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What a story. RIP #RogerMoore
Retweeted by NeverThat's a Betsy DeVos budget. 2+2 = 15! is the New Jersey congressman who got torched by his constituents. a woman engineer in 1919 made for some maddening correspondence with men, @AdrienneLaF writes…
Retweeted by NeverDonnie's in the dog house. is wild.
Monica Lewinsky has a piece in the Times. It is thoughtful and wrenching and I hope James and Lachlan read it:
Retweeted by NeverWhere does Trump think Israel is?
Retweeted by NeverMelania is kind of a boss!
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すげー!!! こういう活用術すき!!
Retweeted by NeverOh… that’s what the orb was for. It was an on-switch to Hail Hydra… err… combat extremist ideology. in September 2016: “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be President.” KING: Come over TRUMP: I can't, I said you guys did 9/11 SAUDI KING: We'll buy $110 billion in weapons TRU…
Retweeted by Never @BrianHallDev Ouch.Guaranteed that he'll install one of these in the White House. "By the power of the glowing orb, I command thee…" forward to how this is spun as a good thing for poor, economically anxious whites who voted for Trump.
When Trump and Sessions talk about “law and order” this is what they mean. This is what their supporters voted for.…
Retweeted by NeverIf Bannon was in a car, he'd slyly lock the door. at the Judge's hands. Is she telling director to get off shot where it looks like Trump is bowing? Not about t…
Retweeted by NeverI like what Melania has done with the Air Force One seatbelt.
Retweeted by Never @GrumpusNation Too soonWhy Toby Keith? 😑 @KingSalman, @POTUS Trump & US diplomats took part in traditional Ardha dance earlier at King Abdulaziz Cultu…
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How is this appropriate? me. 😔 can practically hear the laughter. 😔
Robin Wright: "Trump has stolen all of our ideas" for House of Cards
Retweeted by NeverYou might say we're moving on you like a bitch. When you're a democracy, they let you do it.
Retweeted by NeverTrump would be firing Comey to, in effect, replace him with one of his own lawyers.
Retweeted by NeverOur new cover this morning, it's been a decade since @TIME did not have a cover line
Retweeted by NeverDamn, early grunge was SO GOOD. And, at that moment in musical history, such a revolution. RIP Chris Cornell.
Retweeted by NeverMan. 😔
The Trump administration isn't in Russia's pocket. They're only plagiarizing their geopolitical playbook. bunch of angry senators and their followers beat Tiberus Gracchus to death with clubs made from benches and threw…
Retweeted by NeverThe Justice Department only gave the White House a 30-minute warning about the special counsel appointment.
Retweeted by NeverThere is a Trump tweet for every occasion.
Retweeted by NeverOh, I/O. 😀Ya think?! Ryan says his job is to be "dispassionate" about the facts. Has Paul Ryan ever acted without the facts? Like, without a CBO score?
Retweeted by NeverFantastic read from @newyorker. did they get transcripts? Extraordinary.'t Trump just say that his conversation with Comey was "locker room talk"? That seemed to work before.
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@gte"We are hoping the president doesn't tweet. Fingers crossed." @Lessien
Retweeted by NeverHow is this legal? is really on fire on @Lawrence tonight. She is brilliant -- not a word I use lightly or often.
Retweeted by Never👀 Profiles in courage. is amazing is capacity of people who watched the campaign to be surprised by what they are seeing. Trump is 70. Ppl don't change.
Retweeted by NeverWaPo: Team Trump knew it'd be bad to meet Lavrov day after firing Comey, but feared upsetting Russia so kept meetin…
Retweeted by NeverI know all this Trump stuff is madness. But remember, the alternative was taco trucks on every corner.
Retweeted by NeverIn which direction?
Retweeted by NeverRemember this tweet?
Retweeted by NeverLife tip: don't mess with the FBI (or the intelligence community).So… does Trump cancel his overseas trip?Watergate comes at you fast.
Retweeted by NeverNYT: Comey documented Trump's request to shut down Flynn probe as part of "paper trail"
Retweeted by NeverMy new life motto. whole interview with Errol Morris on Trump and Citizen Kane is fantastic. (From shortly before the election).…
Retweeted by NeverThe same boasting that we heard in the Access Hollywood tape is at play here. An insecure man that wants desperatel…"He does not want advice, cannot be corrected and is too insecure to see any constructive criticism as anything les… beep beep
Retweeted by NeverGaslighting. great power comes great responsibility
Pro tip: bring maps. Using only single syllable words is a bonus. 😔"tax cuts..."
Retweeted by NeverEvery tweet. Every goddamn tweet of his predicts a future lined with his own fuck-ups. He's like a time traveler fa…
Retweeted by NeverOh man this Trump news is really gonna make GOP leaders say, "I'm troubled by this," then go back to sleep on beds made of poor people.
Retweeted by NeverLike finely aged wine, these tweets just get better.
Retweeted by NeverNext reporter who spots @SpeakerRyan should ask him if this is still operative.
Retweeted by NeverBREAKING: Sen. McCain just raised his threat level to "furrowed brow," while Sen. Graham has gone from "concerned" to "very concerned."
Retweeted by NeverThe info @realDonaldTrump gabbed about in photo-op with Russians is so secret, officials are redacting transcript…
Retweeted by NeverThey're saying the story is false. Lying. Again.Fascinating that pundits are giving Trump the benefit of the doubt that this was an unintentional mistake.0 days since Trump's last fuck up. in power need to stop making apologies for Trump's ignorance and arrogance. People will literally get killed.Discussing sensitive information over dinner and cake at Mar-a-Lago. Now this. minute on Google and anyone can find the original photo. Incompetence run amok.