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Tell 45 to stick to politics. I go to politics to get away from sports.🤔
Retweeted by NeverI'll jump when I want. I'll sit when I want. I'll kneel when I want. I'll clap. Sing. Flip and I'll say what I want. You ain't DeeBo.
Retweeted by Never5 words that perfectly encapsulate 2017.
Retweeted by NeverGeorge Clooney preach! via @thedailybeast
Retweeted by NeverHmm… did ICE try to pick her up by mistake? @thatadamguy Agreed.We live in incredible times. The president is toxic. can't be uninvited to something you weren't going to anyway
Retweeted by NeverBut this article lays bare just how much of a (privileged) little boy’s playpen many want it to be: /2Silicon Valley is a fragile idea at the best of times. /1These are the state leaders who should be trusted with healthcare decisions? Um, no thanks! @chartier Don’t forget The Mooch: “I’ve seen him at [MSG] with a topcoat on. He’s standing in the key and he’s hitt…“Male separatism?” How does that work? 🤔 Trump is at his NJ golf club, marking the 64th day spent at one of his golf properties since taking offic…
Retweeted by NeverThe view from Trumpland
Retweeted by NeverU bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!
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The president called an American a "son of a bitch" for a quiet act of political dissent.
Retweeted by NeverIn the U.S., we have a Twitter-addicted dotard steering us toward nuclear war. Meanwhile, in Canada…“Don’t blame us?!“!!!! @teisam It’s a bug. Radar filed. @chartier Posted again. Thanks.** Re-sharing earlier link. ** (Time for another Apple News link sharing bug.) is big. needs to go viral to understand deep connection between Trump, Kushner, Cambridge Analytica, Manafort & Russia!
Retweeted by NeverRT if u get why
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a) hold up. what? b) this got basically zero coverage and under normal circumstances would have dominated a news c…
Retweeted by NeverYour party is led by a fucking game show host, sit the fuck down
Retweeted by NeverX factor. Trump blocked a woman with stage 4 cancer on Twitter. Here’s her response:
Retweeted by NeverThat’s bad. But who else has been on these planes with him and why? is extremely unusual. It's rare for this group to have consensus.
Retweeted by Never @MikeIsaac Post-dated 365 days.New York's airports are still the worst
Retweeted by NeverMy God: fertility rates in Flint, MI before and after the city switched to lead-poisoned Flint River water…
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Oh my God. NPR is explaining to GOP Sen Bill Cassidy how his own Obamacare repeal bill actually works.
Retweeted by NeverOtherwise. @psorensen They don’t care....the speech Trump was giving at the UN, confirming the photo as a genuine reaction to the POtuS' remarks.
Retweeted by NeverI thought this was a joke! 😨 responds to Kimmel: "I'm sorry he does not understand." With new bill "more people will have coverage"
Retweeted by NeverIt's pretty incredible that a late-night comedian is the guy pointing out that Sen. Bill Cassidy is brazenly lying.
Retweeted by NeverToo many quotable lines to count after @JStein_Vox ran around the Capitol to talk w/ 9 sens. about Graham-Casssidy:
Retweeted by Never“There shouldn’t be?!” Says the man with guaranteed, tax-payer funded insurance. Wow! These are some truly craven p… @realDonaldTrump You still mad you never got one of these huh? I have two. And I'd be a better president than you.…
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The poor people of Mexico City today. What a horrible tragedy.
Retweeted by Never! Erdogan says Trump called him last week to say *he* was sorry about incident where Erdogan guards beat protesters:
Retweeted by NeverThat’s a really slick looking UI. Highlights that the notch is an opportunity to smartly use white space.'s... That's not how insurance works.
Retweeted by NeverA plea to Oakland leadership: This is a soft story building Oakland has 22,000 such units, and no retrofit mandate
Retweeted by NeverThis was the scene on the street in Mexico City the exact moment the earthquake hit.
Retweeted by NeverMexico City after earthquake.
Retweeted by Never62k people--90% women--are employed by #ToysRUs. Trump's said nothing. There are only 50k coal miners in US. Mentions coal at every rally.
Retweeted by NeverIn short, shameful
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While I don’t disagree, this is the type of thing that gets Liberals blamed for being smug. am so here for Sean Spicer being dragged by Lucius Malfoy
Retweeted by Never#BREAKING Toys R Us to file for bankruptcy according to Bloomberg. Amazon competition & kids wanting tablets not to…
Retweeted by Never @gruber It’s likely ends up being a marketing mistake: iPhone X (“ten”) instead of iPhone X (“ex”).IMO, iPhone X introduces a permanent split in the iPhone product line – befitting of the Mac “pro” line. Expect pruning of SE, 6, 7 and 8. @gruber I chuckle at the idea that Apple created a “temporary” break in the product line with X (where’s 9?). My be… @theJingster There’s a reason why they’ve gone with AirPower. They’ll be driving some Apple-only capabilities on top of Qi. @jbrjake It’s a cliche but my bet is that the 2020 phone is it. That’s ~3 years. @gruber I think sooner than 5. X is the line to do groundbreaking stuff, and let people self-select into the “mainstream” line.How long before the iPhone goes inductive charging only (ie. no Lightning port)? 5 years? 10? Sooner?Why is the Homeland Security Committee reviewing Health Care costs ahead of Graham-Cassidy vote? Is this supposed t…
“That was some weird shit,” George W. Bush reportedly said with characteristic Texas bluntness. 🤣 case you ever need to explain how white men fail up
Retweeted by NeverThe #unqualifiedfortech hashtag is giving me a lot of joy this afternoon. ♥️
Retweeted by NeverHi, I’m That CSS Guy. I have a BA in History with minors in English, Astronomy, and Artificial Intelligence/Philos…
Retweeted by NeverHey @littlecaesars I left my phone at one of your establishments and this video was uploaded on my ICloud help
Retweeted by NeverEvery hurricane going forward should be named 'Scott Pruitt is a Climate Denying Douchebag,' with a corresponding n…
Retweeted by Never @gte De nada!Dark Side of the Loon. I said, the Apple Watch is now an iPod.
Retweeted by Never"I fell in love with radio the moment I started doing it," Terry Gross, the host of @nprfreshair on @NPR, tells us.…
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For 10 years running. #StillDoomed the desk lamp? entire home screen of the original iPhone (320x480 pixels) is about the size of 2 icons on the iPhone X home sc…
Retweeted by Never @chartier I’m there for Bluetooth 5 AirPods.