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Football and boxing. What else is there 🙄

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@BoxingKingdom14 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ppv= 9.4 buys @jfmac_aka_mr_ls @Benzo__23 @BronzeBomber @ShowtimeBoxing Well there’s he’s opponents for you 👍 and greatness? You… @jfmac_aka_mr_ls @Benzo__23 @BronzeBomber @ShowtimeBoxing Well to put it into perspective.. in there 19th fight aj…
@ftblaaron Hmmmm. Ramos is proven over a period of time at the top level. I’d take Ramos in my team any day of the week. @ftblaaron Better than Sergio Ramos..? @ftblaaron Behind who? @BronzeBomber @ShowtimeBoxing BUMMMMMMMSQUADDDDDDDDDD @AFCGally Missed delph mate
Fuck that imagine going to put flowers down on ye nans grave on her birthday and ye bump into mona the vampire doin…
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@DudeMcsnabs @IanDGoodwin I’m far from it. But if he beat wlad in Germany and wilder in America that would surpass… @ChrisLloydTV @ee_engine You finally cut your toe nails 😉 @IanDGoodwin Tbf is Tyson Wins he’s the best. @TabathaBewitch1 @YoungyTerriAnn Fair play. That’ll be a brilliant fight either way 👍
@creative_a_r_t Is the original left..? Can’t see it on the website 😟 @GhostOfScottLaw Mike Tyson.. eat your heart out. @creative_a_r_t 😂😂😂👏👏👏 Your works worth every penny 👍😉 @BoxingKingdom14 Because a lot of people on here are 96-0 (107) ko’s.. and won trainer of the year award for 9 year… @BoxingKingdom14 Anthony @BoxingKingdom14 Feel @BoxingKingdom14 Shouldn’t drink all that vimto before a fight.. all the gas could’ve made him need a s**t during the fight, you know. @alandrewettjnr @TheBoxingLife1 @DynamiteDubois @JOSHPBK @SunnyEdwards @Lawrence_tko @BoxingFA @_JordanGill Defiantly 👍
@7osamEl7adary @Liamgeraghty_ @BBCMOTD Manchester United is Man U @DieHardDevils1 @BBCSport “United way” and “attack” Really shouldn’t be in the same sentence mate. @BoxingKingdom14 Women with men parts @Kate_MMA @CameronGillon_ I was there on a few of them occasions.. I won’t forget anytime soon 👍😃 @Kate_MMA @CameronGillon_ Knew them facts but thanks for reminding me 😬👍😃 @CameronGillon_ Obviously he don’t give a fuck about the atmosphere. @MichaelBensonn @ManUtd sign him up.. @CPS_1992 @CameronGillon_ Can’t be arsed to go into who would win ect.. lol But I said.. I think he would be up f… @CameronGillon_ This aimed at dillian whyte mate? If so I think dill would be up for it defo @BrettBrabben @MichaelBensonn @ant_crolla Thought it might be argh that’s disgusting ain’t it 🤢 and ye I agree mate @MichaelBensonn @ant_crolla Why’s he pissing black stuff 🤢 @anthonyfjoshua @ManUtd are struggling at the min bro.. Any chance of a couple games off you 👀 ⚽️ @Pxgba_6 In all fairness there’s not much positives to speak about.. they played for a side that was proud to put t… @gunner4life4 @MichaelBensonn @SkySportsBoxing Don’t know considering the time aj been in boxing and what he’s achi… @gunner4life4 @MichaelBensonn @SkySportsBoxing Don’t underestimate him. But when you talk about “good” fighters cmo… @gunner4life4 @MichaelBensonn @SkySportsBoxing Whyte is mandatory I believe he can’t keep running from him. But any… @gunner4life4 @MichaelBensonn @SkySportsBoxing Tell you why. 10X bigger fight 💵 talks. No one outside of boxing kno… @gunner4life4 @MichaelBensonn @SkySportsBoxing Dillian Whyte is 10X the draw to Ortiz for a starter.. Browne was… @gunner4life4 @MichaelBensonn @SkySportsBoxing What Ortiz bring to the table..? Not known, never beat anyone. @Canelo @nickyBoyle87 @Ianleemen @JamieMoore777 I know mate. If my opinion was right I would of had bellew winning the figh… @Ianleemen @nickyBoyle87 @JamieMoore777 I’m not paid by sky or bias and I think it was very close up until round 7 @scourtenay If fury is at 70% he’s best he wins imo @LucyMorris91 Let’s just try keep the score down @SkySportsBoxing @DillianWhyte @USkaa @TonyBellew Could defiantly see dillian dragging him into a street fight kick… @FootySuperTips 2-0 1-1 @DillanMUFC Normal/standard @Lawrence_tko Is fury looking good Lawrence..? @DillanMUFC Like the positivity. Hope I’m wrong obviously but if im being totally honest I see a 3-0 loss. @WhatTheFFacts cows don't look like cows on film. you gotta use horses. @FootySuperTips What odds was betis before the game..?? @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts Fair enough mate 👍 @SteveBoxman 👍😂 @SteveBoxman Argh mate I’d pay any amount of money to see that fight.. would be a all out war! @ManUtd We been hacked? @ManUtd Lost @SteveBoxman Gennady Golovkin 👌 @punkboxer1 @BoxingNbt @BoxingNbt How can you say it will be a severe mismatch when the first fight was probably a draw in all fairness.… @EditinKing Lawrence okolie.. Best style out there by a mile. @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts Stiverne is a joke fighter though imo specially how he turned up for the second fight.. sa… @KingWarbs @FutbolVic_ idea this.. @JoLeonard___x @davidthewhiter1 Seen a interview after of him having a bit of a moan saying dave hadn’t done a sing… @CameronGillon_ @WBCBoxing @srisaket_ssr What you make of the briedis win from last night pal..? @SunnyEdwards @CarlitosAFC @stef12334 @UnorthodoxxW @Klitschko @MatchroomBoxing @usykaa @TonyBellew @anthonyfjoshua @SunnyEdwards @CarlitosAFC @stef12334 @UnorthodoxxW @Klitschko @MatchroomBoxing @usykaa @TonyBellew @anthonyfjoshua @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts Usyk has the best chance vs wilder out of all the top fighters because wilder is technical… @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts Wilder knock himself out..? I’d agree actually with he’s technique @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts Aj to big strong powerful for him. @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts No. If fury does get back to he’s best he don’t beat him.. and don’t beat aj. @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts No @BoxingOpinion1 Ye he wasn’t 3 up in my opinion.. but 1 up and draw I’d have no problem with at all.. If you want… @BoxingOpinion1 Disgusting? Didn’t one have it a draw and one bellew one up..? @DasconV3 @AllOfTheBelts @WBSuperSeries @SauerlandBros @WorldBoxingNews @BoxingNewsED @ringmagazine @DAZN_USA @danrafaelespn @EditinKing Imp… @sctduke @AlBernstein He lost it handily imo struggled to give him more than 3 rounds @davidcoldwell @TonyBellew Great effort lads.. you did us all proud mate 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 @WBSuperSeries @BriedisMairis @SauerlandBros @ringmagazine @BoxingMonthlyED @DAZN_USA @danrafaelespn @EditinKing @ufc @TodaysBoxingMMA @vanessa_hanson @chrissy_blair @LucianaAndrade From left to right.. @WBSuperSeries @BriedisMairis @SauerlandBros @ringmagazine @BoxingMonthlyED @DAZN_USA @danrafaelespn @EditinKing @Sonniboy77 I thought he lost that handily.. couldn’t give him more than 2 or 3 rounds tbh @Sonniboy77 Was one of the scorecards 118-110..? That’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen if so lol @DAZN_USA @BriedisMairis That was one of the biggest jokes of a scorecard ever.. did one judge have it 118-110 briedis..? Wtf lol @_yagxnnCFC @riss_st @TonyBellew @usykaa You are a total prat giving it loads when your a skinny little wrench who… @riss_st @_yagxnnCFC @TonyBellew @usykaa How’s that racist it was in Saudi Arabia.. do the women have to cover up there..? @_yagxnnCFC @riss_st @TonyBellew @usykaa Better not fuck with my man he got the I phone X 🙄 the stick man has the b… @_yagxnnCFC @TonyBellew @usykaa You look like a stick insect wtf..! @TonyBellew @usykaa We’re all proud of you Tony 🥊🇬🇧 Thanks for all the great nights you gave us..! 🥊🥊🥊 @BoxingKingdom14 That’s what happens when you get clipped by these beasts.. anyone can get put down specially at cr… @johnfinlayson13 @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew Wouldn’t of “Ko’d him” is slightly different to “should’ve lost” lol @johnfinlayson13 @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew It wasn’t even that fight that made me think that, it was seeing… @johnfinlayson13 @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew Lol your blatantly a troll😂 @johnfinlayson13 @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew It was harder than he’s last fight. Gassiev hardly touched him @johnfinlayson13 @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew Well then you’d know that wasn’t he’s easiest fight of he’s career then..? 🤷‍♂️ @johnfinlayson13 @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew You can’t of seen him fight much then pal.. @Naz87_LFC @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew Farid.. your a knob. @LennoxLewis @usykaa @TonyBellew Gave it he’s all and came up short vs a ELITE fighter.. no shame there. Thanks f…