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LeVar Burton @levarburton Los Angeles, CA

Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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Ancestors... we got you! #obon #lightmyfire suits us @levarburton 🌸
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonTonight in Japan we honor the spirits of our ancestors upon whose shoulders we stand. #Obon #lightmyfire for the Obon Festival tonight... #LIGHTMYFIRE years n counting of carrying our hopes & dreams. Keep going, boldly! #MessageToVoyagerYamazaki time...
40 years and counting, you've been carrying our hopes and dreams of encountering life out there. Keep going boldly!#MessageToVoyagerListen to next week's @levarburton Reads right now with Stitcher Premium #bydhttmwfi
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @laurachowfun 🙏🏾Love your writing. Reading it aloud was an extreme and joyous pleasure! latest episode of #LevarBurtonReads is up. An amazing story by the talented @laurachowfun "1000 Year Old Ghosts." #getyousomeThe sweet/savory bar snacks in the joint are next level... @teamlambchop You drink your whiskey your way, I'll do the same. #grownassedman
Kofuku... Happiness...'re here! & after... #onsenlife #Hakone @Alice00581238 @GregHalpen @JeanetteInMN @Root4Change PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM THIS CONVERSATION! TYChillin' before breakfast... #onsenlife #Hakone ablutions... #onsenlife #Hakone meditations... #onsenlife #Hakone in the mirror... #onsenlife #Hakone @thedoh Thanks, Lisa! I had a blast recording it. Sagan was a master storyteller!Ohayo gozaimas, y'all... Kyoto, I'm coming for ya'!Nych'all... from Hakone, Japan. #onsenlife @DrBenChavis @BlackPressUSA @NAACP @NNPA_BlackPress Peace & Blessings, Brother Chavis...🙏🏾
We were supposed to have flying cars and robot servants in 2017 not nuclear wars and racist riots
Retweeted by LeVar Burton @JacobCipro @AlexAKABatman @donald_earl Time to remove me from your conversation, fellas. TY @JrRoutledge 🙏🏾 All my relations...
@levarburton Pick a TORCH AMERICA!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonAnd, NO... I will not CHILL! If I seem to be talking above your head, then you might want to remove it from your nether regions!Slavery, the Holocaust, the Movement for Civil Rights...this moment is but another in a chain of opportunities to choose what you stand for.The scalpel of principled right action and the anti-sceptics of truth and equal justice under the law are the remedies for what ails us!And this resulting sickness, for that is what it truly is, and the poison it produces will surredley continue to disease our flesh.This eruption of this evil has been as inevitable as the hideous boil that blights the complexion of our complex democracy.The pus and bile of ignorance and intolerance have been festering just under the skin of our nation and the boil is now abscessed!We must face the reality that the hate, bigotry and racial prejudice currently on display in #Charlottesviille is in fact no aberration. @mizunocaitlin out in the Ginza...
Lunch on the go... #kuntadoesjapan @bigjakesteed Nope. Not this year!Cruisin' by Tokyo Tower... #tallerthaneiffel Happoen Garden, communing with nature... #500yearoldbonsai, y'all... @levarburton #friendshipgoals #bffgoals when your friend dresses up in cosplay for you so you can pretend your Sher…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonOh how I love this kickbutt pic of #michelleyeoh! We are getting THIS CLOSE to @startrekcbs! #RETWEEET if you're ex…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonNych'all... from the land of the rising son.My current situation... #midtowntokyo #frommyhotelroom of a feather...'s about to go down... #owlcafe
Shinjuku Station... @Aerophire You're not kiddin', brother!!! #mywalletcanfloatBest sushi I've ever had... @jljzen Loving it! Was here many years ago to promote ROOTS. Love the country. Love the culture. @levarburton is in Japan! Be on the lookout! Have a great trip, Levar!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonYes, Francois... yes I do! @nomadicmatt As a child seeing Sidney Poitier in "Lillies of the Field" made me aware of acting as a profession. Ca… a look back at people who made appearances on the show, like @levarburton and Stanley Turrentine…
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At the happiest place in Japan...✨✨✨✨ the generous response to What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky, @levarburton interviewed me, listen here
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonNych'all... from Tokyo.Individual day passes and daily schedule for NHT are live now! Get your tickets now at
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@levarburton Listening to your podcast today, my wife said: "You've been listening to Levar Burton your entire life!" True! a real blessing!
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonOhayogozaimasu, y'all... from Tokyo!Look what I found in Tokyo...
Hello Tokyo, Kunta is in the house...Less than 2 weeks to raise $42k for Laser SETI. Reward levels start as low as $25. We really need your help! Donate…
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonHa...! stop, Tokyo... #bydhttmwfi @levarburton I am loving LeVar Burton Reads! It's making me want to read more lol
Retweeted by LeVar BurtonGood Morning, Y'all...Nych'all...
@AskPayPal Levar@levarburton.comDear @Dan_Schulman, @PayPal just had the strangest most unsatisfactory experience with Customer Service. Can you help?Happy Sunday, Y'all....@BrentSpiner & @levarburton warmup the crowd with a few signature poses at #stlv17 #Stlv
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Somebody publish this woman's book! was when @levarburton played Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge on #StarTrekTNG he inspired me t…
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@levarburton You are the reading to my rainbow
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