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In Carrie Fisher's home hung this portrait she described as "an unhappy woman that looks like Kevin Spacey" and I'v…
Retweeted by NeverJim Fallon is hosting. He of the Trump head-pat. Explains all. forget
Retweeted by NeverSay - who's that fella with her? ;-)
Retweeted by NeverFrom CES 2007: this is what Apple’s competition was doing when it introduced the iPhone at Macworld the same week
Retweeted by NeverI hear New York City sports media handles Giants' losses well and doesn't look for scapegoats. #NYGvsGBTwitter Trolls Should Lose Ability To Include @ Names in Tweets [new blog post]
Retweeted by NeverCompletions of at Least 40 Air Yards - Last 2 Postseasons Aaron Rodgers 3 Rest of NFL 1
Retweeted by NeverUnbelievable. That has to be the most undeserved 8 point lead at half in the history of football.
Retweeted by NeverWhoa. 👀 #NYGvsGBTexas defunded PP. Now they have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. #StandWithPP #AMJoy
Retweeted by NeverPositively Freudian., Trump could just be an narcissist whose mummy never told him "no" and whose father never showed him… was terse and Tweets must be 140 or less. Maybe we're all Hemingways. 🤔😳 Disney paid for Lucasfilm: $4 billion Box Office Sales for Force Awakens & Rogue One: Nearly $3 billion ($2.98 billion)
Retweeted by NeverGonna be a long day. #MIAvsPITWatch how this evolves after January 20. The war that killed trust via @nytopinion
Retweeted by Never @raganwald still a pricey when you can get a Honda or Toyota for < $35K. But hot real estate markets make everything relative.One of the sad things in this story is that many firms are scared to publicly announce that they have stopped suppo…
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We are part of the universe, and the universe is a part of us.
Retweeted by NeverIf Donald Trump doesn't pay taxes, why should any of us?
Retweeted by Never @Lessien @asymco @business I think they meant plebeian Ferrari owners or maybe ersatz fancy Mercedes owners.
Retweeted by NeverWhere the hell do I get one of these? Alec... can you hook a brother up? #unPRESIDENTed #Trump #MAGA
Retweeted by NeverThere is no act too petty for Trump to carry it out. Inaugural announcer replaced w/Trump supporter.
Retweeted by NeverEighteen. Feet.
Retweeted by NeverMilky Way Over Mt. Rainer by Matt Sahli
Retweeted by Neverwhen you suddenly realize Trump’s about to have the legal right to bust into TV programming and make you listen to…
Retweeted by NeverA $200K car for "regular" drivers. MY GOD HE'S DOING IT. @HamillHimself reads Trump quotes in the Joker's voice. Here we go...
Retweeted by NeverKeep talking, @SenateMajLdr, we remember everything you say. Time for KY voters to get this man into retirement.
Retweeted by Never @gte sorry, watching the game. Just saw. Was funny. :) @GlennF well… technically, someone else's point of view IS a point of view.As usual @JohnFugelsang nails it. Thanks Obama!
Retweeted by NeverI mean. How?
Retweeted by NeverWhen foreign leaders call the White House, it has been told to relay their concerns to...Trump's son-in-law
Retweeted by NeverIn cases like Monica Crowley's (alleged) plagiarism, to what extent is the publisher at least partially accountable?'s the problem? Trump's wife plagiarized a speech about her own values… puppet. No puppet.
Retweeted by NeverYou can't even be an Uber driver without a background check. But a high ranking US government official? No problem! can practically see the MAGA gift shops popping up across the country – hats, cups, flags, "signed" photos, bronz… wonders whether questions like this one from former Mexican President are the real victory for Putin? The seeds… @platkus Executive compensation is not a formula. Boards often exercise judgement/discretion (up or down) when it involves those decisions. @platkus Semantics. Executive comp isn't a hard and fast formula. The board elected to reduce his bonus based on performance. @platkus "Docked pay" is better phrased but point stands that his compensation declined due to missing targets.
Maybe Twitter felt so impossible for defenders of Clinton because they were caught in a foreign cyberwarfare attack…
Retweeted by NeverAsk yourselves how did Wikileaks know that Trump hadn't seen the information 6 HOURS before he said so? @davidmorrill @rjonesy yep. I have a similar issue. Right snug. Left a little more prone to come out. They've helped.Note that the Wikileaks tweet proceeded Trump's by ~6 hours. Very strange! you think it's alarming that the US President-elect seems to be under the heavy influence of foreign anti-Americ…
Retweeted by NeverBreaking News: Trump, after an intelligence briefing, conceded that Russia could be a culprit in the D.N.C. hack
Retweeted by Never @rkrishnakumar @jsnell @rjonesy definitely expecting a version of Earskinz with a cut-out for the sensor. Thinner too!He's not lying. 🎧
Retweeted by NeverReport states email leaks were to help Trump, so congrats to all who published them. You abetted a foreign dictator…
Retweeted by NeverAirPod FrankenSkin continues...these are EarSkinz with sensor holes cut out. Still hunting for a solution that to f…
Retweeted by Never @nickheer @rjonesy thanks. @jsnell got it. Thanks. I was thinking that the ultra thin silicon skins may have worked.Anyone buy Earskinz for their AirPods? Can they be left on while in the charger?520 hours of Trump interviews, complete with search function & video editor—an amazing repository for factchecking…
Retweeted by NeverDo people realize that good jobs news is bad for Trump? A low unemployment rate now means it probably rises on his…
Retweeted by NeverRyan never states clearly what the change is because reducing services for millions to cut taxes for millionaires i…
Retweeted by NeverTrump is absolutely *obsessed* and dazzled by NYC media. To him, it has been his lifeline and the Holy Grail. He was to be *in* SO BAD…
Retweeted by NeverIt's too late, we were promised boats
Retweeted by NeverGlorious, glorious news. "This is what the KLF is about. Otherwise known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. Furthe…
Retweeted by NeverApple cuts Tim Cook’s pay after 2016 performance falls short
Retweeted by NeverBill Gross says he's "skeptical" the economy can grow at 3% under Trump
Retweeted by NeverWhen someone brings up my instagram pic in person but they didn't like it on the gram lmao
Retweeted by NeverLet's never forget how extremely not normal it is that the incoming president of the United States cares about this:
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@getwired yup.These are the moments Twitter was made for!⚓️😂unreal
Retweeted by NeverHi, this is called “a bus”
Retweeted by NeverWait… what? NBC report that Russian officials were celebrating his win, sure got under his nerves. Why ?
Retweeted by NeverAGREED
Retweeted by Never @ParkerMolloy @flyosity The reply dated June 22, 2016 – to Coulter's tweet from today isn't weird? @Lessien @flyosity So no, that's not "When bots go wild." Feel free to take a look at the accounts responding to th…
Retweeted by Never @flyosity @Jury Whoa… 👀 @flyosity @ParkerMolloy You sure about that, dude? There's no way that's the response pattern of real people.