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Still to come - #Wyoming #WashingtonDC and #PuertoRico (Although one's a district and the other's a territory)Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin #blogNorth Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho bet Trump is monitoring Hello Donald from the United Counties of Britannia. #blogCOLUMN: In which I go to London to judge cress and try to find some peace and quiet.
Retweeted by Terry Christmas#Bandwagon Well, it might seem appropriate at some point.Hmmm, somebody's not read #TheApprenticeEs #Wisconsin #blog
Retweeted by Terry Christmas🎶🎶Wo-oh Black Pudding, bambalam🎶🎶
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThinking of watching Question Time tonight? Let me try to be your Why Don't You Gang... and lure you away - new post
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasPutting my money where my pen is - 99p for my most recent novel, inspired by the ultra talented @mark_haddon #KindleSo glad to have these back from the framers #running glad to have access to a platform for describing Jagger's jism.In answer to the most asked question, I'm going to wear a badge which says: 'Almost. Just need to get a few bits' #AreYouReadyForChristmas
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasTraining for the #LondonMarathon is easier to start now than in January. #ebook #Kindle #running @TiernanDouieb Think of the EXPOSURE!
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasImagine living in #Wisconsin. This might help. #blog @ekajriding The Kymco would never have caught fire.Why do so many social media marketers wear bikinis? #TwitterWhat's It Like at the #Cornish Pirates? Terry Lander finds out & likes it a lot #TopDayOut
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasSeven ways to leave #Wisconsin - a car and six buses #blogDear @haveigotnews, you included this tweet from Paul Nuttall. I wrote that, not him. It was a joke. Now what? Can…
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Loving Tour De Celeb. I would give quite a lot to be a part of a show like that. #TrainHard #TrainOfThoughtTime for #Wisconsin #blogWhen you drunk message your manager at work
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasI may be biased @CornwallHour but I think this would make a good present @dan_089 Don't forget to pick up your trophy 🎱🏆#LegendSometimes the only thing to do is drink rum and finish up the kids chocolate pudding 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasAnyone got Burning Questions but not done them yet? Anyone else need the questions? It takes but your email in my DM #notaeuphemism @AlanFitz1 Why haven't you done Burning Questions yet? I need your email address.I'm watching a program called "Emmerdale". I've not seen this before. It seems to be set on a farm. They should call it Emmerdale Farm.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThe #Wisconsin things in life #blog
@mrkhndy I think expansion on the idea would create a really good anti-convention book. It's genuine, funny and relatable. Just a thought. @mrkhndy Ha! @mrkhndy There should be a Twitter for those distancing themselves from me. A Snapchat or a Whatsapp or something. @mrkhndy Are you still writing books or have you distanced yourself from the writing community? Or been told to distance yourself from me? @MgniM I've been called 'too nice' before too. I love being nice, it's awesome.It’s F̶r̶i̶d̶a̶y̶ Tuesday, it’s f̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶f̶i̶v̶e̶ 10pm and it’s C̶r̶a̶c̶k̶e̶r̶j̶a̶c̶k̶ Modern Life Is Goodish...
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @mrkhndy There's probably a book in there, even if it's Kindle release only. It's superb. @mrkhndy When did you write this?So you want to host a dinner party?
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @AlanFitz1 Yup.Passing my driving (trailer) test and scrotox have topped the Terry's Train of Thought bill @YourCoastFMStarting with a former Christmas number 1 @YourCoastFMI always tell owners that pre Christmas buyers are some of the best buyers. More customers homes sold this week and more wanted.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasYou say it best when you explain exactly what's going on.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasSo it turns out that boats are just two cars end to end in a boat costume. Sad!
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasA bit of a deviation from #Crexit on Terry's Train of Thought tonight...tune in from 6pm on @YourCoastFMNeedless to say this isn't going anywhere near FB. People who live close by do not require this info.Just passed my driving test again. Feels weird doing another test at 32. I can tow massive trailers now. Well, car trailers and that. 🚘"#Wisconsin ticks" #blog
@Jeffwni @Biltawulf We must have made the top 80. It's something to write home about. @driverminnie It has occurred to me that this beat my entry. Damn. #Crexit @Biltawulf Thank you for the RT, but thank you more so for the cress. I've made three friends (yet only lost one) and now have free food.If any #Crexit enthusiasts would be willing to answer ten Burning Questions for a blog next year please DM me your email address. Ta."I got a job here as a bartender but was told by a manager in Ohio that I was unemployable!" #Wisconsin #blog#crexit. A cress growing competition in aid of Children in Need. I came 9th. Magic. Please donate.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasWell done to @capnbobfrapples, Trevor Neal and @MgniM! #Crexit yeah. #Crexit mention for me in the #Crexit results but it's one last outing for my cress... @Biltawulf #Crexit has been gripping entertainment till the end. Will it be televised?
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasIn 10th place, taking part in her second competition, was @driverminnie #Crexit
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThe celebrity winner of Cress 2016 is @TrevorNeal with this beauty. #Crexit
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasGod I hope there's not a #Crexit recount @Biltawulf
Retweeted by Terry Christmas#Wisconsin as observed by those who live there #blogThis is why. Donate at will. #CrexitThere are so many excellent entries for #Crexit. I'm just glad I got eight days to spend with mine. We went for ice… push for some Children in Need money. Go on, you can't spend it any other way on a Sunday night. #Crexit
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@Biggreenbooks Damn you autoconnect.Buy Lyvit books. @Biggreenbooks I hope there's no hard feelings between us after #Crexit. I have a new book out next year.It's been organised by @Biltawulf who has encouraged cress idiots to donate to Children in Need. You can do it too.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasJust time to check up on #Wisconsin #blog #newpostGot my first new Toblerone with extra gaps. Gutted. @SallyHawken I can't wait for the bickering to start. @Biltawulf