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Jersey represent! #NewJersey #blog
ICYMI...and care.#NewJersey is under the spotlight this week #blog #newpost @Lyvit not all the time…
Retweeted by Terry LanderThe sickening vitriol of online internet haters on the world wide web towards me (a good man) grows ever more savage
Retweeted by Terry Lander @ThePsyentistUK So you're into digital representations of things about to attack you?A troubling look into the mind of prolific lunatic Dayve Blythe. @ThePsyentistUK Ha ha! Hey, I like that! @ThePsyentistUK Grand :-) @ThePsyentistUK If only I could draw. *sigh*Who knew?I'm feeling better this week than I did last week after a long run. Might be worth letting the @TeamGB athletes know that training works :-) @MissAmyWray Good to see you're doing well :-)Vader vs. Batman. #StarWars #Batman #DarkKnight #DarthVader #Cartoon Cornwall is the WORST place to live!
Retweeted by Terry LanderIf you want to start running but have never run before I was exactly the same before the #LondonMarathon #ebookPersonal best time for 13.1 miles achieved this morning. Mrs L said I look like shit on arrival. Felt epical.Pushing through the pain
Retweeted by Terry LanderWelcome to #NewJersey #blog #newpostBeen working with the musical talents of @Vellison9 and voiceover legend @TheDelovely. They'll be broadcast on @PenwithRadio this Tue at 6pm @TheDelovely Absolutely brilliant! I'll be giving them an airing over the next few weeks. Massive thanks :-)
@HylandIan They had me at "I've got 2 degrees and a husband" - "YOU SHAT IN A SINK!" @ThePsyentistUK Just voted but I'm not really taken by any of them #HonestyAsAPolicyGreat call from @HylandIan - Fleabag is absolutely brilliant. Hoping @bbcthree chuck it on t'tele like they did with Witless.I realise you shouldn't tweet your food but BEHOLD - TERRY LANDER, CREATOR OF THE SAUSAGE KEBAB. call for #NewHampshire, #NewJersey takes over tomorrow #blogGood news! :D #pip #disabilitybenefits #tories #pwme #primeminister #Ia induncansmith #TheresaMay #spoonie
Retweeted by Terry Lander @AlanFitz1 That's Black Horse isn't it? @AlanFitz1 So where do I find my PIN? Is it hidden in a Disney film?Want to feel old? The new Italian Job film came out 13 years ago. this...
Retweeted by Terry LanderLive in #Harborough? Like words? Take a look at this. Please RT too if you wouldn't mind.
Retweeted by Terry Lander @gnorthfield It was indeed a joke :-)I’m no expert though. I just googled it. Amazing what you can find out on the internet with a search engine.
Retweeted by Terry LanderI can't believe people forget their PIN. It's written on the end of your card, people. #NewHampshire. Tomorrow #NewJersey. #blogI know Twitter has a lot to fix but first they need to clamp down on people referring to the verified tick as blue, when it's white. Madness
Retweeted by Terry LanderPUSH! A new shedpost.
Retweeted by Terry Lander @Jeffwni @amateuradam :-D I'm supposed to be sober for a training run. HASHTAG FAIL.Remember remember #NewHampshire #blog @amateuradam I WISH I WERE DEAD.
Some point tonight you're going to decide to take up running. Here's how I did it #CouchToMarathon #LondonMarathonUnfortunately, I don’t think everyone is motivated to do it. Preferring just to spread the lie for whatever reason.
Retweeted by Terry LanderMake calls to the @DWP free. Sign the petition: #RipOff #UniversalCredit via @38_degreesThe man. The #Legend. Not a myth., good old Edward Gorey. Proper children's rhymes.
Retweeted by Terry LanderThe ever incredible @Vellison9 have produced some new links for Terry's Train of Thought on a Tuesday! @ThePsyentistUK You are a #Legend as ever :-) @ThePsyentistUK Perfect mate! I'll give them a good airing over the coming weeks. The different range should keep them fresh. Ta v. much!Missed out on a giant meat prize. Gutted doesn't cover it. @boardmasters How d'you qualify for one of these beauties? @ThePsyentistUK I WANT ALL OF THE VOICES. Please :-)#NewHampshire brings all the boys to the yard #blogTelltales is Going Underground 7.30 Tuesday 26 July. Dolly's bar, Church Street Falmouth. Come listen to great writing on a summer's evening
Retweeted by Terry LanderTonight on @PenwithRadio I'll be dropping the HUGE #summer #anthem "I'm Gone" by @dnblinesmith #dnb #drumandbass #uk
Retweeted by Terry LanderTraining for Amsterdam Marathon, therefore missing Frazzles. @walkers_crisps may have noticed a decline in sales. It's temporary.'Mobile phone' cartoon:
Retweeted by Terry Lander @ThePsyentistUK Sounds cool. Could you email it to please? @ThePsyentistUK I just need a link for the second hour, just 'You're listening to Terry's Train of Thought'. Everything else is staying :-)
@balconyshirts @Clangnuts Great decoration I'll bet."#NewHampshire hockey blows." - strong stuff from #blogLemon meringue pie is incredibly photogenic.You shouldn't tweet your food...unless it's a Slimming World friendly lemon meringue pie. @TheDelovely I love the old technology that goes clang. @TheDelovely Woah. Technology. mp3 would be great, could you email them to ? #luddite @TheDelovely Balls? My word. I just need "You're listening to Terry's Train of Thought on Penwith Radio" in different accents if poss :-)I'm looking for people to do links for my radio show. Not necessarily voice artists but you. Can you spare a quick mp3? @TheDelovely Any luck with the voiceovers for t'radio show amigo?Stop floccinaucinihilipilificating me. you ventured to #NewHampshire yet? #blog @Biggreenbooks @antonia_writes @Yayeahyeah @DrVictoriaJames @unbounders Great idea bloggers!If you haven't pledged yet then you are 100% missing out and may not ever realise that this is the hole in your life could totally visit #NewHampshire #blog
Sneak a peek at #NewHampshire #blogNothing wrong with the old one etc. #NewHampshire #blogA murder with over 600 suspects all dressed the same? Yes please! #murder #crimefiction
Retweeted by Terry LanderIf you're considering taking up running then get yourself good trainers and maybe this too #LondonMarathon #Running
Phew. It's like being on a desert island... #hottestdayoftheyear #heatwave #milktheoldstuff @barneyfarmer
Retweeted by Terry LanderWho you gonna call? #NewHampshire #blogTune in to @PenwithRadio from 6pm to hear the absolute best in broadcasting on a Tuesday night on Penwith Radio between 6 & 8pm"The people here can't dance, it's like they're being electrocuted" #NewHampshire #blog
Here's a VERY risque photo of @stevyncolgan. Caution: contains a lot of bare skin. Oh life. Oh liiiiiiiife. Oh life. Life in #NewHampshire #blogA STRIKE! and a hiatus. #blogDoug Stanhope on reading the paper in the morning "Unlike the internet the newspaper eventually ends so you know to get on with your day"
Retweeted by Terry Lander
Just in case you missed it I wrote a bit more in my alcohol detox thing last night.
Retweeted by Terry LanderPeek into #NewHampshire #blog #newpostMy Mrs has her 1st kids picture book out. Here's a chance to win a signed copy. Good luck. @MacmillanKidsUK #win
Retweeted by Terry Lander @AlanFitz1 Do you ever tell people you sold PPI?Quinoa could be farmed in Cornwall instead of South America thanks to global warming
Retweeted by Terry LanderHampshire's so good they made a #NewHampshire #blogOnly 3 more venues left in Cornwall for Life's a Dream! @PenleeTheatre @NTTrelissick & Carn Marth Amphitheatre! Info
Retweeted by Terry LanderComing up at 6pm, Ralph Randell will be joined by Rob Noxious on 'The Deep' to explore the groovier end of soul. …
Retweeted by Terry Lander @hippy_jon Lookin' good amigo. @BaileysPrize Might get the right chance to win this time! chance to #win a signed copy of The Glorious Heresies, plus Baileys! RT & send us a selfie with your favourite book by a woman to win
Retweeted by Terry Lander @BaileysPrize Is this cheating? #LoveSpike second chance to #win a signed copy of #TheGloriousHeresies plus Baileys! RT & send us a selfie with your favourite book by a woman.
Retweeted by Terry Lander @mrkhndy I hope they all have cake for you."England failing in the Euros..?" OK, we all knew that one.