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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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The Good NV Senator… from 1954 #BrownVsBoardofEducation @jkottke always… @peterdaou @HillaryClinton 9th Circuit to Trump Circuit Court to Donald Trump…“We engage in policy, not politics” #LameAss corp speak PR speak for “If it helps our bottom line; F*ck ‘Em!”
But hey...emails.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIf you liked Edwin Meese, you’re gonna love Jeff SessionsDear @Sen_JoeManchin: this is called “Leadership” & “Courage”…you should try it sometime of this; Sessions as AG, Bannon as WH power broker, travel bans, incoherent/incompetent dangerous policies…but “emails” won the electionWonder how the 4.4 million who voted Johnson/Weld & the 1.4mill who voted Stein/Baraka feeling about their choices..#repostSanvean (I am your shadow) - Lisa Gerrard - YouTube…but Bernie got TPP killed McCain called @SenWarren “Pocahontas” b/c “our President calls her that” How ‘moderate’ of her <sarc>Speaking of people whose opinions I couldn’t care less about…., I don’t care about George Will no longer being on Fox ‘News’…Note: Collins & Murkowski, who the press calls “moderate republicans”, joined in the shameful rebuke of Warren Warren and Booker and the "sellout Dems" were fighting Sessions, Bernie was engaged in a display of vanity with a fellow narcissist.
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Ego, hubris, vanity..they’re both jackasses….Your pick; McConnell juggled the Sessions & DeVos votes so Sessions could vote for DeVos…and now Sen Dems truly understand repubs full embrace of Trumpism.<cough>Bannon</cough>, read it….& despair for the future of cable/network ‘news’ is an easy ‘No’ vote…& a sign of the contempt repubs have for public education & the federal Dept of Education“accumulation of data” phrase coming from someone known to scorn computers/tech; guessing Bannon dictated it to Tru… VP casting deciding vote b/c majority juggled vote schedule to allow w/another nominee to cast vote #bananarepublic
@peterdaou …and I check the author’s previous post
I see what you did there… Stein just set up the GoFundMe recount campaign…at least I finished setting up my excel templates..13 sheets…REF..COUNT..AVE..all I have to do know is enter 5 weeks of daily dataCongrats SF 49ers on your new head coach who blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl…#ThatsMyStoryAndImStickingToIt @wilshipley @TatianaKing @owillis @JordanHeckFF Missed him by *that* much people are now cheering for the Southern team against the New England team! #NotPatriotsDear @ACLU: for any future contempt citations Save the World: Secret Iran Talks with Jake Sullivan //Excellent talk about Iran Deal News/repubs get apoplectic when Dems don’t clearly condemn heinous people & yet w/regard to Putin…. wanna remind Kellyanne of her criticism of Trump tweets when she was working for Ted Cruz #Hypocrisy unreal: Fox News chose THAT clip to promote the interview…
I doubt she would want your “god’$” love…I also really don’t like Alec BaldwinIt’s better to mock Spicer than make Trump into a cartoon character, because there’s nothing funny about what Trump/Bannon are doing to govtMelissa McCarthy just played Sean Spicer on SNL, and gawdamn, I hope it's a recurring role.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaI won’t give SNL a pass for letting Trump host days after calling Mexicans rapist..they helped normalize his racism #NeverForget @marcoarment do they always look like happy drunks?Well…that’s interesting & has the added benefit of pissing off 🐖💨@Shoq @dannysullivan ‘Time for the Stars’ was my intro to scifi @monicaisliberal big font for big thoughts…#ThatsMyStoryAndImStickingToItWhat’s the point of citing a film about the brutal rape & murder of a transgender man…Don’t answer, I know what you… addressed that here via @PasteWrestling
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia4 Words: Merrick Garland…you jackass! @rolling_2 👍 Utah ‘Red Mass’ West Wing S4E4, rapidly approaching @JoshMalina’s debut @Shoq @MSNBC @tombrokaw nothing the press likes more than celebrating the pressImagine Pres Obama giving that same answer… Now, imagine Fox News/Bill O’Reilly’s reaction. Trump/O’Reilly T: it’s true because I say so O: good answer T: also, brown people O: of course! #NotPatriots #SuperBowl, Infowars, his anti baldness meds…Your pick Why isn’t there a movement to #BoycottWWE? The McMahon’s are Trump supporters & Linda McMahon is his SBA nomineeExecutive, Legislative, Judicial; Three co-equal branches of government…CONSTITUTIONAL government should also stop using Trump campaign surrogates Are Trump’s tweets from his personal account subject to Presidential Records Act like those using the POTUS account?…and so is CNN ‘State of the Nation’ see CBS ‘Face the Nation’ is a Dem free zone…again
The 1st Woodford went down soooo smooth…. <sent from 4th Woodford>
The #BowlingGreenMassacre lie is @KellyannePolls using ‘blood libel’ against Muslims…“Hardball”, never has been… we get some scorn for Chris Matthews blasting right past Kellyanne’s #BowlingGreenMassacre lie?Right message, wrong messenger… course not, Savannah Guthrie is white… always more concerned w/sucking up to power than challenging it… @Karoli @txvoodoo #Puppy and McCain are experts at getting press for looking like they're doing something, when they're really doing nothing. Or worse.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaMy take: Military officials believe the mission was reckless & were drowned out by the ‘cowboys’ who watch too many… how the 4.4 million who voted Johnson/Weld & the 1.4mill who voted Stein/Baraka feeling about their choices..#epostA Dem POTUS would be subject to ridicule & rebuke, not to mention multiple Congressional investigations…but Trump g…