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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 25 yrs.. #TexanInExile

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@peterdaou Jeff Weaver = Steve Schmidt @eclecticbrotha Piano? I always thought of you as a Hammond B3 guy see NYT has finished deploying its ’92-’00 Clinton reporting Style Guide @peterdaou Has MSNBC ‘liberal’ Steve Kornacki corrected his erroneous Iowa point toss posts?
…why the NV caucus is so much better than IA & NH, no ‘last call’…and to hold your olive…and that explains the Vanity Fair puff piece attempt at a walk back ever… for hunting season, apparently..… and this is ‘news’ because??… Press anywhere. #DemDebate
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @Karoli @txvoodoo @rolling_2 @speechboy71 Richard Nixon admired Barbara Bush because “she knows how to hate” @QueenofSpain @eclecticbrotha johnny & alcohol have a long history …word was, his buddy took the fall to protect Manziel @MLebarno His father is a racist & Rand simply uses his ‘libertarian” views as code to hide his #blockDC press finally realizing Rand Paul is as big (or bigger) fraud as his racist conspiracy nut father, Ron..Jeff Weaver is Bernie Sanders’ Steve SchmidtAnderson Cooper pressing Hillary about taking speaking fees… @eclecticbrotha You can call me ‘Al’ @eclecticbrotha 1 word response to that kid- Kardashian..
@EricBoehlert as the press conspicuously avoids looking in the mirror you enjoy the breeze as Hillary’s point when flying over your head? do I get the feeling the only way to be called a ‘progressive’ in Bernie’s world, it to agree w/everything Bernie says..No link, no attribution…#NotJournalism for the Sanders campaign to accuse Rep John Lewis being a Wall Street sellout Under: #PotKettle @Karoli would that include the Nurses Union superpac supporting Bernie? @Lib_Librarian My guess: Rubio was the only one who answered the phoneThey’re so ‘overrated’, the Sanders campaign has to lie about receiving them… @eclecticbrotha I’m sure many Dem & independent voters would be surprised to know they’re “guilty” of being moderate2) Now, if you do want to make it about who's a "real progressive," @BernieSanders, what were you on these days?
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIn no rational world are ’harpie’ & ‘bro’ equally pejorative…<subtweet> @QueenofSpain You read this? It’s EXCELLENT! @BernieSanders: most progressives I know resent being told how to be progressiveAlso: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 82 Scalia, 79 Kennedy, 78 Breyer, 76
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @jkfecke wonder if Bernie considers his stand on guns to be progressive?…most would say it’s moderateMany Americans are progressive on social issues but are more ‘moderate’ when their paycheck/pocketbook are at stakeThis is why Bernie can’t win a national campaign ##NaiveOrStupid @lvdjgarcia What's this? A gendered double standard? SHOCKING #sarcasm
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia2008: Hillary held personally responsible for her campaign‘s actions 2016: Bernie is never held accountable for his campaign’s actions.@astrid_NV your courage and activism make a real difference. Honored to fight beside you—you're part of this team, not a press hit.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaC'mon, Bernie peeps! Leave DREAMers alone. If they want to endorse @HillaryClinton, that's their right because, America.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaWhat ever you do, DON’T GOOGLE HIM! 😈 of Sanders campaign lashing out at anyone who *dares* endorse HRC is a poor reflection on Bernie is embarrassing to the Sanders campaign… please delete & apologize much about Bernie that he stated PBO should have a primary challenger in 2012, yet Bernie didn’t have a courage to do it himself…& there’s my issue w/Bernie, he seems divorced from responsibility for the actions & statements of his campaign & Jeff WeaverProblem for Sanders campaign; their supporters alone have driven more people away from their candidate & towards HRC…& Bernie says nothing @eclecticbrotha HRC suggested Flint debate, Sanders demanded NY debate…MI votes 3/8, NY 4/19…Sanders won’t be relevant by the time NY votes
To be fair, Cruz *is* a pretty big pile of shit.. fan of Bill Moyers for a long time, but NO..You do NOT get to lecture Pres Obama @rolling_2 Wonder if Hillary can get them to perform this at her inauguration? @Lib_Librarian It did give us a pretty funny Bill Murray film.. @megancarpentier @HillaryClinton or perhaps.. @Dirk2112, Sen Orrin Hatch filed “Equal Right to Govern Amendment” to allow CA Gov Schwarzenegger to run for POTUS @Lib_Librarian 1st concert in 1978 AC/DC (Bon Scott) opened for them on Journey’s ‘Infinity’ tour @gte 2003 Sen Orrin Hatch (R-UT) wanted to amend the Constitution to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run republicans after the veto override failed.. @jsnell @tiffanyarment as someone who’s worked in retail distribution for 25+yrs, there is no way that’s an XLWell, that explains Travis Kalanick… @TooTwistedTV Righty tighty, lefty loosey! :) @polybi2 #ZZTop @shoq @rolling_2 You gotta read this.. @courtenlow “An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton” All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaThis is brilliant > An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaJonah Goldberg’s entire career is based on his mother convincing Linda Tripp to betray the confidence of Monica Lewinsky.. #Hack…and of course there was no disclosure of Goldberg’s bias by @USATODAY b/c McNewspaper doesn’t do journalism #Hacks.@USATODAY published opinion piece by Jonah Goldberg on HRC. Jonah’s mother was major player in Clinton/Lewinsky scandal #NotJournalismpre-registered for the NV Dem Caucus on Feb 20…Your printer has ‘Fournier Mode’? @rolling_2 hope you’re saving that screencap for after Super Tuesday @rolling_2 DC Pundits & anti-HRC Dems- 6 months ago: Strong primary opponent helps HRC Now: OMG what happened to Hillary!My day started inside a 40′ container, unloading 1000+ cases (25 lbs ea) of pool rafts… @Lib_Librarian @beardedstoner Iowa Caucus.. Donald Trump: @eclecticbrotha @eclecticbrotha @Wolfrum @ReignOfApril guess we can go back to ignoring Iowa....
Political kerning @QueenofSpain <waves> @jkarsh i have never understood the media fascination w/Rubio, has there every been a lighter weight, more contemptible candidateUncle John …small indie film w/great charactersTommy Bolin- Post Toastee Funk Railroad- I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home) (@beardedstoner) @monicaisliberal \m/Well that explains a lot about Kid Rock’s “music” a political pundit, Kid Rock is an execrable musician.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @SaraLang seeking a plenary indulgence perhaps?2016 Primary Schedule | 2016 Election Central
@childfreediva @jkfecke The 'more liberal/progressive than thou' crowd who can never seem to show up to vote in midterms“Don’t worry, nobody’s gonna vote for that stupid Texas governor”… #2000Redux
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