The most powerful sign of the #WomensMarch.
Retweeted by NeverHellfire! @hbarra Steps Down as Global VP at Xiaomi; Continues to be an Advisor via @techpp
Retweeted by NeverSuspecting Carl Sagan had either a time machine or a crystal ball. Ok, probably the time machine.
Retweeted by NeverGo Pats!!!Admonishing Trumpland to improve its credibility with fact-based press seems like advice from a pre-Trump reality.
Retweeted by NeverSpicer on Jan. 4 "I've never lied...if you lose the respect and trust of the press corp you've got nothing." h/t…
Retweeted by NeverI'm sure his supporters will be glad to see his hands all over their Medicaid. is 'gaslighting' all of us. Mental health professionals say it's a favorite tool of narcissists & abusive spouses
Retweeted by Never @bkbkbk 🙄Live feed of Stacey Dash collecting her last paycheck at Fox.
Retweeted by NeverAnd here's Donald Trump's new campaign manager in April call for Trump to release his tax returns
Retweeted by NeverTrump wants this GIF banned. Nuff said.
Retweeted by NeverBritish cops used a Taser on a black man they thought was a robber. He was their race-relations adviser…
Retweeted by NeverNote that Kellyanne uses the word "lies." Please extend the same courtesy and use it instead of fancy words like "f… know it's bad when The Dictionary is throwing shade at you. fucking hates him
Retweeted by NeverNo wonder Melania is staying in New York. #Frigid"For Mr. Trump, nothing is sacred. The truth is malleable, instrumental, subjective. It is all about him."
Retweeted by NeverTrump sent Spicer out to give statement yesterday, a longtime Trump adviser says, but afterwards Trump said "he was terrible."
Retweeted by NeverI read letters like these every single day. It was one of the best parts of the job – hearing from you.
Retweeted by NeverAnd so it begins. in the comments section of the NYT: "It wasn't a punch. It was an alternative fist-bump."
Retweeted by NeverOops 😂💍
Retweeted by Never"Bakery confirms they were specifically asked to copy Obama’s cake." I can't stop thinking about this. Trump. Plag…
Retweeted by NeverNever even considered waiting for his wife. Just straight up the stairs. What a jerk. keep seeing this pic on my time line over & over & over again Props to whoever made it Because it's friggin awe…
Retweeted by Never @getwired @chockenberry Yup!Two types of men."Two types of men." taken at 12:15 p.m. ET each day show Trump's inauguration crowd vs. the #WomensMarch
Retweeted by Never"May your first child, be a masculine child." /pic via @markknoller @Lessien @flyosity start?
Retweeted by Never @flyosity Given Trump's narcissism, does he fire Comey or start wearing lifts?Damn, I had no idea James Comey was 6'8". Makes Donald look as small as his hands.
Retweeted by NeverThis administration is like watching a parody of "The Godfather." "audit" was horseshit
Retweeted by Never @chockenberry Or earned income on W2s.Exxon Mobil always wins. don't owe taxes anymore, cuz I've already paid, like, a ton. Thanks @KellyannePolls @seanspicer #AlternativeFacts #SpicerFacts
Retweeted by NeverMeanwhile… on Jan 3, Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers introduced a bill calling for the US to withdraw from the UN. DEAD
Retweeted by NeverA fact vs. an alternative fact
Retweeted by NeverI've never seen a dictionary troll someone before:
Retweeted by NeverI was told you’d be struck by lightening if you lied. Watching this interview, I feel deceived on a lot of levels. the inauguration speech. It drew power from idea that America is a dystopia. Can they resist creating a crisis to preserve power?The lying media won't even cover how Trump fed the whole crowd with just five loaves and two fish.
Retweeted by NeverThis is fine.’s March was an awful sequel? I disagree. It’s an awful PREQUEL to the next however many months that they’re i… @GlennF Not to a narcissist. @Lessien Just saying …🇨🇦
Retweeted by NeverWhat is happening? Comrade Trump did not keep promise. of... everything - here's our special podcast on data and facts in the age of Trump
Retweeted by Never @summerbrennan @YellaDogTexan Sharons artists rendition of Trumps inauguration
Retweeted by Never“Because he won” is going to be an excuse for a lot over the next few months and (hopefully not) years. Never forge…"Alternative facts"??? Is that the new name for those things we used to call, "lies"?
Retweeted by NeverSen. John McCain tells @ThisWeekABC he plans to vote in favor of sec. of State nominee Rex Tillerson, notes "this w…
Retweeted by NeverFrom Orwell in 1984: “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
Retweeted by Never2011 Popular Science article on estimating crowd size: a strange interview. /ed by someone other than Trump. on ABC's @ThisWeekABC : "Hes not going to release his tax returns." No mention of pending completion of audit.
Retweeted by NeverIf Trump can't handle press on crowd size, just wait until they report on economy, budget, healthcare. Anything unfavorable he will call lie
Retweeted by NeverFixed Betsy DeVos's tweet. She can thank the _public_ elementary school, middle school, high school, and universiti…
Retweeted by NeverFour fucking years of this.
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There are two types of men. Presenting exhibits A and B
Retweeted by NeverI'm being told that this REAL pic is VERY upsetting to @PressSec & @POTUS so whatever you do, DO NOT RT this photo.
Retweeted by Never#BREAKING: Trump team is planning to ELIMINATE the DOJ's 25 Violence Against Women grant programs (listed below).…
Retweeted by NeverJust heard the National Guard Confirmed 1 Million in DC. The Largest Political Protest in History.…
Retweeted by NeverOlya is watching. #SNL
Retweeted by NeverTrump is a punk.
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