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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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Nych’all...I have matched the next $5,000 of your contributions to the children of Sgt. Johnson. Donate here:
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @MicaBurton Ha... That’s so corny!!!Good Morning, Y’all...Happy Birthday @maejemison...!!!
MOGADISHU... #bydhttmwfi
@movieguy82 @scottRothman Yo... @moviguy82, Buh bye...! @levarburton If you are in any way unsure about how privilege works in America, watch this..! #bydhttmwfi @MagicalMissa Hi, Missa...!Unlike you, I believe they would see the parallel of two oppressive societal institutions and not assume an apples… the mystery of @DeadlyManners. A classic #radiodrama style #whodunnit with @levarburton & @IMKristenBell.…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonPeace & Blessings, Y’all... Happy Sunday!
Happy Saturday, Y’all...
@larimah Happiest of Happy Birthday’s to you! Peace & Blessings... LeVar❤️Sacramento... Kunta is in the building!True, on all counts... #bydhttmwfi to keynote this afternoon’s inaugural Little by Little luncheon.They’re champions for underserved kids!Love…
I am alive, awake, alert, joyous and enthusiastic about life...! #bydhttmwfiGood Morning, Y’all...
Nych’all... Kunta, out!!!Words are largely neutral. Context is key. “Colored people” rejects 50+ years of societal advancement. Language is…✔️👍🏾🙏🏾✌🏾🖖🏾😎, I am SO willing to hear what you have to say AND in THIS conversation you would be wise to listen to the aggr…, Casey... EVERYTHING doesn’t revolve around race, but this conversation is about historic, systemic, pervasive…, Sister! That is our pathway through this morass., Thane... my desire was to engage with folks who wanted substantive, open, intelligent, debate. You failed x’s 3… Matthews, in this case I must insist that you take my word for it!!! #GetReal #ImBlackinAmerica David, but what is your point? Neither my money nor my celebrity inure me from America’s historical, entrenched,… race & class are inextricably linked in America. He was melanin deficient (Caucasian) that’s why he’s alive… scholarship informs me the entrenched power structure has always pitted poor White people against blacks. Do you… even tying to claim objectivity, and truth be told neither are you... #bydhttmwfi #itsthedefactonatureof perspe… Reece, I do! I ALSO recognize that desperate times, necessarily call for desperate measures!, I can’t speak to your experience. However, in mine, class disparity in America IS based on race!, I OVERSTAND that you don’t get my point. Your advanced degree in JUSTICE & SECURITY combined with an ability… those lacking nuance, it’s actually commentary on an oppressive power structure, based on race, still in place… Morning, Y’all...But...did they stand for the national anthem?
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NFL be like... #bydhttmwfi #America #samestory #differentcentury
Let our powers combine... #bydhttwwfi Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Y’all...
Nych’all...This actually happened: @LeVarBurton read Goodnight Moon to me, in response to my May 17, 2017 tweet…
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Take a look... #bydhttmwfi
Home again, home again...I only meant that based on his level of consciousness, for him it might be a lesson in karma. ...and it’s LeVar! you incarnate as a woman in your next lifetime! @levarburton And not to mention it threatens health. I, and other women in my family, have NEEDED the period regula…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonMissing new episodes of #LeVarBurtonReads...? Check this out. You might like it... #bydhttmwfi threatens the rights of half our population to control their own bodies. This is not OK...!!! @levarburton @neiltyson Also Rosario Dawson came by and surprised them.
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonDid I ever tell you about the time @levarburton read @neiltyson Goodnight Moon underneath a giant moon? It was yest…
Retweeted by LeVar Burton.@neiltyson @levarburton @rosariodawson @audible_com #artemisonaudible Rosario interrupts Neil's Goodnight Moon bed…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonWhen @neiltyson @rosariodawson & @levarburton meet to hold up the moon. Event for #artemis @audible_com @vulture
Retweeted by LeVar Burton"Literacy and education are our greatest weapons against hate." - @LeVarBurton #NOH8
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Happy bday @neiltyson! Here's a pic from today of @levarburton reading 'Good Night Moon' to him. @audible @vulture
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHanging with @neiltyson & @rosariodawson at the launch party for ARTEMIS... a new book by @andyweirauthor Rosario r…
On my 17th horror flick for the month, The Midnight Hour ..ah the cheesy 80s. Fun dance routine @levarburton hehe
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonNo, Wes... I do not want your’s or anyone else’s guns! York City... Kunta is in the house!Guy... @DeadlyManners is amazing. Listen to @IMKristenBell @levarburton @AnnaChlumsky & so many others in this fantastic podcast NOW.
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonGood Morning, Y’all...
A word about talking to our kids during trying times...#bydhttmwfi years ago -we done the damn thang. Happy Anniversary sweetie ❤️@levarburton
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@vapor_gallery 60 years experience living as a black man in America. I know what race baiting looks and feels like,…
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @vapor_gallery 60 years experience living as a black man in America. I know what race baiting looks and feels like,… @sspeacock Mr. Peacock, not going to happen. This is my country too. Your avi belies a racist agenda I reject with… @DeplorableMarc @BreitbartNews I’m not going anywhere. This is my country as much as it is yours!!! @zwireless You have clearly miss-categorized me @zwireless...FINAL WARNING: DO NOT COME FOR ME ON MY TIMELINE... Disagreement=Fine. Disrespectful comments and personal attacks will not be tolerated!DO NOT bring your “what about Chicago” and “black on black” rhetoric to my timeline!!! Take your race baitin’ hatin’ somewhere else.Look at Sweden, the UK, Australia... Countries where public policy has served the “greatest good” for the health and welfare of the people.“Gun control” is not a dirty phrase, it is not blasphemy... say it with me... Gun Control. It has worked in other nations. #bydhttmwfiIn the painful aftermath of Sandy Hook, I remember how fervently @official_barak tried to enact sane debate around the issue of gun control.I’m with Joe...
I am in possession of the one I wore everyday on set for several years. Anyone who claims otherwise, is not in poss…
‘Deadly Manners’ is a new podcast starring LeVar Burton, Kristen Bell, Anna Chlumsky and # via @techcrunch
If you’re in NY this weekend check out this wonderful film. BLOODSTRIPE w/@reneauberjonois Friday, Y'all...