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Graphic novel artist and author of RELISH, French Milk, Displacement and An Age of License. My new book, SOMETHING NEW is out now:

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I'm a mother bear, so I can rip the bathroom door off it's hinges for you and then politely put it back in place so… @dcorsetto barf @Anthrobeader thank you! I'm so glad you're digging my work.
Yesterday the hubris demon overheard me bragging about how I haven't had a sick mom/sick baby misadventure yet. Curse my folly. ☠️ @FireMaddie so good
@ErikasPrivates I am so excited to read it! Xoxo
Artists: still 13 activist portraits left to claim for the collaborative print project I’m organizing for PP!
@amandachu rsvping should take you to the list-- can you see it? Seems to be working on my end! @duckylove83 Hey thank you! @happystash YESSS! Can’t wait to see your portrait!I re-opened a number of portraits for the print collab I’m organizing for PP. Join in and draw an activist!
@TheBlackNerd ughI made a print of my “She Persisted” drawing. All profit from sales donated to the ACLU.
Fanart. being severely disabled by West Nile Virus, Uptown’s Emil Ferris battles back to draw a new graphic novel…
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Here's a nice interview with me blabbing and blooping! @dcorsetto @LuBellWoo ooooh I forget what's on that and can't listen to my own voice so I will never know but I hope it helps!! @dcorsetto thank you, me!! I AM SO EXCITED @dcorsetto I AM LITERALLY SALIVATING ABOUT THIS DROOL IS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH @emma_burgin UUUUUGH infinity @thejba all dinos are peaceful with J at the helm. @rstevens Let’s hope his generation will rise above their education to be clever enough to combat all those clever girls.I was really hoping my son would be a part of a generation that didn’t learn about Jesus riding dinosaurs in school. 😡
Here are my 2017 Hourly Comic Day comics all scanned together:
We are all pizza roll wife. But especially me. @melbournewander thank you! So glad you dug it!Meanwhile, in New York City.
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyA really good one from @llaurappark !
Things That Are Not Elitist: Liking art. Reading books. Knowing history. Being aware of other cultures. Feeling compassion for others.
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley @boumerie yessssss best poutine yessss
@swinsea *brave @swinsea it's really lovely work, and brace and kind. Thank you for making it!This is a lovely story about sexual health and the importance of @PPact !
Not technically at 10, because I wanna turn my phone off and read my book so I drew this last… righted. #HourlyComicDay2017 whispers. #HourlyComicDay2017's evening ablutions. #HourlyComicDay2017 pictured: showtunes playing, buttery noodles all over the floor, and the fact that the La… she follows me on here haaa thank you! ❤❤❤ #HourlyComicDay2017 devoted fan base. #HourlyComicDay2017 pen, noodle arms, ringer tee, anxiety: the general themes of my Hourly Comic from 2007.… is slow going today. #HourlyComicDay2017 fan. #HourlyComicDay2017 "ultimate source of comfort & serenity" thing goes both ways. #HourlyComicDay2017 learn to set aside time to fret. #HourlyComicDay2017 to Sandra Boynton recitals. #HourlyComicDay2017 exciting! screaming. #HourlyComicDay2017 @SarahBecan good. She deserves a kitty sanctuary from dickhole kitties and dickhole kitties deserve a sanctuary in which to be dickheads. @SarahBecan no whaaaaaat oh 😿well at least he can't bite me anymore. @SarahBecan please kiss ms Cheng on her missing eye and give dr Wiley the finger for me. @SarahBecan I'm sad because I love your comics but I'm happy because you are taking care of yourself and I love you more.I wasn't even awake at this point in hourly comics from other years. #HourlyComicDay2017 the cat's shedding and my own, it's a constant battle. #HourlyComicDay2017 agonies. #HourlyComicDay2017 hero. #HourlyComicDay2017 and early. #HourlyComicDay2017 we go! #HourlyComicDay2017
@uniformgrey me too! So crazy. Its a really great way to look back on who I was and how I processed my experiences into comics. @kristenradtke @nathandunbar @wcfbook I am so looking forward to it! @dcorsetto @ErikaMoen you're welcome, Calvin.This photo gave me big watery eyes.
In honor of HCD this Wednesday, here are all the Hourly Comics I’ve done for #HourlyComicDay over the past 10 years.“Hey Google, play some cheerful bluegrass to take my mind off of the doom of current events.” NO. BAD GOOGLE. @boumerie in agony in the middle of the night, I think of everyone without kids who told me "breastfeeding is so great, and it's FREE!"this.
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley @boumerie ugh ditto.
@dcorsetto how do you like it?? Neglected to mention I usually also print it out with the inksaver setting on, which makes for lighter ✏️ .
@vilepanda I'm so glad I can spread the joy of his small fat feet to you and yours!Next Wednesday is Hourly Comic Day. This year will make it a decade of me doing these! #HourlyComicDay
@giualonso I don't know how everyone is getting by without him. @marionolea ❤ thank you! I'm @Emilferrisdraws they are so small and squishy. @StuJ1s ❤ thank you @bnprime he is already practicing kicking every day and he is getting so good. @FireMaddie ugh. @theSHQ yesssss! This must be done in a diaper only, I assume. @bnprime yes. They are fat and perfect, even though socks do not remain on them. @T2Va this is something science cannot conquer. Like the wind, baby socks must be free.