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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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No rain clear skies.
Wing nut welfare strikes again....
A bit of sight seeing was a busy but somewhat weird day...
...and so the Conway-Romney-Trump story goes away.Conway claims "landslide", hours later Trump does same...all so Trump/repubs can claim a false mandate…or that a contract w/Trump is worthless, for gawds sake...shut up Bernie! . . try to show a bit of humility & classChances my stay will be extended- 75%9 hr day...things are coming along a fan of ‘rain fall’ style showers… @beardedstoner dot thats a ‘No’?<<popcorn gif>>
Hello, Washington DC…I am in you.Have 3 @pattonoswalt comedy shows loaded for the flight…Let’s do this!Full flight..I’m in A group rest of my group in late B & C..I think they hate me 😈Surprised...not as busy as I expected & I sailed through security. Now I just have to wait for flight to board..Wow…curbside baggage check to gate in 15min!Guess we’re supposed to forget Katrina being a Putin apologist re Ukraine @MarkHarrisNYC @eclecticbrotha @DrJillStein we already have that option in NV Ingraham & Monica Crowley are also in the running..all equally terrible factions in Trump WH Trump family protecting their business Bannon protecting Breitbart voters Pence protecting Repub establishmentReally ABC, Cenk?….couldn’t find any other real Dems or liberals? @owillis I feel the same way about watching Rachel Maddow.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!’s criticism of Romney’s ‘credentials’ apply even more so to Rudy G unloads on Romney | AP Photo
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaGood morning @monicaisliberal #breakfast Popovich, a coach of a team in Texas, can speak out this forcefully, then why aren’t more? #Cowards’m sure Trump/Bannon know & approved her doing so…They’re sending a message…Show fealty or we will destroy you @MittRomney; Heard enough? Regrow the spine you had & tell Trump to ‘shove off’… live in NV, we elected a Dem Senator, Dem Congresswoman & went for Hillary…When did NV become a ‘coastal’ state? @neeratanden @ABCPolitics Paul Ryan should be taking notes b/c *this* is what he can expect if he crosses TrumpThe way they are treating Romney...humiliation politics in full display.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @eclecticbrotha I guess @NickCannon’s new movie ‘On the Road to Hotep’ will be opening soon..(3) Cuba (4) Jill Stein…also Trump is not a ‘populist’, he’s a con man using white middle class insecurity & racism to further his *business* interestIndeed, the ‘far-left’ has open disdain for Dem pols & Dem institutions, while the goal from the ‘far-right’ has be… canard from the press.. The ‘far-left’ has little influence in Democratic Party politics, while the far-… the far-right has the WH, Congress & Fox News, while the ‘far-left’ has…?? repubs have said for past 8 years: “How will we pay for it?” Words repubs won’t say for next 4 years: “How will we pay for it?”“if I were to offer <blank> would you have any concerns or questions?”…fairly common negotiation tactic Falwell thing is probably true but I imagine Trump makes a dozen informal offers a day
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThe President is trying to ensure Cuba remains on the road to more freedom..spitting on Fidel’s grave hurts that ef… the messages simple & direct: “Hillary won more votes.” “More American voters chose the Democratic Party” need to constantly remind press, pundits, repubs & Trump of the *2 million* more Americans who chose Hillary over Trump…Dems spent months touting our “Electoral College advantage” & we got burned by it…again. This conversation should have been had in 2001of course Hillary campaign would participate in any recounts…but I don’t believe they expect any major changesDems need to stick to “Our candidate won more votes”, start making arguments based on where American wealth is & you lose the high groundThe only Democrat on any Sunday show will be the one challenging Pelosi for leadership of House Dems & drive by Dem, Bernie SandersRubio-ABC, NBC, CBS Sanders-ABC, CNN Conway-ABC, NBC, CNN Tim Ryan- NBC, Fox Show Preview Looks like this’ll be a(nother) ‘what’s wrong w/Dems’ week
@tomcoates 2 work (steel toes) 1 ea black, brown dress shoes 1 cross trainer 1 walking 1 clog 1 ea brown, black casual 1 outdoor work @tomcoates 10..Wondering why do JoeScar & Mika relate to Trump? Perhaps… @scATX while in HS I worked many fundraisers grilling sausages on a stick 🤘 @hotdogsladies this scene ‘Unbreakable’, killed me @beardedstoner what goes w/those chips, red, white or Thunderbird? @txvoodoo @Karoli #puppy's political reset button: When you're trying to fit in at the holiday office party. (h/t @wilw)
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @kellyoxford yeah, that was annoying…as was the ham fisted ways they used to revisit too many side characters
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia[White] People are treating the DAPL protest like Burning Man via @Dazed
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIt’s Voldemort’s stepbrother Fredomort forgot to remind you all to *NOT* #repost this pic of Trump…it makes him sad @HRC on Marco Rubio @pattonoswalt mostly grains, but close enough……20and then 2020, a census year which will be used for redistricting…failure of Dems to come out in 2010 led to muc… @Lib_Librarian coincidence, I’m sure @rolling_2 a sampling of the authors other pieces @Lib_Librarian that is, of course, if dogs let you @inthefade congrats I had a 2003 that made it 10yrs before I traded it in..Outrageous that @Delta didn't kick him off immediately.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaW00H00! Boarding group ‘A’!!!"Don't fuck with me, asshole. I'm a scientist."
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia…and every bit of the information was available *BEFORE* the election @Aleen something like this? CALL YOURSELF ‘WATER’? YOU’RE NOT EVEN MOIST!….#GoNotAlabama