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A cartoon by Emily Flake:
Retweeted by Luka Jones @HJBenjamin That's a steal! @BrianStack153 'hate ape' is a great term
Retweeted by Luka Jonestotally fan-girl'd and took a covert vid of my favorite celeb out at this bar
Retweeted by Luka Jones Show is Not Funny is back Sat 8/19 9pm @ucbtla featuring @Tambone @rikilindhome & @NelsonFranklin! Tix here:
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Thanks @TBSNetwork! 👽 @ComedyArtwork Thanks! And thanks for watching!
Trump must be isolated. Resistance every day. The end is near but must keep pressure high.
Retweeted by Luka JonesTrump's presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives till end of the year. More likely resigns by fall, if not sooner.
Retweeted by Luka JonesTrump defector Julius Krein isn't being welcomed by everyone with open arms. Worth reading.
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Retweeted by Luka JonesI would urge anyone who once supported Trump as I did to stop defending the 45th president, says @JuliusKrein
Retweeted by Luka JonesSoft white supremacy is more deadly, exponentially, than Nazis with tiki torches, writes @CharlesMBlow
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@RoxanneJ10 @PoE_TBS @ConanOBrien Glad you enjoy it. Thx for watching!If you missed Gerry learning what a date looks like, stream #PeopleofEarth NOW on or the TB…
Retweeted by Luka Jonesmourning a living person can be so complex"My Buddy": Patti Smith remembers Sam Shepard.
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@elijah_Cosmos @PoE_TBS Thank you!Aliens need to work on their listening skills. An all-new @PoE_TBS is on TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30c!
Retweeted by Luka JonesGerry & Yvonne are so touched that you're gonna watch tonight's new ep of @PoE_TBS at 10:30/9:30c 👽, brutal graphic from Fox News
Retweeted by Luka JonesNew People of Earth tonight! Ozzie's search for 'The Truth' is heating. The eff. Up. @PoE_TBS @imcharlaface
Retweeted by Luka JonesNominees!!! Tonight! Put on your finest evening wear (or don't) and come laugh!
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east Hollywood is perfectly seedy
#IngridGoesWest is really great
@shannonwoodward He is so chaoticBreak the mold
Retweeted by Luka Jones @charliebrand there are so many of those I don't knowmoral facts are necessarily reason-giving @OsephTheGreat @cryst0la @TappedPodcast @caseyfeigh @mholland85 @A___L___i @timmsharp @MattNewell @FeralAudio It's… @FernieCommaAlex @InstantDeborah Holy shit, my friend! That isn't your wife's name! #WHOOPSAssisted Loving is up @deadpilotspod CAST IS HILARIOUS!!! @TiffanyHaddish @iam_POOCHHALL @sarahchalke @lukajones
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Please stop 45. Please stop him. Please help humanity and be responsible and take away his underserved and abused power. Please.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @FernieCommaAlex @Tambone I've never seen the entire film! Gonna wanna be thereDUMBEST TIME TO BE ALIVE
Retweeted by Luka JonesThis is true love, ladies and gentlemen. #GerryxYvonne #PeopleofEarth
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A couple runs over a cat on their way to Valentine’s dinner. College dudes hang out at a sports bar. More on Tapped…
Retweeted by Luka JonesIt seems almost irresponsible of men in the dating world to bring up Shemp because they know the carnal effect it will always have on women.
Retweeted by Luka Joneshey bros! Can't get laid? chicks love when you bring up Shemp from the three stooges, give it a try!
Retweeted by Luka JonesCan't seem to get your relationship to the next level? Maybe it's time you mention your affinity for Shemp, then watch Cupid's stars align.
Retweeted by Luka JonesHey lonely guys! Wanna lure the lovely ladies? Casually mention your enthusiasm for Shemp and watch the ladies line up.
Retweeted by Luka JonesDating tips: Fellas, probably the best way to get a women interested in you is to bring up Shemp.
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People Of Earth asks: Are you experienced?
Retweeted by Luka Jones @clmazin Yeah he was a tough player. I personally can't imagine myself not crying if hit by MLB pitch.Give Gerry what he wants. Watch #PeopleofEarth TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30c.
Retweeted by Luka JonesBig fan of Don Baylor...I was so excited when Denver got an MLB team. That 1st home game at old Mile High Stadium w… things are best said in person. #PeopleofEarth returns TOMORROW at 10:30/9:30c.
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trump is even unfit to be an ex-president @benmiller @USC_Athletics I'll check them out. Here's hoping renovation goes well. @benmiller (even though LA Coliseum is still my fave football venue) @benmiller I took you as implying "all" ... but on to next topic - I didn't but that's good to hear! looking fwd to…
non-harmful sexual deviance is super groovy @amonshiz @kumailn I don't think that would've helped. I wanted him to stay at Kansas but he did the right thing fo… @GuyHenry_7 @kumailn Bias is a good call. Would've been great. @ABMoose_ @kumailn @JoelEmbiid Nah I trust his process. Love him. Pulling for him. He didn't belong in that list. H… @Baldheadjames @kumailn Bo Jackson is a good callMONDAY on @TBSNetwork: Gerry. Tells. All. Make sure you’re there for it at 10:30/9:30c. #PeopleofEarth
Retweeted by Luka Jones @kumailn Greg Oden. Bc he could've been one of the greats. (Same w Joel Embiid, but he still has a chance.) doesn't work for me when Australians say 'LEGEND'
@benmiller @FitzBeatSr Steve Atwater and Gary FencikI am officially against the Charles Oakley MSG ban. Also the NY Knicks are the saddest organization in American sports.
@vegascable thanks, yeah it was called White Mile @missalisonquinn that was perfect ❤️ @AlexBorstein ❤️ @melanielynskey Thanks, Mel. Love 2 you ❤️"3 area execs die on rafting trip" .. Chicago Tribune story about a rafting accident that took my dad and four othe…
@clmazin oh yeah I assume there is a ton of garbage academic writingCongrats to the magnificent @villepique !!! @clmazin Zizek is ridiculous. But analytic philosophers are often quite clear and their claims tend to be meaningful. @SLAMonline @KELLYOUBREJR @adidasHoops Rock Chalk @charliebrand @realDonaldTrump spitting image of Donnie 👍 @BrianStack153 I also dig Belushi's voice in the Blues Brothers' version of "Guilty" (not better than Newman just g… @BrianStack153 Randy the great man confronts his roommate about Twiggles & More. New Tapped w/ @villepique @bonesadrian @eggy_boom now available…
Retweeted by Luka JonesChicago actress Mariann Mayberry is dead at 52 AD Anna D. Shapiro "Mariann was our girl. We are devastated."
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