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Would Sean Spicer have treated a white male journalist like this? #disgusted Rep. @MarshaBlackburn that sponsored bill to set back #Broadbandprivacy rakes in industry funds ($693,000)…
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Canada could legalize weed by next summer
Retweeted by NeverAnd people say the homepage is dead
Retweeted by NeverWe're not your customers, Jared. We're your BOSSES.
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Retweeted by Neverbash tips (attached blog post:
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Science is amazing! is this legal?"The government should be run like a great American company." To his face, Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity he is bad for America. Watch:
Retweeted by Never @flyosity Seems legit. is extra cheese free chipotle employee: yes me: can i get extra cheese chipotle employee: yes me, turning to ca…
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Valley jobs starting to slip? work by Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley. These are pencil drawings.
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Former CIO of Goldman Sachs says AI has no effect on employment for 50-100 years. Goldman Sachs, earlier this mon…
Retweeted by NeverWSJ: Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish Officials Discussed Removal of Erdogan Foe From U.S.
Retweeted by Never1. That time a novice chief executive made a foolhardy promise, his erstwhile allies rushed to get it done—and it all fell apart in the end.
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It's open season on your web browsing history after Senate overturns privacy rules. WTF!
This is terrific! Congratulations all! We interviewed the Workflow cats a while ago. You can listen to it here:…
Retweeted by NeverApple buys Workflow. Yes!
These nano-impressions are SO GOOD.
Retweeted by NeverThis was way too much fun. cc @transitmap
Retweeted by NeverThis story in incredible. Including the mysterious broken bath tub. lawyer for whistleblower somehow falls from a building to his death one day ahead of sked court hearing.
Retweeted by Never @jskpelletier and that's why we wait. ;)Red.
Is this unseemly? Why is this becoming a "family business?" didn't have much credibility left to shred. But he did.
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Quite the read. 🤔"Tillerson had only one press representative with him: Erin McPike… McPike has little experience covering foreign affairs…" 🤔"In the 10- or 15-minute conversation with the president, 'he was asking about me personally,' but she gave no details about his questions."Is this normal? Note: Senator Grassley is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee…
@gte at this point, I'll settle for 44 factorial. @gte Awesome! @gte @ThomasBurkhartB And notice that the 911 that night noted that he had burns. All other subsequent statements conflict​. @gte @ThomasBurkhartB No check of body temperature until after for 10-20 minutes after he was found. No measurement of shower temperature. @gte @ThomasBurkhartB here's a link to the report. Read the part about the shower design. @KathyFndzRundle Hello. I'm very concerned by your office's decision in the Darren Rainey case. Will you be making a further public comment? @gte And they released this shit on a Friday afternoon to bury it. How do these people live with themselves? @GlennF @gte I can't even fathom the cruelty outlined in those paragraphs. If they can get away with that, what next?! #jfc @gte wait... What?You just know someone asked.
Retweeted by Never7 weeks in office. 6 golfing weekends. But she didn't have the stamina to be President. 🙄Elections have consequences.
Note to self: Never wear a green tie on TV.
Retweeted by NeverEllen brought a 5 year old geography genius on her show and this happened. i cannot. i cantb breeathe
Retweeted by NeverEver notice how many Tillerson articles mention him skipping meetings for a nap, or a good night's rest? 🤔… @twotribes Doh!Trump: "I am so like super smart. Everyone loves me." Merkel: "My god, there is no German word to describe how stup… like when Merkel explained The Refugee Convention to Trump. Sad that we're getting lessons on how run to the t…'s response to Trump's wiretapping bullshit is v good
Retweeted by NeverKellyanne Conway's husband.
Retweeted by NeverIvanka at meeting with German Chancellor. Why?
Retweeted by NeverDoes anyone on Washington give a damn that in ways little and small, these folks are embarrassing us? could have gone badly. @shelleypowers @randalleclayton You think?You know that scene in the movie right before catastrophe strikes? My. God.
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This is impossible
Retweeted by NeverWorth watching the Irish PM’s remarks. Melania Trump lived in the White House for just 10 days we could fund Meals on Wheels for a full year.…
Retweeted by Never @DrPizza @PhilipRucker Mrs. McComic. I'll leave it at that.Interesting. Perhaps we can pitch in and buy Trump a book. /v @xeni"A day in the life of a poor American under Trump's proposed budget." #GrapesOfWrath. Nokia of the watches
Retweeted by NeverFascinating reading UI. government just declassified a huge archive of never-before-seen nuclear tests — here’s the chilling footage
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T.I. has ended the discussion. #🎤drop has the world’s greatest intelligence capabilities at his command. And yet he libeled 44 because “he’s been read… to Wilders loss is based on exit polls. We're trusting that Dutch voters will admit to voting for Wilders.… @TheBreen Correction: 2018.Nevertheless she persisted. @Lessien My money is on him making it twice as bad in half the time. A bargain.
Retweeted by NeverWhen Jackson did that, he illegally forced Native Americans off their land, creating the infamous "Trail of Tears."…
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