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Las Vegas area resident since 1990.. I support #ThePeoplesPresident #TexanInExile

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“free speech” advocates on the right, never support Free Speech they don’t like, most especially from POC Under: #LowBar; during national anthem fans are milling about, looking for their seats, drinking, eating or at concessions stand ordering bothFootball player, coaches, owners who endorsed Trump ..don’t recall them being told to “stay out of politics”… to be perfectly clear: that’s not how the first amendment works.
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Asked today if I spoke Spanish, when I said “no”, I was asked why not? Me: My mother is German & absolutely no one asks if I speak GermanPaging @Legopolis @HollyGoDarkly more absurd than Kelly going from a racist propaganda TV network to being hired by a legitimate news org is white... person round-the-clock security detail, dozens of private plane flights,; arrogance, privilege & avarice..How Tr… awareness is not something that comes natural to a Fox News host should have ended at “I didn’t think” NRO to Kimmel: "Shut up & dance!" another sympathy piece on 'poor Ivanka' to counter the bad press from her father..#complicit
Republicans would be holding endless hearings if a Dem were in the WH & the press should be cheerleading those hear…
Bastard will sign anything that has 50 Senate Republican votes & then tell Pence to "do as you're fucking told" don't think he actually *read* his bill, do you? pundit/journalist who *still* refers to Graham a a ”moderate" is an idiot &/or a liar @HollyGoDarkly "You may take my scratching post...You may take my cat nip..But you may never take my... (is that the can opener?)"Donald Trump (Asshole) has no idea what Graham (Another Asshole)/Cassidy (Doctor Asshole) actually does's called "Trumping"... @TooTwistedTV Drinking Tito's & Ginger Ale...#Cheers @Karoli @Shoq I have difficulty believing McCain would vote against Graham , I have that little regard for McCain's "principles"Is it really a "doctrine" if you've never followed it, routinely ignored it & blatantly violated it?
Pro-life, my big brown Mexican ass
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @siracusa good thing they didn’t try the Apple TV remote, right? on hot dogs? Nope..’s going after the Sharron Angle vote in central & northern Nevada @keethers Joe Walsh- Ordinary Average Guy yet, he stays #coward Sen fans will likely claim destroying Obamacare is good b/c it'll bring Medicare 4 All faster...they're those who responded to my Emmys & Sean Spicer tweet with "get over it" &/or "lighten up"; NO, b/c that's how we got TrumpIf this latest Repub Senate travesty pass w/McCain's vote, don't expect me to not say "I told you so"...'t the same be said about the New York Times & CNN?
It showed Hollywood & entertainment media's opposition to Trump are just empty words... praised for skewering Trump, who hosted SNL *after* calling Mexican immigrants 'rapist' & you're shocked the Emmys helped rehab Spicer?The is a complete & deliberate misread of Hillary's critique of the political press & NYTimes by @amychozick
I wish they’d skipped Spicer and given each winner an extra second or two for their speech. But, mainly, I wish they’d skipped Spicer.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @sarahwhelmed “aren’t they really *our* Doritos?”- you If BF wakes up looking for Doritos @txvoodoo this month's Saveur... looks like a successor to The Core #NotACompliment @eclecticbrotha Offensive line played like crap & defensive secondary was no better...& that’s the QB’s fault?Finished the audiobook version of “What Happened”. The section busting the press myths about the loss is textbook worthyHarvard fellowships, Emmy appearances, huge speaking fees: there's just gonna be no penalty for working in Trump's White House, huh?
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSNL having Trump host after his Mexican rapist diatribe Fallon yucking it up w/Trump Emmys/Colbert rehabbing Spicer… to @seanspicer for his new job as the punchline to an unfunny joke
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @monicaisliberal 👍 or 👎'll see you in hell.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaAwww hells no!!! #WelcomeToTheShow @MGMResortsIntl New campaign launches today!
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @Radlein @Lib_Librarian @slirt Used to be breakfast staple when I was a kid.. @HumanityCritic Mellowing in your later years?You can instantly tell by their comments about Hillary, who hasn’t really read “What Happened”...looking at you @nytimes @CNNPoliticsEd Henry, demoted as Fox News Chief WH correspondent to national correspondent b/c of extramarital affair, commenti… 'expen$ive' is more accurate..
Reading about Drafthouse CEO letting a sexual predator back into the company & trying to hide it..what an asshole you're the driver for #SheriffJoe in Vegas today, here are the directions for where to take him next.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaHanging an effigy of a black man to beat w/a stick because he lead a sports team against your sports team seems pro… @kungfupussy A song for every occasionThe joke answer is Craps b/c...crap. The real answer is Texas Hold ‘Em b/c she’d go all in w/a pair of nothing.. @Karoli to have “Respect for the Law”, when those who are charged w/enforcing laws don’t respect the law
Which is exactly why the show’s producer booked you well know
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaWho Trump Has Called Racist on Twitter: Barack Obama Bryant Gumbel Tavis Smiley Toure Blackish Django Unchained Who He Hasn't: Racists
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaNot only did they not fire him, after his racist attack on Mexican immigrants, NBC had Trump host SNL me the ‘sports & politics’ shouldn’t mix BS 2008 McCain Endorsements ESPN analyst Mike Ditka ESPN President George Bodenheimer2008 McCain Endorsements ESPN analyst Mike Ditka ESPN President George Bodenheimer #1: If you have to tell people you’re an “alpha male”, you’re not. anyone in Trump WH or press corps point me to Trump’s apology for his racist birtherism?...I’ll wait @PressSec, Trump was a racist when calling for execution of Central Park 5, a racist as a racist birther & is… and gentlemen, @NancyPelosi. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @jkfecke It is odd how his fans just breeze past the failure to release his tax returns and financial disclosures
No refunds. Store credit only thinks she does protest too much... O'Reilly is saying he did it to himself...good