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actor/comedian - philosophy phd - instagram lukayovetich #RCJH #FightOn - Gerry on PEOPLE OF EARTH (@PoE_TBS)

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@DailyCaller Why would we believe what he says about this? His integrity? Dude has done drugs almost certainly.So weird to think about how much less horrible things would be if Mitt Romney were about to become POTUS instead of The Abomination.
@bballbreakdown I definitely plan to! @Jamesdhillman @AdamSchefter Wade knows his stuff @GottliebShow this is true - NFL didn't want them here it seems - kinda liking that LA is a unique market w 3 teams (1 that'll be in Vegas) @GottliebShow I'm bummed I didn't take opportunity to go to a Chino Hills game while he was there @AdamSchefter love this hire #GoRams"Just use normal words!" -me to myself and the articulate author of an essay I'm reading and then realizing I'm part of the problem @LizHabib @Chargers I dig it #GoBolts @BrianStack153 @TheSecondCity went to Paradigm Lost in '97 and it inspired me to pursue performing/comedy - one of my favorite experiencesScott Adsit as a gargoyle child terrorizing Tina Fey, Jenna Jolovitz and Kevin Dorff at @TheSecondCity in Chicago i…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @FG_Nadav i cannot believe that he has lived in accordance w that position - happy to believe your 2nd claimSome folks think Trump is "blackmail proof" because we already know so much, but he clearly thinks there's some damning secret in his taxes.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @kumailn and all of the others too IMHO @BrianStack153 @steveagee @jackiekashian @mariathayer @RonFunches nutso amount of comedic talent represented in this photoI love that LA is gonna have 2 NFL teams. Been waiting decades for this. #GoRams #GoChargers #GoLosAngeles @RamsNFL love this hire - Go RamsChargers to Relocate to Los Angeles News Release:
Retweeted by Luka Jones @merosskimball @CurbedLA love these @InsideUSC ppl will probably go - smart move to go to smaller temp venueAs part of their relocation to Los Angeles, the Chargers have a two-season agreement to play at the StubHub Center.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @FredNBCLA they should not rebrand imoThe timing of this promotion though
Retweeted by Luka JonesThere are no links to the docs published by BuzzFeed anywhere in CNN's story. @KellyannePolls claims are false.
Retweeted by Luka JonesStatement from CNN:
Retweeted by Luka Jones @magicmikecastle @FernieCommaAlex no you are not @realDonaldTrump FINALLY 1 GUD QUESTION FROM U DON @jeremybelanger older when he took office I mean - but that was an irrelevant point on my part @jeremybelanger nah donny is way older and prob never stopped @johnsonbecky true it would be a bold claim to make. but if i were given the right odds i'd place a betgotta be true that trumpy has done more coke than all US presidents combined right? @lukajones this was for all my Jayhawks out there love you all & cant wait until we are all in Allen Fieldhouse 2gether just rockin & rollin @michaelaWat tT thrives off creating confusion it seems @chelseaperetti I VOTED YESRT if you "care at all" about Donald's taxes.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @StephAllynne @20thCentWomen super duper agree #gobills
Good game - Danny Manning vs Roy Williams #RCJHHad a great @bloggingheads chat w @willwilkinson about Trumpism, its root causes, and what to do about it.
Retweeted by Luka JonesIn a heated interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway responds to Russia reports.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @benmiller I get those. Kids especially attach to teams for all sorts of reasons. @benmiller I was in Chicago and then Denver as a kid, was a Bears fan and then a Broncos fan. @benmiller I'm familiar w BS but will have to look up ewing theory @benmiller I hear you. But also Rams prob wouldn't have gotten past 49ers in '88 even with ED @benmiller I wasn't in LA yet so I wasn't focused on that. ED is difficult I'm sure, but the owner should have paid him whatever he wanted.1960 Los Angeles #Chargers of the AFL @benmiller I think he knew the deal. And he got tons of cash on his way out. I like JF, but you can't alienate Dickerson like that. #FightOn @ryguyperez been meaning to watch that @benmiller I see. I don't stop supporting my home team(s) even if I disagree w moves. But I don't know that I think he got mistreated @benmiller but I will continue to support the Rams for sure @benmiller might be partially determined by how much easier it'll be to get good tix for Chargers bc I'd just prob go to more of their games @benmiller Good question. I support all LA teams some (even if I support Clips over Lakers / Dodgers over Angels / Kings over Ducks, etc).Bring the @chargers back to LA ⚡️ #AFL1960
Retweeted by Luka JonesMUST WATCH: Fox News' Shep Smith stands up for Jim @Acosta, CNN, and the free press.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @gingerthejester totally! language matters @gingerthejester crystal (clear) shower in that caseTrump has criticized: Republicans, Democrats, the Pope, US elections, CIA, FBI, NATO, Meryl Streep. Trump hasn't criticized: Vladimir Putin.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @leodee1 @_ThEntertainer @THESagerbomb yes in some possible world they do - just not this one #RCJH @THESagerbomb @lisasager yes Rams now that they're back here in LA. I agree you didn't have much of a choice. Kauffman & Arrowhead are great @THESagerbomb not my team but since dad grew up there it's an easy call for me @_ThEntertainer @THESagerbomb nutty take dude. Also my Kansas Jayhawks are best college bball team in the universe! @THESagerbomb Go KCIf Trump gets dementia, how will we know?
Retweeted by Luka Jones @TomReitmann @39_stephs @michaelaWat subjectivism about truth is false @benmiller gonna catch Bruins @ Trojans looking fwd to seeing them live @benmiller @ToddMartinMMA Kansas would beat themRetweet if you care about @realDonaldTrump's tax returns
Retweeted by Luka Jones @zoeinthecities not a psychologist obviously - but he seems to have at least narcissistic personality disorder @jlsnedegar Yeah congrats on beating # 1 and we will take the help! gonna be a tight race for conf title for sure #RCJH
FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts
Retweeted by Luka JonesVIDEO: @RonWyden asks Dir. Comey if FBI has investigated Trump Associates’ ties to Russia:
Retweeted by Luka JonesYou know who really lucked out with today's news cycle? Bill O'Reilly.
Retweeted by Luka JonesA good time to mention that @KerryHowley book, THROWN is an absolutely wonderful exploration of the poorly understood sport of #MMA
Retweeted by Luka JonesI talked to @TheAtlantic about cosmopolitan MMA:
Retweeted by Luka Jones @benmiller its easy to cook up hypotheticals in which it seems immoral to not take an ends justify the means approachIs Trump's press conference tomorrow only on TV or is it live streaming HIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Luka Jones @benmiller I don't lean on it hard except in what I take to be emergency situations @benmiller I love that you do. I'm basically saying I sanction shaming him for eating an apple if it'd help the political cause against him @benmiller cmon