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Republicans are unwitting subjects of a giant open-air Milgram experiment. Step by step they are being led to embra…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @magicmikecastle IN PERSON XO @magicmikecastle Yeah obviously Pi day is super real. Goes without saying. @WalshFreedom I don’t think liberals in general cares about these two Walk of Fame stars on the sidewalk. @magicmikecastle Yeah wtf is that .. buncha baloneyFollowing his blistering performance last week, Mike Trout remains on pace for the best season of his career – and…
Retweeted by Luka JonesIn the futuristic post-apocalyptic movie of the history of our world, the fast-forwarding through tv images and sou… guys what if love really IS the answer?One thing John Hughes deserves credit for... in the golden age of greed each and every one of his comedies was abou…
Retweeted by Luka JonesAt this point if the piss tape came out I’d be like “yeah guys Trump was really gargling that Russian teen’s piss b…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @EdwerderRFA Usually msgs are open to multiple reasonable interpretations & often carry more info than just what’s…
@merosskimball @MiLB Let’s do this.Luka Jones is LEO- the handsomest guy to ever don a Christmas sweater vest. “You think you know everything, Izzy,…
Retweeted by Luka JonesAs someone who has been more of a Clips fan over the last 20 years, I do love that the Lakers have a history of sup… @jlsnedegar @literallyafool Beatles were great but John needed to make this: delivers the bad news to the crew! Wish I could do the voices! @TheKenHall @michaelcassidy .Can’t process my…
Retweeted by Luka JonesThanks to everyone who watched season one of #problemareas (@WCPAonHBO). If you dug it, let a friend or stranger kn…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @chelseaperetti Tim Hortons is good! @literallyafool Love Yoko and her influence on John Lennon.Thinking about living in a silo home outside of Topeka and taking on the project of bringing @MiLB back to #TopCity
@realDonaldTrump This tweet is beneath the office you hold, Donald.Happy ‘Mother Fucker’s Day’ ✊️
Retweeted by Luka JonesPeople are the best.The Beard Makes the Philosopher
Retweeted by Luka JonesWhenever a character antagonistically says "why don't you run on home to mommy and daddy?" I think, that sounds amazing.
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Ray Charles, “Shake a Tail Feather” in “The Blues Brothers”. Rest In Peace, Matt “Guitar” Murphy. via @YouTube
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@Lauralee_xx @david_jenkins__ @TBSNetwork @drewnelsonlive @TheKenHall @lukajones @debraLmccabe @michaelcassidy
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@villepique @tvseriesfinale @TBSNetwork Thanks, Jean! ❤️ @bsfinkelstein @villepique Pretty sure we are here now.I can be a real maniac when not crippled w anxiety 😎Hey @TBSNetwork Bring back @PoE_TBS Pleeeezzz!!! You promised! @ConanOBrien @AnaGasteyer @TheKenHall @OscarNunezLA
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Radical plan to split California into three states earns spot on November ballot
Retweeted by Luka JonesWould that not be the ultimate strengthen, weaken move to take Kevin Durant away from Golden State and pair him wit…
Retweeted by Luka Jones"This is the one I could actually see happening. I'm talking about both LeBron and Kevin Durant playing next year f…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @benmillerSB And I do take this to be a considered view that I’m expressing. @benmillerSB I think tying the act of expressing general frustration by using traditionally blasphemous terms (what… @benmillerSB I think the reverse speech would be obviously false. He’d be incorrect. Not even close in my opinion.I love interacting with people that are smarter than I am. I love interacting with people that are funnier than I am. It’s very fun. @benmillerSB But this isn’t a good twitter topic imho .. requires a bunch of nuance. @benmillerSB One is objectively immoral and the other isn’t. One is based on hate and the other ‘Jesus Christ’ is a…
And the season one aliens, who I still maintain were one of 2016's best comedy ensembles on TV
Retweeted by Luka JonesHowever, my favorites hands-down were @lukajones, my fellow ex-academic
Retweeted by Luka JonesSo many awesome people starred in this show.
Retweeted by Luka JonesThe second season decided to go bolder in a bunch of big ways, including leaning more toward operating as an anthol…
Retweeted by Luka Jones#PeopleOfEarth's first season was like an extended version of #TheXFiles classic "Jose Chung's From Outer Space." S…
Retweeted by Luka JonesBeen bogged down by a lot, so I only just found out that TBS canceled @david_jenkins__'s brilliant series…
Retweeted by Luka JonesBeen circling this building on foot for the past few hours
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@brigliebs Respectfully disagree @jlsnedegar @TobeNwigwe Try some Chicago Blues too! @benmillerSB Oh I’m a blasphemer wrt terms like ‘God’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ for sure.The #PeopleOfEarth TV show has been cancelled. Despite having been renewed for season three on @TBSNetwork, the sci…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @thebrianhuskey @lukajones Don't understand this at all. Even Cheers didn't set the world on fire the first two yea…
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Still thinking about how uncool it was of TBS to cancel @PoE_TBS after they announced a renewal. PLEASE @netflix or…
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I ❤️d working on PEOPLE OF EARTH and am v sad 2 say it won’t be returning on TBS despite renewal. We already wrote season 3 & it was 💯👌🏽👽🖖🏽
Retweeted by Luka JonesVery sad news. #PeopleOfEarth was cancelled yesterday. I am so honored and proud to work w the hilarious, kind and…
Retweeted by Luka JonesIt was a wonderful, inventive and funny show and always a joy to watch. Excellent job and sad to see it go…But for…
Retweeted by Luka JonesI'd be remiss not to thank @BastardMachine for putting himself behind the show. I know critics and writers are mort…
Retweeted by Luka JonesSeason three, which is already written, will not be shot. Season two is the last season.
Retweeted by Luka JonesI don’t respect Stephen A. Smith’s opinion about LeBron.
@David_Leavitt Dude. Get a grip.Just got word last night: TBS has cancelled People of Earth. Thank you to everyone who was a fan of the show and en…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @chelseaperetti ❤️ @clmazin I’m in treatment for anxiety disorder and depressive episodes! 👍I am in treatment for anxiety. My wife is in treatment for anxiety. My son is in treatment for OCD, anxiety and dep…
Retweeted by Luka JonesTHIS GUY SHOULD STILL GET A TICKET !!! (jk chill) @NBAonTNT @KingJames 77Man: Can I put my meat in your meat so we can make more meat? Woman: Yeah totally meat me in my meat for making mo…
Retweeted by Luka JonesStarting to think the election of Trump was a bit of an overreaction to some ppl’s dislike of Obama.Anthony Bourdain exhorted us to savor every last morsel from the smorgasbord of life. In his memory we should do ju…
Retweeted by Luka JonesCharles Krauthammer, Pulitzer-winning columnist, reveals terminal illness: "My fight is over."
Retweeted by Luka Jones @clmazin YOU'RE WELCOME. @kateberlant I flip these.Man: Can I put my meat in your meat so we can make more meat? Woman: Yeah totally meat me in my meat for making mo… just went on Cleveland local television and talked about why Los Angeles is a more pleasant place to live so that's off my bucket list
Retweeted by Luka Jones @BrianStack153 White Sox
Cleveland Cavs fans, You are probably about to have a second chance to show that you’re not awful when LeBron leave… “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan in car rn @gingerthejester Love you 2 @InstantDeborah @StephAllynne @ucbtla @FernieCommaAlex