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Football and boxing. What else is there 🙄

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@KeanHewitt @BBCSport Didn’t look great last game either.. vs two very very poor opponents.. doesn’t look great. @BBCSport SHOCKING game! @WhatTheFFacts Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have eyebrows @KickAssCantona Mans like Fred the red are never hot! @EddieHearn @FiveStarBoxing @thefightcorner Will you have some more announcements on new signings soon mate? @eyrest @ManUtd 😂 @eReKt_Dave @RomeluLukaku9 @SamArmenteros Dave “knownothingaboutfootball” ? @eyrest @ManUtd Good job was just about to report you to the rspca! @eyrest @ManUtd Hope you are not allowed anywhere near that plane!!!!??? ✈️ @eReKt_Dave @RomeluLukaku9 @SamArmenteros @RomeluLukaku9 @SamArmenteros Get to our pre season tour.. we need you @eyrest @ManUtd @Peter98Wood @CanadianRom He must be the worst goalkeeper in the world literally! @SkyFootball Everton just made a £98 mil bid.. @CanadianRom Nani @JoLeonard___x 2 sugars @ThaBoxingVoice That kebab is that dangerous you have to eat it with gloves on 😵 @WBABoxing I am feel! 🇺🇦 Smashed it! 🥊 @FootballPurist_ @SkySportsPL Willian going Barca @HoldThisBeer @JoLeonard___x @eneiLLL @UkraineAtamans That is that dangerous you have to eat it with gloves on 😮 @EddieHearn @FiveStarBoxing @TallonGibson I and I think most boxing fans are probably sick of hearing about who get… @MKeilty89 @ryry_griffiths @davidfenwick86 @TonyBellew By the looks of the people you follow mate.. your a “pornhub… @TammyBaebraham @SkySportsPL @SkySportsNews I know you need a replacement for hazard mate.. but it ain’t martial sorry 😉 @GeorgeR150666 @BBCSport Leicester @l_MHJ @ashadasha05 @BBCSport That’s more like it 👍 @TammyBaebraham @SkySportsPL @SkySportsNews Let’s not lol @SkySportsPL @SkySportsNews Go away!! @l_MHJ @ashadasha05 @BBCSport Van dijk £75 mil, Tottenham are quoting 60+ mil for Toby alderweireld..! £65 mil is a… @ashadasha05 @BBCSport In today’s market..? Worth much more than 20mil @BoxingKW1988 @wmichael83 Wasn’t Parker a good mover in your opinion..? @afowler06 Lot people saying he would be aj.. what you think mate? @BoxingKW1988 @wmichael83 What doubts you have mate? @BBCSport Just seen Eddie Hearn.. @EditinKing Usyk by annihilation @MichellePhelps @usykaa @WBSuperSeries Well done Michelle you did fantastic 👍👏 @MichaelBensonn @AsylumTommy No denying what he’s did thus far in he’s career is remarkable @AsylumTommy I think aj would beat him tbh and I don’t think he’s p4p best no. But he’s right up in that list.. probably top 5 @EddieHearn @FiveStarBoxing @BoxingLuton @ChrisLloydTV @WBSuperSeries @CompuBox Think gassiev was relying on him slowing down but he@was the same in the 12t… @AsylumTommy He’s just beat briedis and gassiev probably the best two in the division in he’s 14th and 15th fight 🤷‍♂️ @ChrisLloydTV @WBSuperSeries @CompuBox Outstanding punch output 🥊 @BoxingKingdom14 Surely 2 of the top 5 p4p best right there @peterfury @usykaa Would you fancy usyk v Tyson/hughie if he moved up to heavy peter..? @afowler06 I thought briedis gave usyk a much harder fight.. how would you see briedis v gassiev going ant? @BoxingKingdom14 Mayweather looking to make he’s next ppv or something?Usyk I was BORN READY!! Let’s get this done!! 👊
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@troll_reformed @millwallkerms21 @bigtommygunn @TheBoisBack @marcgalletly @davidthewhiter1 @TonyBellew Think he is feel, very feel. @MichaelBensonn @IFLTV About time! @sappermp10 @BoxingKingdom14 @TonyBellew Bellew hits much harder than gassiev..?Waiting on Tony Bellew for a comment. He’s usually very active on Twitter. @TonyBellew
Retweeted by Luke tucker @BoxingKingdom14 @TonyBellew He’s gone mate @Callan___ @BoxingKingdom14 I think briedis gave usyk a much harder fight than gassiev did..I don’t think Tony bellew will be very feel #usyk @JoLeonard___x 😒 @bigtommygunn @marcgalletly @davidthewhiter1 @TonyBellew 😂😂😂😂 @marcgalletly @davidthewhiter1 @TonyBellew He’d have more chance of winning them all at bantamweight!!! @afowler06 @usykaa Beats most heavyweights? @BoxingKingdom14 He just gave a very good fighter a boxing lesson! I am feel 🇺🇦 @davidthewhiter1 He just got a boxing lesson mate @WBSuperSeries He will get a world title back 🇱🇻🥊 @davidthewhiter1 Who you think would win? @WBSuperSeries If the fight goes the distance 100% with them judges!!! @RickyEllis26 Looks quality mate 25 mil apparently as well when there’s players like richarlison going for 50 mil 🙈 @RickyEllis26 😂😂😂 @davidthewhiter1 Rubbish mate can see him getting stopped tbh @RickyEllis26 Even money mate 😬😂 @FrankBuglioni Looks rubbish tbh can see him getting stopped @JoLeonard___x Probably off he’s tits on coke 😂 @JoLeonard___x I’ll just call kalle now! lol @JoLeonard___x Just brought it 🙈😂 @MartinJWard1 Usyk points 👍 @StevenTofosu @MichellePhelps @WBSuperSeries Unless it’s a draw 😬 @SteadydaveAllen @davidthewhiter1 If dave Allen was to box dave Allen who would win dave Allen? @davidthewhiter1 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @KuganCassius @mrdavidhaye One UGLY motherf***er @davidthewhiter1 After much deliberation and changing my mind 6 times.. I’ve got usyk winning by points 🥊🥊🥊