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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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Staff: “We’ve been sending emails for months to get that fixed” Me:“Let me see what I can do” <5 min phone call later> Me: “It’s fixed”The downtrodden conservative white man will finally have a voice in cable news* *sarcasm, really?
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaVan is a guy who thinks he's some sort of bridge between partisan opponents when he's really just an egotistical mo…
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSo Van Jones said something stupid to James O’Keefe..Why is Jones talking to O’Keefe and are we surprised Van said something stupid?Nobody believes your bullshit...even your WH staff who eagerly talks to the press about your incompetence
NOPE…. Heller was hardly a profile in courage in 2016 Neither was Sandoval you’ve been busy all day, but get nowhere @keethers was your day?
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaA racist getting an award named for a racist, being touted by a racist.. has played this “moderate Senate Republican” game for years, never trust a word she says, wait for her vote on final passage*Claim* to “oppose”..until the vote, they are merely claims of jumping to conclusions about the fate of McConnell’s abomination..Much of this sounds like what original… @owillis Sounds like a typical Tom Clancy novel..Not necessarily a criticism, but true none the less"I tried to hug Ivanka and this happened to my hand. Is that bad?"
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia"This is my evil hand, I call him Steve. Every time I try to act on any sort of principles, 'Steve' comes to life."
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @jonlovett Check these out. 😆 of far left 2010 strategy to punish Dems by sitting out the midterms👉🏻@DavidYankovich is taking on Paul Ryan and Bernie's "Revolution" is for millions, whatever. | v…
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaHewitt referring to himself as 'center-right' is just one of his many lies in the piece demand that Republicans pass their bill includes not a single line defending the merits of the bill
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaCould have showed them the Trump WH Pride Month proclamation....but they haven't issued one
@caseyliss #ImJustSaying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or admit you all are #Cowards @Lib_Librarian Childhood memories of going to a panderia in McAllen, Tx to get fresh made sugar cookies, sweet breads & chicharronesUnfair to blame Powell for the continued publication of the book, a book he disavowed decades earlier.Watching docu on author of ‘“Anarchist Cookbook”Fox News/McConnell/Ryan/Trump’s greatest allies; ‘Disappointed’ Dems/LiberalsNo further comments necessary a Democrat is born: Realizing you father’s kinda of a dick crowd likes to think they’re different/better than industry barons of old..Different barons, same arrogance, s… higher the pedestal you place your infallible politician/savior, the greater your disappointment when they fail youfascination w/billionaires as celebrity is what got us into this mess, but you keep believing Zuckerberg is different…#WhyWeLose @blogdiva My Answer: Driver on the Las Vegas Strip @kungfupussy I have this shirt for just those occasions he wants credit for describing a bill he's just said he supports as "mean"? 🙃
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThe DNC “outreach” guy…
Don’t be surprised if she finds a way to vote ‘Yes’ first customers @LAPlazaLA #BoulevardNights screening
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @monicaisliberal 😎 @Gartenberg Wonder if they’ll have a Steve Ballmer quoteThat’s not fair..ZZ Top’s beards have been much more consistent on Trump than Mensch’ll congratulate @SenDeanHeller when he votes ‘No’ on McConnell’s bill, not one second sooner… Signed 27 year Las Vegas, NV ResidentCan’t wait for the anti-govt/privacy folks to line up behind Zuckerberg & completly ignore the ironyRage Against the Machine - Wake Up - 7/24/1999 - Woodstock 99 East Stage (Official) - YouTube DOG NIGHT - LIAR (Rare Live 80s w / lyrics) - YouTube @isteintraum They’re all terrible people to the club…We’re considering getting jackets made to your mentions brosef
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaFar Right pushes these bills & wants them to go to the courts as test cases for overturning Roe & Griswold attempt by bitter white conservatives to silence black voices in the media like Joy Reid and Malcolm Nance…
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIf you had any lingering doubts about @LouiseMensch, she's taken to bashing @JoyAnnReid now. Go ahead and drop LM l…
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSunday Shows: Dickerson/FTN running the spectrum of politics from Center-Right, to Far Right to Crazy Right…, but had a good day at work, people are buying into the changes I’m making.Sometimes size DOES matter..although I bet you heard the opposite quite frequently Much Politics Not Enough Civics
2017 WH gets away w/it b/c the WH press corp lets them get away w/this This was published as an opinion piece. Apparently cataloging the numerous lies of the US President not a job… the least you can do is the most you will do…#Cowards know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House h…
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaWHCA meeting w/Trump Press Office @WHCA, I’d ask you to revoke Fox News credentials & boycott the briefings, but you have no moral/ethical coura… @eclecticbrotha They’re taking that ‘not giving a fuck’, way too literal.. @kathleenmadigan @TheMirageLV Good news, it’s gonna get all the way down to 85º tonightBy the way, our XMas merchandise has started arriving. Sending some Santa ornaments to a couple of stores.. Happy Holidays 🎅🎄😈Cats; our defense against The Weeping Angels a peep out of the ‘bros’ about DCCC, DNC & DNC ‘outreach’ head about those folks having any responsibility for electing DemsA small minority of extremist cowing the majority of a political party & dictating how a govt will be run...sounds…
E tu, Politico?
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaNo, what they wanted was to *those people* to pay more…and we all know who they mean by *those people* @akmcquade So….we should be seeing carpentry books added to your Amazon Wish list?