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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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@ritaag @NegraYLibre he interrupted his FL trip to see his kids & just so happened to have his cohost w/him... @TooTwistedTV you know what they say about smoking weed & memory loss....😎He has his show's Twitter account pimping his own op-ed as a "must read"? #CircleJerk sensible person is buying JoeScar's excuses; the party was well publicized & JoeScar had to know about it yes, Hillary camp made some mistakes, but Comey letter & email hacking were *unprecedented* can't plan for the unprecedented!Problem isn't partisans like Byron York, WSJ or Fox News carry water for Trump, it's 'nonpartisan' news orgs NBC, CBS, NYT, CNN doing itIf you're shocked Byron York said something provably false about Dems, you really should get out more
@rolling_2 @omimargo VP confirmation is by both House & Senate, so Ryan is plausible#EvergreenTweet cities need to refuse to be blackmailed /cajoled/lied to by billionaires to use taxpayer $$ to build sports stadiums @debrahendrix worse..he went to FL w/his ‘coworker’ be w/his kids for the holidays, then set up a meeting to pitch an interviewOpen advocate JoeScar; Raise your hand if you’ve been #BlockedByJoe ✋️ excuse: I wasn’t ‘partying’, I left my kids to grovel w/my “cohost” <nudge nudge wink wink> for an ‘interview’ w/Trump @andreagrimes fyi & Breitbart: Trolling for $$ comes at you at a modest pace
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @monicaisliberal it is funny how Eagles players/fans acting as if the game matters to CowboysLOL….Mark Sanchez “quarterback” @eclecticbrotha @Maggyw519 It’s a bad knockoff of a bad Mediaite piece Sanchez being his most Mark Sanchezist1) Not surprised WSJ won’t hold republican POTUS accountable 2) Press corps is always loathe to use the word “lie”…
Actually made it until midnight….haven’t that in years 💥🎇🎉🍾🏑Dear 2016....#NewYearsEve @txvoodoo here you go…also Happy New Year @rolling_2 biscuits too?There is no other “ally” or country besides Israel seemingly exempt from all criticism of even its most shameful policies #BothSidesNobody looks forward to a Douthat piece…including his editors Drinking (2010) #IMDb “Star Wars”…. @keethers Alabama -14 …52 o/uBecause McCain was so effective at stopping Bush/Cheney torture policy <<sarc>> @Elana_Brooklyn 1972 Faces-You Wear It Well …looks like Rod is reading the lyrics 😁
@insanityreport did you remember the hangers? @monicaisliberal the future is here,000 visitors expected 149,476 hotels rooms w/a 98.5% occupancy rate 80,000 fireworks New Years Eve in Las Vegas, a Moët vending machine….’d you get $20? Guy gave it to me, said to stand here & watch for cops Why would he do that? Don’t know, but I… applies to Pence, Ryan, McConnell, Fox News, JoeScar etc…they wanted the ‘win’ & didn’t care about the ‘How’…… didn’t care to know or knew but didn’t care…
Was considering getting basic cable again…until they wanted a $75 ‘one time fee’…NOPE“without a swipe”…except for the “long overdue” part…<<grumbles>> why do McCain/Graham get an undeserved benefit of… @PhilipMichaels That moment when people staggering out of LV after NYE tag in the people coming into LV for CES is always funGreenwald on Fox News, where he always wanted to be.. #Fraud this won’t dissuade Greenwald’s/The Intercepts most ardent fanboys. 🙄
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaRyan/McConnell support Pres Obama’s sanctions against Russia; their rhetorical gymnastics when Trump rescinds them will be LOL worthyD:
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”- Halon’s RazorTrump isn’t “gaslighting’ anyone, he’s simply being an assholeThis week- In Search of: The Mythical Principled GOP Next Week- In Search of: The Loch Ness Monster see @McClatchyDC is once again carrying water for Larry Klayman’s “Judicial Watch”…
Paul Anka- (You’re) Having My Baby“Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case (updated)” …Do I want a live mic recording 24/7/365? NOPE @moiseschiu Too many people are underestimating PBO, he’s not going to let Trump & repubs destroy what he built..I can hardly wait<<sigh>> corp HR red tape & the holidays mean new start date for promotionLas Vegas New Years Tradition: NYE celebrants heading out of town just in time for CES folks heading into town…UHF & VHF TV channels how to fold a paper road map was a thing…. didn’t win “half the country” More people for Hillary We’re not “patronizing”, we’re appalled White privileg…
Not holding my breath….’re a racist & a coward… Fisher/Bruno Kirby "When Harry Met Sally"...sidewalk scene when harry met sally 2 - YouTube One: $318mill domestic box office & $555mill worldwide…so much for the gamergate/mra ‘boycott’ESPN chose disgraced Gov of NJ to opine on the success of the football team in Dallas Texas Dems win, press believes it’s Dems job to ‘reconcile’ w/repubs. When repubs win, the press believes it’s Dems job to get out of the wayExample: CNN’s Dana Bash believes Senate Dems should “say uncle“ & not follow McConnell’s obstructionist tactics… does press holds Dem/Liberals to higher standard than Repubs/Conservatives? Because they know one side *has* a higher standardPress thinks of itself as the 4th branch of govt & why they try desperately to legitimize Trump; if he’s not legitimate, neither are they
@monicaisliberal I’m just saying’ cc: @monicaisliberal
@txvoodoo @angiep213 @OnlyAngi Merry Christmas!
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaYou mean besides Hannity & JoeScar, right?“When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross,” this were #ClintonRules Ryan’s staged photo op would be replayed on a loop & brought up in every interview to sh…"Your handwriting looks like Santa's handwriting." Michelle's gone but damn if she didn't leave a little detective.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaMy mom's reaction to her present is so heartwarming #Grateful
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@theonlyadult I’m sure @DonaldJTrumpJr thinks he’s John McLane, but he’s really Harry Ellis A Christmas Carol (1938) Alternative: Scrooged….ChargersWillow to @CLINT: "You can't be a Ghostbuster. Ghostbusters are girls!" Delicious.
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