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@youngrunner314 @LizHabib #GoRams 🐏Great interview w/ @jenbrea (@MEActNet co-founder & director of @unrestfilm) about #Unrest:
Retweeted by Luka Jones @ArashMarkazi @Chargers This is tooo bad. They should be doing all they can to make it easy for local fans to attend. @paulrust Yippie (is what he was)the term 'chuffed' upsets me @kumailn so good buddySaturday, in the parking lot, I think it was the 21st of October
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Man oh man, thank you to Casey, Luka & Mary for having me on This Show Is Not Funny & letting me play with all of t…
Retweeted by Luka JonesDodgers vs Astros are gonna play for the NL pennant ... !!! #GoBlue #ThisTeam #WorldSeriesMore people destroyed by online mobs of “offended” bullies. Right-wing ones this time. Disgusting.
Retweeted by Luka JonesThis Show Is Not Funny returns 9pm tonight at UCB Sunset with an outstanding trio of guests ! tix & more info here… 2 with @StephAllynne is now available to download! Check it out on iTunes and Stitcher! Or just click here!
Retweeted by Luka Jones @honorbest @MrScottRodgers Congrats! ❤️
Comment using 🌭 to support Gerry on his breakfast journey. #PeopleofEarth
Retweeted by Luka JonesCritics are raving about UNREST! Watch this weekend on iTunes in the US & Canada, worldwide on October 31 >>>…
Retweeted by Luka Joneslanguage evolves meanings change grammar shifts
Retweeted by Luka JonesThis Show is Not Funny is back this Sat 10/21 w/ @PFTompkins @nicolebyer & @laurenlapkus! Get your tickets here!
Retweeted by Luka JonesLupita Nyong’o writes in @nytopinion: What Harvey Weinstein did to me
Retweeted by Luka Jones @joshfadem LOL GET IT 2GETHERRRlanguage evolves meanings change grammar shiftsletting go is a skill that not all of us possess
DODGERS WIN THE PENANT #GOBLUE #THISTEAM #NLCHAMPS #WORLDSERIESAnotha one! Kiké Hernandez goes deep for the third time putting the Dodgers up 11-1 in the ninth.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @NYKensington GO LOS ANGELES, BUDDY XOXOMG @kikehndez IS A GOD TOO #GOBLUE #ThisTeamSuch a beautiful moment! #GoBlue #ThisTeam to @melanielynskey !!! 🎊🎉🐥😘This was such a great movie. Highly recommend watching if you haven’t al…
Retweeted by Luka JonesWe asked kids from New York & Los Angeles why their city is better
Retweeted by Luka Jonesfeeling grateful I get to live in the period before AI takes over the world and destroyed us all :-)trump is a touch unstable @zoeinthecities 10 yrs is incredible/beautiful @willwilkinson most beautiful city in AmericaNew opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common. John Locke #QOTD
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@JoelEmbiid go @JoelEmbiid !!! #RCJHJUSTIN TURNER IS A GOD #GOBLUE #ThisTeamStatement -
Retweeted by Luka JonesEverybody’s pain is real.I've written a guide to 10 of the Best Springsteen landmarks in New Jersey, and here it is right here:
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Dodgers vs Yankees #WorldSeries would be BIG !!! #GoBlue #ThisTeamRT if this is why you don’t party with your coworkers. #PeopleofEarth
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@leeleepitts @scottieimages @gregfelden @dfickas This is beautiful!!! #GoBlue #ThisTeamKeith Hupp, a retired police officer, nabbed Justin Turner's walk-off homer. He has caught 18 home runs in 2 years.
Retweeted by Luka Jones most unusual ppl in my life have tended to be the most meaningful to me xo
@BrianStack153 Heard this on the radio recently. Really dig it!There are 6 sides to every situation. Especially if you’re a floating cube. #PeopleofEarth
Retweeted by Luka Jones @Jackie_Michele SO INTENSEattachment disorders can be intriguing puzzles!Hey @KeithOlbermann I flip on singles and doubles & not on homers. Come watch the show. Need a ticket? I got you…
Retweeted by Luka Jones.@dodgers Please turn the volume down on the "in game entertainment". It's oppressive.
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Kenley Jansen closing game 1 of the NLCS out! #GoBlue #ThisTeam 1 with special guest @MattGourley is NOW AVAILABLE!
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American democracy is in real trouble. Once you recognize this, it's hard to think about anything else.
Retweeted by Luka Jones.@rosemcgowan get 'em, Rose. ✊🏾
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@michaelaWat terrifying idea @michaelaWat JesusLA - Tickets are selling out! Do not wait! GERALD: An Epic Tues-Sat at 9
Retweeted by Luka Jones @robdelaney @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence @SenateMajLdr @SpeakerRyan @IvankaTrump @freedomcaucus @GOP “What’s that?”… I missed @TheNational at the @HollywoodBowl 😡
Sometimes we are most insightful when our minds are working differently than the minds of people in general. @magicmikecastle @normmacdonald To the World Series title. @realDonaldTrump Shame on you. @normmacdonald Go Dodgersgo Yanks beat ClevelandDay 17: Listen to @caseyfeigh, @mholland85, & @lukajones podcast @TappedPodcast #Promote30
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Congrats to all the fighters who have made it to another #MentalHealthAwarenessDay - hope to see every single one of you next year.
Retweeted by Luka Jones @jcolburnlevy and the worst !!!LA - Tonight is the night! Opening night of GERALD: An Epic, directed by yours truly! Few tickets left!…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @HJBenjamin Holy shitMental health issues are as real as any (other) physical health issue. And there’s nothing shameful about having them. #WorldMentalHealthDayMental health is inextricably tied to the health of the central nervous system. The mind basically is just the CNS. #WorldMentalHealthDayYou would think that when something is so valuable, there’d be an accepted definition of it #WMHD17
Retweeted by Luka JonesA medical mystery love story for the ages! Experience @unrestfilm now on iTunes in the U.S. & Canada. WATCH NOW:…
Retweeted by Luka Jones @ericdadourian GO BLUEAre we living in a computer simulation?
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James Franco Hosts "Philosophy Time," a New Videos Series Created to Help Philosophy Reach a Wider Audience…
Retweeted by Luka JonesBRING THE SERIES BACK TO LA !!! #GOBLUE bless @JoelEmbiid #RCJH