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@BenedictEvans I hear you, especially for highly sensitive int’l relationships. But there’s precedent for diplomats to be arrested. @hermitdave @BenedictEvans Indeed. Or the John Ashe arrest from a few years ago. Given Russia and the circumstances… @BenedictEvans Recall Gusev, a Russian diplomat. He was arrested, claimed immunity and was expelled. Kislyak likely…
Probably late to this but just discovered Nebo (iPad notetaking app). It’s delightful on a 10.5. I’m giddy.Remember when decency, class and grace was in the White House? What have we become in just five months?…
Retweeted by Never1. Tonight, something kinda magical happened on the steps of the Capitol. It started like this:
Retweeted by NeverGet him out of town before he can be brought in for questioning, eh? years ago today a world that I had lived in alone was suddenly open to others. It's been wonderful. Thank you. #HarryPotter20
Retweeted by Never @drbarnard @studioneat Helpful to know. Thanks. @studioneat @drbarnard Thanks. The Confidant is a little over 16 oz, so that’s helpful to know. @drbarnard @studioneat How’s the weight? I’ve found the Confidante to be a little too bulky/heavy to carry around.
*if they miss a payment* case you're confused how the GOP can be so callous about the interests of the voting public and still win electi… ANOTHER weekend at the golf course. 2. He's riding on the green in a cart. #PresidentLowEnergy nobody recalls him
Retweeted by NeverYou know what doesn't get talked about nearly enough? How passing the ACA enabled people to quit day jobs and start their own businesses.
Retweeted by NeverOf the 13 white men who wrote the Senate healthcare bill: -13 have a 100% score from anti-abortion Right to Life Cm…
Retweeted by NeverLife in a post-math society:
Retweeted by NeverThis is very interesting & convincing on why Zuckerberg is eating fried pork cutlets in Iowa
Retweeted by NeverOK, now Canada is just rubbing it in
Retweeted by NeverEvery time I see a new ARKit demo, my head explodes.
Retweeted by Never.@rihanna we've got your back! Thanks to @mclaudebibeau who made sure girls' education is in our feminist international development policy.
Retweeted by NeverThat's crazy!, what? @drbarnard For the smaller iPads, I agree. Not sure that it's worth it on the 12.9". @GlennF Why do the major networks give these folks air time to lie?This is a massive gas-lighting attempt: “The cuts to Medicare that you can literally read aren’t really cuts.” Unre… fact that Republicans including @KellyannePolls are fanning out on TV to blatantly lie about this rushed "healt…
Retweeted by Never! ARKit is accurate enough to measure point to point distances in a room. On an iPhone.
Retweeted by NeverDamn it! Better not fly w my copy of "ISIS For Dummies".
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$185 for a paperclip? This thing better be able to hold my life together..
Retweeted by NeverThe nepotistic kleptocrat can't accomplish in a few days what skilled experts have struggled for decades to do. Ama…
Retweeted by NeverWatch and feel better About humanity But more importantly Dogs
Retweeted by NeverMeanwhile in San Francisco… Zuckerberg meeting truckers in Iowa looks like a movie about an alien who slowly learns to feel
Retweeted by NeverSet the AppleTV screensaver as your OS X wallpaper? HELL YES! +
Retweeted by Never#maga this is for you
Retweeted by NeverBetter thoughts: the iPad Pro 10.5 is redonkulous! 👌👏 @Jury Jeff Sessions will gladly see to that.Wait a minute. Where have we seen this before?! WH briefings as a comic. 🤔 I’m sure the bot swarm won’t be far behind. don't kill people. People kill people. Unless the person is a cop. Then it's bullets that kill people.
Retweeted by NeverTrump W.H. "keeping the base fired up" via Fox interviews: another sign that they've given up on persuadable voters…
Retweeted by NeverAnd the headline of the year goes to...
Retweeted by NeverAgain: You do realize you just confessed Russia meddled in the election you won, right? That you were the beneficia…
Retweeted by NeverThread #StopTrumpcare
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Important thread. @SenBobCasey red-lining the Senate’s healthcare bill to highlight (in plain English) what’s chang… healthcare bill includes “Repeal of tanning tax.” Wonder who that helps?🤔
Guess which two got Executive Branch leadership positions? 😂 thing you'll see all day
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Spicer searching for candidates to take over White House briefing
Retweeted by NeverAnd in the ultimate indignity, they make him stick around to find his replacement. don't know who this guy is
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This is the poll of which Trump is so proud, via 538.
Retweeted by NeverWhat can we do about this, @aclu???? This made my heart ache. Must. Do. Better.
Retweeted by NeverDégustation d'une spécialité canadienne. Poutine et hot dogs avec @JustinTrudeau. Nos frites sont meilleures 😉
Retweeted by NeverThe best buddies I could ever ask for. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!
Retweeted by NeverWhite House search for the next Fed chief to be led by Wall Street veteran Gary Cohn
Retweeted by NeverChris Wallace Battles Jay Sekulow 'Oh Boy, This Is Weird' is Sekulow even Trump's atty? Disaster for him
Retweeted by Never.@realDonaldTrump posts 3 tweets praising himself, not 1 words about 7 Sailors killed on the Fitzgerald ... a leade…
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Don't be fooled by the headline. This is an interesting & important piece on what immigrants mean 2 U.S. NYTimes:
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What Amazon bought: One-third of US households with income over $100K live within three miles of a Whole Foods.
Retweeted by NeverEvery time. is taking credit for Raul Castro's 2013 decision to step down next year.
Retweeted by NeverA violinist? 🙄 @fromedome In very tony parts of town, catering to people with more money than time…
Messaging startup Slack has drawn takeover inquiries from Amazon, sources say
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I’m disappointed that it took this long.“Kasowitz [claimed privately that] Trump offered him the attorney general position. He turned it down.” #smh to hit a 60% disapproval rating: Carter: Never Reagan: Never H.W. Bush: Never Clinton: Never W. Bush: 1,756 Obama: Never Trump: 144
Retweeted by NeverThe Commander in Chief can block @VoteVets, the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be si…
Retweeted by NeverThe Warriors have decided unanimously to skip the traditional visit to the White House
Retweeted by NeverA black woman made Secretary Sessions nervous… Must be a case of economic anxiety. that person., I'm no fancy city lawyer. I'm just a small-town apple-cheeked demon and I came to this town with a briefcase full of dreams and racism
Retweeted by Never"We're also legitimizing his vile brand of untruth as a RATINGS GRAB!"
Retweeted by Never @senorrinhatch said the he's not worried about the public being able to see the bill. Time to vote his sorry ass…
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NY Daily News front page tomorrow.
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