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Still news of the day.Yeah, just catching up. This is their '98 set.Pretty sure there were more shots of @CW_182 during the Foo's set than Pat Smear. #Glastonbury2017Oh, and here. Both were this past week.'s just occurred to me that I *could* be on stage one day. Here's me with an audience. From small acorns etc. keep watching live gigs and wishing I could play so I could be on stage one day...a big gig, in front of people.Looks like i'll be on Good Morning Britain next Monday talking to Piers Morgan & Susanna Reid about Harry Potter. Wonder why they asked me?
Retweeted by Terry Lander @Biggreenbooks I have set you to record.We are nailing this million copy target. Amazon have asked us to post some more ebooks, stat. some o' these today. Chuffed. wouldn't be up at 2am if we weren't close to our target. Buy! RT! Enjoy! @taylertoons @Midgetgems26 Early night? At 10pm? You're a hardened all nighter me ol' mate.My Twitter right now is 96% Glastonbury and 4% @MrPage303's beekeeping. My FB feed is the opposite.
Sales have well exceeded RTs. I felt the instructions were clear. Now we need people to RT but not buy the book. #RulesAreRulesSigned copies at @Biggreenbooks - not only am I in excellent company but I have achieved #cofefe. Chuffed. #bookshopcrawl
Retweeted by Terry Lander @taylertoons Heh! @scott_ruminates I honestly thought social media may never recover, like all people would talk about is Bre...oh.Once we've fed the hungry, of course. read the liner notes to bitches brew when i was an impressionable teenager and have disliked capital letters ever…
Retweeted by Terry Lander @yknott918 @jk_rowling Not unlike the UK Tories trying to change voting constituency boundaries to suit their needs. @jk_rowling There are comparisons to be made between Trump and pro-golfer Kim Jong-Il.We're getting ever closer to that million copies sold figure. This time next week, @taylertoons, we'll be millionaires. #NataliesHeadteacherIf you like I can draw this (and other) cartoons for you for a small fee
Retweeted by Terry LanderI turned up the mic on the Boris Johnson interview. Enlightening.
Retweeted by Terry Lander @vickygammon we clearly have contrary afflictions - the claustrophobia and agoraphobia of the written word.
Retweeted by Terry Lander @TheDelovely @scott_ruminates I don't meet his particular demographic and won't for four years, the ol' snob. @scott_ruminates @TheDelovely You crazy keeeeeds.
I'm off to make loud noises on the Greek Islands for 3 weeks ☀️🌴🔊 - I'll be back on the airwaves of @YourCoastFM on…
Retweeted by Terry LanderGetting ever closer to that 1m target. A million RTs and I'll read the whole book underwater.
Retweeted by Terry Landerit is a strange divide in humanity, some get joy from aiming to make lives better, others delight in hoping for an increase in cruelty
Retweeted by Terry Lander @dan_089 A little from column A, a little from column B...Getting ever closer to that 1m target. A million RTs and I'll read the whole book underwater. @verilyberrily @Twitter It's a bigger mystery than the 3D Banksy mystery. I mean, Banksy's definitely 3D but 3D may not be Banksy. @verilyberrily @Twitter That's like the Dalai Lama telling you to stick it...never happens. Real contender for Twitter glitch :-/ @verilyberrily @Twitter OM HASHTAG G! Kent never blocks anybody! @PenleeTheatre Absolutely :-) @verilyberrily @taylertoons Damn you @twitter. Edit button. @verilyberrily Not I, for I can't draw for shite. I get @taylertoons tayto do mine. @FollyMixtures @PenleeTheatre Hoping to see the Follies along with Vicar of Dibley next to follow on Coast FM! @verilyberrily Ending? Confirmed?Last call for pre-show CURRY for JUN 24 @ChangingRMusic & @TheOggymen gig. Don't miss out! #penzance #mazeyday
Retweeted by Terry LanderIn.'ve sold three since this tweet, only 999,997 to go! You absolute legends. #BooksThe plan is to sell a million copies of this over the weekend. People have said it's good. Please buy one and RT. so ... the final proof read begins for 'A Murder To Die For'. See you in 332 pages time…
Retweeted by Terry Lander @_Cantus @JakesBakesCakes We get a bit less mental looking the further down you go.For anyone not @GlastoFest or watching Foo's set on tv, we're playing for free @TyacksHotel Cornish Fest tomorrow night 9.30pm 🤘
Retweeted by Terry LanderI've got a #FridayFeeling someone is going to #win some #rum today! RT + FOLLOW and it could be yours 💀❤️ 💀
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@Booneyboone Damn! Caught. It came free in a giant box of meat that Mrs L bought so I nabbed it. Still half cut now, mind.You can pre-order "I Wonder What I'm Thinking About?" by @MooseAllain, published on July 13th. Free P+P in the UK.
Retweeted by Terry LanderJust chillaxing with a teeny tiny beer. That's Thursday night. give up my friends! One day you WILL #WIN #RUM More grog up for grabs! 💀 RT + FOLLOW for your chance to #win
Retweeted by Terry LanderNEXT WEEK Jun 27/8 THE VICAR of DIBLEY Need we say more! #comedy #penzance #summer Booking…
Retweeted by Terry LanderMy New Series: JUST HOW AWFUL IS THERESA MAY?
Retweeted by Terry LanderFRI JUN 30 @sarahmcquaid Live in the park! Booking open NOW!
Retweeted by Terry LanderI've been speaking to A Level students this afternoon about writing and publishing. Great bunch from Penwith Colleg…
Best of luck trying to grab my exposed feet tonight, monsters.
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Retweeted by Terry LanderTheresa May, but Ginger Rogers. @FaganJennie Yar har! Yer a treasure ;-)So this arrived today! Huge Thank You to @Lyvit for this beautiful book, signed by the author and illustrator, with…
Retweeted by Terry Lander @FaganJennie Looking good! Glad it got there safely, if you get a chance a review would be mighty welcome :-)An article by my lovely sister @Shameeleon on the effects of chronic illness: #chronicillness
Retweeted by Terry LanderLooking forward to Cornish Fest at Tyacks, Camborne this Saturday (24th) Really chuffed to be headlining! We're on at 9.30 and it's FREE!!!!
Retweeted by Terry LanderFancy a bit of #RumLove? Wanna #win A bottle? RT + Follow and you might get lucky! 💀Winner chosen at 4pm Friday 💀
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@Biggreenbooks Woo hoo! @Biggreenbooks Really sorry to be the traffic warden at the end of your good news tweets. I feel woo hoo for you bu… @Biggreenbooks Important to know if you don't, cheques become void if not cashed within six months. Keep that post opening going!This was me last night. Thursday I'm talking to A Level students about publishing. I am available for weddings, bir… Queen should go ahead with her own speech as an indie gig, fuck the govt. Crowdfunded tickets, Lethal Bizzle and Bananarama supporting.
Retweeted by Terry Lander @_Cantus @londonlass666 It raises your core temp apparently which makes you feel cooler.In all seriousness, pre-order @MooseAllain's book.And me #Bandwagon much for so much for global warming
Retweeted by Terry LanderI did five miles today. In black. Loved it. @scott_ruminates Where does any of this stuff come from? @scott_ruminates Funny things that apply to both. My, you're stiff etc. @scott_ruminates?