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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere." Five years ago today #TrayvonMartin's life was taken too…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonNOOO...! movie is fantastic...So happy for @JordanPeele! #getout Oscar's Sunday, Y'all...
I've got one I could let you borrow sometime... #bydhttmwfi @levarburton voiced Kwame on Captain Planet. And here I thought I couldn't love him any more!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonI've been racially profiled before, but profiling based on your religion is a new low for America...#bydhttmwfi 5 directors nominated for Best Foreign Language Film just issued a remarkable joint statement.
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Nych'all...Happy Friday, Y'all...
#bydhttmwfi me up... Morning, Y'all...
@JeriLRyan Happiest of Happy Birthday's to you, gorgeous!!!Carl Sagan would be so excited... #bydhttmwdi it Wednesday already?
@RhiannonGiddens Happy Birthday!!!!This is amazing... #bydhttmwfi @levarburton to the surprise of my wife & I our almost 2-yr-old son started belting out the RR theme song while playing earlier. #bydhttmwfi
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @levarburton My 6yo son has discovered Reading Rainbow! After watching several episodes over 3 wks he says This guy has the best friends!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonNumbing. Notes by Rosa Parks after her arrest: "at this moment that I couldn't take it anymore." #BlackHistoryMonth
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This is what remains to record if a massive 5 day project reading the unabridged COSMOS by Carl Sagan! to worry darling, I'm still celebrating...❤❤❤
LeVar Burton: A Revolution Through Reading | | BlackDoctor
@levarburton aging like fine wine out here in these streets . Happy belated birthday.
Retweeted by LeVar Burton“There’s a theme of teaching, togetherness, and sharing that runs through so much of what @levarburton does.” 🌟
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonGood Morning, Y'all... and THANK YOU, for your birthday messages! My heart is full ❤❤❤!
❤❤❤ Day 16 @levarburton was born and the world changed forever. @readingrainbow
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonLoving you...❤❤❤, you... I love❤❤❤❤! #bydhttmwfi Birthday to @levarburton. Can you believe he's 60? The secret to his youthfulness...READING 😉
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonMy ride or die... #bydhttmwfi I just make a @levarburton aesthetic board for his birthday? Yes I did. 😂💕🎂🎁🎈
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHappy Birthday to LeVar Burton, @levarburton who turns 60 today! #LeVarBurton
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonBorn on this date in 2335, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. (And @levarburton is also 60 years old today)
Retweeted by LeVar Burton#happybirthday to @levarburton - who helped us realize that we could go anywhere, and be anything! #readingrainbow
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Happy birthday to @levarburton! The voice of Hayden Sloane, on the episode of BTAS, #TheWorryMen. Born February 16…
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @levarburton Timehop is a huge snitch! Happy 60th Birthday LeVar Burton!
Retweeted by LeVar Burton...#bydhttmwfi
Spread the ❤️ today, tomorrow and forever...
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonEdSurge's CEO @betsy_  will interview actor and educator advocate @levarburton at Lead 3. #edtech #edchat
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHappy Valentine's Day, Y'all...Prime Minister Trudeau, you are in both word AND deed a bright light in this world!
Nych'all...One of my favorite films of all time! #NicRoeg I couldn't possibly be more proud of you, Rob! @readingrainbow and @levarburton with my two kids! So glad it's on Amazon Prime!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonTop fav #RootsTech quote: There was an America before #Roots and there was an America after Roots, and they were no…
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@JackieWoodson Happy Birthday!!!!I directed this episode, do tune in... #bydhttmwfi! #bydhttmwfi'all @BrunoMars simply killin' the game on these #GRAMMYs... #bydhttmwfiCongrats @MarenMorris on your #Grammy win tonight.... #bydhttmwfi @JackieWoodson You looked GREAT!Heaven is partying today!
Retweeted by LeVar Burtonpretty sure the song is about Geordi getting ocular implants in Star Trek First Contact cc @levarburton
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAl Jarreau... One of the best ever! May flights of Angels guide thee to thy rest. #RIPHeaven help us! The Dept. of Education misspelled DuBois... #bydhttmwfi things @levarburton does on twitter that give me life: 1. "Kunta's in the house." 2. "bydhttmwfi"
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonI most certainly did... bydhttmwfi
Nych'all...Happy Saturday, Y'all...Me three...!
"That upon which we focus our imagination is what we manifest in this realm." @levarburton #RootsTech
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @opustoronto Such fond memories. I hope fate and fortune bring me back soon! @AnikaNoniRose Good luck! Have an amazing evening!❤Find us in the App Store!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonThis is the kind of civic leader this nation needs!!! #TishauraJones"Those are my people." -@levarburton, being told the names of his ancestors who experienced emancipation.…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonI still have no words!!! #genealogists who attended the opening session at @RootsTechConf with @levarburton are still talking about it.…
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#TBT It was the 80's... #myexcuse battleofthenetworkstarz's photo Lake City... Kunta is in the house!!!Good Morning, Y'all... from St. Louis, MOBe like every other teacher in the US and use your own money to buy school supplies.
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#Roots no words. Never saw the original but with @levarburton as exec producer I trust the remake. Thank you @BBCFOUR for buying it to show
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