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Liam Nickerson @liamnickerson Toronto | Terror Lake

Producer. Creative Director. Undernaut. One car in exchange for knowing what a man's made of? That's a price I can live with.

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5/16 2017
One of the cooler things I've seen on the internet lately, by @narrowd: #goldenratio #thespins
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5/15 2017
#Highrisers by @SolarPowerGames has a brand new site and newsletter up, sign up for dev updates!…
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5/14 2017
Are you a designer who wants to fight #fascism? Don't miss this chance to see @monteiro in TO on May 25.
Retweeted by Liam Nickerson's a gime? did my Hail Mary pass end up being the gime?
5/13 2017 #itrg @BZeddemore #888yonge @The8Digital Be at entrance in 5... @The8Digital I'm coming to see you! Stay put!
5/12 2017
diversity in canadian media is…fine it’s fine
Retweeted by Liam NickersonNew things are bad. tired of reading lazy generalisations about millennials.Whe you almost bump into someone, smile. Dead eyes are just irritating.
5/11 2017
Artificial Gravity Absent. someone reaches out to you about a job, it is perfectly reasonable to decline outright - it is not good form to ghost or ignore them.
5/10 2017
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
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5/8 2017 @BMVBooksAnnex Please when pricing: OUTSIDE the shrinkwrap. It's impossible to safely remove a label from a 40yr old annual. @liamnickerson Outsource it to the lowest bidder. Then cry out dramatically when your plan fails. Roll credits.
Retweeted by Liam Nickerson @TatsuTweets @stutterbug43 The Pet Shop Boys sang about it.What's that villain line? If you want it done right? @heretohinder Nailed it. #halfkiddingClarity, authenticity, professionalism.Would love to change my password, but can't login. See what happens there?.@Twitter sometimes feels like a platform of complaint, but that's because it has become the standard for engaging Customer Support. @PlayStation Support is basically useless, w/ broken UX, but at least you guys respond, unlike @SurfaceSupport whom I've tweeted repeatedly.'The Secret History of ISIS' is fascinating, and depressing.
5/7 2017
@TatsuTweets Hah! You were my first connection on LinkedIn - and I was in the first 10k accounts or so. Early adopters + old school.Heavy like a stone, means I'm not busy enough.
5/4 2017
I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed all of them correctly. #aiexperiments #quickdraw deleting of geocities content is one of those corporate moves that still occasionally saddens me. #makingthewebworse.@Budget Everytime, I think 'this time will be different' - fool me twice.
5/3 2017
Thought Toronto had a lot of coffee shops...
5/2 2017
The eel that is the 7 Plus jumps from my hands yet again...LZ acquired, rendez-vous with niece imminent.
5/1 2017
@GreatWorldAtlas Stunning.
4/30 2017
Yet another 'olds' complaining about some 'news', in a post no new, or old, is going to read on Linkedin/Twitter/FB. @HFoh @_JohnBeatty_ We snuck in a “message” cover where no Joes are featured… The only victor in war is death!
Retweeted by Liam NickersonIt's weird, for some reason the smart people I know aren't discussing the pressing issue of banning children from restaurants.
4/29 2017
Robert Aldrich is one of the greats, not enough credit.
Retweeted by Liam NickersonThe entire level 4 of Figment, fitted into one screenshot for this #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #leveldesign
Retweeted by Liam Nickerson✨✨ I got a bubble sort zine from @sailorhg yesterday and my 5 year old has been coloring it ✨✨
Retweeted by Liam NickersonIt's 2074. Copyright is permanent since rich people no longer die. Librarians are outlaws building archives underground. This is their story
Retweeted by Liam NickersonHypnagogic City. #torontoDreamt about this video last night. Weird. Great video though.
4/28 2017
Kevin Mcguire's faces were/are also pure genius. 20/20 hindsight, Mike Zeck is inarguably my favourite traditional comic book illustrator working in the 80s.
4/27 2017
It's a fine line between homage/riffing/remixing, and STEALING - if you are unclear where you sit, you've probably crossed it.Also common recently for plagiarists to use Lichtenstein and/or Warhol as a defence. Well ---- ---, that ship sailed by '70.Seriously, what? - I'll answer that; without credit? Plagiarism, plain and simple. ‘Remix’ or plagiarism?
Retweeted by Liam NickersonSlack, Dropbox and Surface's action Slider being the most egregious use cases.Notifications (and their position, sliders etc) maybe the most irritating (albeit useful, occasionally) addition to modern OS's...
4/25 2017
Arrived today. Back to 1983.
4/24 2017
Be As Water My Friend
4/23 2017
@exitghost ...'they only do well enough ever to break your heart.'Awesome. brilliant workshop! Thank you @Draplin @FITC - we learned a lot. Great workflow improvements. 🙌
4/22 2017
.@LinkedIn Your mobile web experience is not terrible, it is broken. And no, I'd rather not use the app.
4/21 2017
#ITRG is seeking a front-end dev, design chops/Ruby an asset. Come work with us! Leaving Detroit RIGHT NOW for #FITCToronto! Big workshop tomorrow and then telling the story of the book Sunday morning! #fitc
Retweeted by Liam NickersonWho would have thought Faygo poisoning would have been my day's high point, instead of its lowest ebb.
Retweeted by Liam Nickerson @FITC Damn straight!
4/20 2017
"Kids of Dada" Prototypes to post some quick promos the team built last year, kudos Matt and Paul.
4/19 2017
"On the roads it was a white-line nightmare. Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive."
4/15 2017
@SurfaceSupport The Action Center sliding out while I'm drawing is killing me; any idea how to disable the slider?
4/14 2017
"Road to the Olympics Prototypes for CBC Sales" Osaka. I like to think he's working for some shadowy outfit..@TatsuTweets Wow. Importance of ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ Memes
Retweeted by Liam NickersonStoryboards... the 'book' you come across some weird material... I don't even remember this... @TatsuTweets @BenjaminRivers Indeed. No Voldemort, and a lot of privilege.