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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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this is who matt lauer should sit down with for a 90 minute interview in prime time it is just my opinion
Retweeted by LessienReally surprised it's so difficult to find sanctioned Olympic highlight clips from the Really Big Events, like last night's 4 x 100s.
Retweeted by LessienSwitched from iCloud 2-step verification to 2-factor authentication easily, thanks to @dmoren of @bleedsixcolors:
Retweeted by LessienWe always welcome feedback from our most loyal readers.
Retweeted by Lessien @LaRosaJohnson shucks. Needed it in the iOS app. Thanks, though.LT: Scrivener users, is it possible to get the word count of text selection?
#BlackGirlMagic #USA
Retweeted by LessienSo Manafort is out. Friday pre-GM betas!
Retweeted by LessienMother Jones spent $350,000 on their investigation, made $5,000 in advertising from it, and just changed fed policy
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@Lessien It'll be a miracle if they can script him for 81 hours.
Retweeted by LessienCan they script Trump for another 81 days? parks department on naked Trump statue: "NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”
Retweeted by LessienSorry NBC but a green backdrop is asking for trouble.
Retweeted by LessienThese were smart words, written for @realDonaldTrump and read off a telePrompter. What happens when he is unplugged?
Retweeted by LessienAmber Heard donates $7 million divorce settlement to charity
Retweeted by Lessien @getwired so was I. #ugh @jzy there’s no problem down there. I assure you.Can Trump resist taking this bait? is so disturbing. wat @Maniella @nycsouthpaw
Retweeted by LessienThis is fantastic news. Let us hope the practice of creating market demand to cage people vanishes from America #FB
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Retweeted by LessienMissing the obvious. It’ll be called TrumpSanity."For the entire hour, Donald Trump will join us to talk about the threat of radical Islam" oh lord Jesus here we go
Retweeted by Lessien“An Open Letter to Managers of Women” by @JasonShen
Retweeted by LessienSo are the Republicans still the party of Lincoln? Because… when I was learning Ruby in 2008 we made fun of Java for needing a dozen lines for hello world. But hello-world web app is 100k lines?
Retweeted by Lessien @Lessien i might point out there is no prescedent for anything in this election.
Retweeted by LessienA frequently sought after leadership trait would be hasty, late night decisions. Measured under pressure for sure.💯
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Given what Ailes is accused of, you’d assume he’s politically toxic. Goes to show Trump’s campaign is a superfund. Any precedent this late in a Presidential campaign?"Do you take chip cards?" "Yes" *inserts card* *several years pass* *giant meteor destroys Earth* *my payment still hasn't gone through*
Retweeted by LessienGiuliani: I Didn't Forget 9/11, I Was Using ‘Abbreviated Language’ via @TPM oh, that explains it
Retweeted by LessienHahaha ... Oh, boo boo ... 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Lessien0 < 1, so technically he can (and will) go down. (ed.) America Great Again! @drance #shudder @drance thanks, man. That’s right up there with IT. Gonna have a real easy time sleeping tonight.Zac Efron surprising the Final Five #ZacEfron #FinalFive #SimoneBiles #LaurieHernandez
Retweeted by LessienThe purpose of Trump’s speech tonight was simple. His campaign can now claim that he appealed to Black voters, so how can he be racist?Trump goes to a white rural town, and in front of an all white audience, reads a speech to the cameras telling black people to vote for him.
Retweeted by Lessien.@newtgingrich you also predicted a Romney landslide Sit down
Retweeted by LessienPSA folks. picture. keeps using the word “big.” I don’t think it means what he thinks it means. Schultz, folks. day like this, I think we might actually live in a computer simulation.
Retweeted by LessienTrump started his speech seemingly trying to appeal to African Americans, who it would seem were not at the rally.
Retweeted by LessienConsumer surplus from offerings like AWS, Azure etc. show up everywhere except in measured GDP.
Retweeted by Lessienproof : had to do a retake bc I thought we were taking a picture then he kissed me instead ❤️
Retweeted by LessienTrump. Goes to a city in Wisconsin that has less than 1% African American population to give a speech "reaching out to African Americans."
Retweeted by LessienWho else has to suffer through 30 minutes of local TV fluff called the Olympics Zone? #gah @Just_Iain @gassee @jasonwstein NBC had 5 years to see that their primetime TV centric strategy would fall flat. It's not just mobile.Great customer service from @amazon. Got an item that was defective and they're just replacing it. No hassle. Thank you.I was watching bicycle races on Xfinity. Changed channel & back, it restarted from beginning with no ability to FF 😡
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Shaunae Miller's dive was to recover from falling. Sprinters know the quickest way across the line is a well timed lean. Trust me on that.
Retweeted by LessienUsain Bolt is the world’s fastest man. Try to beat his reaction time out of the blocks.
Retweeted by LessienSomeone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this
Retweeted by Lessien @getwired @tculpan @jasonwstein yep. Game plan: annoy and alienate viewers.Don’t know when Google Flights got so, so good, but I haven’t used Kayak since I rediscovered it. Price-tracking email alerts are excellent.
Retweeted by LessienRudi Giuliani forgetting about 9/11 is the 9/11 of never forgetting.
Retweeted by LessienShaunae Miller diving for #gold like #Rio2016
Retweeted by LessienPpl are mad Miller won with a dive but most pro's at one point have used that tactic to win. Miller didn't cheat Allyson, she won fair.
Retweeted by LessienSometimes, all you need to do is dive! #Rio2016
Retweeted by LessienCan you imagine? #chills bubbled up from their graves and floating down the road, from the tragic flooding in Louisiana right now
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Retweeted by LessienLooking forward, the big question is how can the Clintons convince Trump to run again in 2020?
Retweeted by LessienTrump campaign chairman Manafort was paid $12.7 million by Ukraine government on secret ledger. This is fine 😳🐶☕️
Retweeted by Lessien @danielpunkass the issue is that both MLB, NBA, NFL are selling those packages or digital rights directly. Likely infeasible for IOC. @danielpunkass yes please. 👍 Of course that won’t happen but one can hope.NBC did this to themselves. Their game plan for the Olympics is antiquated and can’t survive in the age of social. on NBC: ⬇️ 30% among 18-34s (vs. 2012) NBC app: <2M users/night Snapchat: 50M users/week watching Olympics Social media eats TV.
Retweeted by Lessien @Lessien The lead developer has said in interviews that it's a perfect fit for VR so I retain hope.
Retweeted by LessienI keep thinking how great No Man’s Sky would be in VR. A beast to be sure, but given the first person perspective, it makes sense.“my impression of watchOS 3 after testing it for about two weeks” Agreed!
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This is a sensible proposal from @jason to address abuse on Twitter. Twitter in talks with Apple to bring its app to Apple TV, amid live-streaming deals
Retweeted by LessienJamaica Stand Up!!! This for you my people
Retweeted by LessienIt's possible @usainbolt tweeted this with his mind as he crossed the finish line. #RioOlympics2016 #sofast
Retweeted by LessienIf No Man's Sky is a failure, would that our industry regularly saw such defeat. This is what development bravery looks like.
Retweeted by LessienHot fire! Hot fire! Between @brianstelter and Trump comms flak @JasonMillerinDC...amazing exchange:
Retweeted by LessienIs it my headphones (QC35) or has the Bluetooth typing lag almost entirely gone in the latest beta of iOS 10?
Clinton/Kaine is the closest we're ever going to get to a Jan Brady/Peter Brady ticket.
Retweeted by LessienKatie Ledecky, pictured with the 7 next best swimmers in the world.
Retweeted by LessienU.S. swimmer Katie Ledecky breaks world record, takes Olympic #gold in 800-meter freestyle
Retweeted by LessienJulian Assange sure has a challenge on his hands ...
Retweeted by Lessien🐶 😗 is @realDonaldTrump refusing to release his tax returns? Some ideas:
Retweeted by LessienLast time someone did this, it rocked. Oh wait, no it didn't.
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Trump: The Muscovite Candidate. Manuel. #Gold
Retweeted by LessienSuper Red state South Carolina in play?!?!?'s offer to Republicans on economic policy: Nothing. You get nothing. Nominate someone else next time.
Retweeted by LessienTrump to @SquawkCNBC, asked if argument w/Khans was mistake: "you have to define what mistake means. don't think I've made too many errors"
Retweeted by Lessien"Go home! You are a traitor! I am an American Patriot!" Trump supporter screams at me and other journos in pen
Retweeted by LessienTape delays are a sad attempt to prevent viewers from recording live events on their DVRs and skipping commercials. #sighThanks NBC. Haven't had a chance to yet because of your tape delay. Any other spoilers you have for me?
Retweeted by LessienSimone Biles didn’t just win, she kicked everyone’s butt:
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