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On inviting Russia to find and release Hillary's deleted email, Trump now says he "was being sarcastic." 🐃💩 (ed.)
when a rival drops a mixtape and it's so fire that you gotta push your album back
Retweeted by LessienI'm still hyped from VP Joe Biden's speech tonight. #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by LessienThey’re here… /via @markhachman Trump campaign releases statement calling third night of Democratic convention "sad"
Retweeted by LessienText just now from a senior House Republican who gave me permission to tweet this: “We were supposed to make that sort of speech."
Retweeted by LessienYou get the feeling that, authentically, Obama has never, ever gotten over Newtown. As none of us should.
Retweeted by LessienI could put @POTUS' speech, Biden's and @FLOTUS' on my iPod and listen to them like a Springsteen album. In fact, I just might.
Retweeted by Lessienwhat do you think Biden's advice to Kaine has been "1st thing, make sure there's a B&W photo of you from age 20"
Retweeted by Lessien*Trump turns off Obama’s speech, dims the lights, removes his hair, and stares in the mirror* “I… I can’t do that.”
Retweeted by LessienThat's my man! Your truth, dignity and grace reminds us what real leadership looks like. I am always proud of our @POTUS. -mo
Retweeted by LessienThis.
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Retweeted by LessienPresident Obama is painting a deeply optimistic and patriotic portrait of America. Such a profound contrast with Donald Trump.
Retweeted by LessienSomething’s in my eye. 😢 #DemsInPhilly#demsinphilly message tonight is as much directed to Republicans who don’t recognize what their party has become as to the base.🔥 I don’t know if they had their birth certificates. #DemsInPhilly (ed.)Ba-rock Obama. @POTUS #DemsInPhillyIf Obama hosted late night informercials I'd be broke.
Retweeted by LessienObama goes after Trump. Follow live coverage of his speech here:
Retweeted by LessienObama on the verge of cracking up. “The choice isn’t even close.” #DemsInPhilly“Don’t boo. Vote.” - @POTUSI asked Trump why he won't release his tax returns if he's rich and doesn't have ties to the Russians. Reddit deleted it within 15 minutes.
Retweeted by LessienWhen you watch Obama, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, you are watching some of the most naturally-gifted speech-givers of their generations
Retweeted by LessienThis arena isn’t empty. #DemsinPhillyObamacare passed in 2010. 20 million+ have gained health coverage, and the US uninsured rate has never been lower.
Retweeted by LessienA big stack of briefing books and EXACTLY 8 SALTED ALMONDS
Retweeted by LessienAfter too much ice cream, I don’t feel great either. But, hey, ice cream. theme of evening is: "Come over, suburban Republicans, the water is fine."
Retweeted by Lessien @BillCorbett I see Teb from Galaxy Quest.
Retweeted by LessienInteresting point from one of the smartest Republicans I know.
Retweeted by LessienTim Kaine reminds me of Donald Blythe. #houseofcards #DemsInPhillyDemocrats before Joe Biden’s speech vs. Democrats after Joe Biden’s speech
Retweeted by LessienHRC: "I need you to destroy Donald Trump. Absolutely ether him. Say 'malarkey' too." Joe: "Say no more fam."
Retweeted by LessienWait. I thought he was boycotting Apple.
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Retweeted by LessienWhat a line-up tonight: @VP Biden, “Actual Billionaire” Mike Bloomberg and @POTUS. #DemsInPhillyI’m starting to understand the point of Bloomberg’s speech: He’s here to inspire raging billionaire envy in Trump.
Retweeted by LessienShorter MSNBC: Mike Bloomberg showed that rich people don’t need to tell you they’re rich, or smart.Good tweet-length version of the whole pitch.
Retweeted by LessienBloomberg is starting to roll. “Richest thing about Donald Trump is hypocrisy.” He’s the only one in position to *mock* Trump’s wealth
Retweeted by Lessien“I’m a New Yorker. I know a con when I see one.” - Mike Bloomberg 🔥 #DemsInPhillyThis former New York mayor doesn’t shout. 🤔Just ordered one BILLION of these.
Retweeted by LessienLooks like the #DemsInPhilly have their own New York Billionaire. A real one. #bloomberg“He says he cares about the middle class? Give me a break. That’s a bunch of malarkey!" —@JoeBiden on Donald Trump
Retweeted by Lessien.@VP: "We never bow. We never bend. We never break when confronted with crisis. No, we endure." #DemsinPhilly #DemConvention
Retweeted by LessienWhat every GOPer watching this is thinking: Thank heavens he didn't run.
Retweeted by Lessien #DemsInPhilly“How can there be pleasure in saying ‘you’re fired’?” Brutal in it’s simplicity. Just brutal.
Retweeted by LessienJoe Biden is an f’ing closer.
Retweeted by LessienJoe “That’s a bunch of malarkey” Biden! #DemsInPhillyJoe, Joe, Joe!!! #DemsInPhillyBiden: "Michelle, I don't know where you are, kid, but you are incredible." #demsinphilly
Retweeted by LessienJoe! #DemsInPhillyMelania Trump’s website yanked offline as questions swirl about her ‘degree’
Retweeted by LessienShut it down people we have fallen into the matrix.
Retweeted by LessienAngela Bassett is awesome. Period. #DemsInPhilly @gte Completely agree. There's something to Twitter Moments that pretty promising.That must be some audit. ⚡️ "Donald Trump won't release his tax returns" I supposed to find this something other than bleak
Retweeted by LessienWelfare.
Retweeted by LessienI believe @asymco predicted it would be sometime in the summer.
Retweeted by Lessien @chockenberry @reneritchie @marcoarment Here's a fun game: "what bug do you have that's holding up Twitter verification." Ghost Code, Jowl?Trump Expressly Asks Russia To Hack Clinton’s Emails
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Retweeted by LessienTrump challenges Russia to find Hillary's missing emails. This is truly irresponsible! @drbarnard :) @juliainor @juliainor I’d recommend looking into programs like LastMile. Many are proud to show that they’re working to change the path of their lives.I suppose it's uncouth to show a picture of the inmates HELPED by the program. Charity isn't always pretty. @alexhorre That’s something on a whole other level: Whitemansplaining. “Slaves *participated* in building the White House.” #smhThis is aggravating. Really shameful. #DemsInPhilly"injured"
Retweeted by LessienNo accountability. Charges Dropped Against 3 Remaining Officers in Freddie Gray Case."In the past couple of months, buying something with a credit card in America has become an… awful experience"
In 1995 Walmart pulled "Someday a woman will be president" T-shirt from shelves, saying it offended "family values."
Retweeted by LessienProfits are the death pang of innovation. Might as well get a purple rinse and move to Boca. #DOOMED in tears says "yes" as Hillary Clinton tells young girls that they could be president of the United States.
Retweeted by LessienTrump tells @CBSMiami that he "absolutely" has no outstanding loans from Russian banks/investors. "It's ridiculous."
Retweeted by LessienWhen they say "The camera adds 10 pounds" they're not kidding. Here's the effect with different camera lenses:
Retweeted by LessienOn the one hand, iPads are surprisingly tough devices. But, jeez, can someone get this guy a new one! card companies are blowing it with chip payments
Retweeted by LessienTIL
Retweeted by LessienIf this goes down, yo, man…! SHIT
Retweeted by LessienFormer GOP Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush know what the job of President entails. And they've refused to endorse Trump. 🤔how will we all maintain our sanity until Election Day?
Retweeted by LessienLast week: Scott Baio. This week: Meryl Streep. #LittleDifferent #DemsInPhillyNot that we're measuring resumes here but… what is Trump's public service track record? #DemsInPhillybill clinton is one of those dudes you would totally have beers with after a long day of clearing overgrown roots out of your backyard
Retweeted by LessienThis audience (and me tbh) are totally enrapt with Bill Clinton's speech. Charisma personified. #DemsInPhillyAs ever the hound, eh, Bill.Bill. #DemsInPhillyDr. Dre got cuffed and patted down by Sheriff's deputies outside his Malibu home! Let @GaryTMZ tell you about it.
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