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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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@ScottSKOMO I love the warmth & sunshine! (But, shh, don't tell anybody, a cool rainy day every once in a while in the summer is delightful. @ScottSKOMO Why the focus on 'consecutive' days rather than an absolute number of days?War is awful. @allanbrauer I'm shocked *SHOCKED*...!Once again, GOP, you built this. A party of cruel, race-baiting, xenophobic conspiracy theorists. Cheers!
Retweeted by L GeorgeTrump courts African Americans @ rally, while Confederate flags r sold (pic @CandaceSmith_)
Retweeted by L GeorgeWhen justices die, what's planned & intended is the sitting president nominates a new one & Senate votes yes or no.
Retweeted by L GeorgeTrump just gave a speech accusing Black people of being criminals while trying to reach out to black people in a room full of white people
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when you're proud of your tweets
Retweeted by L George @msbellows @davewiner @AshleyRReports Who knew...?"What is your tax rate?" - actual question to Trump on ABC News "It's none of your business." - actual answer by Trump
Retweeted by L George @NYFarmer @KaseyIngramJD Not a kid for decades 😉 but that is a shelf cloud. Not my idea of fun boating weather for sure! @Slackermom66 They are the worst! My tween and his crew are thankfully somewhere else right now. 😉The existence of Twitter is forever validated by the following exchange.
Retweeted by L GeorgeSomething to give you a break from the madness in the world...
Retweeted by L GeorgeCaskets bubbled up from their graves and floating down the road, from the tragic flooding in Louisiana right now
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Killer also ran over Khalid's mother. This murder was clearly rooted in hate and Islamophobia. #Justice4Khalid
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis matters: Chief NC scientist resigns, accuses Gov. Pat McCroy of misleading public about water quality. #NCgov
Retweeted by L George @UnstableIsotope I agree. I hate panels b/c people talk over each other. Too much arguing. @GuardianUS @dave_schilling @vgr @pmarca Don't forget cage-free...
@TeresaKopec Jealous! Glad you enjoyed it! (Now I'm humming 'If I Had a Boat')Interviewed @SykesCharlie recently for story on conservative media I'm working on. Worth reading what he had to say
Retweeted by L George @TeresaKopec Love Lyle! @keethers It's a family favorite with my crew.Needless to say, this is worthy of national news coverage. I can’t even imagine. #LouisianaFlood
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It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...! I have fallen in the polls and i can't get up.
Retweeted by L GeorgeCan we keep the Olympics going every night until the election? We deserve this. Throw in a Skee-ball competition if we need more sports.
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@msbellows Pretty sure Trump quote is satire. @itsjamesherring @NewYorkerDonald Trump is telling his supporters that "cheating" is the only way he can lose Pennsylvania. The polls:
Retweeted by L George @soundslikepuget @AGOWA You should file a report with the FCC.
Fellow Progressives! Why vote for Hillary and get 90% of what you want when you can vote for Jill Stein and get 0%!
Retweeted by L George @andylassner @AP It's such a bummer!
President Bush served as witness at same-sex marriage ceremony. Meanwhile GOP platform is most anti-LGBT in history.
Retweeted by L GeorgeHey @seanhannity remember when you would tell me in the hall at ABC Radio you were amazed anybody believed you since it was just theater?
Retweeted by L GeorgeReichert is the guy as sheriff who got the Green River Killer to talk, and is a very very conservative dude.
Retweeted by L GeorgeRepublican congressman Reichert: I'm not going to endorse Trump
Retweeted by L GeorgeTrump Tower climber is now climbing on Michael Phelps back. 💀
Retweeted by L GeorgeI understand the NBC coverage interest in U.S. athletes, but if you barely show anybody else, there's no real context even for winning.
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Mission Accomplished GOP tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded.
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Please look at this video of an astronaut forgetting he isn't in space:
Retweeted by L George @InternetEh I throw out the peanut butter jar but feel guilty doing so. #PNWlifeLOL! Wut!? “@seattletimes: Some ‘co-hosts’ disavow Trump fundraiser in Seattle America @realDonaldTrump @RepRWilliams
Retweeted by L GeorgeOne of these policies is good for growth. They cost the same.
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Politics is reconciling competing interests between people within society. There is no undiscovered consensus, there's winners & compromises
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe reason for political strife isn't a lack of shared data for agreement, it's the presence of different and competing aims held by people.
Retweeted by L GeorgeCan we have a 15 minute "news" segment dedicated to the matching outfits of Trump & Pence? #HillaryCoverageIsCrap
Retweeted by L GeorgeNYT wrote a piece this weekend on Hillary's controversial political hand gesture. Ummm... #HillaryCoverageIsCrap
Retweeted by L George @rolandscahill Frankly, her support of Trump is more disqualifying IMHO. @rolandscahill I wouldn't. But I don't think a mom who does is automatically a bad parent.Women's vault 1956 vs 2012.
Retweeted by L George @rolandscahill You really don't want to go after moms, do you?History made at Coors Field. #Ichiro3000 @Rockies @Mariners
Retweeted by L GeorgeBy ‘packaging’ the Olympics, NBC insults viewers, and the athletes themselves #Olympics #Rio2016
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe quote shared on @RealJamesWoods Twitter is a complete fabrication. Pants on Fire!
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Baggage this large usually has to be checked.
Retweeted by L GeorgeI'd always wondered about "The white man in that photo," from @theGrio.
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This Video of Hillary Clinton Answering 40 Years of Sexist Questions Is Infuriating via motherjones
Retweeted by L George @sarahkendzior My dad's family is descended from Ukrainian immigrants. All are hard-core GOP except for my dad who was a union welder.This caterpillar has penguins on it
Retweeted by L GeorgeI so love this picture of Neil Armstrong! Today is his birthday-he would've been 86. would have been 86 years old today. He was best of the best and is sorely missed. #Apollo11
Retweeted by L George @scopedbylarry Only thing important is that there be half-way decent coffee in the morning...☕️☕️☕️ @scopedbylarry Folded paper towel is my best suggestion. @InternetEh @nbc Do you have access to the CBC? We watched the Opening Ceremony live on CBC. Much better!crying.
Retweeted by L George @TwitWittyVal It's just one of many instances where I misheard lyrics. Oh well. @TwitWittyVal Are you SURE?!?! **mind blown** @NerdyWonka One advantage of living close to Canada is getting to watch the Olympics on CBC instead of NBC!Watching Olympics live on @CBC! Ha! Take that @NBCOlympics !! cc: @roncjuddI continue to be unimpressed with all iterations of this garbage. Both Alts want to watch the world burn and feel smug about it.
Retweeted by L GeorgeReady for some more pics? Here's Alaska's Prince William Sound with highest US peak Mt.Denali (R) & Mt.Foraker (L)
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@SciBasedNutr You're welcome! Are you a Seattleite? @SciBasedNutr It's called Bybee-Nims. @SciBasedNutr North Bend WA. Foothills of the Cascade Mtns.My haul! Just a little bit more than I ate while picking. view while picking blueberries! @skrspooky I may be wrong but Roof always appeared mentally ill to me. It's not civilized for anybody to be at the mercy of other inmates.I applaud the hero who punched the thug George Zimmerman today. I am less comfortable w/ Dylan Roof being assaulted in jail. @GoldyHA @Nate_Cohn He's coming for the cash. Unfortunately there's a contingent of tech bros for Trump.
RIP Irony
Retweeted by L George @BNYMellonWealth Fix your bad grammar.These bears at Lake Tahoe
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.@realDonaldTrump Eating Colonel Sanders is the closest you've come to supporting the troops
Retweeted by L GeorgeLive shot of reporters trying to cover the past 36 hours of Trump stories
Retweeted by L GeorgeI came across the best GIF ever, and while it'd be great to save it for an applicable tweet, I just want to share it
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis photo of Donald Trump's mum looks like a character in a film about Trump's life where Trump plays all the roles
Retweeted by L GeorgeBREAKING: Freedom Caucus GOP Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R) unseated in #KS01 primary by ag group-backed physician Roger Marshall.
Retweeted by L GeorgeIt couldn't happen to a nicer party.
Dammit, y'all, it's a dog whistle. Saw these buttons all over Cleveland.
Retweeted by L George @secretcabdriver Only somebody who will need to buy more in a couple weeks cause they ate it all...Unlike #Trump and Pence who thought Iraq War was a good idea, Hillary had expectations of the Bush admin. #BushLied
Retweeted by L GeorgeMelania’s nude photos don't disqualify her from being FLOTUS. Being married to Donald Trump disqualifies her from being FLOTUS.
Retweeted by L GeorgeKHAN!!
Retweeted by L GeorgeThat last Tweet. The Houston Chronicle is a VERY conservative newspaper. They just endorsed Hillary because Trump is a fucking menace
Retweeted by L GeorgeHouston Chronicle endorsed Hillary: These are unsettling times that require a steady hand: That's not Donald Trump.
Retweeted by L GeorgeRemember when people wore purple heart band-aids to the 2004 RNC in order to mock John Kerry? It's tribe above all else, always.
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