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Here's #Texas #blog
#Texas joins the fray #blog #newpostCoast is coming...
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasAmazing how Be a Hero sounds like Beer Hero.The problem with not reading things online.I love chocolate. I agree with Terry. Chocolate is great. Well done Terry for saying that chocolate should be eradicated forever.#TheWalkingDead is back tonight so glad it's on UK tv at silly o'clock in the morning so I can stay awake and avoid spoilers 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasSteak and oil? Must be #Texas #blog #newpostEverything's bigger in #Texas #blog #newpostI have donated to Prostate Cancer UK in honour of dad who we lost 8 years ago. You can also #standuptocancer
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasNo state has evoked more feeling than #Texas #blog #newpost
Titting about with headless ancient statues @ British Museum
Retweeted by Terry Christmas.@sstrong82 @squires_david It's so politically charged on Twitter now I feel we need to balance it out. BUY THIS. @Lyvit lives by this rule too.
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @ThePsyentistUK @taylertoons Poor ol' Cliff. What's he ever done? I mean that you don't have to say 'allegedly' afterwards. @ThePsyentistUK @taylertoons Amazing how the lyrics were jammed into the music like that. Poetry. #MindOutForTheCliff @ThePsyentistUK @taylertoons I'm the only Nirvana fan in the world who has Nevermind as a favourite #AgainstTheGrainToday it's #Tennessee, tomorrow it's #Texas #blogWent for a run yesterday. It was good.
A whole birthday cake to myself. Nice. can do anything but lay off my #Tennessee #blog #Elvis #Graceland
Read up on #Tennessee #blogFive people from Falmouth on a TV quiz show. One Cornish accent. Sadly, says it all.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasTalkin' 'bout #Tennessee #blog"This state doesn't have a cool nickname." #Tennessee #blog
Over 5,000 views on which is showcasing #Tennessee at the moment #blogHere's #Tennessee #blogA cartoon of mine from a recent Private Eye
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Here's a cartoon of mine that's in the new issue of @prospect_uk
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasWhen you talk to someone about the estate you grew up on and they ask... 'Your parents have an estate?' 'A housing estate...'
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasComing up at 8pm: Black and white radio from the 60s and 70s – music you listened to in secret. Requests and rando…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @AlanFitz1 @AlanFitz1 Have you seen the mini version that's out next month?Aw #MakeAHorrorFilmLessScary'A Murder to Die For' by @stevyncolgan - just hit 100%! Whoop!
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasHey, look at @stevyncolgan and his fully funded novel! Can't wait to read it. @unbounders @ThePsyentistUK Yep :-DLoving #Josh series 2. "E for face!" #BBCThree @joshwiddicombe @elisjames @tweetyedmondson @TheRealJackDeeJesus. If you have an issue with the book, don't come for my agent or any of the contributors, come for me, coward.…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @nikeshshukla blegh... This is a common attitude with patriotic Australians too... like we shouldn't want it to be better than it is...
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasIt might be alright if we can lose the sunglasses.Mrs L and I are strolling round in Amsterdam T-shirts like a pair of tourists. We got back home yesterday.Read up on #Tennessee #blogI've just invented a new language. It's very similar to English but with one or cabahbahbahbahbah very subtle differences.
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Are they titans in #Tennessee? #blogThe first draft of Speed was rubbish. Just a bus that couldn't go above 50mph. Avoided A-roads to save hassle but otherwise a normal commute
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasWoo hoo! don't want to be greedy but £65 seems a little low. My legs still hurt and T1 diabetes is still a thing. @_Cantus You were right. can do anything but lay off my #Tennessee #blogMorning all. Today is going to be cold so be sure to go to your nearest bookshop for shelter.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasSo that's another Beer of the Festival for Mexi-Cocoa, we're chuffed the good people of Wakefield were so impressed…
Retweeted by Terry Christmas'bed time' or to give it it's proper name 'that time you lie in the dark and decide to over analyse everything in your life for no reason'
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @_Cantus The imagery is spot on but the canal near our hotel is green with algae. The thought of landing in there removes all humour for me.
Please give a pound or so for my jogette today, raising money for @JDRFUK for today - #Tennessee #blog #newpostAs per @ThePsyentistUK's instructions I have updated my bio to read 'international marathon runner'. Athens is in my sights.Pleased to report a 5:19:00 in the #AmsterdamMarathon, nearly an hour off my London time. That'll do pig. @SpacemanSonic You are a diamond, thank you. Detraining until Xmas and then ramping up for Brighton. Howay the lads..@_Cantus It's very possible out here. Lesson #1 for travellers - the bike is king. #Amsterdam @ThePsyentistUK Found lots of @FEBO_DAMRAK6 out here but only from the trams! Need a box sending to the UK. :-)
My promoted tweets are currently in Dutch, proof that I should be off here and getting my head in the game. Focus. #TCSMarathonIndeed it is! advice - book everything online. Flights, hotel, museums, t-shirts, fag papers...EVERYTHING.#Marketing men's rights activists: You have a new hero.
Retweeted by Terry Christmas @ThePsyentistUK Here until Monday, did a bit after getting here last night and doing the museums today. Marathon tomorrow :-) @ThePsyentistUK Ta v. much
Not such a fat guy for this marathon. #TCSAM16 @TCSadammarathon #AmsterdamMarathon, Amsterdam. ❤ aren't enough good humorous novels being published these days. Let's fix that, with the help of @stevyncolgan.
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasI made it on to the Cornish Pirates website! via @CornishPirates1
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasThe latest development in the Stadium for Cornwall saga, could now see the rival consortium help fund the project.…
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasGetting there #BristolAirport x2 TICKETS to this years #MaskedBall tonight from 6pm!! #Halloween #penzance #stives #housemusic #DNB #Cornwall
Retweeted by Terry ChristmasJOSH episode 3 is on BBC1 tonight after Graham Norton! It features Jennifer Saunders (@ferrifrump) and Michael Ball (@mrmichaelball)!
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This is a great preview of my upcoming book due 1st December.I made it on to the Cornish Pirates website! via @CornishPirates1