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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor/comedian - philosophy PhD - Kansas Jayhawk - CSULA Golden Eagle - USC Trojan - instagram lukayovetich

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@lukajones it's bizarre and super forcedthis poem is maybe the only thing I dig about Kobe's career@lukajones I hate xmas and think the corporate nature of LA Live is absurd looking.@BDayBoysMitch our man #TheTruth had a nice scoring spurt in the game today! #RockChalk #NBAfinalsMVP Clips win at STAPLES - now just watching ppl skate around the Xmas tree in beautiful MICROSOFT Square near ESPN! of the things about life that has fundamentally gotten my attention is that what we intend to communicate is often not what others hear.come at me bro and I'll hit you with a huge motherfucking hug
@zoeinthecities ha obvi meant for Adele tweet@literallyafool awesome have fun you guys!@literallyafool Nice! Is SS in HK or are you in Syd?@zoeinthecities but I dig her passion
@harryoconnell97 thank you.@AlexBorstein yeah SO good. Clay Pigeons is my favorite from Blaze. This is my second favorite: you @lukajones ! On a constant loop in my head: "Smoking cigarettes in the last seat..."
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@TheTessMorris absolutely yes@TheTessMorris another Los Feliz song just for fun - glad you are coming back too@6od haha no!!!@6od I believe people should support their home teams and LA is my home.@6od I am. But I was a Bears fan first. Grew up in Chicago and then Denver. But the LA team will be my team the moment a move is announced.“There's only one man I embrace when we meet...and only one I call ‘Coach’—George Halas.” -Vince Lombardi #GSH #PapaBear #GoBearsHonoring abundance by wasting less: #Thanksgiving comes of age
Retweeted by Luka JonesThanksgiving makes me feel as though my entire country is a cult that I'm trapped in...
@MelissaStetten this might cause tension in your relationship w BGFuck the NCAA fucking w a kid's life like that. They should #FreeDiallo for this Kansas vs Vandy 2nd half and not make him wait til Dec 1st!Cheick Diallo is the 5th highest ranked Kansas recruit since 2010. He'll make his debut Dec. 1.
Retweeted by Luka JonesHe can play! Cheick Diallo has been cleared by the NCAA and will suit up for Kansas on Dec.1
Retweeted by Luka Jones@DustinMartian not my thing, but fun for them probablycan we please just change the term 'sexual deviant' to something less harsh like 'fun person'?@TheTessMorris great movie
Chris Pine's voice is the next Alec Baldwin's voice@MHKHogs Love it, thanks. Great store. Go Topeka Owls! Can't wait to bring them back.deeply spiritual sign on Santa Monica Blvd @ West Hollywood
@TheRobotard8000 nopeI've basically never stopped loving any person.
JAMES WHITE is easily one of my top film watching experiences of 2015@DrGMLaTulippe @jonboyer same here@DrGMLaTulippe @jonboyer Right on, Geoff! You're gonna love my stuff!@jonboyer YOUR LOSS BUDDY@RobinShorr fully LOVED that bookI've decided to become a porn star.I can't wait until the NFL comes back to Los Angeles, because I will be the first person in line to buy season tickets!
Retweeted by Luka Jones@AlexBorstein It's a tough one! go @Broncos go @ChicagoBears ... #GoDonkeys #BearDown #NFLtoLA@AlexBorstein @mholland85 @stevezissis @linzkraft @caseyfeigh @ucbsunset the pleasure was all mine, sisterMike Garrett, formerly of @USC, will become @CalStateLA's new athletic director
Retweeted by Luka Jones@AlexBorstein @mholland85 @stevezissis @linzkraft @caseyfeigh @ucbsunset So much fun! You all were so amazing, thanks for joining us!
I'm doing an improv show tonight. Terrified, but doing it anyway. 9pm. Come if you'd like to see terror in my eyes.
Retweeted by Luka JonesheyLA @ucbsunset 9pm tonight @AlexBorstein @linzkraft @lukajones @mholland85 @stevezissis 10:30pm @BethStelling @Racheldoesstuff @momowelch
Retweeted by Luka JonesUSC vs. UCLA next week at the Coliseum with the Pac-12 South and a berth in the Pac-12 Championship Game on the line.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@literallyafool pls be kind to yourself buddyThis is @magicmikecastle and me improv arguing in last month's THIS SHOW IS NOT FUNNY. The November…
@AlexBorstein @ucbsunset @mholland85 @caseyfeigh @stevezissis @HBO Not a chance!Listening to LA's sports radio hosts micro-analyze the last games of Kobe Bryant's career is painful.@mrchrisaddison @jonboyer thanks guys, about to need one of them and this is helpful (and funny at the same time). @AlexBorstein hope we don't 💩 the bed sat night at #TSINF @ucbsunset 9pm @lukajones @mholland85 @caseyfeigh @stevezissis #gettingon @HBO
Retweeted by Luka Jones@mrchrisaddison @jonboyer in a nutshell, why's it better than FD? (no worries if too hard to answer via tweet)Went to late movie and all that was left was final Hunger Games. Now emotional afterwards bc I realized that's the last new film PSH was in.Those who have a general fear of truth are the saddest amongst us.
@zandywithaz powerful film for sure@zandywithaz totally agree@fuenke666 I'm only talking about these two films.Charlie Sheen's performances in PLATOON and WALL STREET were truly outstanding.@magicmikecastle NOT ME BUDDY
the trend of using the term 'nugget' to refer to babies and small animals hurts my stomach
@zandywithaz super agree(Re-)watch Abel Ferrara's THE FUNERAL if you feel like being reminded of how great at acting Chris Penn could be.
@jayduplass @melanielynskey love you too JD and Mel@melanielynskey I love that you are sharing that. Thank you. For me it's wrapped up in traumatic loss of people. But each can be very tough.@perreau @jonboyer I'll kill him if I get sick, don't care if he does. Consider any beard transference my gift to you, it's the badge of men@xoHayleyMarie atta kid@perreau @jonboyer IM GONNA KILL YOU IF I GET SICK BOYER (xo)@melanielynskey yes that or it can deeply trigger feelings of traumatic loss from the pastComplete emotional abandonment of an intimate is as morally bad as the most depraved verbal abuse.@roryscovel I know. But keep breathing and remember that it's a feeling and it will pass. Call at any time.@roryscovel you got it my badly behaving buddy@roryscovel so we need to go through this discussion again it seems@roryscovel yes and I'm proud of myself for carefully getting you to see how that wasn't the right thing to do.@joshfadem I've witnessed this.My values are such that if my friend deeply wrongs a stranger, I gently but firmly try to draw their focus to their inexcusable behavior.@someofmybest whoaYou are not dumb, but you are not very smart.
TSINF @ UCB Sunset this coming Sat at 9pm w our talented guests @AlexBorstein @linzkraft & @stevezissis - tix & info "Mother died today."@danobrienwriter that'd be a dope jerseytop 10 book title for me sky grey clouds @ Los Feliz opening night @TheTessMorris! Cc. @mrchrisaddison
Retweeted by Luka JonesOf course my wife does the pussy V. @TheTessMorris @perreau @MissMarcel @stevezissis @lukajones
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@DCpierson great movieDid u miss last nite's Q&A for @ManUpFilm? Meet writer @TheTessMorris after the 7:30 Pm show! Wine, food and a good movie = perfect nite.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@DustinMartian sometimes@davidalangrier Fight On, TrojansThis is my nephew Smith Danilo when he turned 3 months old last month. Looking forward to seeing him…
gonna do improv in Brand New Ball at UCB Franklin tonight at 7pm - come watch! tix & info @mattyglesias I meant by November election. Sometime during the primaries he'll be out.@joshfadem you talk to me right@mattyglesias everything I own that he fades well before election@magicmikecastle you're dreaming about me now - so intensehanging at @DelTaco@unfoRETTAble YOU AND YOUR EMOJIS XO
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