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After months of non-stop work, Design+Code is finally on the App Store. This feels surreal.
Retweeted by NeverOn the left, countries Ivanka has visited as a White House official. On the right, countries she visited where her…
Retweeted by Neverwut. get off me
Retweeted by Never‘Am I that worthless to you as your constituent?’ — This Black woman confronted her congressman about him ignoring…
Retweeted by Never @gte @Jury But why?
BREAKING: @pattyforsenate has won the special election in SD10 for the Wisconsin Senate, flipping the seat from red…
Retweeted by NeverNext thing we’ll hear is that Obama wore shoe lifts. Bannon is ready to tell all to Mueller.
Retweeted by Never239 pounds? YEAH RIGHT! and students at a school in Puerto Rico jump for joy after the school gets electricity back for the first…
Retweeted by NeverRural Iowa voters laugh out loud at Republican Senator Joni Ernst’s defense of Trump.
Retweeted by NeverNorwegian couple declines Donald Trump's invitation to move to the US, gives the top 10 reasons why that would be a…
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It’s so bad, there is a list: Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List via @NYTimes
Retweeted by NeverWhat? Page tells the story of “Kashmir” - #InTheLoop
Retweeted by NeverA decade without discs: The original MacBook Air turns 10 today by @MichaelSteeber
Retweeted by NeverWith Trump last Friday, MLK's nephew said, "It's not a day to hang out in the park... It's a day to do something to…
Retweeted by NeverMLK: "I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nat…
Retweeted by Never"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war" Watch…
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Car crashes into the 2nd floor of a building in California
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Looking at Bernini sculptures because why not - a veil rendered in *marble* should be impossible, and yet...
Retweeted by NeverIf I got a nuke alert I wouldn't call my family and say goodbye or anything I'd be here tweeting top quality conten…
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George W. Bush decided to move the embassy. But hey, everything is Obama’s fault including DJT’s loose dentures and… thread. trump is an asshole. i’m going to bed.
Retweeted by NeverI've been a reporter for more than ten years and have travelled to a wide variety of places around the globe and ca…
Retweeted by NeverMichelle Obama: “Being president doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.”So there’s this.
Retweeted by NeverSilence is betrayal. What did the other elected officials say when Trump made these emotionally unstable antI-American remarks?
Retweeted by NeverTwo weeks ago a 26-year old soldier raced repeatedly into a burning Bronx apartment building, saving four people be…
Retweeted by NeverAmbassador Paul Altidor also said Haiti’s embassy in DC has heard from many US citizens of Haitian ancestry who are…
Retweeted by NeverIt's only January 11.
Retweeted by NeverOption A: Tucker Carlson isn’t a racist, so he doesn’t need to defend a blatantly racist comment Option B:
Retweeted by NeverWho are the 36% of Americans that still approve of this guy?Every black person in this Administration needs to walk the hell out. NOW! can the president’s position differ from that of the WHITE HOUSE?!
Ecuador is looking for a way for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to leave London embassy
Retweeted by NeverThis map is a brilliant data visualization. Here's a brief thread on why it's so much better than past efforts.…
Retweeted by Never? This is BS! Senator Feinstein!!
"Oh, are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege," President Trump tells farmer…
Retweeted by NeverCant believe this happened to me lmao
Retweeted by Never"Sir. SIR."
Retweeted by NeverPresident Donald Trump to farmers: "Oh, are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege."
Retweeted by NeverCalifornia Republicans are an endangered species. Gorka is insufferable even in print. “oleaginous scribe?” Pshaw!
Even the eagles are emigrating, America…! The. Fucking. Eagles.
Retweeted by NeverOprah 2020.When Oprah is speaking at the Golden Globes and your goals shift to VP...
Retweeted by NeverWhat is going on with the GOP?! HAD ONE JOB
Retweeted by Never“Consensual?” One mustn’t question stable genius. Just go with it.😉 James Franco shove. @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump Spot the Stable Genius.
Retweeted by Neverwhen you play jenga with an engineer
Retweeted by NeverCan you find the circles in this image? Thy are actually VERY obvious, but you're not going to see them so clearly…
Retweeted by NeverIn a morning of low points, the sitting CIA Director Mike Pompeo prostrating himself to refute questions about Trum… Axios' @mikeallen, Bannon is apologizing for comments in the Wolff book.
Retweeted by NeverNew Year’s resolutions: exercise more, get more sleep, become a “stable genius”...
Retweeted by NeverGood explanation of Meltdown. Tapper wasn’t kidding when he said that Miller was performing to an audience of one this morning.
The sound of a penguin falling, its sympathetic crew responding, and its gruff dismissal of pity is so far the audi…
Retweeted by NeverTrump’s nominee to lead Indian Health Service, facing claims he misrepresented his resumé, says his employment reco…
Retweeted by Never @RWPUSA
Retweeted by NeverFWIW, there are zero google results for "very stable genius” prior to this morning. We have a new addition to the collective lexicon
Retweeted by Neverwe tore Amanda Bynes to shreds over much, much less than this shit
Retweeted by NeverOh. My. God.
Catches breath, reads next page…. OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOL #fireandfury
Retweeted by NeverSet the country on fire. trouble spotting the most bullshit line in Twitter's "world leaders" blog post can anyone help
Retweeted by Never🤔“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” #shameful happening. There’s a reason why he sent a video yesterday rather than walk down the hallway to the briefing roo…!