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this is not the time to skimp on showers, you monsters!!!!! @mollyrubenlong @ohJuliatweets molly, please. this is bordering on predatory pressure rnimo it's almost never about the sanctity of "jokes" or "comedians standing by comedians" which are concepts used to…
Retweeted by luisa díez @robertistheMan i'll dm u a tweet @robertistheMan it’s still online @jaxdellosso i agree (but/and also even when referring to other outraged crowds, or in other contexts, people who use the term sound dumb)people (inside and outside of comedy) are allowed to criticize jokes/comics/industry threats and insults are not criticism.Was just told it wasn't @ComedyCentral that took the joke down, it was Dina's management because she was getting de…
Retweeted by luisa díezI don’t know much about the people at Comedy Central except that every single executive who works there has asked m…
Retweeted by luisa díezI stand by jokes every time. If I hear a joke that I don't like I say "that's not for me" and move on.
Retweeted by luisa díezi'm gonna pin this one just in case he sees my page @jimtews i don't know their actual motivations but it reads as covering their own asses from backlash and i could o… mean look they should definitely cancel Comedy Central but that’s got nothing to do with Dina Hashems perfect joke.
Retweeted by luisa díezi already said comedy central is lame af but it bears repeating oftenGlad to see @ComedyCentral standing up tor the twitter mob and against @dinahashem_ you are brave and you really…
Retweeted by luisa díez @jimtews that would be truly perfect!Dina Hashem, the latest comic to be twitter mobbed, is an extremely funny young standup. I hope Comedy Central’s sh…
Retweeted by luisa díezRappers rap about killing people, and comedians joke about rappers being killed. It’s called the Circle of Life and it moves us all.
Retweeted by luisa díezit’s so hot i had to put my tide pods in the fridge :(It’s disrespectful to joke about murder. Also we’re going to kill you.
Retweeted by luisa díezusing the term "PC culture" makes you sound like an alarmist and a bit stupid, tbhattacking a person's safety (or their family's) over a joke you didn't like is incredibly ridiculous and a sad and… who attack comics they hate for a bad joke are not that different from mobs who defend comics they love for a… nuanced opinions here on twitter dot com, where they definitely do not belong: comedians can joke about anythi… is now openly conflating patriotism with racism
Retweeted by luisa díezA comedian is getting serious death threats for a joke and it’s not okay. She is a brilliant, hysterical, hard-work…
Retweeted by luisa díezPeak liberalism is taking the left’s idea from 2008 for $15/hr when minimum wage was $7.25, chewing on it for a dec…
Retweeted by luisa díezQuick, guess which famous person is randomly in the front row at this show. Wrong
Retweeted by luisa díezNyc is like 100 degrees right now and the mta is garbage but it still beats being part of “$600 mortgage for 5 bedr…
Retweeted by luisa díez140 comics, each doing an hour of material they’ve honed for a decade, for the life-altering sum of $500k, would cost $70m.
Retweeted by luisa díez @KeithMalley i cant discuss it publicly keith“Wow y’all want train service 24/7 that’s wild wild” - @MTA
Retweeted by luisa díezeddie murphy go on too many cooksAny other comics excited to see Eddie Murphy bomb around town
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@thisdiegolopez u look very colombian in this pic tbhI’m going to fuck every last one of those cats
Retweeted by luisa díezWhenever I leave the US there's a paranoid voice in my head telling me I won't be let back in bc I criticize the cu…
Retweeted by luisa díezI don't know who made this but I dig it.
Retweeted by luisa díez*whisper* the 12th annual schtick or treat is gonna be on 10/28 at knitting factory :) @IamMikeCannon @TommyMcNam how enthusiastic are u about irish stuff(?) tommy?!?! @lisa_curry @anylaurie16 she already rejected me!!! :( "busy" or something! @TommyMcNam @IamMikeCannon he was literally FIRST on my list when i got this assignment :)my take: the cats trailer is how musicals look to non-theater people all the time and this is all the theater peopl…
Retweeted by luisa díez"If nothing matters then why do you worry so much?" Because I am this dumbshit universe's cruel joke! Is that ok with you
Retweeted by luisa díezwhen we’re wet*new york city looks beautiful when she’s wetIdris Elba shitting in a litter box Ian McKellen getting really pissed off at a laser pointer Taylor Swift throwing up and then eating it
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I put the song from Us onto the Cats trailer and I think it fits better.
Retweeted by luisa díezthanks 4 all the love on this video I am passionate about humiliating ICE. laughing @ people who put children in ca…
Retweeted by luisa díez"pretty ridiculous how there are 23 Democrats competing for one nomination spot," I thought, as I pursued my career in comedy
Retweeted by luisa díezToo Many Cooks stand up comedy show every Thursday at Lucky Jack's. Tonight hosted by @LukeTouma with…
Retweeted by luisa díezThis is Klan rhetoric.
Retweeted by luisa díezI suppose these people underestimate the mettle of a person that’s survived a civil war, been a refugee, mastered e…
Retweeted by luisa díezThe contractor that oversees ICE detention centers is JA!?! “Nakamoto is a private firm...Its Japanese-American own…
Retweeted by luisa díezbilly wayne is gonna do two totally different sets i guess okwe've got cold AC, icy beer, and hot jokes for you tonight @TooManyCooksNYC 🌬️🔥🍻 @LukeTouma hosts a stack of #favs @RealJonLaster don't worry i am just gonna get a 5th job!!! ❤️❤️❤️😫Now that Louis CK is done it's actually ok to steal his jokes. anyway my daughter fuckin sucks
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So women have been DMing me the most beautiful advice. I’m cry?????
Retweeted by luisa díezIt’s worth noting that, although he’s more racist/misogynistic, Trump isn’t the only politician who views @AOC as a…
Retweeted by luisa díez @JuliaLouisOlson 😭😭😭 same!!!sometimes i get down on myself and i gotta go to union pool to remember that every awful man in the world still wan…
Retweeted by luisa díezFaceApp but for what I’d look like if I didn’t make every wrong choice in life
Retweeted by luisa díezLess than 5% of the artists in the Modern Art Sections of NYC's Metropolitan Museum are women, but 85% of the nudes are female.
Retweeted by luisa díezAcademics - an opportunity, weigh in on how Twitter gates research...
Retweeted by luisa díez @AdamQuesnell i could work in a small museum in the midwest for sure! my real problem is that i only want to live i… @GavinMatts hahaha rude but fairmy mom sent me a link to apply for the UN's young professionals program bc she still thinks i'm young AND capable o… just told me ICE is out in Bushwick at Central and Starr. Not sure what the protocol for alerting this sor…
Retweeted by luisa díezLove this for the party obsessed with performative reverence for 9/11
Retweeted by luisa díez @jaxdellosso it's almost like most people running comedy rooms don't know how to run comedy rooms :( @jaxdellosso 😭😭😭 @jaxdellosso lol been there :(I always run my comedy business ideas by @luisadieznuts and she's extremely knowledgeable & helpful.! You can do th…
Retweeted by luisa díez @OlutosinFashusi thank you!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 🤗 @NatTowsen no what's that @danmonaghan haha what (i read this in an Ali G voice)yesterday i answered someone's question about how to help build a comedy scene in a smaller town and it seems so fu… of us are 1 healthcare crisis away from GoFund me.
Retweeted by luisa díez @SelenaCoppock @anitajewtina even if u didn’t participate your entire instagram timeline just fast forwarded 50 yea… wild there were just no standards for food and then upton sinclair wrote that nasty ass book n things changed around quick fast
Retweeted by luisa díez @patrickcotnoir 😭💀😫👍🏼 @RadioFreeBronx oh my gosh i love/hate it!!!!every woman has an innate maternal instinct
Retweeted by luisa díezuh i already have a fun diversion that makes me look old it's called alcohol
Retweeted by luisa díezwhy isn’t anyone using that faceapp on little kids? i wanna see some wrinkly ass kids thinking about their mortality
House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks
Retweeted by luisa díezLooking for some part-time work doing social media for a brand or person or Instagram dog. If you need somebody, sh…
Retweeted by luisa díezLaaaadies If you’re playing a competitive video game with a man... even if you’re losing... ima need you to keep…
Retweeted by luisa díez @JerBearPinsly hahaha i was doing FINE ;)still tragically attracted to gen-xers :( @alex3nglish you see right through me and my subtweets like no other @JonoZalay 😫😫😫😫 jono can u pay my rent plz (in nyc) @marcellacomedy 💀😔💔 so fuckin rude @marcellacomedy why don’t you believe in my ny dream 😫😫😫😫Hanging ⁦@TheStandNYC⁩ with ⁦@TreyGalyon⁩ ⁦@luisadieznuts⁩ ⁦@ImPockets⁩ and ⁦@ninadaniels⁩. ❤️
Retweeted by luisa díezat an exclusive comedy event discovering i wasn’t invited to chappelle’s party last night :(
too many people out here fakin it and not enough people makin it :(Nothing beautiful in life is perfect, except for the movie Terminator 2.
Retweeted by luisa díezDeath of African American history museum founder Sadie Roberts-Joseph is ruled a homicide
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