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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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@tiffanyarment Are you doing marketing for ‘meh’?
“as it should be”...wonder if Rudy G, Trump surrogate & friend agrees? You’re citing Alan Grayson’s wife as a reliable source about Trump tapes? Mr Fantastic wouldn’t reach that far...Red Card: Excessive & unnecessary usage of “ “ @jackjonesbabe @wafflejuice Chris is his fav, Jake’s just a side piece @monicaisliberal for the LOL 😝 next Kickstarter.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaWhy bother, we all know what a Trump promise is worth... @Ez4u2say_Janis I was a high school freshmen & co-bill was Journey & AC/DC...Bon Scott was such a badass @Ez4u2say_Janis @JourneyOfficial Saw them on the Infinity tour in ‘78...Must be the chemtrails..., he will...& then he, Mulvaney & the entire Republican Party will lie about it reinforce their true legacies as partisans who do small things for adoration from the press to get a greater pas…“it happened during the campaign”, so in her mind he was absolved as of Nov 9 @tomwatson NYTimes has never explained how this happened..’m sure this is just a coincidence... @Shoq @jayrosen_nyu @brianstelter @ReliableSources They claim having repub opponents of Trump is “balance”, but tho… @Shoq @jaketapper @CNNSotu Line up has changed, but Tapper's show has never been included as a Sunday politics show… is no evidence Franken tried to hide or ask others to hide the info. I'm at a loss as to why the Senate Et… @nytimes : I case you were wondering if I would ever re-subscribe; the answer is "Nope" & the reason is... @JoyAnnReid @catawu @StephenMoore @CNN Reminder: Stephen Moore is a liar
@beardedstoner @monicaisliberal I’m guessing in his studying, he mostly audited @eclecticbrotha I look forward seeing Mayfield & Manziel both not playing football in Canada* . . *Disclaimer: I’m… @owillis Might wanna re-think that @owillis I assume one of the test for admittance to #cultofthe91 will be the ability to *fold* a paper map? @rolling_2 Its Fredos all the way down...I lived/worked in Las Vegas since 1990 & LOL when I see who is being called a “Las Vegas casino mogul”..1 strip pro… @owillis When people see the emoji 🤯 When they realize they don’t have it 🤬 @brianbeutler @catawu I attributed it too watching too much MILF porn @jkfecke He was a very large man... @rorishapiro1 @CharlesPPierce Another fav, but too long to tweet... Show Preview ABC 0D 2R CBS 1D 2R NBC 1D 3R CNN 0D 2R 1 Vt Sen Fox 0D 2R Tot 2D 11R 1 Vt Sen… Show Preview ABC 0D 2R CBS 1D 2R NBC 1D 3R CNN 0D 2R 1 Vt Sen Fox 0D 2R Tot 2D 11R 1 Vt Sen @CharlesPPierce “Authentic frontier gibberish” @jdesmondharris Noël Coward weeps..I'd like to take a brief moment to be thankful that the members of ABBA weren't named Agnetha, Nils, Ursula, and Sven.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @monicaisliberal That one you can throw back... @Kennymack1971 Duncan’s done lost his damn mind! @Kennymack1971 Eschaton Franklin has been watching too much MILF porn... @monicaisliberal citizens of Puerto Rico have no electricity, drinking water & basic services..Texas pols need to step aside a shock, another travel scandal... @JM_Ashby Tom Waits “Hell Broke Luce” sets the mood.. @jamisonfoser How about some Tom Waits? don’t dare call it ‘apartheid’ when Trump does eventually side w/his trophy hunting sons, I’ll remind these fools they got played typos... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Somebody in the FBI willfully lied to the @nytimes about an FBI investigation of Trump campaign/Russia & NYT has ne… @nytimes has never been explained how this happened was known, but the political press (willingly) decided 'emails' were more important...and the press has yet to r… knew. and said so
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia...that respect has always been diminished by his personal actions towards women in private (2/2)I respect what policies he accomplished for people while in office. I respect the good works his foundation has acc… father cheated on his 1st wife, who stood by him during his imprisonment to marry your heiress mother so he co…
So Duncan’s gone off the deep end...Not a fan of the Graham family..The racist anti-Semite, religious bigot doesn’t fall from the racist anti-Semite, religious bigot tree @kungfupussy he’s sure his father in law will not let his favorite child’s spouse go to jail....or maybe he’s just plain s… seriously bad ass song... Waits - "Hell Broke Luce" - YouTube has Ivanka *ever* chosen to do “the right thing” over family business? know what creates a “non-threatening environment”? Not being threatening. Not trying to control women’s reprodu… @txvoodoo ...autoplay is evil. I listen to music & podcast while browsing & the damn autoplay takes over!Yes.. News Corp (rightfully) banned Gene Simmons for similar conduct which they excused Trump Starr investigation was much more corrupt than anything he was investigating the Clinton for doing... press have always prefer a Dem hypocrisy story over a Repub corruption story b/c the hold Dems to a higher stand… WH correspondent will ask @PressSec about the numerous women/girls who've made statements about Trump's history of harassment?Senate "blue slips" were always bullshit...
Working Class Hero - John Lennon - YouTube - Working Man - YouTube -- Abraham, Martin and John -- Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. - YouTube political press praises blatantly racist campaign tactics (voter suppression) & racists anti-immigrant rhetoric… only person who can accept an apology is the victim, all others can voice an opinion, but the only one which matters is the victim