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Las Vegas area resident for 25 yrs.. #TexanInExile

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Has Hannity ever said a parent s/b held responsible for a child accidentally shooting themselves w/the parent’s gun ‘progressive’ of them…, Hillary should listen to Ted Cruz’s failed communications advisor b/c Cruz knew how to handle Trump <sarc>…at some point it becomes a lunch buffe and then a dinner buffet @gte @gruber @mgsiegler good news is, Las Vegas will hit 114º this weekend! @Lib_Librarian get a load of this pitch from Japanese baseball Cruz’s Zodiac alibi he’ll be 1 of 15 members of committee which will present draft platform to the convention for ratification @Shoq @kayleighmcenany from March ‘Trump wannabes shake up cable airwaves’ @Lib_Librarian I hear ‘gams’, I think ‘Bacall’ David French has never been ‘trendy’’m gonna need a Politifact & WaPo Fact check on this…(My guess; Pants on Fire & 5 Pinocchio ) Mayor is irrelevant regarding Raiders possible move to LV; stadium sites proposed are in county NOT city limits Black Melon?? we compare Fox News reaction to Trump criticizing press to their reaction to PBO criticizing press?#NotAllShapeShiftingLizards VOTES DONT COUNT UNTIL ELECTION DAY! day going as expected…3 day weekends are great, until you come back to workWHO COULD IT BE…BELIEVE IT OR NOT ITS JUST MEEEE!! @joanwalsh @LexAlexander what's said by @PressSec at Jun 8 WH press briefing will be telling @monicaisliberal thanks...never understood trashing Dem leaders then hoping they'll switch @monicaisliberal ..and that was? #notsnark
Tom Cotton’s staff positioning him as a possible Trump VP..…but it’s a really nice Trash Can @speechboy71 tech $$ is used to dealing w/too many in tech press who simply reprint PR statements as ‘news’ for #Hashtags 👍Trump’s tiny hands only make it *seem* big enough @AlGiordano They learned nothing from NYC & the primary…so many more to go @thejoshuablog You wanna take this one? fully digested?!
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia…and if anyone knows about not being entertaining, it’s Mitch ‘Yertle the Turtle’ McConnell day work week, then vacation for a week…so obviously it’s gonna be a very long week @andreagrimes FYI #tacobell…<<eye roll>>! Bad intenet! NO! those ‘confused’ by Eric Holder’s statement: vigilante: One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands. @thejoshuablog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Republicans are now 'Libertarians'? @blankbaby 80's glam wrestler look?...& so it begins #LVSummer
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaFeel the *disruption* @danielpunkass passed by Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery every day on way to school..both parent are buried there..the ads piss me offHope you added $10 to the therapy jar.. :) @Arianna8927 @Mediaite Wallace didn’t like Schiff pointing out Hillary, as SoS, did sames as Colin Powell, who kept his email @theonlyadult always disappointed in the number of ‘liberals’ who are antI-Muslim bigots & the ‘liberals’ who support themWe sell them at Bellagio for about $450 @Gus_802 but still nothing like seeing Blackbirds on Okinawa when Dad was stationed there from 73-75 @Gus_802 occasionally see fighter jets training over Nellis AFB range, they are impressive @rolling_2 Reid will make calls…Merkley should be expecting it @rolling_2 1st question asked at Wed WH briefing will be about the primary…they *may* wait until DC primary on 6/14…I hope notMary Matalin has lost it… ‘shouting’- bad Trump LYING- <<crickets>> lived here in the Las Vegas valley 26 years… @beardedstoner Gorilla Grodd is a real threat @steakhousegirl @MattMurph24 w/the neoestablishment protecting the neopatriarchy of course @monicaisliberal 30sec to charge the account & 5 days to reverse them…That is fucked up… @JoshuaHol Scarier…All of the red counties wanted Sharon Angle as their US Senator in 2010 @MattMurph24 You’re neoWelcome 😎It’s their neopetty neocliche & neomeme for a neoinsult they think we neocare about HRC: 174 checks, 51% true/ mostly true Trump: 117 checks, 9% true/ mostly true. Both sides do it.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaCountdown to “this Samsung S is a piece of crap” commencing cc: @thejoshuablog #TweetingFromAPlane tweet @Karoli @bluegal or Sara Mclachan’s ‘I will remember you’ 😈Looking forward to 2020, when Trump runs again, while denying he ran in 2016, much less lost to HillaryThe Struggle is real! like a Monty Python sketch who doesn't believe Depp's agent sent out a call for statements of support; I've gotta couple of tickets 'Mortdecai' for you @chezpazienza his bio is a Portlania episodeGo forth & make us proud... @shwood woof! @technosailor where's the punching money ad? @monicaisliberal if it last more than 3 minutes, it's porn...Is there any poll showing Trump "winning" w/Hispanics or women? @jkfecke @daveweigel at least if the wifi goes down they likely have plenty of sys admins to fix itThat's a phrase you'll here a lot over the next 5 months; "the Trump campaign clarified..." Hiding racism behind unfettered free market capitalism & states rights @txvoodoo @TooTwistedTV takes time for a text to travel 50+ yrs into the futurePres. Obama had Pat Buchnan et al pegged 8 years ago... the current House Majority Whip Rep Steve Scaliae (R-LA) spoke to a white supremacist group in 2002 Paul, is not part of the DC club & is treated as a crazy outsider, even though Paul arguably has/had more voters upportWhere Pat Buchanan & Ron Paul differ, is Pat has better friends in the DC press corps who consider him the *likable* racist unclethe "Libertarian Party" lost all when they embraced Ron Paul, his racism & his religious bigotry, in the name of 'states rights' @speechboy71 @word_34 Hillary 8 yrs ago reacted to those press stories & lost..I believe they've learned to ignore them...but apparently Graham can't "take a punch" #ProfilesInCowdice
@TooTwistedTV or it's future youOld enough to remember republicans attacking Teresa Heinz Kerry for being 'too foreign'soon to be followed by an editorial bemoaning campaigns use of personal attacks rather than 'real issues' @rolling_2 '04 Bush/Cheney campaign chief strategist who now claims to be an 'independent' so he can concern troll Dems @rolling_2 @KCJiminDC Trump scam: start w/small amount of his $ -> have others add more $ -> pay self back-> leave others w/the bill @monicaisliberal toss a PBR towards the door & watch them scrambleWait, What? #Bernie Says Democratic Primary ‘Not Rigged, We Knew What the Rules Were’ #FeelTheBern #WomenTrumpDonald
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @Karoli ;) @eclecticbrotha @word_34 he'll get the chance tomorrow on MTP & FTN voters won't be engaged in the campaign until the conventions & fully until after Labor Day