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Las Vegas area resident for 25 yrs.. #TexanInExile

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@andreagrimes for the next time…it’s almost like the ‘endorsement’ was more about attacking DWS than helping Canova moment when one's most passionate glommers start to turn on him...
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@VegasJessie WOW! I got nothing here in Henderson…BOTH SIDES! @Mr_Electrico @bluegal …NYT just can’t help themselves Colin Powell to do what’s best for his own image, first, last & always…he’s throwing a temper tantrum Street Dive - "Stop Your Crying" at Old Settler's Music Festival 2014 - YouTube cancels his planned rally in Las Vegas for unspecified reasons- ..was scheduled for Friday now cancelled @joanwalsh @realDonaldTrump his glasshouse is beautiful, the most amazing glasshouse you've ever seen!'no personal attacks' , right @KellyannePolls? @KellyannePolls:…about that Trump & ‘no personal insults’ thing……Politico noted the same TWICE!
Really, you all are gonna believe Michelle Bachmann says? She’s looking for attention & Trump likes people fawning over him @Lib_Librarian I believe it’s 10 yrs before TOS @Lib_Librarian guess nobody else watched Green Acres? @karoli I think you’ll like this…, this band is just dynamite.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia👍“entrepreneurial journalism“ prof, former TV show critic who created celeb worshipping rag & pimps for FB/Google is very thin skinned @Karoli @txvoodoo 🐶’s w/‘snappytv’ links having to be opened in the official Twitter app?Well…let’s scroll down to the comments: Misogyny ✔️ Poll truthers ✔️ Racism ✔️ LGBTQ bashing ✔️ Secret illness✔️ day w/TV off & music on is making me very productive…I need to make this a habit :)Powerful 100-Tweet-storm by @johnastoehr on the infuriating double standard in this election.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @jkarsh well, if you called more often, then maybe Siri would rememberSiri needs to chill @jkarsh did you choose the Trump Voice? @HumanityCritic I hear it’s short…Remember: @KellyannePolls doesn’t like ‘personal attacks’ <<side eye>> Repub chair has always been shady (an understatement)“forgot”? #ThatsMyStoryAndImStickingToIt @monicaisliberal …and mimosas stop you from caring? @technosailor “…bubbles?, I’m fucking Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness!”’d forgotten about T’Pau @Gus_802 That would be the Rudy G who let NYPD put 30+ bullets in a innocent black man, put 5 innocent Central Park black kids in prisonFiled Under: Low Bar… @keethers put those last 2 videos on your “Healthy Viewing” playlist :)Don't call me boo you're appropriating ghost culture
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @keethers or or perhaps @keethers Trump would be too crazy, too emotional, too angry, too thin-skinned, too unstable, too irrational, too ignorant to get the GOP nom.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaVince Foster, swift boat, birthers & ’secret illness’; If press had called these “LIES” the people “LIARS”, they’d never get tractionGood on @brianstelter & @tamarakeithNPR..but, can they stop their colleagues at CNN & NPR from airing these rumors? now on @CNN, I asked @tamarakeithNPR about the @HillaryClinton "secret illness" conspiracy theories...
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaIf the blonde white woman from NJ was ‘moved’ by Trump’s black Americans remarks, I guess that makes everything okay “I’ve learned since, my Trump checks are worth more than the Ted Cruz checks” @thejoshuablog @RawStory so when does the new Lochte/Manziel reality show start filming?After the election is over, Trump will brag about being the only candidate/campaign to turn a profit Stephanopoulus push back or did he let the blatant lie pass? Trump panders & lies depending on the audience… do you sacrifice what you never had? paying Frank Luntz is why CNN is able to pay/hire Corey Lewandowski @johndickerson
woke in the tweets, problematic in the sheets.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @LibertyBelleJ Dustin, the most self aware of the kids @LibertyBelleJ Eleven…looks like @KellyannePolls gonna have some spinnin’ to do tomorrow… gonna be mad at Trump…. Trump just flipped on deportations in a private meeting. Huge @Carrasquillo scoop
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaPillows were invented by the Mesopotamians in 7000 BCE. Stop appropriating Mesopotamian culture in your bedroom, you sickos.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia😂😂 SIDES! @Mr_Electrico @bluegal #SON: daddy can you check under my bed for monst ME: first off. do you have deep-seated psychosexual
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @monicaisliberal now you’re appropriating from Red Sox/David Ortiz fansFeature, not bug.
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @MMonides @monicaisliberal like I said ‘usual suspects’ @monicaisliberal for your next trip to El Paso @lvdjgarcia calling a 32 year old man a 'kid' is infuriating. And don't forget *teen* victims of sex assault are generally called "women" :/
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia @monicaisliberal usual suspects… @monicaisliberal lots to work through before you get to my favorite episode S5E17 The Supremes @sevenish @Karoli @owillis am I to assume Oliver is rousing some ramble? @JonesFelisaj4 @Karoli @joanwalsh @JoyAnnReid you’re right, but that’s also the same reason Trump camp would never agree to it @TUSK81 that’s something my Dad’s Tia Estella would say to him, w/that same expressionPaul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear" - YouTube It Stoned Me - YouTube @dsilverman @LaughingSquid does it come w/a giant pencil? @monicaisliberal You know better than that… @monicaisliberal ...almost forgot this 😈 #BreakfastTrolling in point!’re a country which imprisons children under 15yrs old for decades, as “adults“ but a 32yrs old MAN who can swim fast is called a ”kid“ @monicaisliberal 🍹 who’s trying to walk back thier foolishness. was an easy call… regrets nothing.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaLochte is 32yrs old..he’s not a “kid” this is amazing. Roker stirring that tea, tho! LOL
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaPaul McCartney & Wings- Maybe I’m Amazed …one of the best love songs ever writtenPeople comparing Katrina to the recent flooding in Louisiana are being intellectually dishonest. No comparison.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaPeople didn’t care that GWB didn’t visit NOLA after Katrina hit, they cared that GWB’s FEMA failed, before, during & after Katrina hit!Hurricane Katrina was GWB’s ‘Katrina’ & nobody else’s…PERIOD!Sunday Shows scoreboard Repubs- 6 Dems- 3 Other- 1 Show Preview Campaign manager week w/Kellyanne Conway on ABC, CNN, Fox. Robby Mook on ABC & CBS @Dirk2112 @samswey Trump telling white voters thier racism is justified b/c black people support Democrats
If Kayleigh McEnany said 2+2=12, Anderson Cooper would give her 5 min to say why she’s right & spend 0 time correcting her.. #NotJournalismcable news panels; let repub bobble head filibuster, no fact checking by the host b/c in cable news there are no ‘facts’, just partisan spinYes..Hillary can *literally* beat you in her sleep! @GlennF don’t you mean ‘tripodatious’?