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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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It’s the Reagan years all over again, except the doddering somewhat charming old fool is now a raging racist clueless egomaniac!We’re really gonna do this again; massive $$ to military w/tax cuts to the wealthiest & *then* cite “budget deficits” to cut social welfare….and they want to increase military spending while doing MORE tax cuts for the 1% & corporations…InsanityTo get military spending Trump or McCain want, Repubs will have to enact MASSIVE spending cuts in non discretionary spending.Trump wants a $54billion increase in $$ to Pentagon & war hawks like McCain say that’s not enough? Trump wants $603billion in defense spending & McCain wants $640billion
So Yemen is the fiasco Repubs claimed Benghazi was...without the multiple investigations & Fox News outrage'm willing to give Barro the same benefit of a doubt about his intententions which he gave Hillary about her's..Got this one right are gonna want to save this McConnell quote for the midterms #Resist #HowWeWin will try to give a policy speech, in front of Congress, filled w/Dems who detest him, in prime time… #popcorn @eclecticbrotha NERD!!!
The VT Senator is only interested in helping the VT Senator..First, last & always @danbenjamin 👏👏👏👏Major Garrett having the last laugh @rolling_2 I'd suggest wine, but Trump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯...and then there was this days ago "WH denies report Navy Secretary nominee will withdraw" @monicaisliberal some things you can't unsee or forget ...😱 @monicaisliberal only thing worse than ketchup on steak is ketchup on happens, I've seen it ((shudder))The question of what the hell Mike Allen knows about actual journalism remains open.#payola
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaTruffle, yes. Garlic, no. @fawfulfan from earlier today done steak is bad enough, but ketchup is adding insult to injury"A Simple Plan" supports equal rights for all people. #MGMCares
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @dmoren you have one of these? Under #IronyIsDead bias in this at all <<sarc>><cough> @ThisWeekABC @GStephanopoulos </cough> regrets about you & Mika taking Trump phone calls, going to Trump Tower or leaving your kids while in FL to gro… says this “in the South”…’t failed to notice the critics of Tom Perez who cite his ties to Hillary, ignoring his tenure in the Obama AdministrationWith Ellison standing beside Perez, can the ‘Keith is a sell out’ pieces be far behind?The VT Sen fans believe the only way to fight Trumpism is to form their own personality cult… How ‘progressive’ of themBerniebros: We are leaving because Tom Perez won .......... Me:
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @armandodkos @ritaag I’d say #Cheers Weaver needs to go back to selling Pokémon cardsThose fundraising & promoting their “brand” by trying to divide Dems & Progressives are neither…
If you took a paycheck from Fox News/Roger Ailes you really shouldn't be judging who the "real" Dems are<<eye roll>> #FoxNewsDem Tom Perez and Family! Dems Unite.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThe Intercept couldn't care less about the Democratic PartyFiled Under #LowBar Keith Ellison the deputy chair is a great way to separate Ellison's Democratic supporters from the toxic BernieBros.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSitting here..drinking my Woodford & enjoying some #schadenfreudeA united Democratic Party is not only our best hope, it's Donald Trump's worst nightmare. #DNCChair #DNCFuture
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaCongrats @TomPerez 👍Nope…not gonna jump on the Issa train unless/until he actual *does* somethingSarah Huckabee Sanders on This Week FtN has become Dem averse MtP letting Cotton rehab after his town hall debacle no problem w/Ellison or Perez…but I have huge issues w/not Dems supporters of Ellison trying to say who is or is not a DemDidn’t really care who the DNC chair is, but the not a Dem VT Sen & his people making this a proxy battle has me rethinking that stance
Does this mean JoeScar/Mika won't be making anymore trips to Trump Tower or that they'll stop taking Trump's calls?… US Press corps: We warned you about Trump, you chose ratings & page clicks...We await your apology.Paging @andreagrimes @andreagrimes nothing good ever happens at the pump chili station... @monicaisliberal So happy for you....& more than a bit enviousAgain...for a guy that lies so much, Trump lies very badly easily disprove Trump boast about six-block crowd waiting to hear him speak at CPAC | RawStory…
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaNope...don't trust the VT Senator, won't trust the VT Senator, can't trust the VT Senator @Shoq scotch involved in that decision too?Wake me when Shep tells it to Hannity, O'Reilly & the Fox & Friends bobbleheads @Shoq I imaging glasses of scotch were involved...but @maddow said Greta was her buddy @Shoq @Shoq 😼 party opposes teaching Darwinian Evolution but their policies are heaped in Social Darwinism to be get a serious illness Freedom to not be covered Freedom to go bankrupt Freedom to die b/c you could… propose we ban the word “authentic” from all political writing.
...and there's a Z*ma bot @monicaisliberal couldn't find the Zima?
If you won't protect your own child against Trump, then how can anyone trust you to protect theirs? committed to "protecting" students, you deny them the protection of the federal government..You're a liar & a… @txvoodoo @TomCottonAR substitute "Defense" or "Homeland Security" for "Education" & maybe he'll see how idiotic that statement isAnyone compiling a list of 2010 elected TeaParty backed repubs who now refuse to have townhalls? #COWARDSThanks for all the retweets/favs #ReachOut
Press/Pundits Dems win: Dems must reach out Dems lose: Dems must reach out Repubs win: Dems must reach out Repubs lose: Dems must reach outMilo isn’t the first racist asshole Bill Mahler has ‘found common ground’ with, just ask Ann CoulterShould. Won't.
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