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Do you take part in Twitter polls? Really looking forward to the results.Shucks ☺️ [Photo edited by John Gallagher.]
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasLove this beautiful girly so much and really dont know what I would do without her. Always happy…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasIf Real Life Were Like Twitter.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThis Friday we get festive in the studio with @TheDelovelee @annascutt1 @Lyvit & Kevin Dodds!!
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasAh, family. and gents, my multi-talented, uber-cool, rainbow-haired little sister @SukyGoodfellow and her first ever sin…
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Mushy the Slushman...
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasA Christmas short story for you :)
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasListen in to Do The Write Thing this Friday from 3.30pm for a Xmas play that will get you in the spirit.…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas#snow
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @IMcMillan Like this?
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It's a Christmas orgasm did this is a genius #sausage
Retweeted by Terry Christmas bonkers as it is fascinating!
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @CW_182 @bbcmusic @GlastoFest @foofighters @BBCTwo Do you think you'll get it though?Two scientists walk into a bar. "I'll have H2O," says the 1st. "I'll have H2O, too," says the 2nd. Bartender gives…
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Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThis is an important read for anybody who votes and/or values theirs or their families lives. Hunt disregards *fa…
'Lentil pot pie'. Sorted., Earthlings! The annual Geminid meteor shower has arrived, peaking overnight Dec. 13-14. It's a good time…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @bbcwritersroom @BBCRadio4 @BBCiPlayer @KitdeWaal I wrote Bubonic during teabreaks while working as an electrician. We're everywhere.** NEW ON #BooksMadeBetter ** @jocotterillbook can't find the punchline, or girls, in funny fiction 📚 Illus. by…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasIs this the political version of 'our football manager is going nowhere'? Is this your leadership bid, @Jeremy_Hunt @sainsburys I put horseradish on mine nobody reads replies to supermarkets @Biggreenbooks I have some coins, yes. <£1 which is too little to pique investors' interests but more than enough t… @Biggreenbooks One Bitcoin is equal to £11,678 currently. Worth taking a couple.Friday night is on fi-yer @jamescherryuk is on great thing, really, about Twitter is how quickly the stupidest meanest bollocks on here can and will be made f…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasFor those of you in the UK looking to buy @alexs_journey's book, it's available here on our website. Free P+P in th…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @jamescherryuk @Lswiftmusic @YourCoastFM too can buy this touching #Christmas scene featuring the World's Hardest Snowman and the return of Robin Bastar…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasJoin me tonight from 6pm for the latest #housemusic #techouse & #drumandbass tracks PLUS a #GuestMix from…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasToday warm yourself with a brew and curl up on the sofa as Sue will be live @ 3.30pm via fo…
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@DaveGorman I've no idea why this happens but I remember it happening when I was much younger. It's very bizarre.I find that if I hear certain words enough times I start to disbelieve that they are real words; it happened the ot…! I know what you could do (if you wanted). You could buy a Big Green Book Club subscription. A book, persona…
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For people who put the wrappers back in the tin.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasHeard a guy talking about Belgian whistles. "A basic website costs 10k, or 25k upwards if you want all the Belgia…
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If you read Twitter backwards the whole country comes together and starts having a laugh.Retweet if you've ever met someone face-to-face after previously only knowing them from Twitter.
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @alexs_journey @amazon @ArcanumPress @AmazonHelp Hey dude. We're still selling it. X
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasI loved this one so much I bought and framed it.“I love peas” “Errr excuse me, carrots are actually really worthwhile.” “Sure, I’m just talking about peas” “So car…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasGoing to a hair-washing party tonight. Really don't want to go but I couldn't think of an excuse to get out of it.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasJust got an amazing actresses’ advent calendar. There are 12 fewer doors than the male version & they’re twice as hard to open.
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We can't wait! What an honour!
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @MrMichaelSpicer It has been a triumph to date. Bravo. @MrNishKumar It's we damn saboteurs that caused all this. @YourCoastFM One to remember, @sstrong82Slough Town are on telly tonight so I thought I’d give punditry a go...
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @Roisinconaty I would happily watch a whole series of Ben Clark watching Friends for the first timeI’ve started wearing Christmas stuff! #tobehonestitsnoteasyfindingstufftofit
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasI have my full, bound, collection of The Unexplained magazine. It is used in the Ghost Stories film. If you want to…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasLatest update from Lyvit Sanity Crafts: Super heroes and family
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasSuper heroes and family on @bloglovin
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThis Thursday, we're doing a really cool (and cheap) new event - scary stories and atmospheric noise at…
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If you haven't seen this yet, you might like it. If you do, please retweet it - it really helps more people see it.…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas#musicians of #cornwall #uk & #worldwide if you have licence free music you'd like us to play on @WriteThingKMF get…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasPublished and unpublished #authors of #cornwall #UK & #worldwide please get in touch if you would like a sample of…
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Retweeted by Terry ChristmasWell, he's already got his copy of Natalie's Fiendish New Headteacher 😀
Cast for the play is finalised! Sadly our actor David had to bow out but the play's own creator @lyvit will be tak…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasI'm in Exeter today, if you're also there and want a book for a fiver then DM me up. Great stocking fillers I'm told.My throat's so sore this morning I could easily out-rasp Christian Bale's Batman.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasGive the 'Gift of Running' this Xmas with a Great West Run 2018 Gift Token. BUY NOW>
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Hope this guy's pleased with tonight's numbers.'ve just got in from the Helston light switch on and I'm pleased to report that we sold a bucket load of books! R… @TheNewsAtGlenn Download Home Alone on your mobile. @jamescherryuk @EtherwoodUK @_ANILE_ @YourCoastFM @MedSchoolMusic wait to drop the kick a$$ new track from @EtherwoodUK ft @_ANILE_ tonight from 6pm 🤯outstanding 2nd single fro…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas"I'm afraid it's bad news. You're fucked."
@ChrisBrosnahan That is fantastic, nice work!So I made this 90 second horror film for a challenge. Check it out:
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @theresa_may You'll never enjoy Twitter if you don't follow anyone. It's all about engagement.Life is basically a video game you thought you'd be good at so you skipped the tutorial and now everything is terri…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @_Cantus Definitely? The screw cap looks furious.