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@magicmikecastle Not gonna lie. It was a huge mistake on your part. (again just keepin it real) @magicmikecastle oh and the atmosphere @ wahlburgers was solid .. I actually took it to go if I'm being 100% @magicmikecastle Thompson Hotel diner! except it's not all night anymore 😞 #TheSixdined @ Wahlburgers Toronto 2nite of Birthdays to our darling, beloved @mholland85!
Retweeted by Luka JonesDon't shame ppl for losing their minds. @michaelaWat BIG CONGRATS @kumailn So fun!This is everything; all the feels; THIS; I can't; DEAD;
Retweeted by Luka JonesHelp make it happen for @LyricHyperion ! #indiegogoThe Lyric Hyperion Theater & Cafe needs your help
Retweeted by Luka JonesPlease vote for the thing that we made! We like making things and want to make more of them!
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We have a practically irresistible urge to translate our deep preferences into objective norms. @ksnedegar Finally!Jammers, it's time! Don't miss the highly anticipated Season 3 Premiere of #PlayingHouseUSA tonight at 11/10c, only on @USA_Network.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @seanoconnz @nickthune GO BLUE'The Big Sick' Is A Tonic For What Ails You
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@JoeMande ROCK CHALK WIGGINSCome to Beacon. July 24th.
Retweeted by Luka Jonesthe news sucks
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A weekend getaway, a work crush, & a struggle w/sobriety on @TappedPodcast, w/@BirdySoderdy @CisFenwick @timmsharp
Retweeted by Luka Jones @DanielleSATM tied with SF for 3rd behind NYC
LA is the greatest American city#TheBigSick is the frankest and funniest date movie around. Read Peter Travers' review
Retweeted by Luka Jones @imrosemciver @jenmorrisonlive Go JMo 👍
@brianglenney I don't understand this question in this context !! @benner PPL R INSANE BROWe are beautiful animated sacks of meat that imbue the world with meaning. @FernieCommaAlex @minhdzuy I am. I'll do it.wait for it
Retweeted by Luka Jonesthx for all of the hot dad pics to jerk off to !!! 😜happy father's day
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"I could build me a castle of memories Just to have somewhere to go" ARENT REAL
Retweeted by Luka Jones @magicmikecastle possible but unlikely.@realDonaldTrump has become the butt of jokes in capitals across the globe.
Retweeted by Luka JonesFrank Drebin's take on the Julius Caesar controversy. Naked Gun - That's My Policy
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NUMB3RS ARENT REALToronto’s Trump Hotel is reportedly nearing a deal to be rebranded as Marriott’s St. Regis
Retweeted by Luka Jones @brendonwalsh THATS THE 'TUDE !!! @rubeng11083 @TrumpDportForce @bobberson2142 @realDonaldTrump Oh wow the bots are nervous @TrumpDportForce @bobberson2142 @realDonaldTrump HahahaThis week in podcasts: @ChrisGethard @WeStillLikeYou @CashLevy @nottjmiller @pchh @blackmenpodcast @TappedPodcast
Retweeted by Luka JonesTAPPED is currently soaring on the iTunes charts because it's one of the best @FeralAudio podcasts yet. get into it.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @bobberson2142 @realDonaldTrump Ha nah dude's gettin impeached
@benner SVU IS THE BEST I'VE WATCHED SO MANY EPS BENSON 4EVAThank you @LAWeekly for writing up A VOID! Three shows this weekend, get your tickets here:
Retweeted by Luka JonesPopulists are reacting to a sense of lost sovereignty we never really had. "The Sovereign Myth"
Retweeted by Luka Jones @magicmikecastle tasty boy
@benmiller @realDonaldTrump Yes he should have. I agree with that. A career businessman that was a good president w… @benmiller @realDonaldTrump The relevant norm is being broken here. No POTUS should get even this close to looking… @benmiller @realDonaldTrump Conflict of interest is more apparent while in office. I don't care as much about former presidents.TWO SAD LOSERS is about two sad losers starring @joshfadem & myself & Scott Eastwood.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @joshfadem @brideylee Super cute. Gorgeous face and bod. Sexy hunk. @brideylee @joshfadem 👍 SE is a professional skydiverEXCLUSIVE: It's a girl for @BrigaHeelan and @renegube - daughter Bennet Alejandra arrived in March…
Retweeted by Luka Jones.@realDonaldTrump Get the birthday balloons off your Twitter page. You're the President.
Retweeted by Luka Jonestrump is a REAL CARD
@mholland85 @DustinMartian @FeralAudio *heart emojis* @onlxn GOTHIM @villepique Such an intense spot to be in.I'd feel so nervous and twitchy if I were one of the ppl typing in frame behind Sessions."but grandmother, what big record of racism and homophobia you have."
Retweeted by Luka JonesAll new episode of @TappedPodcast out today! Featuring @HayleyHuntley @DammitCARL @villepique and @eggy_boom!
Retweeted by Luka JonesThanks to @AlmondMilkHotel at @TheAVClub for the writeup on @TappedPodcast!
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Retweeted by Luka Jones @jenifferk Congrats 👍I'm remembering Durant as a Longhorn taking it to Kansas in college rn .. what a frickin player dudeTAPPED is 5 on the iTunes Comedy charts! Congrats to @TappedPodcast! Don't forget to listen in! Subscribe! Rate & R…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @kateberlant psychologically I cannotHilarious old joke about Newfoundland never winning Tony for Best Director suddenly obsolete |
Retweeted by Luka Jones @HazMat68W @FeralAudio @TappedPodcast @mholland85 @caseyfeigh Ha no worries. Yeah more like an improvised radio performance. @literallyafool I was young but I don't think I bought it. I do think it was after my dad died so it prob disturbed me a little extra @HazMat68W @FeralAudio @TappedPodcast @mholland85 @caseyfeigh no it's all improviseddeep tweet
@missalisonquinn @Mariska That would have been awesome xMy mom told me as a boy that another soul would take over her body to raise me and she'd go live in another dimension and no longer be sick.Liv Benson played by @Mariska on SVU is the most heroic character on tv