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At least 2 were killed Friday when the island of Kos in Greece was shaken by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake, mayor says…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹If Maya Kodnani or Sadhvi Pragya were hanged, @INCIndia would probably do a Gandhi & dance with joy.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @DalrympleWill @RichardFoxYoung Lesbian Love? Apostle Paul doesn't approve of that, Fox. @RichardFoxYoung Much like Constantine, he views Jews as his greatest enemy -'s quite amusing how challenging the whitewashing of Aurangzeb, a man who had children murdered for listening to… @goldenarcher Tibet was unfortunate as the international community permitted Mao's occupation. I suggest you read "… @goldenarcher China, even today, lays claim to Arunachal Pradesh and the South China Sea, yet these are [rightfully] disputed territories @goldenarcher It really doesn't matter which lands China lays claim to. Mao laid claim to the entire Qing Empire (i… @goldenarcher India draws its boundaries from Brits. Had Prithvi Narayan Shah not acceded Kumaon & Garhwal to the B… @goldenarcher Yet the Mughal army never conquered Ladakh, they merely served as reinforcement for Galdan Khan's invasion of Ladakh. @Madame_Micawber Aurangzeb was evil
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @goldenarcher @HinduIDF I am not a bigot, Aurangzeb was. He wouldn't even tolerate his fellow Muslims, if they wer… @goldenarcher @HinduIDF Modern India's borders are based primarily on British India & not Mughal India. The Mughals… @BrethrenIndia @rbharatk @CorbettCornell2 @bsp_pari @suprema_she @Gubomaster @nimish41128245 @avullamparthi @JGN190 @goldenarcher @HinduIDF Had his vision been fulfilled, the demographics would have likely been different (there wou… @goldenarcher @HinduIDF Aurangzeb's goal was the extirpation of polytheism (i.e. Hinduism) from the subcontinent. H… @goldenarcher @HinduIDF Incorrect. Ladakh was conquered by Dogras (under Zorawar Singh). Aurangzeb assisted Galdan… @Naren_V997 It is from the text Ahkam e Alamgiri (Judgements of Alamgir, i.e. Aurangzeb)I live in Greater Noida but am not aware of any such 'ban'. Just returned from the store.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹If I haven't seen the (decapitated) heads of the trangressors, they shall be no ifṭār - Aurangzeb What a great way… @Koenraad_Elst @BHPanimalwatch @divakarssathya BHP's knowledge of Hinduism comes from Hollywood. He's… have been spotted entering Canada, according to police, who say there is no indication of foul play
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Ex-Muslims are a hope for mankind. No wonder they're so severely persecuted in the Islamic world.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹In India One Yogi is CM One Tea Seller is PM One Dalit is now President And One IITian CM is busy reviewing movies every Friday
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹#SriPejawarSwamiji: A Life Dedicated To #Dalit Upliftment And #HinduUnity by @pranasutra
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Like I've said before, one does not need to misrepresent Linda Sarsour's words to discredit her disquieting views.…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Hear, hear @RichardFoxYoung. Pearls of wisdom from your beloved *scholar* Devdutt.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. Kudos @ImHarmanpreet #WWC17 #HarmanPreetKaur #INDvsAUS (O…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹NEW VIDEO: Linda Sarsour is a Complete Idiot
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Dravidian messaging has all the hallmarks of a totalitarian cult.Their harassment, molestation of Brahmins continues
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @JeffFlake Dhimmi @JeffFlake panders 2 Sharia Jihadi, who was pleased that Bin Laden received 'respectful Islamic b…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung With all their intelligence, the U.S. could not prevent 9-11. What is the value of such "intellige… @RichardFoxYoung It's a race to the bottom between Western (like Gowen & Truschke) and Indian (like Kavita Krishnan… EVEN a terrorist attack. God forbid, if it happens, it will be described as 'crossfire between cops and rebels…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Umerkot was a Hindu Majority region Given to Pakistan, approved by Gandhi-Nehru Now Sufis forcibly converting Dalits
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Believers church Yohanan's estate disputed as encroachment. Buying a portion for airport can legitimise the pastor'…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹#TNExclusive: TIMES NOW accesses Ministry of Defence note that reveals that the Bofors case investigation is still…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹What #Modi Has Accomplished With #Kovind's Election As #President via @ndtv
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Religious motives behind jazia and destruction of temples/infidels in Aurangzeb's reign are quite evident in Maasir…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @yashar I'm sorry you have to put up with this stupid nonsense and thank you for publicly exposing these small people.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹#VaishnoDeviOnTarget Is it an another Islamist plot to hit Hindu shrine?
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹cc @RichardFoxYoung @rahulroushan @coolfunnytshirt China PlanA: Intimidate directly. PlanB: Ask Cong, TMC, Commies what to do? Answer:…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹
Till now Indian publications (Wire, Hindu, etc.) were publishing Chinese handouts, now Chinese state media publishe…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @globaltimesnews Global times should focus to bring democracy in China. Such an authoritarian state is good for its citizens and neighbours.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Sāvitrī (सावित्री), also known as the Gāyatrī Mantra, is the foremost of all Mantras – Lord Buddha - सावित्ती छन्दसो मुखम् – (संयुत्त निकाय)
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Allowing you to earn a living by peddling lies.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹How an Iranian front group infiltrated 41 US universities
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Must read by Hindus to know how Pretas appropriate our culture, symbols, traditions to subsume and obliterate ours.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹New Study: Red Meat Consumption Linked to at Least Nine Diseases
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung @HelpUnmask #TheAboveTweet @Gopalee67 @keshuvko @Sarvadamana Whilst what you say sir is true, but if you are alive, you can fight for resource…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹In honour of the Amarnath Yatris and the long history of an unshakeable faith - this short video from 1939.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹You need Farmers 3 times a day atleast for survival, Don't you! Support & respect farmers!
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Mahesh Bhatt reminds us of the days when his son aided Headley plot 26/11 & he along with a colluding media tried p…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung You're displaying your ignorance. Stonehenge was constructed in the Neolithic era (before the arri… in God's name is a "Beyoncé Professor?" #lol
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹What ever the marUnmatta does the pretonmatta has usually done even before him: A Babri for the yavana-s from the p…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹Results of an IBM physics experiment could be exploited for generating electricity out of waste heat
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung Sebastian Martin Found Dead at His Residence - @RichardFoxYoung Sebastian Martin - @RichardFoxYoung Benny Hinn - @RichardFoxYoung Geoffrey is an obvious fraudster, just like Jesus - Has a Habit of Banning Any Expression Against"The Family of Fake Gandhis #Shameonyou #Congress
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹It’s time Modi took a leaf from the life of Deng Xiao Ping and made businessmen partners in progress. via @PGurus1
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @siyawardas @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @sanjeevsanyal @kautilyadharma @siyawardas @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @sanjeevsanyal @kautilyadharma @CorbettCornell2 @human24679 @JGN190 @BrethrenIndia @Satabdwi @Madame_Micawber @sanjeevsanyal @kautilyadharma
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @CorbettCornell2 @suprema_she @rbharatk @avullamparthi @JGN190 @human24679 @Gubomaster @siyawardas @Robin_D__ @CorbettCornell2 @suprema_she @rbharatk @avullamparthi @JGN190 @human24679 @Gubomaster @siyawardas @Robin_D__ @CorbettCornell2 @RichardFoxYoung Perhaps you should take it up with @CrimesofBrits, who is not Indian (as far as I know), but Irish. @svaradarajan @KirenRijiju Don't turn the question around, Siddharth. Mantri @KirenRijiju is simply invoking the gr…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @hstapanghosh @hindu_g Not far away from her posh home in Delhi, a 14 year old boy in Shahdra was lynched by Muslim…
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹यह कुत्ते लोग किसी को भी नहीं छोड़ते !! इसाई पास्टर को कोई शर्म नहीं है
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @muglikar_ This basically outlaws the temple constructions at Kashi and Mathura.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung It's quite interesting how Islam is merely a fetish for many White converts, no? of my highly religious friend when I question his beliefs.
Retweeted by 🌹ℳadam ℳicawber🌹 @RichardFoxYoung @RajivMessage This is incorrect, धर्मः सनातनः is used in various Hindu (Padma Purana, Mahabharata,… @Tsoont123 @SaffronWatch @EllenBarryNYT @anniegowen @India_Resists @Kractivist @sacw @PeterTatchell @AwaazNetwork