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शिष्या of @SheldhunPollock, sesquipedalian. #Parody of #AudreyTruschke. Not affiliated with Audrey Truschke. औरङ्ग्ज़ेबःपतिर्मम

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Pakistanis and Dogra Hindus of Jammu share a very special bond, thanks to Jammu Tawi river. 🤣🤣
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @avullamparthi @Gubomaster @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas me lock horns with AIMIM Waris Pathan tomorrow on the Sunday Debate with Arnab Goswami at @republic
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @rbharatk @sravan678 @mihirmodi @vikasF22 @AgentSaffron @neednahiarahi Probably around the 1st century AD, after fall of the Shunga Empire.དེ་རིང་རྒྱ་ནག་ནང་ཁྲོམ་ར་ཞིག་ནས་ཕྲུ་གུ་སྐྱེས་པ་རེད་འདུག། Situation Chinese woman taken birth in market today in Chi…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @SanjayHsharma @MamataOfficial Secular education. 😂 It's also amusing how they ask for Nehru's full name in Q. 5.2,…, Kerala is still not a Shari'a state as of yet, otherwise... من بدل دينه، فاقتلوه was about to die laughing but then I remembered that sun sets in the mud and now it feels all normal.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹You don't have a choice, sweety
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @sravan678 @mihirmodi @vikasF22 @AgentSaffron @neednahiarahi See here: @sravan678 @mihirmodi @vikasF22 @AgentSaffron @neednahiarahi Traditional India dress was actually Uttariya, Antariy… @vikasF22 @TradHin @neednahiarahi @AgentSaffron *Descendants"Our visibility, as ex-Muslims or questioning-Muslims, breaks our vicious circle of stigma/silence/isolation/fear."…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @TeluguNativist @avullamparthi @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @avullamparthi @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @Gubomaster "real scholarship" is and what it is not is defined by you. Like a self fulfilling prophecy.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @avullamparthi @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @Gubomaster sharp contrast, Hinduism receives ample complaints from all parts of the world, regardless of the whether they a…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @Gubomaster @dka1966 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @Gubomaster @dka1966 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @Gubomaster @dka1966 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas @Gubomaster @dka1966 @jose2ss @bsp_pari @dawahbyicode @Helll000 @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @siyawardas @Gubomaster wouldnt buy a second hand car from this guy...
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹There is Himalaya between China and Myanmar 😂
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Durga Puja: BJP gives West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee nightmares, accuses her of Muslim appeasement
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹"Evil Hindutva" follows pattern of demonizing resistance to Abrahamic violence. Like Native American "savages."…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹
Communism Kills In Times Square
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @PerennialCold @zeneraalstuff @AgentSaffron That's not a Brahmana though. That's Sachchaka, a Jaina.BREAKING: Kerala Govt trying to take over Sri Parthasarati Temple, Guruvayoor. Devotees protesting, no media is cov…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @MakrandParanspe @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst @RichardFoxYoung Perhaps. Though I'm not willing to pay a huge sum… @YogiBabaPrem The latter I almost can't believe. चन्द्रमा मनसो जातः is recited in temples every day as part of Purusha Suktam.Why the Arakan #Rohingya Salvation Army is a terrorist organisation with a radical #Islamist agenda.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @avullamparthi @human24679 @bsp_pari @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @siyawardas Day 2 of Navratri we pray to Maa Brahmacharini for her continuous blessings. Here is a Stuti.…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @republic Look who's talking! This is how it must look like when two *underworld gangs* fight out open in the streets.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @ShefVaidya She's still as deracinated as ever. Notice how she says immersion rather than visarjan, that too with a British accent.Awww, now commie Brinda Karat is defending Devi worship. Now I have seen it all!
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @tufailelif One must wonder why you attempt to manufacture controversy, is it for publicity? To grow followers? To keep your name relevant?
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @tufailelif Each Vedic city is believed to have had communal fires, where Agni was a living murti. The Vedic Yajña is a murti as well.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Journalist who wished death for Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets lavish, liberal love via @firstpost AK was a girl...
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Two terrorists apprehended by J&K Police from Banihal: ANI
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @dawahbyicode @Gubomaster @jose2ss @dka1966 @Semmukham @bsp_pari
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @avullamparthi @MuslimGhazi @jose2ss @dawahbyicode @dka1966 @Semmukham @siyawardas @bsp_pari @nimish41128245 back to original tweet, all you have to know is that worship of mUrtis is mentioned as early as baudhAyana shesha sUtra-s++
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹+atharva parishiSTa-s, purANa-s and very very importantly, Agamas...Most of the great, beautiful temples of Tamil Nadu are based on them+
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @hamsanandi It's not just Pollock school. Sita Agarwal from Dravidar Viduthalaik Kazhagam (a Periyar worshiping hate-forum) is similar.This is how the Pollock-school of people work. Try to put anything Indian in bad light (and touting themselves as l…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst Then again, what more can be expected from an Indologist recommended by… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst So this is a clear example of intellectual bankruptcy on behalf of Stephanie Jamison… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst Even if it is adultery alone, it's not sexist as: 1) Punishment for male "adulterer"… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst In sum, the verse itself is not likely to be punishment for adultery alone, but murd… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst Even if the लङ्घनम् of the पति in MDS is only adultery, it's hardly sexist, as Gotam… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst It wasn't uncommon for Indians in ancient times to have two wives (even more for Kin… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst It's even stranger insofar that in the case of the "dog devouring" verse, the husban… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst This makes it clear that the prescribed punishment for adultery alone is harsh, but not death itself. @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst Bhavaswami states that अवस्करोञ्चनम् in the case of Narada refers to a मूत्रपुरीषस्… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst Narada also says they should be shaved (मौण्ड्या), though Yajnavalkya does not say that. @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst The rule prescribed for female adulterers is to sleep on the ground & fed only enoug… @hairaNyagarbha @Koenraad_Elst The verse regarding the wife being bitten by dogs & husband burnt to death on hot ir… @Koenraad_Elst If I'm not mistaken, Robert Ingersoll pointed out the Christ didn't "love his enemies" back in 1894. know Prof. Jamison for her veto against any discussion with or academic platform for the Out-of-India Theor…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @ZulfiRao1 @Outlookindia @Razarumi Lock them up in one cell and throw the key in Bay of Bengal.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung @DrNeelakshiGswm Don't celebrate too early, Fox. She may disagree w/ Bhakts, but she's certainly n… @CtrlSec I'm not sure that @H____Hhs is an ISIS account. He/she seems to be a jihad-sympathiser that disapproves of… @vimoh @AyushyaKhanna @AudreyTruschke He would be offended if one were to refer to him as an Indian. He self identified as a Turk. @vimoh @AyushyaKhanna @AudreyTruschke On a serious note, Aurangzeb considered Hindus to be dogs of hellfire (sagha-… @vimoh @AyushyaKhanna @AudreyTruschke Was the genocidaire's blood Type A, B, AB, or O? Was it Rh+ or Rh-? How much… τιθήνη mean nurse here (Homeric Hymn to Pan), or does it mean mother/μήτηρ? @sentantiq audit reveals low & delayed wages, as people are unaware that it should deliver work on demand|@RuhiTewari
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @Ateendriyo I thought Dakshina Ganga is the title used for the Gautami/Godavari river, not the Brahmaputra.Translation:कुंजभौनतजभौनकौं चलियेनंदकिसोर। फूलतिकलीगुलाबकी चटकाहटचहुँओर॥ busy trolling & abusing people all day, she has no time to write articles. So she makes use of the cut, copy, pa…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Blind in love, woman bites into dad’s wealth with lover, Finally Love bite of Mohammad Anees gave the clue.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @YogiBabaPrem Understandable. The verse itself is stating that craftsmanship performed in the manushya loka is done… @RichardFoxYoung Good Morning! Seems your Leftist buddies are busy bringing development to India. masks seem to have fallen and the agenda is shining through?
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