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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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@GidgetWA Fuck him.The owl the President was referring to.
Retweeted by L George @BNONews @mpoppel Space debris.The @NWSSaltLakeCity is saying it is a piece of "space junk." Still... wow.
Retweeted by L GeorgeWOW! Fireball seen tonight from Utah. Video credit: @mholt6 #Fireball #Space #UTwx
Retweeted by L George @jonhumbert Whoever this person is she is sadly cynical. Wide agreement among many many people that tonight's speeches were outstanding! @skrspooky We are never really ready to say goodbye. @skrspooky That's a shame. So sorry. @Oregonemom She spoke briefly yesterday, I think. @skrspooky You? @skrspooky I'm good. Enjoying summer here in the great PNW. @skrspooky Hey! 😀Delete your account. @skrspooky Hope he shut it! 😉Don't know why, but I just totally adore Kaine's wife. She looks like your best friend's Mom. #DemsInPhillyNo electo el Trumpo. Los egotisticalo billionairos should no esta be electedo.
Retweeted by L GeorgeI wish I understood why so many serious progs love Biden & Obama & hate Clinton.They're all mainstream Dems. Pretty much the same on policy.
Retweeted by L George @DanaHoule C-span is your friend.
Bwahaha. via @cmbsweden
Retweeted by L George @AdamWeinstein Absolutely not. It wouldn't be remotely appropriate to discuss on the night she's nominated by her party for President.First time we've ever had a major party nominee whose water ever broke
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis speech is a reminder that, before people called Hillary a centrist squish sellout, they called her a highly ideological left-winger.
Retweeted by L GeorgeDNC Fundraiser Idea: Bill Clinton and Joe Biden provide Police Academy commentary. You're welcome.
Retweeted by L GeorgeTrue: Sanders supporter "I cant vote for HRC because of TPP." Me: "What does TPP stand for?" Silence. "What is TPP?" Doesn't know.
Retweeted by L George @kenhrubin VERY cool pic. Was on BI several yrs ago, lucky enuf to watch lava pour into the sea-such an awesome site for this geologist.Said this yesterday, but very proud to be a member of a political party that included the words #BlackLivesMatter in the platform. #DNCinPHL
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis is a pretty profound moment. The "Mothers of the Movement" on stage at the DNC.
Retweeted by L GeorgeFFS you got fewer votes. Neither the Enterprise's warp core has melted nor have you been thrown in a Turkish prison.
Retweeted by L GeorgeOh nothing, just watching history being made. #WeMadeHistory #DemsInPhillyAZ's 102yo Hon Chair Jerry Emmett: "If HRC is elected, I'll die a happy woman, but I have my inaugural dress ready."
Retweeted by L George @CapehartJ @TPM L!O!L! @voxdotcom I very much remember this. Thought to myself, 'who IS this guy??'.The right to vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool or instrument in a democratic society. We must use it.
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This.... is everything.
Retweeted by L George @msbellows @MyFitnessPal A recipe for an educated mind! @InternetEh RW nuts are arguing that it isn't true. @JoanieGentian the words of Sarah Silverman, she's being ridiculous!Incredible speech by an incredible woman. Couldn't be more proud & our country has been blessed to have her as FLOTUS. I love you, Michelle.
Retweeted by L George @JoanieGentian Ridiculous. 10-11 pm is prime speaking slot.If you think you might stay home because you don't like Hillary's running mate, these people will be voting.
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis. @MSNBC
Retweeted by L GeorgeBernadette Gomez.... In the words of Sarah Silverman: "you're being ridiculous"
Retweeted by L George @MiltShook @maggiepriceless Milt-Sorry to hear that. @maggiepriceless @MiltShook This thread!!!!Michelle Obama: Today, I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. (1/2)
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis 51-yo is in tears watching @FLOTUS talk about her daughters playing with their dog in front of a house built by slaves. #DemsInPhillyMelania Trump didn't write this speech.
Retweeted by L GeorgeI'm proBernie but would vote Hillary as I am a one issue voter and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and ushering in the apocalypse
Retweeted by L George @EdgeofSports fine. But don't act like straight up booing is the same thing as "having a debate"
Retweeted by L George @msbellows Oh FFS...Fighting back and rebelling and burning things down feels rewarding and is easier than the hard and often thankless work of building things
Retweeted by L GeorgeHillary Clinton is more liberal now than Al Gore was in 2000. Kaine is far better than Lieberman. Trump is truly scarier than Bush ever was.
Retweeted by L George @chrislhayes What about this? 90% of Sanders supporters back HRC. American cyber security expert says Russia hacked DNC emails to help Trump win presidency because he’s seen as pro-Putin, less pro-NATO.
Retweeted by L GeorgeI can't believe people like this exist I can't believe people like this exist I can't believe people like this exist
Retweeted by L GeorgeMass shooting reported at Florida nightclub, potentially 17 people shot
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@soundslikepuget They're vile! I bought them by mistake, tasted one, then threw the box away! Gross!LOL
Retweeted by L George @LibertyBelleJ It's disgusting! Fuck them and their bigoted ignorant behavior."Wasn't claiming to be factual"... wasn't... claiming... to... be... FACTUAL...
Retweeted by L GeorgeKen Griffey Jr.'s suit game = 💯 (via therealkengriffeyjr/Instagram)
Retweeted by L George @Chernynkaya Reminds me of The Onion headline "Black man given Nation's worse job" in 2008 after Pres Obama elected.Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate, doesn't know who Harriet Tubman was.
Retweeted by L GeorgeJust now on @CNN: Source says DNC chair @DWStweets is expected to be out by the end of the day...
Retweeted by L GeorgeYou're right, the area represented by Canada's Green Party in parliament dumps sewage in the water 😂🇨🇦💩@Edward_YYJ
Retweeted by L GeorgeWhat a vile, vile person @AnnCoulter is. @LibertyBelleJ It's sadly time to mute or unfollow a few folks. I've avoided it, trying to listen to many POV, but it's gotten too crazy!TL; DR: Jill Stein is a fucking nut job. Also, climate change is real. And you can believe in that and vaccinations at the same time.
Retweeted by L George @LibertyBelleJ I'm shocked *shocked* to learn that the DNC resented an Indie who was waging war against them!
Jill Stein is an anti-vaxxer and Gary Johnson is just promoting the weed company he's CEO of. Enjoy your protest vote.
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe DNC let a non-Democrat run for president, then they mulled over ideas that would help the actual Democrat. Is that about it? #DNCLeak
Retweeted by L George @bendreyfuss Are you having a stroke? @TomLevenson Terrified.Your party already lost the Latino vote for the next 8 generations thanks to the orange toenail clipping you nominated last week @twright55
Retweeted by L George @TheBloggess Blue...😉There just isn't a way to support a 3rd party candidate without benefitting the candidate you hate the most. Not with the current system
Retweeted by L GeorgeYou're not a racist, yet you see a prevalence of violent crime in one racial group. "Ghettoside" is about that gap.
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At some point unicorn progs have got to stop with the emotional whining and grow some political sense. Kaine is a logical choice.
Retweeted by L GeorgeLOL!! “@MsEntropy: Trump's dedicated "Latino" supporters at the RNC. Lulz. you've repeatedly told us over and over that you are never voting for Hillary, then no one gives a flying fuck if you don't like Kaine.
Retweeted by L GeorgeSo right-wingers in my TL are calling Tim Kaine a 'Marxist-Progressive'. The next 3 months are going to suuuucckkk.Imagine having so much privilege that you can afford to base your vote for president on the excitement factor of the VP.
Retweeted by L GeorgeHispanic Outreach: @HillaryClinton has Spanish-speaking do-gooder who was a missionary in Honduras; Trump has Joe Arpaio...and a taco bowl.
Retweeted by L George @iboudreau Thanks for tweeting thatI to my TL. Haven't listened to it in AGES! Love this song and his others!BREAKING: Hillary Clinton says Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine will join her on Democratic ticket as candidate for vice president.
Retweeted by L George @NYFarmer Shit!Stealing speeches and Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt style
Retweeted by L GeorgeWorth recalling Obamacare only exists because Obama didn't do this to 60th vote Joe Lieberman
Retweeted by L GeorgeA vote for Stein = a vote for Trump. Can't argue it. Don't try. Build a party, then we'll talk.
Retweeted by L Georgein all fairness to the cop that shot #CharlesKinsey, the toy truck the autistic boy was holding DID have a broken taillight
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@liberalandold From your lips to God's ears.This from Andrew Sullivan captures Trump's prepared remarks quite well
Retweeted by L GeorgeHere's what you need to know about the supposed crime wave threatening our way of life. #RNCinCLE
Retweeted by L GeorgeJUST IN: 21st Century Fox announces that Roger Ailes has resigned from his role effective immediately.
Retweeted by L GeorgeNBA pulls 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, focuses on New Orleans via @YahooSports
Retweeted by L GeorgeA guy who was fired from our company hasn't worked in 8 months and had the balls to say this.
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I will hold Bernie supporters directly responsible if Trump wins. Stop being assholes and get behind Hillary.
Retweeted by L GeorgeCNN reports that a man in a donor suite had to be restrained from assaulting Ted Cruz after he entered it after his speech.
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