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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 25 yrs.. #TexanInExile

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Whenever I see this stuff in thrift stores I think, "Aw, a person with no taste died."
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaOnly for those who consider Sarah & Bristol newsworthy RT @jesseberney: Wait, Lanny Davis’s opinions are newsworthy?Car goes into the shop on Tues…no expense to me, other driver’s insurance covering all repairs plus my rental carPrimer on the hackery, that is David Brooks from @Mr_Electrico ^@bluegal @ProLeftPodcastDear David Brooks; How about we start w/examining *your* character? just walked by a man buckling his kid into a car seat and I heard him say only one thing: "Daddy isn't taking questions right now."
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaPaging @beardedstoner ‘Drill baby drill’ et al had nothing to do w/oil for domestic use way to start a Friday… consensus between a fake ‘moderate’ repub & a fake ‘journalist’ about a fake ‘fiscal conservative’ @Atrios: parody just shot itself. decided it was of no more use to civilization @JoeNBC The good old days…
@Moltz @ShawnKing You mean @dmoren isn’t the evil Ron Howard?Very glad to see Los Lobos nominated for Rock Hall of Fame. A real band, consistently great for 40+ years
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaLOL.. RT @eclecticbrotha: Democrats watching the GOP implode like came to mind & seemed appropriate 😈‘The Caine Mutiny’ come to mind checking the back of every milk carton in the grocery store to find Reince Preibus, has anyone seen that guy lately?
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@eclecticbrotha he’s w/WaldoSays the poisoner RT @FoxNews: @FrankLuntz: There’s a poison in Washington right now, & that just took the career of @GOPLeader. #KellyFileRT @GlennF: ah ha h haha h aha ha ah ahahaahhha ha hahahahah aha ha a ha hah haha haa help me out, which one is Issa? overheard outside Repub ‘Freedom Caucus’ meeting Scott Brown checking Zillow for available rentals..@Popehat …and he’ll post dozens of tweets swearing he’s not obsessed w/you@nadyne woohoo! Las Vegas beach property FTW!@sherifffruitfly if it were true, it’d mean she *isn’t* smarter than a 10 year old #NoSurprise@rolling_2 Can’t…that space is already full
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia<checks for peas> RT @nytimes: Here’s a recipe for chocolate cupcakes that are moist and sweet – and vegan House Repubs, go ahead & give Newt another chance. Filed Under: A picture is worth a 1000 words It is an evil place from which nothing good escapes. 2. Some dude keeps kicking it. 3. Near the Billy Goat Tavern
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Popehat nobody says ‘slide rule’ anymore? #ImOld@keethers announcing your bid for House Speaker?Have Fox News, House repubs & repub Pres candidates blamed Pres Obama for House repubs leadership incompetence yet?@LiberalPhenom Newt trolling for next ex?@gte 👿 RT @owillis: Cause you had a bad day You're taking one down You sing a sad song just to turn it around @marcoarment @tiffanyarment I look forward to the compressive flour review on To quote the House repub caucus; “Who?”From @NYTimeskrugman re Paul Ryan
Nope..mutated drop bear RT @MattMurph24: Is Rupert Murdoch a real human being?@gte Batfrog always wins careful…you know what too much YouTube cooking sarcasm leads to…. yep, everyone was waiting for an old Aussie white guy to decide who the ‘real’ black people are <eye roll>@SaraLang #sharksideeye can i please have a pet washing bear?
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Karoli FYI it was the crows! I swear…it…was…the crows! 😱@rolling_2 @keethers HRC agrees w/PBO- ‘HRC has no new ideas!’ HRC disagrees w/PBO- ‘HRC is disloyal to PBO!’ #KobayashiMaruSave this link to send to every DC pundit who ever cites Drudge… Drudge rants conspiracy bizarre conspiracies to Alex Jones…The same Drudge DC press/pundits fawn over of people who enjoy wallowing crap…as long as it pays…corrupt is, as corrupt does
@beardedstoner ..I was, of course, referring to the yogurt@beardedstoner Greek?@rolling_2 people are acting as if Fox News/repubs would simply ignore Biden’s past votes in the Senate & his previous campaigns@TheObamaDiary …or ‘Glenn Greenwald says you’re awesome; How’s it feel to be as awesome as Glenn?‘@Gus_802 …and every Mexican living there, or passing thru, snickers knowingly 😎Oh look Ron Fournier trying to bait @davidbrockdc One of my favorites, S5E17 ‘The Supremes’@blogdiva never met him, that seems an accurate appraisal@monicaisliberal 🎉@blogdiva no..he’s not part of the campaign or the debate prep.Like father, like son..Franklin Graham is a religious bigot
@eclecticbrotha @LisaMcCray Candy corn- sugared wax Conversation hearts- sugared chalkAgree w/Andrew Lack, ‘Morning Joe *is* influential..It influenced me to stop watching MSNBC/NBC News
@rolling_2 which will then morph into ‘why is Hillary hiding Bill?’Referring to Pres Obama as ‘Barry’, removes any credibility you had & proves you’re just another rightwing asshole@1lolamarina @Mr_Electrico @Shoq book had a couple more dangerous incidents, less contact w/earth, more hard science@Shoq @Mr_Electrico ‘Yes, of course duct tape works in near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped’@Shoq have you read the book?@brianstelter my 2¢: news orgs- report the news, all of it analysts/all other- avoid using the name of the murderer(s)@monicaisliberal yum…perfectly cooked w/individual grains..I hate sticky rice@keethers Is David Gregory officially working for Bibi now?Peas? RT @EJDionne: My Twitter feed doesn’t claim any culinary expertise. But this is a good recipe and wise advice. is the driver RT @Marmel: #IAskTheToughQuestions Picture via @Polislice @rolling_2 Day paw & night paw?
@Green_Footballs wonder if Roger Ailes will make her go blonde?Shocking absolutely no one.. ‘Pro-Life: Love the prenatal, indifferent to the postnatal@beardedstoner your fault for buying her those black pajamasI knew the game would be ugly, which is why I never intended to watch@rolling_2 You have Mia Love & we have Michele Fiore…you wanna trade? Safari 9.0.1 Question: Why is the last active tab staying open when I open a new set of tabs?Fox News/repub political #FUD brought to you from Politico when Fox News/Repubs hammered the IRS for questioning tax exempt TeaParty groups? MSNBC “Lean Forward” Have you seen this? #ForTheLOL at 3:15am 👿 RT @(me): Let’s see if I can sleep past 5am, especially since I’ve been awake since 3am Friday morning@TooTwistedTV saw this on my morning walk...can't argue w/the point
Let’s see if I can sleep past 5am, especially since I’ve been awake since 3am Friday morningHow many rightwing hacks has Maher helped promote?Some of you all still watching Bill Maher? May as well add add Glenn Beck & Info Wars to your watchlist..Biggest Lie about guns in America: NRA, gun dealers aren’t selling ‘protection’, they’re selling fear, paranoia & death@theonlyadult I’d forward the story & complaints to @Sulliview, but that’s a waste of timeWhy I cancelled my NYT subscription RT @theonlyadult: Maggie will be Maggie. Now if Hillary Clinton said that…
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