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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 25 yrs.. #TexanInExile

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@rolling_2 My issue w/prosperity theology is it runs counter to Matthew 6:19-21 #Mammon Holy Trinity; Hipster Edition Big Daddy, Junior & the Spook@gte @moltz @dmoren Happy Holidays Beatles- When I’m Sixty-Four an additional 2 days off in Dec b/c I can…
@rolling_2 son in law is editor in chief of 'Washington Free Beacon', a hacktacular right wing rag new TV series“If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail“ they can use The Google..@Lib_Librarian Moses Malone was Jewish?LOL ‘strategy of success’…George HW Bush won a total of 3 elections in 28 years (Congress ‘66 & ’68, POTUS ‘88) similar to ‘politically correct’, a term coined by conservatives to attack/belittle liberals@joshuafoust have you got some down time scheduled soon? You've had a busy few months..More accurately, replace w/'diaper' you should see if Amazon Prime Now is available in your area; deliveries in an hourPolitico continues GWB image rehab: ‘Who gets credit for climate accord? W, that’s who’ #NotTheOnionIf you’re a politician whose career has run aground, one option is run for president; press will allow to audition for a network contractOnly in America: spectacularly failed presidential candidate called upon to give opinions about current politics
@PhilipMichaels but they're warm dopes..@shuggilippo paramedics standing by?Only Christie & JoeScar think this matters the shoe thing was annoying, the thing w/the assistant was offensive & gratuitous@Radlein to name just 2 reasons; the female lead wearing heels in a jungle & the needless torture & death of her assistant@EricBoehlert that's a terrible George Thorgood imitation do they pronounce it 'fook' like 'a-boot'?@Lib_Librarian I'm a Dusty fan won big over Penn State...was gonna say 'spanked', but that seemed....problematicVizio remote has a qwerty keyboard on the back wouldn't it be more humane to kickstart a 'Love Doll' for him?New Vizio tv & Denon AV receiver hooked up & working togetherAnyone seen these used as packing material? <not South Bend>@rolling_2 #NotAllHashTagsThankful for our absent friend, @darth, making whatever choice he has needed in his life, but still missing him.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaRemember when people cared about the heavyweight division? well then, they should stop *being* 'greedy, racist hillbillies and fascists'@beardedstoner for when you need a distraction How much time are you spending in the bathroom & How much toilet paper are you using to make that idea practical?@sherifffruitfly momentarily read that as 'what is the lambada'Glanced at TL for each of the Sunday show hosts (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox); no mention of #PPShooting in any of them.Fox News/repubs & NRA biggest win was Sandy Hook; 20 kids, 6 adults & nothing changed..#PPShooting is nothing to them@inthefade Yard House serves deviled eggsobviously, soup..soup was your motive consequences were fully intended Camp- the home of Focus on the Family & James Dobson and being featured on ’Jesus Camp’@owillis a Yamahaaaaaaaa!Elbow patches? it’s worse than you though, for the top restaurants in Las Vegas, the seafood is flown in daily@margarita it’s uniquely rare.@akmcquade in a pinch any single adult male within earshot will do …, yes we are terrible@Maggyw519 No Dems on ANY Sunday show -->> @AmericanThinker<clearing out drafts>Dem: 2+2=3.99999 Repub: 2+2=432157965 DC pundits: BOTH SIDES!!"Some say...", "Some ask...", translated: we're trying to create a fake controversy to counter the real controversy that we don't likeA typical Politico piece: The headline suggest a 'both sides!' thesis, but the piece offers only criticism of PBO'balanced' & 'objective' news report, but NOT accurate or informative & allows an obvious lie to stand, uncorrected Trump: same racist, sexist morally suspect person he was when many of you were watching him abuse people on 'The Apprentice'According to AP (11/28/15 4:08am EST) there are NO Dems or liberals booked on ANY Sunday show adults & children are getting murdered by cops. Women's medical rights being restricted by states. While far left laments Snowden #FUSee how quickly news hosts will distance the shooter's religion &/or race from his murderous acts.. Both white & 'christian' privilegeCable/network news hosts (yes, even the 'liberals') will be walking on egg shells to avoid tying Christians to this latest act of terrorism#WhoCouldHavePredicted
@theonlyadult from Politico @PPact @mc_frontalot $10/month every month for 3+ years now..@blogdiva fyi #grohl@JM_Ashby and House Dems have untitled him to speak to them I went nuts when I saw House Dems we’re inviting @FrankLuntz to speak to them about ‘messaging ’ is buying your BULLSHIT’s not ‘confirmed’ w/o a link to a credible source…it’s a rumor I hear ya your sources BEFORE you retweet.. Shapiro apologizing for posting wrong information? Is that allowed at Bretbart? I’m betting he went w/‘botched bank robbery’@VegasJessie you may want to recheck the source @CNNBrkingAlerts is a fake accountStatement regarding situation in Colorado Springs:
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Shoq no time stamp, but this was from the Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain CEO ‘Boosters’….the worst part of college sports@Shoq this one? Too soon or not soon enough? he’s been identified by police as a ‘40ish year old white male in long coat and hunting cap’@marcoarment showed it to my boss…5 min later “it is almost Christmas & my wife uses my iPad…“Because shooter is a white guy… DING DING @PhilipMichaels @Moltz New podcast art CNN: This is BULLSHIT'm sorry @cnn what the hell are you doing putting this anti-Planned Parenthood moron on TV as people are being shot?
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@keethers you know about the prequels? I’ve seen both; ‘Dominion’ is better than ‘The Beginning’, but neither is very good@HumanityCritic yes, if you consider dog food to be remade steakFiled Under: Not Surprised ‘Viral teen YouTube star renounces conservatism’ Dobson on Planned Parenthood: “Dobson: Planned Parenthood Based on ‘Evil’ and ‘Wickedness” Colorado Springs is the home of one of the most vile & powerful Christian fundamentalist organization ‘Focus on the Family’@sfpelosi also a fake account @cnnbrk spreading false info@JohnFugelsang Mormon's nor Catholics worship the True Jesus Christ. Mormons think they can be Christ. Catholics worship idols.
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